DOS Manual Lesson #2: You Must Die for a Principle – and Be a Vegetarian

Heat is used only to make the scars and not to punish the women.

I promised you when I searched for the DOS manual, that I would find it.

I published Lesson #1 DOS Manual Found – Lesson 1 Honor Your Master in Every Way

Now comes Lesson #2.

It contains the deep secrets of the Grandmaster and what it takes to become his slave.

This lesson is a little less humorous than the last and may be setting up women for a much darker purpose.

Sketch by Michelle Salzman


DOS required each woman to wear a chain on the ankle, belly, or neck. As a sign of their enslavement.
They were not to take it off. Many of the slaves sported a brand. Some got paddled, and some planned to spend time in a cage.

The DOS manual was to train women the Raniere way. To make them slaves and recruiters of slaves.

Keith Alan Raniere created the masters and slaves sorority DOS. He had his direct slaves keep his role as the Grandmaster secret.

He also kept the meaning of the brand secret.

He also set up a system where he had his first line slaves conceal many things. They concealed from their slaves that they would have to provide monthly collateral. The First Line recruited slaves on the condition that they were fully collateralized.

Then the masters told their slaves that they would need to provide more collateral. What could they do?

The argument was that the masters’ command superseded the non-disclosure. The vow of obedience trumps the concealment.

That did not fare well with the jury. The jury saw the collateral as coercive, and the demand for more of it as more coercion.

The seduction assignments were also less than pleasing to the jury. If DOS is revived, seduction assignments will be more challenging. When the time comes for a seduction assignment, slaves must be creative. Their plans include breaking into a gated community in Tucson, Arizona, to seduce him.

In the meantime, we have something to look forward to. Something to live for. Lesson #2.

And as lesson #2 shows, we also have something to die for.

The brand is an attractive symbol of the four elements.

Close up of the brand.

This is from the DOS Manual. I added illustrations to help the reader gain a greater understanding of the concepts.

Lesson 2 – Creating a principle

What does it mean to create a principle?

What is a principle?

How do we use a principle?

There are two types of principles we observe in the world. One type of principle is a principle we observe, a hypothesis of how something works, or an idea of how something works.

Gravity is a principle. If I spit in the wind, I get spit in my face, which is a principle. But those are observations of physical reality, on day-to-day living. But that doesn’t give us any proactive crafting.

If I create a sorority where I brand women on their vaginas with my initials it will grow into a huge powerful organization.

That just gives us predictive ability from what we observe.

The second type of principle is taking an abstract way, an abstract thing, abstract conduct, and turning it into form.

A baron of beef.

For example, if I say, “I don’t want to eat meat,” or “I don’t want to participate in eating meat,” there are many levels that you can craft that principle.

But that’s not something that exists. That’s something that can exist that I make exist by choosing it to be so. This gets down to choosing morality.

We choose our principles.

How do we use a principle?

We make it something we have a deep emotion for, so that if we don’t follow our own principle, it means the collapse of our world.

The people who embody their highest principles in the deepest sense are willing to die for their principles. What does willing to die for your principles say?

I have my life.

Some people enjoy and respect their life, like the monk who sat down and burnt himself in Vietnam for a cause.

My life is great. I respect my life, and I love my life, but I could not live a moment further if I did not uphold this. That not upholding this means my life would be hell.

I would rather die than have this be.

At the end of the book, A Tale of Two Cities, Syndey Carton discusses seeing the vision of what he’s dying for. That’s dying for a reason.

“It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known,” Sydney Carton.

Some people say, “Oh my god, this is horrible. You are talking about dying for something.”

Everybody dies for something if they die. They either die to stay alive as long as possible, or to stay alive as comfortable as possible, or for some other purpose.

If you have the choice of how to spend your life, and spend the rest of your life, what are you dying for?

Everyone’s dying for something. And if you have the opportunity to expend your life to uphold something wonderful, and not everyone has that vision, but for those who do, I understand why people go on a suicide mission or something like that.

It would be best to spend my life and die this way, rather than try to avoid death by running throughout life, hiding in little corners until death finally finds me in some nook and cranny and takes my life, if you anthropomorphize death.

To create principles is also to create the meaning of your life.

Without principles, your life doesn’t have much meaning, because your life is just your living. But a life abstractly is so much more. What is your life?

As seen as an abstraction, not what you’re living, how it feels to shit, what you ate this morning, none of that.  We’re talking about the meaning of you as a human, whatever you want to say – a soul, interconnected in this world.

Because when someone dies, you see that as a principle in itself. So how deep you understand your principles and how much you practice creating principles creates meaning in your life.

