Kevin: Time to Pray for Allison and Hope Danielle Succeeds

I worked for Warner Bros and later the CW network for almost ten years in different capacities, before enlisting in the Air Force in 2010.

By the way, the Air Force showed us a beheading during ‘Beast Week,’ a two week period in basic training, when they stuffed a bunch of people into tents in 100 degree weather, had us do manual labor wearing 100 pounds of gear for 12 hours straight, and deprived us of sleep and food.

Beast Week.

Is this forced labor?

I worked for several years on the Smallville set, doing various jobs and running errands. I wasn’t a big deal or best friends with everyone, and never meant to make it come off that way.

Smallville set where Kevin worked

But yes, I did work there, my time there was positive, and everyone, including Allison Mack, was nice to me and the lower paid workers.

Frank has my information and can ask me anything he wants if he has any questions. Other commenters here also have my Facebook info, so I’m definitely good.

As an aside, my favorite guest star was Richard Gant, who played the Principal of the high school. I remembered him from Rocky V as the Don King parody, and threw lines from the movie at him, and he would throw his character’s lines back at me.

Richard Gant

I’m surprised by the reactions my comments have received. I thought they would mostly be ignored. It might not seem like it, but I’m not trying to fight with anyone here.

I’m hoping that maybe you’ll consider a point of view that you haven’t considered before, which is that many people associated with groups that might be outside the norm, what most call cults, aren’t all that different from other people.

They are looking for friendships, for community, and to belong to something special in a world where the only thing most people care about is their bank account or social media likes.

Allison Mack didn’t join this because she wanted to harm anyone. None of them did.

People got hurt, and that includes the family members and friends of the accused and convicted, many of whom were not in the group. And my main point, that some people responsible for all this have no business pointing fingers at low ranking, unpaid, dues paying members, hit a nerve with people.

My comments are directed at those specific people, not anyone here. And I stand by my point of view. And if you disagree, that’s fine.

Dr. Danielle Roberts

But here’s a crazy idea: no matter where you stand on any of this, why not say a prayer for all the people hurting, including the ones you think might be in the wrong? To pray, or hope or wish, that they all recover, and can move forward with their lives, and find peace?

If Dr. Danielle Roberts is offering a fitness course, root for it, and for her, to succeed. They’ve taken enough hard shots. Let them move on and get past this.


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  • Kevin,
    I agree that prayer is extremely powerful. You are right.
    I pray also that you are healed from your own mind controlled training. What you experienced sounds traumatic and heart wrenching.
    It is no wonder you sympathize with cult leaders, for you had to endure such similar abuse in your training and practice. Thank you for your service, it is inconceivable to imagine what you went through to protect our country. I just worry that you have been brainwashed.

    Truly hope that you find freedom in your heart and you can let go of all the atrocities that you have endured.

    I understand that you have compassion for people who have been victimized by the powers that be. I agree everyone deserves a chance for redemption from Gods forgiveness, but we must repent for our sins and take accountability for our mistakes. That is something that is between each person and God, it doesn’t have much to do with us.

    Working on a superficial level with a tv crew that were all producing a show about mind control is questionable. Just because crew members were “ nice “ superficially, doesn’t mean anything to me.

    Little old ladies gently goad children into compromising situations all the time. In fact, it’s common practice that sex traffickers will force a smiling elderly person or even a child to disarm their victim and then a van comes by and abducts the child and destroys their life.
    A lot of traffickers were abused themselves and “ don’t mean to hurt anyone “ but do hurt, destroy and murder people.

    People are nice, until they aren’t.

    Kevin, you have been through hell and back. I get it. You are looking for answers and relief.

    Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.

    Keep coming back Kevin, we want you on the road to recovery.

  • Kevin, I have been praying over these people for longer than you.

    How can I not?

    I’ve gone to bat for these women so many times in this comments section and I never get a response. They don’t seem to desire compassion. They just want people to agree with them. That’s it.

    • Furthermore, if someone had lied to me about being branded with keith raniere’s initials, I’d 100% come out swinging! Just because we have the power to forgive doesn’t mean people shouldn’t be held accountable for their actions. Yes, Sarah was a recruiter but she did not lie to people like Danielle did. Danielle also remains very proud of her involvement. This is why many people support her license being revoked, not least of which, the board who issued her license. She could have demonstrated some contrition but instead has chosen to act just like her dear leader who claims he’s the smartest man on earth.

