Frank Responds to Vicious Ambrose’s Nasty 11-Page Cease and Desist – ‘Sue Me’

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Frank: Many people think they know all about the Chris Ambrose – Karen Riordan divorce and custody case.   They are happy CT Family Court Judge Thomas Moukasher ordered Nickola Cunha’s arrest. Happy that Cunha’s attorney said she might have mental health issues. Hopeful they’ll find she took money from clients.
None of this involves the Ambrose-Riordan dispute.
Karen Riordan and Chris Ambrose
They don’t care that CT Family Court isolated three children, ages 15, 15, and 11, from their mother for two years. These children lived in a happy home with their mother for 13 years. Their father lived out of state or away from home for most of those years.
Ambrose got caught plagiarizing and submarined his Hollywood career. A straight face and a sincere sounding “Huh?” got Ambrose out of more trouble than he can remember. But this time it didn’t work. The plagiarism was too damn obvious.
So, he returned to CT.  He boned up on how to manipulate the family court – via parental alienation. Keep in mind that CBS’s Family Law was this rascal’s first TV show.
Ambrose hired an expert in parental alienation, attorney Nancy Aldrich. Her son, Will Haskell, is a CT state senator who sits on the judiciary committee. That committee approves the reappointment of judges.
Ambrose stole the marital funds, stole his wife’s inheritance, and filed for divorce. Then, they followed the playbook. Aldrich got Guardian ad Litem, Jocelyn Hurwitz, appointed. Then, Hurwitz got custody evaluator Jessica Biren-Caverly appointed.
They play the parental alienation game.  They switched the case to a judge who was up for reappointment, Judge Jane Grossman. They told Grossman that the kids don’t want to be with their father because of parental alienation.
Judge Jane Grossman ordered three children out of their mother’s house. They lived with her since they were infants.

The bad court actors did not say Ambrose is abusive. They told Grossman the mother alienated the children. She turned them against their good father.  Ambrose went out of his way to make the children hate him.

Judge Grossman gave Ambrose sole legal and physical custody. Grossman ordered the mother not to contact her children. Without meeting the children, Grossman ordered them out of their happy home. Their mother’s home was the only home they ever knew.
The judge ordered them, without notice, to move into their abusive father’s house.  And tells the mother she may not even talk to her children. This shocked and traumatized the children.

Now how did it happen?

Ambrose paid his attorney, Aldrich, about $600,000, at $600 per hour.
Nancy Aldrich before collecting her invoice from Chris Ambrose.

Nancy Aldrich after collecting her invoice.

Jocelyn Hurwitz before she got custody for Chris Ambrose.
GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz after she got custody for Chris Ambrose.
Ambrose paid Hurwitz $200,000 at $400 per hour. He used his wife’s share of the marital assets he controlled.
Meanwhile, without money, the mother could not defend herself. This is a common story in CT Family Court.
The uninformed always believe the court gave custody to the father because the mother must be unfit, or crazy.
One of our most deeply uninformed readers is Magoo. His ideas pass through his brain as a prune passes through a colon. Here is what he has to say.

A Word From Magoo


Frank, your story will never go national, because you haven’t done any leg work as a journalist.

You’ve merely spread gossip about an alleged ‘cabal’ of crooked judges who do the bidding of lawyers (for reasons you haven’t fully explained; since judges don’t make any extra money when lawyers bill for more hours).

You seem to hate Chris Ambrose far more than seems mentally healthy, IMO.

You keep screaming that he ‘stole’ assets from his wife, but the law doesn’t see it that way. You can scream from the rooftops, but it’s still not ‘theft’ until the law recognizes it.

You can’t steal an inheritance without having legal ownership of it.

Also… What’s the motive of these CT judges to allow lawyers to bill extra hours and steal parental access from mothers?

Judges don’t get paid more when that happens. You dunce. What’s their alleged motive for risking their careers to be part of this CABAL? Lol.

