Frank Report Begets a New Blog: Kristin Keeffe & Joe O’Hara to Focus on High Profile Trials and Important Issues

Most Frank Report readers immediately recognize the names of Kristin Keeffe and Joseph J. (Jake) O’Hara. They now have a website – Trials & Truths – that will focus on high-profile trials and issues that are of interest to their readers.

As noted on their website, , they are committed to “reporting, factually and objectively, about high-profile trials and high-interest issues.”

They will also be writing Op-Eds that will offer their opinions about specific trials and issues.

MK-10’s portrait of Kristin Keeffe. 


How Keeffe and O’Hara Got Together

For several years, O’Hara and Keeffe were on opposite sides when it came to matters involving NXIVM.

Keeffe had some 22 years with Keith Raniere, the co-founder of the NXIVM cult, before she turned whistleblower.

Keeffe worked with O’Hara during the 15-months that he served as a part-time consultant for NXIVM. In December 2004, Raniere and O’Hara had a falling out after O’Hara informed Raniere and the co-founder of NXIVM, Nancy Salzman, that because of his concerns over the possible illegality of some of the organization’s activities, he was resigning from his consultant post.

And that is how O’Hara became one of Raniere’s main targets in the early years of NXIVM.

For more than 15 years, Keeffe and O’Hara had no contact.

But in mid-2021, I arranged for them to talk to each other to discuss their experiences with Raniere and NXIVM.

At first, Keeffe and O’Hara talked about the Raniere trial. They agreed that mainstream media had not identified – nor reported on – many of the major legal issues that were involved in the case. They also found that most of the media reports and stories about the trial did not explain how specific testimony and other evidence that was allowed in by the trial judge, U.S. District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis, was – or was not – related to the charges that the government had brought against Raniere.

After looking at how other high-profile cases had been covered in the media, they concluded that the Raniere case was not unique. Very few media outlets that cover high-profile trials explain exactly what the prosecution must prove in order to convict a defendant. And the few that do cover such trials in that way rarely, if ever, provide copies of – or links to – case filings and/or trial exhibits.

Nor do they report how and why the government introduced certain evidence – and/or whether it met its burden of proof.

Instead, mainstream media tends to focus on the salacious aspects of high-profile trials.

Keeffe and O’Hara observed that in many high-profile criminal trials, the prosecution often uses a “game plan” that begins with an all-out assault on the defendant’s character – and that a lot of civil litigation is conducted the same way. The plan is to make the jury hate the defendant before the defendant has an opportunity to present their defense.

Rarely do reporters raise questions whether judges should have allowed specific testimony to be elicited during the trial. Nor do they evaluate the effectiveness or non-effectiveness of the defense attorney’s cross-examination of the prosecution’s witnesses – and vice versa.

Keeffe and O’Hara followed several trials from beginning to end – and carefully documented the flaws in the media reporting about them. Then they decided to launch a website.

Both have an extensive legal background. Both have superb writing skills.


Kristin Keeffe

Keeffe was a long-time associate of Keith Raniere – and is the mother of his first child. She served as a paralegal for NXIVM and Clare and Sara Bronfman for 12 years.

The Emblem of the Society of Protectors.

In 2013, Keeffe saw NXIVM become radicalized against women. Raniere introduced a new curriculum through the Society of Protectors that was extremely misogynistic.

Before, NXIVM had offered somewhat mainstream executive training – and attracted clients like Jennifer Anniston, Gerard Butler, and members of Richard Branson’s family.

But, per the new SOP curriculum, NXIVM shifted to an educational system with various tenets that Keeffe found deplorable.

For example, women were portrayed as “fleas jumping from host to host.”

Or women were described as “baby princesses who couldn’t get anything done.”

And although “men needed many sexual partners to achieve fulfillment,” women should only have a sexual relationship with one man.

Keeffe found the changes introduced via SOP to be shocking and horrifying. As she watched the entire organization embrace misogyny almost overnight, she noted that there was zero resistance from the NXIVM leadership or its salespeople.