  • There are so many more people deserving of your prayers.
    People who go to bed hungry every night.
    People who are homeless or who live in substandard homes.
    People who lack good educations.
    People who lack job opportunities.
    People who lack decent medical care.
    People who live under tyrannical governments.
    People who live in high crime neighborhoods.

    Allison Pimp Mack was born with every opportunity one can imagine and she pissed it all away.
    Kevin, pick someone more deserving of your sympathy.

    • I agree, all of those people you mentioned are deserving of prayers and our help.

      People who are incarcerated should be included. Every major religion on earth says the same.

      • Okay, Nicki. Go dance some more for the male prisoners and make sure that it’s erotic just like Keith ordered.

        But no dancing for your “ex wife” Allison Mack. Keep showing no concern for her. At all. After all she ain’t vanguard.

        And all women are awful losers, right? That’s why only male prisoners (and Kay Rose) earn the glow sticks and booty shorts dancing treatment.

        So why did you marry a woman, Nicki? If they are so horrible as a gender?

        Certainly, not for immigration fraud.

      • Kevin, I’ve prayed for Keith, too. He can’t even stop getting himself in trouble! He’ll also probably never even ask for an IQ test to prove his wild claims. I think he’s completely fine with continuing to live a lie. His actions during trial and while imprisoned strongly indicate that he believes he’s superior to everyone. Pretty sad, really. I also don’t understand why his so called “friends” continue to goad him on. I think they must believe they are superior beings, too. Very sad.

  • GROOMING GAY PEDOPHILE CULT: You know its people like you who destroy the world for our beautiful baby’s, our young children safety depends on US. There safety and security has been robbed by this STUPID SENSELESS CULT.


    I would say you yourself need serious help, and most likely are a raving pedophile and most likely part of this pedophile grooming cult.

    I myself helped many of these children being rapped, drugged and held hostage (little boys are there specialty – mothers and fathers watch your children in the Capital Region – lock them down until they clean up of these trasholes).

    In tune I had no idea it was a raving pedophile cult, so they began there sneaky attack on me and my children and businesses, to destroy and dismantle. As I roped them in the discover who the idiots where it amazed me how stupid you all our, and how many of them are still left 18,000 members to try and continue to brutally attack our children. You are a grooming gay pedophile cult, STILL ACTIVE IN THE CAPITAL REGION. You are so brutally infested in our schools – children activity’s – daycare centers – churches, and lets not forget our POLITICIANS and POLICE INVOLVED STILL. Its like super glue you trasholes are stuck to this area for 53 years I can see and remember.

    RIGHT BACK TO OTTO’S, the drugging and rapping men and women in this area is unheard of. While this pack of pedophiles slitters through this community and anyone who knows, or trys to help the children you attack and or kill, rob and abuse. Someone had better shut you all down now, you bag of trasholes who have tried to shut me up for 5 years now with you ORGANIZED GANG STALKING, YOU ARE 100% A REAL JOKE. This cult actually thinks they have me held hostage and attack every time I walk out my door, get into my car or go into a public place. They actually have found the one women in this world who will beat the crap out of each one of them, I have no fear in my heart from a pack of pedophiles, why these women would help you amazes me they have to also believe in pedophilia. DOS are you serious, wake up smell the roses and get a grip on yourself. You have all destroyed your lives, and now try to suck off others. PS we need a cult de-programmer for the Capital Region NY, anyone have any ideas and some good antibiotics for these pedophiles. GFY Tami Lin Farrow

  • I’m not fighting with anyone here either.

    I have a different point of view, and I’m expressing it. So what’s wrong with that? You are pleased to call that “fighting”. You claim it hurts people.

    What hurts people is getting burned with the red hot tip of a cauterizing pen. Danielle Roberts did that. Allison Mack planned the operation. Coerced victims into having it done by blackmailing them and lying to them.

    People like Roberts and Mack and Raniere need to be stopped. Not prayed for.

    My point of view is uncomplicated: people who turn the other cheek must like getting slapped.

