Kristin Keefe Answers Uncomfortable Questions From Man Who Knew Raniere Pre-NXIVM

Frank Report introduced readers to a new website, Trials & Truths, by Kristin Keeffe’s and Joseph J. (Jake) O’Hara.

Kristin Keeffe’s Recent Post: 

On July 3rd, Frank Parlato published an article informing his Frank Report audience about the launch of our new website. The positive comments we received from his readers have been very heartwarming. Many of Frank’s readers had all kinds of questions for me about my time in NXIVM. Go ahead, ask me anything!                                    (Well, almost anything 😊).


Nutjob knew Keith and company back in the 1990s. He left early.

Here is his abbreviated interview with Kristin .

You can see more on Ask Me Anything About NXIVM at

Editor’s note. I had to use an older photograph of Nutjob that I ran across recently. Nutjob if you have a more recent photo send it along. 

Do you think Keith ever had a girl use a stopwatch to time him in the 100 yard dash (that he probably had measured to 60 yards)? Or do you think he simply lied about tying the NYS record?
Kristin Keeffe

I sort of remember Keith saying once about how years before he had done some running successfully, but I had never heard about his so-called record. I would say “Yes, he simply lied”.

How do you think Lauren’s sexual relationship impacted Nancy with Keith? Was she happy about it? Mad? Jealous? Shoulder shrug? Did she feel bad for Lauren and blame herself for it? Did it make her more “all in” with Keith’s insanity?

I think Lauren and Keith hid their relationship from Nancy for many years. I tried to stay out of that…. I never saw Nancy feel bad for anyone. Nancy was always about Nancy first and foremost. She was “all in” with Keith’s insanity from day 1.

The best thing that could have happened to Lauren was Nancy going to jail. Her distance from Nancy for a few years could be life-changing for her.

What was your relationship like with Nancy?
I wanted so badly to believe she was good and think we had a friendship. Unfortunately, she was a merciless user of people. My mind couldn’t accept who she was, even though it stared me in the face every day. She was extremely charming and manipulative.
Keith, Clare and Nancy seemed to use money to ensnare people. Did they use this approach on you?
Yes Keith, Clare, and Nancy used money to ensnare me. What they would do is provide all these non-cash benefits. They paid for my car, I lived in a company owned townhouse, Clare’s foundation paid for childcare, etc. Once they had control over every area of my life, they slowly put the screws in to enforce compliance. Text-book coercive control tactics.
What do you think happened with Kristin Snyder?

It’s hard to talk about Kristin Snyder, because I’d like to see her family have peace. Especially her younger sister Kim. I’ve gone back and forth in my mind on this over the years. Do I speak the truth of what I think, or do I let it all rest for the greater good? I

I think there is a high probability Kristin did not kill herself during the NXIVM training. I was involved in the investigation when she first disappeared and thereafter.

There were many things that did not add up.

However, one thing is certain. Kristin was NOT pregnant with Keith’s baby. That is total fiction. She never met Keith. Keith never knew her, and the person who told that story has a history of mental illness, institutionalization, and a serious criminal record.

She came up with that 15 years after the fact, and it contradicted her witness interviews at the time of Kris’ disappearance.

What do you think Keith had a “murder for hire” contact? Why did he have a pattern of telling people that “he’s had people killed for his beliefs”? How many times did you hear him say this to people?

I think the chances Keith had a “murder for hire” contact are zero. I never heard him say that, except in the video Susan Dones made.

Looking back at it all, I think during those meetings with Keith and the NXIVM 9 Susan Dones really held Keith’s feet to the fire in a way he’d rarely experienced in life. He blurted that out to fake brag about his power and intimidate her. A classic narcissist move.

For Susan, it must have been terrifying. She didn’t know Keith well personally, and God knows it took years for many of us to understand his personality type and what we were all dealing with. In those days, Keith RARELY lost his composure and showed his true self like that.

