Keeffe Speaks: I Met Psychopaths Like Keith Since I Left Him

Kristin Keeffe appears in the Lost Women of Nxivm

A new blog written by Joe O’Hara and Kristin Keeffe is called Trials and Truth.

FR published an article about it.

It prompted comments.

Heidi Hutchinson

Heidi Hutchinson wrote:

It gladdens my heart to see Kristin and Joe ‘rise above the fray’ 😉 (Kristin knows that’s a quip oft repeated by our late Mother, Rose).

Just read Kristin’s posts on Trials & Truths…WOW, WOW, WOW!

Kristin, I must confess, I’ve had my doubts about whether or not you were free of the mental toxins – “triggers” as Keith boasts – he instilled in you and Gina at such an early age but I only had hearsay and opinion from sources who, as it turns out, were not credible and more intent on pitting us apart – following, it seems, the same “formula” Keith used to get himself that rare, 120 year prison sentence. 🤗

You are an awesome writer and legal analyst and I encourage everyone to check out your and Joe’s blog, as well.


A carping critic wrote: “I don’t know if I would trust Kristin Keeffe’s viewpoint. She was an enthusiastic foot soldier in Keith Ramires’s torment of others, until she found herself facing the same treatment that she gleefully doled out.”

Nxivm American Greed Joe OHara

Joe O’Hara responded to carping critic:

While I understand your stated concern, I will tell you that after working with Kristin for the past year, I have no qualms whatsoever about her viewpoint or the valuable insight that she can provide about high-control groups. Since she spent more than two decades under Keith Raniere’s tutelage, I think it’s totally understandable that she was affected by his philosophy and theories (I likely would have been myself if I were in that situation for that long).

Please read what Kristin has already written and what she will be writing in the future – and then tell me what you think. Thanks!

Nutjob, who knew Keith, wrote

Kristin and Joe are two people I’d never question. I take what they say as (close to) fact, and reevaluate my thought process if I’m on a different wavelength than them.

Kristin Responds

This prompted Kristin Keeffe to write:

Thank you.

It’s been a long hard road litigating and deconstructing everything that happened in NXIVM. As horrible as that’s been, I think it gave me some unique insights into interpreting current events. I hope to be paying that forward on our blog.

When I left Keith and NXIVM, I thought he was an eccentric psychopath who duped me into an unusual set of oppressive circumstances. I thought, “Well, I was naive, uneducated, inexperienced, gullible, and I wanted to feel special.” And Keith played to all those weaknesses. When I saw what was really going on and went to the NYS Police (and later the Feds), it was all so painfully obvious.

I embraced that. Like, “OK that’s where I’ve been at.” If you don’t have a big ego, there is no shame in recognizing your reality and trying to do the right thing regardless.

In many ways it can be liberating.

Despite my obvious shortcomings, I was determined to help stop Keith from hurting others. In that regard I succeeded, for which I am very proud.

However, overall, I thought it would be so easy to learn from it all and move on. And do whatever needed to be done to bring justice to the situation. Unfortunately, as I went out into a world without Keith, I encountered much of the same mentalities as Keith, albeit in more subtle and insidious ways. That has been beyond disturbing. BEYOND.

As I’ve come full circle from it all, I feel confident and excited that Joe and I can bring unique insights into the cult-like thinking that goes on in our society, especially as it relates to our civil and criminal justice systems.

I know that I probably would not have extricated myself from Keith’s world (ever) if it were not for my paralegal training and work. If you follow legal cases closely and you make your own determinations based on facts and evidence (independent of the collective opinions of social media, pundits, etc.), it’s like the ultimate deprogramming. You learn to truly think and evaluate for yourself much more independently than you’d suppose.

I (humbly) hope that if people follow our blog, it will help them learn to examine their own situations (and recognize any undue influences) and current events more objectively and be more informed and happier as a result.

I strive to make that happen.

Kristin K



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  • Kristin is delivering in a massive way on her promise to answer questions.

    Thankfully, so far people are being respectful. Really hope it stays that way because the information coming out is new and so interesting.

    Please don’t ruin it by being jerks y’all! Which luckily most on this blog are NOT. You know who you are!