As she reevaluated her experiences with Raniere and NXIVM, Keeffe realized that the man she thought was an ethical and honest leader was, in reality, a psychopathic maniac.

This led her to investigate whether NXIVM’s operations involved illegal activities – at which time she realized that Raniere and Salzman had lied about many of the things the organization was doing in order to keep her from finding out about what was really going on.

Keeffe reported NXIVM’s illegal activities to the New York State Police – but for some inexplicable reason, they were more interested in investigating other whistleblowers like O’Hara and John Tighe.

Somehow, Raniere found out what she was trying to do with the New York State Police – and Keeffe was forced to flee with their son in fear for their lives.

Keeffe’s allegations proved prescient as the Eastern District of New York later prosecuted many of her findings.

The DOJ acknowledged Keeffe’s help in bringing Raniere and his co-defendants to justice by calling her within minutes of Raniere’s conviction to thank her.

Keeffe has experience working as a paralegal with top law firms in the country – and she has researched numerous high-control groups. This has given her insights into the intersection of cult-like thinking and the law. In addition, her commitment to evidence-based reporting ensures that all her posts will be factual and unbiased.


Joseph J. (Jake) O’Hara

O’Hara was one of the first to experience NXIVM’s skill at legal terrorism as soon as Raniere had identified him as an “enemy.”

In addition to paying exorbitant fees to law firms to bring countless civil claims against O’Hara, Raniere instructed Daniela, the woman who subsequently spent almost 2-years isolated in a room by herself, to hack into O’Hara’s computer.

Her initial attempt to do so failed because O’Hara chose not to open any of the emails that she sent to him, under various names, with her homemade but lethal spyware imbedded within them.

In her second attempt to get into O’Hara’s computer, Daniela planted spyware on the laptop of O’Hara’s accountant, Jim Loperfido, who was still doing some accounting work for NXIVM. Kathy Russell helped by diverting Loperfido away from the office at NXIVM’s headquarters he was using at the time so that Daniela could sneak in and plant her homemade spyware on it.

Once Daniela could access Loperfido’s computer, Raniere then knew every keystroke the accountant made. In almost no time, Daniela was able to access all of Loperfido’s emails – and obtain all kinds of information from his correspondence with O’Hara. Once he obtained confidential information about O’Hara and his businesses, Raniere was able to use it in his lawsuits against O’Hara.

Marie White’s painting of Clare Bronfman giving a peck to her impeccable leader, Keith Alan Raniere.


Raniere perfected his lawsuit technique with the financial support of stooge-like Clare Bronfman and her feckless sister Sara Bronfman, who filed a massive but baseless civil lawsuit against O’Hara.

Readers will find the real purpose of their lawsuit in this fact: They sued O’Hara for $2 million but they spent more than $4 million on legal fees. The goal was not money or the merit of the lawsuit. It was to ruin O’Hara and, with luck, put him in prison.

Readers might note that Raniere and Clare reaped what they sowed for O’Hara. Raniere is now incarcerated in sunny Tuscon – and Clare is enjoying a New England summer in Danbury, CT at the women’s federal prison located there.


P. David Soares, Albany County District Attorney

But the world’s most intelligent man did his best to get O’Hara locked up.

With the help of Clare and Sara, he convinced P. David Soares, the District Attorney of Albany County, to help in this effort.

A good public servant, Soares filed baseless and fraudulent criminal charges against O’Hara on two different occasions

In the end, both cases were dismissed without any findings of impropriety by O’Hara.

The criminal charges against O’Hara had the same old problems as so many other Raniere-Bronfman-fueled prosecutions – no evidence and perjured testimony.

In the second criminal case against O’Hara and his three co-defendants – which was a computer trespass case – only one defendant, Toni Natalie, was guilty. [More on her in an upcoming series.]

Some may justify Natalie’s hacking of NXIVM’s computer.

