Kevin Criticizes Those Who Condemn Allison, Danielle and Dr. Porter

Here is some of the wit and wisdom of Kevin culled from comments he made.

By Kevin

My point is simple, yet misunderstood.

If everything that NXIVM/ESP did is bad, evil, crooked and horrible, with nothing good having ever come from it, fine.

But if that’s the position you take, you can’t give a pass to the two biggest players in the whole affair, who recruited more people together than everyone else, who profited while they were in and have continued to profit after getting out.

But giving these two a pass, while maintaining everyone else in the group, who had none of the authority or rank they had, is evil and deserves a life of misery and heartache, is something I can’t accept.

Sarah Should Not Sue

I’m not arguing Sarah Edmondson should be sued.

I’m arguing that she has no business suing others for things that she herself did to the people she’s suing. Sarah has no business pointing fingers at people she outranked – and recruited.

If she wants to sue Raniere, the Salzmans, the Bronfmans, fine.

But she needs to leave these other women alone. She owes them an apology, not the other way around.

Reverse Heirarchy of Blame

Brandon Porter and Danielle Roberts are defendants in a lawsuit in which Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmondson are plaintiffs. That is nuts. Scapegoating and passing the blame in it’s dirtiest, grimiest form.

I think Dr. Danielle Roberts and Dr. Brandon Porter are paying disproportionately for their involvement in NXIVM.

Especially compared to others who had much more power and influence, but have not only suffered no consequences, but are also seen as victims. They are lead plaintiffs in a case in which they are suing people for things that they themselves encouraged and profited from for over 12 years.

Sarah Edmondson Mark Vicente on couch
Sarah Edmondson and Mark Vicente

Mark and Sarah owned, operated, managed, directed, recruited for, and profited from the two largest NXIVM/ESP centers in North America.

They recruited more people than most other recruiters put together. They were the face of the organization for 12 years. They continue to profit to this day.

People in their down-lines include those they are suing. People who played small roles in NXIVM and had little to no managerial authority have been made into scapegoats for what the bigger players did.

Edmondson should be held to the same standards as the Dossier women. She outranked each of them by a country mile in NXIVM, the parent organization.

Allison and Nicki were recruited into NXIVM via the Sarah-Mark-owned Vancouver Center.

Dr. Brandon Porter, Dr. Danielle Roberts and Nicki Clyne

Danielle Roberts had no managerial or executive authority in NXIVM outside of her exo/eso organization, never linked to any wrongdoing.

Dr. Brandon Poter showed a 30-something year-old woman clips from a movie I was shown in my public school as a 14-year-old.

Allison is being punished. Nicki and Danielle, while not charged with crimes, have been punished. But these high-ranking recruiters who made money off of them and outranked them are off limits to criticism.

How could Sarah Edmondson have not known about the organization she ran and made money from for over a decade?

Read the civil lawsuit. Much is made of the pyramid structure of the organization and the unpaid labor. I’m sure the two people who owned the two biggest centers in North America benefited from that.

Sarah became the company’s head recruiter. She gave EMs without a license to practice psychology.

But she’s the good guy. We should focus instead on that wicked Battlestar actress and the doctor, who had no managerial authority in the organization, who danced outside a prison a handful of times.

I believe there are real victims of Keith Raniere, and they deserve compensation for what they went through, as long as they can prove it.

Also, what is 10C?

It was bad when we knew that Allison and Nicki were involved. But when Nicki revealed Sarah was also part of 10C, and outranked the two other women, everyone suddenly forgot what 10C was.

Give Danielle a Chance

Dr. Danielle Roberts does a handstand in front of MDC.

Danielle has no criminal record and was well liked by her patients, with high praise from mentors and other doctors.

We’re supposed to see her as a villainous person, and then give a complete pass to two of the most prominent people in the organization.

Not allowing Danielle to practice medicine for something that happened in her personal life is wrong.

I don’t think she’s the person she’s been made out to be. Her punishment and suffering are way out of proportion to her role in the organization.

I think there’s more to gain from listening to her than stigmatizing her.

Danielle doesn’t see it as a cult. Maybe she knows something we don’t. Or maybe she is missing pieces of information that could change her mind.

Never in NXIVM

Keith Alan Raniere:

I am not a “Keith loyalist.”

I have no affiliation with NXIVM. I’ve never taken a class. I wish Allison had never been involved in this, or Kristin Kreuk either. Or Nicki Clyne, or Danielle Robeets, who both seem like nice people.

