DOS Manual Lesson 4: Would You Die or Burn Babies to Death, Rape and Steal?

Today brings glad tidings. FR is pleased to present Lesson #4 from the DOS Manual.

DOS is the original Master Slave Multilevel Marketing Sorority with its Patent Pending ‘Four Elements’ Brand.  And these are the authentic teachings of Grandmaster Keith Raniere.

Grandmaster Raniere

Accept No Substitute.

Before we get to exciting lesson #4 remember:

DOS Continues to Deliver Master Enabled Training for Today’s Pyramid-based Slaves.

Now without more ado, let us get to the Lesson #4.

[Editor’s note: This is the actual Lesson #4 in the DOS Manual. FR has added a few photos with captions to illustrate the nuanced points]

Lesson 4 – Knowing your values; creating and upholding your values, ideology and civilization.

What is civilization?

How does conscience relate to civilization?

Civilization is a group of people who have created principles within themselves. Civilization does not require enforcement. 

In fact, civilization is the opposite of enforcement. We feed, fight, and fuck at will if we are uncivilized. 

Some guy is carrying a sword. He might come down the road, break into this house, take all your shit, rape you all, and leave. 

And that’s okay in certain societies. And we say, well that’s not civilized. We drink tea. We do shit like that. 

The rapist doesn’t know the virtues of tea.

Why don’t all people behave this way? It’s not just because the police will come.

 It’s not just because the neighbors will disapprove. It’s because many people couldn’t stomach doing that. They don’t want to break into someone’s house with a sword, rape all the women, and take all their shit. 

Even if they’re dying. They’d rather die than do that.

 They have that game, “which would you rather do?” 

It might say, would you rather lick a tile in a subway or eat a live frog? 

MK10ART – A student of Raniere is asked to lick a puddle. MK10ART above and below

And you have to figure out those sorts of values. 

Some people would rather die than kill a bunch of people with a sword, kill anyone with a sword.


Which would you rather do? Would you rather die, or slowly burn a baby, or your niece, to death? 

Would you rather burn your niece or rape people with a sword and steal their money?

You have the choice. 

It’s a type of “Sophie’s choice.” 

Would she rather eat a frog or become a branded slave?

Some of you might think, ‘I’d rather die than do that. Okay, you’re willing to die for a principle.

You have some internal civilization.  

No one has to say, “Well, if you burn that baby, everyone will hate you.”

Burning the baby is bad enough for you. If everyone in the world applauded you for burning the baby, you still wouldn’t burn that baby because it is in you. 

It’s your internal civilization. That’s what we’re talking about building: creating with the mind our values, our conscience, our ideology, and our civilization. 

Our conscience is the great enforcer. 

Your conscience is what will stop you from burning the baby.

 Your conscience, many people’s conscience, is what stops them from walking around with a sword and breaking into people’s houses and doing that sort of thing. 

There’s no need for the police force for some of these things. We’re talking about building the nature of human civilization, of compassion, through this thing.


Identify an area where you would rather die than go through with something

Identify an area where you consistently fail to uphold your word

How do those two things relate? How can you bring them closer together, so that your word becomes gold.

Don’t Forget to Buy Your Ticket to Grandmaster’s Recommitment Ceremony, June 19, 2120.

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Proposed 19 Point Mission Statement for DOS

  1. Just Do It – or Else
  2. Think Different, But Only When We Tell You To
  3. Because You’re Not Worth It
  4. It’s Recommitment Ceremony Lickin’ Good
  5. Share A Paddle
  6. DOS Runs On Slaves
  7. Have A Break, Do a Plank
  8. A Slave Is Forever
  9. A Better Slave, A Better Master
  10. Don’t Shave Pubic. Shave Calories
  11. DOS The Happiest Slaves On Earth
  12. Where’s The Collateral?
  13. Smell Like A Vanguard
  14. Grandmaster: He’s Everywhere You Want To Be
  15. Grace, Chains, Brands
  16. When There Is No Collateral
  17. Slavery Never Goes Out Of Style
  18. Keith’s Bull gives you Wings
  19. Betcha can’t just eat one slave.

Hungry on that 500 Calorie Diet?

