DOS Slave Dr. Danielle Roberts Offers Eight-Week Course for $3,000

Looking for something new?

Do you need to shake out of your rut, get back to who you are- or what you would like to be? If so, Frank Report has glad tidings.

Former NXIVM member and DOS slave Dr. Danielle Roberts is the answer.

She is offering to teach what she has learned as a former physician, member of NXIVM, and slave.

Yes, you read that right – a slave. For that is what she is, and she is proud of it.

As a member of the Dossier Project, she defends DOS and fights for public acceptance of slavery.

Dr. Roberts came to fame for her role in DOS, where, as a slave, she branded other slaves with the initials of Keith Raniere.

She got into hot water because no one told the slaves that the brand was Raniere’s initials.

Roberts also attracted attention for her acrobatics before her grandmaster Keith Alan Raniere.

She danced outside his former residence, the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center.

The wise and omniscient Vanguard instructed his followers to dance. And so they danced in front of the prison in the lead up to his sentencing. 
The world’s smartest man got 120 years.

So the glad tidings are that Dr. Roberts can show you how to become as fit and in control as she is. 

She presents the good news on her website. This may be the only place where you can find the authentic teachings of a grand slave of Raniere.

Her website is

Here is her message:

Master Your Bodhi, Master Your Life

Are you stuck? Have you gotten to a certain level in your life, career, relationships, your health or body’s potential? Do you want to break through and get to the next level?

Are you willing to admit that the problem might not be your circumstances, “those” people, your boss, your customers, or your body? Are you willing to explore that the limiting factor may be your mindset?

And if you change your mindset, you can have so much more of what you want?

Why do some people around you seem to be thriving or have the relationships, careers or body you want? What are they doing that you’re not?

I can help you identify these bad habits, intimately get to know them, and transform them for good, so that you can take your life to the next level no matter where you are starting from.

Let’s do it together, I can show you how.

Bodhi Mastery

Beyond the body …


Bodhi Mastery: Enhanced

Bodhi Mastery: Enhanced is one way you can learn, experience and practice that you are the Master of your body.

Complete Bodhi Mastery includes Mastery of all the fundamental aspects that make up our human experience; physical, emotional and thought. Here we focus on one aspect of our physical experience: wellbeing.

In this comprehensive 8-week experience, you will become intimately aware of the key factors involved in Mastering your physical wellbeing and vitality.

You will be guided to develop and enhance your five senses and deeply connect with your breath, stress, sleep, nutrition, and detoxification processes, so that you can Master and optimize them for YOUR unique life.

You will utilize sophisticated metrics before, during and after the process providing you with powerful and sensitive feedback to help you course correct even the smallest inefficiencies rapidly.

You will trade in that beautiful “jalopy” you’ve been driving and discover the “Lamborghini” you were born in!

This is a comprehensive 8-week experience, with 3-hour sessions every Sunday.

Price $3,000

Below Dr. Roberts demonstrates yoga asanas.

Somehow Dr. Roberts sacrificed her career to defend Keith Raniere. She continues to support DOS. Raniere is in prison. He was her grandmaster. Allison Mack, her master, is also in prison.

She may get out as soon as the end of this year. Unless Raniere can win a retrial, he will remain where he is most likely for the rest of his life.

Roberts left Long Island, where she practiced as a physician.

After losing her license, she moved to Wisconsin. She was selling term life insurance.

She is offering a course based on her knowledge. That includes the teachings she learned in NXIVM, DOS, and from her own subgroup of NXIVM — exo/eso.

Is there something to learn from her?

Some might believe it. Roberts is fit and knows the human body.

Conversely, some might shy away from a woman associated with Raniere.

Convicted of sex trafficking, forced labor, and racketeering, Raniere’s star is dim.

Roberts could flip on Raniere and become a victim. She would win sympathy and start the road to getting back her medical license.

How close she is to doing that is unknown.

For now, she is out in the world. She is trying to teach students what she knows about health and wellness. She is teaching the role of the mind in bringing health and discipline to one’s life.

She is doing this while remaining a slave to Raniere.

She made a lifetime vow.

Will anyone trust her judgment about the mind taking control of the body? When most people believe Raniere took control of her mind.

