Meet the Other Woman Who Spoke Against Allison Mack at Her Sentencing — Tabitha Chapman

Tabitha Chapman

There were two women at the sentencing of Allison Mack to speak against her, as victims of Mack.

One was Jessica Joan, who appeared in person and the other was Tabitha Chapman, who appeared on video.

Tabitha spoke for perhaps 10 minutes and since recording devices are not permitted in the antiquated federal court systems – a perhaps convenient way to prevent the public from knowing all the nuances of a public trial – and since the stenographer did not transcribe the video, the exact words of her statement may not be published unless Tabitha does it herself.

She is not shy about discussing her role in NXIVM and unafraid to reveal her true name – first and last. She appeared in the docuseries “Seduced” and on the Albany Times Union podcast “NXIVM on Trial”.

Tabitha Chapman was a coach at NXIVM and on the day of Mack’s sentencing, June 30, 2021, she tweeted, “I feel like I am waiting for the dice to stop spinning to know Allison Mack’s sentencing today. ‘Come on! Come on! Come on!'”

On her video, played at the sentencing, Chapman said that Mack contacted her about doing web-design work and running her personal website – and that Mack insisted she take NXIVM courses if she wanted to work for her. She ended up moving to Albany and working without pay in exchange for NXIVM courses.

Chapman spoke harshly about Mack saying she verbally and emotionally abused her, criticizing her for her weight and publicly humiliating her.

During an earlier appearance on Dr. Oz, Chapman said, “I was originally food-restricted because Keith had everyone convinced that the fastest way to work your issues was to work your relationship with food.” She told Dr. Oz that she ate between 500 and 900 calories daily as Raniere suggested.

During her sentencing video, Chapman said, “Once I moved to Albany, I was subjected to cruelty beyond my imagination” adding that Mack became a “bully,” who “told me that I would ruin my children if I did not fix the defects in my personality.”

Perhaps the strangest thing Chapman said was that Mack told her that being raped came with a choice either to suffer through it or try to experience joy.

Chapman expressed sympathy for Mack and her victims saying, “I am heartbroken for you and I am heartbroken for all of the women who trusted you and were harmed” and wished Mack a “swift recovery.”

About an hour after her video, Mack was sentenced.

After sentencing, Chapman tweeted, “Three years. Loaded feelings.”

Tabitha Chapman

“Tabby Chapman is a Marriage and Family Therapist trainee and a Professional Clinical Counselor trainee, through Life Source Affordable Counseling Services.

“Tabby is also the founder of The Freedom Train Project, an advocacy program for people wishing to leave cults or coercive relationships.”

On the same website she has two blog posts:

Overcoming the Silence: How Speaking Out Made Me A Better Person

She writes, “All over the world, when the docuseries SEDUCED: Inside the NXIVM Cult, airs, Twitter becomes a sea of people who would “NEVER join a cult” and would “NEVER fall for any type of coercive control.”…Those nights bring a new influx of “I can’t believe they fell for any of that” or “There’s no way in hell I would ever wear a sash.”…

There was a time when I was so ashamed I vowed to myself that I would never speak of my experiences. I had incredibly low self-esteem as a result of participating in NXIVM. … My partner disagreed and pressed for me to one day write a book. … I was able to work with a  cult deprogrammer, Roseanne Henry, who helped me see how interwoven the trauma from the organization became in my life. Nearly every aspect of my day-to-day existence had been affected by the teachings of Keith Raniere and company…..

Chapman then tells how she got involved with Seduced and decided to tell her story:

To relieve pressure and pain when someone heard my story so that they could say “me too, I’m not alone.” I connected with the crew of Seduced in a way that I never could connect with any other person in NXIVM or JNESS …  They provided a top therapist with a specialty in cult recovery, so that I could have as much mental health support as possible…

The filming aspect was a whole journey in and of itself. I was “on set” at least four different times, filming so many complex layers about what recovery looks like, for me and for the other women in the series. Ultimately, many of these scenes were not in the documentary, as the overall storyline changed after India joined… We filmed a tense conversation with someone whom I had enrolled. We filmed a group meeting with the renowned sociologist Janja Lalich, who has become a trusted person in my life…

From that, and from the support from my partner, I reached for my goals and finally felt a sense of purpose in life. Now, I’m nearly graduated as a Marriage and Family Therapist, determined to be a beacon for others just as this project was a beacon to me.

