More evidence that Kristin Kreuk was deep into recruiting for NXIVM – with Allie Mack and Nicki Clyne

There are still quite a few who say Kristin Kreuk had little or no hand in recruiting people into NXIVM.

She was just – as her Twitter statement claims – a young student who just an Intensive and stuck around a few years knowing little about the inner workings of NXIVM.

In 2007, Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack, and Nicki Clyne were trying to get college students to take an online survey.  The actresses said they were going to start up a special-for-college students’ website and network.

The survey was hosted at, a domain registered to Karen Unterreiner, one of Keith Raniere’s long-time confederates.

Today, the website is no longer active and the survey no longer available.  I also could not find it on Internet Archive [The Wayback Machine].

A video from 2007, features Kreuk and Mack – neither of whom went to college, promoting the online survey for college students – for the Unterreiner-owned website.



In a story in After Ellen published December 18, 2017, Smallville: Chloe and Lana give college students what they want , it was reported that “Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack are …  about to go into business together on a website geared to college students. The two are teaming up with Edgemont‘s Sarah Edmondson and Battlestar Galactica’s Nicki Clyne for the project and have hit the interview circuit to talk it up. Only they won’t say exactly what the site is.

“‘A lot of stuff about the website is actually quite secret,” Mack told Buddy TV. ‘We want to keep our ideas close at hand so that we can really keep it unique and individual.’”
[Note: Edmondson has left NXIVM and denounced it. Mack and Clyne are still in NXIVM. Kreuk says she was kind of an outsider in NXIVM]
So what were the questions on the survey?

According to a 2008 story written by Chet Hardin for Metroland, Rick Ross was suspicious of the motives behind the survey right from the start.

Ross pointed to the survey that Clyne and Mack linked to “…from their official Web sites as an example of Raniere’s attempts to gather data on this demographic. Nearly each page of the online survey features a picture of Clyne, Mack, or Kreuk….”

Hardin wrote, “The survey is specifically geared toward college students. It asks more than a dozen questions regarding their purchasing, studying, and recreational habits. After a round of these questions, the survey moves on to more unusual questions, such as, ‘Would you swallow a glass of your own vomit for $100?’ The questions continue along in this vein, increasing the hypothetical monetary payout, and also the grossness factor: ‘What if it was dog vomit?'”

[How about running into a tree or drinking water from a puddle – or giving collateral or getting branded?]

In a December 2007  interview with, Mack and Kreuk promoted the survey hosted on Unterreiner’s website.  Here is what they said:

Allison Mack: Yeah, Kristin and myself, and an actress named Nicki Clyne from Battlestar Galactica and another actress named Sarah Edmonson; the four of us are designing something geared specifically towards college students. So we’ve created a survey that we are hoping to get as many college students as possible to participate in, and it’s just there for us to gather information about each of the different students across the United States so that we can really figure out a way to gear the Website we’re designing towards the college students in the most effective way.

Kristin Kreuk: And really provide them with something that they’re looking for and something that they want.

Allison Mack: Yeah, so the survey that we designed is really fun and quirky, and we’re trying to get as many people to take it as possible so that we can get as much information as possible, so that we can be thorough when we’re building and designing our company.

Kristin Kreuk: And then if they fill it out, they can ask one of us a question and we’ll select a bunch of questions for us to answer, Allison and I, and Nikki and Sarah, so they can just submit that as well. What do you guys want to know most about the fans and the college students around this country?

Allison Mack: What are your interests, where do your values lie, what kinds of things do you spend your money on, what kinds of things do you spend your time doing, what do you want to see in the world, and how would you like to see that happen. [We’re] really just trying to get to know where college students are and where their brains are, and what it is that’s important to them right now. Because I think it’s really important to recognize how valuable and how effective college students are in the world. We’re really building communication in the community so that we can all work together to make the next generation the most exciting and productive and uplifting generation as possible. So is that pretty much what the final Website is going to be about? Sort of a resource for how college students can help out the world?

Kristin Kreuk: I think we’re sort of fleshing all of that out. And part of the survey is about gathering information so that we can figure that out in a more concrete way. But yeah, that is the basis of what the Web site is and what the Web site will have a lot to do with.


Kristin Kreuk:…  I’m definitely interested in gathering more information …  from the real-life people.


Allison Mack: … Kristin is probably more family than a friend. No, we’re very, very, very close and we’ve been through a lot together. And so I think it’s just this business venture is the next evolution of our friendship. I’m excited about it.

Kristin Kreuk: Me too. Is there anything else you guys want to tell us about the site, or anything you want to put out there?

Allison Mack: No, just check out my blog…

Kristin Kreuk: Yeah, and really, like, everyone fill out the survey. It’ll be a lot of fun and we can get as much information as we can and get something out there that everybody’s really excited about. I think that’d be really awesome.

There are those who say Kristin Kreuk had no hand in recruiting for NXIVM and she did not knowingly use her celebrity status to get people indoctrinated into the cult and, hence, has no need to say more about it.
It may be true but a college survey with questions about eating your own vomit is suspiciously Raniere-like and sounds like an attempt to attract a certain type of woman to enter the web of NXIVM.
[If anybody has the complete survey please send it along. I am sure it will be enlightening.]

Here is Kreuk’s statement in full:

When I was about 23, I took an Executive Success Programs/NXIVM “intensive,” what I understood to be a self-help/personal growth course that helped me handle my previous shyness, which is why I continued with the program. I left about five years ago and had minimal contact with those who were still involved. The accusations that I was in the “inner circle” or recruited women as “sex slaves” are blatantly false. During my time, I never experienced any illegal or nefarious activity. I am horrified and disgusted by what has come out about DOS. Thank you to all of the brave women who have come forward to share their stories and expose DOS; I can’t imagine how difficult this has been for you. I am deeply disturbed and embarrassed to have been associated with NXIVM. I hope that the investigation leads to justice for all of those affected.

