Kevin: Allison Suffered Enough; Aristotle: Punish Her for Her Crimes

For about 10 years, Kevin worked for Warner Bros. and later for the CW Network. He worked on the Smallville set, doing various jobs and running errands. Then he enlisted in the Air Force in 2010.

He believes Allison Mack and other followers of Keith Raniere have been punished enough. He believes Sarah Edmondson and Mark Vicente do not deserve their success.

Aristotle’s Sausage differs from Kevin’s viewpoint.  One seeks justice, and the other seeks mercy.

Kevin suggests we pray for Mack, Dr. Ranielle Roberts, and others. They got swept up in NXIVM and failed to jettison from Raniere in time. They lost prestige, income, and in some instances, freedom.

Aristotle and Kevin Fight Over Nasty Comments About Allison Mack

Sausage watched Smallville when it originally aired on TV. He sometimes posted on the message boards dedicated to fans of the show.


Kevin: Time to Pray for Allison and Hope Danielle Succeeds

Aristotle’s Sausage

I’m not fighting with anyone. I have a different view, and I’m expressing it. So what’s wrong with that? You are pleased to call that “fighting”. You claim it hurts people.

What hurts people is getting burned with the red hot tip of a cauterizing pen. Danielle Roberts did that. Allison Mack planned the operation. Coerced victims into having it done by blackmailing them and lying to them.

Nicki Clyne, Allison Mack, Michele Hatchette, Samantha LeBaron and Danielle Roberts – of DOS. Every one of these ladies, except for Mack, is happy about their experience with DOS.

People like Mack, Roberts and Raniere need to be stopped. Not prayed for.

My view is uncomplicated: people who turn the other cheek must like getting slapped.

Allison Mack is not a nice person. She proved that through her actions. I don’t care if she smiled at you, Kevin, when you fetched her a sandwich.

She’s a racketeer, an extortionist, a criminal conspirator. There’s ample evidence, presented in open court, that she was sex trafficking for Raniere. She took credit for coming up with the branding idea.

Vanessa Grigoriadis for the New York Times Magazine wrote:  
In her apartment, I was surprised to hear Mack take full responsibility for coming up with the DOS cauterized brand. She told me, ‘I was like: “Y’all, a tattoo? People get drunk and tattooed on their ankle ‘BFF,’ or a tramp stamp. I have two tattoos and they mean nothing.”’
She wanted to do something more meaningful, something that took guts.

Allison Mack’s as bad as Raniere, she just lacks his self confidence.

Keith Raniere explains the meaning of life to an astounded Allison Mack circa 2012.

Mack belongs in prison, where she currently is. She got a sweet deal because she pleaded guilty. Otherwise, she’d likely spend 20 years behind bars on the sex trafficking charge the Feds so generously agreed to drop.

That’s all the mercy this criminal deserved.

It’s far from clear that Mack learned any lesson from her peculiar experiences, as shown by her online college behavior.

Allison Mack Quits ‘Gender, Sex and Power’ Class at UC Berkeley Amid Protest of Students Unhappy With Sex-Slaver as Classmate


Tabitha Chapman, who knew Mack for years and worked for her and was thoroughly abused by her, tells a very different tale of the delightful Allison.

Meet the Other Woman Who Spoke Against Allison Mack at Her Sentencing — Tabitha Chapman

Roberts isn’t serving time. The only price she paid for branding these coerced blackmailed women was loss of her professional license. She’s also being sued for damages, and no wonder.

And now she’s running some kind of yoga-personal growth scam at exorbitantly inflated prices. Nice, real nice.

Dr. Roberts offers a comprehensive 8-week course in “Mastering your physical wellbeing and vitality.” The Complete Bodhi Mastery course costs $3,000.

So no, I won’t be saying any prayers for these people. Nor do I wish them well. Roberts clearly has no remorse, and Mack’s remorse is suspect. She seems mainly sorry for herself. The best outcome I can see for these people is to get an honest job, refrain from scamming people and shady operations, keep their heads down and try feeling some remorse. I hear they’re hiring at Target.

Kevin’s Response

By Kevin

I consider Allison Mack a friend, but I’m not trying to make myself out to be a big deal.

I said some people from production monitored the message boards and fan mail when I worked for Smallville.

The strangest snail mail messages were from 2001-03, before the online boards existed.

Aristotle, were you one of the ones who sent pictures? Because, as a prank, some pictures were taped to different parts of the set pieces. So it’s possible that everyone who worked there has seen your stuff.

Would you happen to be black or Indian? Maybe it slants a little to the right, like a cheese doodle that didn’t come out the right way?