Keith twice told me and someone else that he “had people killed for his beliefs.”
The first time he said it, I pretended I didn’t care what he said and didn’t give him a reaction.

I think he made a point to say it a second time, so he could be sure that I got the message.

You’re probably correct that he just said it to scare us and have us stop asking so many difficult questions.

If Keith told you the “I’ve had people killed for my beliefs” way back then, he must have REALLY, REALLY hated you. In all my years around Keith, I very rarely saw him drop his “fake, nice, enlightened, joyful-person” act. That is so interesting!

Did he expect you to be in an intimate relationship only with him from the beginning of your relationship?

How did his expectation change over time? Did you have boyfriends or hookups over the years when you were involved with him? If either yes or no, did you need to (or would you have needed to) keep it a secret?

My relationship with Keith was always a friendship/brother/father figure/boss type of thing. It was never a romance. On rare occasions, over the years, he would line bend me into physical intimacy, which I always felt weird about and tried to keep secret.

Getting pregnant was shocking. I wasn’t under any dictates of monogamy or that kind of thing. Keith’s whole concept of women making “Vows” to him was something he developed later when he went off the rails into full crazy. I hope you don’t mind, I prefer not to discuss other relationships I had.

Over the first few months of ESP, there was a large African American gentleman who participated a lot, and went to many/most of the classes. One day, he was gone. I asked Nancy where he disappeared, and she blew it off by saying, “Oh, he was a leveler.”

What was the real story of why he left? Do you remember his  name?

His name is Al Vincente. He was the Albany County District Attorney, David Soares’ brother-in-law. He was the president or a big shot for a regional chain of radio stations, as I recall.

Clear Channel maybe? I don’t know why he left. Many people took trainings, liked them, then moved on to do other things. Nancy always criticized anyone who stopped taking classes for whatever reason. If you didn’t want to dedicate your life to Nancy and her mission, you were irrevocably flawed in some way. I’m not surprised she called him a “leveler” to you.

John Tighe on Frankreport wrote: “After meeting with Clare Bronfman, Albany DA David Soares brought in NXIVM loyalist Kristin Keeffe to work at his office to help put together criminal charges against O’Hara. I have to wonder how often he brought in untrained civilians to put together a case against an innocent local businessman. Although Keeffe is fully detoxed now – and although she provided valuable information to the prosecutors who took El Gordo down – at the time she worked in Soares’ office.”

How did you and Joe reconcile this, that must have been tough?

Oh my gosh, it’s so much worse than just “Clare meeting with Soares.”

At the time, David Soares asked me to come into his office to prepare for the case against Joe. I was 1 week out from a 10-week course of chemotherapy and radiation for cancer, where my doctors had only given me a 50-50 chance of living. I was in extreme pain and puking in the bathrooms a few times a day. I had a premature “secret” baby who was very sick in the Neonatal ICU at Albany Med, and I had no health insurance or a dollar to my name. Keith was trying to take my baby, and psychologically destroy me, so I succumbed to cancer. He and others subjected me to a host of other sadistic and cruel things facilitated by all my so-called “friends” in NXIVM.

Despite all this, I was determined to put my head down, do what I was told, and survive to live another day for my son.

THANK GOD, the charges against Joe blew up in their faces and were dismissed. Fast forward 5 years, and I saw the whole thing happening again with the bogus computer trespass case filed against Joe and John. By then, I had learned my lesson, and I was determined to do everything to ensure the case was dropped regardless of the consequences to myself. Knowing Joe and John (who knew nothing about my own traumas) hated my guts. I did what it took and the case was dismissed. After Joe and I connected, I learned he would have gotten the case dropped without me anyway. However, I didn’t know that at the time. I believed I needed to take a big stand. Due to my interference, Keith and Clare put a million-dollar team of investigators on me to find me and destroy me. They almost succeeded.

That is a tale for another day.

