DOS Manual Found – Lesson 1 Honor Your Master in Every Way

They mocked me. They laughed when I said I would find the DOS manual. They thought I was making it up. They thought the dog ate it.

But now, I prove them wrong. I found it. And those who pleaded with me to publish it will get it – in installments.

Kind of like a Charles Atlas course. You don’t start with the hardest, most profound training all at once. You don’t get branded on day one.

But yes, you can learn to become a good slave, and when your time comes – a master – even without getting branded.

Yes, DOS can make YOU into a new slave in 15 minutes a day.

What Is DOS?

First of all, for those who are new to FR – and this seems to be growing daily –  I will explain DOS.

In late 2015, Keith Alan Raniere created a secret MLM sorority with “masters” and “slaves.” You might have heard of Raniere. He won the 100 yard dash and the East Coast Judo Championship while playing concert level piano at the age of 12.
All members of the sorority were female, except Mr. Raniere.
DOS organizational chart

The First Line branded Mr. Raniere’s initials near their vaginas. He commanded his First Line to recruit women to brand his initials near their vaginas, but they were not told it was his initials. They were told the branding was a symbol of the four elements.

There would be a Second Line. He would be their Grandmaster. A Third Line. He would be their Great Grandmaster. A Fourth Line. Great Great Grandmaster.


How would Mr. Raniere keep all the slaves in line?

  1. Confessions.
  2. Rights to assets.
  3. Naked photographs of their vaginas.

It’s hard to imagine why a sure-fire plan like that wouldn’t work.

Here is your first lesson.

Right from the DOS Manual.

Chapter 1


Furtherance, Honor & Gratitude

Your sole highest desire must be to further your Master from whom all good things come and are related. You must honor and hold your Master and lineage above all others in every way.

Lesson 1 – Understanding word by word

Why is each word important? Why is each word here?

1.     Sole

“Sole” means it alone. You have to understand “it.” ….  It’s defining it so nothing interferes with “it”…. It is above and apart from everything else.

2.     Highest

“Highest” is compared to any other values you have….  The purpose of THE VOW is to make it the highest value.  In doing this, life should simplify. When someone becomes a nun, life becomes a whole lot simpler. Dating decisions aren’t problems anymore…

Part of this means understanding The VOW deeper….

3.     Desire

What moves you, why do you do anything? Whatever that is, you need to attribute it to THE VOW….

Some might say, “Oh, my highest value is civilization.”

But they sit on the couch all day long.

So really comfort is their highest value.

And they say, “Well, I can’t do anything about civilization.”

But how much have they thought about it?

“Well, a little bit, and I just concluded I couldn’t do anything.”

That’s not making civilization your highest value.

That’s making comfort your highest value. Making excuses is your second highest value.

And civilization, at best, is your third highest value.

4.     Must

“Must”… means no excuse. 

If you say, “I must go to an appointment at three,” and there’s snow out. You know the traffic must be slow, so if you get there at three fifteen, it’s okay.  That’s not, “I must be there at three;” that is, “I must try.”… 

Must is the most powerful word you have internally.  It is how you define your life…. 

If something must be so, I allow no excuses….  Must is your internal word.

There’s the out-of-cause must, but we’re not talking about that. 

Like you say, “Oh, I must go to work today.” 

No, you don’t. 

“Well, if I don’t, I’ll get fired.” 


You don’t have to go to work. 

“Well, if I get fired, I won’t have money.” 


All those things are possible, but “I must” says there is no other possibility. 

If you believe something must be so, you will find a way to make it so….  

MK10 Art’s painting of Raniere and Nancy Salzman.

With a “must,” there is no problem that can stop you. 

If you find yourself finding problems to solutions, you are doing anti-must. You are doing must-not.  Not even must-not, you’re doing anti-must, un-must, dis-must, non­ must, un-must.

5.     Further

To further something means to move it forward….  It will not passively come to you in the night as an answer to a prayer. You have to seek to understand the next steps.

To further a car’s journey down the road, I must understand what it means to go down the street and its options. Sometimes it’s swerving to the side to get down the road….