This is the challenge she must face. Who will trust her if she trusts Raniere?

Could you separate her teachings and take the good and ignore the Raniere in it?


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Frank Parlato


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  • Frank, please approve my 2 posts responding to Alonzo’s ignorance below.

    It’s not secret info (I already mentioned this stuff before). And I’d rather not have to visit that idiot’s blog to give him these responses, so please just approve them here.

  • Sublime satire, a masterful work, *James Thurber be damned! Bangkok is a true pupil of the humorist, F. Parlato. Upon
    reading this piece of wordsmithery, Parlato deemed it better than a
    brandy Alexander or a [redacted] from Nancy Salzman.

    Somewhere out there in the abyss K.R. Claviger is in awe of Bangkok’s talent and no doubt jealous. The pussy is probably crying. 😉

    Seriously-excellent writing Bangkok. See you in October – little dipshit. 😉

    *Reference James Thurber,
    “The Cat Bird”

    • We are all jealous of Bangkok, who stands at 9 feet, three and one half inches tall. Only Nice Guy stands taller than him, at 11 feet, seven inches.

    • How could a lowly Bostonian, like yourself, have the ability to view ‘unapproved’ comments on FR?

      Nobody else can see that comment yet. But you can.

      The only way you could have seen my ‘unapproved’ comment was if Frank gave you some kind of moderator privileges.

      But there’s no way that happened, since Frank’s so lazy that he waits 12-24 hours each day to personally approve all comments.

      Plus, there’s no way that Frank would give such privileges to a Bostonian who is BARREN and totally childless with his wife ——– probably not by choice either, but because Niceguy is shooting ‘blanks’ in bed.

      Frank’s also lying about seeing a photo of Niceguy’s wife and saying she’s gorgeous.

      Frank hasn’t seen JACK SHIT.

      He’s lying.

      He made that up out of whole cloth.

      Niceguy’s wife is probably FAT AS A HOUSE.

      Have a good day. 🙂

      • The only two completely different people who Frank gave moderator privileges to were Claviger and Joe. Unfortunately, Clav became busy with other things about 6 months ago, and Joe has been working on

        So he doesn’t get called lazy and to keep the comment section flowing, maybe Frank should pass out the privilege to a new moderator?

        Are there any FR regulars who have time on their hands (jobless), would enjoy sifting through hundreds of daily comments, and are proficient at using the urban dictionary? It might be the easiest unpaid internship to fill of all time…

        • Hi again, my good friend.

          Look, asshole…

          Your comments belie the basic fact that:

          1) Frank chose to begin moderating comments in 2020, even though it largely wasn’t necessary, as his blog was just FINE before he began moderating. The world didn’t stop spinning before he began moderating.

          2) There are thousands of higher-traffic blogs on the InterWebs, at this current moment, which use volunteer moderators. It’s not a full-time job and does not take ‘hours’ per day, LOL, you liberal douchebag.

          3) FR does NOT get hundreds of comments per day anymore, LOL. It gets maybe 50-75 comments per day (not counting spam/filtered comments) —- and most of them are quick comments which take 2 seconds to read and approve.

          4) There are probably 10 comments per day which might take 45-60 seconds to quickly skim for appropriateness.

          5) Total moderating time (for 50-75 comments per day) takes somewhere between 10 or 15 minutes per day, for somebody who can read fairly quickly (for non-retards). That’s not exactly a full time, unpaid internship, as you claimed —— you fucken retarded HYENA.

          6) Even Patriot God’s offensive comments don’t take longer than 3-5 seconds to moderate, since Frank will know within 5 seconds if the comment contains inappropriate insults or not. He doesn’t have to read the whole thing.

          7) Frank’s gotten lazier and lazier as time passes, likely due to his advancing age and inability to read quickly — which I assume could possibly be caused by medical conditions such as Alzheimers or mental slowness and/or encroaching mental retardation.

          It’s not just Frank’s moderation which shows how lazy he is —– it’s also his lack of attention to the CAUSES he claims to fight for.

          Like the SWAMI.

