CT Judge Orders Teens Away From Mother; Ignores Claims of Father’s ‘Abuse’; Ambrose Teens Homeless

Judge Thomas O'Neill ruled that three teenage children should have no voice in the matter of whom they wished to live with..

CT Court Superior Judge Thomas J. O’Neill issued a restraining order yesterday against Karen Riordan on behalf of her three teenage children – against their wishes.

Following two days of hearings, Judge O’Neill barred Riordan from contacting her children, Mia, 16, Matthew, 16, and Sawyer, 13 – for one year. 

The terms of the restraining order include that Riordan must:

  1. Stay away from the home of the protected person [her three children] and wherever the protected person shall reside.
  2. Do not contact the protected person in any manner, including by written, electronic or telephone contact,
  3. and do not contact the protected person’s home, workplace, or others with whom the contact would be likely to cause annoyance or alarm to the protected person.
  4. Stay 100 yards away from the protected person.

The action was brought against Riordan by the teens’ father, Christopher Ambrose, on their behalf. 

They expressed a desire to live with their mother and have been living with her for the last few months. 

All three have court-appointed attorneys and commenced legal actions in CT juvenile court seeking protection from their father. 

Judge O’Neill ignored the juvenile court actions in favor of the father’s claims in his court.

Alexander Cuda represented Ambrose. Cuda is the past chairman of the CT bar association’s family law section. 

Attorney Alexander Cuda successfully persuaded Judge O’Neill to remove the mother of three teenagers from their lives for one year – against the wishes of the teenagers…

Because Ambrose took all their marital funds and Riordan’s inheritance, she could not afford an attorney and represented herself pro se.

All three children fled from their father’s home in the last few months, claiming he had abused them for years. Their mother allowed the teens to live in her home in Madison, CT.

It was the first time the teens lived with their mother in three years.

In April 2020, Judge Jane Grossman, citing parental alienation by Riordan, removed the children and awarded Ambrose custody of them, then ages 13, 13, and nine.

Judge Grossman based her decision on a custody evaluation report paid for by Ambrose, which alleged Riordan alienated the children from his loving desire to care for them.

Three psychiatrists and a psychologist contradicted the custody evaluator’s report, but they were ignored by Judge Grossman and later Judge Gerard Adelman.

Dr. Tami Amiri’s report

Dr. Margaret Coffey’s report

Dr. Dorothy Stubbe’s report

Dr. Robin Lynch’s report

Judge Grossman barred the mother from having contact with her children and on a dark day in April 2020, three children found themselves suddenly removed from their mother’s care and the home they lived in, and forced into the home of their father – without notice and against their wishes – and unable to contact their mother.

The children’s grief was not unexpected. They were bitterly traumatized. Riordan had raised them since each was adopted at less than six months of age.

Riordan was a stay-at-home mother. Ambrose worked away from home – an absentee father – in Hollywood and New York City – as a successful TV network screenwriter and producer until allegations of plagiarism in 2018 sent him, unemployed, back to CT.

Soon afterward, he changed the passwords of the joint accounts, locked Riordan out of her own funds, including her inheritance, hired experts to support his preplanned parental alienation narrative, then filed for divorce.

Away from their mother, the children rapidly declined and plunged into depression.

Mia began cutting after she was taken from her mother. She was well-adjusted and happy before she was removed from her lifelong home to be placed with her father against her wishes in 2020.

Matthew began using drugs, and Sawyer repeatedly alleged sexual abuse by his father.


Several months ago, after three years isolated from their mother and the extended family they grew up with, the teens determined they could no longer withstand the abuse of their father, and left.

For a few months, they lived happily again with their mother.

Yesterday, that all changed.

Judge O’Neill determined the mother, Karen Riordan, coercively controlled the teenagers to falsely allege abuse against the father. In making his decision, Judge O’Neill declined to hear testimony from the three teenagers, now 16, 16, and 13, choosing instead to give credence solely to their father.

Judge O’Neill also chose to ignore the mother’s testimony, excluded evidence she tried to present to the court of Ambrose’s purported abuse, and ignored a letter to him from psychiatrist Bandy X. Lee, a noted expert in child abuse and psychopathy who interviewed the eldest child, Mia, and Riordan at length.

Dr. Lee refers to Ambrose as the children’s violent abuser and claims there is ample evidence that he is a psychopath.