New Dish for DOS Slaves

Salted Grape Three Ways with a side of Flame-broiled Lemon Reduction




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  • I have never burned a baby my whole life except two times and once was my accident. And the jury agreed with me.

    As for using a sword to steal is stupid. Suppose the homeowner has a gun.

  • “Some of you might think, ‘I’d rather die than do that. Okay, you’re willing to die for a principle.

    You have some internal civilization.”

    Raniere wanted these women to be willing to die for him.

    They should value him above all others.It should be their highest principle.
    Giving up their life for him would be a civilized expression of their principles.

    This manual was a way for him to normalize this extremist behavior, to present it as virtuous.

    I think it went beyond just sex toys. He did want an army, after all.

    So happy he’s never getting out of prison!

  • It’s hard to parody a parody. What’s so sad about all this crap is that anyone could ever have taken any of it seriously. What does that say about human nature? No wonder we’re all doomed.

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          You have ZERO respect for this country and ZERO respect for the founding fathers and our traditions and this is why Alexander Hamilton warned about foreigners coming into this country which I showed in my article (that you’re too big of a coward to post because you know it will expose you)!






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  • I Think Keith would rape and kill babies before he would be willing to die. But he would not be willing to burn his niece. That’s because he is an only child

  • 100% chance there are rapists who do see the “virtue of tea”

    They can’t all be coffee drinkers.

    • 100% chance there are rapists who do see the “virtue of tea”

      LIke the architects of the British Empire?

    • I believe Lauren was the scribe. She took the words of her master, much like Boswell did for Johnson.

      • Hey Ginzo, the United States Constitution hating asshole!

        Why don’t you post up my comment with the two articles that I sent to be posted on this article today in this comment section?!

        Why are you such a pitiful and pathetic coward that you don’t let people think for themselves and tell them what to think by omitting other lines of thought other than your own and/or what you “approve of”?! You obviously don’t understand the 1st Amendment because not only was it to have the ability to speak out against government, the bigger purpose of it was so that NO MAN could ever control how somebody thought by denial of people’s voice in general!

        That includes both in the government AND citizens! That was the bigger picture, Ginzo! To protect us from that! TO PROTECT FROM PIECES OF OF SHIT LIKE YOU! YOU DUTY WAS TO SERVE IS IN THAT! NOT TAKE AID AND ABET IT BY HELPING TAKE IT AWAY!

        If you don’t like how somebody thinks, then how about you release it up for discussion and debate?! You’re not changing my mind and or doing anything by hiding my words! All you’re doing is keeping other people from possibly being persuaded! In other words, you don’t allow free thought! Making you as bad as Keith! You’re a journalistic cult leader is what you are! You’re too afraid to allow free speech because you want to control the narrative!

        Then you have the audacity to talk about a cult leader when you’re too big of a pussy to publish something I posted from the NY Post?!

        What kind of man are you, Ginzo?! You’re not a respectable man! You’re a two-faced piece of shit and a fucking hypocrite in everything you do! You’re a pig that doesn’t fly straight! Most importantly, you’re an enemy to promises of this country! When the patriots take this country back, may you be scourged 10,000 times worse and be tried and executed for treason against the U.S. Constitution!


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          • Just in case anybody does not know it, I’m Ginzo. The commenter is a classic racist. With an insane bent.

    • This is a few “like, whatever”s” away from sounding like it was written by Alicia Silverstone’s character in Clueless.

    • Sure. Come over. I just got one of the DOS diet favorites: Tepid Black Mold and Tangerine Pizza on a bed of Sizzling Porcini Jam.

      • “Did you hear Snorlax — that’s an order.”

        “When I ordered him to take his medicine he did not obey.”

        Hey, Ginzo! 😡

        You have no power to “order” me to do anything, you stupid guido nigger! You have no license to for prescribing meds either!

        Stop censoring the great Patriot God because you’re afraid of free speech and want to control people’s mind just like your Jewish enemy does!

        That’s YOUR order not just by me but by the U.S. Constitution that you lie to the public by falsely claiming to “adamantly support”, nigger! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

      • “Sorry Karen, we cannot accept any new orders until the holidays.”

        Ok, Jamall!

        Well, my boot is going to take a “holiday” up your [redacted] ass then!