Her other blog post is The Lure from Poverty – NXIVM not only for the rich

I grew up in abject poverty… during the 80s…   A child comes home from school…and wipes away the roaches from the kitchen table to sit down and devour a snack of crackers and peanut butter, that was provided to them the day before from someone from the government…  a child finishes homework, has kool-aid to hide the brown water coming from the faucets, and takes a bath with bubbles from shampoo, maybe, and goes to bed…

It’s a family waiting at the social services agency with hungry children who sometimes had not eaten in several days. Or maybe they had some cheese and cabbage. Children who cannot attend after-school sports or activities either because either their parents don’t have the means or they can’t transport their kids…

That was my early childhood…

As a college graduate in my 20s, I was able to move slightly beyond my childhood with my degree, but I needed something that could fully take me beyond my origins…

When I fell into the NXIVM community, I felt that I had found a solution to my poverty, and that I could do good for the world. What was the solution? Me. And You. “You must be the change you wish to see in the world” was the number one quote in NXIVM. In order to be that change, all I had to do was break down everything about me and my personality and learn that everything was a choice, and all events and effects in my life were a direct result of something I did to cause them…

But in order to fully get to that point, or to be ‘unified’ or ‘integrated’ as the saying goes, we had to work through our inner deficiencies. ”You’re disintegrated on that topic,” we were told, “You can take x training to help you with that and get an EM.” When we complained about the cost, they would use manipulation such as “You said you were committed to your personal growth. If you really aren’t committed, then that’s fine, but don’t lie about it.”

This causes a person to have to make a choice between investing in themselves and be committed to their personal growth, or be a whole list of bad traits forever. Did I want to be right about it? Did I want to seem like I’m being controlling? Or should I let the control go and make it work?

I joined NXIVM at the urging of Allison Mack. She offered the opportunity to work for her if I would take the courses. I moved to Vancouver and subsequently to Albany. They began to break down who I was. Initially, I was told that my style of communication was “parasitic.”  …I was always looking for attention or using control tactics to cause a person to interact with me. I remember feeling confused because they were great at breaking me down…

In their module called “Communication and being at cause,” they suggested that communicating a concept is the sole responsibility of the person who is communicating. They must know exactly how to deliver the message to the listener so as to get past the listener’s fears and needs and inner deficiencies so that they can hear the message as it was intended…

Over time, … I would…  dedicat[e] over half of my income to more classes and EMs. I was trained to spend money on my personal growth as an ‘investment’…My goal was to break out of poverty. I wanted to work through my ‘issues’ and ‘inner deficiencies’ to be able to make lots of money. Seriously, I think my ‘infinity goal state’ as they call it may have actually included a helicopter…

I spent years in NXIVM. Eventually, I left and joined the workforce again…working with an “outside world” company. I found it difficult to maintain the status quo. And, when the news broke out in October 2017 [about DOS], a piece of my will broke as well. What had I done? All of the trauma I had had in my lifetime did not prepare me for the realization that I spent years and so much of my hard-earned money for nothing. I struggled with the idea that I feel I am so broken that I will never amount to anything and never break away from the cycle of poverty in which I grew up.

Some days are better than others, but I have a lot of hope. I dedicate myself to true personal growth in the form of personal therapy sessions, and try to keep myself balanced and always seeking improvement. When something doesn’t work out or I fail at something, I hear “You can never keep a promise to yourself,” and “You aren’t dedicated enough to your personal growth.” With this and other such rhetoric in my head, I keep going.

I’ve had to file bankruptcy because of the debt I got into while I was involved with Nxivm…Recovery is hard. Especially when you are recovering from having your sense of self and the world moved around like a Picasso painting. As beautiful as that mess is, it’s still a work in progress. I’m nearly done with my Master’s degree, which will unlock a promising future.






