Kim Snyder Takes ‘Dirt’ to the Cleaners

In Kim Snyder’s last post –  Kim Snyder Thrashes Commenters Who Tried to Impugn Her Family’s Motives and Actions in Quest to Find Kristin Snyder – an anonymous commenter, using the moniker ‘DIrt”, was the part of the story.  Now Dirt has replied – seeking to discredit Kim and her fight to find out what happened to her sister Kristin Snyder, who disappeared on Feb. 6, 2003 – almost 17 years ago,

Here are Dirt’s latest comments against Kim.

The OFFICIAL story is Kristin Snyder is MISSING! Yet according to Kimmy, her family is packing bathing attire for their trip to Alaska? Huh? Her family does not stay with Kristin’s partner, they instead stay at a military base? Huh?? Her family’s immediate response was to take the remains of Kristin’s and Heidi’s dogs ashes and dump them with people they do not know and cannot name in a place they do not know Kristin’s remains are? Who TF does that?

If her family was not homophobes, why did Kristin leave home the second she was able? She moved across the country to attend a college far away from the Snyder’s and she kept moving away from them!

What kind of supporting family uses their legal kinship to supersede Kristin’s partner? WTF is this, a 2003 version of “If These Walls Could Talk 2” and Heidi [Kristin’s domestic partner] is Vanessa Redgrave!

I wondered why when watching Frank’s documentary [The Lost Women of Nxivm] that Heidi didn’t seem to have much of anything left of Kristin’s. Now it’s obvious (thanks Kimmy) that her homophobic family TOOK Kristin’s belongings! Nothing Heidi could do legally because their domestic partnership was only legal at that time in Vermont!!!!!

And Kimmy I am going to let you in on a little secret, something homophobes are blissfully unaware, the Lesbian community is tight! Even prior to the worldwide web, we know each other, we find each other, we keep each other’s secrets, but more importantly Kimmy, we are FAMILY to each other! Real family! That being said, Kimmy, I have a question for you, since you were so close and all to Kristin – When Kristin was getting her Master’s degree in KY, tell me the first name of her girlfriend she was with at that time? An ex she remained friends with and whom I personally am related to BTW.

Also Kimmy, why haven’t you spent a fraction of the time and money you have spent making plastic bead bracelets on finding what happened to your sister???? You had Dr. Phil interested in your bracelets, yet didn’t bother to get him interested in your sister’s case?

You said in this very post, Kimmy, NO BODY under Kristin’s grave marker. Natalee Holloway’s mother knows her daughter is dead but continues to do everything within her power to try and find Natalee’s remains, to give her baby a proper burial and put her soul to rest.

Your family buried her dog’s ashes and didn’t look back. You never once contacted the Anchorage Police Department and Seward Police Department to ask about Kristin’s case. Who does that?


Here is Kim Snyder’s response:

By Kim Snyder

First of all, let’s make this clear. My name is NOT Kimmy!  My name is Kim!
My sister, Kristin Snyder, graduated from Dillon High School, then from the University of Steubenville, OH. From there she went to Lexington, KY.  There Kris lived with a girl by the name of Shannon – who was very controlling of her, in my opinion.
This is part of the reason why I believe – Kristin moved to Anchorage, AK – not in 2000 – but in 1999!
Let’s clear that up right now.
Next, to rebut your calling my family and me “homophobes” – look up the definition – “a person with a dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people.”
As Christians, we choose to love – not dislike anyone.  We may not like the sin but we do not ever dislike the sinner because of her sins.
As a family, we are all very close. We knew Kristin was a lesbian for years. It never stopped us from loving her and welcoming her in our home and hearts – or vice versa.
That she chose to go out into the wide world – and get educated away from home and choose to live in Kentucky and then Alaska to be with her partners is not unique to lesbians.
Heterosexual people also leave home and start new lives in other places.
We live in Dillon, SC, a small rural place with few opportunities for Kristin in the field she was interested in – environmental sciences.
Now, for a few more facts. Our family did not get notification of Kris’ alleged descent into erratic or psychotic behavior all during the week it allegedly occurred.
In fact – at the crucial time when she went missing – we were not told immediately by her partner, Heidi.
We were not called until 72 hours after Kris went missing, only to be told she was missing and couldn’t be found.
The fact that Kris was apparently sliding into depression and mental illness for at least a week came as a total surprise – and we were only told about that after it was too late to do anything about it.
Had we only been told that, for instance, Kristin was blaming herself for the implosion of the Space Shuttle Columbia [on Feb. 1 – five days before she disappeared], we would have been in Alaska on the next plane.
We were also not told that Kristin was claiming she was pregnant. Instead, we were told a vicious lie that Kristin – had just “remembered” though Nxivm’s so-called “therapy [Exploration of Meaning] that it was not Keith who allegedly recently abused her – but with “false memory” it was a family member – when she was a child.
It was not until 2019 that we learned from Frank Parlato that witnesses said Kristin was claiming she was pregnant with Keith. Then Heidi admitted it to us on the phone in late 2019.
We have proof that Kristin went to Albany, NY where Keith lived prior to going to her last Nxivm intensive in Anchorage. (We have her credit card statements).  And I believe my sister – that she was pregnant by Keith Raniere.
I think the so-called “recollection” of her being molested as a child – was never true. It was not only not true in reality but I believe that Esther Chiappone Carlson, Ed Kinum, Karen Abney, Nancy Salzman, and Keith Raniere – came up with this idea of this “memory” as a cover-up for the inconvenient fact that Keith had sex with her – his student – under the guise of teaching her some secret teachings – and she was telling people that.
I think also that they drugged her and we have seen from the trial of Keith Raniere that his followers, at his direction, used drugs secretly and forcibly administered to students to control their outbursts.
I think it is possible that the Mexican woman who Lauren Salzman testified she drugged in the fall of 2002 in Albany – [four months before Kristin disappeared] – may have also been molested by Raniere and this was their concerted effort to quiet her down.
Mother and daughter criminals Nancy and Lauren Salzman.

The next rather crude attack by the aptly named “Dirt” is that we brought the ashes of Kristin’s beloved dog “Farley” with us from Anchorage.  The ashes were already in Anchorage, AK – when we arrived as a family – at Kris’s house.

We did NOT bring them on the plane with us!
It was actually Heidi’s suggestion that Kris would want this done – to scatter the dog’s ashes in Resurrection Bay – where at the time – based on the information that was shared with us – it appeared Kristin had drowned via suicide.
It was also Heidi’s suggestion that we use a friend’s boat to go out on Resurrection Bay for a private boat memorial – as a family.
Resurrection Bay
As for Heidi NOT being permitted to have any of Kris’ things, Dirt, you once again show that your mind is murky. For you jump repeatedly to hasty conclusions.
Heidi showed us Kris’ things – in their wet garage  – when my family and I arrived in Anchorage.
Your facts, as usual, are cloudy, Dirt.
Heidi had control of Kris’ estate. She was the sole legatee of Kristin’s will, which had been drawn up a year before she disappeared.
Kristin had also given Heidi power of attorney over medical decisions.
So no, we did not take everything. Within days of her disappearance – somehow all of Kristin’s possessions seemed to have been placed in the garage and we were told by Heidi that we could take them with us.
At the time Kris’ belongings were already in plastic trash bags in the garage. Heidi was planning on throwing Kris’ things away if we did not take them. We got everything properly packed up and sent them home.
It was also Heidi – not us – who created the public memorial service at the Lussac Library – within weeks after Kris’ disappearance. We were not rushing things – but we had far less info than Heidi and had no reason then to believe that the official story was not true.
Heidi invited us to take part in the service, and we did.
As for taking everything of our beloved Kris’s from Heidi – let me also tell you that Heidi told us that the Toyota Tacoma Truck that belonged to Kris was ours to use as long as we were in Anchorage.  But it belonged to Heidi – as per the will.
Later, Heidi sold it, she said, and gave the proceeds to Nxivm to complete the payments – I know it sounds ridiculous – for the Nxivm course that Kristin never completed.
Before the truck was sold and while we were there in Anchorage, Heidi told us that whatever was in the truck was ours to keep.  Dad and I packed the things up in her truck and sent them home.
The only things we personally took with us when we left Kris’ and Heidi’s home were her “Special Olympic” sweatshirts which we wore home on the plane.
The only thing of my sister’s that I hand-carried was a white baby blanket that had belonged to both of us!
As for us leaving Kris and Heidi’s home and going to a hotel – as if that is some sign of uncaring behavior or homophobia – it was because of the false accusation made against a family member that was bandied about by Nxivm visitors – I believe to cover up for Keith’s transgression against my sister.
It was also because of the high degree of stress in her home. It got to be too much.
We moved to the Inn & Suites of Anchorage. We also had relatives that flew up to be with us from Minneapolis, that were very concerned about my dad’s heart condition, and the lies, and false accusations made against us – against a family member from various people connected to Nxivm who were pretending to express concern and trying to put the blame on Kristin’s alleged suicide – on her allegedly being molested as a child – something she just “remembered” they said just prior to her disappearance.
That terrible lie my dad took to his grave!
So Dirt, please do not come at my family, calling us names, throwing around inappropriate accusations until you know the whole story.
By the way, when we arrived at Kris and Heidi’s home the first night, I went downstairs, to find ALL of us Kris’ CD’s broken into pieces.
I replaced ALL of those CDs over time. I loved the same music as my sister.
We also paid for a cemetery marker – despite there being no body to bury – because we believed then and still do believe Kristin is dead.
What we do not know is how she died. Although we believed it then, we no longer believe the official story of her death.
Kim Snyder makes bracelets for veterans