Everyone kept telling me that Keith was great and would work with me on whatever I needed. But, he ignored me for the first couple of months I was around. The first time he gave me the time of day, he stopped me in the hall and asked me, “Why are you here?” Without skipping a beat, I said, “I want to be issueless.” He looked at me and walked away.

Two other times, he went out of his way to publicly embarrass me. The only time he ever “helped” me, he simply told me I have low self esteem.
I don’t think he liked that Nancy, Toni, and Pam liked me. I’m extremely grateful he didn’t want me around. It helped me not get sucked in.

Consider yourself extremely fortunate.

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  • After having replied to Keith that you wanted to be “issueless”, he walked off thinking “another dickhead 🙄”.
    I wish I could have replied something else that he’d never had heard before but then he’d have offered a top position on his target list.
    Would have been funny to study his face reaction though 😁

  • Kristin seems very intelligent and self-aware. It cannot be easy to have a child with Keith and still find a way to speak honestly about him.

    It’s interesting that with so much more invested in ESP and in Keith Raniere than Keith’s die-hard dancing cult follower fools, Kristin is still able to have a much clearer head about everything that went on in Nxivm. And is quite honest.

    Kristin has perspective. Kristin is open to the large variety of differing experiences in Nxivm. She doesn’t seem bitter. At all. Kristvn is forthcoming about Keith’s positive qualities too.

    And Kristin knows Keith better than any of these much less than inner circle dead-enders

    So, there’s a real arrogance on the part of Suneel Chakrovarty and Nicki Clyne too.

    They’ve got hard hearts not to care about what their beloved vanguard’s baby mama went through.

    And Keith’s own son. Very cold, shriveled souls. Wake up! So many tears and years for Keith from Nicki and Suneel. But none for Kristin? Or her son? Keith’s son?

  • However, one thing is certain. Kristin was NOT pregnant with Keith’s baby. That is total fiction. She never met Keith. Keith never knew her, and the person who told that story has a history of mental illness, institutionalization, and a serious criminal record.

    Hmmmm. ?

    • Suprise
      A lot of your pre disposed conclusions were wrong. Frank certainly took alot out of context as well
      And more innocent people suffered because of it.

    • I second Dianne’s question. Who, besides Kris Snyder herself, first claimed or yet claims she was in Albany, met and became impregnated by Keith, etc.?

      I saw some evidence of this claim from Kris’ own writings and heard from some witnesses that Kris, herself, spoke of it, tried to convince others it was true. There was a timeframe where Kris was traveling, missed Christmas with her family, and was said to be in Nancy S.’s company.

      I was left with the impression that Kris was despondent that so few believed that she was pregnant with Keith’s baby when she believed she was. Keith was a fake renunciate then, purportedly promised to bewed Esther Carlson. All second hand info so if Kristin has a first hand account would love to hear it.

      Kristin, please, how can you be sure Kris wasn’t in Albany or didn’t have any other opportunity to meet and have sex with Keith?

      • Besides Elaine who first told me the story of Kris saying she was pregnant was Heidi, Kristin’s spouse. Heidi told me Kris was claiming it. I saw receipts of Kris’s that showed she was in Albany before she went to Alaska to take the final trip.

        I heard from Susan Dones that Kris was at the ESP center. I heard from another source she attended one of Raniere’s forums.

        And she got up in the middle of it and walked out.

    • Ed Kinum and Esther Chiappone Carlson know what happened to Kristin Snyder. Kristin Keeffe is NOT coming clean on this one. We need a full investigation to solve this murder.

      Kristen Keeffe is whitewashing her role in NXIVM.

  • I’m mistrustful of this statement –

    “ However, one thing is certain. Kristin was NOT pregnant with Keith’s baby. That is total fiction. She never met Keith. Keith never knew her, and the person who told that story has a history of mental illness, institutionalization, and a serious criminal record.”

    Sounds like the ad hominems used by Nxians to silence their critics. And can’t one use the same tactics against KK, who hid her pregnancy from the community & cooked up a ridiculous story to cover it? Who engaged in years of stalking & abusive criminal behavior towards others in service of Keith?