    Allison Mack is not a nice person. She proved that through her actions. I don’t care if she smiled at you when you fetched her a sandwich. She’s a racketeer, an extortionist, a criminal conspirator. There’s ample evidence, presented in open court, that she was sex trafficking for Raniere. She took credit for coming up with the branding idea.

    She’s as bad as Raniere, she just lacks his self confidence.

    She belongs in prison, where she currently is. She got a sweet deal because she pleaded guilty. Otherwise she’d likely be spending 20 years behind bars on the sex trafficking charge the Feds so generously agreed to drop.

    That’s all the mercy this criminal deserved.

    It’s far from clear that Mack learned any kind of lesson from her peculiar experiences, as shown by her online college behavior. Tabitha Chapman who knew Mack for years and worked for her and was thoroughly abused by her tells a very different tale of the delightful Allison.

    Roberts isn’t serving time. The only price she paid for branding these coerced blackmailed women was loss of her professional license. She’s also being sued for damages, and no wonder.

    And now she’s running some kind of yoga-personal growth scam at exorbitantly inflated prices. Nice, real nice.

    So no I won’t be saying any prayers for these people. Nor do I particularly wish them well. Roberts clearly has no remorse and Mack’s is suspect. She seems mainly sorry for herself. The best outcome I can see for these people is to get an honest job, refrain from scamming people and shady operations, keep their heads down and try feeling some remorse. I hear they’re hiring at Target.

    • Aristotle, to address your points:

      First, I believe Tabitha Chapman, and I hope she gets all of the compensation owed to her and all the support she ever needs. And I hope the greed bags behind the big lawsuit don’t steal it from her.

      Second, Allison had the right to attend college classes, per the directive of the Judge in the case. If a spoiled, pampered Berkely girl who has never so much as bussed a table got triggered because Allison asked her if they should carry the one on question 5, via zoom, too bad. Don’t like it? Take it up with the complainers themselves, who support the “beyond the box” program publicly, except when they have to take a class with a former inmate or someone awaiting sentencing.

      Third, how is Danielle running a scam? She’s providing a service and letting customers know the cost upfront. That’s the opposite of a scam. Expensive, yes, but not a scam.

    • Here is a tweet that helps one understand what Allison Mack was and is.
      It is clear what the goal of this recruitment by appearance was. Allison Mack selected the women and girls to find Keith Raniere’s preferred type of women with the goal of enslaving them and setting the stage for Raniere to rape these women.

      Caitie Gutierrez 🗽 (they/fae)
      20 Sep. 2021
      Reply to
      NXIVM survivor India Oxenberg stated “Allison [Mack] instructed myself and other girls in the group to create lists of people that we thought we could enrol into DOS. She instructed us to get pictures of their faces from social media and send them to her for approval.”

  • Personally I am all for the ex-NXIVM faithful to find new success and happiness. Just away from NXIVM. Which for some seems to be the hard part.

    Allison had stayed away but its unclear if she did that to help with her sentencing or if that was a genuine attempt. Guess we will find out in a year or so. Others, like Clyne, have doubled down on the crazy. Roberts is still knee deep and now selling her version of the same self-help nonsense (Bodhi?!? Really? That people eat that BS…)

    Many of the others that claim to have moved on are out there writing books, doing podcasts, etc. so while they condemn NXIVM, it remains a part of their regular lives. But as a whole, these are the few remaining if public outliers. Most have moved on and that is a good thing. Wish them all the best.

    • Nicki Clyne has almost 38k followers on Twitter. These are the people who are interested in Nicki craziness or have equally crazy views as her.

      • My twitter has 22k followers and I tweet maybe once a month. Its not hard to build a following. You can even buy them.

        • I’ve read advice that you need to post on Twitter at least once a day to achieve the goal of building a readership of followers. How can you do that if you only do it once a month? All the Twitter numbers stating active and passive users, inactive accounts where nothing happens, multiple accounts, fake accounts, spam accounts are probably a joke and certainly not to be taken seriously. I don’t take them seriously. I think it’s all a bad joke. That’s why I will never get an account from Twitter. Common sense prevails.

    • 100 % @ not NiceGuy
      Kevin started by attacking other commenters and saying Sarah Edmondson’s children were at risk. That people should be “worried” about her care.