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  • To all the Kristin Kreuk apologists: First of all, I like Kreuk and the Smallville cast. My wife and I had been watching Smallville with our kids and were a few seasons in when NY Times article was released. I remember when Kreuk posted the one and only comment she has made about NXIVM. I accepted it at face value then. She didn’t have to say anything about it and it would have been in line with all the others who have said nothing. But the more research I did here on Frank Report (where I have read daily but only recently started commenting) and I started stumbling across signs that Kruek’s message might have been misleading. So I would like to analyze her message:

    -Notice how she carefully stated that she was 23 when she joined but left 5 years ago. She knows people can google her age and see she was in for 7 years, but she knows the majority of the social media world wouldn’t check and it doesn’t sound as long when you word it that way.

    -She goes on to say she took an ESP intensive, and continued with the program, then she left. Since then she has had “minimal contact with those who were still involved.” So who is Kreuk still in touch with? What type of contact did she maintain?

    -She goes on to deflect the accusations that were being made about her being in Raniere’s “inner circle” nor “recruited women as ‘sex slaves.’ She didn’t deny recruiting people into NXIVM, which is part of her job as a coach and has been seen through her videos and involvement in various programs aimed at recruiting. She’s only denying to being part of Raniere’s harem or recruiting women directly into it. She claims that “During my time, I never experienced any illegal or nefarious activity.” Maybe she didn’t. Doesn’t seem likely since she was part of the Necker Island visit, but even if she wasn’t part of the inner circle she still used her star power to recruit and coach people into the cult, and some of them might have ended up deeper into the cult or worse they were turned into sex slaves.

    -She wraps it up with a message to those who were brave and expose DOS… not EXP or NXIVM, she is singling DOS out as if that is the only thing that needed exposed. Sure, she says she is “deeply disturbed and embarrassed to have been associated with NXIVM” and hopes for “justice for all those affected.”

    Now if Kreuk wanted to clear her name, and bring justice to those affected she could have continued by saying she would be happy to speak to law enforcement connected to the case and co-operate in any way she can. Say she doesn’t have any info that helps the trial, she would have truly cleared her name. She could use her star power to lead the charge against NXIVM, encouraging others to leave the cult or testify against Raniere & Co. Instead, after that one comment she refuses to answer any questions about NXIVM.

    The truth is Kreuk was very close to the inner circle, with Mack, Clyne, Edmondson and the Bronfmans. All of who were part of the ‘inner circle’ and all DOS sex slaves. Sure DOS came around later, but the harem has always been there. She wasn’t just a member who took a few intensives and faded out, she was an active recruiter and coach.

    Which brings me to the thing that interests me most. Why did Kreuk leave? After 7 years of intensives, recruiting, coaching, trips to Necker Island, etc… what brought her to decide to leave? My bet is that not only is Kreuk trying to keep it from hurting her acting career, but maybe they have collateral on her and she’s not willing to risk it.

    • Ha – some of us actually have different bets going on based on this site. So far I’m up 1 cuz of this post. Bless good ole Frankie’s heart. I bet Kryek over Clyne. He’s let me down in another area but I still have hope he’ll come through. Thought for sure he’d have done it by now though.

    • Nah. You guys will. You guys are more obsessed than me. Even Frank seems to be more obsessed than me. You have to wonder about the views of the author of a website that allows such useless bigotry irrelevant to the subject at hand “in the name of free speech”. Freedom of speech doesn’t imply freedom from its consequences.

      It’s a broken record on repeat. Post another article about Kristin every some days. Or broach her name every so often and rehash the same comments over and over again in an article that has nothing to do with her. Have you guys come in and spew your vacuous nonsense. Then claim the other guy is “obsessed”. Keep dreaming that you’re fooling anyone but yourselves and not digging yourselves into the ground.

      You are nothing but sad little fucking trolls.

  • It is shocking that actresses helped NXIVM to promote projects…but wait, isn’t that what actors do as part of their job? They promote their projects thru interviews or photoshoots, or use their celebrity to promote other causes. So of course they would agree to promote NXIVM projects–surveys, concerts, websites, etc. At the time, they did not know the evil truth about NXIVM that we now know, in hindsight.

    It is sort of like a writer (let’s say Frank Peralta) who was asked to write PR for NXIVM. Writing is what he does for a living so he accepted. At the time he didn’t know then what we know now. So, for example, he might do his job and ask these actresses to do what they’ve been trained to do, to promote a NXIVM acapella concert and host it…which he did and they did.


    • Stop being a sad groupie. Kristin Kreuk is a lying cunt. She did not cut the NXIVM cord in 2013.

      Did you Kristin?

    • Yep, funny how it appears like the only time Kreuk did anything like this with NXIVM was when Frank was involved with Raniere and happily taking $75,000 a month from the cult to “rebrand them as something other than a cult,” malign and make up stories about Joseph O’Hara, and to set up the actresses to be used to recruit. Oh, but remember Frank said back in 2007/2008, “the sinister aspects of the cult were well hidden” and he, “did not see any signs of an evil.” So Frank’s continually trying to smear Kreuk for the same things he himself did just demonstrates more of his misogynistic hypocrisy. He kept silent about NXIVM for 7 years after he was fired. He didn’t publicly write or say anything against NXIVM until he was personally affected. Who knows, if they hadn’t fired him, he might still be working for them.

      • You think Kreuk’s actions in NXIVM are Frank’s fault!? You think it is Frank’s fault Kreuk was named in Joe O’Hara’s criminal lawsuit in 2012!? Frank has made a difference here. He helped bring down NXIVM. Kreuk is a coward cunt.

        • Do you think using slurs like “retard” or “cunt” helps or hurts to convince others that your opinion is valid?
          If you are as smart as you think you are, you would answer “hurts.”

          This also goes for all you other posters who toss in racial or sexual slurs into your comments.
          You know who you are….maybe.

  • SultanOfSix is a bigot who likes to claim that others are.

    Mr. Sultan,

    How can somebody else be a ‘bigot’ if YOUR religion is the one which forbids gay and transgendered people from openly marrying in a mosque and openly participating in mosque prayers?

    Your lack of ability to explain this fact means YOU’RE the bigot who won’t tolerate transgendered people inside your religion.

    Please don’t lash out at others for pointing out this fact.