I’ve repeatedly said Raniere hurt girls dating back to before I was born, and that if NYS wasn’t such a trash place, none of this would have happened.

Could She Give Consent?

Michele Hatchette

Michele Hatchette says Nicole (and I’m paraphrasing) was into kink and requested the sexual experience she had with Raniere, the one where she was blindfolded and tied up.

Michele, please provide more information on whether Nicole gave consent, how she gave consent, and how the women under Allison could give consent to the nude photos sent to Raniere.

I believe the allegations against Raniere, but do not support stigmatizing and scapegoating women who may have had positive experiences with him or have a different perspective.

Which makes me unpopular with both sides, since I see a lot of gray where everyone else sees black and white.

Erika Durance Was Nice

Allison Mack and Erica Durance

Erica Durance was nice. I didn’t like her taking shots at Allison on a podcast recently, but otherwise, she never caused trouble for anyone.

If you’re one of those people who used to go on message boards and say horrible things about the cast, know this; they weren’t paying attention to it. The network had people who monitored those boards to ensure the actors were safe.

The cast got along, on set and off. There was never an Allison/Erica feud.

Allison benefited from Erica being there, and vice versa.

What Forced Labor?

What are some other examples of forced labor that members were forced to participate in, where they were not compensated?

If Dr. Danielle Roberts provided medical care for some sick women and wasn’t paid, was that forced labor? Or did she volunteer? What’s the difference between the two? Why would providing medical care be seen as volunteer work, and transcribing an interview as forced labor, when medical care is clearly the more important service?

Not saying forced labor didn’t happen. But what was it?

Nicole transcribing interviews can’t be the only example the government has of forced labor.

Because if it is, it opens up a big can of worms for many companies that make their employees do things off hours in the name of volunteering that the employees generally aren’t compensated for.

Forced Labor for The Big Give

Ever hear of The Big Give?

It’s a massive volunteer competition where companies and government agencies compete over two months, in the summer when the weather is most brutal, after work, before work, and on weekends, to see who can volunteer the most and perform the highest impact volunteer work.

The team that loses gets nothing.

The winning team gets a check that goes to the company.

Employees, who do the heavy lifting, whether their team won or lost, get nothing. Maybe a slice of pizza and a bottle of water to hold them over in between sweatshop sessions.

If transcribing an interview for a memorial for Pam Cafritz for four hours gets you $413K, what should Big Give laborers get for their time and labor?

Full disclosure, my team won five years in a row from 2015-19.

Total number of hours donated = 800.

Total winnings toward the agency (my then Squadron at Holloman AFB)= $6K.

Personal compensation=0.

Amount of winnings spent on teams that did the work= unsure of dollar total, but one time we did go bowling, and they threw in a soda and fries.

Mr. Hutz, um, I mean Glazer, do I have a case?

I’m a dude, so no one would care much, but half the workers were pretty girls. Throw in some sniffles about how their backs hurt, and maybe we’ve got something here.


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  • How many non DOS slaves has “branding artist” Daniele disfigured?

    Any paying customers?

    If this is a real “art” and wasn’t about getting Keith Raniere’s intials covertly on as many unsuspecting pussies as possible… How many additional new brands did the dossier project slaves get since the 1st one?

    How many additional brands did Danielle perform?

    Are you really an “artist” if it’s only the one and done times with just the cult leaders intials on your not fully informed friend’s pussies in your repertoire?

    If there are other brands Danielle performed…Did they hold each other down fully nude while Danielle branded each slave? Did they record the women “nude and held down like a sacrifice”? Will Keith Raniere ever get to see the new “collateral”?

    Are the new brands ‘symbols of the 4 elements”?

    Lol “Branding Artist” ha ha ha.

  • You’ll have to forgive me for not commenting sooner. I’ve been spending too much time here, and decided to get out on Sunday and go scuba diving. I’ve been taking lessons but don’t quite have the hang of it yet. My instructor is hoping that I don’t die before the third lesson, which is when the biggest payment is due.

    I’m surprised by the reactions my comments have received. I thought they would mostly be ignored. It might not seem like it, but I’m not trying to pick a fight with anyone here. I’m hoping that maybe you’ll consider a point of view that you haven’t considered before, which is that many of the people associated with groups that might be outside the norm, what most call cults, aren’t all that different from other people. They are looking for friendships, for community and to belong to something special in a world where the only thing most people care about is their bank account or social media likes. Allison didn’t join this because she wanted to harm anyone. None of them did.