What was Natalie-esque, however, was her telling others like O’Hara that she had been given legal permission to use the password of a former member of NXIVM to access the site.

She helped to destroy several people’s lives with this lie.

MK10ART’s portrayal of Toni Natalie and her book, both of which are chock full of lies. 

What people like O’Hara thought was a legal entry by permission of a current member of NXIVM who had shared her password turned out to be a total lie. The password owner told Frank Report that she never gave Natalie her password – and that she did not even know her. Thanks to O’Hara’s efforts, even guilty Natalie got off.

Indictments are costly, though – and O’Hara incurred massive legal fees as he fought off NXIVM’s various attempts to get him convicted of a crime and/or ruin his businesses. Eventually, he was forced to file for bankruptcy for himself and his various companies.

This pleased Raniere and his stooge, Clare Bronfman, more than the tongue could tell.

P. David Soares, Albany County District Attorney tried twice to snag O’Hara. But he came up empty both times.

Before his involvement with NXIVM, O’Hara had a notable career. He worked in – and for – various city, county, state, and federal agencies. After graduating from Cornell with a J.D. degree and an MPA degree. O’Hara’s governmental career included the following positions

  • Assistant to the Thompkins County (NY) County Administrator;
  • Legislative Counsel to NYS Senator William T. Smith;
  • Assistant Professor, Government & Public Administration, State University of New York/Empire State College;
  • Executive Director of Washington, DC’s Interagency Council on Family Planning;
  • Director of the Missouri Division of Family Services;
  • Director of the Missouri Department of Social Services; and
  • President of the National Association of Public Child Welfare Administrators.

Following his retirement from government service, O’Hara founded several companies that provided a wide array of consulting services to county and state agencies – and to more than 1,200 local school districts. Over the course of fifteen years, he helped these agencies and school districts generate more than $1.25 billion in additional federal funding.

O’Hara was also involved in various civic activities – and received numerous governmental awards. He also served on the board of directors for several non-profit entities.

Somehow along the way, O’Hara also found time to serve as the General Manager of three professional sports teams:

– The Albany Patroons in the Continental Basketball Association (CBA);

– The New York Kick in the National Professional Soccer League (NPSL); and

– The Albany Firebirds in the Arena Football League (AFL).

For two years, he also served as Commissioner of the Arena Football League.

Following the death of his former wife, Denise F. Polit, Ph.D., O’Hara moved to Pittsburgh, PA, where his son served as a Public Defender. Father and son are now involved in various charitable activities that are focused on providing assistance to military veterans, returning citizens, and single mothers.


Check Out Trials & Truths

I encourage Frank Report’s readers to look at the Trials & Truths blog – which should be operational sometime over the July 4th weekend.

Keeffe and O’Hara will provide accurate reporting about important trials – and they will no doubt attract a wide readership.

MadAddie Marketing of Glenville, NY., designed and maintains the Trials & Truths blog.

Frank Report’s readers can also follow Keeffe and O’Hara on Twitter at Trials & Truths (@TrialsTruths) / Twitter – and on Facebook at (20+) trials & truths – Search Results | Facebook (They will reportedly be adding more social media sites in the near future).


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  • “You talking to me…?”

    No I was talking to asshole J.J. O’Hara. I don’t know why you deal with this douche bag?!

    But damnit, Frank! Fix your your damn reply buttons so I don’t have to reply up here! You’ve been told this a thousand times already! Why can’t you listen?!

    Your comments system is outdated and you need a new one! Not the same old shit repaired by the same old dumb asshole that lets it keep being fucked up!

  • The Johnny Depp vs Newsgroup Newspapers case in London was decided only by Justice Andrew Nicol using written submissions. Andrew Nicol’s son, Robert Palmer, was a journalist for the Sun, the newspaper that printed the story. The UK court system is not infallible.