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  • Allison confessed to the court that she used racial slurs and derogatory language with slaves at Keith’s direction.

    A point that India Oxenburg also brought up. Independently. And with no knowledge of Allison’s trial cooperation or its content.

    So. That’s true.

    Michelle Hatchette, are you keeping up with this information? You owe your “dear friend” India an apology. She was telling you the truth. Sounds like a true friend. Unlike Nicki, who continues to lie and gaslight you. Nicki cares about Keith. And protecting him above all else.

    Michelle, you made a public post calling India out. And you were wrong. Be accountable.

    Based on Allison’s own admissions, Tabby was probably very verbally abused and degraded.

  • deboragiannone

    deboragiannone [Instagram]
    Going through the experience we all went through, all having had a different set of challenges and then film it all with a team of women who stayed open & kind in the midst of super vulnerable interviews – is and was a journey that will always stay with me. So proud. Thank you all! 🙏🤌🏻❤️ #seducedstarz #cultawareness #proud

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    Overcoming the Silence: How Speaking Out Made Me A Better Person
    Post author
    By Tabby Chapman
    Post date
    May 21, 2021

  • tabbymarie

    tabbymarie [Instagram]
    I know that girl in the far right! Thanks to Deborah (middle) for taking the photo of the billboard! #imonabillboard #seducedstarz #heythatsme #overcomingobstacles #healingjourney #documentary #cultawareness

    😍 Love and admire every single one of those ladies (especially the one who posted this!)

    A billboard! I wish it didn’t come with the pain of the experiences but I’m glad you came through.


    A billboard!!! So grateful to all of you. Can’t wait to see this with my own eyes! LaBrea & Melrose. #seducedstarz

  • IIRC, Tabby was a moderator at Krytponsite back in the day which was a Smallville fan site. She and the other mods were absolutely fanatical Allison/Chloe fans. They would delete or ban even mild criticism of Allison or her character. At the same time, they would engage in and encourage the most vile comments about the other females on the show. GBD was heavily promoted there as well. Not surprising she got recruited into NXIVM. I wonder if the other fanatic mods did as well.

    • We didn’t, and in fact, I was very against any mods deleting or banning based on their agenda — which got me into conflicts with some of the volunteer mods who did take it a bit too far in threads like the “Chlois thread.”

      Heck, one of my worst times running those forums was arguing with Tabby herself because I didn’t feel a “Chloe is Luke Skywalker” thread was offensive, and the opposite, I found it hilarious…

      • Oh Craig I had no idea! I don’t even remember that, but I’m sorry it ranked up there as one of the worst. You didn’t deserve such silly arguments.

    • Also, Benji, I’m sorry if you had a bad time there. I’ve been to forums that were horribly run and it was my hope that KSite wouldn’t be that.

      (I say as someone who was banned from TWOP for daring to say something nice about Erica Durance)

  • I read this and I puked in my mouth. It’s amazing to me any crazy person can come out of the woodwork with a totally fabricated story, or a mostly fabricated story, with just the tiniest sprinkle of truth, and it gets presented as wholesale truth on this blog and anywhere else as long as they say “I knew Allison Mack” or “I was a victim of NXIVM”.

    I’d like to see one other person that was known in the NXIVM community, just one, validate Tabby Chapman’s story. You won’t find one and that says it all about the world we live in.

    Is this what our world has devolved too? A race to the bottom? India Oxenberg’s Seduced on Starz was a fantastic production as far as India’s first hand experience.

    I doubt India ever knew of Tabby Chapman before Tabby was recruited for Seduced. As for the other women in the show who were barely in NXIVM, and were acting like these NXIVM “authorities” it was ridiculous and obscene to the real victims.

    The idea that Tabby Chapman would build on this fantasy, no doubt egged on by the fact that no one in the press held her accountable for her bullshit in Seduced, and she would have the nerve to propagate her fantasy story in the hope Allison Mack got more years more in prison.

    Personally I find it disgusting.