As for my volunteer bead project for veterans, that, Dirt, is truly NONE of your business, and how you make a false equivalency to my spending some time and money giving out beads to veterans when you think I should be spending money and time on investigating my sister’s death – is your errant thinking.

As I told you, for years we believed the story that Kristin killed herself. It was only this year that we came to have serious doubts, based primarily on one important factor that was withheld from us for almost 17 years – that Kristin claimed she was pregnant with Keith Raniere’s child –- which is a motive for him murdering her.
The silence of the criminals in Anchorage is an outrage!!!  We had a right to know – and no one – not even Heidi bothered to tell us.
Heidi Clifford
Heidi admitted to Frank Parlato on Investigation Discovery’s documentary “The Lost Women of Nxivm”, that she did not tell police about Kristin’s claim of being pregnant because she was worried that might shift the police from believing Kristin was a suicide to a possible murder victim – with Heidi as a possible suspect.
She did not tell us either, I assume, for the same reason – we might have gone to the police with that information.
As Kris’ family, we ONLY loved her – as, Dirt, I doubt you know how to love.
We accepted her being lesbian – even if our religious beliefs may tend to have us think that being lesbian is not right under God’s plan for human beings. Still we never took up the role of God and judged. We loved our Kris unconditionally.
It is also true that my parents and I accepted Heidi and never once chastised her or Kris for their relationship.
We are NOT liars or homophobes. Our family did not do anything wrong in this situation!
Get your facts straight- DIRTY PERSON!

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  • Dirt and her wife Mrs. Dirt are a lesbian couple with a giant chip on their shoulders.
    They take affront at everything Kim Snyder says because Kim does not celebrate her late sister’s lifestyle enough.

    FYI, Kim is writing as a sister who is still mourning her late sister.
    Her efforts have opened a new door into NXIVM’s many crimes.
    Kim Snyder does not have to wave a Rainbow flag around to celebrate her sister’s life choices.

    Here is the description from Mrs. Dirt’s Twitter page:

    Mrs. Dirt
    Happily married to @thedirtfromDirt — dyke, Ph.D., & cat mom.😻#FBR #Resist #AdoptDontShop 😻@ScaryAriPants & @BellaHas2Moms are #CatsAgainstTrump


    These ladies exemplify everything that is crazy about contemporary America!
    And they fit the stereotype of crazed lesbian cat ladies.

  • Wonder Woman Kim is NOT a homophobic person! You can’t come up with any other smart questions, then, go pout in a corner!!!

