Aristotle and Kevin Fight Over Nasty Comments About Allison Mack

Kevin wrote a post on Frank Report entitled Kevin Criticizes Those Who Condemn Allison, Danielle, and Dr. Porter.

He believes Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmondson, two whistleblowers, deserve censure, as they were higher ranking than those they are suing in a civil lawsuit.  One of our resident scholars, Aristotle’s Suasage, commented in response. And Kevin in turn responded.


If everything that NXIVM/ESP did is bad, evil, crooked and horrible, with nothing good having ever come from it, fine. But if that’s the position you take, you can’t give a pass to the two biggest players in the whole affair, who recruited more people together than everyone else, who profited while they were in and have continued to profit after getting out.


I’m not sure who Kevin is arguing with here, because I’ve seen plenty of criticism of Edmondson and Vicente in the comments over the years. Edmondson is a self-serving grasping go-getter, and Vicente is a conniving rat. Neither of them ran DOS, though. Edmondson got branded against her will, thinking it would advance her career (yeah, she was that grasping). Vicente wasn’t involved at all.

Not sure why Kevin regards Nicki Clyne as a wee lamb unjustly persecuted. The Feds named her, but never charged her. They never even took action to kick her sorry ass back to Canada.


If you’re one of those people who used to go on message boards and say horrible things about the Smallville cast, know this; they weren’t paying attention to it. The network had people who monitored those boards to ensure the actors were safe.


Kevin informs us that the network kept watch on the message boards “to ensure the actors were kept safe”.

That’s odd. I suspect Kevin is full of shit. How would this work, exactly? Say I went on Kryptonsite and said Chloe has a fat ass. Would they send goons out to beat me up? And how exactly would a comment that Chloe had lousy hair, or teeth like a corncob, physically endanger Allison Mack?

Allison Mack from her Smallville days.

That phraseology, about mean stuff online being “unsafe” was unheard of 20 years ago when Smallville aired. Nobody pays much attention to it in 2022 either. It’s stupid.


If you made a comment on a website and said an actor looked fat or had bad hair, or that they sucked, no one would care.

The show runners and staff were worried about comments that were threatening and violent, which were mostly directed at Kristin and not Allison. Most of those comments came in physical snail mail in the first three seasons, and included men sending pictures of a certain part of their body.

So yes, those kinds of things worried people, and an effort was made to keep the women safe, on set and off.

Allison Mack, Erika Durance, and Kristin Kreuk.


Mack is now fair game. She’s an admitted felon and a laughing stock.

Inside of You podcast features Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum has a second podcast now, with Tom Welling. The actors who played Lex Luthor and Clark Kent on Smallville. They’re doing a rewatch of the show. They’ve already had Kreuk on as a guest. Mack, for obvious reasons, will not appear.

They re-watched the episode “Hothead”. It was the one where Clark joins the HS football team. In one scene, Clark tells Chloe (Mack) the football team “isn’t a cult”. Tom and Michael got a good laugh out of that. As did I!

Aw, is that mean? Too damn bad. Mack fucked up her life. She fucked up royally. It was entirely her own damn fault. 100%. She lied to people, tried to recruit her fellow cast members. She was a conniving bitch who tried to bamboozle her friends, and she got caught up in her own net. Now she’s the butt of jokes. Well deserved jokes.


I’m disappointed if Tom and Michael joked about the cult comment. They have the opportunity to use their podcast to bring attention to mental health issues and do something positive. If they’re making fun of Allison instead, shame on them. She was a friend to them, not just someone they worked with.