          Frank claims that the Swami is even worse than Raniere — which he probably is — yet Frank does very little to help humiliate the Swami and bring negative attention towards him (outside of writing an occasional story about him).

          Frank could do a LOT more to humiliate the Swami with the help of his new Oregon commie friends —- but he CHOOSES to sit on his lazy ass, while roasting wild hogs all day at less than 1000 degrees.

          People only get the justice which they DESERVE —- and based on their lazy behavior, I estimate that the Swami will retire in peace and live happily ever after, with his victims getting very little justice due to their own laziness.

          Mr. Nutjob… Why don’t you get off your lazy ass and do something to help bring down the Swami?

          Are you too fucken lazy?

          What about me? I can’t be getting involved with a bunch of Mao-worshipping, Lenin-loving communists from Oregon. But you’ll be right at home among those libtards.

          Have a nice day.

          • I’m already second guessing myself for responding to you – last thing I want is another night of me in your head and a tube sock in your hand… But, since you can’t comprehend sarcasm and English, I’ll take a turn at failing to comprehend the same.

            Even though your resume is sometimes entertaining, there is NO WAY Frank will accept your request to be moderator. I’d suggest asking your mom to ask for the job – she at least has a shot to score the gig and she may toss you a bone by posting some of your more immature comments.

            I’m not sorry if my straight up insights into your life will scramble your liberal brain as you attempt to focus on Don Lemon’s cute grin. Serves you right for being a rainbow loving, gun hating, Biden Boy.

            I feel like I should end this post by screaming: SWAMI!!! LAZY!!!

        • There are rumors around various backwaters of the internet which say Joe O’Hara was KR Claviger.

          But I have my doubts about that. O’Hara is an asshole, and Claviger is an asshole, but they are two different kinds of assholes.

          Their writing styles are different, too. Joe’s is idiosyncratic while Claviger’s style is impersonal, like someone who writes wills and trusts all day.

          Frank mentioned that he’s seen a picture of Nice Guy’s wife.

          I believe him.


          • I did see a picture of Nice Guy’s wife. She’s good. It’s chiefly her eyes, and that throb she gets in her voice when she says things like, “Be generous, Nice Guy”.

          • Grow a brain, sir.

            Here’s what a LOGICAL person would do…

            Why don’t you ask Frank why he had no problem ‘denying’ that you were Claviger (in fact, he did that quite quickly) ———- yet he won’t outright deny that O’hara is Claviger. LOL.

            That should tell you all you need to know. LOL.

            Better yet… Why don’t you ask O’hara if he’ll deny that he’s Claviger?

            A simple ‘no’ would end this speculation.

            But he won’t answer that question. For obvious reasons, LOL.

            You have much to learn about basic ‘judgment’, my good friend, cuz your logic stinks to high heaven.

            You think it’s just a coincidence that Claviger bragged about learning from G. Robert Blakey in Law School? (famous author of our RICO laws)

            In case you didn’t know, G. Robert Blakey taught at Cornell Law School —– which is precisely where O’hara also graduated from in the early 70’s (way back when Mr. Blakey taught there).

            They’re both Cornell law school grads from the same time period.

            They’re both the same age. Both retired.

            Both of them are flaming liberals who talk about gun control and fairer conditions for prison inmates.

            They’re both close friends of Frank.

            If you believe it’s all a coincidence, you’re probably dumber than dogshit.

            You’d make a lousy journalist. You have poor logic and judgment.

            Have a good day. 🙂

          • Here you go, douchebag…

            A Google search for “Frankreport” “Claviger” and “Blakey” turns up this thread:


            In this thread, Claviger brags that one of his professors in law school was the famous G. Robert Blakey (famous author of our RICO laws).

            Everybody knows that G. Robert Blakey taught at Cornell Law School in the early 70’s ——- which is exactly when a current retiree in his 70’s would have attended (this means Claviger attended Cornell Law School in the 70’s).

            Article quote: “As it turns out, one of my professors in law school was G. Robert Blakey, the author of the RICO statute”

            A Google search for “Frankreport” “Ohara” and “Cornell” turns up this thread below, where O’hara admits to graduating from Cornell Law School in that same time period, since he’s about 74-75 years old.