    Heidi had ALL of her friends at the public memorial- at the Lussac Library, in Anchorage, AK, all the while she sat, knowing she had kept the rape and pregnancy story to herself, and the conversation about Kris taking off her wedding ring, and asking Heidi to hold it, because she was pregnant, with Keith’s child. Yet, all the while, Heidi had all of Kris’ friends in the house, the night we arrived in Anchorage, whispering about the allegation against a family member, which was totally unfair. Then, she pulled a note out of her desk, and told us, that Kris wanted her to be, my legal guardian when neither of my parents were NO longer here. I was NOT having that. Heidi and I both have the same personality….we would have killed each other!!!! As Frank has shown, that note WAS NOT in Kris’ handwriting – neither is the suicide letter, nor the 2nd page.

    Heidi has also said “she waved to Kris, from the hotel“ but Frank went to the hotel, and there are NO windows at the hotel, on the bottom floor — or in the window of the classroom door, in the room in which the NXIVM intensive was being held in.

    Heidi also stated “she watched Kris go”, but changed that story to, “Kris was pulled out of the classroom, 4 or 5 times, and Esther and the other instructors kept her away from Kris. She also stated Esther and Ed Kinnum told her to give Kris space, that she would snap out of it, and turn the corner, and they also instructed Heidi, NOT to hospitalize Kris, because all she was doing was seeking attention!!!!!!!!

    Heidi has an OT therapy degree – and runs a kids’ therapy place in Anchorage. That degree states, “DO NO HARM!!!! She did just that!!!!! She did NOT hospitalize my sister, Kris!!!!

    As to whether her family has spent money trying to find Kris, YES!!! Heck YES!!!! We have ALWAYS had a LOVE and interest in Kris. She was NCIVM’s for 3 months, she was our family member for 35 years.

    Heidi has also lied to Frank Parlato – when she told him Kris” family took everything from her. Heidi was the one that put ALL of Kris” belongings in their WET GARAGE, in plastic bags, and told our family, that they belonged to us to pack up and take home. The other things downstairs – that belonged to Kris, the 49-50 cd’s that belonged to Kris – the favorites of Kris’ that were smashed on the floor – and the other cases were left alone – Kris would NOT have just singled out her favorites, and left the other ones ALONE!!!!!!!

    Heidi, knowing that she had lied and NOT told the truth about the rape and pregnancy- gave over Kris’ Toyota Tacoma Truck for our family to use while we were in Anchorage, AK. We did NOT realize – even though the cops had gotten the suicide letter out of the vehicle, they did NOT check the truck or the house for blood!!!!! Why do we know they didn’t check the house for blood – because Kris and Heidi had white carpeting throughout the house. There were NO muddy footprints or grey brushing stains on the floor, from their luminal!!!

    The night that our family arrived in Anchorage, the house was full of Kris and Heidi’s friends – NO tears!!! Our family planned the boat memorial – there are pages of the program that Frank can put up to prove my story. Tami Boyer and Jane Markiewitz picked us up from the airport, and they went with Heidi and me, in the green Subaru car, with car top carrier it had on it – to the boat memorial – because there was little to NO room for me – behind mom and dad in Kris’ truck.

    The song that was played on the way to the boat memorial – was Alabama: “In pictures”. It talks about a father going off to war and sending money for his family and missing very special moments with his kids. I did ride back to the house, on the small seat, behind dad driving, in Kris’ truck, because I could NOT put up with any more garbage!!!!! The whispering of the false allegation, of a family member….was more than I could handle.

    Mom, dad and I left Kris’ house, for the hotel, to await the memorial at the library.

    To answer Heidi, we ONLY had friends from Minneapolis, you had NXIVM leaders, along with someone that left a very NASTY message in our funeral home book!!!!! Heidi was also giving away Kris’ high school things, that she told me, “she was getting rid of,”, so I grabbed those as well. Kris’ high school yearbooks, her lunch cards, her locker keys, pictures, etc. I found it strange….since she walked out of the public memorial doing it.

