Secrets of Allison Mack & the Sex Cult, Part 3: Actor Mark Hildreth recruited Kristin Kreuk; as Mack ordered Hildreth’s girlfriend to be sex slave

Mark Hildreth with former girlfriend Kristin Kreuk.
Mark Hildreth with former girlfriend Kristin Kreuk.
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Mark Hildreth with former girlfriend actress Kristin Kreuk. Both were members of the NXIVM cult, that made women slaves


It was one twisted cult.

Mark Hildreth, 40, a Canadian actor with about 100 acting credits, starred as Pastor Tom Hale in the ABC drama Resurrection. He was also a star in the NXIVM sex cult  – often picking desirable women in the cult to have sex with, including married women.

In the mid 2000s, Hildreth joined NXIVM. Keith Raniere, its founder, is now in federal custody awaiting arraignment on sex trafficking charges. Hildreth recruited his own girlfriend, actress Kristin Kreuk, into NXIVM in 2005. She, in turn, recruited actress Allison Mack.

Allison Mack with Mark Hildreth. He brought in Kristin Kreuk who brought in Allison Mack. Mack became the second in command of the vicious sex-slaver group of Keith Raniere.


About 6 years after joining, Kreuk and Hildreth broke up. Kreuk left NXIVM. Hildreth stayed. So did Mack.


Mark Hildreth [l] appears in a video promoting sex-slaver Keith Raniere [r].

Hildreth was a staunch follower of sex-slaver Raniere. He was literally in awe of him. His eyes glazed over when Raniere was talking, sources who witnessed his fawning adoration of the leader of NXIVM say.

Hildreth appeared in videos on YouTube as part of “Keith Raniere Conversations”.  On June 19, 2016, Hildreth wrote on his blog about sex-slaver Raniere:  “This is my friend. His name is Keith. He has been one of the most gentle, compassionate and helpful friends I have ever known. He has been an incredible friend to me and to many people I know.”

Hildreth was listed on the website for Allison Mack’s The Source – an acting program founded by Raniere – as  “Head Trainer”. The Source was used by Mack as a recruiting tool to find Raniere more sex slaves.

Mark Hildreth’s Keith Raniere Conversations Bio Page.


Around 2015, a young, slender, aspiring actress, referred to in the federal criminal complaint against Raniere as Jane Doe #1 , attracted the attention of Mack. Jane Doe #1 took acting courses at The Source. Mack, seeing she would make a good sex slave for Raniere, paid for Jane Doe #1 to go to Raniere’s expensive 10-day birthday party called V-Week.  Mack paid for Jane Doe #1 to come to Albany where the sex-slave cult was headquartered – before the Feds busted up operations.

Hildreth took a liking to Jane Doe #1 and she thought they were going to be boyfriend and girlfriend. When Jane Doe #1 was in Albany, Raniere attempted to seduce Jane Doe #1. But she was interested in Hildreth. She resisted Raniere’s advances but Allison Mack tricked Jane Doe #1 into joining the slave cult by claiming it was a women’s-only sorority. Mack got blackmail-worthy material on Jane Doe #1 which led to her being coerced into getting branded on her pubic region with Raniere and Mack’s initials – and then coerced into having sex with Raniere. [All of this will come out at the trial of Keith Raniere and likely Allison Mack.]

Pubic branding of sex slaves by Raniere and Allison Mack include their initials.

Raniere started repeatedly coercing Jane Doe #1 into having sex with Mack as the enforcer saying she had blackmail material on her. Mack threatened to release the blackmail material to Jane Doe #1’s family.  Mack was in a curious position with Jane Doe #1. While she had to procure sex slaves for Raniere, she became jealous of Jane Doe #1 since it appeared that Raniere preferred Jane Doe #1 to Mack. Raniere allowed Jane Doe #1 to stay overnight in his private sex lair which made Mack extremely sad and jealous, according to Jane Doe #1 and from emails Mack sent to Jane Doe #1and others that were given to the FBI.

