Raniere Sentencing Delayed – Again

Mk10Art painting of Keith Raniere

Back on April 29th – when U.S. District  Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis granted Keith Raniere’s latest request to postpone his sentencing – the judge made it very clear that he had run out of patience with all the delays that had taken place since Raniere was found guilty on all counts back on June 19, 2019.

MK 10’s portrayal of Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis

And so, when he granted that request, the judge set June 23, 2020 as the “date certain” for Raniere’s sentencing hearing.

Here’s the Order that the Judge issued on April 29th:

ORDER re: Keith Raniere’s [869] Application to Adjourn Sentencing Deadlines. The Application is GRANTED. The court adopts Mr. Raniere’s proposed briefing schedule. A Fatico hearing, if necessary, will be held on June 15, 2020 at 10:00 am in Courtroom 4D South or by live video conference, as the circumstances require. Mr. Raniere’s sentencing hearing will be held on June 23, 2020 at 10:00 am in Courtroom 4D South or by live video conference, as the circumstances require. The parties are DIRECTED to provide the court with the names of individuals who may wish to be heard at Mr. Raniere’s sentencing hearing by no later than 10:00 am on June 19, 2020. No further adjournments will be granted. Ordered by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis on 4/29/2020.


But Sometimes, “No” Doesn’t Mean No

Despite the wording of the April 29th Order, Raniere has managed, once again, to have his sentencing date postponed.

And this time, he managed to get it put off indefinitely.

In a new Order that was issued on May 13th in response to a filing from Raniere’s attorneys on that same day, Judge Garaufis has postponed the sentencing to some indeterminate future date.

Here’s the new Order:

ORDER re: Defendant Keith Raniere’s [872] Consent Motion to Adjourn Sentencing. The Motion is GRANTED. Defendant’s sentencing hearing and Fatico hearing, if necessary, are ADJOURNED until such time as Defendant can be produced for proceedings in open court. The June 1 deadline for Defendant’s sentencing memorandum and the June 8 deadline for the Government’s sentencing memorandum are likewise ADJOURNED sine die. All other deadlines set by the court remain in effect. Ordered by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis on 5/13/2020.

In this context, the Latin term “sine die” means that the proceedings in question have been postponed with no appointed date for resumption.

And so it is that Keith Alan Raniere – AKA Federal Prisoner #57005-177 – will likely spend at least several more months at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Brooklyn, NY – which has served as his home-away-from-home since March 2018.

MDC animated mk10art

The reason why Judge Garaufis didn’t set a new sentencing date has to do with some of the language set forth in the CARES Act – and the follow-up Administrative Order that was issued by  Roslynn R. Mauskopf, the Chief Judge for the Eastern District of New York.

Per the CARES Act – which was the federal statute that was enacted in response to the coronavirus pandemic – sentencing via videoconferencing  is allowed only if (1) the defendant can consult with counsel; (2) after consultation, the defendant consents to a video sentencing; and (3) there are “specific reasons” that the sentencing cannot be delayed without “serious harm to the interests of justice.”

Raniere’s attorneys further argued that Chief Judge Mauskopf’s Administrative Order precluded the use of videoconferencing for Fatico hearings.

But, as they pointed out, regardless of whether that’s an accurate interpretation of that Administrative Order, “Raniere does not consent to such a hearing being conducted remotely”.


Why Does Raniere Want to Further Delay His Sentencing?

It’s hard to fathom exactly why Raniere wants to postpone the inevitable.

Maybe he’s hoping that Judge Garaufis will be felled by COVID-19 – and he’ll end up getting a new trial.

MK10art coronavirus

Or maybe he’s working on an elaborate escape plan that will result in him being whisked away to Wakaya Island in Fiji.

Wakaya has a number of blue lagoons. It is about 5 miles long.

Or maybe he’s developed a close, personal relationship with one of his fellow inmates at MDC – and doesn’t want to leave him just yet.