    Highly recommend heading over there to read what is being shared. It will blow your mind if you think that you know a lot about the nxivm story!

    Thanks again, Kristin!

  • Hey everyone’s

    Gun debate heating up on Trialsandtruths.

    Dare anyone to challenge me to intelligencia.

  • OK…So, the “Great Migration” of the Trials & Truths blog from the Ghost platform to the WordPress platform has been completed – and we are now up and running and fully functional. During the time it took to complete that transition, we added a couple of new posts – and selected the topics we’re going to be writing about this coming week.

    You can read the new posts at And you can register your email address – which is all that is necessary for you to be able to post comments – at

    Although we had planned to hold off posting anything about NXIVM until sometime after Labor Day, we decided to start responding to readers’ questions about that topic now (Click to read the recent post about this change). That decision was based on all the feedback we received from a post on Frank Report about Trials & Truths.

    In addition to answering questions about NXIVM, we will also be writing about the following topics next week: The U.S. Supreme Court decision that overturned the constitutional right for American women to obtain an abortion that was set forth in the Roe v. Wade decision; the implications of the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision limiting a state’s right to impose restrictions on those who legally possess firearms; and “It’s So Easy To Create a Cult,” a review of the creation of The Proud Boys, their connection to former President Donald Trump, and their upcoming trials.

  • Kristen, thank you for sharing more of your experience.

    This might seem like a funny suggestion but it’s actually an earnest one… so many of the big pieces of Nxivm and Keith and the slave ring have been reported on – it would be really interesting to hear more of the small. Just a day in the life. Just an average day in Albany. What was THAT like?

    There’s a real thirst for that kind of quirky Insider info. Just being really immersed in the experience, the sights, the sounds, the tiny unique details of living in Knox Woods and doing the ESP thing.

    Certainly, you had to notice that the volleyball games late at night were oddly one of the most compelling pieces of the nxivm saga to the general public.

    It would be absolutely delicious to get more micro details and little factoids about Vanguard and the main players. Seriously no piece of information is too small.

    That would be my suggestion where other people have gone macro and large on painting the picture go small. It’s those little strange details that really make it so fascinating for many people.

    Thank you so much Kristen, for taking my humble suggestion under advisement.

    Truly wish you and your family the very best in life!

    • Dear Humble –

      Oh my, I would be happy to do an unlimited Q&A about all things NXIVM.

      There are so many weird, quirky, yet societally significant and/or dark things I experienced while I was involved with NXIVM that have still not been revealed elsewhere – and I will be happy to share everything I know about them.

      Now that I have been removed from it all, and Keith is in jail, I have a much better perspective on many of those things.

      I would, however, prefer to do that on my own website rather than the Frank Report. Please go ahead and register at and post your questions. I will be all over it! No holds barred.

      • Thanks for responding, Kristen! That’s exactly what I envisioned. On your website! Looking forward to it!

        • Dear Humble – So cool.

          I look forward to your questions at Ask Me Anything! At present, our registration asks for all kinds of information, but the only thing required is an email and a screen name. If you wouldn’t mind stick with “Humble” (which I love), so I know it’s you and we can continue our dialogue.

          Thank you FMN for pointing out some of our registration flaws. We are trying to make it all work in the most inclusive, smart way. Our revised Registration Form should be in place on or before Sunday, July 10th.

          -Kristin K

        • Nutjob –

          Please sign onto to our site. You are such a doll. You only need a valid email and please pick “Nutjob” as your screen name, so I know it’s you.

          Ask me anything! I have nothing to hide and a lot to share. Now that we’re all farther apart from all this, there is so much to analyze and learn from. I hope, ultimately, for it to be a positive, yet intriguing experience for all who participate.

          Kristin K

      • Kristin,

        So, I think (in my humble opinion), that your registration asks for too much personal detail: address, phone number, etc.

        This is going to scare people away. Not because of you, but because of NXIVM, something you have a connection with.

        Note: most people have switched to Anonymous on FR because of this.

        Fear is in the air because no one is sure if this organization is really even dead……

        • Oh my gosh – FMN!

          You can register with just an email and pick out a screen name. We are changing that so you understand the other information is just optional not a requirement. The revised Registration Form should be operational on or before Sunday, July 10th.