    People got hurt, and that includes the family members and friends of the accused and convicted, many of whom were not in the group. And my main point, that some of the people who were responsible for all of this have no business pointing fingers at low ranking, unpaid, dues paying members, hit a nerve with people.

    My comments are directed at those specific people, not anyone here. And I stand by my point of view. And if you disagree with it, that’s fine.

    But here’s a crazy idea, no matter where you stand on any of this; why not say a prayer for all of the people hurting, including the ones who you think might be in the wrong? To pray, or hope or wish, that they all recover, and are able to move forward with their lives, and find peace?

    If Dr. Roberts is offering a fitness course, root for it, and for her, to succeed. They’ve taken enough hard shots. Let them move on and get past this.

  • Kevin is making some valid points, the civil lawsuit includes things that only have to do with NXIVM and in that sense it is illogical that someone who was at a lower level than the two main plaintiffs (Vicente and Edmonson) had more responsibility in these matters, As far back as I can remember, the lawsuit alleges that the defendants were aware of the misconduct of Raenier and the company against those who were recruited, but Vicente and Edmonson were co-owners of the largest center in Canada and Vicente was co-owner of the center in Los Angeles.

    They were aware of all the accusations against Raenier of pedophilia and taking advantage of women, they were also aware of the history of lawsuits against Raenier’s perceived enemies which includes former friends like the NXIVM 9.

  • Frank-

    Until today,
    I had no idea you coined the expression “Oklahoma Jet Skiing.”

    Did you do any “swooping” afterwards?

    Take it easy!

  • Kevin believes that Keith Raniere sexually abused children in the 1980’s. Kevin has stated that repeatedly.

    There is no cure for pedophilia.

    The best hope is very intense specific sex offender treatments. And even then the rate of re offending is very high. There are some medications that have been used and occasionally work a bit.

    Keith sought no such treatment.

    The odds that Keith continued to sexually assault and exploit minors is close to 100%.

    It’s okay for detractors’s of the cult of Keith RNiere to judge his followers for supporting a convicted child pornographer and serial child molester.

    That does not make those commenters on this blog; mean, hateful or dumb.

    It makes them.people who care about the youngest and most vulnerable members of our society. Children.

    It makes them humans who are disgusted by adults who sexually prey on children and the miscreants who support and enable serial child sexual predators.

  • I completely agree about Mark and Sarah. I always felt Sarah took out her anger on the wrong person (Danielle Roberts) when it was Lauren doing all the lying and deceiving. Hell Lauren told her it was a tattoo. But after the branding happened, who does Sarah go after Dr Danielle Roberts. Personally got her license revoked. As for Lauren, Sarah wrote a letter to the judge begging for a lighter sentence, which worked since Lauren served no time and is a dog groomer. Sarah said in her podcast she wanted to give Lauren a hug. Really? If anyone should be paying for what happened to Sarah, it should be Lauren. That’s nuts to me that Sarah forgave Lauren and blamed Dr Danielle Roberts for the branding.

  • Kevin – You start with this “If everything that NXIVM/ESP did is bad, evil, crooked and horrible, with nothing good having ever come from it, fine.” This believe system has been disproven on FR. Shot out to none other than Scott Johnson for correctly stating that if there wasn’t good stuff in NXIVM, then it wouldn’t have worked. Simple concept. Correct concept. If others don’t get this, then they ain’t bright.

    I’ve gone on the record saying that ONE person should have gone to prison. Part of the reason I’ve said this is the extreme compartmentalizing that Keith mastered. Nobody knew wtf was going on other than Keith. In a nutshell, the ones getting punished and sued knew more about DOS than the ones suing them.

    Kevin – were you really on set with Allison, or were you a huge fan of her? I honestly don’t care either way. I do think it helps your voice and your credibility if you are straight up. I ended up calling Frank to tell him my story so he could vouch for me. I’d recommend the same to you.

    • NutJob-

      “It wouldn’t have worked if there wasn’t something good?”

      Well shit, moron, I guess Amway, Communism, the KKK, and
      the UFO cult Heavens Gate, all had good parts too.

      FYI: When the net effect of something is negative — it’s fucking negative. Do the math!

