DOS Manual Lesson #3: Creating the Highest Value: Slaves Don’t Say, “I Can’t Do That”

This is Lesson #3 from the DOS Manual.

Lesson #1: DOS Manual Found – Lesson 1 Honor Your Master in Every Way

Lesson #2: DOS Manual Lesson #2: You Must Die for a Principle – and Be a Vegetarian

The manual provides the tools to honor your Master in every way.  And if the time comes, to die for your Master’s cause. Until that time, be a vegetarian.

As one of the DOS First Line Masters said, “Time is a constant. Choice is the healing of learning, and of us. This life is nothing short of a deepening unifying of enlightened growth.”

Ponder that for a moment.

Many people said they wanted to use the DOS tech but didn’t want to be a vegetarian.  In an upcoming post, I will present handy recipes from The Grandmaster’s Cookbook. Eat like an Entitled Princess, Act Like a Slave – at 500-800 calories per day.

You will learn to prepare delicious DOS meals such as:

Carrot Stew on a bed of Delicately Seasoned Black Trumpet Smoothie

Craft Shiitake Slices with a side of Grass-Fed Grape Roll

Pine Nut and Black Truffle Balls in a mélange of Macedonian Arugula Milkshake

Home-grown Chanterelle and Walnut Salad atop Hoboken Ricotta Burger

Succulent Black Mold Drippings with Peanut Powder

Raw Oyster Mushroom on a bed of Cruelty-free Gruyère and Grapefruit Sticks

Oatmeal Paste tossed with Sweet and Sour Rutabaga and Fontina Flatbread

Natural Feta Sauce with Sauteed Tangerine and Goat Paste

Cornmeal-crusted Watermelon Smoke with a wisp of Hybrid Almond Muffins

Crimean Parmesan Spears with Panamanian Tofu Gremolata

Kale and Porcini atop Grilled Amaranth Three Ways

You won’t get oinked at by your master when you head to the refrigerator. Not after he sees your raw-boned physique.

Now without much further ado, let us meander towards Lesson #3 from the DOS Manual. The DOS Manual is a weighty document and does not have illustrations. Grandmaster Raniere created the manual for his intelligent First Line. They were to use it to teach the Second Line and all succeeding lines down to the million-millionth line.  Some FR readers may not be as perspicacious. The text below is from the DOS manual. FR added photos and captions to help obtuse readers understand DOS’ profound principles.
Symbol of the four elements

From the DOS Manual

Lesson 3

Creating Something as a Highest Value Instead of By Happenstance

How do you craft a meaningful life? How do you create meaning? How do you create a highest value?

We create good and bad. We create our highest values. It is a practice to make it so with our mind. We have our unique experiences as humans that we’ve journeyed through the earth.

We have these things that we remember, that we think are true. They probably are, at least some of them.

There is a saying by Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain), “I’ve lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.”

We can make our values, empower our values, and make our values more robust by our thinking and how we live.

A terrible thing that might have really happened to Grandmaster Raniere [third from left]

So we step into the driver’s seat, not just of our physical life, but our emotional and intellectual life, and literally craft meaning for our life.

Do you want a meaningful life? Everyone, even the most abject beggar with very little resources – if they have enough of a mind to understand what I’m saying on a very rudimentary level – can create meaning in their life. They can create extraordinary meaning in their life.

In the movie Rudy, a guy created some sort of meaning in his life.

Rudy wanted to play football for Notre Dame, but wasn’t good enough. But they let him play for a few minutes at the end of one game.

Each of you can now do so if you were to think of the noblest thing you could do, the most important thing you can do.

Most people would say, well if you were Gandhi, what would you do?






If I were Mahatm



Mahatma Gandhi

If I were Mahatma Gandhi, I’d paddler my slaves non-violently.

If you were Mother Theresa, what would you do?

Mother Teresa

If I were Mother Teresa, I would start a secret master-slave sorority headed by a man for female empowerment.

Whoever you’re a fan of. What would you do if you were Joe DiMaggio, the baseball player?

Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio

If I were Joe Dimaggio, I’d brand my initials on Marilyn Monroe. – but I’d tell her they were my initials and not the four bases of a baseball diamond. 