Chris Ambrose used the CT Family Court to take his three children from their happy home in 2020. When they fled his home in 2023, he used the court again to remove their mother from their lives and is now in the process of trying to force them back with him…

As of press time, FR is unable to determine the whereabouts of the three teenage children, but it is believed Ambrose is attempting to arrest them and force them to return to his home.

Here is Dr. Lee’s letter to Judge O’Neill.

Dr. Bandy Lee

Dear Judge O’Neil:

As one mandated reporter to another (judges are mandated reporters as well), I must warn against your sending Ms. Karen Riordan’s children to Mr. Christopher Ambrose. He is no ordinary violent man.

I am sending this exceptional letter to Your Honor because I cannot in good conscience (and by my professional ethics) stand by. I have heard recordings of Mr. Ambrose’s threatening the daughter with vaginal penetration as punishment for minor misbehavior. All three children have reliably reported sexual abuse, and no one has believed them, frankly, because the father is so threatening, he has intimidated all witnesses (he has already been threatening to me, which I had to report to local police). The 12 (now 13)-year-old recently reported anal penetration. Even if none of this occurred, their lives seem to have been living “hell” from his coercive control, verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse, and isolation from the mother who raised them (the father did not raise them) for over three years, which is abundantly and clearly recorded. His aggression is such that, immediately after the first child ran away, he found out their address from the Connecticut Address Confidentiality Program, hunted her down, and stalked her everywhere in his car, almost causing her to have an accident.

As expected from his coercion, these children exhibit objective signs of severe trauma: resorting to substances, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts while living with him, as well as going from normal weight to morbid obesity, as you have heard.

In the original family court proceeding, Mr. Ambrose’s hearsay was given far more weight than any actual evidence. A court-appointed “expert”, whose qualifications are questionable to me, made extremely faulty conclusions that contradicted at least three psychiatrists and one peer psychologist; in other words, no other professional agreed with her. Child protective services investigations were noted, but as a violence expert of twenty-five years’ experience, I can tell you that I have found them to be too frequently wrong to be solely relied upon. Individuals of the most dangerous personality disorders go undetected (even in criminal courts, they are 2.5 times more likely to receive reduced sentences than those of the same crime who are not so dangerous). I told this to one of the supervisors at the Department of Children and Families, as Mr. Ambrose is just such an individual, but they have not followed up, which shows that they are not only ineffective, they are also insincere: these are children who have reported being severely punished if they ever gave a true report of Mr. Ambrose’s abuse against them, and DCF should know that this threatening behavior is common among the most dangerous individuals.

Finally, this Court seems to have an erroneous view of me. When I appeared yesterday as a potential witness, I was not trying to provide a “witness testimony by ambush,” but had dropped everything at my own work to travel almost two hours to appear, because I was told on Friday that, unlike most courts in my experience, this Court was not accepting a phone or a Zoom testimony. I could have more than served as a fact or a rebuttal witness, but by the time you gave Ms. Riordan a chance, she was so intimidated and tearful from the rebuke she received for attempting to have me as an expert witness—“in violation of court order,” as Mr. Ambrose’s attorney repeatedly emphasized—that she did not think to call on me, even when she had the opportunity and I was there.

Do you see nothing wrong, may I ask respectfully, of three men shouting down a loving mother—with no trace of personality disorder, I might add—trying to protect her suffering children? One is Your Honor, a judge, another her violent abuser, and the third her abuser’s high-power attorney, whom he was able to hire only because he embezzled her inheritance and stole everything she had, and even her placement at a desk behind her ex-husband and powerful attorney, further away from Your Honor, was visually simply unfair. Please forgive me for saying so, but what I witnessed in the courtroom had clear elements of psychological abuse, exploiting the fact that this poor woman could not afford a lawyer. It came out during the proceeding that this violent man, who lost his law license and was fired multiple times apparently for plagiarism and fraud, did not stop even when he rendered his ex-wife homeless.

Ms. Riordan asked me for a full psychiatric report, which I could not provide on Saturday, but had it been clarified that what was needed was my full psychiatric file on this case, then I certainly could have provided it. These are the distinctions that are difficult for someone who is pro se without much legal experience.

I therefore beg you not to rule on this matter without sufficient evidence. Ms. Riordan is a woman of high intelligence, great empathy, and a history of excellent parenting, who is persevering to protect her children, but no one can function properly under these circumstances of intimidation and legal abuse. The evidence will be there for any who look for it. I had a chance to interview the daughter, and she is highly intelligent, reliable, and able to speak for herself at age 16. Children should be listened to, as they are able to articulate what they want and need better than we as adults sometimes assume.