      Instead of dispensing advice try something you’re good at — like taking a dump.

      Quoting Scott Johnson is tantamount to eating shit and then setting yourself on fire!

      • I know your feelings are hurt because my true undying love for Scott was finally revealed, but my point was different than what you are arguing against. I’ll try it this way- I don’t know as much about those other organizations as you. Are they as good at the compartmentalizing thing as Vanguard?

        • NutJob-

          I thought we had something special.
          I apologize! My anger was bore from unrequited love. Sorry sweetie!

          I share with you Frank’s eternal wisdom:

          “Unrequited love is the worst type of love — cuz you won’t get laid.”
          (Frank Parlato, circa 1979)

    • I worked for Warner Bros, and later the CW network, for almost 10 years in different capacities before enlisting in the Air Force in 2010. I worked for a number of years on the Smallville set doing various jobs and running errands. I wasn’t a big deal or best friends with everyone, and never meant to make it come off that way. But yes, I did work there, my time there was positive, and everyone, including Allison, was very nice to me and the lower paid workers.

      Frank has my information and can ask me anything he wants if he has any questions. Other commenters here also have my FB info, so I’m definitely good.

      As an aside, my favorite guest star was Richard Gant, who played the Principal of the high school. I remembered him from Rocky V as the Don King parody, and threw lines from the movie at him, and he would throw his character’s lines back at me.

  • I’m not sure who Kevin is arguing with here because I’ve seen plenty of criticism of Edmondson and Vicente in the comments over the years. Edmondson is a self-serving grasping go-getter and Vicente is a conniving rat. Neither of them ran DOS though. Edmondson got branded against her will thinking it would advance her career (yeah, she was that grasping). Vicente wasn’t involved at all.

    Not sure why Kevin regards Clyne as a wee lamb unjustly persecuted. The Feds named her an un-indicted co-conspirator but never charged her. They never even took action to kick her sorry ass back to Canada.

    On to Smallville reminiscences. Kevin informs us that the network kept watch on the message boards “to ensure the actors were kept safe”.

    That’s odd. I suspect Kevin is full of shit. How would this work, exactly? Say I went on Kryptonsite and said Chloe has a fat ass. Would they send goons out to beat me up? And how exactly would a comment that Chloe had lousy hair, or teeth like a corncob, physically endanger Allison Mack?

    That phraseology, about mean stuff online being “unsafe” was unheard of twenty years ago when Smallville aired. Nobody pays much attention to it in 2022 either. It’s stupid.

    Mack is now fair game. She’s an admitted felon and a laughing stock. Michael Rosenbaum has a second podcast now, with Tom Welling. The actors who played Lex Luthor and Clark Kent on Smallville. They’re doing a rewatch of the show. They’ve already had Kreuk on as a guest. Mack, for obvious reasons, will not be appearing.

    Episode 3, they rewatched the episode “Hothead”. It was the one where Clark joins the HS football team. In one scene, Clark tells Chloe (Mack) the football team “isn’t a cult”. Tom and Michael got a good laugh out of that. As did I!

    Aww, is that mean? Too damn bad. Mack fucked up her life. She fucked up royally. It was entirely her own damn fault. 100%. She lied to people, tried to recruit her fellow cast members. She was a conniving bitch who tried to bamboozle her friends and she got caught up in her own net. Now she’s the butt of jokes. Well deserved jokes.

    • “Edmondson is a self-serving grasping go-getter and Vicente is a conniving rat.”

      Excellent descriptions!

    • Hi Aristotle, I hope you are enjoying your Monday.

      To answer your question, if you made a comment on a website and said an actor looked fat or had bad hair, or that they sucked, no one would care.

      The show runners and staff were worried about comments that were threatening and violent, which were mostly directed at Kristin and not at Allison. Most of those comments came in physical snail mail in the first three seasons, and included the men sending pictures of a certain part of their body. So yes, those kinds of things worried people, and an effort was made to keep the women safe, on set and off.

      I’m disappointed if Tom and Michael made a joke about the cult comment. They have an opportunity to use their podcast to bring attention to mental health issues and do something positive. If they’re making fun of Allison instead, shame on them. She was a friend to them, not just someone they worked with.

  • Michele is insane. And who is she to speak negatively and suggest she knows what Nicole wanted. It’s blaming the victim- the woman asked for it.

  • Sarah and Mark have no business suing. They’re not victims when the made profits.