Welcome To MDC

Or maybe he’s worried that once he’s placed in the general population of a regular prison, he’ll be at the mercy of the other prisoners there.

According to his attorneys, Raniere wants his sentencing delayed because he hasn’t been able to consult with his attorneys often enough in recent weeks (Federal prisons have basically been in lock-down” mode since April 1st).

Teny Geragos & Marc Agnifilo

As they argued in their motion to postpone the June 23rd sentencing hearing, “The amount and type of interaction and communication between him and his counsel that has been permitted over the past two months have been absolutely insufficient to enable him to be prepared for his sentence hearing and for other proceedings related to sentencing”.

Since April 1st, Raniere has not had any legal visits with his attorneys. And according to them, even though they “have consistently requested legal phone calls, these have been few and far between”.

Raniere himself complained that these legal phone calls do not constitute real attorney-client communications because they take place in close proximity to prison officials and can be overheard by them.

He also complained that he doesn’t get a full 30-minutes for his legal calls. That’s probably true because the guards at MDC often “start the clock” for such calls when they pick up the prisoner at his cell (The transfer process from the cell to the telephone room can take several minutes).

In any event, the bottom line is that Raniere is simply not going to consent to any sort of remote hearing for his sentencing – which means that he likely will not be sentenced until after the Eastern District of New York is back in full operation.

And when will that be, you ask?

No one really knows.

Quite probably not before Labor Day.

And, depending on how things go once Governor Cuomo re-opens New York City, maybe not for a long, long while.

Maybe Raniere is hoping he can stay at MDC long enough to get another “Christmas Bag” full of candy, cookies, and snacks.


What About Clare Bronfman?

Given that Judge Garaufis quickly granted Raniere’s request for an additional delay in his sentencing, it’s almost certain that Clare Bronfman could get one too.

This is the picture used by the prosecution of Clare Bronfman to show the jury during the trial of Keith Raniere. She has been on home confinement since July 2018.

While she doesn’t have the same constraints that Raniere has faced in meeting and talking with her attorneys, the court will still need her consent to proceed with any sort of remote sentencing.

So, will Clare be submitting a similar request sometime soon in order to postpone her sentencing that is currently scheduled for June 25th?

Or will she consent to being sentenced via videoconferencing?

On the one hand, she’s not getting any credit for the time she’s been under home confinement.

But, on the other hand, maybe she wants to spend one more summer in the City before she heads off to the federal prison for women in Danbury, CT.

Danbury Federal Women’s Prison

A brilliant trial attorney who is quite familiar with the whole NXIVM story suggested two other possibilities for Clare: Maybe she’ll go ahead with the June 25th sentencing but ask to have her “report date” delayed for several months – and/or maybe she’ll ask that she be allowed to serve her entire sentence via home confinement à la  Paul Manafort.

Wouldn’t that be a kick-in-the-ass if Clare never went to prison?


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  • One would think Raniere would want to get to a better facility as quickly as possible.
    Then again, he’s not actually that bright.

  • Good read!

    I believe Vanguard is so delusional at this point he is hoping to get Covid-19 and be brought to a regular hospital. Vanguard knows he is looking at a 15 year stretch in prison; basically as we have discussed a death sentence. The Covid-19 pandemic pretty much guarantees Vanguard will die in prison.

    Vanguard is hoping for a hail Mary pass of some kind.

    • Most people don’t die from the Wuhan China coronavirus, NiceGuy 666. Raniere has much larger problems awaiting him in prison, such as Bubba. LOL

    • Hey, NiceGuy666, you sure would love Bubba. Bubba Johnson is my uncle and he says I am the best French Kisser ever! LOL

        • I think it’s a fair trade-off and even a win-win. Readers can anonymously post pretending to be the cowardly Texan, and the cowardly Texan gets the attention he’s been so desperately seeking since going “anonymous”. LOL

        • Dear Frank,

          How difficult is it for you to be able to discern who the real Scott Johnson is?