Hildreth – who alternated teaching NXIVM courses and acting – did not like how Raniere was behaving with Jane Doe #1, and said, “Keith why are your having sex with my girlfriend? This is not OK.”

Mack and other High Rank of the slave cult confronted Hildreth. They told him this was his “jealousy issue” and he had a “huge ethical breach to heal” with Master Raniere. Hildreth quietly quit NXIVM.  He saw women being starved, branded and sexually exploited and said nothing. Jane Doe #1 stayed. She had to. She was a sex slave. Hildreth did not dare rescue her. He was terrified of Raniere, sources say.

Jane Doe #1 was forced again and again to have sex with Raniere – a man she despised – which was bad enough. But Mack ordered her to seduce another man who Raniere wanted to blackmail.  The man was a suspected pedophile, as is Raniere.

Jane Doe #1 became increasingly unhappy. She was branded with Raniere’s and Allison Mack’s initials with a hot iron one inch from her vagina. She was expected to be Raniere and Mack’s lifelong slave. She was depressed when she realized that Mack and Raniere were constantly threatening to blackmail her. She lived in terror for more than a year.  Finally, Jane Doe #1 left Albany and moved to New York City.  After speaking to this writer and Catherine Oxenberg, she was persuaded to go to law enforcement and make a criminal complaint against Raniere. This helped bring the cult down.

Mark left but has remained silent as to why.


Although Hildreth sneaked away from the cult, he brought many others into the sex slave cult of Raniere. Hildreth spent years in senior positions, teaching and recruiting and earning money for a cult. He was a senior recruiter.

It would be good if he mustered the courage to tell the world why he left.


Celebrity members in the NXIVM sex-slaver cult were used for their celebrity. The highest ranking in NXIVM among celebrities was Hildreth.

He makes ‘Fight the Power’ comments on Social Media and highlights causes of social injustice but he is silent about NXIVM. He plays heroes and tough guys in his acting roles but is a wuss in real life.

Actor Mark Hildreth plays tough guys in acting roles, but in real life, he ran from a fight with sex slavers Keith Raniere and Allison Mack.



Sex-slaver Keith Raniere is in federal custody charged with sex trafficking and other felonies. He faces life in prison.

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  • I’m surprised Scientology hasn’t sued Nxvim for stealing their language/ideas, then the Bronfman sisters can sue them back. This could go on forever. This is all so sick

  • It always amuses me the way these cults use vanity and ego to control their members. This Canadian actor who wanted to be a star of silly TV dramas in LA thinks he should be enlightening us on his deep thoughs about “civilization, ethics and humanity.”

    Not that Keith’s vanity and ego isn’t x1000 worse, but it helps him know exactly how to appeal to these tiny minded ego maniacs. Since there are a lot of grifter motivational types doing the same con he had to up the ante by creating a sex club straight out of Eyes Wide Shut (Keith isn’t very creative but knows what will work). So now he could pull in these doofuses by having them believe they belong to a super duper secret, powerful, elite sex cult fantasy out of a Kubrick film.

    All of this funded by two idiot sisters with too much free money and serious daddy issues. Rich bored people with ridiculous notions of self-importance can get into so much trouble as the easiest and best suckers for con men like Keith.

  • Alison also made suggestions to Keith – about sexual things that she purported would give him pleasure, things that were abnormal and were BDSM related things that were so filthy no normal woman would willingly perform such acts. It was not just sex. She should NOT get a plea deal and should as much time in prison as Keith. Life in prison. These two have both given life sentences to their slaves. Especially those who had been teenagers and the girls approaching puberty.