    • It’s also true to say that UK judges are not politically appointed nor politically partisan. Unlike the jury in the US, who were exposed to all the crap on social media (and no doubt heavily influenced by it), the decisions reached were based on evidence alone. Having seen that evidence, particularly the repulsive text messages (you know what I’m referring to), there is no doubt in my mind that either party was wholly in the right. The fact that everyone pours scorn on the woman is generally indicative of misogyny in society, which has flourished in recent times amongst the loony right.

      More broadly it’s high time that all forms of social media were held to the same standards as other media in relation to anonymity, libel and slander. The incitement to hatred of any minority or ethnic group should also be in my opinion a potentially criminal matter. We live in very dangerous times.

      • Dear Peter,

        I would love to get into a deep dive with you discussing this on our blog directly. Have you read our articles on the Depp vs. Heard trial?

        There is so much to unpack, and I have another 1-2 articles in development. I’d love to know more about your perspective and thoughts. Feel free to share.

        Next up, I am analyzing the prosecution of the Proud Boys – and how it may affect Donald Trump.

        Best Regards,
        Kristin K

      • Having closely examined the evidence in the UK case, it is clear that he definitely physically abused her.

        Even in the American case there was a flaw in the plaintiff’s case. There are texts where Johnny apologizes for abusing Amber. I

        Yet, at the same time Johnny is irate that anyone would accuse him of being an abuser.

        But Johnny Depp himself apologized for physically abusing Amber. So, did Johnny defame himself?

        Johnny’s justification was that he and his paid employees were just saying whatever was needed to appease Amber.

        But why would you choose that of all the things that could appease her? The very thing that is making you so upset that (according to Johnny) it’s not about the trial and it’s not about the money; it’s about that nobody could ever possibly think these things about you. But Johnny, you already know that Amber felt physically abused by you. And you copped to it too.

        How can you be surprised? Or rather ACT surprised. Johnny, you knew. For years.

        ‘That’ accusation is so wrong and it’s so important that it’s cleared up and my kids know it blah blah blah’ but didn’t you make it confusing? Johnny?

        By previously apologizing for physically assaulting Amber? In writing? If that was the worst thing and you never, ever want to be associated with physically abusing a woman, how can you justify labeling yourself a domestic abuser by describing yourself as such?

        Makes no sense.

        At the end of the day, they both are very unlikable people who did a lot of awful things to each other. But Johnny still did it. He hit her. And she has a first amendment right to say it. And the UK trial was a much more just outcome.

    • Dear Anonymous,

      I am very interested in what you are saying. Can you provide back-up evidence to the judge’s relationship with The Sun? Proof of his son’s employment? I am very much interested in seeing that; I have not previously encountered it in all my research about that case.

      As for your statement that the decision was based on written submissions only, I disagree. My analysis of the judge’s decision in that case was yes, there was a heavy emphasis on pretrial submissions in writing, but there was also a three-week trial during which witnesses gave testimony in person.

      The final conclusions made by the judge were based on all the written submissions AND the in-person trial testimony, evidence, and cross examinations.

      If I have erred in this, please share. I have an open mind (or at least I try!).

      I have written four deep dive articles on the Depp vs Heard trial on, and I have linked to the UK decision within these articles extensively.

      Let’s talk about it.

      Best Regards,
      Kristin K

  • Fantastic news. The site looks compelling, pleased to see a possible area of interest is education, I especially respect Joe for his teaching on top of everything else. Kristin Keefe writes so well. Lovely stuff! – All the best of luck, am definitley in!

    • Dear NFW,

      Thank you so much! We are very much looking for reader input. Please feel free to comment with us directly on our site regarding what areas of education you’d like to see covered.

      We are open-minded folk, looking to engage people in discussion with a heavy emphasis on evidence and law, but without a predetermined agenda.

      Tell us what you think, we will consider it seriously.

      Best Regards,
      Kristin K

  • Keith, who only lived off women’s money called females parasites?

    And people still believed that vanguard was thinking and speaking coherently?