    Heidi admitted to Frank Parlato, that she did NOT tell law enforcement about the RAPE and Pregnancy, and hadn’t told Kris’ family, for fear she would be looked at as a suspect. Heidi did NOT tell our family until 2019, on a visit to our home, by Frank Parlato!!!!! We have her on tape!!!!!

    Did we meet ALL of us Kris’ friends? YES! I have an album full of photos – that have the names of the girls – that I have sent to Frank Parlato!!!! He has every piece of evidence that should turn this investigation on its head!!!!

    Bottom line—the Fake Valentine’s Day card that Heidi showed to Frank in the ID Discovery film is NOT Kris’ handwriting. Neither is the suicide letter, the 2nd page, not the letter, about the legal guardian BULL SHIT!!!!!! That was ALL hopes and dreams!!!!

    In Colorado, in 2002, when I was with Kris, I was trying to get her to come home with me — I knew she needed help, but she would NOT. She was an adult. I could NOT force her!!!!
    Kris did come home, in January of 2003, and she was SO euphoric about Keith Raniere – but my parents knew he was full of BULL SHIT!!!! She bought a book on Cults in Florence, SC- that Frank has the bill for – and she and my parents had an argument, and she ran out of the room, and she called her NXIVM coach – KAREN ABNEY. We have the phone bills, Frank will publish those. All of this is in the same notebook.

    Kris returned to Anchorage, and if Heidi had told us, that Kris told people, she claimed- “she was responsible for the Space Shuttle Columbia- “ my mother would have been on a plane for Anchorage, to hospitalize Kris. This fell through as well. Everyone in ANCHORAGE fell through!!!!

    Kris was medically NEGLECTED!!!!! My parents and I LOVE ❤️ Kris. We did NOT push her out of our home, she went to Anchorage, to work with the National Guard, to teach them, to Recycle OIL and GASOLINE! Kris built her own business – you can find it online. Frank can post the spreadsheet that she developed.

    Heidi also was Secretary/Treasurer of that company, and she also signed Kris’ health care power of attorney, and Kris’ will, a year before her death in 2002. Frank will publish those sheets as well.

    Our family has NOTHING to lie about – and does NOT appreciate being lied to all of these years!!!!

    Heidi, Esther, Ed, Karen, Nancy, Keith, I am coming for you!!!!!!!

  • I recommend not feeding the trolls. You don’t have to justify yourself to anyone. Let’s keep fighting and building. Raniere and his minions would love to divide us. They would love for you to focus on other things so you don’t prosecute him. So the murder gets forgotten. Ignore the trolls. Keep going and fighting. God is with you.

  • Hi, This is Dirt’s wife.

    Kim, in regard to “taking Dirt to the cleaners”: Sorry, but you’ll need to take a number and get in line. This post certainly didn’t accomplish that.

    More importantly, though, it seems that the focus should be on gathering as much information as possible about the circumstances of Kristin’s disappearance.

    As a commenter (Fi) stated earlier, it would be pertinent to get all of the information about Kristin’s “friends” (by name) who were at any of the memorials and/or who were at Heidi and Kristin’s house, as well as the specifics of what was actually said at that time.

    I hope that Kim’s future posts will include such specific details, rather than her repeated denials of homophobia (while, ironically, using the well-trodden homophobic tropes simultaneously with her denials) — and rather than attempting to exact verbal revenge on my wife and/or other commenters who are genuinely wondering what happened to her sister.

    Mrs. D

  • Kimmy, your “rebuts” make little sense and your explanation for you/your family not being homophobes is BLATANTLY HOMOPHOBIC. It is also obvious either Kristin kept her true self/life separate from you/your family or you/your family were not unconditionally interested, “Sharon” really? How sad for Kristin.

    But for a moment, Kimmy, let’s agree to disagree, for the sake of Kristin. In all sincerity, Kim, would you be willing to testify in a court of law to all that you stated here about Heidi Clifford’s actions after Kristin’s disappearance?

    One other question, why did authorities think Kristin may have died in Virginia? And what were authorities given to make the determination that body was not Kristin’s, DNA or dental records?


