Murderous Carlos Salinas reportedly killed his first victim when he was four

I mentioned in a previous post that Carlos Salinas de Gortari, former president of Mexico, and father of Emiliano Salinas, was rumored to have a murderous streak.

Actually, he seems to have started killing early. As a child of four, he reportedly shot to death a family servant.

On December 17, 1951, his parents were out.  His father, Raul Salinas Lozano, an economist, kept a 22 caliber rifle in his closet.

Carlos’ mother, Margarita de Gortari de Salinas, had gone shopping in the morning. They lived in Mexico City. There were two servants in the house.

Carlos, 4, his brother, Raul, 5 and friend, Gustavo Rodolfo Zapata, 8 were playing ‘At War.’

On the terrace, one of the servants, Maria Torres Garrido, was washing clothes.

The other servant, Manuela, was 12 years old. Since she died with a broom by her side, it might be assumed she was sweeping. Manuela’s last name is unknown.

The girl had been traveling alone from house to house working for food and lodging when the Salinases hired her.  Carlos’ mother said she only knew her family was from San Pedro Atzcapotzaltongo.  A friend introduced the homeless Manuela to Mrs. Salinas two months before.

Manuela was wearing a rose-colored dress and cheap black shoes on the day she died.

Around noon, as the children were playing their game of war, they sentenced Manuela to death.  They had the father’s rifle.  They asked Manuela to kneel so that the execution might be carried out.

Then Carlos, reportedly, lifted the 22 caliber rifle and fired. She was shot in the left side of her face.  Doctors said the bullet entered Manuela’s cheekbone and lodged in her brain, killing her instantly.

After they killed her, the children went about playing.

Going down to the kitchen, the other servant, Maria, saw the three boys on the stairs.  She spoke to them, but they paid no attention.  She began to look for Manuela, going through several rooms before finding her body in a pool of blood.  Her broom lay in blood by her side.

At that moment, the boys arrived. She asked them,` “What did you do to Manuela?’

They answered, “`We killed her!'”

Police were called. The boys were detained. They were disturbed because they couldn’t play freely at the station.

They laughed at times when questioned and answered all at once so that what they said was incomprehensible.

when asked who pulled the trigger, Carlos Salinas reportedly boasted, “I killed her with one shot, I am a hero!”

Mrs. Salinas told police the rifle was in the closet, far from the reach of the children:

She said the door was locked and she didn’t know how the children got the gun. She said Manuela had the key. She must have been the one who took the rifle out of the closet, Mrs. Salinas told police.

She was a very hard worker and very clean,” Mrs. Salinas added. “I’m really sorry about what happened.”

The judge blamed the killing on the Salinas parents, since they had left a loaded rifle within reach of the children.

He ordered:
* that the children be taken to a place where nobody would speak of the killing;
* that a psychologist interrogate them to find out if any adult had put them up to it;
* that they be observed by a psychologist to determine whether they were of sound mind;
* that a psychologist devise a treatment to erase their memory of the incident;
* that the boys be either placed in a school where nobody would ever talk about the killing, or taken on a couple of long  vacations, after which they would be reevaluated and returned to their parents.

Carlos became president of Mexico 37 years later.


Carlos Salinas was a child whose parents obviously did not instill respect for human life.

It stands to reason that Carlos did not instill much respect for life to his son, Emiliano. Such are the best followers of Keith Raniere.



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2 years ago

mexico and mexicans are all such scumbags. The least trustworthy people. Not even b/c of this but in general but then again how does a country elect a maniac like this? although the elections are more than likely false and corrupt too.

1 month ago
Reply to  michal

What an ignorant thing to say. Do you actually think the people “elect” anyone? It’s a corrupt government made corrupt and maintained corrupt by the narcos as well as none-other than the United States of America.

4 years ago

Not to mention that another brother of Salinas was convicted of murdering a prominent politician and sentenced to 50 years. He was later released, I’m sure with a bribe to the right judge. This is not the brother who was found murdered with a plastic bag over his head.


[…] LLC investment bank in New York City. Emiliano Salinas Ocelli, the son of the former president of Mexico Carlos Salinas de Gortari. You can find his murderous past detailed in the links. We see clearly once again how politicians […]

5 years ago

What a let down it must be that his chosen son, the good looking and Harvard PhD son ends up in a sex, woman branding cult. I’m sure that was not his plan for his #1. Sr got away with Murder because he was four years old. #1 won’t so easily get away with his sins as did his father.

How Sr is back living in Mexico is beyond me. He robbed his Country of millions if not billions, left his wife for another woman and left the country to have his brother pay for their sins alone. He was murdered shortly after Sr left Mexico with his mistress & Mexico’s money.

#1 was always meant to be President #2 from the family but with the bad press from the sex cult who knows what his chances are now.

5 years ago

What a sad story. Obviously as a 4-year-old he could not comprehend the reality of what he had done. He thought it was a game, with tragic results for that poor girl.

But I wonder if the parents handled it the right way. I don’t know what the right way is. But it seems like shoving it down the memory hole could have repercussions later on.

5 years ago

What a sad story.

Healthy children are innocent. I say “healthy” only as a qualifier because of the nature vs. nurture argument. They can only learn (or not learn) right or wrong from their parents and other adults and have yet to be fully emotionally and mentally developed to intellectually and intuitively grasp the ramifications of such behavior. Causality certainly exists and badly raised children can turn into bad adults. I say “can” because there indeed comes a point in time when an individual becomes entirely responsible for their own actions and excuses outside of legitimately provable emotional and physical damage won’t fly.

5 years ago

Oh my days, what an extraordinary story, and an almost perfect vicious circle. In a thrall to a mistaken belief, Salinas Snr. Kills a maid, let’s face it a slave, a sweet neat clean girl in a rose pink dress and cheap black shoes – Manuela, RIP la pobrecita – and his son grows up to devote himself to the slave master Raniere who has also known young women who have died in a thrall to his beliefs. Gina Hutchinson, Kristin Snyder, R.I.P.If you believe in this sort of thing – omniscience, omnipotence eternity etc. As Raniere essentially does, then perhaps this angelic pod have been busy pulling strings. Some matches were made in heaven, so that they might be mended in hell. Sliante!

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