          So sorry, we totally agree.

          -Kristin K

        • FMN – If you would, please register your screen name as FMN so I know it’s you and we can continue our dialogue. I’m so looking forward to it!

          – Kristin K

  • Frank why are you blocking my comment and question for Kristen to come clean on the deaths of Gina and Kristin

    • Dear Anonymous,

      I would be happy to answer any of your questions on Please register there and post your thoughts – and I will be on it.

      – Kristin K

  • Kristin – as I understand you were involved with keith and NXIVM until you left keith sometime in 2014.

    John Tighe’s home was raided in October 2013 for computer trespassing; Toni Natalie and Joe O’Hara’s homes were also raided that day by a total of 15 police officers. Shortly thereafter, John was charged – along with Natalie, O’Hara, and Barbara Bouchey – with illegally accessing NXIVM’s website. John would later have child porn planted on his computer and was incarcerated five years for it.

    You were heavily involved in NXIVM legal matters, including going on the offensive versus any perceived enemies. I do not know your knowledge, if any, in any of these areas. But these have been questions from FR readers for a long time. Can you comment on any of these:

    – NY State Trooper Rodger Kirsopp – was he a corrupted agent of NXIVM?
    – John Tighe – What was done to John and by whom? Ben Myer’s role in it, and which state and local authorities were corrupted as a part of it?
    – How deep does the corruption run in upstate NY, who did it, and how was it done, i.e. through blackmail or bribes?

    I wish you well on your trialsandtruths website. If there are truths untold on these matters, I am hopeful that now is the time you expose them.

    • Dear Ice-Nine –

      I will address your questions albeit briefly,

      – NY State Trooper Rodger Kirsopp – was he a corrupted agent of NXIVM?

      I went to the NYS Police to report, among many other crimes committed by NXIVM, that the computer trespass charges filed against Joe, Barbara, Toni, and John were fraudulent charges. After my report, I thought the whole case would die and because Keith found out I had turned on him. Instead, I had to go on the run.

      I never dreamed the NYS Police would go forward with the case – and it was horrifying to me when it di., I did everything in my power to make sure the charges were dropped. And eventually they were.


      – John Tighe – What was done to John and by whom? Ben Myer’s role in it, and which state and local authorities were corrupted as a part of it?

      I am not aware of anything that was done to Tighe. If things were done, I never heard about them.


      – How deep does the corruption run in upstate NY, who did it, and how was it done, i.e. through blackmail or bribes?

      I am not aware of any blackmail or bribes. You would be shockingly surprised how far relationships, fear, and people with known untold resources (i.e., the Bronfmans) can influence proceedings. I generally think it was a confluence of events…

      a) No one wanted to go against the Bronfmans in the Capital District because anyone who did knew they’d be against the best attorneys money could buy. Plus, everyone wanted their money for their own causes.

      b) The child porn charges against John were considered legit and that was the biggest collar in Clifton Park, NY in a decade. They didn’t want to lose that case.

      c) Rodger Kirsopp had something to hide and in his paranoid guilt thought NXIVM knew what it was. Although they didn’t.

      d) The NXIVM attorneys had deep relationships with the local District Attorneys and the police. You would be surprised how much influence that can have. The squeaky wheel gets oiled.

      I hope that provides some of the information you’re seeking…

      Kristin K

      • Upstate NY is EXTREMELY corrupt. There’s a few gatekeepers and you need to pay to play, or you rot.

        I believe John is innocent. I have my own theories, but I won’t share unless, and if, I run into him in Uncommon Grounds.

        I don’t think the local law enforcement was corrupt. I think they were swayed and afraid and felt outgunned by local power players, who Nxivm was tied into. More importantly–let’s face it, everyone involved was seemingly there VOLUNTARILY, A fact that would not bode well with conservative upstate. Evidence of coercion ( outside RICO) was not there.

        Finally, this IS a RICO case. The Eastern District, because of the NYC business influence, is set up to deal with and more experienced to prosecute a RICO matter.

      • Thank you Kristin, it does. I do not believe we have had someone with such intimate knowledge provide such a level of commentary, outside of the trial. I’m very grateful that you have responded.