  • This is absolute bullshit. Mark had zero knowledge of what Keith was doing. Neither did Kristen. I know them both and this gossip is just terrible trash-bag tabloid selling nonsense. Frank, you’ve done such great work here. Don’t ruin it with non-truths. There is such a noble fight to be fought here against the monster that is Keith, but you’re click-baiting and it’s really upsetting to see. To reiterate, Mark and Kristen knew nothing of what Keith was doing in his bedroom. No one in the lower rungs of this company knew. And when they did find out, thanks to the brave reporting of Frank back in 2017, they left this organization. Lastly, there are those of us that were simply there to better ourselves. Just like doing a Tony Robbins course. That was it. Nothing more. I guarantee, as God(s) as my witness, that there was absolutely zero knowledge of some secret upper echelon sex club for Keith. Further, you may think we were indirectly complicit because all that info was out on the web, but we were all duped into thinking that the web was simply trying to take Keith and the organization down, because he/it threatened the status quo. Just like how big oil squashed the electric car for decades. Was that a smart lie to dupe us? Yes. Did it work? Yes. No shame in being naive. In the end, Keith is a monster. Allison Mack is a victim. But they are both responsible for these crimes. Not Mark. Not Kristen.

    • I don’t for a moment believe that Mark wasn’t in long enough to be aware of some serious malfeasance. Maybe not to the extent of branding…maybe, but at the very minimum tax evasion and fraud. The guy has been in the organization for 10 years and has remained silent. Your loyalty is misplaced.

    • I was there for a while and I agree with the above comment. Many people were there to classes like in a Tony Robbins class; That’s it. Most people did not know about this stuff Keith was doing and it’s really unfair to draw these other innocent people through the mud. There are 14, 000 people that have taken these classes and I’d say there are only 20-30 people that are in over their heads. The rest are victims. too.

    • So they didn’t believe the women who spoke about being raped by Keith Raniere when they were children, with police reports that prove he was investigated? They didn’t know about Kristin Snyder who committed suicide and named NXIVM in her note and whose body has never been found? They didn’t know anything about tax evasion and money laundering that was discussed on Necker Island including hiding money in the Caribbean? They didn’t know that Siobhan Hotaling was going to Canada on a tourist visa to teach NXIXM classes (illegal) at the Vancouver centre founded by Sarah Edmondson, then took the money across the border to avoid taxes, where Juliana Vicente (Mark Vicente’s mother) was hiding money in boxes? They didn’t know they were named in the criminal lawsuit filled by Joe O’Hara in February 2012 for assisting and/or profiting from NXIVM criminal activity?

  • Great move by Hildreth to not help his girlfriend who is abused by the other members of the so-called self help group and basically forced into prostitution. All he does is run… And you guys complain about other female members who left early on and luckily had not to live through this shit.
    What kind of upbringing does one have to be had to be such a moron? What kind of egocentrical son of a bitch does one have to be to ignore the issues of his/her partner?

  • Intentions do matter, YET, if the intention wasn’t there, people still shouldn’t pretend they had nothing to do with the consequence. That is incredibly unethical.

    Also, given the chain of events, without Hildreth’s acts and Kreuk’s acts, Mack’s acts couldn’t have transpired, so I am not sure about worse. I have a feeling Mack is not the only DOS brought in by either Hildreth or Kreuk, but I don’t care enough to dig around to try to figure it out.

    No respect for anybody not acknowledging their actions, and the consequences of them. I am sure their “people” tell them not to, because of the liability it could open up. Hence, the weak response when there even is one.

    Of course, that is easy for me to say. Attended an intensive I did not have pay to for, attended one other event I ended up running away from because I wasn’t interested in Raniere, turned down my invitation to Jness and Vweek, and never recruited anyone. I would have gladly given away the binder to anyone who wanted to see it, but it burned in a fire along with the sash.

    All that being said, I think there are fewer Kreuk worshipers than those who are not and it just looks ignorant to attack people who disagree. It seems like there are a handful of people who really dislike her, and a handful of people who worship here, and I don’t think there rest of us care that much except to point out hypocrisy and stupidity.

    • Very irrational thinking. Completely illogical when determining blame, or responsibility in an ethical setting. Let’s blame the first people to reproduce.


      • What is absurd is to compare blaming the first people to reproduce.
        Did the first people who reproduced actively recruit NXIVM members? Not that I am aware of.
        No need to extrapolate to the ridiculous.
        The only three people who are even being discussed in this situation are people who have actively recruited people into a cult.
        Even without the sex slave aspect, it always has been a cult.