To further is… a future thing. Not a timeless thing….  Further deals with time.

DOS First-Line Master with the Grand master in the middle.

6.     Master

Your Master is a very complex thing.  Your Master starts out as your guru, your god…  The person through which you took THE VOW.

But your Master becomes much deeper. When you internalize that person as you, and you as that person.  The internalization of your Master is the internalization of your values. 

A first, your values are not in line. You come to your Master, and people come to you as a Master because their values are scrambled. 

They want unification. They want annealing. They want organization.

That organization is the Master because most of the time your Master, or you as Master, will not be around physically to say, “Do this, do that.” 

How would a slave know what to do? They wouldn’t unless there’s internalization of the Master.

The slave internalizes the Master…  This allows them to make decisions, act, and do things. 

It is the container for enjoying existence itself. That is the highest abstraction of the Master. And that’s how you can be both a slave and a Master.

7.  Good

Good is morality. Understanding morality is knowing what is good and what is bad.

Not because when you were a little girl, people told you, “This is good.” 

Ultimately, there’s no such thing as good or bad…

In Hamlet, Shakespeare says, “Why, then, ’tis none to you, for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. To me it is a prison.” 

Keith Raniere was good or was he bad?.
Shakespeare was no Keith Raniere, but he wasn’t bad either.

This speaks to humans having a mind.  If they were just a body, good and bad would be what feels good or doesn’t feel good.

You want to be more than a body.  More than just a lump, or an animal. 

What does the mind make good and bad? It is our choice to go out into the world and inject morality.

But if the human race died out a million years from now, so what? It’s neither good nor bad.

Things just are.

In the movie Bridge of Spies, the captured Russian spy keeps getting asked why he’s not upset, and he replies, “Would it help?” 

As opposed to being in the “what is,” the act of generating upsetness occurs because we think something is bad. We don’t get upset when we think something is good. 

It’s also a statement of being at cause. 

If you’re upset, you’re suffering. You are thinking it into existence. 

The daily practice of thinking good into existence, thinking your morality into existence, takes away suffering… 

Do you want to think yourself good? Or do you want to believe you’re bad? It’s your choice.

Some people think, “Well, I’m bad,” or “Well, my life is shit.” Why would you think that?

The movie Life is Beautiful demonstrates this, where the father and son are in a concentration camp. You can see the cup as half empty or half full.

8. Related

Can you think of ways of relating objects? They can be spatially related. They can be related because I spoke of them. 

For example, how do I affect the Holocaust? The Holocaust came and left before I was born.

Mentioning it affects it because all things exist in the moment. We don’t know if an object existed a second ago. We have reason to believe it. We have cause and effect, and we didn’t see it go anywhere or come from anywhere. We don’t know for sure if we were here a second ago.

We only know now, and have memories. 

We have notions of what was past. Those constructions form our vision of our life, and we control those constructions. We distort them. If I need to believe something, I distort my reality.

For example, if I need to believe my father was a super athlete, I start to distort my memories. I change what was and what is to me.

Animals don’t do this. A cat doesn’t sit around looking at its past, changing things around, saying, “Gee, I think my mother should have been a loving cat. I believe my mom was a loving cat,” and then creating a deeper memory of being licked. Cats don’t have that type of self-awareness. 

Do cats have masters and slaves?

All things being related speak to self-awareness.  If you take a Rubik’s cube and a computer, what is the Rubik’s cube? The Rubik’s cube is a problem that is a solution to a problem.

All things created by humans are solutions to problems. The computer was designed to solve a problem, and the Rubik’s cube was made to solve a problem. They are the same that way.

And they both hark back to a fundamental aspect of the human mind. How we create by solving problems relates these things deeply in our psyches.

 Seeing how things are related brings you to how you are responsible for all things -at cause.

Why is it important that you be responsible for everything? It maximizes your potency…

Let’s suppose I want to move an object. I try different ways of moving it. I try blowing on it, thinking it, moving the table it’s on and hitting it with my hand. All the ways I can move the object, and I will never probably be able to figure out all of them.