    You’re big on logic and fallacies, so consider the ‘logic’ of attacking the messenger who merely points out an inconvenient fact about your religion —- a fact which you can’t refute in detail?

    Rather than addressing the argument itself (transgendered and gay people inside Islam), when you instead attempt to sweep it under the rug and dismiss it by claiming “Islamophobia” — that’s a logical fallacy which little kiddies engage in.

    Ad hominem attacks aren’t the issue I’m talking about, but rather it’s the act of claiming that an argument isn’t true by ignoring the argument itself and then trying to refute it by attacking the poster with ad hominem attacks.

    The argument stands on its merits. It’s either true or it’s not. If you can’t refute the facts in detail, then you’re not as logical as you claim — and you’re also a bigot who won’t allow gays and transgendered people to OPENLY enjoy the full benefits of your religion.

    🙂 🙂

    • If there is word that has been abused in the modern dialectic as if it holds any weight it is “tolerance”. Tolerance means nothing more than what one is willing to accept. What and why someone is tolerant or intolerant of something is the issue. People are “intolerant” of what they think is wrong or evil. What defines what is wrong or evil is a question of morality.

      – How can somebody else be a ‘bigot’ if YOUR religion is the one which forbids gay and transgendered people from openly marrying in a mosque and openly participating in mosque prayers?

      – Your lack of ability to explain this fact means YOU’RE the bigot who won’t tolerate transgendered people inside your religion.

      That’s not the definition of bigotry. Every religion, ideology, or belief system has limits to what it considers acceptable or what it will tolerate, i.e., what it deems right or wrong, which is what defines morality. Islam, like the other Abrahamic faiths, is a religion that is grounded in a Natural Law ethics. The theistic argument for the unnaturalness of homosexuality resides in the belief that Nature – which is a sign pointing to that which lies beyond it – has final causes or purposes, i.e., that a being has an essence, and things either conform to that essence or don’t. The more beings conform to their essence, the more “natural” they are. The more beings don’t conform to their essence, the more “unnatural” they are. Modernity has denied the notion of the essences of things and that is why they accept things such as homosexuality. The concept doesn’t have anything to do with simply “existing” in Nature. So, homosexuality is considered unnatural because there exists a telos in Nature for the sex organs of the male and female which is procreation. That pleasure is a part of the sex act doesn’t deny this primary purpose. It is secondary to the primary purpose and serves to entice people to partake in the activity so that they can create children. Therefore, from this perspective, it doesn’t even make sense to speak of “homo” sexuality, because there is no telos in Nature for it. Two homosexuals can never have sex and they can never produce children. They can manipulate each other’s sexual organs to cause and feel pleasure, but that such pleasure exists is only to further the procreative process. If such pleasure did not exist, the sex act likely would not occur, and the human species would die out.

      The argument against transgenderism is effectively the same.

      No one is forcing anyone to accept the religion, but if they want to be part of it, they have to accept its limitations. None of this means you can’t treat homosexuals or transgender people respectfully or with compassion.

      – sweep it under the rug and dismiss it by claiming “Islamophobia”

      What are you even talking about? I never mentioned Islamaphobia. I only referred to the obvious insults directed against me in the comment sections of the website by the same person(s) used to incite via mockery of my culture and way of life.

        • What do you call an anonymous coward who talks bigoted shit behind a computer screen but would get his ass kicked in real life he said such things to a person’s face?


          • Ha! What the fuck would you do you old stinky rag head snake charmer!? You are a 60+ year old paki spanker. We could slap you with a strip of bacon and you would topple.

          • You got nothing. Your insults are lame and don’t affect me in the least. They’re just reflection of your corrupted Intellect and sordid soul.

            But keep on at your impotent mockery. Build that burden until it breaks right on top of your head when you’re least expecting it.

            “Indeed, We are sufficient for you against the mockers.”

  • on this subject:

    Fox Mulder
    October 8, 2018 at 3:03 am
    “Kreuk setup Mack it looks like over a man, Mack was dating Kreuk ex and just by chance once Mack go taken by the cult Kreuk left and went back with her ex”

    Is Kreuk back with Hildreth?

    • NO, NO, NO. You’ve got it all wrong. It was really Sarah E who set up Mack. She was jealous that Mack was elevated above her after all the years she had invested in the company, and all the people she had recruited.

      Or wait. It was actually Frank who set them all up. He knew full well that Keith was full of shit and doing illegal acts but didn’t care as long as he got paid and it was a bunch of guillible, rich, liberals being scammed. That’s why he stayed silent for 7 years after getting fired thinking that the goods he had on the cult would keep them from going after him but once he got indicted and nothing he wrote about on his blog or papers got any traction, he planted the branding idea in Keith’s head. That’s why during the branding, Swami Vivekananda, one of Frank’s heroes, is quoted.

      Oh, no wait, wait. It was actually Nicki Clyne. She was there with Keith before Allison and then Allison moved in and usurped her position so she set up Mack.

    • Kristin Kreuk broke up with Mark Hildreth in 2013 and is now dating another low testosterone soy boy faggot called Eric Putzer, a cable puller who thinks he is a writer. Keith Raniere, Mark Hildreth, Eric Pooftah… Kreuk can’t get a masculine man. Only beta males.

      • “The ambitious starlet was so stupid that she slept with the writer.”

        I guess this wannabe writer/boom guy is so smart he slept with the star/exec producer.
        Sad…the demeaning things guys in showbiz have to do to get a head.

      • Kristin and Eric Putzer worked on Beauty and the Beast.
        He waved his big boom mic in her face and she fell in love.

      • LOL. Oh look. It’s the lying, homophobic, obsessed KK hater. Who do you think you can fool with your pathetic “after a quick search” bs. Unless you are stalking this actress and lurking on fansites, how would you know the name of who she is dating. Google still thinks she’s dating Hildreth but your “quick” search somehow turned up this Puzter dude who you “know” is gay.

        • It has been said on Frank Report many times Kristin Kook broke up with Hildreth in 2013. As for the cable puller, a search on twitter brings up his name. Quite easy Ahmed Of Spank.

