Nancy Salzman comments on Facebook – on Michelle’s sketch — and a story in pictures

If something is not prohibited, one is free to do it.

While Allison Mack is prohibited from surfing online and enjoying the internet as a condition of her bail – and while her master, Keith Raniere, is in federal detention in Brooklyn and has no access to the internet except for the BOP’s CorrLinks email system,, Nancy Salzman apparently can go online.

She recently made her presence known on Facebook, commenting on her daughter Michelle’s artwork.

Speaking of art, it is curious that Michelle seems to now favor creating sketches of under-the-age-of-consent girls – since Raniere went to jail.

Most of Michelle’s recent sketches seem to be of young girls.

Speaking of sketches, Nancy Salzman uses sketches of herself for her profile picture.

There is also this sketch of her on Facebook.

Here’s how Nancy looked recently going into court.

Before Frank Report broke the DOS branding scandal, Michelle used to sketch women who looked like DOS slaves.  They even had belly chains – or necklaces – something Grandmaster Keith Raniere required them to wear to symbolize their status as slaves (they were never allowed to remove them at any time, day or night).

Here are some of Michelle’s earlier works:


What is it that “she can’t she even” …. do?  Take off her belly chain? It is reported that DOS slaves were forbidden to have any sexual contact – except with Grandmaster Raniere – not even masturbate…

Every culture seems to embrace art as a way of expressing itself. Was Michelle expressing DOS culture?

Below is Michelle with her husband, Ben Myers. He did a lot to get people into trouble on behalf of Vanguard. He was NXIVM’s chief hacker.  Ben knew all about the imprisonment and slavery of Jane Doe – a Mexican woman who was confined to a room in Clifton Park for 18 months because she wanted to date Ben and not join Raniere’s harem.

Ben and Michelle solidified their romance thanks to the imprisonment of Jane Doe.

Happy together … and together thanks to Jane Doe’s lockup…. a good foundation for romance.

Now, the man who engineered it all has been locked-up for almost seven months and counting.

His name is Keith Alan Raniere AKA The Vanguard. [The above is not an actual photo of Raniere getting locked up but is used for illustrative purposes since the prisoner looks not unlike Keith.]

Here is an actual picture of Keith Raniere AKA VAnguard – about the time he created DOS.

…. Not only did this Vanguard lead Nancy…

and Allison…

and Lauren…

… into getting criminally charged, he also led his chief financier, Clare Bronfman, into being charged and what is likely to be her imprisonment and possibly – through restitution, fines, and forfeiture, also into the poorhouse – by the time she gets out of the jailhouse.

Some might think this is only fair since she put others into the poorhouse with her wealth — and the jailhouse with her perjury.

John Tighe is in prison and may be innocent. Did Clare conspire with Ben Myers and possibly a certain law enforcement official to plant false evidence on his computer?

Clare walks out of court.

While she awaits trial, Clare is under home arrest. As part of the conditions of her bail – which includes a $100 million bond – she is allowed outside of her luxury Manhattan apartment three days a week – twice for 90 minutes and once for two hours.

Based on the picture above, Clare appears to be sticking to her 800 calorie, vegetarian, low protein diet. She needs to run many miles per week to become integrated, Keith taught her.

Below is a picture of Clare before she was arrested, running a half marathon.  Clare is currently upset that, with only 5 hours of total outdoor time per week, she cannot run as much as she needs to burn off the 5,600 calories she consumes per week.

Also arrested was low-level bookkeeper Kathy Russell.

Pretty ballerina Kathy Russell was also charged. Keith told her, if she tried hard, and continued to work at low wages and spend most of her annual income on taking more NXIVM classes, she could become a world class prima donna.

Kathy is 60.

Image result for saratoga ballet company

Practicing ballet is usually for the very young, but Keith told Kathy that she was not too old to become a top-flight ballerina even at her age – by using the NXIVM “tech”. She just needed more practice and more NXIVM classes.

Some people thought it was odd to see a middle-aged woman on stage alongside preteen girls at recitals of the Saratoga Ballet Company.