            Article quote: “Although I never practiced law as a full-time career, I did graduate from Cornell Law School”

            Both are prominent FrankReport authors and both are close friends of Frank Parlato Jr.

            If you investigate Claviger’s writings further, you’ll see that both him and O’hara have something else in common ——- they both advocate FANATICALLY for ‘prison reform’ and ‘gun control’.

            They both believe strongly that prison inmates are being abused by the government and that guns have no place in society.

            Try asking O’hara about his gun control and prison reform positions. Then match them to Claviger’s positions on these same issues, which he’s written over the years.

            Actually, you don’t even need to ask O’hara about these topics —- since he’s already written about these topics on his new blog.

            Oh… Both of these men also wished DEATH or SERIOUSLY ILLNESS upon their enemies by using the same “JUSTICE” phrasing…

            Claviger once told me that ‘JUSTICE’ would be served when my whole family got COVID (he said this back when no vaccine existed, which means he was wishing for death).

            Guess what? In his letter written to Nancy’s judge, O’hara said that when Nancy got breast cancer —- it was ‘JUSTICE’ from a higher power.

            That’s a very unusual idea of ‘justice’ ——- especially for 2 different attorneys who both graduated from Cornell during the same time period. Don’t ya think?

            Draw your own conclusions.

            Have a good day. 🙂

          • Of the people still alive, Joe and John Tighe nay be the two who suffered the most from glorious Vanguard. Understanding their history will help to understand their angle.

            Knowing what happened to them makes it difficult for me to cut a break to those still ride-or-dying with keith.

          • Why do you care? Why have you always cared so much about doxing people? This blog started about a destructive High control group that was very into retaliation and suing people.

            There is nothing wrong with people wanting to comment and protect their identity. Maybe you just have nothing to lose, so you don’t understand or care? Either way it is not your job or your business to expose people’s identities.

            Try just being a normal person who comments on the blog like everyone else and isn’t obsessed with finding out personal details about each commenter. It’s so creepy and disturbing, off-putting and disgusting.

            Mind your own f****** business. This kind of behavior also makes it very difficult for people who were directly involved in the groups to comment and feel safe. Maybe they don’t want to reveal who they are at this point or any point.

            Frank has always used Anonymous sources. You could say that without Anonymous sources this group of coercive control wielding assholes wouldn’t have been brought down through Frank’s reporting.

            If you want a Blog where everyone uses their first and last name and submits their resume for your approval then start your own f****** blog.

            Frank I highly suggest that you publicly discourage this creeps obsessive interest in disclosing people’s identities and personal information. It’s really counterproductive, and it opens you up to potential legal issues as well.

          • “Anonymous” wrote:

            “Frank I highly suggest that you publicly discourage this creeps obsessive interest in disclosing people’s identities and personal information. It’s really counterproductive, and it opens you up to potential legal issues as well.

            KR Claviger and Nice Guy spent months doxxing me, trashing my livelihood and trying to ruin my reputation as a marketing guy here on the Frank Report. In addition, there have been others here on the Frank Report who KR Claviger and Nice Guy have doxxed, and tried to ruin their reputations and livelihoods, too, such as Scott Johnson, and others.

            That is far beyond the scope of debating NXIVM and ‘cults’.

            You’ll notice that no one cares who Erasend, Anonymaker, or Aristotle’s Sausage is, for instance. Or anyone else. They never doxxed anyone here on the Frank Report.

            From what I have observed, along with Frank, both Nice Guy and Claviger have moderator privileges on the Frank Report. Or, Claviger – who has stated he/she/it has moderator privileges here – logs in and fixes Nice Guy’s drunken typos from time to time.

            Who would do such a thing?

            I think Claviger and Nice Guy should engage in a project to delete all doxing posts of all commenters here on the Frank Report and after all doxxing posts of any commenter have been fully deleted, I think Frank should announce a strict no-doxxing policy, and enforce it from here on out.

            Wouldn’t you agree, “Anonymous”?


  • Hey, Frank…

    You claim that nobody in your circle of friends ever said she was a bad physician, huh?