          • Sorry, but that’s not me you projecting dumb dumb. How many times does it have to be pounded into that thick, obtuse skull of yours before it finally registers that just because you flip through a thousand aliases, that doesn’t mean other people do. This person knows he/she’s certainly not me and I know I am certainly not her/him. You know nothing but conjecture. And this person is absolutely right. How the fuck would you know who Kristin is dating unless you stalk her? It’s not stated anywhere on biographical sites who she is currently dating, but it has been speculated on Twitter and her “must register to see” fan sites.

            It appears that others also know your lying game is fucking lame.

          • – but it has been speculated on TWITTER and her “must register to see” fan sites.

            Troll calls other people stupid then proceeds to post something from Twitter.


          • Which just proves you are the obsessed, stalking hater you are rightfully being called. How many times a day do you search the hashtagkristinkreuk weeding through all those porno images trying to glean any info on your obsession.

        • Search, search, search lying, obsessed stalker.

          I’m a fan you dumbshit. You’re just a fucking hater. You’ll always be more obsessed than me, and your obsession will get you nothing. The way you react to me proves it.


        • What about searching Sara Bronfman’s twitter page before she deleted it? What about all the other NXIVM people on twitter to get info on the cult?

          The only person on this whole site obsessed with this NXIVM cultist/actress is you spanker. People just like trolling your brown ass whenever you blast your load all over the comments. If it were not for Frank Report, I would never heard of the subject of your infatuation. But you on the other hand (your spank hand)…

          • Keep lying brah and pretend like its more than just you.

            I started posting on this site with rational argumentation, inquiries about the production of actual evidence, and deconstructing weak claims. Fuckers like you couldn’t handle it and started trolling my faith and culture.

            You’re nothing but a narcissistic lying piece of shit continuously broaching Kreuk under a thousand different aliases even though she left years ago.

            You got nothing better do than wallow in your own misery and try to bring others down with it. It’s always an excuse to blame the other for your own sordid self.

  • Typical shit for brain response of a troll. Along with projection, steal what someone else says and then cast it back onto them. When you can’t intellectually challenge what someone says you start throwing the feces that is bigoted insults and other foul nonsense from the asshole that is your mind and so are deserving of its like only in return.

    The dumb asses can’t realize that human motivations are often easy to discern. Who benefits for soiling the comments section of the #1 anti-NXIVM site on the web? Who benefits from repetitively sullying a former NXIVM member constantly trying to pull her back into a tenuous guilt by association connection that terminated long ago? Who lashes out with such disgusting insults attacking a person who helped her see the light about it along with a number of her other fans?

    Fuck off NXIVM troll boy.

    • “Helped her see the light about it”!

      You stupid paki! You are laying claim to Kristin Crook leaving NXIVM!

      She did not even leave in 2013 shit for brains/skin.

      A combination of inbred third world genetics, spanking it to the shitty quran and cyber stalking a d-list hoe makes for the cuntiest of cunts.

  • At least KK left to keep working as an actor. Sara Edmondson claimed she didn’t see the red flags, instead she was recruiting people to NXIVM by the thousends and, yes, she totally gave up acting because she was making a ton of money, brainwashing people into the cult!!

    • Shocking now that goodytwoshoes Hallmark Network would have anything to do with vacuous Vancouverita Edmondson, who continues to profit from her affiliation with NXIVM.

  • Frank, Scott needs to go back to his corner. He is being disrespectful and rude once again. Most of his post are just attacking people who have an opinion that is different from him.

    Apparently the agreement you had with him to start reposting has gone through one ear and out the other.

    Once again I’ve grown tried of reading the comments due to Scott’s behavior.

  • Sultan of 6,

    You have an unhealthy amount of knowledge about Kristin Kook’s involvement with various NXIVM related recruitment sideshows.

    This tells me you’re not just some fanboy.

    You’re either a sick stalker who worships the ground she walks on (or) you’re somebody else much closer to NXIVM than you’re letting on. I’m betting that option #2 is the correct answer.

    BTW, my friend is a transgendered woman who wishes to convert to Islam and needs to know if North American mosques allow for transgendered people to pray in the correct prayer rooms?

    Is she welcome in your mosque?

    Can she marry her partner in a muslim wedding?

    Are you tolerant? Or are you homophobic?

  • Why is this post here, a rehash of stuff I’ve read here in the past, except to use Kreuk’s name to get clicks.

    Maybe Frank should post something actually new that will generate lots of clicks…claim that Kreuk recruited for Amway.
    That will get tons of comments just from Scott Johnson–which is not is real name, just his radio name, and he is too much a COWARD to show his face on TV and instead hides on radio. Coward!

    Lastly, Frank, is Scott paying you for advertising his radio show?

  • This is the same survey from the 2007 Acapella that people have known about and Kreuk and Mack attended and talked about to TV Guide and the CW Source online show
    But it still fails to kinda provide any links to DoS other than Mack liked to make weird questions

    The Survey and it’s questions about young girls issues might have inspired to be the stuff that would have inspired Kristin and Kendra Voth to make the GBD website

    However the April 2018 Vice article did an investigation that showed that GDB wasnt linked despite the Seagrams wanting to help out

    I think if there was any link of a participant who joined off this survey that would be something but for the most part other than the idea that Kristin asked Allison to take NXVIM classes with her there’s no other person who got recruited deeper in the cult

    But wasn’t Frank still the PR man for NXVIM during this period?

    • I found a VICE article from April 2018

      Here’s what it said about GBD

      Kreuk founded an organization called Girls by Design in partnership with fellow Nxivm coach Kendra Voth—a project aimed at fostering self-esteem among teen girls, which former insiders say is unaffiliated with Nxivm. Voth says she left the organization in 2009.


      former insiders? not a proof it wasn’t and not much of an investigation it appears

      from an earlier FrankReport
      Readers debate: Was Kristin Kreuk’s ‘Girls By Design’ designed as ‘gateway’ to NXIVM?
      there are comments included in the article that suggest that it was definitely a NXIVM project

      and interesting comments to the post from a former GBD member and others

      again, not proof either way, but I tend to think it was NXIVM project that fortunately didn’t deliver goods to Raniere

      • 1) Kendra Voth did not leave NXIVM in 2009. She or someone lied.