If something comes to crush that object and I don’t move it – I chose not to move it, or I hadn’t worked enough of my responsibility to know I could have kicked the table and moved it out of the way. I won’t know I could have kicked the table if I am trying to see how I can’t move the object.

Seeing how I can’t move the object is blame. It’s what we do with excuses. 

Women are just entitled princesses and best with small waists.

Women, in particular, are miraculous excuse finders. Why? Because it works! If a woman goes out in public and there’s some sort of problem – she needs a bag carried or something terrible is happening – she has more options to find excuses than men do… 

So you can look to find your potency, or find an excuse. If you find you can’t do something, that’s not an excuse not to do it. Saying you can’t do something is a denial of potency. That is a practice you want to NOT do. You want to practice the opposite.

You want to ask, “How can I do things in a way that I didn’t think I could do? How can I move the object in a way I didn’t think I could?” 

A good practice is figuring out ways you can do things you never thought you could. When you blame, you’re saying you can’t. You’re saying things are not related, and you know that’s not true.

A DOS master shows his slave how to realize she needs to seduce him.

9. Honor

To “honor” is “to know the nature of” and factor that in your existence as you’re walking around.

For example, if I’m honoring the dead, I think about them. I think about their nature and what they were like. In everything I’m doing, it’s there.  It’s factored into my decisions. If I dishonor it, I push it away. To honor something is to have it in your mind at all times. You must know its nature, potency, and motivations and hold it in your mind at all points.

MK10 ART Honoring your master.
MK10ART Hold him above all.

10. Hold

To “hold” is to firmly put it in your decisions. 

For example, I may have a day where I am honoring the death of a loved one, and I am lying in bed thinking about this loved one, but is that what they would have wanted? Is that action really honoring them? I’m honoring the idea of them, but to “hold” it is also to make it into something that you’re incorporating. The word “hold” symbolizes taking it as you or yours. To “hold” is not just “honor” from afar, but to take personally with the deepest love. To “honor” is to understand, note, and have there in your decisions.

To “hold” is putting it into all your decisions. 

If you truly learn to honor something, you hold it. There is a certain repetition in those two words, but you must understand both aspects of the deeper thing.

11. Lineage

Lineage includes the people under you in your organization and people over you, the whole line, and the whole organization.



Lineage is a series of lines all interconnected.

The most important lineage is your slaves, your slaves’ slaves, etc., and your Master, your Master’s Master, your Master’s Master’s Master, all the way up like that. And from that lineage, from holding that lineage and honoring it above all other things, it also holds the lineage that descends from it. It holds the organization….

If you’re holding and honoring that lineage, your Master’s Master’s Master, who has other slaves, and they have other slaves, you’re holding the same thing and holding that as your highest value. 

They would say, “What would my Master’s Master’s Master say?” So it is actually importing what your Master and the lineage would say into all of your decisions.

It’s holding them above.

12. Above

Above is not equal. Above is not mostly above, or partially overlapping. Above is completely above, no question. Again, it is the highest.

13. 0thers

You could use concepts like “related” and “lineage” and say, “Well actually, everyone is related. Everyone is in my lineage. I could extend my lineage to every single person, so I don’t have to hold anyone above anyone else. Everyone’s equal, everyone’s perfect, everyone’s the same. We’re all new age. Let’s eat some crystals and be happy.”

But that’s not what this is saying. There are people who are in your lineage and directly of your concern. People of the lineage, and that lineage, just like the Master, becomes internalized.

You hold that above others. This is what most people would think is the opposite of altruism.  It is actually the deepest type of altruism. Altruism has no value if you don’t value yourself enough to understand what it is to be human. And if you don’t value yourself, you have no compassion.

That is the altruism of a doormat, which is what many people want people to be, just sacrifice everything and be a doormat. But that is not what the ultimate altruism is. The ultimate altruism is finding the noblest values embodied through yourself….  

To look at your materialistic attachment-ridden desires and have those subjugated to compassion and humanity, that’s the ultimate altruism.

When we talk about holding something above all others. Most people who are slaves are not enlightened. They have attachments. Altruism abuses attachment.