      Bragging about your military service is distasteful and irrelevant. No one decent just brings up serving while arguing about c list tv actresses and their creeoy cult. Really no one on this blog brags about their resume much. It’s so yuck

      • Mr. Cringe, I am not a hero, and never claimed to be one. I work a desk job. I’m not a big tough guy. I helped my team with manual labor this morning, and feel broken. Someone like Danielle could probably help me more than what our medical team provides on base (to “sleep it off” and “stay off it,” which I’ll try to do, even though neither suggestion makes sense).

        I use my military service to provide examples of how things that are seen as outside the norm by most people (food and sleep deprivation, abusive language, horrid conditions, hard work in extreme heat or cold, etc.) aren’t as outside the norm as people might think.

        Also, people here asked for more information about who I am and how I knew certain people, and if I was ever involved in ESP. I gave enough information to answer those questions but without giving away too much.

        If a DOS member on the other side of the fence was hired for a job where they worked with children, how would people here react to that? They would yell and scream and throw a fit. Someone would squeal, and they would lose their job.

        We only see how ridiculous and unfair that is when we replace Nicki’s name, or Danielle’s name, or Michelle’s name, with Sarah’s name.

        Have a lovely day.

        • Kevin, do you pray for Kristin Kreuk, too? She was mindfucked for 6 years or more, recruited Allison plus many others indirectly, ran Girls By Design, yada yada, but was never held accountable. You also knew her on the Smallville set, so did you see the spark of cultism in her eyes then?

          • Hello Smelly Reporter,

            I didn’t know Kristen as well. She was very quiet and professional, and a lot more introverted than the others, but very nice.

            That she was associated with the parent organization tells me that the people involved were getting something from these courses, or from the sense of community. My understanding is that she was a coach. I don’t know what other roles she played in the company. I know about the accusations made regarding GBD, but it never got off the ground, and she denied that it was even related to the company.

            I don’t know this, it’s just a hunch, but I don’t think she cowered and hid when it came to Allison. I think that she talked to her and maybe it didn’t go well. I don’t know. I do think Kristen might be able to help some people if she was open and candid about her experiences, what she liked, and what she regrets. It’s her private life, but talking about it could help someone who’s younger and maybe in a spot that she was in all those years ago.

        • Comparing the military to DOS is insane and unpatriotic.

          DOS was a master slave group used as a feeder pool of blackmailed women to sexually service Keith Raniere.

          The military… Isn’t.

          • Anyone who’s been in the military knows that Basic Training’s goal is to break the trainee’s individualism. Cut your hair, wear a uniform, follow orders, and become a semi-slave who does what you are told. No trainee is ever asked his opinion.
            It is neither insane not unpatriotic to state the truth.

          • The military is a straightforward agreement. You enlist with a full knowledge of what that means. You don’t go enlist in the military and then find out later that it’s not actually about serving your country it’s really about pledging fealty to one person that you didn’t even know was involved and you have to have sex with them. It would be like joining the military and they brand you but you later on find out that the brand is for a religious leader. That you didn’t even know was involved. It’s completely insulting to compare the two.

  • The concern is the Dossier women continue to promote a concept/dynamic that at best, allowed people to be subjected to coercive control.

    They continue to defend their choice and deny the abuse experienced by others. This is what creates ill-will because the innocent who are looking for community and friendship can fall prey to the harmful practices Danielle, Nicki and others promote and enjoy.

    But agreed, it’s best to wish them well and hope for a better future.

    • At 5:02 pm

      In service of your country.

      Not in service of being blackmailed into fucking an old man cult leader you fucktard.

    • The Commander in Chief for the military is well known. There is no bait and switch. You know exactly who you’re signing up to serve. And what they represent. It sounds like you don’t understand the military and I doubt you ever served I think you’re a liar. I do not believe that anyone who truly served in the military would ever say such a disgusting thing.

  • I agree with hoping they move past this. It was with enthusiasm that I looked at Danielle’s website, where I was disappointed to see she is still promoting dossier and her program regrettably doesn’t stick to fitness.

    That would have been the most positive, “clean” approach to a new audience- without tainting it with programs that have absolutely created tremendous pain for so many.

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