        2) Kristin Crook did not leave NXIVM in 2012 and certainly did not leave because of the Feb 2012 Times Union expose. She herself claimed she left in 2013, not 2012 and she retweeted Sarah Edmondson’s bullshit that she left in 2013. Kreuk was still coaching in 2012/13 and was still involved with NXIVM at least 2-3 years longer. On a side note, the same month the Times Union dropped, naming Kristin Crook as a member, she was named in Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit against NXIVM and was revealed by Saratoga In Decline to of been on Necker Island where the attendees were alleged to of conspired on plans to launder money. Three big things in one month and Kreuk stayed on.

        • You keep repeating the same thing about Edmondson lying about when kreuk left but offer no proof. Are you a NXIVM member trying to discredit Sarah so people won’t believe her when she testifies against Keith? Maybe you should contact one of Keith’s attorneys and tell them you know that SE is full of bullshit.

          • No dumb dumb. What you smell is the reeking of your own putrid soul NXIVM troll and its paranoid projections. Other people too are getting sick of your fucking game. Your sense of smell has gone in the shitter being around the smelly one for too long.

          • Sultan must be a nxivm troll. His only posts are defending KK.
            And it seems like he would try or die doing it. I’d bet some wish she would be indited just to shut him up. And that is a shame. He uses anonymous and about a dozen different names so that it sounds like his views have support, but they have very little. His writing style and vocabulary give him away. Also very obviously obsessed with KK. The only thing that is for sure is that he is an obsessed stalker hellbent on defending his dream girl.

      • The Vice article says GBD was UNaffiliated with NXIVM, and GBD is NOT on the list Frank published of the 90 companies the government was looking at related to NXIVM or the list of 475 domain names connected to Raniere/NXIVM. Based on those things it looks like it was NOT a NXIVM project.

        • Kristin Kreuk, Kendra Voth, Tabby Chapman… all NXIVM people involved with GBD. Kreuk did GBD with the help and blessing of Nancy Salzman to spread NXIVM bullshit to young girls. Kreuk even stayed at Nancy Salzman’s house to plan GBD. The government should look into GBD. Kreuk was also involved with Acapella, College Project and Juicy Peach. Was Juicy Peach or College Project named on any list? was, (which hosted College Project survey) as was Acopella. These were ALL NXIVM companies, whether it was for hiding money, promoting NXIVM or both.

    • “Wasabi Steak” “SultanOfSix” “Scarrom” “So Salty” “Hmmm” “Karl Bassett” is the same 60+ year old stalker. He is Osama Bin Spanker.

      • Fuck off NXIVM troll. Your paranoid delusions of being in a cult for so long with the smelly king of paranoia has fucked up your sense of Reality.

      • You’re like an unoriginal fucking broken record NXIVM troll. Repeat the same garbage ad nauseum like the monkey you are grabbing feces from your own asshole and throwing at a wall. Your game is up.

        • Your Paki mommy found out she was pregnant with you by shoving a banana up her smelly cunt and when she pulled it out half eaten, she knew another brown monkey was on the way.

  • How did I know even before reading the comments Sultan Perv and fucktard johnson would drop tro and shit all over it.

  • Regarding Scott Johnson and AMWAY:

    I have an honest question here. Did you try to recruit people into amway while you were part of it directly or indirectly by telling them how easy it would be to make money or how good their products are?

      • So you actually did the exactly the stuff she supposedly did, but you blame her for it. You have so many standards, even double standards. No need to talk to you thanks.

        LOCK HIM UP

      • I think it is a valid question. And since you use this forum why is it wrong to answer it here; did you recruit ? You don’t have to answer but you always reveal your curious lack of manners by calling people dipshits and cowards. What makes me suspect your level of intelligence is that while they are all anonymous (and some are having a laugh at your expense ) you’re lashing out in your own name. You’re making enemies and making people think you’re a fool and you don’t even know who they are. That’s rather stupid. But the solicitoon to it is to be civil. Be polite. Debate on the issues. I want to see you comment but not defeat yourself by being rude to anonymous commenters and expose to all of us your lack of manners.

        • Scott is just a puppet justifying himself to you, you are simply controlling him. You will find be is very easy to manipulate.

  • Of the four women named in this post Allison and Kristin did not even attend college and Nicki attended both the University of British Colombiia and Simon Fraser University, both near Vancouver.
    But Nicki Clyne did not graduate.
    Only Sarah Edmondson graduated from college.
    She graduated from Concordia University in Montreal.

    The fact that Edmondson had actually graduated from college makes her an odd choice for a secret society that branded and enslaved women.
    By the time Edmondson was physically and sexually assaulted by Allison Mack, Nicki Clyne and Dr. Danielle Roberts Edmondson was a married adult woman with two children.
    An odd choice for a woman to be recruited into a sex cult.

      • Cowboys brand cows.

        A cow’s hide is a lot tougher than human flesh.
        Even so the cowboy only applies the brand for a matter of 10 seconds, not 20 minutes the way Dr. Danielle Roberts and Allison Mack did.

    • Someone wanted more control over Sarah, she wasn’t the typical choice and if it hadn’t been her long term friendship with Lauren S I doubt anyone could have talked her into any thing related to DOS. Possibly Vancouver was growing suspicious about all the rumors and controlling Sarah was controlling Vancouver. She was the first to come forward knowing the damage she was bringing on herself. She was to smart to fall for this. If you can’t trust your maid of Honor-Who can you trust? NOBODY IN NXIVM

    • Shadow, it’s the University of British Columbia , or UBC , and it is located in Vancouver. And SFU is located in Burnaby.
      I’m not sure why you think college graduation makes a difference here. But I am curious, how many women were actually branded, and is there proof that all the women reported here as being branded, really are? Have they all admitted to having a brand? And if the brand has Alison Mack’s initials incorporated into the design, why did she brand herself with her own initials?

      • I think 150 is a number that has been stated, not sure. As for the brand, it can pass for both “KR” and “AM”. If Mack’s brand is the same as all the others, she would of saw it as Raniere’s initials. Ridiculous.