It’s hard to believe but most slaves are not enlightened.

If you don’t recognize you have an attachment, you make the murderer and the saint the same; you make the producer and the parasite the same.

Producers and a parasite.

As a matter of fact, you put the producer above the parasite and the murderer above the saint.

But when you recognize your attachments, then there is “other.” If there are no attachments, “other” takes on a completely different experience.

When you say above all others, literally others command you to look at how you view other people.  Sometimes you’re scared of them, sometimes you see them as competitors, and sometimes you see someone is going to take something from you. These are childish notions. We are here on this planet together. We are a type of team. The worst enemy is someone that brings things to your life, but most people don’t have that recognition, so when you don’t have that recognition, you must make decisions. Decisions become simple when you use this principle.

So it is important to expand yourself and your understanding of others.

Similar to how some religions say, “I’m a poor sinner.” This is the recognition that I have attachments, I have fears, they play into my life. I’m not going to obey them. I am going to go and hold this thing above others.

So “others” actually become your fears. I see you as “other,” in the very normal sense because I fear you. Otherwise, I see you as me.

I see you as my partner, my teammate, an extension of myself; even more than my body. I see you as an extension of myself. Most people don’t come close to that perception.

If I see you and I think you’re some sort of a competitor or you’re going to take something from me, or hurt me or something like that, I’m not seeing you. I am seeing my fear.


So, you, as in other, becomes my fear. I’m looking my fear in the face. When we see people as other, we see in part, in the most shackled form, them as a representation of our fear.

 The other way we see “other” is in the non-fear-based way of seeing someone as different and feeling expanded through awe. Awe is seeing something you didn’t think was possible manifest as possible.

When I see a difference in someone, I don’t see that as competitive. I see that as adding to me. When I look at someone, I go, “Wow, that’s different than me. I would not, could not, do that.”

That is awe. You can see others as your sense of awe, which extends yourself, or you can see others as your fears. Both are important, eventually migrating to where you see others as an extension of the human condition that you find yourself in and yourself.

When you hold your Master and your lineage above all others, you hold it above your fears, and you see the sense of awe as an extension of that lineage.

14. Every way

In “every way,” cuts outs the excuses. Not every way but this. No “ifs,” “ands,” or “buts.” If there is a “but,” if it is not in every way.

You must address the way it is not in every way and make it so, through your thoughts, through yourself crafting those thoughts. 


1. Sole, Highest, Desire
a. Determine your highest values. Maybe list the top 5.
b. Now experience choosing THE VOW over all of them.
c. Experience the vulnerability of upholding THE VOW over your attachments.
d. Examine the fear underneath. Explore the indoctrination.

Yes, I will choose to watch The Vow over watch Seduced.

15. Must

Commit to one thing every day, with no excuse, no way.

Define your commitment clearly. You can define it the night before or do the same thing daily. . Have your activity well-defined so you have no wiggle room, and enjoy the intensity of fulfilling your commitment with urgency and aliveness.

Example of a physical: I must exercise every day for 40 minutes. I must take a shower in under 5 minutes. I must get to “x” meeting on time, not a second over.

MK10 ART  I will allow my slaves to perform a recommitment ceremony with me for 40 minutes per day.

Example of an emotional/thought: Commit to changing your experience of a person by thinking positive thoughts about them, focusing on their good qualities, doing caring things for them, etc. Don’t let yourself off the hook. You have the power to change your experience.

Keith Raniere “I won’t think about whose semen is sweeter Robbie’s or mine. I won’t think of him as an “other.”

16. Further

Journal on your Master and who they are, what’s important to them, what they struggle with, etc. Think of one thing you can do to further them in life in a way that’s important to them.

I will find my master a fuck toy and groom her.

17. Master

Meditate on your Master’s essence and connect with the Master inside of you. Expand that feeling.

I will meditate on my master getting out of prison in 98 years.

18. Good

Examine something you believe to be good, and see how it is bad. Examine something you believe to be bad, and see how it is. See how it is you who makes anything good or bad.