And you can execute the meaning you create.

You can be proactive, not passive elements.


Choose an abstract principle you want to create.

Determine the boundaries of the execution of the principle (if you choose not to eat, then be clear if that includes fish, dairy, or leather).

Do a daily practice of deepening your connection to the principle (you could learn more about animal cruelty or build a relationship with an animal).


My comments

Frank Parlato

This has some dark tones to it. The lengthy discussion about dying for a cause. We know where this is going. Dying for the cause of being a slave in DOS. Dying for DOS. Being indoctrinated into the idea that DOS is so good and noble that it is worth dying for.

The story of the Vietnamese monk

Raniere is referring to Lâm Văn Túc, a 66 year-old Vietnamese Buddhist monk who burned himself to death in Saigon on June 1963. He was protesting the persecution of Buddhists by the South Vietnamese government, led by Ngô Đình Diệm, a Roman Catholic.


Photographs of the monk burning circulated around the world.
This drew attention to the policies of the Diệm government.
Malcolm Browne won a Pulitzer Prize for his photograph of the monk’s death.
John F. Kennedy said, “No news picture in history has generated so much emotion around the world as that one.” [below]

Quảng Đức’s self immolation put pressure on Diệm. He promised reforms, but did not implement them. Protests continued. Diệm’s brother, Ngô Đình Nhu, launched raids across South Vietnam on Buddhist pagodas. They seized Quảng Đức’s heart, which had been preserved and venerated.

Several Buddhist monks also burned themselves to death.

A U.S. backed coup then toppled Diệm. He was assassinated on November 2, 1963 – five months after the monk’s immolation.


The other point of this lesson on “Principle” is vegetarianism. Raniere commanded his First Line slaves to be vegetarian. He wanted the second line and downline to be vegetarian too.

Maybe he believed vegetarianism is kinder or better for the evolution of the world or the individual.

He referred to Dickens’s character Sydney Carton in a Tale of Two Cities, who dies for a cause. To save the husband of his friend.

I am reminded of Lauren Salzman’s testimony when Mexican police arrested Raniere. He wanted Lauren to die for the cause while he hid in the closet.

The men threw her on the ground and pointed machine guns at her head. She failed as a good DOS slave. She cried out for Raniere and gave him away.

I am reminded of another Dickens character, Mr. Bumble, in Oliver Twist. He observes Oliver as defiant and realizes he has recently been on a meat diet. Meat can bring out a robust sense of ego in some people.

That was not what Raniere wanted. He wanted debased and egoless slaves.

Low calories and no meat make a more passive slave. Meat might do the opposite.

To quote one more Dickens character, of the family Heap: “Umble we are, umble we have been, umble we shall ever be.”

That’s what he wanted. Humble females willing to die for him.

He sneaks his initials on his brand and arranges seduction assignments, and pretends he knows nothing. He gathers collateral like poison pills. He did this for years. DOS was his world view on steroids.

In this lesson, we learn something more.

He wants women willing to die for the cause of being in a female empowerment group, where they are slaves to a man – who hides in a closet.


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  • “There are two types of principles we observe in the world. One type of principle is a principle we observe, a hypothesis of how something works, or an idea of how something works.’

    Gravity is a principle.”

    Sorry. I busted out laughing at this.

    Gravity is not a principle.

    Again, sorry. It seems Keith had a lot of misunderstandings about things in his writings. For instance, he confused “cognitive dissonance” with “confirmation bias” in something else I read of his.

    I don’t want to jump on the anticulty bandwagon the Frank Report has swerved onto to retain its audience, but I’ve not been able to examine many of Keith Raniere’s writings because the government is keeping them hidden.

    So when I read stuff like this, I think it’s important to comment.

    My comment: This made me bust out laughing.

    Hopefully, Frank is presenting these fairly and accurately, and in context.

    Intellectual honesty is important, right?








    Case No. 18-CR.-204(NGG) Filed 2022 JUN 21 PM 11:27

    PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that upon this Memorandum of Law, dated June 21, 2022, by
    Defendant Keith Alan Raniere, will move before the Honorable Nicholas 0. Garaufis, United
    States District Judge for the Eastern District of New York or before the United States District
    Judge to whom this matter is reassigned, for an Order granting all appropriate relief under
    Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 33 which to the Court may appear just and proper.