  • I was a neighbor to Alison mack 4 years saw so much looking at those pictures now it’ doesn’t look her at all how time changes

          • That reminds me of a joke what is the difference between Scott and a Sot ? Just two letters.

          • What a worthless old cunt you are. We know enough about you to know you truly are a cunt.

        • It’s just the kind of person he is. He can’t help wanting to try to inject as much misery into other peoples’ lives as he has in his own.

          • You’re right anon, I’m the kind of person who doesn’t put up with the crap you COWARDS dish out. I was Trump before most people knew Trump was Trump. If that honesty makes you miserable, then be miserable. See if I care, you deserve to be miserable. That’s what happens when you’re a COWARD, it makes you miserable, with me or without me posting comments. I just happen to be reminding you how miserable you really are.

    • Oh hi Linda!!!
      I too was neighbor to Alison sooo cool right? Maybe we both can school together and can learn the English instead of the word salad!
      Would be fun!!!

  • So what if Kristen Crook never committed murder by pulling the trigger? She schemed, planned, coordinated, drove the getaway vehicle, etc. The law looks on that pretty much the same as the person who pulled the trigger. Was she duped? The information the DOJ/FBI have and any of the flippers will shed light on that.

      • When hell freezes over. I didn’t support the Amway scam, I supported what I thought was a legitimate business. When I found out it was a scam in 2005, I immediately started educating others about Amway and other MLM scams and have continued to do so to this day. You’re simply a stupid idiot.

        • So you supported Scamway longer than Kristin supported NXIVM. That’s fucking hilarious. And here you are constantly maiming Kristin’s last name to sound like “crook” under multiple aliases. Mr. Pot meet Mr. Kettle. Kristin like many others were duped and used. When she figured it out, she left unlike others. Amway made millionaires of many people and billionaires of its founders while NXIVM required burning through the cash of the heiresses to a billion dollar fortune to keep it afloat. Amway is and always will be much bigger than NXIVM – now more than ever since NXIVM is effectively dead – yet here you are filing up the comments section of a website concerned the latter. The fact of the matter is, you can’t change a damn thing about Amway here. It’s like shooting a BB gun at a charging lion and expecting it do anything. Also, my guess is if you made hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars selling Scamway you wouldn’t be complaining about it. But successful MLM scheming requires people to be able to build a network of relationships with many people to build a pyramid underneath them. It’s obvious to anyone that you haven’t got that extension at all.

          • As I’ve said many times before, the information the FBI seized and the FBI/DOJ is analyzing, as well as any defendants that flip, will determine whether Kristin Crook is prosecuted.

            If you’re so sure of yourself regarding my Amway story, then come on my radio show. Every Saturday at 8:30 Eastern time. But I’m betting you won’t, because you’re a COWARD, just like virtually every other anonymous commenter on this website.

          • Regarding Amway being bigger while NXIVM is essentially dead IS the point. You are beating a dead horse rather than educating others about Amway and other MLM scams. Quite sad, but expected behavior from a COWARD like yourself.

          • No you moron. You’re being disingenuous and presupposing Kristin is guilty by maiming her name while at the same time talking out of the other side of your mouth with an impotent “if she is guilty” as if you have any fucking clue about the evidence the FBI has.

            No one is “full of” themselves regarding your Amway story. It’s not ALL ABOUT YOU, you idiot. They are pointing out your hypocrisy. You going by your real name means nothing and adds no credibility to the content of your posts. It doesn’t matter who you are. It matters what objective evidence you can either provide or deconstruct.

          • My opinion is that Kristin Crook knows about a LOT more than what she’s indicated so far, which could have helped a lot of people that have been damaged by NXIVM. It’s also very likely she has committed crimes, otherwise she should have spoken up a lot more than she has. It’s also my opinion you’re too cowardly to come on my radio show. COWARD.

          • Your opinion is based on nothing but sheer speculation. Your experience in another MLM gives you nothing more than a superficial level of understanding of what goes on in MLM from a business perspective, a particular type of business that is still perfectly legal in the USA. It also gives you no greater insight or credibility into any specific happenings – illegal or otherwise – that may or may not have occurred in another one, particularly one whose product line is completely different than what Amway sells. This is called a false equivalence. It is also irrelevant to any point I made in my original comment here.

            Also, fuck off with your red herring about coming onto your radio show and talking about Amway and calling people cowards because they don’t want to. No one is commenting on this website as a result of Amway EXCEPT YOU.

          • The evidence is that Kristin Crook claimed to have attended a few courses to help her with her shyness, yet there is ample evidence she was also a heavy recruiter.

            Other people have mentioned Amway completely independent from my comments.

            I was drawn to the NXIVM story because I noted how similar NXIVM operates compared to Amway and other MLM scams. Then I found out Raniere started his MLM scam career with Amway. You have no idea what you’re talking about, the products/services have little influence on whether an MLM is a scam or not.

            You’re not interested on being on my radio show because you’re a coward. Now everyone knows that you’re just another anonymous coward. PERIOD.

          • – The evidence is that Kristin Crook claimed to have attended a few courses to help her with her shyness, yet there is ample evidence she was also a heavy recruiter.

            No you idiot. She never said she attended a “few courses”. She said she took an intensive to help with her shyness and that is why she continued with the program. There is no evidence whatsoever that she was a “heavy” recruiter. It has been asked multiple times on this website by myself when this claim has been broached for evidence of the number of people she recruited, the list of their names, how many of them were allegedly negatively impacted, etc., and all that has been returned is crickets, or some vague reference to her being used as a celebrity recruiter as if that gives such a claim any real merit.

            – Then I found out Raniere started his MLM scam career with Amway. You have no idea what you’re talking about, the products/services have little influence on whether an MLM is a scam or not.

            I knew VanFraud was in Amway well before you ever even knew about NXIVM. Again, you are an idiot. MLMs are perfectly legal business forms in the USA. Just because VanFraud learned from Amway doesn’t make NXIVM and Amway equivalent – that’s exactly what a false equivalence is – nor does it give you some right to use this comment section as your “Scamway” soap box because you were fooled by Amway longer than Kristin was fooled by NXIVM. The latter isn’t in trouble with the law because it is an MLM. It is trouble with the law because of its illegal machinations and its dumb ass idea of branding women in a secret master/slave sex cult.