    Have them turn over all the money gained from nxivm.

  • I don’t know Allison so I won’t attempt to understand her position however I do know Dr. Roberts

    1) I know she volunteered for Drs. Without Borders

    2) I know she cut her hair for cancer patients

    3) I know she volunteered to pull a jet to raise money for the blind

    There’s probably more I am unaware of .

    • Ghislaine had a charity. Epstein donated to charities. They both were all over the charity circuit. So what?

      Now Danielle dances for a child pornographer in front of a prison.

      • Did Ghislane personally Cut her own hair? No, she threw Epsteins money at things.
        Did Ghislane stay in a third world country battling sickness and poverty? No, she threw Epsteins money at it.
        Did Ghislane personally pull a jet for the blind? No, she flew in them, Lolita Express.
        There is a difference.

        • There’s really not a difference. The bigger point is it doesn’t matter if you cut your hair so someone who has cancer can make a wig you can still be an a****** in other areas. In fact it’s easier to be charitable to people you don’t know. It’s the hardest to be truly kind and charitable to those around you.

          Was Danielle a nice person? Probably. Is she a nice person today? Probably. But being nice is different than being good. There are so many examples of people who help at an animal shelter and beat their own kids. It’s a really silly way to try to prove anything about Danielle’s branding activities and her behavior while in a criminal racketeering cult. It’s just apples and oranges what I see is a complete lack of empathy on Danielle’s part for a woman like Camilla who was supposed to be a sorority sister and was sexually abused and exploited in pornography as a child. Instead of being supportive or even neutral.

          Danielle is part of a group accusing Camila of lying and she is dancing in booty shorts outside the prison holding cell of the very man who abused Camilla as a child. I don’t care how many wigs she made out of her own hair. That is a f***** up thing to do to Camilla. I can’t imagine how much that must have increased Camilla’s pain.

          • Never heard her accuse Camila of lying. Camila was 1rst line and when Danielle met the group , she was in her late 20’s.

            Even the gymnastics outside were prior to Camila sudden accusations.

          • Anonymous at 12:16 p.m. so Danielle doesn’t think Camilla is lying? How do you not think that would make it even worse? You’re saying that Danielle knows Camilla is telling the truth and still supports the man who forced her into explicitly sexual pornography when she was a child? And Danielle knows Camilla isn’t lying about Keith forcing her into a sexual relationship while she was still a minor and Danielle still supports keith? Wow you’re a great advocate for Danielle. You just confirmed she’s even worse than this person thought.

  • Sara was branded (by Danielle) without consent and that pissed here off real bad. There was a big risk waging war against Raniere but she engaged: She was close to getting criminally indicted in Canada on bogus claimes because of Clare’s leverage.
    But she fought, despite the very real risk of getting destroyed legally, criminally and financially. So, In my opinion, this offsets her significant position and influence in NXIVM. But you are right about her senior position and her responsibility for recruiting people into the abyss that was NXIVM.

    “ Dr. Brandon Poter showed a 30-something year-old woman clips from a movie I was shown in my public school as a 14-year-old.”

    He also showed a real recording showing Mexican women being beheaded by a drug cartel. I hope they don’t show that to children in public schools……..

    This is really bad and unacceptable behavior for a licensed doctor. They rightfully took his license. As for Daniëlle, to this day, she thinks there’s nothing wrong with branding grandmaster Keith initials on women’s pussies. She makes flipflops in front his prison and thinks Keith is the most ethical person she has ever met. Would do it all over again tomorrow. That’s why they took her license, and rightfully so. Unfit for a medical profession.

    • “There was a big risk waging war against Raniere but she engaged: She was close to getting criminally indicted in Canada on bogus claimes because of Clare’s leverage. But she fought, despite the very real risk of getting destroyed legally, criminally and financially.”

      Sarah took on Vanguard. How did that turn out for every single person who tried this prior to her? Good for Sarah if she makes a few nickels on a podcast. I think she deserves more respect and more credit than she gets.

      • Nutjob-

        Sarah took on Raniere for the same reason Frank did.

        Frank admitted that if Raniere left him alone he would of walked away.

        Sarah is playing the white night and victim card. That’s why people are so disgusted by her and Vicente.
        The hypocrisy reeks like Alonzo’s socks.

        • I get it. There are two sides to everything. If you only see one of the sides, the problem is the mirror. I’m saying that I don’t believe Sarah or Vicente were “in the know.” about the illegal shit.