          Scott is such a humble, meek, down to earth person. Surely you can spot a ruse with ease can you not? LOL

          FYI: NiceGuy would never in a million years pretend to be the great Scott Johnson. NiceGuy can only fantasize of attaining such heights as Scott’s lauded grandeur.

          NiceGuy can only dream of having a one bedroom home with a broken above ground pool, and the platinum Comcast tv&phone package.

          Sincerely your friend,


    • That’s an interesting point – perhaps he’s calculating that he’d rather be in the NYC area in particular, where if he does get severly ill and is taken to a hospital, he’s likely to get some of the best treatment in the country, and maybe have better chances of survival than at whatever hospital might be local to one of his possible final destinations. And even if, as Claviger responded to me, conditions at MDC aren’t necessarily any better than anywhere else, at least it’s what he knows versus uncertainty.

      Or perhaps he’s doing nothing more calculated than just being obstinate, and trying to exert some level of control even if only by dragging things out pointlessly. His “this is not justice” claim comes to mind — perhaps he wants his day in court, literally and in person, even though at this point it’s a meaningless gesture that won’t affect the outcome.

  • I would love to see an article by Frank that described what the second trial would be like if Keith Raniere won an appeal and had his convictions overturned.

    After all, Mr. Raniere learns as he goes, and he now would know the opposition’s playbook. And he would have nothing to lose so, he would be able to ask many awkward questions of those who presently occupy the moral high ground.

    I’m not cheerleading for him, I just think it would be an interesting use of speculation. And how many other secrets would be revealed?

    • If there were a second trial, I think there would be a new indictment and many more charges. I will try to delve into this later.

  • I’d still suggest taking into consideration that Raniere has the personality of a dysfunctional gambler – demonstrated by his literally having wagered with, and lost, large amounts of his followers’ money in multiple commodities trading debacles, as well as the infamous land deals. Typically, he may be unable to come to terms with his loss, and hoping against hope that yet another roll of the dice will somehow result in a turnaround of his luck.

    There certainly may be other things at work as well, or instead, such as at this point, particularly given COVID-19 infections, not wanting to trade the devil he knows – the MDC – for one he doesn’t. I don’t know how things are working out, but I would expect that a facility that mostly holds prisoners who have not yet had verdicts rendered and thus could even be found innocent, might be more of a priority for health resources than those full of convicts.

    Also, one thing that I’ve noticed in watching determined and litigious cult groups, is that you can never expect that anything is settled or final until it is really fully concluded – it’s in their nature to twist and turn, and use their legal resources to find unexpected loopholes and outs.

    And thanks once more for the excellent updates, background information and expert perspectives.

    • I think Raniere is one of those gamblers who can not stand to win. So, no matter how much he might have been up in a gambling session, he would keep gambling until he lost.

      The same is true on business deals like the L.A. real estate venture. No matter how much he was going to make on that deal, he had to blow it up so he could lose.

      When it comes to COVID-19, the inmates at MDC are not being treated any better than inmates in other federal prisons. Per the filings in a current federal lawsuit, only a handful of inmates at MDC have been tested (MDC claims it doesn’t have enough test kits – and that it’s too dangerous to take inmates out for off-site testing).

      I agree with you in terms of how cults handle litigation. As long as he had the Bronfman sisters’ money backing him, Raniere never accepted any sort of loss in a lawsuit (He once appealed the denial of a Preliminary Injunction all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court).

    • “I’d still suggest taking into consideration that Raniere has the personality of a dysfunctional gambler – demonstrated by his….” Why do you always put all of those extra words in your comments? We know the comment is coming from you – I’d? Who cares whether you had this position before – still? Come right out and say it – suggest? Comments are made for thought – consideration? Instead, simply say, “Raniere has the personality….” I could go on with the remainder of your comment, but I’ve already lost enough brain cells reading your drivel. Stop the fluff and drama. LOL

      The story is simple – the judge was overruled by a higher court and Raniere’s lawyers talked him into getting themselves more billable hours. Case closed! LOL

  • I think the more interesting story is Frank Parlato himself.

