Kristin Kruek’s ‘Girls By Design’ posted article about female sex slaves

Yes you are that girl ---

The article that appears below was on the Girls By Design group website in 2010.  It is about a form of sex slavery and the question is asked at the end is in essence if it could lead to love and fulfillment and was it better than legal slavery?

This is one of a number of GBD articles that are both interesting and alluring and, in my opinion, highly inappropriate topics for young teen girls.

It could just be a coincidence that Kristin Kreuk’s website broaches a topic about a form of kept-women or courtesans who were, in effect, like sex slaves/prostitutes for rich and powerful men – and that Keith Raniere set up a curious form of sex slavery/sex trafficking organization himself.

Remember, the audience here is teen girls.

Here is the link:

it was Posted by “G” on August 18, 2010

Here is the entire post:

Hop aboard the riverboat and take a journey through the bayous and gators, to a place where the Creole blood runs free and the gumbo isn’t the only thing that will burn your tushy the next morning. I am talking about, of course, New Orleans. Not just any New Orleans, but the New Orleans of the 1800’s, well, the mid to late 1800’s.

I’m sure that you’re aware of the illicit relations that went on between slave masters and their slaves, whether it had been by will, or force and I’m sure that you know about children being the result of such relations. Now, some of these women were freed, to prevent said children from being considered slaves and their kids had kids and so on and so forth. So, eventually, there were people of mixed descent running around Louisiana and they were eventually known as Quadroons.

Quadroon women were said to have been the most beautiful creatures most of those Creole men had ever laid their eyes on. So, New Orleans being New Orleans, they instituted a wee little system with these Quadroon women. They would hold balls, hosted by the mothers of these women and all of the fine, young, FILTHY RICH gentlemen were very, very welcome. Of course, they were! Anyways, if a young man met a Quadroon gal who struck his fancy, she was “promised” to him and became his courtesan. Ah, man…That’s like picking a pet out, isn’t it? I bet they felt AWESOME about themselves…

So, ya know, the rich guys set up housing for these women and they had, you guessed it….RELATIONS! Cover your eyes! To be fair, it was illegal for people of different skin colours to be married, so, maybe it could have been love, I don’t know! What I do know is that little Quadroon families were created from these arrangements and many Creole men found themselves with two separate families. Naughty, naughty! Although, some of the arrangements ended when the men were married and then the Quadroon mistresses and their children were allowed to go off and spread their wings… Well, as much as possible… If not, their children were sent off to school in Paris. Actually, make that the boys. The girls had to stay to be brainwashed…Errr…I mean raised to carry on the high-class courtesan traditions!

Quadroons were said to have wanted for nothing and they were fashionistas. However, they became feared and despised by some and was their life ever really their own? I ask you this: was this empowering to these girls who would have otherwise been physical slaves, or was it just another form of slavery covered up by fancy clothes, fancy houses, and promises of financial stability? You tell me!


Here are the four comments;


August 18, 2010I guess it comes down to “quality of life” in a society of laws and regulations.
If such were your choices, which would you choose?
Either choice still left the woman subservient to man, the courtesan however had a modicum of freedom and a higher standard of living for herself and her offspring, whereas the slave *might* be protected from unwanted physical attention but still left without rights.

There is very little difference even today. Regardless of race or gender we all sell ourselves to someone or something, be it school, work, marriage, children etc.. The reality is more a matter of perspective. We all do the best we can to live the best we can and offer ourselves the best opportunities for our futures.


August 19, 2010:D !!!! INTERESTING


August 19, 2010true dat ghost

August 20, 2010 Very interesting to read. I feel little bad about that Im white (and i don´t xadurate when i say that my skin is white as a vampire)(and that i would do like everything to be dark), cuz the most of the white didn´t respect the vally of human life. I can´t get why the “black” should have been less inportent than white at that time, and even now it´s still like that in some areas. I mean, i think that darkskinned people is so beautiful. Maby it whas becouse of that;) Well, it´s nothing we can do to change the past, just to make it better.