Respectfully yours,

Bandy Lee, M.D., M.Div.

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  • Has this man Ambrose and the court system that enables his cruelty – no damn shame? not the slightest care or feeling for the damage caused? Using the full force of law as an attack dog against innocent youth and their mother? How can this end well for these evil perpatrators?

    Why isnt it possible for the police to arrest both Ambrose and all the court actors responsible for years of cruel and unusual abuse, kidnapping, and perjury – directed at the CHILDREN and MOTHER of the Riordan family? None of this makes any sense. World turned upside down. EXTREMELY Heartbreaking.

    • He has no empathy. He’s a psychopath for sure. All the court appointed therapists have left the scene. I don’t think they realized how evil he is.

      Now Ambrose has a new set of enablers who will do anything for money. Goulden and Cuda worked this together.

      They got rid of Nieves and brought in Cuda who had Ambrose file the same motion that Nieves denied under goulden.

      Ambrose needed to get caught and case tossed out. But Cuda will milk it for the almighty dollar of child trafficking.

    • Several people working in Connecticut family courts literally have no shame. Gerard Adelman, Robert Horwitz, Lynda Munro, Bruce Freedman, Sidney Horowitz, Robert Holzberg etc. actually get a kick out of the harm they’ve done to the children and families there for decades.

      The people of Connecticut have no idea what has been happening int he family courts because mainstream news outlets have only reported the narrative the most corrupt administrators presented to the general public. Now that Patrick Carroll III changed his role, maybe Beth Bozzuto can be honest and agree on the need for a federal investigation of the corruption that prompted Paul’s blog and Ted’s email. Ms. Bozzuto knows both men are angry at the crimes committed against their families and the gross lack of transparency and accountability in family courts.

      Ms. Bozzuto also knows: mainstream news outlets have kept secret the inner workings of AFCC, Inc. networks in family courts since 1984 for a reason. Now that “the cat’s out of the bag” it will be interesting to see who can do what to improve Connecticut family courts from now on.

        • Those small “family court” networks in quite a few states are definitely rings for profit.

          “… In 2007, a frantic call from an alarmed parent prompted Juvenile Law Center to investigate irregularities in Pennsylvania’s Luzerne County juvenile court. We discovered that hundreds of children routinely appeared before Judge Mark Ciavarella without counsel, were quickly adjudicated delinquent (found guilty) for minor offenses and immediately transferred to out-of-home placements. We petitioned the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in 2008 to vacate the juveniles’ adjudications of delinquency and expunge their records …”

          Maybe Juvenile Law Center can help straighten out family courts:


        • They need to protect grossman and Adelman.

          When is enough enough? Errors (at best) were made. Let the kids be free to live with their mother. This isn’t difficult to see.

  • I honestly feel sorry for the green judge. They set him up. Shame on Albis. A green judge with Cuda in the mix. These court house situations are intentional. Did the governor and the misfits put this guy on the bench to sacrifice his legal career. I would not put it past them. Another victim of the court catastrophes.

      • I can’t imagine he would willingly go where the other judges had the common sense not to go. He could possibly have the shortest time on the bench in history.

    • He knew the play. Maybe he didn’t realize how bad it was but he was happy to join in the abuse of the mother and children.

      Zero evidence abd a year restraining order when Ambrose is acting like the victim giving testimony. It’s a total mockery for victims.

      The kids are his victims. But regardless the kids had a right to testify and they were denied. Their attorneys were never noticed by Cuda. Total bs to silence the teens.

      They can’t allow this to stand.

  • Sexual abuse by a father is not the same as sexual abuse by a stranger or a teacher or a priest.

    . Dr Richard Gardner explains that most of societies if history fathers enjoyed their children and vice versa. CT is mainstreaming this back to normalcy. Kudos to. Judge O’Neill. He is protecting a most ancient privilege of fathers. Nothing really wrong here. What’s wrong is nobody on this blog is supporting justice and a father’s right. Hasn’t Chris Ambrose suffered enough ?

    • A lawyer who speaks without notes in court all the time was so sincere: He had to read a brief statement.
      He’s so dedicated to victims: He couldn’t speak about the award without a teleprompter.