    Your good buddy, Claviger, said precisely that about Danielle in 2019 (quote below):

    “As reluctant as it usually is to discipline physicians, NYSDOH stepped up big time in revoking Porter’s license. Now, it needs to do the same thing with respect to Danielle Roberts.”

    And you published it.

    Here’s what YOU published about Danielle (quote below):

    “exo/eso was created by Keith Raniere with a little help from Danielle Roberts and six other women – all young and attractive. Roberts, as an osteopath, was chosen to lead the group [and be its face]. She was to do much of the recruiting – using her medical license as an imprimatur of sound science. She would also teach classes.

    The classes were nothing more than an intro to NXIVM – with some physical exercises added including yoga. The goal was to bring women into the cult via their desire for physical fitness with some mind-over-matter, and new age platitudes.

    Part of what exo/eso teaches is that women don’t need to eat much [800 calories daily] or sleep much [4 hours nightly], that women eat too much protein in America, and that vegetarianism is essential to evolving into an ‘integrated’ woman.

    exo/eso was part of Raniere’s overall scheme to induct women into his group. Sleep deprivation, food deprivation and constant pressure to give tribute to Raniere were aids in this and were encouraged in exo/eso.”


    Sounds like you don’t think much of her ‘physician abilities’ —- since what kind of physician would use her status (as a physician) to allegedly help Keith prey upon women like that?

    Methinks you got some ‘splaining to do, Frank.

    The truth is always fair.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

    • Frank, please delete my whole comment above.

      It was probably a bit unfair for me to cite those quotes from your previous articles —— since those quotes were taken from 2018 and 2019, long before you got to know her better.

      Again, feel free to delete that whole comment. 🙂

  • “ Why do some people around you seem to be thriving or have the relationships, careers or body you want? What are they doing that you’re not?”

  • I still think it’s ridiculous that Sarah E went all in to ruin Danielle’s life. Meanwhile, it was Lauren who coerced Sarah into DOS, lying to her about everything. Lauren was the one who told Sarah it was a tattoo. Lauren’s the one that said it was the symbol of the elements. Lauren’s the one that lied to Sarah and said she was not sleeping with KR. Did Sarah go after Lauren?

    No. In fact, she wrote a letter to the judge and asked for leniency. Lauren did not have to go to prison. Has a dog grooming business and is free. Danielle did the branding. But she did not coerce or convince Sarah by lying to her. It was all Lauren. And Sarah wants to give Lauren a hug (as she said on her podcast). I still don’t get how Sarah could be so forgiving to Lauren after she was the mastermind.

  • Every time I begin to have sympathy for Danielle Roberts, I read new information which confirms she’s lost her way and has no business being a physician.

    Glad the board took complaints seriously.

  • I believe warning labels should be removed from all products to let the gene pool clean itself out.

    • Amway Cowboy,

      I know am giving you great hopes but they are more than that!! If Danielle will turn you down, Alanzo will be there anyway. You’ll get to do A LOT more sniffing on his mat! For best results don’t wear a face mask!

    • I’m a junior legal secretary at a franchise law firm on the ghetto end of the docks in Boston.

      I cut and paste text into wills and trusts all day.

      When I come home, I like to chug a bottle of white wine from Walgreens, strap one on, and pound [redacted] hungry butthole.


    It’s V-week apparently.

    Damon Brink reminds us all of what a pleasure it was to attend V-week.

    “It’s that time of year. If you’re an ESPIAN of any experience, you can feel it. Can you feel it.
    Do you remember?”

    Ice-nine unfortunately cannot feel it or remember because Ice-nine wasn’t invited to V-week. He had other shit going on that day.

    “Where else could you practice at the ideal world?”

    It’s a fair question, if your idea of an ideal world is playing volleyball at 3:00 am in Albany, NY. Ice-nine has other ideas about that, which would be “anywhere but here”.

    In any case, for those of you interested in understanding what you missed out on, Damon Brink will tell you.

    • I’m all for freedom of expression but Damon Brink my consider a course on sentence construction and then move on to coherent paragraphs that convey a clear message.

      Maybe gathering his thoughts instead of free rambling would make his position more compelling.

  • And the fact that she is still trying to teach and be constructive is noble. Regardless of how hard she is assailed by the detractors.

