Pt. 2: Marck: More thoughts on why Monte Blu is Keith Raniere

By Marck
How many women do you think would be voting for older men having sex with under age girls? [see  Monte Blu-justifies Raniere’s tryst-with-12-year-old-girl.
How many men do you know who would think of having sex with underage girls? Would the number of men be larger than the number of women voting for this?
Monte Blu’s says:
Frank Report makes it out as dirty and ugly that [Keith and a 12 year old girl] had sex in a broom closet. This was not their first time.  He first took her to his bedroom and gently disrobed her on his futon.
How does Monte Blu know so much of this intimate encounter?
How many women do you think would not just be ok with older men having sex with under age, but also make it sound like a noble thing?
Which man would benefit most from women believing an older wiser man having sex with under age girl is a noble thing?
The answers could be people other than Keith Raniere, but it’s highly unlikely.
Rhiannon was part of Keith Raniere’s harem when she 12 years old. She ran away from him and placed in juvenile home. Keith Raniere escaped charges. He was 30.
Here is the police report. Note that Rhiannon said she had “sexual intercourse with a man named Keith Raniere. This occurred when I was approximately 12-13 years old and occurred either at Keith’s townhouse at 3 Flintlock Lanes, Clifton Ny or his business located at Rome Plaza Clifton Park, NY”.
Keith Raniere – at the time when he was having sex with 12 year old Rhiannon.
Actor Monte Blue with Lupe Velez Tiger Rose.

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