Whether Kreuk and Kendra Voth and other NXIVM affiliated women were trying to recruit girls into NXIVM or not, one has to admit this is a curious topic to post for teen girls by women associated with NXIVM.

Undoubtedly, Sultan of Six will say this is a reach – and maybe he is right – but how many curious reaches will it take before it becomes rather suspicious?

Stay tuned for my next post.

Oh, by the way, here is the picture Kruek’s website used to illustrate the article:


Nice image for little girls, I would say. Gets them thinking in the right direction? Or maybe that’s a reach.

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    She described it as #deliciousbooks

    “In Her Body and Other Parties, Carmen Maria Machado blithely demolishes the arbitrary borders between psychological realism and science fiction, comedy and horror, fantasy and fabulism. While her work has earned her comparisons to Karen Russell and Kelly Link, she has a voice that is all her own. In this electric and provocative debut, Machado bends genre to shape startling narratives that map the realities of women’s lives and the violence visited upon their bodies.

    A wife refuses her husband’s entreaties to remove the green ribbon from around her neck. A woman recounts her sexual encounters as a plague slowly consumes humanity. A salesclerk in a mall makes a horrifying discovery within the seams of the store’s prom dresses. One woman’s surgery-induced weight loss results in an unwanted houseguest. And in the bravura novella Especially Heinous, Machado reimagines every episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, a show we naively assumed had shown it all, generating a phantasmagoric police procedural full of doppelgangers, ghosts, and girls with bells for eyes.

    Earthy and otherworldly, antic and sexy, queer and caustic, comic and deadly serious, Her Body and Other Parties swings from horrific violence to the most exquisite sentiment. In their explosive originality, these stories enlarge the possibilities of contemporary fiction.”

  • I believe “G” was a poster by the name of Sarah. G was her last initial. And yes, she was a teen girl.

      • Because I was there when she posted, which she did a number of times. She posted one of my favorite poems and that’s why I remember her.

        Sorry that it doesn’t fit the character assasination, recruiting for VanFraud, secret sex cult slavery narrative. But you can’t retrofit future events into past history. This is the historian’s fallacy.

        • You are creepy and gross. How old were you when you were “there” with teen girls? Forties or fifties? 🤢🤮🤮🤮

          • Not as creepy as you. Not everyone is like you with sex on the brain and thinks about jacking off all the time.

        • Sultan–I can’t dispute whether you think/know “G” is a teen girl…but IF so, then GBD is allowing (or encouraging?) writings that take an inappropriate FUN LOOK at sexual slavery, and encourage a debate–is this a valid choice for a girl’s future?

          G wrote: “I ask you this: ***was this empowering to these girls*** who would have otherwise been physical slaves, or was it just another form of slavery covered up by fancy clothes, fancy houses, and promises of financial stability? You tell me!”

          Is it empowering to girls to view that giving yourself over to a man for money or status, not love, is a valid option? And is the comment by “Ghost” from a real girl you also know, even tho she spins the debate saying that girls are all slaves to marriage, children why not sexual slavery…it’s just “a matter of perspective.”

          You seem to know much more about teen girls than I do…but if these writers are not the adult trolls I think they are, then they are teen girls who have already been corrupted.

          Kristin’s best defense is that she was too busy to participate and/or oversee this girls’ “empowerment” site that she created, and so can plead ignorance.

          • Who says it is “fun look” at slavery. It’s an open ended discussion about a social condition that was prevalent in the past and still exists in certain parts of the world, including the Western world in certain forms of prostitution and [drum roll please], a hidden sex cult.

            Where is the positive assertion that slavery is good in any of this discussion?

            — And is the comment by “Ghost” from a real girl you also know, even tho she spins the debate saying that girls are all slaves to marriage, children why not sexual slavery…it’s just “a matter of perspective.”

            Well she’s a smart girl then, although it’s not just “a matter perspective”, but one of intelligibility. Because WE ALL ARE slaves to something, be it our own desires, career, money, fame, other people, etc. That is why in classical theistic metaphysics you submit yourself only as a slave to God.