    Frank Report – there needs to be some serious fact checking done here. You are renowned for your objectivity and your willingness to present opposing views even if they don’t line up with the conventional narrative. I request that you assiduously contact your sources within NXIVM and ask everyone you know about their experiences with Tabby Chapman. Then objectively report.

    Does anyone think this is a fair and accurate representation of events?

    Should Tabby Chapman, who wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the criminal charges, anywhere at Raniere’s trial, wasn’t referenced in any of the Government’s pre-sentencing submissions regarding any of the defendants, and no comments have ever appeared about her on the Frank Report or elsewhere, should this woman been entitled to weigh in on Allison Mack’s sentencing in FEDERAL COURT?

    For all the posts on Due Process I’ve seen on this blog, this issue is the most ripe for examination.

    Frank Report, please write about the results of your investigation. If a person is willing to make a statement in Federal Court to a Federal Judge, for consideration of the incarceration of an individual for many years, than they should also be held to standards of vigorous fact checking at the Frank Report and elsewhere without complaint.

    Let’s see some receipts for this story.

    • “I read this and I puked in my mouth.”

      Fo’ real?? Should anyone who can take and share Raniere’s dick in her mouth with a group of other women really be talking about what disgusts them?

    • Tabby is legit. She lived in Albany with the group and was considered family.

      Anyone who was deep in NXIVM Albany met Tabby and knows who she is. She doesn’t need proof. She is the proof. She lived in and paid the price (like we all did) for being deep in NXIVM.

    • I just thought this was a bit lame. It sounds like she regrets wasting her time and money there. But it doesn’t sound like there was any crime against her. Allison called her fat. Ok… Mean, certainly, but Not a crime. And Allison’s statement about rape– though quite disturbing– is obviously just Keith words regurgitated and also Not a crime.

      It is sad that Tabby got drawn into the NXIVM web and that she is now bankrupt as a result. But as far as having any impact on Allison’s sentence…. It’s really just so weak.

    • Your post seems excessively demeaning and I can’t help think that you are suggesting that she is somehow “less than” the NXIVM in group. I think this contempt reflects stigmatizing attitudes towards Tabby due to her weight. Not acceptable, to me at least.

    • I knew Tabby. I still know Tabby. I’ve seen her, in person, with Allison. She’s not fabricating and I don’t know that it’s very productive to slander her as a “fake” when her life was seriously messed up by NXIVM…Fortunately, she got away from it all.

  • Tabitha, you are a truly an inspiration! Thank you for all you’re doing to help those who have been horrendously abused by these monsters.

  • Tabitha
    Thanks for telling your story here. What Nx told you (You are not enough, You need EM’s, You are not committed to your growth) was all designed to keep you dependent on them and their courses. It was nasty and manipulative. Shame on them! Credit to you that you spoke up vs. Allision. Most importantly, you are a valuable person. You’re making your life work 1 step at a time, just like me and everyone else.

    • Nicki Clyne needs all the help she can get at this point. Her followers are starting to ask questions and noticing that she and the dossier project do not answer any of them. Their most recent video was just plain embarrassing. Now she’s promising to talk about what NXIVM “really was” on her local channel for a fee. As if it will be even remotely different than any of the bs of speeches past. If Frank really is planning to redeem her somehow, he’s got his work cut out for him.

    • That Zombie zoom is unintentionally hilarious. None of those women speak on behalf of any other women overall. It is so arrogant, ignorant and laughable.

      Keith’s cult followers mention comfort and being in a bubble. That is them. Before. And now. Still.

      Most other women are just trying to survive. They have businesses, children, families, older relatives they are caring for, health issues of their own, church or temple responsibility, mortgage or rent payments, maybe a relative is incarcerated, debt, they are widows, healthcare workers, legal issues, maybe they are between jobs, possibly they have children with special needs, past trauma they could be dealing with. Taxes.maybe their child has gone missing or was murdered. Bankruptcy. They are serving in the military. Or have a spouse who is stationed in another country. Childcare and school and all kinds of children’s obligations. Or they are in college or trade school themselves. Maybe they don’t have health or dental care. They are creating, building, saving lives.