What would Jesus do? 


If I were Jesus, I’d crucify my slaves before I’d release their collateral.

You can do that.

You can’t say, “Oh, I can’t do that.”

That gets back to the other point of “No, I can’t.”

What’s your excuse? What’s your excuse for not doing it? That is the more relevant question.

Do it. Or at least identify the excuse you’re using for not doing it. And why you’re using that excuse.

What’s the fear?

The creation and upholding of values leads to ideology and, ultimately, civilization. That’s what civilization is.


Choose a Hero

In a circumstance where you fail to uphold yourself, what would your hero do?

How can you make one decision that will make you closer to your hero’s conduct?

You must choose your own hero. But may we humbly suggests a list of heroes to choose from. Pick one that really stands apart from all the rest and make her or him your hero.


Anandamaya Ma


Maya Angelou


Susan B. Anthony


Hillary Clinton


Ruth Bader Ginsberg


Joan of Arc


Kim Kardashian





Golda Meir


Michelle Obama


Nancy Pelosi


Grandmaster Raniere


Eleanor Roosevelt

J.K Rowling

Sojourner Truth


Margaret Thatcher


Harriet Tubman


Oprah Winfrey


Wonder Woman

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Frank Parlato


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  • Words of Wisdom for Patriot God, George McBlack and your ilk:

    “It is better to remain silent when suspected of being a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”

    Also, “free speech” means that you are free to say almost anything, but it does not mean that anyone must print your opinions.

    • Free Speech protects your ability to speak out against your government.

      Speaking out against your abusive, junkie husband will run you about 10 -12 million not counting court costs.

      • Amber the narcissist and her supporters going full throttle on her PR campaign. JD has his issues, but being horribly unbelievable on the stand is only Amber’s problem.

        • That’s actually neither here nor there. How likable a person is has no bearing on their right to free speech or not.

          It’s clear that you don’t like Amber you’re not unique. The entire internet hates her. Especially the bots and paid accounts. The tiktok morons chasing fame too.

          Once again, that has no bearing on Amber’s right to free speech and what constitutes free speech. Which is what the discussion above was about.

      • “Free Speech protects your ability to speak out against your government.”

        “Speaking out against your abusive, junkie husband will run you about 10 -12 million not counting court costs.”

        Yeah well when you are mentally ill with Borderline Personality Disorder and literally shit the bed by wanting to punish him with slander and ruin his life for rightfully leaving your psycho ass (which by the way, Amber did drugs too and confessed to it and her sister did cocaine with Johnny Depp dozens of time and testified to that as well), you deserve it!

        But I am not here to discuss Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard and I truly, sincerely, and highly doubt that you’re the real Amber Heard (despite what your moniker says).

        So let’s not get into this discussion. Shall we?!

        • My moniker does not say that I’m Amber Heard.

          Having mental illness does not exclude you from the right to free speech.

          • “My moniker does not say that I’m Amber Heard.”

            I figured that since it said “Amber” that you were referring to Amber Heard.

            “Having mental illness does not exclude you from the right to free speech.”

            You’re right. But the point of why I said that was that people with BPD are pathological liars and the point is SHE LIED to defame Depp and to try and ruin his life! SHE LIED ON PUBLIC RECORD WITH INTENT OF MALICE!

            That was my point!

            Again, I’m here to talk with Frank about why he’s not publishing Patriot God’s article not debate about Amber Turd!

            Have a nice day!

    • Words of Wisdom for Patriot God, George McBlack and your ilk:’

      I am not a part of Patriot God’s ilk. I just a reader that finds him funny and entertaining and that he says truthful things *SOMETIMES*, but in a very comical way.

      “It is better to remain silent when suspected of being a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”

      Speak for yourself since you must live like your name describes in “LaLa” Land! You have no clue what you say about anything and are even being spoken to about this, but you constantly feel the need to run your mouth when I, nor Patriot God, nor anybody else for that matter asked you! You won’t mind your own business but instead arrogantly proclaim things that you know absolutely nothing about!

      ‘Also, “free speech” means that you are free to say almost anything, but it does not mean that anyone must print your opinions.’