    10 years of lawsuits, federal indictments (against both NXIVM members and himself) and bad blood could have all been avoided if he simply honored Keith’s original request to return the $1 million wire transfer (from Clare) back in 2008.

    It’s ironic because Frank has NEVER had use of this money.

    Frank hasn’t benefited one penny from that $1 million dollar wire transfer from Clare, since it still sits in an escrow account to this day.

    Thus, even though Frank has still not seen a penny of this money himself, he still risked 10 years worth of lawsuits and indictments by not returning this money to Keith and Clare Bear.

    That’s pure ego at work, not business intelligence.

    His own ego ruined 10 years of his life.

    Frank’s ego just wouldn’t let him return that money and avoid 10 years worth of hassles, lawsuits and indictments.

    Frank should explain why he simply didn’t give that money back to Keith —– since he never got to benefit from it anyway.

    That would make an interesting article.

    But Frank is quite lazy these days, opting to let his blog slide into the shitter rather than write interesting articles.

    Fuck you, Frank. Kiss my ass, bro. Please consider Seppuku as a way to reclaim your honor.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

      • Let him have it Frank, hold nothing back! That post was bullshit from start to finish and everyone knows it.

    • Bangkok obviously has no principles. LOL

      You can’t fix that. LOL

      Some say Scott should walk away from Amway and other MLM scams, just keep quiet and let them continue scamming people. After all, Amway sued him, and Amway lost, but it cost Scott tens of thousands of dollars to defend himself. So be it. Scott has principles. People like most of the commenters here will never understand it, or perhaps they do and they’ve resigned themselves to lives of cowardice. Great to be Scott, sucks to be you. LOL

      • Scotty,

        You are always so jealous of Bangkok and Frank interacting. Boohoo! Boohoo!

        Scott, you act like an envious sibling or a jilted lover.

        The wife not paying you any mind these days?

        • Scott isn’t jealous at all, NiceGuy 666. LOL

          All I did was save Frank some effort and responded to Bangkok in a more immediate fashion. LOL

          NiceGuy 666, you act like an IDIOT. LOL

          You must be projecting when you try to talk about Scott’s wife. LOL

          More fake news from the RINO. LOL

          • I think you sent that comment to the wrong person. It’s so hard to keep all of these anonymous comments straight. LOL

  • It’s a smart move.

    And begs the question, what are you going to do if he appeals and gets the entire series of convictions overturned?

    You wanted to see if there was a new direction to take Frank Report. Clearly, this development suggests a whole new chapter. Also, it still keeps those who are afraid of him in a perpetual state of fear.

    I was initially thinking the delays occurred because authorities were trying to get him to roll over on the underlings. Including those that were born of powerful families.

    Now I’m wondering how deep this really goes?

    Is there yet a deeper level?

    • It’s a smart move only because he has a right to legal advice before sentencing. I doubt the convictions will be overturned on appeal. At worst, another trial will be ordered, and what could be interesting about that is Raniere may decide to put on a defense, although anyone who shows up would probably either be arrested or crucified on the stand under cross examination. However, any retrial would have the same guilty result, because the evidence was so overwhelming, which is why a new trial will probably never happen. LOL

    • On what basis can he get the appeals overturned? He was convicted in a mere three hours, well before the Coronavirus even came into the picture. Yeah, it’s been used as the BS excuse for everything now, but you can’t go back in time and say it affected his trial in any way whatsoever.

    • The Feds aren’t looking for Raniere to roll over on anybody. He’s at the top of the NXIVM heap of criminals. LOL

  • Sorry, Frank, don’t agree. My best guess is he’s waiting for the election.

    It’s a Hail Mary that the Democrats get back into power and a more lenient leader will get into power with a new AG and he can appeal his sentences while avoiding extensive amounts of hard time in maximum security which is where he would probably go. Clearly, they did have some political influence, and a Democratic president will have more leeway to influence the outcome of his future.