            – You’re not interested on being on my radio show because you’re a coward. Now everyone knows that you’re just another anonymous coward. PERIOD.

            No you dumbshit. I’m not interested because I have no reason to talk about Amway because of your indignation for being fooled by it for a decade or whatever. And no matter how many fucking times you call someone a coward because they don’t want to, it doesn’t make them so.

          • Did you read the story in this thread? Do you really believe Kristin Crook just wanted to have some fun with some rich college girls? Are you HIGH? Better yet, it’s obvious that you’re high, so a better question is WHAT are you high on?

            You may have known Raniere was in Amway before I did, but you didn’t, and still don’t, understand what that means. MLM scams often use celebrities to attract people, it’s called buying fake legitimacy.

            MLMs are legal, but the manner in which most of them operate are not. You don’t know the difference, because you’re a scared, cowardly, stupid idiot.

            You won’t come on my radio show because, unlike this website, you wouldn’t be able to deflect and redirect the discussion and would come off as the stupid idiot you are. If you thought otherwise, you would have jumped at the opportunity. COWARD.

          • Sultan you are clearly an intelligent person. Why descend to Scott’s level of rudeness? He is making a rather foolish spectacle of himself. He is the only one who we all know who he is – and all of us are anonymous. It’s like a child lashing out at the darkness. But if Scott were only well mannered he could dispute our opinions and we would enjoy this comments. Sultan, my friend, Scott just never learned manners. It’s hard to learn. Maybe if we all try to be polite to Scott, he will learn from us and act with good manners. And he won’t even know who taught him.

          • Of course, fucking Osama Bin Spank, the Peepin’ Paki fucking rag head has to show up.

            Get it through your shit skin towel head: Kreuk did NOT leave NXIVM because she found out about what it really was you fucking moron. She was still hanging around a few years later. So many people know that.

            Go choke to death on a pork chop you fucking shit stained, third world, asbergers freak.

        • Gawd you’re obtuse, I know more about Juicy Peach, Acapella Innovations, Girls By Design, et al than you know. I knew when those things were happening before you even knew who Kristin Kreuk was.

          – Do you really believe Kristin Crook just wanted to have some fun with some rich college girls?

          It doesn’t matter what I believe. It matters what there is evidence for. “Do you believe” is exactly an argument from incredulity.

          – Are you HIGH?

          I’m just more rational than you. I haven’t used or even touched a drug nor sipped a drop of alcohol (outside of that which is contained in medicine) in my life.

          – MLM scams often use celebrities to attract people, it’s called buying fake legitimacy.

          Legitimate business also use celebrities to sell a product. WTF is your point? This fact doesn’t mean the celebrities themselves know that they are doing illegitimate things.

          – MLMs are legal, but the manner in which most of them operate are not. You don’t know the difference, because you’re a scared, cowardly, stupid idiot.

          Yeah, I’m sure the government just lets all of these alleged MLMs that form the majority get away with these alleged illegal activities. That’s why they stay legal. Why isn’t the government constantly knocking on Scott Johnson and seeking his expert opinion on how all of these MLMs are secretly getting away with all of their illegal operations?

          Also, unlike you, I actually do understand the concept of nuance and gradations of meaning. That is why I can understand logical fallacies while you continuously engage in them.

          – You won’t come on my radio show because, unlike this website, you wouldn’t be able to deflect and redirect the discussion and would come off as the stupid idiot you are.

          No you maroon. I already told you why I won’t come on it. The fact that you keep repeating this lie like a broken record shows that you’re a disingenuous jackass.

          • You knew about all of those NXIVM side-scams, but what did you DO about them, coward?

            If you want all of the evidence served up on a silver platter, it won’t happen. Connect the dots, unless you’re too stupid of course.

            If you’re not high, then you’re just plain stupid.

            Of course legitimate businesses use celebrities as well, that’s why MLM scams use them, to make themselves look legitimate. IDIOT.

            The government is clueless, I cover it almost every week on my radio show. You should listen to it and learn something, STUPID.

            Everyone knows a COWARD when they see one, even other cowards, and you’re a FLAMING example. COWARD.

          • Of course you know more about all kk’s nxivm scams. Your are her Chief Stalker. She can’t even use a priate restroom without you knowing about it, Sultan Spankmaster. Unfortunately for this blog all of your comments are one sided. Spank you very much.

          • Hey dumbass, what about being “used” that you don’t fucking understand? After all, you were used by Scamway for longer than Kristin was.

            They weren’t side scams. The first Acapella Innovations that Kristin attended was said to be “normal” by all participants. It was the second one that she did not attend because she was filming “Street Fighter” that returning college students remarked was different and appeared to be an information gathering event in order to recruit people.. Girls by Design had nothing to do with NXIVM. It was a project of Kristin and Kendra. Juicy Peach was also similar to this, but it failed to go anywhere.

            – If you want all of the evidence served up on a silver platter, it won’t happen. Connect the dots, unless you’re too stupid of course.

            No you fucking moron. I don’t have to connect the dots. The person who is making a claim has to. Just like the government when they bring a case against defendent(s).

            – Of course legitimate businesses use celebrities as well, that’s why MLM scams use them, to make themselves look legitimate. IDIOT.

            Gawd you’re fucking dumb. If celebrities are used by both types of endeavors then how is someone supposed to distinguish between them IF THAT IS A COMMON SIMILARITY BETWEEN BOTH.

            You’re a blathering idiot.

            – The government is clueless, I cover it almost every week on my radio show. You should listen to it and learn something, STUPID.

            ROFL. Now I’ve heard everything. The government is STUPID, but Scott Johnson from Texas who got fooled by Scamway for ten years is the mark of genius. Get over yourself.

            – Everyone knows a COWARD when they see one,

            Cry some more.

          • – Of course you know more about all kk’s nxivm scams. Your are her Chief Stalker.

            Fuck off NXIVM troll.

          • Hey Spanker, was her last trip to the bathroom a #1, or #2?.
            No doubt you were peeking in the window or under the door you
            pervert stalker sultan.