  • If everyone knows this man is a monster. That he also illegally took marital funds. That his children are teens able to speak of the horrors, how can the media not be blasting this story. Also that he is a famous writer. The mother is so strong I pray she keeps going. This is such a clear mis justice that should be all over the news and remedied immediately

    • When the court, judge, sees $$$ from 1 or both partys thats when the game begins! always starts with the financial disclosures!!!

    • @Julia Because the accusations about him being a monster are only made by his exwife and none of the accusations were substantiated despite in-depth investigations. In fact, it was substantiated that Karen was coaching the children to lie against their father, which is really an awful thing to make them do. It also has never been shown that he took any funds illegally.

  • My siblings and I can not be put back with Chris he is abusive to us and he molested my sister and I. He let my sister become dependent on alcohol and my brother dependent on drugs. Chris filed a restraining order against my mom on my behalf which I did not ask for and do not want he has gotten away with abuse for years and must be stopped.

  • Chris is an abuser. He does not care for the wellbeing of his children. Since I ran away from him on May 22, my family has gotten constant threats from him, DCF and the police. By the time I was at my mothers house, I had felt my depression go away, only for Chris to file a bullshit restraining order and have us not allowed near her, to see her, or even talk to her. He needs to understand that we are not objects that can be tossed around, we do not wish to be in a house where we are constantly in fear. He claims we are being “brainwashed” by our mother, but in reality we are being treated with care and compassion. Our mother has always been caring for us, while Chris brings us down, going as far as to calling his daughter “the mean girl” while blood drips down her nose, needles in her arms. Chris is an abuser and we cannot go back to his house. He is a failure of a father, a man, and a human.

  • Just a reminder! What judge started this mess? Oh, yea Grossman! She still has control over the Bridgeport courthouse! Right Judges in Bridgeport!!!! Be warriors! Not “following orders”!

  • Can the kids start public social media accounts and tell their story – giving the public the ability to hear the truth, and give them support? Other teens have temporarily been able to keep themselves safe in this way from having to return to abuse- Maya and Sebastian, Ty and Bryn, and others. Many public eyes on this is needed.

  • Question.. to Frank Or Richard or Whoever.. all of this evidence that you have.. and you keep saying is about to come out. , and it’s just a matter of time.. . its about to come out.. its about to come out… why haven’t you released it yet? If the court won’t accept it.. release it elsewhere! Social Media.. News Reporters..Newspapers.. anyone??? And another question..is there a law that prohibits you from releasing such evidence anywhere other than in a judge’s presence in court? Social media is everywhere.. and the more people who know about this situation and see the evidence , the better!! I think that you are doing an outstanding job of trying to help the children and bring justice to this horrible situation, but maybe if it ( the evidence) was put on any social media website or brought to the attention of more people, the right person might see it and run with it ..

    • Plenty of evidence has been released here and elsewhere.

      What many don’t realize is that Christopher Ambrose injected himself into the criminal justice system outside Connecticut for him own advantage. I believe he lied while doing it.

      18 U.S.C. § 1001 makes it a federal felony, punishable by up to five years in prison (or 8 years for a case involving terrorism), to knowingly and willfully lie to a Federal Agent.

      I know for a fact that law enforcement in several departments have open files.

  • the way we never got a say is absolutely ridiculous. The way no one wanted this and he somehow just get away with anything he wants regardless of who it hurts. i’m stuck in a hospital and being threatened w foster care. no word on what’s happening bc dcf doesn’t give a fuck. the systems messed up and Chris needs to be put away.

    • Do you kids have public social media accounts that you can share here, where you can tell everything? Some teens in your situation have found it helpful to be able to tell their story to the public and find support. It also helps possibly prevent the bad guys from coming after you. Look up teens like Ty and Bryn; Maya and Sebastian.

    • Mia,

      As you know, many good smart people have been working very hard to investigate and appropriately address the horrible corruption in Connecticut “family courts”. Please focus just focus on taking care of yourself. The “family court” judge apparently didn’t consider that school is starting in a few weeks.

      Please ask whoever can help you there to have every bit of your school work sent to you from your school. Use your time wisely to “homeschool” yourself for now and take easy. Pretend you’re on vacation in your favorite vacation spot. Read lots of good books and if you want to learn to play a musical instrument, have whatever instrument you want to learn to play delivered to you. 🌴 🌴 🌴 🏖 📚 🌴 🌴 🌴

      Please make sure they treat you well. You are an honored guest there, not a prisoner. Do good, write poems, have fun 🙂 and don’t let anyone steal your joy.