    So the longer he can put off the sentencing, the less time he will have to spend in Max while appealing his convictions.

    It suggests that he might be planning to attempt to overturn all of his convictions, not just the few that are a tiny bit shaky.

  • “Wouldn’t that be a kick-in-the-ass if Clare never went to prison?”

    Don’t laugh.
    It’s possible.

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her friends introduced The Heroes Act to stimulate the economy in the wake of the Plandemic.
    This 1800 page, 3 trillion dollar monstrosity has all kinds of bizarre provisions.

    Of relevance to the NXIVM story, The Heroes Act would require the Bureau of Prisons to release any inmate over 50 years of age unless that inmate posed a threat of violence against a particular person with the burden of proof for continued incarceration being on the BOP

    Under that definition, even Keith Ranirre would be eligible for release.
    And so would Nancy Salzman and Kathy Russell who are both in their sixties.

    The BOP would also have to release prisoners with asthma.

    “Cough, Cough, Cough” Clare Bronfman

    Ms. Bronfman, you have asthma. Home you go.

    “Cough, Cough, Cough” Allison Pimp Mack

    Ms. Pimp Mack, you have asthma. Home you go.

    “Cough, Cough, Cough” Lauren Pimp Salzman

    Ms. Pimp Salzman, you have asthma. Home you go.

    Starts on page 1686

    Forward the video for the Prison Break to 8 minutes and 10 seconds
    Tucker: Inside the Democrats’ $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill

      • Scott,
        A meteorite already landed on your head made of coagulated Amway laundry soap powder.
        Two months ago, I might have agreed with you but after the irrational way the government has reacted to a virus, anything is possible.

        • Why do you keep referring to me as Scott when you know I am one of many ghosts of Scott? LOL

          If a meteorite already landed on Scott’s head in the form of coagulated Amway laundry soap powder, that means it landed on millions of other heads as well. That would be a news-worthy story, which means you are like NiceGuy 666, making up fake news. LOL

          How did the government react irrationally to the beer virus? LOL

  • K.R Claviger at least we can count on you to give us the updates on that sneaky “cock” roach for the next year as he withers away at MDC. Most people would be begging to be transferred to a regular prison by now.

  • Oh goody, now we get to psychoanalyze Raniere for a few more months, even though none of us are qualified to do that, and if we were, we would refuse to do it without meeting with him in person. LOL

    Raniere was once a bright shiny object who has been beaten into a dead horse. He once ran a relatively small organization that took advantage of mainly relatively rich people. A couple of very rich and minor entertainment types make a lot of people ogle (synonyms: leer at, stare at, gaze at, eye, make eyes at, make sheep’s eyes at; informal: eye up, give someone the glad eye, give someone a/the once-over, lech after/over, undress with one’s eyes, give someone the come-on; informal: gawp at, gawk at; informal: perv onover) NXIVM with rapt (synonyms: fascinated, enthralled, spellbound, captivated, riveted, gripped, mesmerized, enchanted, entranced, charmed, bewitched, transported, enraptured; thrilled, ecstatic, rapturous; informal: blissed out interest) attention. The winner in all of this is the media, they have captured you as an audience. LOL

    Meanwhile, Amway and other MLM scams continue to scam millions of people, many of whom (did you like that, Mr. Shadow?) cannot afford to be taken advantage of, because they are from the lower educated and socioeconomic category. The resulting debt will cause them to consume less, which will damage the economy, declare bankruptcy, which YOU will pay for, there will be damaged relationships, divorces, and worse. For example: http://www.buildingfortunesradio.com/scott-johnson-peter-mingils/scott-johnson-and-peter-mingils-interviews-krista-on–mlm-deception-amway-worldwide-dream-builders-3188

    But Raniere is much more worth your time, isn’t he? Scott is so glad he doesn’t spend as much time here any longer with you dimwits and twits. LOL

  • It is more likely that New York City will go bankrupt than that Keith Raniere will get his sentence.

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