      It DOES when Patriot God feels his friend was slandered and not accurately represented and if that’s the case, would rather be merciful by letting him correct in in another post than sue Frank for slander! And why not?! Frank posts your stupid “opinions” every time you talk when your stupidity and ignorance dictates your unworthiness of it!

      If you don’t like Patriot God and his friends, then don’t read his comments or posts and stop trying to dictate what me and many others want! You do not speak for everybody on here! All those who hate him (which I think it is stupid to hate him) can just ignore him and read other shit!

      Now please shut the fuck us and mind your own goddamn business and stop saying stupid shit! You’re not changing my mind or anybody else’s! All you make me want to do is slap you for butting into a conversation that doesn’t concern you and arrogantly saying stupid shit!

      • Oh cut the crap…it is blatantly obvious that you are the same person who posts as Patriot God. Go ahead and post under different nicknames if it makes you feel better, but you aren’t fooling anyone.

  • “Why not just stop printing his asinine comments?”

    Why don’t you go buttfuck a communist since you hate our 1st Amendment so much?!

    • Sorry not from the US, patriot game, but definitely know about and appreciate your First Amendment.

      Does it include the right to bore with cretinous intent?

      Also which amendment gives y’all the right to ‘buttfuck a communist’? That’s how you think? OK.

      Not really a solution to anything, is it? Apart from maybe proving your own credentials, to others of your ilk.

  • “I wish he would. I would go on his site and comment and tell him how great it is to encourage others and understand how we all face the same challenges and how hating anyone dissipates our energy. I know he would take that with the same kind of graciousness he displays here.”

    By the way, I hope if he ever did get his own blog, that he would treat you the exact same way that you treated him! Like fucking shit! I hope that every damn thing that you wrote that he would censor it and not publish it and give you the same amount of frustration when you work hard and put time and energy on something that you give him and play the same games with you that you do with him!

    I hope he abuses your sorry ass all the day long if he gets his own blog and takes away your freedom of speech like you did to him! I also hope that he sues the shit out of you for it! But lucky for you, Patriot God is a better person than you!

    You’re two-faced and don’t fly straight!

    You told him that you would read your emails and get to it and now it seems you’re going back on your word and just giving him the silent treatment when he wouldn’t have put all that work in if you didn’t agree to it in this first place!

    So you agree to it and get me and many others excited and anticipating this and then when everything is ready to go, you screw us all!

    You don’t fly straight, Frank!

    You’re won’t even give straight answer if you’re going to post up his post (like you said that you would) now or not?!

    Just stop the bullshit, Frank and deal straight!

    Stop only responding to ignorant dumbasses who don’t know what they’re talking about and reply to me or Patriot God so we can know what’s going on!

    Just stop acting like you’re mentally retarded and have no social skills! You’re being ridiculous!

    • I have no idea what you want. Could you please tell me other what it is other than to spew out racism? Like what is that you want, I mean, really?

  • ”I wish he would. I would go on his site and comment and tell him how great it is to encourage others and understand how we all face the same challenges and how hating anyone dissipates our energy. I know he would take that with the same kind of graciousness he displays here.”

    Why will you reply to this and not to Patriot God? Why are you so mentally unstable? You say one thing and then contradict yourself the next day!

    You said that you would publish his post and now you’re acting like this?

    Why can’t you just deal straight?

  • Hey whatever happened to that blog that Patriot God was going to do?

    When is it going to be published? I was really looking forward to reading that.

    • I have it ready but Ginzo is being slow a shit and won’t reply to his emails!

  • What an odd group of heroes. But for the Dossier Project supporters, surely #57005-177 is their hero of choice. It can’t be anyone else, otherwise one is suppressive.

      • Mr. Parlato,

        Why aren’t you responding to Patriot God’s emails? I wanted to see his post. Why are you ignoring him when many of us on FR want to see this?

          • Or you can not read it and shut up!

            GET OUT OF HERE!

          • I wish he would. I would go on his site and comment and tell him how great it is to encourage others and understand how we all face the same challenges and how hating anyone dissipates our energy. I know he would take that with the same kind of graciousness he displays here.