      Even in America some people don’t have clean water and experience food insecurity.

      These women that Keith’s slaves so freely criticize aren’t jetting off to Albany to spend $20,000 on unproven woo woo garbage personal empowerment classes.

      Most women do not need fake commitments. Because they have REAL commitments. Marriage. Children. Jobs. Extended family. Providing. Creating. Living.

      Women don’t need close-up vulva photos to blackmail them into taking responsibility. They are raising children. Often alone. Working. Building lives. They have plenty of responsibility.

      It’s so dumb. What the dossier dingbats are saying – I can’t even… They are so deeply out of touch.

      • So was Sultan Of Six.

        That didn’t stop him from pretending to be a little girl on the website to try and access his dream fantasy spank, Korona Kreuk.

      • Awww, another Spanker who does not like it when facts about Kristin Kreuk and NXIVM are said…

        The article is about Tabitha Chapman. She was a noted website designer for Allison Mack and Korona Kreuk.

        The article mentions how Mack asked Chapman to do web design for her.

        Pointing out she also did web design for Korona Kreuk’s NXIVM project Girls By Design triggers you, because you are a pussy 🙂

  • .“They provided a top therapist with a specialty in cult recovery, so that I could have as much mental health support as possible’…

    “The filming aspect was a whole journey in and of itself. I was “on set” at least four different times, filming so many complex layers about what recovery looks like, for me and for the other women in the series. Ultimately, many of these scenes were not in the documentary, as the overall storyline changed after India joined… We filmed a tense conversation with someone whom I had enrolled. We filmed a group meeting with the renowned sociologist Janja Lalich, who has become a trusted person in my life.”

    Who was the “cult recovery expert” that Seduced provided?

    Was it Rachel Bernstein?


  • Frank, are you going to post the transcripts of her FULL victim impact statement like you did for everybody at Keith Raniere’s sentencing?! You have an obligation as press to let us know! I want to know everything that Allison did and said to her specifically! I was wondering before if and how much they tortured her about her weight! When I first saw her on ‘Seduced’ and she said “Allison treated me very poorly”, I thought to myself “Oh boy! Let me guess!

    Classic Nxivm piece of shit move, “fat shaming in the name of tough love and growth”! I had the strongest feeling that was what was done to her even though she didn’t say it! If I were her I would stuck my up so far up her ass that it would’ve come out of her mouth!

    Luckily for them it was me because a lot of people would’ve had a black eye at the least and be at the ICU fighting for their life after being being beaten near to death and found in a pool of blood at most! God it makes me so fucking mad thinking about how she was treated! I wonder what was said, and how that’s going to be justified by the dead enders! I’m sure it will be something to the effect of “Allison was trying to help her be healthy with tough love”! But it’s all a bunch of bull shit until we see word for word what Allison said to her to “try to help her” and how she did it! People’s weight is a very sensitive subject that causes a lot of emotional trauma for it’s victims and I’d love to see how these worthless pieces of shit try to justify “fat shaming” based on what Allison said!

    I tried to watch the Dr. Oz video with her and I can’t find it on YouTube! It’s very frustrating!

    Frank, please post up the FULL transcript of her victim impact statement and if you or anybody else can get the FULL details of word for word what Allison said to her and details of how she treated her I would love to know!

    I feel so bad for her and I think a article discussing that in FULL DETAIL and having a long discussion about what Allison said to her and how she treated her aired out with NO CENSORSHIP would be very helpful and also would provide much more ammunition against the dead enders than what is already abundantly been provided to show how even more of assholes they are to justify something like this in the name of “female empowerment” and “growth”! Food for thought!

    • Tabitha’s victim statement was not transcribed, perhaps because it was a video and not said live in court. The other statements I plan to publish including Allison’s.