  • “We accepted her being lesbian – even if our religious beliefs may tend to have us think that being lesbian is not right under God’s plan for human beings.” = Homophobic

    “We may not like the sin but we do not ever dislike the sinner because of her sins.” = Homophobic

    Read what YOU wrote, Kim. Both of these statements definitively prove what you are so vehemently denying. I realize that you cannot fathom that.

  • Kim, Please say who attended the two Memorials in Alaska, in Seward and in Anchorage at the library. You said some of “Kristin’s friends” accompanied you — to which memorial? Who were these friends? Had you heard her talk about them before? Were they all friends with each other?. Did they seem to have a “leader”? Was Elaine Smiloff at a Memorial and if so, who was she with? Do you think the “friends” were assigned by ESP higher-ups to keep you calm? befriend you? make you think the ESP folks were nice, and not suspicious? distract you from possibility the Seward “suicide” may have been a hoax or coverup? distract you from the fact none of them had helped Kristin when she was distressed and needed help? Did they talk about her distress? Who did Heidi’s “friends” seem to be at that time from among the ESPians?

    • Hi FI, I’ve asked so many questions about Kristin’s last days. Kim must be busy with the bracelet making. Maybe I need a new tactic. I’m quickly losing interest now. It’s too bad someone couldn’t enlighten us with something more than this “Dirt” bullshit.
      Take care, FR, I’m out. Good luck, Kim….. maybe you could sell those bracelets and make some money to pay a private company to help you.

  • Wonder Woman: Kris’ belongings from her drawers- from her bedroom, and the downstairs cabinet, were all put into plastic garbage bags in her garage. The clothing of Kris’ that Heidi was wearing, when my parents and I arrived at the house, I made her take off and put into a separate plastic bag – except for the sunglasses, that belonged to my dad. Those were given back to him.

    At the memorial for Kris, there had been nude silhouette photos of her, that had been removed — my parents made sure of that. That was inappropriate. After the memorial, Heidi was going to get rid of Kris’ high school things, so I nabbed them. They consisted of: several yearbooks, her school ID cards, lunch cards, locker keys, etc.

    We returned to the house one more time, to do a sweep, to make sure, that mom, dad and I hadn’t forgotten anything. There were NO tears——NO TEARS from Heidi at all.

    The allegation that had been brought forth, from when we first arrived at the house, crossed any good feelings toward each other out!!!!!

    The “death certificate” was ALL done by Heidi and a friend, NOT my parents — a friend, Kenny Powers, who went with Heidi to have the death certificate done, who is NOT family, and who also said, during a phone conversation to me, that he is “so very sure this is all suicide, and that I need to leave this alone”. If it were his sister, he would want to make sure he was right. I have tried to call him again, but he says, “he is in Canada”, but was able to text me. If you have a cell tower, to text, you can call.
    Canada is also where Cathy Morton, the lady with Heidi’s pistol – who supposedly got rid of it – went.

    Heidi has also lied about knowing about Mexico – we found clear evidence in a notebook about that and when Kris went and came back. Heidi has also lied, and never said ANYTHING about the pregnancy story, and many people have come forward to tell that they heard her talk about it.

    Heidi’s version- “Kris came home from Albany, and asked Heidi to hold her marriage ring, that Kris was pregnant with Keith’s child”. Heidi never mentioned this, until the ID Discovery program came out.

    The 1st time she talked to Pat McGee, she did it in silhouette form, the 2nd time——which, she called Pat McGee back, 4 hours later, and told him that she wanted to testify out of silhouette. Yet, she was SO scared of NXIVM that she did this. Her timeline did NOT add up!!!!

    There is a “Texted Seward Police Report”, where even the Millers, from Miller’s Landing, change their stories. It is bizarre!!!

    My parents and I have never changed our testimonies, yet everyone else has.

    Heidi has changed her testimony from accusing a family member of wrongful doing to now talking about a rape and pregnancy of Kris, that she never mentioned in 2003 – because she states in a phone conversation done here at our home, with Frank Parlato, “she wasn’t sure of what was true and that she has been brainwashed all these years by NXIVM”. That doesn’t hold up in court!!!!!