      I once visited a beautiful place called Salquil Grande in El Quiché to investigate the “Model Villages” there. The United States government had helped the Guatemalan army forcibly take the best farmland and homes from the most beautiful people there and I was there to find out what happened. Climbing up a path on a small hill on my way to the model village was difficult for me because I wasn’t used to the lower oxygen levels at that higher elevation. I stopped to rest and a beautiful woman in beautiful Mayan clothes suddenly appeared on the path. She asked me if I was okay and she asked me where I was going. I told her I was going to Salquil Grande. She asked me if I needed her help. I told her I would be fine and was just resting. I expected her to keep walking. She insisted on staying with me, telling me “We’ll go together.” She was so kind. That’s how kind all people should be. So sorry the family court judge forced you to climb that hill without your mom. She loves you very much.

      Keep thinking your best, most positive thoughts, every day. Everything will be okay. ❤️

    • Mia,

      That’s literally called, “Threat Therapy”. The sick man who created that “therapy” is a Dr. Richard Gardner.

      Threats are not therapy.

      As long as they keep allowing you to communicate with the outside world, you can go online to research how to handle whatever situation there you want to handle. Just enter the key words, see what shows up and read only the best advice.

      Please insist on communicating every day with friends and family you know, love and trust. If anyone there tries to isolate you, that’s against the law.

  • I personally know one of the children, Mia Ambrose. I am a close friend of hers and was even in the car when the father chased us to a different town. When she was living at her fathers house she was always put in dangerous situations and feared going home. Mia has always been scared of her father and now that she’s in the hospital, would rather be in a foster system than see her father. For the few months at her mothers house she tried to help her brothers out of her dads house which was briefly successful. He formed the restraining order against Mia’s consent. She should be able to live with her mother. Justice for the three kids.

  • This brings to mind Joshua Komisarjecky. He was granted custody of his minor children. The state is not going to admit to mistakes. Is there any focus on changing the court system procedure and policy? Ambrose has a pattern of personal conduct prior to this case. Karen doesn’t. Why is the state working so hard to assist Chris Ambrose in family court? What was Karen Riordan found to be doing that would leave the court to disregard a recording threatening to sexually abuse a child? This is really hard to understand.

    • I did some research on this and what I found is the child has to show they are self reliant, can support themselves, have a place to live. Also it cant be done with one parent I ty has to be both. The two 16 year old might be able to do this but the13 year old could not.

      • I hope they find a nice foster family. Don’t put them with Chris. This is like the other cases in Hartford. Nastri put the kid in foster care instead of putting him back with the Mom. They just can’t admit fault.

  • Can someone who personally and closely knows the mom and these teens please set up a go fund me and share those details here?

    Thanks !

  • I can’t believe a judge could act with so much malice when there are precious kids’ lives at stake. The judge acts like a psychopath himself. It appears that psychopathic traits attract each other, and collude with each other. The Connecticut judiciary should be ashamed of itself and arrest this judge immediately for child abuse. Every friend, classmate and teacher of these children should protest immediately and refuse to go to school until these children are returned to their mother. The judge’s actions are so blatantly absurd, it insults my intelligence and violates my conscience.

  • “By EDMUND H. MAHONY | emahony@courant.com | Hartford Courant
    PUBLISHED: July 4, 2022 at 5:59 a.m. | UPDATED: July 4, 2022 at 9:35 p.m.

    In a case with free speech implications, authorities have seized computers and other materials from the home of a Virginia man suspected by multiple law enforcement agencies of being associated with years of alleged hateful internet messaging targeting Connecticut judges.

    At dawn on Thursday, the Virginia State Police, at the request of State Police detectives in Connecticut, served a search warrant on the suburban Washington, D.C. home of Paul Boyne. The warrant, signed by a Virginia judge, authorized a search for evidence of threatening or intimidating electronic communications, according to Connecticut authorities and Boyne.

    The search of Boyne’s home comes at a time when law enforcement, the state judiciary and anti-hate groups such as the Anti-Defamation League of Connecticut have become concerned about anonymous, antisemitic, racist and misogynistic internet screeds, many of which appear written to incite violence against judges in the state family court system who handle contentious and sometimes ruinously expensive divorces …

    … An earlier federal warrant, which was the basis for a similar search of Boyne’s home in 2017, has been unsealed. That search was part of an FBI-Connecticut State Police investigation of alleged cyber stalking and interstate threats. Filings in federal courts in Connecticut and Virginia show that the FBI obtained records from companies such as Google, Facebook and Twitter that connected Boyne’s home and computer address to phony social media and email accounts that, in the view of authorities, were allegedly used to harass judges.