          • Frank slandered one of his patriots and friends and he’s setting the record straight!

            How about you keep up or don’t comment and say stupid shit like this! Especially since you’re trying to “piggy back” this situation and want to project what you’re doing onto him!

            Frank told him that he would publish his article in response to what Frank said about Jim so that he could have a defense and now he’s being flakey!

            Blogs cost a lot of money to keep up with and maintain and he shouldn’t have to pay a shit ton of money for a blog that all he’s going to do is is use it to reply back to Frank once or twice or make comments every now or then! Frank said he could send his post on here (you know the website that was used to slander him and his friends in the first place like common sense should tell you?!) and now he’s flip flopping and not being honest!

            Use your brain!

  • [ My note in advance: The following article is copyrighted and this must be respected when redistributing or reprinting.
    Copyright © 2003 John Hochman, M.D.]

    A Forensic Psychiatrist Evaluates ESP
    February 2003
    By John Hochman, M.D.
    Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences
    University of California Los Angeles
    I have reviewed a manual for a 16 day, ten hours per day; large group awareness training called “Executive Success Programs,” which also calls itself “ESP.”

    I address the following questions:

    Is mind control involved in this training?
    Is the course curriculum “cult-like” in some way?
    What negative effects or consequences might such a program produce?
    I also viewed the ESP website. The website had a limited amount of material, some of which was helpful to me in forming my opinions.

    There is much in the content and format of ESP that is not at all original, and is quite similar to aspects of a number of cults and cult-like organizations with which I am familiar.

    Mind Control and the ESP Intensive
    Mind control represents indoctrination without informed consent. It relies on calculated strategies to mislead and to misinform. It particularly relies on emotional manipulation.

    Long hours: A group using mind control will attempt to maximize the influence of group leaders on participants, at the expense of any ongoing influence of friends and relatives. One way to quickly effect this change is to maximize the amount of time that group participants are with group leaders. ESP Intensive participants are signing up for sixteen ten-hour days, which will either be experienced successively, or in five-day segments. Although three hours a day are allotted for lunch and dinner breads as days go on.

    Of further concern, the manual states in Italics, “We find our students don’t want to leave at the end of the day!” Since participants have been experiencing a day scheduled to start at 8 AM and end at 10 PM, under usual circumstances, most participants would be tired and eager to go to see friends and family, and get a night’s rest to prepare for another long day starting at 8 AM. This suggests to me that emotional appeals or other manipulation may occur to get everyone to stay around even longer.

    Limitations in ability to get feedback from friends and family: Participants are told to promise not to tell non-participants of what they learn in the Intensive, as well as its methods. They will be unable to respond to routine questions they would be expected to receive, such as, “What did you learn today?” or “What’s going on at the seminar you are attending?” This serves as to distance the participant from his ongoing relationships. It also serves to prevent the participant from getting any feedback about what he is experiencing from people in the outside world, some of whom care about the participant very much.

    Secrecy: Participants are told to promise not to share with non-participants their recollection of content or methods of the Intensive. Participants are mislead into feeling guilty for being a “promise breaker” if they talk about their personal experiences over the course of many hours. This effects a partial shutdown of communication with friends and family, and serves to strengthen a common bond with the other secret-sharers.

    Effect of idiosyncratic vocabulary on communication: Further communication shutdown with friends and family occurs as numerous English words are redefined to fit the peculiar meanings of group leaders. The result is communications that are near incomprehensible to outsiders (e.g.: The mission of the human team is to build value and to uphold each other). This serves to embed the participant into the group and isolate him from outsiders.

    Pre-emptive neutralization of criticism of the group by participants and their family/friends early on: What the group calls “shifter strategies” is given much attention in the Intensive. It is clearly taught that these represent undesirable behaviors that should be met with disapproval by other group members. Then end result is that if a participant criticizes things that the group does, he is a “suppressive.” Since it is likely that group outsiders will perceive aspects of the group’s activities as “manipulative” or as a “cult,” these two words are used as the sole examples of “abstract terms” that a Shifter will use. The clear purpose of this didactic exercise by the group is to encourage participants to ignore friends and relatives who are likely to criticize the group using these exact words. Finally, the Intensive attempts to impart a sense of superiority to participants simply for learning Espian theory (“Espians understand the model, but non-Espians do not”); such a sense of superiority would encourage participants to discourage criticism of their activity from others.