        • If Scott left out the first and last sentences of his last reply he would sound mature and respectable. It is his utter lack of manners that makes him seem stupid. He really isn’t stupid and he really isn’t wrong. See how lack of manners alone make a person seek defective.

        • Good cop, bad cop…blah blah blah …. … . .
          Shut up already!!!
          Just agree to agree that you are both assholes, ok?

          Not that I care either way. I just like posting with this name….you know why?

          It’s a SECRET!

          But Allison knows why.
          Right, Allison?

  • I was in Nxivm when Kristen Kurk came in. She went to the same center I went to close to Sesttle.
    I also spent a lot of time in Albany training to be a trainer.
    Out of the four women Kristen had the least involvement overall. It was my observation that she was more interested in her acting career than building a network for NXIVM.
    I think because of her friendship with Allison and her not being assertive at the time, she got dragged into being involved with things Nxivm wanted her to help with.
    I left before Kristen did but she was never in with both feet. She kept her overall focus on her main goal which was her acting.
    I knew the main players of the inner circle and Kristen wasn’t one of them.
    Allison, Nicki and Sarha bought into Nxivm hook, line and sinker.
    I dont think Sarah ever made it into the inner circle but Allison and Nicki did, hence they were in Mexico when Keith was arrested.
    What do you expect from Kristen that she isn’t giving? She left years ago. Long before DOS happened. Why doesn’t she have the right to move on with her life.
    Why is Sarah a hero when she ran the Vancouver center and she was the recurring machine out of all four women. She was close to Lauren Salzman, BFF’s until Sarah woke up.
    Allison was the head of DOS under Keith and Nicki still supports both Allison and Keith.

          • “To make it clear, Kristin Kreuk and Grace Park are not part of the criminal enterprise that is NXIVM.” — Frank Parlato

            “She got out before it became really bizarre and wasn’t involved with anything sexual.” Susan Dones

            For the record, my dear friend @MsKristinKreuk was never in the inner circle of #NXIVM. She never recruited sex slaves and has been out since 2013 before shit got weird. She is a lovely person who should not be dragged into this mess. Thank you. #Cult #DOS #freedom #TRUTH — Sarah Edmondson

            Kristen quit in 2013. She had nothing to do with the sex cult branch. the people who were involved will be arrested in the next little while. KK isn’t one of them.– Maja Milkovich

            I 100% back this statement as an Ex-member of NXIVM. Thank you for sharing your truth Kristin –KG

          • LMFAO…

            You just disproved your own theory, with this post.

            You say: “Chances are they won’t say the same stupid things they say when they’re anonymous.”

            But here you are, posting under your real name, saying the same stupid things you would say, regardless of what user name you post under.

            (Here it comes: “You’re just a COWARD, blah, blah, blah…you won’t dare come on my radio show. ..)

          • You are right, Scooter Obvious. I would not say this same nasty shit if I was using my real name of Johnny B Adick.
            I only say mean things when I am fake and anonymous!

      • You think you’re important enough for her to respond? After reading your cruel one-sided comments, I don’t think there’s any way she’d entertain a conversation with you. Even anonymously. Your mind is already made up.

        • Why is someone an idiot Scott because they’re anonymous. Could you be less contentious ? We want to promote discourse and a little bit of courtesy I’ll go a ling way to promote that. Frank allows anonymous posters to comment. If that is the rule then why always chide people over it ?

          • A couple typos in the last post. I meant to write it will go a long way to promote civility and advance ideas if you, Scott, act a little more courtesously to others. I suspect you would be courteous to people on your show and in person. Somehow people feel rudeness emboldened when they post comments -even when they use their own name

          • I could be less contentious, but choose to stir things up a bit. Others don’t give courtesy to me, why should I return a favor they don’t provide to me? This is Frank’s blog, and I’ve told him to run it the way he wants to run it. That doesn’t mean I am required to act in a certain way, “Johnny.”

          • The only reason Scott is not anonymous is to promote his Drunky Grandpa radio show. One would have to be a moron to use their real nane on a blog like this unless there were some underlying circumstance, which in this case is obvious. Amway amway amway amway.This ass clown just blows mud all over this site.

          • The only reason why I’m not anonymous is because I’m not a coward. Amway even flew me, on their dime, to the Czech Republic in 2008, long before the radio show started in 2015. Just admit that you’re a coward, it will make you feel better, at least until you think about it a little more, then you will feel worse.

          • Yesss!!!!! Scott.
            They ARE cowards
            Cowards who can’t use their own fake names. I use the fake names chosen by other cowards who are so cowardly they have to use fake names.
            If you dont understand that word salad, it’s not my fault. Blame Allison!
            She chose this dumb name!.
            Now she’s mad.

    • Rubbish.

      Kreuk was still involved with NXIVM in 2015/16. DOS was formed in 2015. She lied about leaving in 2013.

      When did you leave NXIVM? Were/are you still in contact with Kreuk? How do you know what she ended up doing in NXIVM?

      Driving four hours from Vancouver to Tacoma every weak for classes and to coach does not sound like someone not taking the cult seriously does it?

      To suggest out of the four women, Kreuk was the least involved is ridiculous. She fronted GBD as her NXIVM project, Juicy Peach, Acapella, College Project, she coached, she recruited… Why are you trying to downplay her involvement? She didn’t get “dragged” into anything. She chose to be there. She was named in a 2012 criminal lawsuit for Christ’s sake.

      She should not be allowed to “move on” because she lied. She spent 2017 filming a tax payer funded show pretending to be the saviour of teen girls while refusing to address her deep NXIVM involvement.

      That show is 100% anti “straight white male” bullshit, funded by white males. Her character’s white father is portrayed as an evil generic white man and even a pedophile who impregnated an underage Asian girl. Kreuk was named in the same Times Union expose that named Raniere as a pedophile. She continued to stay in the cult. Hypocrisy on steroids.

      • Nope
        Nope. You have no inside information. What makes you think you know more than the police and the FBI? Because you’re a straight white male?! So are most serial killers, Mr. Nope.

        If the police have evidence , they will arrest her. The rumours posted on online forums are not evidence.

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