  • Good for you Danielle! If I had 3000 bucks I’d definitely think about it.

    I may have missed it. Is this an online course?

  • This is why this bitch will NEVER get her license back. She👏is👏fucking 👏delusional on so many levels.

  • NIPPY Ames (53): The dunce is starting an OnlyFans page.

    Shameless Sarah Edmondson is pimping out her man.

    …. Maybe there’s a market for a 53-year-old [redacted.]

    • And yet you’re the one who is reporting about it. I doubt many people besides you are following nippy that closely. I know I’m not. I have a feeling you’ll be one of the first to sign up for nippies only fans. Hahaha

      • Princess Leia-

        I enjoy busting your chops once in awhile. Don’t be such a yenta!

        Sarah’s N.Y. Times exposé caught the worlds attention and forced the DOJ to act. Frank built the bonfire and Sarah lit the fire.

        As for “your” stud muffin – he’s like a Ken Doll Shiksa. I will say this – he’s the only male NXIVM member I respect as man. I’m sure he doesn’t care what I have to say – but his lady………

        Take care,

    • Then why do you always comment here and read these posts good and bad? You’re ruining your internal representation of keith. When Vanguard gets out of prison in 100 or so years you are going to have to do Penance and heal your ethical breach

        • A better one is why you asked her to help [redated]’s wife, with stage 4 lymphoma? If you trusted her with your friend’s sick wife, I imagine YOU trusted her skillset. I was there in 2021 when you asked by email. I asked to see it because I couldn’t believe the gall.( or her ) at the time.

          But there it black & white.

          She won’t waste her time going tit for tat anymore because its not productive and / or healing but
          I occasionally waste time.

          So I reckon her course is valuable 😉
          Carpe diem !

          • Danielle was a licensed physician at the time. My friend’s wife had stage 4.

            I believe Danielle is a competent physician, and is familiar with alternative therapies. Though Danielle did not aid my friend’s wife, she turned to alternative therapies in combination with standard medical procedures, and went into remission.

            If I were sick, I would certainly consider consulting with Danielle. Nobody ever said she was anything but a good physician.

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    • Eat your heart out, poor Scotty Johnson. Esther runs circles around you.

      That MLM looks good. I wonder if there’s a Tuesday night call where I can listen to Esther’s upline tell me motivating shit?

  • Old Joke by Steve Martin
    “There’s this wonderful new drug that will cure anything!
    It’s called a Pla-Ce-Bo.”

    Lecture from Dr. Danielle Roberts
    PLACEBO EFFECT: Creating the Belief Systems for Miraculous Healing with Danielle Roberts, DO

  • The human race baffles me of the lives these people ruined, yet here it is right on the Frank Report $3,000 for a coaching season with Danielle Roberts (her Medical License was striped from her by the state of New York, so was the privilege of using Dr. in front of her name).

    Frank, I can’t decide which side of the fence you’re on, one day you’re taking on NXIVM swords drawn, guns blazing. The next day Michelle and Danielle are publishing disgusting articles on this page about how beautiful and wonderful NXIVM is. Come spend $3,000 dollars, and I’ll show you the NXIVM and DOS secrets. Frank, I sure wish you’d stick to your guns or abandon the fight.

  • Given her history, unless she’s recruiting like-minded slaves, it would be wise to eliminate the word “Master” from her program description.

    Smart woman, lots of word options available…

  • Doc Roberts-

    The Jalopy to Lamborghini transformation:

    IMO: At $125 an hour – it better include *sex at some point.

    *Bangkok will sign up provided he can double up on the condoms and all amenities are inclusive.

  • TBH, If she is still in great shape like that, I have to hand it to her for keeping on top of her fitness throughout all of the stress she’s been through, so she probably has some good advice to offer when it comes to attaining and maintaining physical fitness.

    this might sound nitpicky, but it kind of creeped me out how the words master (both as noun and verb) and mastery were always capitalized in her text…as if weird BDSM etiquette still applies.

    I think $3000 is too big of an ask because of potential concerns she could be a crackpot. if she can start with one $199 or $300 short course as an intro sampler, that seems more realistic. But maybe she has former Nexians who are willing to dive right in, idk.