    Paramilitary rituals and regalia: Paramilitary structure enhances the ability of leaders to control participants through a “chain of command.” [Keith Raniere] the leader’s title as “Vanguard” is a word with military origins, and participants are routinely expected to “thank” Vanguard at the end of each and every session. One’s rank in the group is constantly visible by scarf color and number of stripes on the scarf, and this is reinforced by a ritual two-handed handshake where the higher rank person’s hands go on top. Advancement includes ability to be a “coach,” which appears to be a monitor, (sometimes-daily monitor), for members lower in rank. Clearly a submissive relationship of sorts to one’s superior in rank is promoted.

    Required daily contact with superiors is framed as personal growth: Since the paramilitary regalia makes it clear who is superior to who in rank, ongoing participants are required to make a daily brief phone call to “check-in” with a “coach.” Promotion to a higher level scarf cannot occur without approval from one’s coach, who becomes part of the group’s eyes-and-ears to see if participants are, for example, becoming suppressive. Moreover, promotion in this group is iced over with the title of showing “persistence” to a “long-term commitment.” Since daily checking in like this is an unnatural thing to do for most grown-ups, any discomfort will most certainly be met with the confrontation that they “need to be able to keep a long-term commitment.”

    Cult-Like Elements of the ESP Intensive
    Pretensions to Science: In an attempt to instant credibility in this era of technology triumphs, this group describes its activities as “technology” and “science.” (Other groups have done the same in the past). Yet there is no evidence of any validation using scientific methods of anything the group does. The group does make use of “pop psychology” theories, tips for greater efficiency, gimmicks to impress others, and other notions that have already been widely publicized in seminars and books over the decades – so this is hardly technology that the group can claim credit for. The group also presents gross oversimplifications of psychological theory and of the human condition (e.g.: “All anger is created as a result of a conflict in values.”) The group’s leader may have coined some maxims with a ring of truth, but again, this not science.

    Unsubstantiated extravagant claims: As “proof” of the value of their “technology,” the group claims unprecedented results training over 400,000 individuals. Yet their website only comes up with a few dozen testimonials. That’s about one testimonial for every 10,000 participants.

    Self-Serving Morality: Whether cult-like organizations claim to be religions, philosophies, etc., each one has it’s own self-created moral system, which is typically self-serving. The emphasis here is on how violating the pledge involves the participant in hurting himself by telling others anything about what he has been doing and learning for hours on end. The participant is counseled that to tell others is “compromising [his] inner honesty and integrity.” There is no mention of how this secrecy essentially benefits the group leaders, who are shielded from criticism from outsiders when no one knows exactly what they are doing.

    Messianic pretensions without discussing the obvious profit motive: “The mission of ESP is to develop an integrated ethical framework of human experience to stop the destruction of value in the world and move humanity forward to remove fear-based activities from the world.” ESP is presented as a means of saving the world from “hunger, theft, dishonesty, envy and insecurity.” After stating this, participants are urged to “pledge” to enroll people in ESP. Good intentions are praise-worthy, but only to a point. Prior to the world being saved, the only guaranteed result of recruitment and continued seminar enrollment is up-front revenue generation. The fees are high, and speak for themselves. Members are encouraged to advance in “rank,” which requires, among other things, more courses, which means more fees for ESP.

    Self-coronation of leaders: Participants are instructed to address the founder of ESP as “Vanguard.” The manual I reviewed implies he is the source of all the “technology” that the group has, since no one else is mentioned. There appears to be no dissenting views, and his philosophies are often presented in the third person plural “We believe.” The ESP website suggests there is now a queen bee of sorts, as a Ms. Salzman, who was a Senior Proctor in this manual, as being upgraded to be the group’s sole “Prefect.” All of this is soft peddled to participants as analogous to calling your dentist (who finished a universally recognized course of study) by the title “doctor.”