  • America is only nine meals away from starvation.
    Nine meals away.
    Soon you might start envying the DOS slaves.
    The DOS slaves feasted on a generous 500 calories per day!
    You will get less.
    Biden Inflation Hits INSANE 9.1%, Culling Has Begun, Poor People Face Food Shortages And Starvation

  • This guy, I swear. Thinks he invented Would You Rather.

    I’ve spent my life raping whoever and whenever I want. Which is no one. Because unlike Keith, I have no desire to rape anyone.

  • What a thought provoking post, even if the details are disgusting.

    In case your readers are interested — The Ezra Klein show is a NYTimes based podcast, and the March 25, 2022 episode was Ezra Klein’s interview of Margaret Atwood. The title of the interview was “Stories, Deception and the Bible”. The Handmaid’s Tale and other works of fiction by Atwood gain their power in part from Atwood’s excellent grasp of human motivation. In the interview, Atwood talks about the ways otherwise decent people can be duped into causing great harm through deceptions and manipulations involving their concepts of their values.

    Reading about the DOS Lesson #4 I was reminded of the Atwood interview – she surely knows what she’s talking about – and this DOS related manipulation provides some great examples!

  • Sigh.

    Why are all the possibilities in the ‘choice’ scenario bad?

    This whole “your conscience stops you from burning a baby” tripe misses an important step.

    Why the fuck would anyone want to burn a baby?

    What kind of person wants to burn a baby?

    WHY does this fictional person WANT to burn a baby?!

    That person lacks a ‘conscience’ (in the sense this dumbaass manual describes) ALREADY if they are randomly contemplating burning any baby they come across.

    How many people does Keith Raniere imagine there are out in the world running amuk wanting to burn babies but for the public’s opinion? The law? Or their own conscience?

    Why? There’s no profit motive. Just for fun?

    Baby burning for sport? WTF

    This is quite an insight into what and how Keith thinks. About himself. The world.

    Who the fuck has ever had even one fleeting thought of, ” I would like to burn a baby”. And then, ” But people might hate me. And finally, “my conscious tells me no”. Concluding, ” Ahhh. I have internal civilization. Good thing. Or I’d be out burning babies. Again”.

    This is so creepy.

    • Exactly. It’s all so pointless. There’s no real-life application to any of it. Although I suppose it makes sense that a sociopath wouldn’t be capable of understanding the trolley problem as anything more than a game of Would You Rather (which, sidenote, was a surprisingly entertaining movie).

  • You lost me right after DOS Manual Lesson 4:, the rest of it just sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher.

  • Skipped a meal and stayed up extra late to see if re reading this lunacy made any more sense on DOS diet and sleep deprivation.

    It. Did. Not.

    But after years of readiness drills, humiliation, starvation, not masturbating and no sleep…

    It still would not make sense.

  • Raniere seemed obsessed with rape and killing babies.

    Imagine reading this turgid unhinged nonsense and thinking, “wow, this guy’s a genius!”

    Imagine reading this and continuing to think DOS was about female empowerment and making a better world.

    Imagine claiming in a court of law that you were “misled” by this guy and this material. What’s misleading about it? It’s plain as day that this guy was a misogynist obsessed with a lot of sick stuff.

    Yet more proof that only fools and fuck-ups join cults.

    • Keith killed many babies, if you will. They were only fetuses, but aborting the unborn can also be seen as killing, especially if it is a forced abortion. Raniere has thus made his vision come true.

  • “So your hot tub fell through the ceiling. If you have the wrong homeowners insurance, you could be paying for this mayhem yourself.”

  • “In fact, civilization is the opposite of enforcement. We feed, fight, and fuck at will if we are uncivilized.” Huh? Wasn’t that what KR was supposedly doing at will? Feed (pizza & hotsauce), fight (instigate endless vexatious lawsuits designed to thwart perceived enemies) and fuck at will (with an endless supply of f-toys on tap)?

    It would be interesting to see KR’s inmates putting lesson 4 into practice: they might say ‘Keith, would you rather lick a tile in a subway or eat a live frog? What would Raniere be ‘willing to die for’?

    Lesson 4 sounds like a revised version of Marxism: civilisation, peace and happiness will happen organically because people are intrinsically good but until that happen, we (the rulers/elite/vanguard) will have to enforce our will and enslave you because you can’t know your values and principles unless we tell you. You just don’t know the value of a natural ‘bush’ or the joy of eating steamed courgettes with a side of 3 arugula leaves and a dash of hot sauce.