    The music of Kris’- I have replaced ALL of it!!!!! It was dear to her, so I did what I needed to do for her. I am NOT sure of who broke her things in Anchorage, but it is OKAY, now. They did NOT win that battle!!!! I have topped them out!!!

    As for the “Purple Slippers” that Heidi claimed that Kris disappeared in, “she did NOT see Kris when she left the house for the last time, because she clearly states in an article that she had to have another ride home, that Kris did NOT pick Heidi and her mom (who had Alzheimer’s) at the time, up from the intensive, to go home”. How could she have seen what Kris was wearing for the last time????

    Heidi’s story does NOT add up. She has changed her stories several times, and has even asked recently, “if mom and I would visit her at Edisto Island in March of 2020??? To act SO bizarre, and to change your stories over and over, now, you want to see us? You have accused a family member, then changed your story to rape and pregnancy, and lied about Mexico.

    Heidi has NEVER shown us any police reports, or even offered any. She waited 72 hours after Kris went missing to call us, and didn’t call us when she claimed, “ Kris blamed herself for the space shuttle Columbia disaster——“mom would have gone and hospitalized her”.

    Heidi has an OT degree, which tells you, to DO NO HARM —— and hospitalize the person. She listened to idiots who had NO degrees in medicine. They are ALL culpable in Kris’ death!!!!!

    We also have a folder to prove our story! We have ALL of the data and the evidence that we are telling people. We have sent Frank Parlato this same evidence.

    Thank you ALL for your support of us at this sad time in our lives!!!!!

  • I am a full-blown lesbian. If my life partner went missing, I would not be putting her wet belongings inside of a trash bag tossed into a garage. I wouldn’t break her music CDs. I would cherish every last article of clothing and every picture. Something is definitely not right here? Kim, at your sister’s memorial, do you recall Heidi Clifford even crying – was she upset at all?

    • Thanks for sharing your perspective.

      Clifford’s reaction may not be what we might expect, but reactions to trauma are just seemingly counter-intuitive in a certain number of cases.

      And it’s part of the justification for NXIVM’s self-serving conspiracy theory, that Snyder faked her distress and disappearance, with her family apparently in on it and overly eager to move on, and that it had nothing to do with them and the intensive – which just shows that it’s all to easy to read the wrong things into such enigmas.

      We really need to hear more from Clifford about a number of things to understand important parts of what went on, but it may be that she is somewhat unusual and not very forthcoming, and we may well never get satisfactory answers.

      • It really doesn’t matter where. I would, however, like to know from someone who was at Kristin’s memorial if it’s true or not.

        • Come on Peaches. Of course it matters. Was it a commenter? I vaguely remember something. The source will either cause others to dismiss the bizarre question or get on board in asking.

  • Kim wrote: “At the time Kris’ belongings were already in plastic trash bags in the garage. Heidi was planning on throwing Kris’ things away if we did not take them.“

    Hmmmm. That’s very interesting behavior on Heidi’s part. Thanks for the new information.

    • Yes, that is really bizarre. Who packs up a loved ones belongings a few days after that person dies? I’ve never known anyone who did that. Packing up a loved ones belongings is a very emotional experience…I’m surprised Heidi did this so quickly.

      • Yes, it seems Hiedi was in a rush to get on with her life doesn’t it?

        If I were innocent and was Hiedi, I would defend myself here on the FR.

        She sure looks like a fucking evil bitch if you ask me.

      • I’ve seen a friend react with anger, and least briefly, to a mutual friend’s suicide. It seems to me that Clifford is someone who may be a bit unusual in the way they interact with the world, and it’s also possible that her and Snyder’s relationship was more fraught than we’re aware.

        A quick fact-check turns up this, for perspective:

        “Survivors of suicide loss often feel self-blame as if somehow they were responsible for their loved one’s suicide. Many also experience anger and rage against their loved one for abandoning or rejecting them—or disappointment that somehow they were not powerful enough, loved enough or special enough to prevent the suicide.”