    It’s “o fishole” that anyone who listened to and followed Keith Raniere wasn’t paying attention to Keith’s actions and behavior.

    It’s so delightful that a “flea” such as Moira “smart hotty” Penza is the one who prosecuted Keith Raniere’s fat, crusty, old, pedophile ass.

    Ha ha. It’s official! Keith got put away by a fish hole. A Flea. A parasite. Who was just doing her JOB.

    And now Keith continues his life as a parasite living off the government in prison.

    Enjoy your freedom this Independence Day weekend y’all! Eat a wiener for Keith!


    Artist Margaret Keane has passed away.

    I’ve taken a keen interest in her life and work bc my late sister, Gina, had several of Keane’s prints stored in the tiny cabin she lived in at a Buddhist monastery before returning, once again, to Keith’s clutches in the months before being ‘suicided’ – according to witnesses including Kristin Keeffe.

    Gina drew parallels between her relationship with Keith and this artist’s personal story. I think a lot of, especially female, NXIVM victims can relate to it as well. Especially Dani F. It makes perfect sense that she was assigned to do book reports for Keith during her imprisonment. Dani was doomed the day Keith learned she was a “genius” he might plagiarize from – according to Karen U.’s account -just as he used Ivy to write for him, Kristin Keeffe for the legal work, and on-and-on down the line.

    As I’ve mentioned on this blog previously, Gina also identified with a Tim Burton film character from ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’: i.e., the suicidal ragdoll kept locked up in the tower by the mad scientist.

    Although those of us, chiefly Joe O’Hara, who attempted to expose KAR over the years, decades before the DOJ finally undertook their investigation that put him away for good have, unfortunately, sadly suffered many retaliatory setbacks in our lives, I believe the message to narcissist or cult or dictatorship abused and oppressed people everywhere remains critical and germain, more so than ever considering current events.

    Though it may appear that our efforts were and are fruitless, as I’ve said before, one can never know who may have been saved by shedding light on the simple truth.

    IMO, Dani would not have made it out of that room alive, for instance, had the TU story not appeared when it did.

    • My forever thanks to you, for all you’ve done to help expose the nude emperor. I’m on board with basically everything you say.

      • Thank you.

        It’s been a long hard road litigating and deconstructing everything that happened in NXIVM. As horrible as that’s been, I think it gave me some unique insights into interpreting current events. I hope to be paying that forward on our blog.

        When I left Keith and NXIVM, I thought he was an eccentric psychopath who duped me into an unusual set of oppressive circumstances. I thought, “Well, I was naive, uneducated, inexperienced, gullible, and I wanted to feel special.” And Keith played to all those weaknesses. When I saw what was really going on and went to the NYS Police (and later the Feds), it was all so painfully obvious.

        I embraced that. Like, “OK that’s where I’ve been at.” If you don’t have a big ego, there is no shame in recognizing your reality and trying to do the right thing regardless.

        In many ways it can be liberating.

        Despite my obvious shortcomings, I was determined to help stop Keith from hurting others. In that regard I succeeded, for which I am very proud.

        However, overall, I thought it would be so easy to learn from it all and move on. And do whatever needed to be done to bring justice to the situation. Unfortunately, as I went out into a world without Keith, I encountered much of the same mentalities as Keith, albeit in more subtle and insidious ways. That has been beyond disturbing. BEYOND.

        As I’ve come full circle from it all, I feel confident and excited that Joe and I can bring unique insights into the cult-like thinking that goes on in our society, especially as it relates to our civil and criminal justice systems.

        I know that I probably would not have extricated myself from Keith’s world (ever) if it were not for my paralegal training and work. If you follow legal cases closely and you make your own determinations based on facts and evidence (independent of the collective opinions of social media, pundits, etc.), it’s like the ultimate deprogramming. You learn to truly think and evaluate for yourself much more independently than you’d suppose.

        I (humbly) hope that if people follow our blog, it will help them learn to examine their own situations (and recognize any undue influences) and current events more objectively and be more informed and happier as a result.