All things are possible if you pay enough money to learn the NXIVM tech – Keith taught to pupils like Kathy Russell seen here leaving court.

Facebook is a pleasant diversion for those who like to post pictures. Here is one of Nancy with two babies ,which I believe are Lauren and Michelle.

Who would have thought they would grow up to be foundational members of a sex slaver cult called NXIVM?

Pre-arrest photo of mother and daughters – all in the service of Vanguard. They spent the best years of their life serving him. It is not known if they will abandon Vanguard and accept plea deals to avoid spending the rest of their lives serving a prison sentence because of him. [Note Michelle left – has not yet been charged with any crime.]

This is Judge Nicholas Garaufis, the presiding judge in the United States vs Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman, Allison Mack, Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, and fall girl Kathy Russell.

If it goes to trial, a jury of 12 men and women will hear evidence and determine if the defendants are innocent or guilty. At present, the trial is scheduled to start sometime in March 2019.

There are some who think that Nancy and Lauren may turn on their Vanguard. It might be the wisest thing they could do.

Viva Executive Success!

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  • Clearly Michelle is a fine artist and has had the opportunity to study her passion in depth. It’s too bad she got mixed up into this mess to pursue her calling

  • Frank asks a very good question — what was the girl thinking in Michelle’s apparent boudoir portrait?

    Anyone care to help guess? Which is the best answer:

    “OMG I Can’t Even…”

    – …Think straight since I haven’t eaten in a week.

    – …Look at this slobbering, hairy “Vanguard” beast, much less touch him!

    – …Breath without breaking this stupid chain and losing the diamonds.

    – …Yell for help in English.

    – …Afford a nose job.

    – …Draw hands in proportion, either.

  • In Michelle’s drawing, the young girl is stepping on a bear’s head. What does this mean? Does this symbolize a change of heart regarding Clare bear?

    • Also, the bear is up to its nose in water. The girl looks too happy to be stepping onto the bear.
      I get the feeling it is more that the bear is in the water, and going to carry the girl to safety.
      It looks more like she is practicing to illustrate a children’s book, which anything to do with NXIVM members and children is creepy.

  • In Catherine Oxenberg’s book, “Captive,” she describes how daughter, India, asked her for some loose diamonds to make a belly chain before a trip back to Nx headquarters in New York.

    Michelle’s etchings here feature jeweled belly chains in action. Could these be live portraits?

  • Keith tricked her/hypnotised her/wooed her/conned her/fooled her – what ever you want to call it – into this business relationship. Nancy had a life of her own, and a couple of successful businesses prior to meeting Keith. She had a daughter graduating college and another daughter in college. Nancy could also pull, and could pretty much have any guy she wanted. Keith ended all of this.

    Keith used the leverage of the business being in Nancy’s name and her daughter being 100% under Keith’s spell as the main ways to keep Nancy in line/quiet/culpable/complicit.

    I used to know Nancy pretty well. I know it must still eat her up inside at the way Keith treated Toni, and then everything else that followed. I know she must hate Keith for what he’s done to Lauren. I’d be shocked (and even more disappointed in Nancy than I’ve already been over the last 20 years) if she doesn’t spill everything so that this lying monster rots in prison. And I’m sure Nancy will do what she can to save Lauren and others who have just blindly been following the psychopath.

  • Does anyone else notice that the picture of Nancy walking beside one of her lawyers looks a bit odd? It looks to me as though Nancy’s head is too big for her body in that picture. 😆
    It’s probably just the angle at which the photo was taken, but it looks really creepy to me!

  • The Feds need Nancy’s cooperation to unlock any encryption on those computer files and to explain NXiVM’s crimes of the last 20 years.
    Nancy was pushed out of power some ten years ago by the Bronfmans
    Nancy’s daughter Lauren was passed over as head of the sex harem in favor the the Bronfmans’ golden girl Allison Mack.

    As the old saying goes:
    Revenge is a dish best served cold

    • As usual you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground.

      As the release of CIA hacking tools highlighted, if someone can gain control of a device, they can read the messages without needing to decrypt them. And compromising endpoints – both smartphones and personal computers – is getting easier all the time.

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