Clare Bronfman looks the same on the outside as she is on the inside - mean and cruel.

Clare best dressed – as these court pictures show

First court appearance, the gruesome and vicious heiress Clare Bronfman appears in a t-shirt and jeans.

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The name Bronfman means whiskey maker.

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At her second court appearance, the sadistic one is wearing a grey blouse and slacks.


She enjoyed using the legal system to punish people Keith Raniere said were his enemies

At her third court appearance, the brutal destroyer of people’s lives is more colorfully arrayed in light blue pants and dark blue shirt.

She is scheduled to be in court again on August 21 to finalize her bail package.

How she will dress then is anyone’s guess. But one would think with her money – she might be able to do a little better.

Clare Bronfman

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