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  • I know that most of all this is past tense for most but I kind of got sucked in after watching Smallville again. After watching I did some research like where they are now and of course everything about Allison Mack came up and I did see some stuff while it was happening but didn’t pay much attention. That is not meant to be a bad thing it’s just I don’t watch the news or read newspapers as most things reported are what is bad with this world and as I mom I want to protect myself and my kids from the bad in the world and have them see the good in it, as there is so much more good to be seen. Of course, I let myself go down the rabbit hole and wanted to know how this amazing actress went down this road. I first watched some videos on YouTube, and I wasn’t really getting the full picture, so I watched the documentary that India did called Seduced. This gave me a bit more of an understanding but yet this was one person and some others’ views of the situation so the inspector side of me wanted more so I started watching the first season of the vow. Here is my take, I see how people got sucked in and I can see where people got suspicious and got out. The part I think I struggle with the most is I feel like it was all about India and getting India out and I’m sorry, but all people involved Kevin, Bonnie, Sarah and Nippy brought people into this and now there out but what about the rest of them. Why was it so important to just get one out and not the others. There were many other women in over their heads, not just one. I know it maybe the mom in me but when I watched Alllison’s first meeting with Keith I was in tears. You could feel just how lost she was and how much she wanted to feel better about herself and her carrier and this man and those who were supporting this man lead her down a horrible path. I mean as time goes on and on you could just see how far she was falling. The weight loss and the gleam in her eye whenever Keith was around. She was completely enthralled. How did no one see this, how did her family not see this. Where were the other families to these women, why did we not see them fighting for their daughters, why was their only one mom and one girl that got the rest of them to fight back. Now don’t get me wrong what Allison did was wrong but at that point was she even Allison anymore? No, she was a puppet. He destroyed Allison and created a slave. She was his slave though I know she didn’t realize it but come on everyone else did. She did as her master told her. She did whatever he wanted because he was the only one that could make her feel anything about herself anymore. I hear the angry still and the blame that people put on her and it actually makes me mad because in the end she was a victim as well. She was a victim just like Kevin, Bonnie, Sarah, Nippy, India and all the others hurt by this man. It is fortunate for some that they woke up and it is unfortunate for those who were so gone by that time that they just got left behind. Not only left behind but ridiculed. I don’t believe in my heart that she should have gone to prison and Lauren didn’t and they were found guilty of the same charges. I believe what should have been done is she should have been seen to a facility to get intense help. Jail is not going to do that for her. She needs serious therapy to get through all the brainwashing she went through. She and so many others have a very long road to find themselves again. I know there are those who are still lost in his teachings, and I feel for them as well. This man destroyed so many men and women and, in my gut, I fear it’s not over.

  • To address some of the comments:

    First, I do consider Allison a friend, but I’m not trying to make myself out to be a big deal, because I wasn’t. I’m trying hard to explain where I’m coming from as best I can, without everything I say being taken out of context.

    Second, I said that there were people who monitored the message boards and who monitored the fan mail. The strangest snail mail messages were from 2001-03, before the online boards existed. So no one would have been monitoring the message boards at that time because they didn’t exist yet.

    Aristotle, were you one of the ones who sent pictures? Because there was a prank when some of the pictures were taped to different parts of the set pieces. So it’s possible that everyone who worked there has seen your stuff.

    Would you happen to be black or Indian? Maybe it slants a little to the right, like a cheese doodle that didn’t come out the right way?

    Third, yes, the Air Force has Basic Training. And POW situations were simulated.

    Fourth, I stand by my comment that I would take a dump in Sarah’s HBO mug if given the chance.

  • The only thing I have to say is thank you, USA government. I personally don’t want Nicki back in Canada. She promotes modern slavery.

    She actually promotes modern slavery all the way up to the branding and cataloging of humans. She and her clan even support terror/fright experiments, the details of which can be found in the patent application made by keith raniere titled: “Can a Luciferian be Rehabilitated?”.

    Not cool.

  • For those of you enamored of teen melodramas like Smallville, aka Smellville, here is some corporate news.
    Smallville was broadcast on the CW network, which is co-owned by CBS (Paramount) and Warner Brothers.

    A TV station group called Nexstar, which owns about 180 stations nationwide, many of them CW stations, is buying the teen-oriented CW network.
    It is a fire sale.
    Nexstar is buying the CW in return for writing off the debt that CW, Paramount and Warner Brothers owe Nexstar.

    The new owners of CW intend to transition away from juvenile fare like Smallville towards more adult oriented programming.
    There will be no more programs like Smallville in either Allison Mack’s future or Kristen Kreuk’s, Erica Durance’s, Tom Welling’s or Michael Rosenbaum’s.
    It’s time for Allison Mack and her fans to grow up.
    Allison Pimp Mack’s next line will be, “Do you want fries with that?”

    Nexstar Media Group to Acquire The CW Network
    August 15, 2022

  • I’ve seen the unedited video of the Edmondson branding. She loved it IMO. She was thankful and grateful at the time. Don’t hate the player (i.e., Edmondson and Mark), hate the game. Shout out to the winning team!