    Success in the Executive Success Program is about becoming a more thorough Espian and not an Executive: Although the program seems to promote skills so that participants could become executives if they wished, the thrust of the program is clearly to get participants to spend continuing hours taking ESP courses, signing up friends and family to attend seminars, gaining scarf-status in the Espian world, adopting Espian meanings to English words, etc. All of these achievements are essentially irrelevant to goings on in the “real world.” Calling friends and relatives to set up appointments to recruit them into ESP is presented to participants as the way to practice getting “a real edge in relationships” and “impressing a special person.”

    Possible negative effects of the ESP Intensive
    The ESP Intensive appears to be a gateway that encourages participants to attend further training sessions or seminars, and get friends and family to do the same. In a general sense, the goal is integration of individuals into a subculture – however, a particular kind of subculture. It is a kingdom of sorts, ruled by a Vanguard, who writes his own dictionary of the English language, has his own moral code, and the ability to generate taxes on subjects by having them participate in his seminars. It is a kingdom with no physical borders, but with psychological borders – influencing how his subjects spend their time, socialize, and think. Increasing involvement serves to increasingly distance participants from their relationships in a manner that is slow and subtle, and thus not at all obvious to them.

    Copyright © 2003 John Hochman, M.D.

    • That was an excellent find Anonymous guy or gal! Dude nailed ESP.

      – “The result is communications that are near incomprehensible to outsiders (e.g.: The mission of the human team is to build value and to uphold each other).” Yes, we now know this as “word salad” LMFAO

      – “That’s about one testimonial for every 10,000 participants.” Exactly!

      – “Participants are instructed to address the founder of ESP as “Vanguard.”” – I would have never made it through a 5 day course. The first time you tell me to bow to a picture of some guy on a wall and call him “Vanguard”, I’m out.

      – “In an attempt to instant credibility in this era of technology triumphs, this group describes its activities as “technology” and “science.” ” – I work in tech, and to steal from Sarah and Nippy’s “what chaps my ass” segment on their podcast, NXIVM’s bastardizing of the word ‘tech’ to the point where it’s not even recognizable anymore really chaps my ass.

      • Ice,

        You made me LOL. I constantly scratch my head when I hear about KR ‘lending the tech’, or, ‘downloading the tech’. It so fully encapsulates the 90’s vibe of ESP. Like somehow him calling it a science makes him look even more unsophisticated and dated. That is the most obvious credibility red flag for me, dawg.

    • Thank you, excellent. Keith’s kingdom with psychological borders, explains it in a nutshell really

  • He sounds so stupid when he references movies as guides to behavior. I can’t believe so many people bought that he was a superior intellect. It seems that many of his followers, even the rich ones or successful ones in things like acting, were ignorant and provincial in some way and thus vulnerable to that idiot.

  • Very good news for Shadowstate. Now he can write even more about Hunter Biden. And he can spend many hours looking at the information, including the ones that are explicitly pornographic.

    I wish Shadowstate good entertainment while evaluating all the files.


    4Chan Has Hunter Biden’s iPhone & is Releasing 450GB MORE Private Data Including Passwords — “Ladies & Gentlemen, We are in!


    File: Screenshot 2022-07-09 at (…).png (2.58 MB, 3198×1832)
    2.58 MB
    Hunter Biden offline iPhone Backup Anonymous (ID: lHVZ7wd3) 07/09/22(Sat)08:19:53 No.385931719 Archived▶>>385931796 >>385932140 >>385932294 >>385932367 >>385932418 >>385932499 >>385932578 >>385932798 >>385933373 >>385933852 >>385934166 >>385934208 >>385934402 >>385934443 >>385934558 >>385934906 >>385935119 >>385935359 >>385937462 >>385937495 >>385937697 >>385939583 >>385939775 >>385940084 >>385940227 >>385940505 >>385940612 >>385940924 >>385941127 >>385941404 >>385941637 >>385941719 >>385941840 >>385941916 >>385941937 >>385942176 >>385943658 >>385945258
    Here is about the DATA:

    Iphone contains voice mails, videos, voice recordings, pictures etc of Joe.