    Dated: June 21,2022
    Tucson, AZ

    Respectfully submitted,

    Keith Alan Raniere
    Register#: 57005-177
    US Penitentiary Tucson
    9300 S Wilmot Rd
    Tucson, AZ 85756

    TO: AUSA Tanya Hajjar
    United States Attorney’s Office
    Eastern District of New York
    271-A Cadman Plaza E.
    Brooklyn, NY 11201

  • What a setup. Advocate the nobility of dying for “your principles” sure makes seducing a “man of pure goodness” a lot more doable. As well as succumbing to the pleasures of your peer competing women participants. And the Banguard has a lot less work to do.

    Frank, On another side note particularly with Nicki & Alison, do to their actress fame, do you think some of the “leaked nudes” of those actresses were instigated for or by KAR to gain advantage ???

    • Any nudes of Kristen Kruek?
      I need some new spank material. My old teen magazines are pretty much illegible.

    • Agreed about “dying for your principles makes a sex assignment seem not so bad”.

      Didn’t Nicole even talk about being told she had to do whatever Keith asked and that she was scared she might be told to kill herself or hurt someone? My guess is that compared to those things, being raped was not so bad.

      What a masterful manipulation. So glad this guy who thought he could build an MLM with human lives as his product has been locked up for good.

  • Syd Carton died for the [unrequited] love of a good woman.

    Many times Ive felt like Madame Defarge here, knitting Keith Raniere’s name over and over again into the endless guillotine scarf of the Frank Report.

    What the Dickens does KR have to do with principles? L is right he was thinking of another word that sounds the same but has an entirely different meaning.

  • Frank, what is happening in Raniere’s civil lawsuit against the BOP?
    There hasn’t been an update on that for a long time

  • Oh dear.

    I tried to put myself in the place of a new DOS member. After reading chapter 1, I was all “aright! Maybe I’ll finally finish P90x! Self-discipline baby!”

    Then chapter 2: Die for princip— “Oh crap. I shouldn’t have given those naked pics.”

    I hope chapter 3 isn’t about overcoming fear… The fear you might feel after reading chapter 2?

  • You know I think I like Keith Raniere almost as much as Swami Chetanananda. He is so attractively sinister.

    • Attractive? Chetanananananananana looks like Baron Harkonnen from dune. A full on bloated skinwalker full of demon pus. Objectively, hes more frighteningly evil though if that’s what you’re going for.

      Raniere is a manlet incel rapist who learned how to create an MLM. Every time I look at him I think about how easy it would be to bully that. How quickly he would cower.

      Both of them likely smell terribly. I always find that the most terrible men really look like they smell.

        • In prison, the way to the bathroom is just a few steps.
          It really has the advantage for Raniere to be in prison, there are much more reasons for him to run to the bathroom and hide and the way there is much shorter.

    • I think Swami Chet is objectively kinda hot for an old guy, but that doesn’t mean I condone his actions. Hey, people say Ted Bundy was handsome.

  • Frank, do you think that Keith believes all the women that he poisoned died for a principle?

    It’s also typical Keith to try and downplay and glamourize death until he got arrested and put on trial and since then Keith’s brought up the death of his” long time partner” Pam multiple times as some kind of pity play and perhaps an attempt to humanize himself.

    Based on Keith’s own writing the loss of Pam (dying for a principle) in this case the principle was to give her money to Keith and his harem to squander and have her identity stolen. Is a good thing, right?

    Based on Keith’s philosophy this death by Pam for a principle should have only made Keith happy

    Likewise Keith should light himself on fire. He could die for the principle of bringing attention to the mistreatment of pedophiles in the mainstream media.

    • In his bail application, his arguments that he did not flee to Mexico included that he returned to Clifton Park to be in the house he shared with Pam Cafritz on the one-year anniversary of her death.

      • Perhaps the sentimental anniversary of Pam Cafritz’s death was not the real reason because he returned to Cafritz’s house on that day, but because after his hasty escape to Mexico he belatedly remembered to search for and remove forgotten and hidden incriminating material from Cafritz’s house. In any case, that would be more believable. His grief to an aging sick woman, we certainly did not bring tears to his eyes. That would be unworthy of a destructive narcissist.

    • It’s all in the spelling – Pam’s death was a matter of principal to Raniere, not principle. I’d wager most of his principles were actually a matter of principal. Not that he wanted much – just enough so he could have clothing appear like magic, and women whenever he wanted, and sleeping in all day while everything was provided for him, and his ego stroked so he was sure he was a BIG DEAL. All those NXIVM lessons when maybe all that was needed was a spelling lesson.

  • “We choose our principles.” Not if you’re a DOS Slave. Then somebody else is choosing your principles.

    And your weight. And pubic hair length. Restricting your ability to masturbate. And date. Deciding that you will be unknowingly be branded with their boyfriend’s intials. Lying to you about showing graphic photos of your spread pussy to a dude you don’t even know is involved.