  • I am not inclined to believe Raniere murdered or had anyone murdered. Doesn’t fit his pattern of behavior. He is a sociopath, not a psychopath. If it was a tactic he was fine with using, Camila would have disappeared years ago. He probably could have got one of her shitty parents to kill her.

    Raniere likes to manipulate people. He likes to have power over people. He likes getting people to do things they would not normally do. He likes to play games with people and feel superior over those around around him. I suspect he is fine with suicide because of his manipulations but direct violent action isn’t manipulation.

  • Fascinating information by Kristin Keefe, especially when it comes to Mark Vicente. Frank, you worked with Mark a lot during the take down of KR. Do you agree with KKs assessment of mark? That by escaping Nxim, he was trying to benefit his career?

  • Kristin, you spoke about all the non financial benefits you received. Were you aware that keith wrote an entire patent application on that subject? It’s called entrance and exchange or something like that. It was never approved, of course. Just a bunch of world salad that explains his belief that if appropriate variables are assigned to manipulate the scrip, everyone wins, lol!

  • Fascinating to read the experiences of two people who where in NXIVM. It’s just a few lines but it’s compelling. There must be so much more stories to tell. I think it’s brave for Kristin to share her story about her relationship with Keith.

  • It’s really extraordinary how much new info Kristin is providing. I recommend everyone go there and read it. And some of those answers above were answers given for Ice-nine damnit! Give Ice-nine his due!

    There’s too many interesting things she comments on to single any out. Kristin is very kind for doing so and I hope it is giving her some degree of therapy. It seems like she’s been wanting to say these things forever and is finally able to safely do so. All the best Kristin!

    • Agree with you Ice Nine. Kristin has incredible perspective and is very generous with her answers a variety of questions. One such response is not only interesting but also very important — it’s on the subject of Keith’s pathology. Society is dangerously behind in understanding pathological character profiles, how common they really are, how to identify, etc. We’re talking about things like pathological narcissism, psychopathy, sociopathy, etc. On another note, this article is such a lazy copy-and-paste job. Cmon FrankReport.

      • I found that pretty fascinating also (whoever you are). I disagree one your last part though, I don’t think Frank was being lazy, he was probably just giving KK and Joe some free marketing.

        • Naw, he copies and paste or otherwise appropriates without attribution. One piece was lifted off straight from Reddit where the real author had obviously put in a lot of time and effort to research. Verbatim stuff without any attribution.

      • I agree, Anon, that we’re all way behind as a society in comprehending, ‘getting’ this beast that’s upon us. I’ve read much, conversed much, lived with and suffered much from it, and I STILL can’t wrap my head around how these psychos, narcissists, evil-doers, what-have-you, get away with it, manage to mind bend and control so many otherwise “normal” people to such an astounding degree.

    • Completely agree, Ice-nine. Kristin is providing such great insight. Honest, open, and enlightening.

      Yes – Ice-nine is asking good questions that i will gladly take credit for. And poor passed-out niceguy is missing out on Kristin’s long-needed comments about Michelle Salzman.

    • Ice-Nine,

      Kristin’s new website is stupendous!

      Regarding your comment, on said website, the answer is yes, I did indeed sh*t myself.

      Perhaps, the ever noble, NutJob will lend me one of his fabric-fetish diapers.

      Take it easy Ice-9! See you on the other side.

      • Dear Niceguy,
        We have missed you. How was Boys Town? I was going to ask Kristin a Macy Gray concert question, but I didn’t want to step on your toes. Funny you asked about the diapers because I’m wearing one in my photo. Unlike Vanguard, I share. I’ll send a few to the Cape. Are you defining “the otherside” as “after I turn the water off, lock the doors to the cottage, and Greyhound it back to my Lenox shanty”?

      • Nice Guy – Check out Mojahed Fudailat on YouTube. Some great animations of the Johnny vs Amber trial! Really funny. Hope you’re well!

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