My master is bad, so he went to prison, which is good, but he is my master, which is bad.

19. Related

Take one thing you believe to be good and figure out how it relates to your Master.

My master is in prison for another 98 years, which is good. But since I have internalized him, it doesn’t matter.

20. Honor, Hold

Contemplate your Master in your decisions through the What would my Master do?

My master would brand women’s pussies, so I think I’ll do that too.

21. Lineage, Above all

Contemplate things you would or could do for your lineage, and for no one else.

Choose something you do for your lineage and no one else, not even your family.

I’ll get branded and give my lineage collateral which I would never do for my family. But some of my collateral if released will ruin my family.

22. Others

What fears do others represent? Journal on your fears of others so you can best root out the petty concerns that keep you from other people, and yourself.

I’ll put Daniela in a room for two years because she kissed Ben Myers. I’ll go into my room in Tuscon for 98 years. I see no difference, no others.

23. Every way

Pick a task or habit you do daily, that you feel you need to Change it or don’t do it, joyfully, in honor of your Master.

I will require all my slaves to look their best by requiring them not to shave and building up their pheromones.

Viva Executive Success.  And long live DOS. Stay tuned for Part 2.

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  • Producers and a parasite.
    Caption to a picture of Keith Raniere and Bill Gates.

    The Truth about Bill Gates is that he is an extremely wealthy man because he tricked a computer programmer named Gary Kildall out of his computer Operating System.
    Gates had his business partner Paul Allen modify Kildall’s work and it was marketed by Gates.

    Hey, Bill Gates, what did you and child molester Jeffrey Epstein talk about?

    The Man Who COULD Have Been Bill Gates [Gary Kildall]

    Douglas Goodall
    1 year ago
    It is tragic. I have met young people who think Bill Gates is the greatest because he gave us the personal computer. It is so wrong, and leaves out the work of so many. I was fortunate enough to work with Gary, and just the experience was life changing. Thanks for the reminder of this important history 🙂

  • “Ultimately, there’s no such thing as good or bad… “

    Then why is Raniere so upset that he’s in prison?

    He tried to pass himself off as a philosopher, but at every step in his miserable life, he proved himself a pompous arrogant windbag.

    If Ranting Raniere had ever read an actual book, he might know about Nietzsche’s “Beyond Good and Evil” in which an actual philosopher explores an enigma that perpetual sophomore Raniere only pecks at.

    But Raniere doesn’t read. He references movies instead. Like “Life Is Beautiful” which per, Raniere teaches us that being locked up in a concentration camp isn’t a bad thing. Laugh it off, sucka. You gotta roll with the punches. Make lemonade out of those lemons.

    Notice how Raniere doesn’t follow any of his own advice when it’s HIM locked up in USP Tucson. No, he screams and weeps and rages.

    What a sad sack.

    Thing is, anyone with a library card can learn about Nietzsche and the Stoics and Montaigne and educate themselves for free. Instead of listening to this arrogant pretentious jerk, paying tens of thousands of dollars for his miserable “courses”, and filling their brains with mush. And without having to give this fat sweaty hairy slob blowjobs.

    • I kinda believe that Nxivm mostly drew people with lots of money who don’t like to read…for whatever reason. Personal taste, dyslexia…so Keith’s stuff was all new to them and they’d sit there and listen to him ramble whereas people who like to read would be like “shut up and give me a book” or would realize instead of 10,000, they could spend 100 on 10 books for 10 bucks each and get the same or better “education.”

  • “When someone becomes a nun, life becomes a whole lot simpler. Dating decisions aren’t problems anymore…”. Interesting ‘cri du coeur’, or Freudian slip from the ‘authors’ (Lauren S/Laura Junco?) – wonder what a psychoanalyst would make of this example to illustrate ‘highest’ values.

    Simplify your life. Just wait for a call from your master for a ‘recommitment’ bj ceremony. Make life even simpler for your teenage daughter: offer her up to the delights of being a f-toy to your ageing, pot-bellied master. After all, you have to ‘absorb’ your master and figure out ‘what your master would do’ (and that’s not being a celibate monk). Ahh … but those blue lights.