        • Are you saying that Leah Remini recruited people into Scientology and then when she came out she participated in a lawsuit against the people she recruited who were below her in the organization?

    • Danielle has lied about her physical relationship with Keith. But even worse after everything that was disclosed in court about Cami being molested as a minor child and photographed and made to pose in degrading sexually explicit pornography as a child Danielle still spoke highly of Keith and said that she would be open to having a relationship with him. You know if Keith would have her. Barf.

      Of course the irony of that last statement is Danielle made a vow and already had a relationship with Keith already but the point remains that nothing that came out in the trial opened Danielle up to being completely turned off by the sexual predator that is Keith.

      And this isn’t a man who prayed on Strangers this is a man who prayed sexually on women that she claims are her former closest friends and sorority sisters. To show such overt and enthusiastic support and dance erotically outside the Detention Center where the man who hurt them was housed really speaks to Danielle’s character. That is such an extreme choice. Danielle could have quietly supported Keith she could have remained neutral she could have supported Keith by writing him letters but instead she made a public display of loyalty to a cult leader and a mockery of the victims.

      At some point Danielle and the other dead Enders and her Anonymous supporters on this blog need to acknowledge that those kind of choices brought the kind of criticism and scrutiny upon Danielle that they reject. If Danielle had just been The Branding doctor and then when it all blew up just moved on with her life people would have a different view of her. But Danielle continues to participate in those insane and laughable dossier project videos.

      Danielle continues to denigrate the victims. That’s all on her. The dead Enders need to practice what they preach. They alone are accountable for their behavior. And if you behave outlandishly in the public eye you’re going to get feedback from the public.

      That’s what they wanted. Right? They want to bring attention to their point of view? They want their side of the story to be heard? Well not everyone’s going to have the response that you want when you make a public spectacle of yourself. And that is a choice they made.

    • The Air Force showed us a beheading during beast week, a two week period in basic training when they stuffed a bunch of people into tents in 100 degree weather, had us do manual labor wearing 100 pounds of gear for 12 hours straight, and deprived us of sleep and food.

      It almost sounds familiar…

  • Excellent Article

    You also back it up with some truths
    Get so sick of being called a NXIVM loyalist whenever I post here.

    Did much volunteer work for schools back in the day, uncompensated, but it was a win for the kids!

    Completely agree about the level of punishment and suffering being extremely disproportionate when it comes to the 2 Doctors.

    Its evil the way they have been portrayed.

    • They were not just regular folk. They took an oath to do no harm as physicians do. They took part in medical procedures and experiments at the behest of a madman. They did harm.

    • But were you blackmailed into doing volunteer work? Did someone collect what they called collateral but was life ruining information about you including lies about your family and loved ones?

      And then make you work with kids? It’s just not a direct comparison that you’re making it’s ridiculous. If you had to take spread eagle up close vagina shots with your face showing and then were asked to volunteer as you put it for a School and told that if you did not do the work your blackmail would be released I think people would view it a little bit differently than your portraying. Volunteer work is volunteer work.

      Coercing someone into doing things because you have collected blackmail material on them is an entirely different situation. Did you have to sign over the deed to your house? The slave women had serious financial information they shared. They were blackmailed and pretty much every area of their lives. It’s all coerce of control and there is no comparison to what you describe.

  • Kevin also suggested that people should worry for the safety of Sarah Edmondson’s children. And then Kevin admitted he had never ever spent time with Sarah. He’s never apologized for making such an egregious claim on a public forum.

    Kevin also claimed over and over again that Mark and Sarah were paid to appear in The Vow. Frank disputed that and stated that no one was paid to appear.

    Frank also stated that Sarah is a wonderful mother who puts her children above anything else in her life. Only a truly terrible human being would bring innocent young children into a fight against one of their enemies.

    Did I mention that this enemy is a person Kevin has never actually met? Kevin wants everyone to give all the other slaves that are Keith dead Enders a chance. Did Kevin give Sarah a chance? No he put out on a public forum that Sarah was a danger to her young children.
    With absolutely no firsthand experience or any kind of proof to verify this allegation. That is Despicable. Do you want Sarah to lose custody of her children kevin? Is that your goal? Why would you make such a heinous claim with absolutely no evidence to back it up?