      • Do you know in FULL detail all the things that was said to Tabby in regards to her weight and all the other abuse that was done to her via Allison Mack and others?! If so, can you please disclose it so we can have a better view of Allison’s character?! I would love to see how the dead-enders are going to defend this! This pisses me off so much! Besides, she isn’t afraid to talk about her life in Nxivm in public! I’ve looked about for the details of this and can’t find any though! It’s too obscure, things like “Allison treated me very poorly”, etc. I want to know the FULL details of this and anything else you’ve got on this subject or can obtain from somebody that’s reliable! You have a moral obligation to reveal this! We need more details! Also, if you can somehow get access to the video or somebody that can or transcribe it for us, that would be great! Perhaps you could get into touch with her and ask her to write an article on here specifically about how Allison and others treated her and what was said and done to the best of her memory if she’s willing! This is important stuff to know tso we can make better judgements about people’s character in regards of their specific roles in abuse! Matter of fact, IT’S ESSENTIAL!

  • My heart goes to Tabitha Chapman! Her story is incredible touching and sad.

    How do Allison Mack apologists defend Tabitha’s treatment?

    • I cannot answer your question; but I do agree with you about Tabitha. I know she has seen that there are people online who consider her brave and heroic. Few people have the courage and strength she has shown; and I mean a few! What I have read in this extract from her second blog post makes me so angry that she was subjected to this abuse. For her, and Jessica Joan, to have spoken out at trial took an awful lot of strength, and they have overcome more boundaries placed upon them. I stand by my comment; both Tabitha and Jessica are both brave and heroic, and I am so impressed at their words. Their sentiments differ, but they are authentic. I know they will go on and succeed because their individual characters will carry them.

      • The public does not seem to show as much sympathy to Tabitha, Dani, Cami and Jessica as they do to India Oxenberg.

        The four women I mentioned were never DOS masters unlike Mack and Oxenberg.

        I had no idea, like you, of the extent of Tabitha’s suffering.

    • She does not need to defend herself, her story does it for herself, you notice that in her story she mentions how Allison became a bully criticizing her fat and personality, basically the same things that Keith did that all the women and the community were judging all the time As a standard of her supposed superior ethics, you remember the story of Faruk Rojas, on the other hand in her story she makes it very clear that the negative strategies used by the coaches who directed her in her “self-improvement” use common cult tactics.

    • This woman is so full of shit it takes my breath away. It’s stunning. Absolutely stunning. The lies people will tell to try to get on this anti-NXIVM gravy train are so despicable. I knew Tabby, I took trainings with Tabby, so much of this is untrue and total bullshit – I’m speechless (almost).

      Tabby – I hope you read this comment. Good luck with this. I hope you look in the mirror every day and think about what it means to live in the truth and what it means to be a fucking liar. And how liars like you take away from the very real victims of NXIVM. This is going to blow up in your face deservedly so.

      • IIRC, Tabby was a moderator at Krytponsite back in the day which was a Smallville fan site. She and the other mods were absolutely fanatical Allison/Chloe fans. They would delete or ban even mild criticism of Allison or her character. At the same time, they would engage in and encourage the most vile comments about the other females on the show. GBD was heavily promoted their as well. Not surprising she got recruited in to NXIVM. I wonder if the other fanatic mods did as well.

        • Ben-

          That’s some crazy/strange information!

          Thanks for sharing it.

          So Tabatha was completely manipulated because of her fandom and Allison’s celebrity. I feel more pity for Tabatha.

      • If you are going to call someone out as a liar like that, cite specific examples. You come off as simply not believable and whiny.

        • I wrote this for the people who were actually in NXIVM and suffered, not the ridiculous, money-hungry posers like Tabby. I didn’t write it for the outsider peanut gallery of watchers on the Frank Report. Those who had real first-hand experience with Tabby will appreciate the comment and Tabby is now on notice that her bullshit won’t go unchecked.

        • How would this person know that Tabby is a “money-hungry poser”? How would she know how much money Tabby made for telling her story to make her one? Does someone who actually has contrary information to what Tabby claimed “put someone on notice” with vague and empty threats in the comment section of a blog?

          This is exactly the kind of “criticism” the dead-enders still use to cast doubt onto the stories of those who left and turned against the cult.

          Don’t give away yourself too easily, culter.

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