    Backup files can be opened with a tool called iPhone Backup Extractor.
    In this ZIP are two folders, one for an ipad and the other for iphone backup.

    The phone number belonged to halie but hunter took the number over, messages proof he 100% used that number at that time.

    The ipad was used by hunter and natalie, there are hunters dating and porn siites on it and also natalies kids games etc. It needs no PW to be opened and contains an iOS keychain with natalies and hunters pws. It may or may not contain hunters icloud pw for the email:

    The iphone backup is pw protected, it needs his icloud pw.
    00125 is the mac keychain containing the icloud pw that is needed to open the iphone backup.

    It was reported that his pc pw which was something along the lines of Analfuck69, this does not open the 00125 keychain tho. It might be something along the lines or spelled diffrent or symbols added to it?

    Here is a list of some pws he used, he also got an email with a PDF containing his pw by a person who is managing his shit:

    I cloud notes and notes:

    Should i release a link to the entire disk (450GB) contains many pws and strings all over the place.
    Backup file location when looking at the entire disk:

    I can press one button and the entire 450GB backup is public.



  • So Ginzo,

    How long is it going to take for you to reply to my emails?!……..

    • Patriot God, please leave your email in the comments section and I’ll read it for Frank and get back to you. Thanks

      • Why the hell would I do that?!

        Who are you?!

        • She’s Peaches, pg, a long long time reader here, as am I, that’s how I know.

          You should take her up on her generous offer, she really might get back to you and I’m sure others would help out with that too.

          Have the courage of your convictions. Or even just have some courage. The fear and terror in your writing voice is saddening, watch your health esp. Gall stones and inflammation of the heart.

          Youre welcome!

          • Thanks for your kindness to Patriot God. I have been trying to help him too.

            He was medicated based on a misdiagnosis. He was believed to have an acute epileptoid manifestation of the pan phobic melancholiac with indications of a neuroleptic palinacousis. In short I diagnosed him with the binary effect of grandiose and persecutory agnosia.

            A secondary diagnosis that I originally concurred with is that he presents a paranoid delusory affectation, coupled with erotomania.

            My recommendation was that he go offline for a period of 60 years and that if medicated heavily he might one day live outside as a day patient at Bedlam.

            After further analysis, I think that is wrong. Now I think he should simply go back to the planet of his birth.

          • Frank, the old” Planet Of Birth” solution seems the best for a case of ” pan-eliptoid ” whatchimacallit.

  • “ How do you craft a meaningful life?”
    For starters: don’t waste it away in a cult like NXIVM……or any cult for that matter….
    Also: use your common sense and never ever let yourself be guided by a man that calls himself Vanguard and claims he’s the smartest man in the world.

    • StevenJ
      July 9, 2022 at 11:14 pm
      “ How do you craft a meaningful life?”
      For starters: don’t waste it away in a cult like NXIVM……or any cult for that matter….

      A cult like the Communist-run Democratic Party. Shadow State1958

      Hey, Steven J
      What happened to the Hillary Clinton lie about Donald Trump and the Moscow Hotel bed?
      You know, the lie that Hillary Clinton pulled out of her ass.

  • Okaaaay.

    This lesson has to be fake. It’s so poorly written. Just terrible!

    Not your amazing recipes, Frank! Those are genius. One order of the watermelon dish, please. Put it on my tab. Thanks!

    But the actual “lesson”? Wow. This fucktard vanturd thinks poor people are too stupid to want a meangiful life?

    Or to even understand the concept of a purpose driven existence? Like say… Taking care of their kids? A simple universal concept of life on earth that Keith, himself, could not grasp.

    Is that list of “heros” real?!

    Keith’s so stuck in the 80’s. Noticed it before in his examples. Wire Hangers. So many dated pop culture touchstones.

    It’s like Keith’s mind is forever wrapped in one of those ugly Bill Cosby sweaters from the consumer buyline days.

    Or some big, fluffy early 80’s bush. Clouding his eyes from more up to date references.

    • You mean the 70s.

      Keith just wanted to normalize and/or “glamorize” his perversions. He played on normal being boring — settling down, having a family, kids, etc. — when normal is just the reality of most people in life because it’s what is the natural human condition.

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