I believe Tabitha Chapman, and hope she gets all the compensation owed to her and all the support she ever needs. And I hope the greed bags behind the civil lawsuit don’t steal it from her.

Second, Allison had the right to attend college classes, per the judge’s directive in the case.

Allison Mack took courses at Berkeley while waiting for trial. Two courses she took: “Gender, Sex and Power” and another “The History of Human Rights”. 

If a spoiled, pampered Berkely girl who has never so much as bussed a table got triggered because Allison asked her if they should carry the one on question 5, via Zoom, too bad. Don’t like it? Take it up with the complainers themselves, who support the “beyond the box” program publicly, except when they have to take a class with a former inmate or someone waiting for sentencing.

A classmate of Mack posted a video on TikTok about her attending class.

Third, how is Danielle Roberts running a scam? She’s providing a service and letting customers know the cost upfront. That’s the opposite of a scam. Expensive, yes, but not a scam.

Kristin Kreuk was Nice

I didn’t know Kristin Kreuk well. She was very quiet and professional, and a lot more introverted than the others, but very nice.

Her association with NXIVM tells me that the members were getting something from these courses, or the sense of community. My understanding is that she was a coach. I don’t know what roles she played in the company.

While she was a member of NXIVM, Kristin Kreuk started a group for teens called Girls By Design [GBD]. No one has ever presented evidence that any girl was abused by GBD or recruited into NXIVM. Critics said some content GBD published on their website was inappropriate for younger teen girls.  

Kristin Kruek’s ‘Girls By Design’ posted article about female sex slaves

I know about the accusations made regarding Girls By Design, but it never got off the ground, and she denied it was even related to the company.


Did Kruek Run From Allison?

I don’t know this, it’s just a hunch, but I don’t think Kristin cowered and hid when it came to Allison. I think she talked to her, and maybe it didn’t go well.

Actresses Kristin Kreuk and Grace Park – Silent at Crucial Hour – as NXIVM Sex Slave Cult Exploited Women

I don’t know. I do think Kristen could help some people if she was open and candid about her experiences, what she liked, and regrets.

It’s her private life, but talking about it could help someone who’s younger and maybe in a spot she was in all those years ago.




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  • How did Nicki Clyne manage to avoid any charges? And why is she still in the US if she’s a Canadian citizen?

  • Interesting to me what Tabitha Chapman did NOT say when she was answering questions here awhile back.

    She said about GBD, that Kristin and Kendra were wonderful to work for and that GBD was all theirs and Keith was not involved. But when asked why K and K put “sexually inappropriate” material on their site for young girls….?


    • When Girls By Design was a hot topic here, Frank and Kendra came to some private agreement that he would not publish anything more on what he knew about Kendra’s involvement in GBD. ????

      • I had a chat with Kendra and I think she was telling the truth. She was not seeking little girls for Raniere to rape.

        • “ She was not seeking little girls for Raniere to rape.”. No, of course she was not. But Keith could have “mentored” her into or with the GBD program. Like he did with so many other programs…He could have come up with the idea of GBD. Or suggested it to Kirstin and Kendra. If so, that is all you need to know.

    • Just because some content was posted that had to do with a historical lesson on female slaves engaging in illicit relations — a well known historical fact taught to high schoolers — doesn’t make it “sexually inappropriate”. They weren’t discussing Long Dong Silver’s sexual prowess with Alotta Fagina.

          • “Kristin Kreuk’s Girls By Design, was geared toward 12-15 year old girls.’ (Frank)

          • Kristin Kreuk quote from an interview concerning it:

            “The age group will be older twelve-year-old, twelve to thirteen, to eighteen, nineteen-ish. It will probably bleed into the twenties for girls who are really passionate about it.”

            Do a Google search and you’ll find it.

            Late junior high into early college age, the definition of teen girls: 13-19 year olds.

            Girls and boys start learning sex education in junior high.

            One article is much ado about nothing, a coincidence to something that happened well over a half a decade later.

  • Frank:
    As soon as you can leave New York and never go back.
    NY Democrat Governor Tells ALL Republicans To LEAVE New York, Says You’re Not New Yorkers

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  • I think Allison has the potential to make a big comeback. She is willing to admit her mistakes, just the same as Vicente and Edmondson.

  • Kevin’s timeline is odd. He’s been claiming to have seen American History X in a classroom when he was 14. That movie came out and went 1998? Then he’s working at Smallville for 10 years before enlisting in the air force?

    • Actually, Kevin wrote: “I worked for Warner Bros and later the CW network for almost ten years in different capacities, before enlisting in the Air Force in 2010.”

      So he said he started work for Warner Bros about 2000, and at some point later for the CW and Smallville. Why are you find this odd?