    Among other things, according to the unsealed federal files, the FBI obtained records showing email exchanges between Boyne and Edward Taupier of Cromwell, who was convicted and imprisoned in 2015 for threatening to shoot a judge involved in his divorce. An email written by Taupier contained information about the judge’s home, the distance from her bedroom to a nearby cemetery and ammunition that could be used to shoot her, according to testimony at his trial.

    According to the federal warrant affidavit, a 2016 Twitter posting the FBI said was linked to Boyne’s home address, asked, in all capital letters, whether the judge singled out by Taupier was “in your life?” and answered the question, also in all capital letters, with “keep calm and reload. aim. shoot again.”

    More recently, law enforcement has become concerned by an anonymous internet blog that targets judges with vile and abusive posts. It also has published a photograph of a judge inside what appears to be a gun site. Another post contains a photograph of a judge beside an enlarged bullet. Still other posts contain a photographs of an elected official’s children and the wives of judges and political figures.

    Superior Court Judge Gerard Adelman, a frequent target of the blog, referred to it in a decision he wrote on an exceptionally contentious divorce. At about the time Adelman was writing the decision, one of the lawyers who appeared before him was disbarred for making allegedly antisemitic claims similar to those showcased on the blog. Among the claims: a corrupt conspiracy of judges and lawyers is steering lucrative legal work …”


    • After Paul Boyne and Ted Taupier experienced the same kind of corruption in their own “family court” cases, they found other parents who were also victims of the same “family court” corruption.

      It’s important for the public to understand that both men also learned of another “family court” case in the state which prompted both men to do what they could to protect the mother and children in that horrific case. Keith Harmon Snow’s book published around that time, The Worst Interests of the Child focused mostly on that horrific case. Connecticut mainstream corporate news ignored the corruption in the case so the public had no idea what was happening in the state’s courts.

      Around that time — 2010 and after? — many parents victimized in many of the same ways started seeing the same players in each case committing the same crimes. Parents and children were being destroyed.

      Paul and Ted were among the many parents who worked to find out why the family courts were so corrupted.

      Paul’s response and Ted’s response were understandable responses to the horrific corruption parents uncovered. State officials have enabled the corruption since 1984. Law enforcement offices have allowed it.

      About ten years later, many more parents and children are victims of the same crimes in Connecticut “family courts”. Many of the perpetrators are the same: Gerard Adelman, Robert Horwitz, Bruce Freedman … and others. All connected to an out-of-state corporation called “AFCC, Inc.” and all promoting Dr. Richard Gardner’s theories in state courts.

      Federal DOJ and state AG offices should have noticed. The New Haven DOJ’s “Public Corruption” task force in 2014 – 2015 should have noticed and mainstream news headlines in 2023 are, “Child custody records in Jennifer Farber Dulos case to remain sealed, state court rules” and “Connecticut Lawyers Use Jennifer’s Law to Punish Protective Mothers”


      • Note: Mia wrote here that someone is threatening her with foster care.

        Can someone please find the name of that person who is using “Threat Therapy” in that case?

        Whoever is using “Threat Therapy” on those children needs to lose their license ASAP.

    • In his 40-page diatribe of April 26, 2022, Gerard Adelman, Director of AFCC, Inc. admitted: He didn’t allow the mother to present her case in a way she considered to be fair.

      Nikola Cunha, the mother’s attorney, wouldn’t consent to the corruption in the case. She refused to move forward into that known corruption without someone first appropriately addressing the obvious collusion. That was fair.

      It was fair and just for Attorney Cunha to take that approach.

      Here’s why: Gerard Adelman, Director of AFCC, Inc. and Robert Horwitz, Treasurer of AFCC, Inc. have passed children to and from each other for decades. Are those two men and their friends the only people in the state equipped to manage cases involving disclosures of the sexual abuse of children?

      Why didn’t those two men acknowledge the disclosures and send the case to criminal court where the sexual abuse of children is still a crime?

      During the pendency of the case and after, Gerard Adelman, Director of AFCC, Inc. made no mention of his history of racketeering in the Connecticut family courts. He mentioned no steering of anything in any of the cases he’s managed. Why would he? Instead, he simply noted on page 34 in his 40 pages of his politically protected slant on life:

      “ … C. The defendant was defaulted for failing to appear for trial and failing to prosecute her claims …”

      The mother’s attorney, Nickola Cunha claimed there was corruption in the case. There was corruption in the case. Collusion, extortion and fraud upon the court, too. That case was steered in the direction of the office of Robert Horwitz, Treasurer of AFCC, Inc. That alone should ring alarm bells in many state and federal offices. Has it yet?