        Some follow up, if you are interested:

        1. “I am not aware of anything that was done to Tighe. If things were done, I never heard about them.” – Kristin

        I’m not sure what you mean here, you didn’t know things were done to John to get him arrested?

        “…New York State Police Senior Supervisor Rodger Kirsopp and Soares – along with NXIVM tech goon Ben Myers – facilitated the moving of the NXIVM servers that hosted its website from Saratoga County to Albany County to give Soares the jurisdictional basis to prosecute us.”

        Can you comment on this and your rather odd work as a civilian working for Soares in his office, and what that entailed? And that is what I was referring to about Ben Myers.

        2. And here’s a detailed account from John about how the arrest and plea went down (for anyone who may have missed it), and more of what I was referring to by what happened to John:

        “Then came the kicker…I could plead guilty to two federal counts of possession of child porn and one of receipt – and one count of computer trespass to satisfy the state charge – or they would indict my wife.”

        3. Do you know the identity of The Rat? One of biggest mysteries here on FR:

        I’m curious if Frank, or John perhaps, have anything to add to Kristin’s comments.

        Again Kristin, thank you. I should note that throughout John’s articles here he commends you for leaving, your actions since to take down NXIVM, and seems to wish you well. It’s all very riveting and long awaited.

        • Hi Ice-Nine,

          I will try and answer your questions and thank you for your appreciation!

          1. “I am not aware of anything that was done to Tighe. If things were done, I never heard about them.” – Kristin

          ‘I am not sure what you mean here, you didn’t know things were done to John to get him arrested?”

          I am aware of what was done to have John raided on the computer trespass charges. Both before and after the raid, I vigorously argued with Keith and Nancy about the charges they were pushing to have brough against John, Joe, and Toni, telling them “I WILL NOT PARTICIPATE IN FRAUD”.

          In prior years I was a paralegal working for NXIVM with no previous experience. I tried to work very hard and diligently, but I rarely questioned the strategies or the tactics of the attorneys involved. Often, I worked with some of the top law firms in the country, who were paid 50 times my hourly rate and went to Harvard or Yale. I do not have a college degree, and prior to working as a NXIVM paralegal, I worked as a waitress.

          I flew in the Bronfman jet and I stayed in Sara Bronfman’s Trump Tower condo. I met celebrities and billionaires. I was invited to attend the Clinton Global Initiative by billionaire Tom Golisano and met Bill Clinton and Donna Karan there. I saw Obama speak to our small group.

          It wasn’t until I had 7-9 years of experience before I started to trust my own convictions and doubt the words of the rich and powerful people around me. Despite my humble background, I ALWAYS had doubts and questions from Day 1. Unfortunately, I let Keith and Nancy gaslight me continually to believe any issues I raised were all in my head and due to my own shortcomings personally and lack of credentials.

          Because of their celebrity status and billionaire clientele, I continually waffled to Keith and Nancy. 🙁

          I still feel very sad about this. It’s hard to admit it happened – especially to myself.

          When the NYS Police raided the homes of John, Toni and Joe, I tried to convince Keith to drop the case. But, when I did that, Keith and the others who were involved in this travesty came after me hard and cut me out of the loop so that I didn’t know what was going on.

          I had already gone through tremendous torture by Keith, Nancy, and Clare. Keith had tried to kill me, take my son, bankrupt me, and destroy me mind body spirit in every way. I was desperate to escape him.

          Despite this, when I found out the case was moving forward, I went directly to the NYS Police to put a stop to it (and other crimes being committed by NXIVM). I couldn’t live with the injustices anymore despite the risks to myself. (I have discussed in previous posts what happened then.)

          I have never met John but have appreciated his support of me from afar. I personally am not aware of any efforts NXIVM had made to plant child pornography on his computer. Keith is extremely ADD, sex addicted, and although seemingly brilliant at times, he is somewhat addled and incompetent. So, I doubt he could have pulled that off.

          Unfortunately for our society, I would not put it past the NYS Police to have done something nefarious…. John was very political at the time in Saratoga County. His blog had influence, and he had enemies. Plus, there are things I learned about his case, in conjunction with my own reports to the NYS Police that make me deeply suspicious.

          I hope that answers your questions.