        • Kristin: “Oh hey Allison, Mark introduced me to this company for self-help courses called NXIVM. I took this intensive and it was tiring but fun and I feel like I made some breakthrough in my shyness. Maybe it will help you too for whatever issues you may have. Why don’t you come along to the next one? [Some people said it was a cult but I didn’t experience anything strange or weird while I was there.”

          Allison: “Sounds cool. I’ll go to the next one.”

          That evil bitch Kristin. It’s all her fault that Allison became second in command to a master/slave sex cult!

    • You speak true words: “if the intention wasn’t there, people still shouldn’t pretend they had nothing to do with the consequence. That is incredibly unethical.” And every great philosopher throughout time would agree with you.

      Thank you for sharing your front row perspective! In case you ever want to anonymously share your short but illuminating (illuminating enough to make a quick escape!) experience, let Frank know, he might be happy to let you post, and we’d definitely be happy to read it.

  • I think I’m still in shock at the idea that these women willingly handed over blackmail material/collateral and then they are shocked it’s being used against them. Is it that they trust Raniere and/or Mack and the don’t think their secrets will be used to control them? But I guess if you’re already being brainwashed, you’ll believe anything your masters tell you. How Allison Mack could think it’s okay to coerce people into doing her will is beyond me — where is her sense of right and wrong? I hope if/when she’s arrested, the jail time will be a wake-up call as to how far her life has fallen into a pit.

  • I had and still have (less so though) a latent antagonism towards Mark Hildreth that sometimes bubbles to the surface. He seemed a little too smug for my tastes. I think this group breeds in a little narcissism among its adherents, relatively, more so in some than others and he seemed to exhibit more of it.

    But I could be wrong since I’m judging from a distance never having met the guy to form an experiential viewpoint as opposed to an intuitive one.

    • Of course that latent antagonism is due to the fact that I believe he led Kristin down the wrong path.

      • Go to Mack’s twitter click on the first post. run down, you’ll find it. I don’t know the protocol for flagging things up or having s\thing taken down. Do your girl a REAL favour.

        • Photoshop with the Celeb fake porn website tagged at the bottom of the picture, you idiot.

          Im always shocked when people cant tell a picture is photoshopped.

          • Can’t find the twitter pic. What pic was posted that fooled those who thought it was actual collateral?

        • All those thousands of supposedly “fake” celeb porn pics of Kristin are REAL!
          Taken by Keith himself. That’s why he isn’t in the picture.

          • How many photographs include the photographer? The point is why you KK-ers, in your endless struggle to redeem yr girl from perceived falsehood and ‘fakery’ on this site, have no interest in saving her from this highly damaging fake shit on twitter? Whats fake is your ‘concern’ for this girl.

            True Fanatics – Fake Friends.

            Porn George
            Apr 7
            This media may contain sensitive material. Your media settings are configured to warn you when media may be sensitive.

      • Any latent antagonism for Kristin Kreuk leading Allison Mack down the wrong path?

        Allison turned out to be far more vulnerable to predatory behavior, making Kristin’s leading-down-the-wrong-path less forgiveable than Mark’s leading-down-the-wrong-path.

        Without Kristin, Allison would not be on a path that ended in prison. She’d be a multi-millionaire, likely married, and happily so, being loved for herself and monogamously loved, possibly and fulfillingly with children. She broke up with Chad Krowchuck, a hugely talented and successful actor and director, in 2010. Around the time she was getting deep under NXIVM control.

        Without Kristin, Allison would be on a far different path. A rich and happy life path. And not in prison. Because of Kristin, she is not.

        • Antagonism is personal. It is subjective.

          Blame is objective. It is causal.

          I feel sorry for Allison but I don’t share the same feelings I do for Kristin.

          Mark did not willingly lead Kristin down the wrong path and my antagonism is ex post facto, just like Kristin didn’t not willingly lead Allison down it.