      After the mother’s attorney rightfully claimed that collusion steered the case, another judge working for the state’s judicial branch (the judicial branch has, on record, colluded with AFCC, Inc. members since 1984) disbarred Attorney Cunha for saying out loud what everyone paying attention already knows.

      What many paying attention don’t already know is: The court opinion of April 26, 2022 was based on collusion and biased in favor of Herbert Marcuse’s ethics and standards of behavior. Most didn’t notice was when Robert Horwitz, Treasurer of AFCC, Inc. started to groom the children in the case.

      Even fewer noticed when some small group somewhere behind closed doors decided how Connecticut’s family courts are to manage disclosures of perversions and sexual abuse of children in family court child custody cases.

      Whoever decided the ethics and morals of Connecticut family court child custody cases decided this:

      “The world is no longer perceived as hostile” wherein the status quo is perpetuated through the proliferation of comforts, consumerism, and [commodification]; where the concept of repressive desublimation highlights the desire-production and control dynamics of these processes. Controlled gratification is therein said to produce voluntary compliance and submission, wherein the desire for transcendence is eradicated. This is opposed to prior societies whose social controls banned the access and expression of certain pleasures, leading to their “repression,” which was expressed as an antagonism in the life of individuals who were forced to “sublate” their desires into socially acceptable forms. Today, repression operates through the desublimation of desire, wherein no desires are forced underground, therein eliminating forms of critical distance from society. For examples, see the acceptance of pornography, sex work, drug culture, BDSM, furries, gay culture, lavish living, trans culture, and the like, which are no longer seen by society as negative or pernicious lifestyles. The pursuit of these is now sanctioned and celebrated, meaning being a member of these types of forms of life is no longer a subversive action or lifestyle, but in fact, has been commodified and now perpetuates capital society via the value-form. A negative has been turned into a positive – only operating here at the level of desire-production.”

      If you don’t understand what all of the above is all about, here’s a hint: In Connecticut “family courts”, the father pretending to be a hyper-sexualized teen online and the father pretending to be a barber online, the attorneys who zealously advocate for them and all complicit family court judges apparently received the memo.


  • I just reread this and am reeling that there is a recording of Chris Ambrose threatening his daughter w vaginal penetration as punishment and I am physically ill. Not to mention the sons claim of actual anal penetration. How could this abuse be ignored by the courts and this Judge ???? Why is this man not in prison? In Texas, he would have already been buried under the courthouse and apparently if you appear before judge O’Neill in CT, your children you abuse are handed back to you on a silver platter and the mom trying to protect them from further abuse forced away.


    Shame on you Judge O’Neil and the slimy Ambrose attorney Cuda.

  • Who knew there was a loophole for abusers to get off scott free? Two magic words = coercive control and poof ! emotional, physical and sexual abuse crimes magically disappear. This man should be jailed many times over for what he’s done. Why isn’t he being investigated for his crimes ???


  • Who retained Dr Lee for the psych eval? Was this something Karen did on her own, or has Karen regularly been seeing Dr Lee?

  • Gee whiz Ms. Lee doesn’t sound biased at all! Diagnosing a man she has never met and taking everything KR says at face value. The full story is she also enables her mentally unstable noncustodial-parent sister this way, too. Physician, heal thyself.

    If Karen had never called Volpe, Boyne and other sociopathic dirtbags and invited them to enable her self destruction but instead focused on working things out properly in court from day 1, this could have turned out much better for all. She created this godawful mess. Will she ever stop trying to be a lying outlaw and acting surprised when that doesn’t work out for her?

    • There are two diagnoses for which a personal interview actually diminishes accuracy: in addition, psychiatry now relies more on overt behavior patterns, victim reports and collateral interviews (especially for dangerous personalities), and objective records (such as criminal history, and instability with regard to job, professional license, and family relations), more than self-report.

      • That is interesting, because Karen seems much more unstable in regard to jobs and personal relationships than Chris. Karen also does crazy things like sue the governor of Connecticut and become best phone buddies with a virulent anti-Semite instead of actually showing up to custody hearings. Then she viciously blames everyone but herself for the predictable outcome of her actions. Since she is a dangerous personality, I guess I am qualified to diagnose her without having ever met her.