          – Kristin

          • But
            Do you acknowledge that Toni
            Natalie stole a password and accessed the computers illegally? Just asking.

        • Hi Ice-nine,

          I realized that in my last response I did not address your question about “The Rat”. Can we migrate this conversation to I’m getting requests to talk at length about NXIVM.

          Frank has graciously invited Joe and I to discuss our venture here, for which I am very appreciative.

          I think, however, these conversations may go on at great length and with a variety of people. I am happy to oblige.

          I will set up a page on that is something like “Ask Us Anything About NXIVM” tomorrow. Look for that and post your questions in the comments. I will be all over it and, hopefully, be able to provide answers about any topic.

          – Kristin K

          • Whoohoo!!!

            Also, extraordinary comments, congrats on your escape. You wrote some powerful stuff there, and also some juicy stuff too! Celebrities and Billionaires. It’s time to break out the popcorn. This is the area that Frank has been missing. Will def tune in to read about The Rat!

            Also – the general premise of is going to be very interesting. Looking forward to it!

        • The Rat says “when I’m back in Mexico”, yet speaks flawless English.

          So, either an American living in Mexico, or a ruse to make you think they’re Mexican.

  • There was a time when Kristin was Keith Raniere’s top legal person.

    She was the grease to his legal wheel. Nothing happened without her efforts.

    Once she left, the legal department of NXIVM fell apart.

    Clare Bronfman was no match for Kristin Keefe n terms of brain power and experience.

    Even though I was sued by NXIVM and didn’t like or respect Kristin at that time, I’m proud of how brave she has been to leave NXIVM and Raniere.

    It was easy for me to get over my hard feelings towards her, when she did, what I considered to be, the right thing.

    When I heard that Joe and Kristin were starting their blog, it was before it came out on the Frank Report.

    I was all over it – where do I sign up? The two of them together with their backgrounds in the legal systems, the way they both see things from their perspective and access to legal documents I’m interested in looking at is well worth the fee they charge.

    People should get paid for their work. I subscribe to other things that are important to me if the value is there.

    If you don’t personally see the value, don’t subscribe. It’s simple as that.

    • Thank you, Susan!

      We should talk, There were so many horrible things going on that you don’t even know about….

  • Kristin Keeffe is one of the unsung heroes of the Nxivm story. She warned all of them, everyone who got convicted.

    Everything she said came true. Stupid Nancy. Worst criminal because she did not protect her daughter. Now, she stews in Hazelton. How stupid.

    • Thank you, Lolita –

      I spent years warning Keith and Nancy about the consequences of their actions. It was sheer hubris on their part to go forward as they did.

      I warned them “I will put you in jail” and they bluffed me. They were so confident in their celebrity clients (i.e., Jennifer Anniston, Richard Branson, and others) and the heirs to fortunes and Hollywood influencers who were on their payroll, they never imagined I would get any traction with the authorities. Especially considering when I left them, I had only the clothes on my and my son’s backs and not a friend or contact in the world outside of them.

      Now, they are in jail,

      I haven’t been credited by the media in part because I didn’t seek credit by the media. My focus was on justice and doing the right thing for women who were being abused. Not monetizing my “story”…

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  • I remember vividly Kristin the night you went to the front of the room at an ESP gathering to relinquish your Orange Sash and replace it with a White Sash. I sat there thinking, what would be her crime? How was a bright woman allowing this abuse in a public forum? The inconsistencies and cruelty in ESP were glaring and I walked away, never to look back after watching Keith’s BS philosophy for 3 years.

    There were many good honest players being duped and I am thankful I survived.

    Good luck with your blog, Kristin.

  • There must be a background, personality weakness, whatever, of people who fall for cults.

    You should explore that. Why some get taken in, others walk?

    Was he REALLY saying rain didn’t fall on him? That he jammed police radar? That you would see a ” blue light”–did you?

    But these allegations, if true, would make most people run for the hills.

    What happened?

    • I would say the biggest weakness I had was doubting myself and my own convictions because of my humble upbringing and lack of education – and my tendency to be impressed by celebrity stardom.

      When you are raising serious moral or ethical concerns with your boss, during which they get a “coaching call” from Gerard Butler, and shortly thereafter, you meet Richard Branson’s business partner/brother-in-law on sight for “teachings”, it can be very difficult to trust yourself and your own vision.