    • However one interprets The Branding video the fact remains that Sarah did not know she was branded with Keith’s initials. And that makes a huge difference. You might get drunk with friends and get a tattoo down in Mexico. If you were told it was of the four elements and later on found out it said this s*** is property of Bubba you might feel differently. Not only would you have been deceived about the scarification on your body but it would mean that you had been deceived about everything including the friendships.

      • Yeah, this emphasizes the emotional imbecility of Raniere and his remaining minionidiots. Once deception, withholding the truth, insincerity (bad intent), etc., is involved, it is irrelevant whether someone superficially enjoyed the act which they may have agreed to under false pretenses. They were cheated, because their perception was willfully manipulated.

        ‘You have to get their consent on video. Make them say some like, “Yes, master, brand me! It would be an honor.”

        (Or something like that)

        But then left out are crucial facts, like each slave is now indebted to the grandmaster male who sits at the top of the pyramid who they weren’t informed about in a supposed sorority. It doesn’t matter if one cannot read minds, hearts or whatever. There is only one truth and it covers both act and intent.

  • How did Edmonson get branded “against her will”?

    Do you mean because they had collateral? Or was she physically held down by force and torched by Danielle Roberts?

    • First Kevin states that the online message boards were monitored by the network for “horrible things” said about the cast. I called bullshit and he changes his story to the network screening physical mail for violent threats.

      It seems Kevin’s statements are somewhat less than trustworthy.

      I’m disinclined to believe his tales of the rigors of Air Force boot camp either. Hundred pound packs in hundred degree heat and whatnot. In the Air Force?

      The friggin’ AIR FORCE???

      Anyway back to important stuff like tales from the Smallville lot of yesteryear. In Michael and Tom’s podcast rewatch of episode #5, Kristin Kreuk guests. She speaks of her stalker on the bus riding to work in early season one.

      Wait… she took the bus?? To the Smallville set???

      Evidently she did. She lived at home and commuted by bus. When the show began airing in the fall people began to recognize her. And she had a stalker on the bus.

      So she goes to the show’s producers and asks for a driver and they say no, it will cost too much. They did put security on set though, after Tom Welling got accosted.

      That shows how much the network cared about the cast’s safety. And another reason to doubt Kevin’s tales.

      • All of Kevin’s claims are moving targets. At one point he did claim he was a friend of Allison’s. When asked how he could have let her get involved in such a dangerous cult if he was her friend he replied don’t you think I feel badly about that everyday?

        So he was representing himself not as low level employee fringy acquaintance of Allison but as a dear friend. Kevin also did not realize or refuse to acknowledge that it is standard practice that people do not get a union salary for appearing as themselves in a documentary format. Kevin doesn’t know a lot of what he’s talking about and he keeps Shifting the story and assuming people on Frank report are too stupid to keep up not too long ago Kevin proudly said that he wanted to s*** in Sarah’s HBO coffee mug that she received for her participation in the bow. Now does that sound like a guy who doesn’t want to cause problems or fight with anyone and really just care so much about all these ladies?

      • That bus stalker would be none other than sultan the mad spanker. Ask Kruek if it was the guy on the bus with the newspaper over his lap.

      • “I’m disinclined to believe his tales of the rigors of Air Force boot camp. The friggin’ AIR FORCE???

        What is Beast week in Air Force?

        Basic Expeditionary Airmen Skills Training
        BEAST WEEK has arrived! It stands for Basic Expeditionary Airmen Skills Training. Basically, this is the week where your trainees get to put everything they learned to the test on a mock deployment. Trainees will leave Monday for the BEAST zone.

      • “Kreuk goes to the show’s producers and asks for a driver and they say no”

        Not widely reported that for the rest of the season, a group of crew guys would drive her. One driving and the others in the back seat with Kreuk.

        • “Not widely reported” is not an accurate synonym for the vulgar sex fantasies that plague the dregs of your subconscious.

  • The Smallville “Hothead” episode where Clark tells Chloe (Mack) the football team “isn’t a cult” is from 2001. That was a few years before Kreuk and Mack joined the sex cult and where both actresses were still naive virgins.

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