          Do you think I don’t know that it’s the same poster trying to say the same thing over and over again?

          • Also, your definitions are wrong. Seek a dictionary and mental help.

            Without Mark, Kristin would not have been a part of NXIVM. Without Kristin, Allison would not have been a part of NXIVM. It’s that simple.

            And Allison was far more psychologically vulnerable, with far greater consequences. Many people would judge Kristin’s act worse than Mark’s act.

            Here’s some educating for you: Ethics is a branch of philosophy (having nothing to do with Keith’s word salads) also called moral philosophy. Moral philosophers fall into two camps: intentionalism and consequentialism. Intentionalists judge behavior by intentions, consequentialists by consequences. Consequentialism is also called results-based ethics, because it’s the results we judge.

            Again, Kristin’s act led to far worse consequences than Mark’s act. It’s that simple.

          • Let’s return your assh*le game then.

            I didn’t give definitions. I gave attributes and implications.

            “Without Mark, Kristin would not have been a part of NXIVM. Without Kristin, Allison would not have been a part of NXIVM. It’s that simple.”

            No, it’s not that simple. If I order a pizza and the delivery guy is hit by a truck on his way to my house, I am not to blame for his death. Sure, I had a causal link in the chain that led to it. But in order to assign blame, the slippery slope fallacy must be bypassed and in this case it cannot be. Too many different independent causal events that happen within the chain that have an impact, the least of which is my hunger for a pizza that triggered the phone call.

            The same is the case for Mark/Kristin/Allison.

            You’re fucking stupid.

            “And Allison was far more psychologically vulnerable, with far greater consequences.”

            I wouldn’t know. I doubt you would either.

            “Many people would judge Kristin’s act worse than Mark’s act.”

            Many people are stupid like you. Who gives a ff?

            “Here’s some educating for you: Ethics is a branch of philosophy (having nothing to do with Keith’s word salads) also called moral philosophy. Moral philosophers fall into two camps: intentionalism and consequentialism. Intentionalists judge behavior by intentions, consequentialists by consequences. Consequentialism is also called results-based ethics, because it’s the results we judge.”

            There’s also absolutism in which acts are deemed immoral no matter the intent or the consequences. Most religions adhere to it for certain acts. But nice false dichotomy. Some people are categorized into one camp or another. Most people aren’t either or. They take the context into account, intentions, consequences, the actual acts, etc. Regardless, they argue for their position.

            But thanks for the definitions and no argument supporting it.

            “Again, Kristin’s act led to far worse consequences than Mark’s act. It’s that simple.”

            So what?

            Me calling the pizza guy partly led to his death. If I didn’t call him, he wouldn’t have been driving and crossed that red light and the semi wouldn’t have hit him.

            I guess I’m at fault for his agency in failing to obey traffic laws because I made that one phone call.


          • “[it depends] on whether you pretend that you did not call the pizza guy or not.”

            LOL. What?

            No it doesn’t. Whether someone pretends they didn’t recruit somebody or not has no relevance on the causality or blame. If you did recruit someone and you pretend you didn’t, then you are simply lying about that fact. Nothing more. Nothing less.

            The causal thread pulling the claim of recruiting a person to a self-help seminar and it turning into that person becoming the female leader of a master/slave sex cult to pimp women for its leader up the slippery slope was so thin and tenuous it snapped early in the process and let it fall to a quick death in the ravine below to intelligent people a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

        • Chad is a really great guy. Real down to Earth. Normal.

          Mark Hildreth…ugh. Pretentious as F#uck! Always acted like he was better than everyone else. Doesn’t bathe regularly. Doesn’t believe in deodorant, because HE’S MARK F#CKING HILDRETH!!! His pits don’t stink…dontcha know?

          • “Here’s some educating for you ….Without Mark, Kristin would not have been a part of NXIVM. Without Kristin, Allison would not have been a part of NXIVM. It’s that simple….Kristin’s act is worse than Mark’s act…..Again, Kristin’s act led to far worse consequences than Mark’s act. It’s that simple.”