    • The way I interpreted Kevin’s article regarding Sarah’s children was if another member had children, that CPS would have been called already.
      No specific allegations were made.
      Just disproportionate levels of punishment.

      • You can attempt to spin it anyway you want but that is not what Kevin wrote. He said that people should be worried for Sarah edmondson’s children. Because of their mother. And you are absolutely wrong Rosa Laura junco had children. Including a teenage daughter that she offered to Keith sexually in a letter that was made public.

        No one took her children away. And I haven’t seen Kevin express any concern about Rosa Laura’s children.. Many people had children that were involved with Keith. And none of them got their children taken away as a result of their participation in this cult. And I’ve never seen anyone Express concern about any of their children except for Kevin making outrageous claims about Sarah edmondson’s children’s safety while in her care.

        That is an absolutely loathe some thing to do to a total stranger. It’s also truly evil to do to the children. Just disgusting behavior from Kevin.

        • Could you please reference this comment about Sarah’s children? Since this doesn’t seem to be going away, I think a lot of us would like to hit reverse and catch up on what we missed.

  • All of these people knew Raniere was having sex with Camilla. Standing by and doing nothing to protect her makes them all culpable.

    • Why do you say that all of these people knew about Raniere having sex with Camilla? I thought it was way closer to the opposite.

      • The point you feel is so important about Danielle joining when Camilla was an adult is irrelevant. Danielle knows now what Keith did to Camilla. As a child. And as a young adult. All the gory details came out in court. There is tons of corroborating evidence. And Danielle chooses to turn a blind eye and support Keith. He is a child pornographer. He is a Serial child rapist. If Danielle is going to support a sexual predator people are going to feel some sort of way about Danielle. A truly rational thinker could look at that objectively. Danielle can choose to support whoever she wants more power to her. But she makes a public display of it and people are going to have opinions. And more power to them as well. If Danielle joined the cult was truly in the dark and found out everything that is now public knowledge and walked away as a result people would probably feel differently about her.

  • As soon as Vicente realized the truth he did everything he could to get out and expose the abuse by Raniere.

    I agree all profits made by him and Sarah should be considered because they shouldn’t profit from the activities of a cult. But they are victims as well.

    • What should Vicente have done when he realized what was up? Personally, I’m grateful he did what he did. Hate on him if you want, but at least give him credit when he deserves it.

  • Completely agree regarding Mark and Sarah. But Danielle Roberts should lose her license for branding women – while branding may not require a degree, she was in that role, and women trusted in her because she was a physician. It was her degree that afforded her that role and with it, she has responsibility.

    Porter participated in a “scientific experiment” which had no medical basis whatsoever and was for the amusement of a psychopath. He’s dangerous.

    • This article is addressing the civil suit , they already lost their licenses.
      Sarah & Mark are lead plaintiffs

      • Why can’t dead Ender under cover Kevin let the Civil Court hash it out? Let the civil suit play out. If everything the dead Enders claim is true they should relish their day in court. They can go under oath and they can put their story out there on the record. The defendants in the case have already stated that they don’t have any money to lose. So it’s really just a free chance for them to tell their side of the story and let a Court decide. Anyone can sue anyone. And it’s ridiculous to think that peer pressure is going to make someone not exercise their rights.

    • Disagree on women trusted her as a physician, she wasnt even the initial person who branded.
      Also not convinced they even knew who would be the branding artist.

    • Not only did she brand women, and preaches Keith’s bs, she’s presently defending the DOS starvation, promoting fasting on her Instagram video. Insane comparisons to record breaking year long fasts and the prisoners of Auschwitz. She’s fucking crazy and would be a dangerous doctor. She’s dangerous now teaching her health and self improvement classes.

      • Caught a piece of it she referenced Autschwitz, she did not promote a year long fast. She said she did 7 days once.

        • She seemed to want to suggest that it’s possible to live after being starved for a year, so 7-days is very durable. Whatever, she also asked rhetorically (I think in the same video?) If sex trafficking of good or bad and seemed really thoughtful about that. The answer is SEX TRAFFICKING IS BAD. And illegal. So is slavery which is what DOS was.

          • Seemed to want to suggest?
            History has told us there were survivors, I think the reference is about the human will to live and is meant as inspiration.
            I’ve read Audrey Hepburn actually survived, later thrived extreme food shortage . I see nowhere where she promotes extended food deprivation.
            I had have to go back and watch about what your saying on the rest.
            But again ” seemed” ?

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