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  • “Let’s suppose I want to move an object. I try different ways of moving it. I try blowing on it… “


    I mean seriously, what the fuck is this clown talking about? People took this blather seriously? They thought this idiot was a genius?

    Anyone with an IQ in the double digits can move an object.

    That anyone ever listened to this pretentious windbag, this arrogant clown, proves how stupid you have to be to join a cult. Imagine being impressed with this drivel…

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      Seriously, is it? Or is this Frank’s parody?

      It’s HILARIOUS!

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    ‘Tis naught but butchery of the tongue and Frank, if you’re involved in this new round of harassment on my person, pets and tech ‘devices,’ the May Queen shall have justice, not revenge.

    I have not talked to you in years, not posted pics on any social media in months, how in hell would you know my job status, drinking NOT habits, etc.?

    I shall again be taking my leave from this curse-ed blog and only checked in recently upon the familiar stench of maggot works in service to such pedophiles as KAR.

    Whither thou be ware or not, yet be wary.

    • Heidi – I do not know your job status or drinking habits. I do not recall mentioning either – ever.

  • Fascinating!!!

    Word salad being justified.

    Is a baby good or bad ? Do you want to be a mother ? Would you be a good mother. As master of a child would you teach the child to be self sufficient in your absence or incapacitation ?

    Only the avatar is a good baby. Everyone wants to be the mother of a great child with excellent linage. KAR has the power to inseminate one to produce the avatar. You will have competition, but make them your sisters and lets practice in small groups first.

    Leisure Suit KAR’s guide to a Harem.

    How did all the DOS members not end up knocked up ?

    The good doc must have been prescribing something ?

  • Scientology also makes students read L Ron Hubbard’s turgid prose and carefully define each and every word.

  • Finally.

    It has begun. The DOS handbook.

    There is a lot to unpack in this first install.

    But today is a day for blowing up, drinking up, eating up, and most importantly of all celebrating up… Freedom!

    The slave manual on INDEPENDENCE Day (4 some) is magnificent timing.

    Just a coupla things to start…

    Shakespeare is like the Bible. Any (partial in this case) quote taken out of the play’s context is open to (mis) intereptation.

    The quote more accurately means DENMARK is good or bad depending on what you know.

    Because Hamlet KNOWS that something is “rotten in the state of Denmark”. And now (for him) his country is ruined. As the Prince of Denmark that is particularly troubling. But the country is not ruined for the oblivious fucks (R &G) with whom Hamlet is speaking. Because there is no knowledge or bad thoughts about Denmark on their part.

    It’s actually more closely akin to “knowing how the sausage is made” ruining sausage.

    Once you see the corruption… You can’t un see it. And then you must act (to be) or not act (or not to be) on what you now know. But you can’t go back to not knowing these thoughts.

    VERY timely. Many people still view power and politics thusly. And therein lies the classic appeal of the bard.

    Oh. And super ironic in THIS context.

    Something was rotten in the state of Nxivm. Some people saw it. And they had to decide whether or not to act on it. To run? To tear it all down? To expose the corrupt leaders? But once they had the bad thoughts and the knowledge there was no going back to being a vanguard follower.

    Mark would possibly be Hamlet (Prince of Nxivm) after Bonnie (Ophelia) wisely left the Albany Kingdom rather than go crazy with her thoughts and drown in the puddle vanguard made her drink from that night. Like Ophelia in the river…


    Object permanance. Yes, keith. After peekaboo humans do learn and know about object permanence.

    So do squirrels (they hide & recover nuts) and birds (hummingbirds can remember a 1000 flowers they visited in a day) and all sentient beings – that is how we get food and water and survive. You fucking dolt!

    • Good stuff, thanks, Oh goody!

      Let me throw another Shake-spear at Kieth from Hamlet: “There are more things in heaven and earth, [Keith], than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

      I quote this because it sounds good and appropriate, though it may not be…kinda like Kieth does.

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  • Frank this is by far the most hilarious article published to date. Thank you for the laughs on this Independence Day!
    Life is Good with Keith in prison for the next 98 years!