    So… NOT your principles. THEIR principleds

    Unless Keith is speaking in the Royal ‘we’?

    Which would still imply that it is not an individual choice. But an the choice of an institution.

    People who frequently use “we” instead of differentiating between “I” and “me” and “You” and make a habit of never speaking in the singular (one, a person or a human an individual etc.) consistently are not to be trusted.

    It’s not just unnecessarily grandiose but an actual technique. Sales people also sometimes employ it.

    It’s called “teaming” and it’s a manipulation.

  • Hahaha!

    “It would be best to spend my life and die this way, [for a principle] rather than try to avoid death by running throughout life, hiding in little corners… “

    This from the cowardly little creep who hid in a closet when the police came to arrest him! 😂

    This from the creepy little coward who’s bawling in prison over his fate and how unfair life is and how it’s everyone else’s fault he’s where he is. Boo hoo poor widdle Keef.

    Why hasn’t he offed himself? Even mega-asshole Jeffrey Epstein had the decency to do it. The only honorable thing that bastard ever did in life.

    Here’s Raniere’s one shot to finally do the honorable thing. So come on, dude, are you going to live by your principles or nah?

  • “We choose our principles.”

    Not correct. To an extent they may even be inherent in our DNA on some level as strategies for survival (Dawkins – The Selfish Gene); we certainly learn principles from watching the behavior of others, especially our parents and family members, but also in school, and later in life

    “How do we use a principle? We make it something we have a deep emotion for, so that if we don’t follow our own principle, it means the collapse of our world.”

    Hyperbolic nonsense. There are many times in life where we must compromise, and some principles may sometimes conflict with others depending on the situation. Rich from Raniere, who never had any principles other than to exert sexual control over young vulnerable women.

    “My life is great. I respect my life, and I love my life, but I could not live a moment further if I did not uphold this. That not upholding this means my life would be hell.”

    I bet it is now, and for the foreseeable! Unless of course the Donald gives you a pardon, assuming he gets in in 24.

    “…I understand why people go on a suicide mission or something like that.”

    Is he condoning terrorism or terrorist behavior, or is he just bragging about how brave he is (lol)?

    “…if you anthropomorphize death”

    Wow, Keith, that’s a long word to impress your acolytes with. Don’t worry, the grim reaper’s coming for you sometime, but your life really isn’t worth living anyway!

    “if you choose not to eat, then be clear if that includes fish, dairy, or leather”

    Didn’t realize ‘leather’ was a food option, but I’m sure it’s on the menu in the United States Penitentiary, Tucson.

    “you could learn more about animal cruelty or build a relationship with an animal”

    Like your acolytes built relationships with you?

    • Leather can be served in many delicious dishes. Leather contains 60 – 70 percent water and 30 – 35 percent protein, making it the perfect food. However, the best leather to eat is the one not tanned. Leather and dumplings. Hot and sour leather soup.

      Leather broth with carrots and chives. Leather souffle. Leather tartar. And the exotic and rare Leather Amirstan, “a dish” it is said, “one shouldn’t be too curious about lest one become an ingredient.”

      Keep in mind if you eat enough of it you will develop a leathery complexion which some cultures really admire. Unfortunately, the US is not one of them.

  • He wanted them to be vegetarian to help with the extreme weight loss. Simple as that. He wanted them rail thin, protein (meat) doesn’t help with that.

    A willingness to cut meat for DOS was also a sign of devotion to the cause and meant they would be a good target for more extreme manipulation. Like say getting a brand and having sex when ordered.

  • Hey Ginzo,

    I finished all of the articles.

    Please check your emails and reply back to my emails be debriefed further.

    ✊🏻 IF WE BELIEVE!!!!!! ✊🏻

    ✊🏻 THERE’S A BETTER WAY!!!!!!! ✊🏻

      • You never replied back to my emails! What gives?!

          • By the way, STOP NOT POSTING MY POSTS!!!!!!

            There are many posts where I don’t say the “N-word” (even though the belief system about that is a flat out lie)! And don’t do anything worth being censored (even though NOTHING IS WORTH BEING CENSORED WHEN YOU ACTUALLY GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THE 1ST AMENDMENT IN WHICH YOU DON’T)!

            Do you just not even look at my posts and just say to yourself, “Oh Patriot God wrote this……… PUBLICATION DENIED!”?!

            Is that honestly what you do, you little sack of shit?!

            I’m so sick and fucking tired of you not comprehending what fucking freedom of speech means, you fucking imbecile!

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