        I strive to make that happen.

        Kristin K

        • The site has a lot of potential. Joe obviously has a bounty of journalistic experience, but your background will help bring a lot to the site as well. Paralegals have a unique approach to the law. While attorneys focus on case law and theory, we paralegals focus on the documents. The primary sources.

          Your readers will have an opportunity to consume the documents themselves and form their own opinions.

          In an age where there are so many nanny-fact-checkers and people online trying to dictate how I think, having access to primary sources will be refreshing. I’ve signed up. Good luck. Happy Independence Day!

          • Dear Le’Gal –

            Thanks for signing up so that you can register comments on the Trials & Truths blog. I really look forward to your comments and thoughts. What you’ve said about paralegals is so true, I love it!

            As you will see from reading our posts, Joe and I are really dedicated to providing original documentation to back up our reporting on high-profile cases and high interest topics. Please be sure to click on all the links!

            It’s a primary foundation for us. “This is how we interpret, but you see for yourself.” We hope to inspire people to read witness testimony transcripts, judge’s decisions, and evidence exhibits directly themselves – and engage with us about the evidence and law.

            A person doesn’t need a legal background or have had to work at a blue-chip law firm to meaningfully engage in public discourse. I think that’s where mainstream media sometimes falls short. They don’t provide a framework for a regular person to follow along and add value to the discussion through their own, independent analysis.

            Which, given the opportunity, every thoughtful person can do, given the opportunity.

            We are a small venture, but we hope to grow with our readers.

            Best Regards,
            Kristin K

  • One more thing:

    Revenue models have to be introduced slowly. A newspaper can charge up front because they know the distribution rate. A website can’t, because traffic isn’t determined yet.


    1) Build an audience to prove your value proposition;

    2) slowly introduce new products;

    3) offer maybe 3 free copies of, ie, a newsletter to build a subscription base and email list;

    4) then you can charge a monthly fee or get ads in your newsletter.

    • Kristin and I agree with the points you have raised – which is why all the “additional features” on Trials & Truths will be available free-of-charge between now and September 30th. That should give our readers enough time to decide for themselves whether they want to sign up for any of our three subscription levels (Readers will be able to start doing that as of September 1st). And even if they don’t, they will still be able to access all the free content that will continue to be available at

      • Joe, another thought– tie this into a podcast. Legal analysis can be part of it, but expand into cult, lawsuits, finance fraud ( the banksters), mortgage fraud, car finance fraud etc

        There’s a shitton of lawsuits against banks, but you won’t hear about them.

        • Dear FMN –

          Please feel free to leave any case idea specifics on our website directly. We are looking for ideas and new areas of interest to cover and we totally welcome your input.

          Best Regards,
          Kristi. K

  • I don’t think the subscription plan will work, btw. People are watered down on a lot of this stuff. Business modeling is rough but there’s ways.

    • You could be right – but most of the subscription fees we collect will be used to pay for the “additional features” we will be providing to subscribers. Copies of things such as case filings, trial transcripts, and trial exhibits are all pretty expensive – which is why we hope that enough people will be interested in having access to those things that they will become subscribers.

      At the end of the day, if we don’t get enough subscribers to support the “additional features,” we may have to drop some of them from our plans. Hopefully, that won’t be necessary.

  • How did you find MadAddie? I never heard of them, but I can walk to her office! Maybe I’ll use her for some projects as well.

    • I’ve known – and worked with – “MadAddie” for more than 20-years. She is, far and away, the best at what she does that I have ever come across.

  • Great News!

    Actor Jon Voight just posted a video calling for Joe Biden’s impeachment for his despicable criminal acts including taking millions in bribes from China, Russia and Ukraine.
    ‘A fish rots from the head down’

    ‘He’s wronged this nation’: Jon Voight calls for Biden’s impeachment

  • I don’t know if I would trust Kristin Keeffe’s viewpoint. She was an enthusiastic foot soldier in Keith Ramires’s torment of others, until she found herself facing the same treatment that she gleefully doled out.