  • “Women, in particular, are miraculous excuse finders. Why? Because it works!”

    That doesn’t follow. Nothing in the answer to the question posed evidences or proves in any way that women are more “miraculous excuse finders” than men.

    What a manipulative douchebag. He takes commonly known positive terms and principles to manipulate them for his own selfish aims.

    How was it honorable to hide the fact that he was the head of this professed to be women’s only organization, which makes it lying by omission?

    What a total hypocrite who still refuses to admit why he’s in prison for the rest of his life.

    If he’s upset in prison, he’s suffering. He is just thinking it into existence. There is no good or bad but only thinking makes it so. So he should think good into existence because it takes away this suffering.

    After all, things just are.

  • Dear Student – this essay is poorly thought out and so its incoherence is its most defining quality.

    The main problem is with attributing to extant terms, entirely random meaning, as you have done with the key word ‘Honour’. Honour does not mean ‘..knowing the nature of s/thing.’ – It just doesn’t.

    If a few of you decide it does – then its meaningful sphere of influence applies soley to members of your particular Compact. Club. Association. Union. Cult. Whatever.

    To non-members this sounds ridiculous, I’d need to be really messed up – forced in some way – to accept the credence of any of this.

  • So a few minor questions:

    Who wrote the manual? Does the writing style indicate anything?

    Who had access to the manual?

    Does the DOS defenders and the Dossier Project (yeah I am looking at Clyne) acknowledge that the manual exists?

    If so why didn’t they publish it themselves a proof of how great it was designed to be (seems odd to hide its existence if so confident in DOS’ female empowerment)?

    • Keith inspired the genius thinking of it. I am told that Rosa Laura and Lauren Salzman did most of the writing.

    • I’m quite sure Nicki Clyne would not want this to see the light of day. It makes her look like a sheep following the flock without an original idea in her head. All the time she speaks about “her principles” and how she holds them dear, but will adapt them in light of any new experiences she has, though much of what she comes out with on the Dossier Project and social media just regurgitates the misogynistic platitudes:

      DOS handbook:
      ‘Women, in particular, are miraculous excuse finders. Why? Because it works! If a woman goes out in public and there’s some sort of problem – she needs a bag carried or something terrible is happening – she has more options to find excuses than men do… ‘

      Dossier Project:
      Women’s nature is variously described as being entitled, lacking accountability and discipline, spoilt, selfish, grasping and weak, partly perhaps as the result of their liberal middle class indulgent upbringing, no doubt reflecting the values of the “mainstream fake news media”. Boys are not mentioned. Such blanket scorn for their own sex is a constant theme emerging from all of them.

      In a recent interview with LP and Annika (Sex Wars 044, Inside NXIVM with Nicki Clyne), which you can view on her website, she gives the exact same example as here:

      DOS handbook:
      ‘Example of a physical: …. I must get to “x” meeting on time, not a second over.’

      ‘If someone says I’m always late, and i wanna be better at that….I want you to help me with that. I’ll be like, OK. Then we make our time for a meeting and they’re late. So I say ‘Well, what are you gonna do to fix that?’ How are you gonna make up for a) the time you took of mine? b) Now you’ve tarnished your word, your belief in yourself…Maybe for you, I’ll take something off your plate, maybe you’ll wash the dishes. It’s a mindfulness exercise of seeing how you affect others. Maybe for my word maybe I’ll for the rest of the day write down everything I’m doing so I’ll make a connection with everything I’m doing throughout the day.’

      Saying she could take food off someone’s plate for being late is pretty concerning and supports the starvation accusations many former DOS inmates have made; all the more so since in her writing she talks movingly about a childhood friend who was bullied at school and ended up moving away because of consequent illness. The clear implication, though it’s not directly stated, is that her friend was suffering from anorexia. Her writing is both eloquent and beautiful, and shows a completely different side to her.

      DOS handbook:
      ”Commit to changing your experience of a person by thinking positive thoughts about them, focusing on their good qualities, doing caring things for them, etc.’