      What I learned first and foremost from all this is you don’t have to be Ivy League educated, rich, beautiful, or famous to be a good person and do good things. Trust yourself and your own values no matter what. Being and doing good is sooooo easy!!!

      • Good reply, thank you.

        And I get the bowing and be in the beginning.

        But did people actually believe rain didn’t fall on him? That he jammed radar?

        Were those just rumors, or told as truth?

        • Hi FMN,

          No, this stuff is waaayyy overblown. Keith having magical powers was not a part of NXIVM

          -Kristin K

  • I am sorry Kristin that Keith used you like a tool, I would though take some pride in understanding now that he did that because you represent so many things he himself can never be and never attain.

    You’re strong, intelligent, capable, and have the power to help so many by speaking about what you’ve been through.

    Take pride in knowing when you say “no” and do it very publicly against this group of dead enders who refuse to believe he’s not just a man who can be and do wrong, you are helping to speak for so many who are/have been voiceless and seeing you will give them strength to do the same.

    Men using women isn’t new but women choosing to take a stand for that can be and has the power to help the future generations. I, myself, took my son out of a bad situation to make his future better and I applaud you for standing up to such injustices for women and for the children who can’t help themselves. That’s power that no one can ever take from you. ♥️

    • Dear “I See Female Empowerment in You,”

      Thank you so much for your encouragement.

      It’s been really hard to stand up as I have with little public acknowledgment or support. For a stranger on the internet to say, “You go girl!” and validate the meaning of my efforts means the world to me. Truly.

      I have a strong interest in publicizing cases involving the potential abuse of women on our site. I hope you will add your voice to the discussions on our blog directly.

      I’ve written four deep dive articles about the Depp v Heard case. Next up, I will be analyzing the Proud Boys prosecution (and the misogyny within the group’s philosophy, among other things) and the Marilyn Manson case against Evan Rachel Wood.

      Please share. We live in a world where people who are not billionaires or politically oriented have their voices discounted.

      I strongly disagree with that. I think every voice matters and if we can learn to congregate over objective evidence and thoughtfully discuss it, the every man/woman can have a huge impact.

      Best Regards,
      Kristin K


        On that note, Kristin, here’s an example of that “Proud Boy” style misogyny I’m sharing here bc my smart phone appears to have been overcome by idiots…full of sound and fury, signifying nothing 😉…who will not permit me to connect to your and Joe’s site at the moment.

        When you say you’ve met some sickos BEYOND Keith, I feel certain we have traversed paths (through Frank) and found ourselves among the same shameful company of shameless Proud Boys and like-minded individuals, PB wanna be’s, who seem to think they can rule the world through hatred towards women and minorities.

        Blown away by the story linked above. They’re proudly, blatantly targeting even Republican women in Red States who worked FOR Trump, as alleged traitors bc he didn’t win a free and fair election.

        Talk about “screwing the pooch.” Lol. I’ll be in touch, sister.

        • It’s interesting that they have resigned after a woman named Guillermina Fuentes just plead guilty to illegal ballot harvesting in an Arizona court.

          • Ah, yes, Fuentes. That cunning, little Abuelita who “harvested” nearly a dozen Latino, city council votes somewhere in podunk, Arizona during the 2020 primaries. Who, with her dastardly accomplice, another Chula, was indicted in December 2020 before the Trump election “steal” they obviously orchestrated in that State, if not throughout the entire Nation, could be stopped!

            Are you saying Fuentes was abaited and abetted by traitorous Republican Arizona election officials who are now being harassed out of office for that reason?

            The 15th Century witch hunts stopped when the witch hunters’ wives started getting accused of witchcraft.

            Those who don’t know history are condemned to repeat it.

      • Kristin,
        For someone as intelligent, articulate, driven, and bright as you, I’m saddened to hear you ever had doubts about yourself in terms of what you brought to the table.

        You are awe-inspiring and you may as well have been to Harvard Law! Another internet ‘you go girl’ I felt necessary. Your story is incredibly moving and what you did as a mother to save yourself and your child is truly brave.

        Thanks for sharing, Kristin.

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