            By your own “logic”…Without Mark’s act, Kristin couldn’t act, so isn’t Mark actually responsible for Allison….?

            Whenever you “educate” others on this site you expose yourself…but keep trying.

    • Well part of the cult ethos is to sanctify greed and selfishness as essentially moral. So it would attract types who had some guilt at those urges and wanted absolution. Still can’t get over one of the Grace Park KR videos where KR says (in his word salad way) that the existence of poor people in the third world is necessary as it is a reminder to us (the cultists), and she lapped it up. Obscene morality. The existence of the poor is solely there to remind the privileged.

    • I wonder if the investigation will spread to tax evasion by these senior cultists. How this guy has slithered away letting exploited women take the heat is unconscionable.

  • Lets make a few things clear here as it would be easy to confuse.

    Kristin was not having sex with Keith. She broke up with Mark and got out.

    So any reference to him saying “Why are you having sex with my girlfriend” refers to someone else. (perhaps Sarah Edmondson was Jane Doe) as she escaped or it could be someone else, or it could have been Mack.

    The reports are Keith wanted to have sex with Kristin but she didn’t and left quietly for Toronto to film. She used that as her way of getting away then ever returned.

    Mark stayed in and Mack had her eyes set on him (They formed an acapella group together)

    However, Keith wanted Mack to himself and she wanted him.

    • Mark then eventually saw through Keith’s bullcrap and decided to get out himself.

      Reports are people believed in the beginning that Keith was celibate. People actually believed he wasn’t with anyone. They had built him up as some kind of buddha.

      Then, slowly, people started finding out he was seeing one, two, then more.

      This is when people started leaving.

      • He “eventually” saw through it after 10 years of heavy recruiting, living it up as a smug senior cult member, denying all the allegations, ignoring the harm to others only because Keith slept with his girlfriend. The guy is craven.

        • Mark spent 10 years in the cult, and 5 years in Kristin…but he probably won’t spend a day in jail.
          And I doubt that publicity about NXIVM will even harm his C-list career.

  • It’s a safe bet that Raniere had his way with every actor & actress that was in his group. He had power over them and he is very sick. What would have stopped him?

  • Shame on Mark Hildreth for not rescuing Jane Doe A, for leaving her behind when he escaped.

    What they did to her, may a tsunami of justice sweep them into prison for life.

    Happily there is every indication that will happen.

  • “After speaking to this writer and Catherine Oxenberg, she was persuaded to go to law enforcement and make a criminal complaint against Raniere. This helped bring the cult down.”

    • second that!! also, in case you don’t return to the previous post where you kindly warned the KKFC about the photos on Mack’s twitter page,
      we all got an unpleasant surprise in the staff-room this morning, I don’t know what we were expecting but it wasn’t that. Revenge porn is beyond obscene – I hope the KKFC DO SOMETHING TO PROTECT their girl. Really, I hope their support for her is as strong as they make out. If ever she needed friends – its now.

        • yes there are. But KKFC don’t mind that. Just some dude photoshopping Kristin’s head on a porn shot. I expect you fan club members already have it up on your wall. Nothing to worry about. Keep generating more ‘philosophical’ ‘logic’ in your endless ‘protective’ fanboy output here though, really, I live for it. Side-splitting. and that, What The F Are you talking about, is what I’m fucking talking about!

  • What a wild ride the NXIVM story is. We’ll need lots of popcorn. I wonder who they’ll cast.

  • “Mack ordered [Jane Doe 1] to seduce another man who Raniere wanted to blackmail.”

    I have long wondered if the way Raniere avoided local and NY State law enforcement was to send his women out to seduce police, prosecutors, and judges into acts that could be used for blackmail.

    • This has been a theory of mine as well- blackmail works amazingly well, especially against politicians. How difficult would it have been to order these women to seduce people in positions of power and then hold it over their heads if things got tough? While I doubt any of this will ever come to light, it would be nice if we knew who these cowards were and took them down.

      • I had always presumed that their payments / gifts to Bruno were doing the trick.

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