        • Anonymaker, while that is true, I still find is extremely strange that Heidi would pack up Kristins’s belongings within days of her disappearance and presumed death. When did Heidi even find the time to do this, since she was grieving and busy planning the memorial services.

          If the belongings were already packed up, could that be because Kristin herself had packed them up earlier for some reason?

          And before everyone accuses Heidi of doing something nefarious, we should consider that memory is often faulty, and also that Kim may not have been given all the details by Heidi, and so may have made presumptions about what was going on.

          • I totally agree with Flowers (01/15/2020 at 3:41 comment, above) on all points. I also had wondered whether Kristin had her stuff packed up already, which would explain why it was so ready to go for Kim & family to pick it up. Regardless, though, it still seems to be quite an unusual response on Heidi’s part, even though it is true that everyone grieves differently.

          • Anonymous, I was thinking that suicidal people will sometimes try to tie up loose ends and make arrangements before they kill themselves. If Kristin was thinking about suicide, she may have decided to pack up some of her belongings, knowing that it would be painful for her loved ones to go through her stuff. She may have broken the CDs herself as well. Since she was not thinking clearly in her last few days, it’s possible she did this herself.

            Everyone is speculating on this blog about what really happened, but none of us has the answers.

  • Frank has botched this whole investigation into Kristin’s death.

    I also can’t believe how calmly Kim has accepted Heidi Clifford’s actions after Kristin’s death.

    Heidi Clifford is a piece of shit.

    Kim says that Heidi Clifford sold Kristin’s truck and gave the money to NXIVM?

    What the fuck? Am I hearing this shit right? That smacks of collusion to me.

    Instead of using the money to help Kristin’s family hold a memorial or donating the money to a charity that Kristin would have approved of, she instead gave it to NXIVM after Kristin was DEAD already?

    Is Frank a brain dead journalist?

    Either Heidi lied and kept the money herself (or) she was somehow in collusion with NXIVM in some fashion IMO, since no SANE person would do that. I can’t even believe I’m reading this shit.

    Next… Kim says that Heidi Clifford failed to mention Kristin’s pregnancy to police for fear that it might trigger a murder investigation?

    What the fuck? Heidi’s allegedly covering up the possible MURDER of her LIFE PARTNER just to protect her own reputation from being a suspect? What kind of animal does that? Does somebody who truly LOVED their partner do that?

    This was her LIFE PARTNER that was allegedly murdered, yet Heidi was MORE CONCERNED about her own reputation than getting justice and finding a MURDERER?

    Only animals or guilty parties behave that way.

    Yet Frank pretends to interview that ugly cunt as though he’s interviewing a credible witness? WTF?

    Next… Kim says that Heidi Clifford was gonna throw Kristin’s belongings into the trash if her family didn’t pick them up?

    What the fuck is that all about?

    Her LIFE PARTNER was murdered and yet Heidi wants to dump Kristin’s stuff into the trash? If Heidi truly LOVED Kristin, she wouldn’t have fucken done that. That’s what uncaring sociopaths do.

    Does that ugly cunt even have a heart? Yeah, she’s butt ugly and it’s not sexist to point this fact out.


    It sounds to me as if ANYTHING Heidi Clifford says should NEVER be believed (should be viewed as SELF SERVING) and she should at least be a potential suspect.

    Frank’s interview of her is a joke.

    IMO Frank is complicit ‘after the fact’ by doing such a sloppy, one sided interview and taking Heidi’s word as gospel.

    Frank should have hammered on her like a suspect, instead of being all lovey-dovey and trying to act like Heidi has some credibility.

    Frank is a journalistic neophyte for not treating Heidi Clifford as a selfish, butt ugly suspect who likely had the same potential motive as NXIVM had, since Kristin’s pregnancy would likely not have been a baby that Heidi wanted to help raise no matter what that cunt says now.

    I want Frank to repent for his flimsy investigation that whitewashed Heidi Clifford’s role in this injustice. At the very least, she’s a self serving and uncaring cunt.

    I want answers. I want butts on a platter. I want this sham of an investigation looked into.

    I want Frank to be awarded a journalistic RAZZIE award for his shitty investigation here.

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