            — I do…but if these writers are not the adult trolls I think they are,

            Adult trolls? LOL. They had real facebook and other social media accounts, emails, and other forms of information that evidenced they were actually the people who they said they were. A number of them interacted with Kristin and Kendra in person.

  • Whoever wrote these it wasn’t teens. Modicum, offspring, speaking of work, and children, a creepy adult wrote that and then they went to far the other direction, even the worst speller wouldn’t write t xadurate. For exaggerate. Even teens wouldn’t fall for that. I wish a teen who really was involved would come forward. And when they quit GBD didn’t Kristin herself say there were to many such programs already out there? Then why start a new one in the 1st place, unless encouraged by a perverted middle aged man looking for new ways to get his hands on girls that wouldn’t look at him twice in the real world.

    • “I wish a teen who really was involved would come forward.”

      One already did:

      “I was a part of GBD in 2008 when I was 17 years old. KK would have girls fill out questionnaires (usually open ended questions about your experience as a teen) on facebook, and Kendra would contact us privately if we said something that interested her. Here’s one thing I do remember– it seemed Kristen and Kendra were more interested in recruiting girls much younger in age than me, closer to middle school. I ended up leaving GBD because of that. I also remember them both posting numerous vlogs on youtube.

      I do remember at one point Kendra was much more interactive with having one on one’s with individual girls than KK was. I remember thinking that perhaps GBD was Kendra’s thing and KK was there to generate attention (at least she didn’t seem to want to get her hands dirty).

      Not sure if that information is useful, but I wanted to put it out there.”

      Also, Jane the DOS slave started in GBD through Kristin Kook.

  • Absolutely creepy and innapropriate. As a mother of two daughters we would have been disgusted by such comments, would never have let my kids be involved and would have complained to whoever is behind GBD. those comments were not written by children, and honestly older teenagers aren’t into kids survey groups. I was on the fence about KK but this was her 7th year in the cult and she’s no innocent here.

  • “Creole blood runs free and the gumbo isn’t the only thing that will burn your tushy the next morning.” — GBD

    I give up. What in New Orleans will “burn your tushy” the morning after besides gumbo?

    With that slave girl graphic and all sorts of double entendres, this is not boding well for Kristin’s innocence.

  • > Undoubtedly, Sultan of Six will say this is a reach – and maybe he is right – but how many curious reaches will it take before it becomes rather suspicious?

    No it’s not such a big reach Shadow. You are on the right path. Though idk how well developed the idea of branding slaves for Vanguard was back then. The concept of female slaves – as the appropriate position for some women – within NXIVM was always part of the ideology. though it’s final form wasn’t fully resolved until DOS was organized. The arrests of Keith etalia put an end to what DOS was evolving toward

  • What an odd story to post for teen age girls in 2010.
    Dealing with racial and sexual relations in the Old South.
    This story mentioned everything but Storyville, the prostitution district in Old New Orleans.

    Of course Storyville sounds too much like Smallville and Kristen Kreuk could have never tolerated that reference in her personal pet project.

    Storyville was the red-light district of New Orleans, Louisiana, from 1897 to 1917. It was established by municipal ordinance under the New Orleans City Council, to regulate prostitution and drugs.,_New_Orleans

    Most of the pimps who owned the brothels in Storyville were female.

  • Kristin Kreuk is an important topic and deserves attention. Each of the characters in this drama have a role. Kreuk has the most high profile role. She plays the role of the coward before us all.

  • Very enticing… reminds me of something that always scared the bejesus out of me, this poem by Yeats, read to us to warn of ‘faeries’ offering some glamorous alternative to our seemingly dull lives, and all the injustice in the world around us. The last eerie verse goes:

    …Away with us he’s going,
    The solemn-eyed:
    He’ll hear no more the lowing
    Of the calves on the warm hillside
    Or the kettle on the hob
    Sing peace into his breast,
    Or see the brown mice bob
    Round and round the oatmeal-chest.

    For he comes, the human child,
    To the waters and the wild
    With a faery, hand in hand,
    from a world more full of weeping than you
    can understand.