        • What kind of person knows the father planned a “parental alienation” flip, knows he hired attorneys to flip custody to him, knows took her money, knows he made her pay thousands to attorneys etc. knows she had to sell her home and knows he took her three children and yet would try to convince people her response to all of that trauma is: “unstable”, “crazy”?

          It’s not crazy to sue the governor of Connecticut when the governor of Connecticut has refused to address the corruption in family courts.

          Looking for help from anyone who can help save her children’s lives is a good thing.

          Refusing to be sucked into corrupted custody hearings is smart.

          She not “vicious”. And, she should absolutely blame whoever committed crimes against her family and whoever stood by while it happened.

          “The predictable outcome” is when Connecticut family court networks favor perverted parents.

          The dangerous personalities involved are:
          1. Those who promote Dr. Richard Gardner’s twisted theories;
          2. Those who take hundreds of thousands of dollars from children in family courts;
          3. Those who take children from parents until they agree to submit to Dr. Richard Gardner’s twisted theories.

    • Do you think your comment might be a little bit biased, too? Whether you were or weren’t behind closed doors, that could explain your bias.

    • Is the state of Connecticut family court more upset about the family court exposure than the welfare of the children? What smoking gun for coursive control did nausbalm supposedly turn over to Cuda? Or did Cuda use confidential information for a bar association hearing to flip the case? That should not have been admissible? Doesn’t extensive interview of the victim (the children) count. Who is more credible a psychologist who doesn’t work for the courts or a psychologist who makes a living off a diagnosis of parental alienation that doesn’t exist? Are we trying to cover up the mess of multiple court players? It’s appears these children will have to run in the streets to get away.

    • The real question should be why did it start lopsided where a parent has to defend themselves when there is no evidence just based on hearsay and whose pockets were lined? But you are not ready for that discussion are you Reactive abuse

      • Reactive abuse? A credible doctor out side of court states that she finds credible the statements of the children? When can we begin to discuss that?

    • You certainly don’t seem like you are trying to hide abuse from Chris Ambrose. I mean hell, look at his lack of credibility. You do not need to be medical qualified to see his mental health issues.

    • Spinning the narrative can lead to wherever anyone wants to go.

      Is your point about the lack of perversion or the lack of racketeering or something else?

    • I think Ambrose is a very special case. His actions tick off every box for psychopathy. There are some people you don’t have to meet to know they are sickos and pure evil: Hitler, Stalin, Vlad the Impaler…and Christopher Ambrose.

    • Ambrose, go fuck some males of consenting age you dirty fucked up pervert. Can’t wait to see you imprisoned.

    • What kind of training in mental health does the new judge O’Neill have to justify his court order?

      Whatever happens next, Mr. O’Neill’s excuse will probably be that Dr. Gerard Adelman, Director of AFCC, Inc. recommended “therapy” for the mother that “is to be more challenging than supportive in nature” and therapeutic grooming for the teenagers with Mr. Robert Horwitz, Treasurer of AFCC, Inc.

      Is Mr. Stafstrom playing a part in the AFCC, Inc. crimes cover up?

      Why is Mr. Stafstrom targeting Connecticut police officers instead of targeting blatant crimes and corruption in Connecticut’s family courts?

      Would Mr. Stafstrom mind discussing an investigation of AFCC. Inc.’s lucrative steering of cases in the state for the past forty years with his colleague at Pullman and Comley, Ms. Munro?

      If Mr. Stafstrom’s boasting during Mr. O’Neill’s judicial nomination hearing was a wink to his magic circle colleagues for points in his political career, he might have known something about Mr. O’Neill suddenly showing up to displace Judge Nieves and Mr. Cuda’s handy arrival on the scene with Mr. Nusbaum’s secret information for Dr. ONeill.

      Or, do you think all of that happened by chance, 33 am?

    • “… but instead focused on working things out properly in court from day 1 …”

      After hearing ONLY Chris’ case and NOT Karen’s case, Adelman wrote forty pages of his opinions about every member of that family and every detail of their private lives — and ordered every member of that family to do everything he ordered them to do.

      Adelman is a pompous donkey.

      Adelman thinking he could decide the fate and future of an entire family after hearing only 1/2 of the case was either criminally insane or criminally sinister — and the entire judicial branch allowed Adelman to do that.

      There is something very wrong somewhere in Connecticut.

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