      • Because he also stated repeatedly that when he was 14 years old he saw American History X in a classroom. That movie came out in 1998 even if you give him the benefit of the doubt that he somehow was able to see a movie that was currently screaming in movie theaters simultaneously screened in a classroom that would mean he was 14 years old in 1998 that would mean he is saying that he started working for Warner Brothers when he was 16. But much more likely there is no chance in hell that Kevin saw American History X in a classroom in 1998 when the movie was out in theaters so he’s probably even pushing it to like maybe the year 2000 so he was 14 and he was working at Warner ? It doesn’t make any sense like a lot of things Kevin has written. Either way we’re talking about a 14-year-old or a 16 year old who worked for Warner Brothers allegedly. And that my friend is why I find it odd

  • Frank have your stories seriously become reporting on what people say in your comments section? Is this because you can’t get actual news anymore?

    • I like the exchange between Kevin and Aristotle. They are the tension between justice and mercy. Illustrated through characters we know.

    • Is someone forcing you to this site? It’s one place where the public can actually provide insights and have discussion.
      Perspective matters. Contribute something of value instead of gratuitously bashing Frank.

    • I can’t speak for Frank of course but I get the feeling he is on a well-deserves mini vacation of sorts, hence all the content from others.

  • Do you really think that people demanding “punishment” for Allison Mack has anything to do with her?

  • What makes Kevin think that Allison’s classmates are spoiled? And she wasn’t in a math class. She’s a pimp who gleefully called one of her slaves racial slurs at her master’s behest and who preyed on women – who decided to take a women’s studies class with college students. Tone deaf and clueless at best.

    • “Spoiled” is another ridiculous statement from Kevin. Allison cones from enormous privilege. How many other female criminals have parents to put up their multi million dollar house while they await trial with an (also must be paid for) ankle bracelet in their cushy residence? Those women do not get to attend a prestigious college and lay around going to therapy and out to lunch in Long Beach. They were sitting in a cold cell waiting for an overworked public defender to squeeze them in.

  • Allison Mack had all of the breaks any actress could ask for and she still acted like a punk.
    Enough of this concern for a sadistic punk.
    Kevin, find someone more worthy of your concern.


    • Allison Mack had all the breaks any actress could ask for and still acted like a punk.

      Are you saying that none of the women who were in the lower lines took breaks or traveled, as far as there were women in Canada and Mexico, besides others who did not live in Albany and they all had jobs and friends, they had as many breaks as Allison.

      • So did Ivy Nevares consider it a break to write a whole book a she had to give full co-author credit to Keith Raniere?

        • interesting question Shadow. here’s another. Ivy Nevares belongs to the DOS subgroup, there was a guarantee for her in the hands of KR, KR had her documents preventing her from returning to Mexico, is Ivy tied to the need to comply with KR’s orders?

          I am interested in your answer Shadow.

          • I am not aware of Ivy being in DOS. I don’t think Ranere had her documents either. He may have had collateral on her.

  • How do you work someplace for 10 years and you’re still like running errands and getting people coffee? What a f****** loser.

    • I was young and using the job to help pay for my college education through the company. I didn’t have a family or any Government handout to fall back on, so I got a job.

      If you’re interested, I did earn my degree and I’m in a Masters program. And I haven’t done assistant work in years.

      It:s called paying your dues and earning your spot. So few people my age or younger seem to know what that is, yet I’m the loser of the bunch…amazing times we live in.

      • That’s actually not how earning your spot and paying your dues work.

        That’s more a scenario where you work at a company and you build up to a bigger careerin that field based on that early grunt work.

        Which you did not do. But if telling yourself that makes you feel any better than have at it.

        How were you 14 in 1998 (at the earliest more likely 2000 or so) and working at Smallville in 2000 at 16?

        • What crawled up your ass and got you so irritated? And why isn’t it “paying your dues” doing grunt work to pay for college? No good, you say, unless he works his way up in the same company for years?

          You wanted Kevin to work for WB/CW on Smallville, and maybe following Kristin Kreuk to Beauty and the Beast then Burden of Proof — that’s your authorized way to “build up a career.” Following Kreuk’s tight little ass carrying her coffee like a stalker is your ideal career path, eh? Viva Executive Success!

          • You’re obsessed. That’s not working your way up either. It would be a parallel move.

            Never seen 1 episode of either show. Don’t care.

            Kevin is a liar. By his own timeline he started working at Snellville when he was 14 -16. Then went iinto the Air Force 10 years later.

            What are you even blathering about?

          • Kevin wrote that he worked for Warner Bros and later the CW network for almost ten years in different capacities, before enlisting in the Air Force in 2010.

            Where are you getting your timeline?