  • Nutty stuff.
    Looking forward to the SOP manual. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  • How many “lessons” are in the manual? They’re getting progressively worse. Perhaps that’s how intended, as they get more collateral the exposure to insanity gets more intense. Sinister

  • I’m trying to imagine any human being taking this seriously and I just can’t. I know that this came after long periods of indoctrination, but this is so vile, how did anyone not get up and leave?

  • “Whats in your slave pod?
    “It’s not delivery, we’re not allowed to eat that much!”
    “Carrot sticks, fifty cents. Plain lettuce, ten cents. Watching Vantard sentenced, priceless”

  • Since when is having principles a bad thing?
    I’m not saying I share his principles but I do see why people would be interested in the topic of conversation

    • Ha ha have “This conversation”. No.

      A conversation? About principles? Sure.

      But not as a slave.

      And hopefully not with a psychopath that is a terrible writer and misuses almost every word to intentionally further his personal agenda.

      No one said, ” having principles is a bad thing”

      No one. Not one person. Said that.

      That’s coming from inside your own brain

      It’s your own voice.

      Someone writes a slave manual and that’s your takeaway?

    • Clearly Raniere had no principles whatsoever, just goals to manipulate others (especially women) and get them to do his bidding. Most people are born with principles which they adapt to social convention.

      A small minority (thankfully!) of psychos and sociopaths have few or none, Unfortunately, this small minority happens to make up many of the political and business leaders in the world today.

  • “ The rapist doesn’t know the virtues of tea.”
    What ridiculous nonsense. This chapter of the DOS handbook truly is insane.

    “Our conscience is the great enforcer”
    Indeed it is. Unfortunately grandmaster Keith is lacking one….

    I do like the photo of an expertly face-painted and dressed up Keith who looks like Paul Stanley of Kiss.

  • That’s not “okay” in any “society”.

    If it were “okay”
    It would be called “sharing with sword bearing strangers” not “stealing”.

    If those acts were “okay in some societies” by definition they would not be stealing and raping. They would be considered something other than that concept. Maybe they wouldn’t even have the concept of ownership?

    Keith can’t even create his own made up worlds with any logical consistency.

    Sounds just like the never proven “in some countries mother’s give their babies blow jobs” fake anthropology bullshit Keith stated as fact with no provable data.

    Will get into the misuse of many words and the incorrect definitions later…

    This is so poorly written. It’s hilarious.

    Thank you, Frank!

    You’ve made a long time reader very happy!

    • The 19 Point Mission statement is my idea of a proposal for DOS. When Keith gets out in 98 years and restarts DOS he could use them.

        • It is a joke. But I am usually happy to tell jokes without saying they are jokes but with DOS manuals one can never be too sure.

          • Hi Frank,
            Would it be possible for you to print the manual without your additions of any sort?

  • Keith is desensitizing his “slaves” to atrocities by making them seemingly a necessary part of instruction.

    He can’t get concepts across without mentioning topics of victimization. I can see why the FBI may have tampered. Doesn’t make it right but Raniere is disturbed.

    Nicki Clyne and Michelle Hatchett are equally as disturbed for promoting this as teachings of any kind.

    • O.K. So I’m trying to grasp this. Like, I would choose my own death over the death of my child. So I should try to capture those aversive feelings and apply them to say…refusing to eat Skittles, view it as a value to live and die for? I can see using NLP to do a mental swap of the two to strengthen the aversion to Skittles. So my impression is this chapter is basically an NLP exercise.

  • Would You Die or Burn Babies to Death, Rape and Steal?
    July 15, 2022

    If Raniere dealt with topics like this, then how could someone like Allison Mack claim in court to learn that Raniere is a psychopath?
    Allison Mack is too dumb for words.
    Allison Mack’s stupidity is a crime against nature.

    • Allison Mack didn’t misunderstand anything. Allison Mack knows what kind of person Keith Raniere is. But she also knows what kind of person she is herself. Allison Mack simply lied in court. As she always has. That’s how she did it with her slaves. Lying and manipulating are part of her trait.

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