  • Great! So that sex tape is a surprising one, Kristin Kreuk sex tapes will have, passionate soft and hard porn, bdsm, gangbang and many more ( threesome, lesbian etc. ) .. For me its worth the wait.

  • Not so much a reach, but simply logically fallacious.

    This is just another association fallacy and a non-sequitur.

    The former is along the lines of the following:

    1) GBD gives a teen girl an opportunity to post an article about “glamorizing” slavery to justify it back in the 1800s.
    2) VanFraud forms a secret slave cult several years after the fact.
    3) Kristin was in on recruiting teen girls for sexual slavery for VanFraud.

    It’s taking some superficial overlap to a common subject, i.e., slavery and the well known fact that slave masters often had sex with their slaves (association), and insinuating that discussion of such a subject is positive assertion for such behavior (non-sequitur). These things are learned in middle school along with sex education. I’m sure the girls of GBD discussed a lot of topics unrelated to the latter and each participant, including the founders Kristin and Kendra, held their own views that may have been similar to or different from each other.

    • What, then, was the purpose of GBD?

      What motive did Kristin and Kendra have to pry into the lives of 12 – 17 yr. old girls, judge them, beg them for contributions monetary and literary, regal them with mixed-blood, sex-slave-for-riches stories of yore, deceive them that GBD was girl-only and had nothing to do with a man named Keith Raniere or an executive success program called NXIVM?

      What did Kristin and Kendra stand to gain from all this effort?

  • Hey Frank, I’m curious what interactions you had with this women when you were working for NXVIM. It seems like you’ve posted more than 100 articles related to her, but I don’t recall you ever writing about your interactions with her when you were working for Raniere. Also curious as to what you hope to achieve by continually writing about her. Someone said that it’s a power trip for you and that you get off on demeaning people. That what you really want is for her to call you and beg you to stop writing about her like Grace Park, Mark Hildreth, Scott Star, Kristinna Loken, and others have done. I hope that’s not true, but since Park is currently starring in a high profile show on ABC playing, OMG, a lawyer, Hildreth appears in at least two new shows, and Loken is running around appearing at conventions, it does look suspicious that you have chosen to stop writing about these higher profile, recent members who have never publicly confirmed that they have left the cult or bothered to denounce it after you boasted about their contacting you.

    If only you would spend the same about of time and energy investigating and writing about the local law enforcement who did nothing about the cult for years. GBD hasn’t been active in like 6-8 years and according to Edmondson and at least 3 other recently departed members, Kreyk hadn’t been involved for at least 5 years, but these inept or corrupt law enforcement officials are probably still working at their jobs and letting goodness knows who else get away with god knows what else.

  • Agree, Frank, a very inappropriate article for teen girls.
    Also, the response by Ghost does not seem written by a teen–more like a plant to further the tone of the article…”we all sell ourselves to someone or something”
    Bad, bad, bad.
    What kind of girls are they trying to design?

    • Agreed, this article is wholly inappropriate for young girls.

      And I balked at Ghost’s comment as well; while the choice between two evils may have been a tragic reality for the Quadroons a century and a half ago, it’s preposterous to extrapolate their dilemma to young girls of today.

      Ghost: ‘Regardless of race or gender we all sell ourselves to someone or something, be it school, work, marriage, children etc.. The reality is more a matter of perspective.’

      What a deplorable message to girls in their formative years. Makes me want to punch the author, who I agree is definitely an adult with disgusting ulterior motives.

  • Women need to be ruled by men or
    Rather a good man. I had the supreme pleasure of submitting to a noble ethical and compassionate man. Pig man Frank and others (Toni Cat Joe and others illegally conspired) and dishonestly took him away from me and my sisters for a brief time. But the tide is turning. And he comes back soon. (April 20) All this drivel is a waste of time. Kristin Kreuk
    Is a fickle human being. She had the opportunity to be perpetually enjoyed by the worlds greatest man and she was too fooolish to know that it could be eternal. I bet she laments it every night though she won’t admit it. (Career too important) Forgive and forget her. Our heroine is Allison Mack and Clare Bronfman they are the future of woman hood. And Beebs you can be our leader again. You could be the new Prefect when he returns. Yes Barabara no one knows the tech better than you and is more capable of teaching it. You announced to the whole world you love your Vangaurd forever. Come
    Back to us now !!