          • To anonymous at 6:20 to answer your question. The timeline comes from Kevin. Kevin repeatedly wrote comments stating that he was 14 years old when he saw American History X in a classroom. American History X came out in 1998.

            It is highly improbable that it was also released into Kevin’s classroom that same year but even if you allow for that impossibility Kevin would be 14 in 1998. By Kevin’s timeline that means that 2 years later he was working at Warner Brothers he would be 16. But much more likely the movie was not released into Kevin’s classroom in 1998 the same year it was released into theaters. Remember things were a lot different back then with streaming Etc or rather lack of such viewing of movies amenities and possibilities. So maybe it was a couple years later in which case Kevin would be watching a movie that came out in 1998 in the year 2000 in his classroom.

            Which would mean that he was 14 years old going to school and working at Warner Brothers. If you buy that then hit me up and I’ll manage your money for you. Hahaha

  • Whenever, Alonzo has a
    one-night stand it always ends with splash………

    ……..Right after he rolls the corpse off the bridge.

  • Why do I have the feeling this comment section is going to turn into a discussion about the odd shape & coloration of Aristotle’s sausage?

  • “People like Mack, Roberts and Raniere need to be stopped.”

    Huh? You still think its 2017 or something? Two of those names are in jail and one was never charged with a crime for the simple reason that all involved volunteered for the branding but was medically disbarred. By all definitions, they have been legally “stopped” What is your definition of “stopped”? Please provide more detail on what you are expecting here. Death sentence? Beheading? Jail for life for all involved? Explain further.

    It is always interesting to see people display more anger about something as if they are a victim, then the victims themselves.

    • Couldn’t agree more. If I wasn’t familiar with the nxivm saga, I’d think Allison had pinned Aristotle down and branded him square on the forehead.

    • They deserved to be stopped, and they were. They deserve what they got.

      Raniere is incarcerated for life, I think that’s just. Mack’s in prison, ditto. She got a very lenient sentence IMO.

      Roberts deserves to be sued. She branded people and I think she legitimately owes damages for that. And she deserved to lose her medical license.

      Not sure where you get the idea that I’m advocating for “beheading”…

      I think I was sufficiently clear in what I wrote. Justice was served, these people deserve what they got.

      I have no intention of praying for any of these miscreants and I don’t particularly wish them well. They’re a bunch of assholes and I don’t feel sorry for any of ‘em.

      • Thank you for actually answering a question posed to you.
        I’m still curious – do you think they deserve to keep their heads, or should we lop em off?

      • 2500 in damages for the voluntary brand has already been paid in the judgment against KR.
        You sure you don’t just want her head?
        All Mex NX walked away…
        Their ‘wealthy intact.

        • That’s a piss poor argument. And it’s not a voluntary brand if you don’t know what the brand says and someone lied to you. If you get a tattoo and you think it’s going to be a symbol of the four elements but it instead it says this vagina is property of Keith. It’s a little different. Another stupid argument is Shifting the blame to Lauren. If you’re holding a cauterizing pen and burning women’s flesh and you don’t know what you’re carving into their bodies you are an idiot especially if you’re a doctor.

          And if you are arguing Danielle did not know got the brand was Keith’s initials as people have done on this blog in the past then her friends are real evil. Because you’re saying that they lied to Danielle. In which case Danielle is insane to still be dancing around with them outside of Prisons. The person who holds the cauterizing pen and is a medical doctor should know what they’re doing. If they don’t then that’s negligence on their part and they are crazy for continuing to be Buddies with their friends who allegedly lied to them. Based on all the evidence Danielle did know those were Keith’s initials she practiced on an orange before painfully disfiguring her friends.

      • I thought you were someone with valid arguments, but I notice that you only have an obsession with punishing people you don’t like. To begin with, how is it Roberts hurt people? If the mark only lasts about four minutes, and it’s not something unusual anymore that there are tattoo artists who do this with even larger designs, are these people accused of torture?

        And how is it that Allison needed to be stopped, but all the other frontline teachers have leniency, so her role was just passive observers? And what about the
        federal authorities and politicians who collaborated with nxivm, or all the stories of pedophilia and Raenier’s harem. It turns out that everyone ignored these accusations, but only Allison and the other teachers were the bad guys supporting Raniere.

        • The ‘mark’ lasts a lifetime dipshit: it’s a brand, not a fucking tattoo! Also it takes 20-25 minutes to do. Like to see your ass taking that level of pain – no doubt you’d be screaming like a baby!

          Who the fuck are the “teachers”? Have you been taking drugs???

  • Mr. Parlato,

    I posted up a Q/A for Mr. Patriot God to read and answer for his interview on your previous article before this one.

    You have published other comments but not my Q/A.

    What gives?!

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