      This may have prompted the reconciliation with her father. One wonders whether it motivated her to undertake other acts of kindness too, rather than coming from an innate sense of goodness.

      Maybe we’ll never know.

    • “I will meditate on my master getting out of prison in 98 years.”

      The trouble with FR is that it gets harder and harder to spot the parody.

      Any DOS dead-enders reading this: if you think you were involved in something “smart”, something “profound”, remember this document is now public. The main thing this cult shows is how truly completely and absolutely horrendously useless American education must be — these are supposedly “educated” and “intelligent” people. But then: there was money. And here you find the one contribution of America to the global confidence level: the pyramid scheme, the multi-level marketing plan, just with sex slaves, not sex-toy vendors.

      The entire economy of Albania collapsed around pyramid schemes. They are more than deadly. You’re not allowed to say it on Quora, but the New York Stock Exchange has been proven under the SEC’s own definition to be a classical Ponzi scheme, where the increasing values are created by bringing new suckers into the market, thinking they can make a fortune on Apple, rather than any intrinsic value or dividends or “appreciation” of assets.

      It’s all a vast Ponzi scheme. M. Ponzi’s original scheme involved the legitimate redemption of international reply coupons (IRCs) — which you could exchange for postage stamps in any ITU country. One IRC guaranteed return surface postage on a letter, five IRCs guaranteed airmail to anywhere in the world. Plenty of space for arbitrage, if your aunt is a specialist “stray post” stamp collector.

      So there’s always a legitimate business underlying a good Ponzi scheme. With Wall Street, it’s the Walls and the Streets that are the legit front, the market value of Industry and Finance. If people have “confidence” in you, your “stock” goes up. Nothing has changed, the buildings, the walls and the streets are the same, it’s just a “feeling” the market has. Then your stock gets sold at the higher price, and money circulates, and everyone feels “good.”

      Then one day, you find that people have “lost confidence” in your walls and your streets, and your “stock” is down 40 percent, make that 42 percent, overnight. Nothing has changed, the buildings and the people are all just the same. They just have to start smiling a lot harder, especially the buildings.

      With DOS, the business was “covertly overt” and also quite legit, namely sex, the biggest business America seems to have, if not having it, then making a big noise about chopping it off. Or proudly celebrating the mass killing of any product of it.

      This is where the whole child rape / child pornography thing gits so hard in the teeth, Keith, because it was so blatant and so ILLEGAL. The whole pretty scheme was based in wanton hedonistic crime, shielded by hordes of lawyers, crimes including — no question — outright murder by slow poisoning and forced suicides, at the very least. And multiple child rapes. From all that …

      Not even one decent aphorism.

      “Things just are.”

      Here’s a special song for Vanguard, “Ninety Nine Years”:

      There’s a cartoon, I wish I could find it. A kid who’s always getting into trouble. His teacher tells him: I wish you were a little bit smarter, so you could see just how dumb you really are.

      I’ve seen very smart people suckered into pyramid schemes. Some of them know exactly what they’re doing — they spot and play these schemes for a few days, or weeks, then cash in and move on. You feel the “mood.” Now it’s often based on “crowdsourcing.” There’s always a legit business.

      Even the ones who know they got suckered, still linger in their minds in the dreamy days, when they were going to make a fortune, completely passive income, forever and ever. All you have to be is “upline.”

      There’s a question lingering over this story, though, along with Swami Chet the Cheat. Not so much “What is a woman” any more, although that’s a more than legitimate question. One hesitates to put this, but I think the question finally needs to be asked. (I have just finished a book called “We Need To Talk About Kevin,” so I’m feeling empowered, you know.) The question is: What the fucking hell is WRONG with these women? Really, it’s beyond belief. Kevin in the book makes an elementary observation: mass killing is America’s best entertainment. The more far out you are, the more dramatic, the higher the esteem.

      But idolizing child rape, and setting up “slave lines” to provide it, and then still thinking you’re being clever by boasting about it …

      As my Dutch uncle Vert, of the infamous De Ferk side of our family used to say: “Vert de Ferk!”

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