    • Pea, if you are real, can you confirm Kristin Kreuk did not leave NXIVM in 2013 like she says and was still around in 2015.

      In 2013, she broke up with her boyfriend and NXIVM coach Mark Hildreth and moved full time to Toronto for filming. That to show finished late 2015 and Kreuk was defiantly still a NXIVM supporter.

      Also, you have stated that Kreuk was “ravished” by Raniere. Are you saying Kreuk had sex with him? When did it start?

      Also, what do you think of Girls By Design? Was it created to identify girls for a “feminist approach” to BDSM like Jane the DOS slave claims?

      • Isn’t it obvious that the world needs Keith and needs it badly. He tried to reach the youth with KK’s help. It was
        A valiant effort

        • 1) are you the same person? Your avatar keeps changing.

          2) you didn’t answer the above questions.

          3) are you saying Kreuk knowingly was trying to recruit teen girls for Raniere?

          4) Frank, can you check the IP address of these two Peas in the pod to see if they are the same person.

          • “Pea” never answers pointed questions; never offers up any new information. It is the same message over and over. Don’t waste your time asking.

    • April 20th are you trying to tell us you form some sort of suicide pact or have you been playing goalie without a helmet again

    • Yes Beebs, I’m sure they will offer you a free trip to a convention in Mexico, with the same outcome planned for you as they had for other defectors. I wouldn’t fall for the banana in the tailpipe trick.

    • Did “Pea” ever explain the significance of that date? Why April 20th?
      You planning on having a big birthday cake shaped like a swastika, and handing out joints as party favours, Pea?

    • Pea, I think you made a mistake in the above post. You referred to Frank as Pig Man?? I’m positive you meant Keith was the sweaty, smelly and bloated hog, Your Vanguard is Pig Man. Am I right?

      What is going to happen on April 20th exactly?

    • What exactly are you going to tell everyone on April 20th when Keith stays locked up? Reading your drivel is a waste of our time yet your crazy rants are better than SOS

    • Sultan must defend Kreuk and I don’t know how many coincidences it takes before it is a fact that Kruek was recruiting teens and grooming them for Vanguard. Btw Scott I agree with you that Amway was and is a sinister organization and it is no coincidence that Raniere cut his teeth at Amway.

        • Scott i was almost recruited by their slick pitches. My girlfriend’s parents and sister and brother in law were all going to quit their jobs to do Amway full time. I went and said I would give it a try. For the first time my girlfriend’s parents acted like they liked me. It was so exciting. We were all going to work together as a team. Then I realized Amway was a scam. I told them not to quit their jobs. The parents said I was a bad man for her. My girlfriend broke up with me on her family’s advice/ pressure. There was no way it could work. It was all based on selling others into selling others. There wasn’t any real product or rather negligible product versus recurirment. Long story short – they none of them ever made any money and they lost money and time spent on the nonsense and I got married to a nice girl whose parents liked me and never had any interest in Amway. So a happy ending Amway story. One last thing, the brother in law kept bragging that with Amway he would never have to get up in the morning (like he did for his job) until his “bladder made him wake up. “. He never got there and he wound up getting up to an alarm clock just like he did before but about $3,000 poorer.

    • Good point Scott,
      but why would anyone (especially a high profile person) use a publicist who is demeaning, condescending, and routinely attack others that do not share his point of view. A publicist no. An obsessed fan yes.This person even admits to interacting with young twelve to fourteen year old girls on KK’s internet sites.There is a name for guys that do that. Some Frankreport readers say that they can’t figure out why people verbally attack this guy. Are you kidding me ! You’re right , he does need to clean up. Some may say “any publicity is good publicity” but I think this era of stupid political correctness has buried that, unfortunately.

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