    • While I understand your stated concern, I will tell you that after working with Kristin for the past year, I have no qualms whatsoever about her viewpoint or the valuable insight that she can provide about high-control groups. Since she spent more than two decades until Keith Raniere’s tutelage, I think it’s totally understandable that she was affected by his philosophy and theories (I likely would have been myself if I were in that situation for that long).

      Please read what Kristin has already written and what she will be writing in the future – and then tell me what you think.


    • If you truly knew, you wouldn’t question. If questioning from afar, I get it.

      Kristin and Joe are two people I’d never question. I take what they say as (close to) fact, and reevaluate my thought process if I’m on a different wavelength than them.

      • This is incredibly appreciated. I hope you will be engaging with us directly on our site.

        Best Regards,
        Kristin K

  • It gladdens my heart to see Kristin and Joe ‘rise above the fray’ 😉 (Kristin knows that’s a quip oft repeated by our late Mother, Rose).

    Just read Kristin’s posts on Trials & Truths…WOW, WOW, WOW!

    Kristin, I must confess, I’ve had my doubts about whether or not you were free of the mental toxins – “triggers” as Keith boasts – he instilled in you and Gina at such an early age but I only had hearsay and opinion from sources who, as it turns out, were not credible and more intent on pitting us apart – following, it seems, the same “formula” Keith used to get himself that rare, 120 year prison sentence. 🤗

    You are an awesome writer and legal analyst and I encourage everyone to check out your and Joe’s blog, as well.

  • Except the fact that you got pay money if you want to access to everything! You forgot to tell that part, Frank! What a rip off! 🙄

    Also the link you posted to their website doesn’t work and and makes you have to spell it out. So that’s another problem!

    Nice and “honest” article you got here, dipshit! 😒

    Viva Money Grabbing Success!

    • Apparently, you did not read very much of the initial content on the Trials and Truths blog – or you did not comprehend what you read. To make it clear, there will always be an abundance of free posts on our blog. In addition, we will be offering three levels of low-cost subscriptions for those readers who are interesting in accessing “additional features” such as more posts, access to case filings, trial transcripts and exhibits, and participation in our to-be-established monthly Zoom meetings with us and other professionals to discuss specific trials and issues.

      Between now and September 30th, all our “additional features” will be provided free-of-charge so that our readers can decide for themselves whether they want to sign up for any of our three subscription levels (Readers will be able to start doing that as September 1st). And even if they don’t, they will still be able to access all the free content that will continue to be available at https;//

      PS/ I think the link to our website is working just fine. Apparently, your technical skills may be similar to your reading comprehension skills.

        • Hey Zippy the [redacted]!

          Why don’t you suck on a banana and SHIT! Get back into your cage, you stupid little [redacted]!

          Or do you not understand because I haven’t translated it into b[redacted] yet?!

          Bah bah bah ooooo eeeeee ah ah ah!!!!!!!

          Get on and get!



      • Hey asshole!

        I know what the website said! I READ IT! Those things are things that I and others would want access to and the point is it costs money! There is some kind of money involved (if you want the good stuff) PERIOD!

        When I clicked on Frank’s link it didn’t work several times and would take me to a link address that was “”!

        I didn’t type that link in! I merely just clicked the link Frank put! I do have technical skills and reading comprehension skills! But apparently you don’t have social skills and that’s why you feel the need to be an asshole! So fuck you, dickhead!

        • Unless someone – or some organization – wants to endow Trials & Truths with enough money to buy all the “additional features” we would like to offer our readers, there is no way for Kristin and me to provide all those things for free. But since non-subscribers will always have free access to most of the posts we write, I don’t understand why you consider that arrangement a “rip off”.

          If you go to McDonald’s and buy a hamburger, do you expect them to give you a free bag of fries and a free soda? Or if someone gives you a ticket for free to attend a baseball game, do you expect them to also provide you with free beer and peanuts?