  • Are these Sunday meetings a zoom call? Is it in a group? That sounds awful.

    Are you just confessing your secrets and “intimately” going over them with Danielle? Is she recording it?

    Is it a chance to pay for releasing your own collateral? Of course no one should trust this woman.

    Especially not with deep dark psychological issues – it’s hard to even take it seriously.

    Who would tell their secrets to convicted child pornographer Keith Raniere’s slave? Yes, lady who lost her medical license for branding women with a man’s initials near their vagina and is still a part of his cult following let me tell you all my most private issues and thoughts.

    That sounds like a great idea. Based on the language used and the photographs chosen most likely it’s an appeal to men. She used the word intimately at least twice.

    Everyone lean in close… I am going to intimately save you $3,000 …

    if you want to lose weight….eat less and exercise more.

    You now have 2 hours and 59 minutes remaining to fill up with nonsense advice about weight loss.

    For the next eight Sundays you are free to do as you want and you don’t have to pay anyone. Just eat less. Exercise more.

    One more time…. for absolutely free….

    If you want to lose weight:

    Eat less and exercise more.

    Class dismissed

  • Is she still a dr? She still promotes herself as a doctor in all her branding. Isn’t that impersonation? Can’t NY state get involved?

  • Michelle Salzman is part of this scam too…. No one answers how Michelle runs scot free….. And then her slimey husband Ben…. They got some good collateral on someone!!!

  • Wondering if she send percentage of her earnings to Raniere Power of Attorney to hold for him?

    If she tries to keep it all her herself she could get sued by him?

    Of course Raniere never did legal own NXIVM. Now the government owns it.

    Since I the patents were turned down, what can they sew over, really?

    Wondering who would take a 3,000 class from a woman who still follows creepy Raniere?

  • As long as Dr Roberts limits her teachings to yoga and simple homegrown self-help philosophy, there should be no problem. The woman’s got to make a living and hounding her for her past isn’t going to help anyone.

    Does anyone object to Lauren S. grooming dogs? She is still in contact with the public and could ‘recruit’ if she was so minded. She has publicly denounced Raniere, but who knows what is really in her heart and her mind?

    Leave them to get on with their lives to make a lawful living.

    She (they) are also free to continue believing in Raniere/Dos/Guru xyz if they wish, as long as they do not bring their beliefs into their work life and try and influence others or ‘convert’ anyone. I, for one, don’t care what my yoga teacher or dog groomer thinks of the universe, whether they self-identify as a slave or anything else or whether they’re flat-earthers, as long as they are good at their job and don’t try and convert me. I can imagine Dr Roberts would be an excellent teacher.

    Mocking or hounding or badmouthing people will not help them change their mind but on the contrary will make them even more entrenched in their views.

    Of course, if word gets out that ‘recruiting’ is going on, then it would rightly be the time to ‘out’ them. Until then, live and let live.

    • Live and Let Live should go for everyone then. The dead Enders should stop making fun of and casting aspersions on the way that Sarah and her husband make a living or talking s*** on Mark Vicente or Bonnie they should stop saying s***** things about people involved in the civil lawsuit Live and Let Live should go for everyone. Or it’s just hypocrisy. No more ratchet Hatchet pretending that you’re going to out all the names of the Jane Doe’s and the civil suit. Live and Let live! No more bullying Susan Jones on social media. Live in that live! No more calling Camilla a liar live and let live! No more stalking FBI agents who are just doing their job. Or showing up at Moira penza’s office with stupid affidavits. Live and Let live! Let Moira do her job. Let the FBI do their job. Live and Let Live!

      • Frank@ 7:30
        Golly gee whiz,

        I think Sarah did and bullied Cuomo to agree after he disagreed in writing!

        (Ousted for sex allegations himself no less) oh the irony

        Before you know it they’ll be no one left who is employable with qualifications…

    • Personal Growth AND Exercise? Jeez that Sounds exhausting! $3000 is alot. I am certain with the right amount of branding (get it? Sorry for the dad joke) & PR she will have a stream of clients. Seriously though I wish Danielle success. The MLM insurance gig sounded lame.

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