Info on A Cappella, recruiting for Raniere by Kristin Kreuk

An ex NXIVM member writes to Frank Report:
I was looking for information on A Cappella and found this on Artvoice:
I also found a website that looks like it isn’t being taken care of any longer but has information on it that links Raniere to all things that matter.
This needs to be copied before they can shut it down.

Now A Cappella 

I know you did a story on A Cappella Innovations in 2016 but since the whole Allison Mack, Kristin Kreuk thing is up for the taking right now,  it might be good to run it again with the YouTube videos and some comments from folks who attended the event and found things not right for this type of event so they started to do research while they were there.  

Keith put together an A Cappella group called Simply Human and came up with a brainchild to get college students enrolled into NXIVM via a competition that was sponsored by NXIVM via the Bronfman’s called A Cappella Innovations.  It would be under wraps and not look like a cult was sponsoring it.
I didn’t attend it, but thought it was such a stupid idea that they were spending all this money on crap like this and finally got what they were really up to when I could clear my brain.
I heard they were doing breakout groups during the competition and asking the groups questions to help them with their goals (yeah sure, how good of them right)  Clare set up a foundation (see below to pay for it)
Here are some videos of promotion and them at the event + Youtube comments here.
The link to people who attended can be found on
Clare set it up as a Charitable Organization, Educational Organization
Contributions are deductible

Organization which receives a substantial part of its support from a governmental unit or the general public

Read more:

you can see the form of the foundation here

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6 years ago

The matching white outfits while they sing together just screams cult.

6 years ago

They have a choice of :

A.Hanging around Hollywood partying with rock stars and actors.

B. Hanging around crappy little venues out in the sticks of upstate NY doing A Capello .

Gotta hand to the Vanguard, he’s pretty damn good.

6 years ago

I knew a group from a college that went to this and bugged out on day one because it became quickly evident that it was a cult recruiting scam. How gutless – to pick the most non-confrontational and physically weakest group they can find to entrap.

Uh, should we invite:

The hockey team? No they will immediately kick our ass.
The weightlifting team? No they will immediately kick our ass.
The football team? No they will immediately kick our ass too.
The A Cappella club? Maybe that will work, if they figure out what is going on we might not get beat up, because I do not actually know judo.

NX are Freaks and Losers.

Who do we invite
Who do we invite
6 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

So funny

6 years ago

Plus, some things that throw a wrench into this investigation are that it’s difficult to run an international investigation, and so much of this bullshit originates here in Canada, specifically in Montreal. Another problem is that there are some very high profile and wealthy people who figurehead this bullshit, and no one DARES to look into that. Especially as these people hide behind the fake “ETHICAL” title. They slap that word onto all their shit and they think it’s some magic shield to ward off investigation. … and sadly it seems to be working.

6 years ago

I’m not surprised. I have the feeling this guy has his dirty little fingers in a lot of pies.
Hey Luke (who isn’t really Luke ass Roberts but is hoping we’ll all think he is) ….what do you know about a pedophile /human trafficking ring operating here in beautiful Vancouver? And how is it connected to a New York Doc who operates a fakeass website that posts the emails addresses of pedophiles? Same website where I was harassed by a bitch connected to the Bronfmans.

Investigators would be smart to check out these so-called “ethical foundations” and the lawfirms that represent them. The level of corruption is HUGE…..but start pulling on some of these loose fucking threads instead of concentrating on individual people.

6 years ago

If appears NXIVM was using this as a recurring tool for their programs by the comments by the participants. How can they set up a foundation that has tax exemption for such things.

Where did all the funds come from? Would be interesting investigation to see if it was only Clare Bronfman money, only hers & other NXIVM members or were they able to get government funds to help pay for their recurring scam.

6 years ago

Kristin attended the first one, which attending Acapella groups who went to both of them said appeared normal and fun. The second one – the one that many said got all weird and cult-like with its taking of surveys, the SSNs of participants, discussions about emotional connections and not the music, etc., that people complained about in a the thread – she did not attend because she was in Thailand filming Street Fighter at the time. It appears she was “lucky” by the “hand of Fate” so to speak to not fall into the clutches of Raniere’s harem and the more nefarious parts of the organization.

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