          As for the linkage problem that you cited, it appears that you (and others) tried to go to the Trials & Truths blog while we were still transitioning from the Ghost platform to the WordPress platform (After a few days of being “live,” we decided to switch to WordPress because of all the technical issues we were running into on Ghost). Since it took a bit of time for the new site to propagate, there was, in fact, a short period of time when the blog could not be accessed via any link.

          So, my apology on the snarky remark about your technical skills – and if you still think I’m an asshole and dickhead, then so be it.

          PS/Kristin and I have put countless hours into this project – and far from being a rip-off, we think we will be providing content that is simply not available elsewhere. Each of us could be doing lots of different things that would provide us with a great deal more income. But we are committed – both to each other and to our readers – to making Trials & Truths as informative and thought-provoking as possible. Hopefully, you’ll join us along the way.

          • Yeah so I was right about the website not working right and you were just being a douche bag for no reason!

            This isn’t “McDonalds” or a “baseball game” and even though they sometimes DO have free things like you’re saying by winning prizes or buy one get free deals! Therefore, making a “baseball ticket” or “free beer and peanuts” or a “free bag of fries and a soda” (even though a cup of water I can expect for free anywhere) a very possible reality if you know where to look. So in other words in certain situations, yes I can expect those things to be free!

            But regardless, we’re talking about *NEWS* here! NOT ENTERTAINMENT! In other words, we’re talking about a whole other “baseball” park! I don’t believe news should be a commodity in this country! I believe it should be mandatory to be free for all residents in this country!

            So yes! I DO EXPECT YOU BOTH TO MAKE IT FREE AT ALL COSTS! And for you to figure out how to make money another way! I think it should be illegal by law to sell news and should be a *FREE RIGHT* to all genuine American citizens! The includes “exclusive things” ESPECIALLY THINGS like trial records and other things that we are obligated to have to hold courts accountable and is a public office! Those things should *DEFINITELY BE FREE*!

            So yes! You’re still a rip off!

            Nice apology about the “technical skills”part! Just not sorry about the “reading comprehension skills” part, I presume! Despite you being a hypocrite and not understanding ME with YOUR lack of “reading comprehension skills”!

            To answer your question about,

            “if you still think I’m an asshole and dickhead, then so be it”

            The answer is yes I do and a piece of shit along with many other things!

            By the way, real smart on treating on a potential customer like that to begin with! You’re really going places with your lack of *professional skills* so far, aren’t you?!

            First time impressions are everything! You won’t be given any money from me for that behavior!

            Find another sucker for you wallets!

          • To Anonymous at 6:22 PM:

            Good luck finding free sources for everything that you want.

            P.S./Given the nature and style of your comments and the guidelines we have established for those who want to comment on the Trials and Truths blog, I don’t think you would have lasted very long on our site anyway.

          • “To Anonymous at 6:22 PM:”

            “Good luck finding free sources for everything that you want.”

            “P.S./Given the nature and style of your comments and the guidelines we have established for those who want to comment on the Trials and Truths blog, I don’t think you would have lasted very long on our site anyway.”

            Yeah well no need for luck! I already do and have!

            P.S. to your P.S. Oh great! Another piece of shit that doesn’t understand the 1st Amendment and freedom of speech! 🙄 YIPEE! I wouldn’t want to endorse some idiot like that with money that I shouldn’t have to anyways! I truly hope one day when this country wants to go back to what the was originally decreed, you along with Big Tech, and all the other assholes on websites, who robbed people of their free speech, are BRUTALLY and publicly executed for treason to our U.S. Constitution!

            This is why we need a universal law that spells out what you can’t ban on your websites with HARSH penalties for people like you who rob people of their first Amendment Rights!

            I’ll take it as a badge of honor that you would censor me, you anti-American piece of shit cyber tyrant!

        • Kevin – I’m so surprised at your tone and demeanor. Normally you are so much more composed.

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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