Frank, IMO, you’re little more than a ‘combatant’ fighting within a he-said/she-said battle. Somebody always loses in divorce battles. Plenty of men have lost and been taken to the cleaners. It happens to both genders.

Do you have REAL statistics to prove that these judges always decide in favor of the father? Or do you only rely on angry & scorned wives?

Try doing something other than hating Ambrose. Then, maybe the media will pick up your stories.

Try doing some journalistic leg work.

Your work on this case is a disgrace to true journalism. Have a good day; 🙂

My Reply

Frank: I do not hate Ambrose. I admire his talent. He is a musician, I am told, quite skillful at playing the liar.

I’d like him better if he let his children see their mother. It would show he is a real human being. But, of course, he is a human being. The three most common elements in his body are hydrogen, oxygen, and dishonesty. But before we get into that, let’s hear from another Ambrose follower, Sherizzy.
Sherizzy is nobody’s fool. Let’s see if we can get someone to adopt him.

Here is what Sherizzy says:

Frank – to be clear, I am not a staunch supporter of Ambrose. I just do not support or believe Karen. I think all her claims of abuse are lies.

Instead of focusing on an unrelated issue, why don’t you post the entire cease and desist letter? Or at least the portions pertinent to the custody case.

It’s very telling that you only focus on the nonsense – misrepresenting his statement about suicide and the TV show. You know he never threatened to kill himself. And, who cares if he used parts of another script? Ideas are always stolen and reworked. He just wasn’t subtle enough, so people noticed. So what? He’s probably ashamed of it, or he doesn’t consider what he did plagiarism. It doesn’t make him a child abuser.

And, unless you have definitive proof from the execs from that show, you don’t know if he was fired. I know you are trying to create a defense if he sues you (FR did not make him unemployable), but you are just speculating.

And, if you are just trying to paint him as a liar, Karen has lied far more than Ambrose and in hateful cruel ways directed related to their children.

So, post exactly what he wrote and let your readers decide. His citations are relevant. Some of them are citations to decisions in the case.

Just post the entire letter on your blog if you believe it is BS.


OK Sherizzy. Here is the entire letter.

Chris Ambrose before he bought custody of his children and made his wife destitute.


Chris Ambrose after he showed his talents in stealing children and money via CT Family Court.

Ambrose Speaks

From his cease-and-desist letter

Chris Ambrose


You have also deliberately set out to ruin every aspect of my life and reputation. You have succeeded. Your life-altering lies have exposed me to public hatred, contempt and ridicule.


Son, you had it coming. You ruined your children’s lives and made their mother homeless. Through your lies.


Your lies have pulled apart my extended family and destroyed relationships.


You destroyed your children’s extended family. You denied them their grandparents, their aunts and cousins. All their friends, their godmother – everyone they knew and loved all their lives. And their mother.
You isolated them. And you’re surprised your extended family thinks you are a fink? Give your children back the life they knew. Then you’ll be happy.


The psychological damage done by defamation is severe and can cause suicide and attempted suicide; for me, it has resulted in a diagnosis and need for treatment.


You don’t need mental health help. And I doubt you are the suicidal type. You are more likely to drive others to suicide.
If you want to be happy, and mentally healthy, let your children see their mother.  You know damn well they long for that every day. And you keep looking at them and taking delight in keeping them apart.

Ambrose: Your extreme libel has deprived me of business opportunities, about which prospective employers, agents and executive recruiters are prepared to testify. They will confirm that every employer checks a job candidate’s Internet profile, what you have widely published has rendered me unemployable. You have done catastrophic emotional and financial damage to my life.

Frank: Always blaming someone else. Always threatening. You blew your career when you got caught plagiarizing. That’s why agents don’t call.

Stop doing catastrophic emotional harm to your kids. And listen, fool, you wrote a “cease and desist” letter on April 14. You demanded I retract and apologize in 10 days, or you would sue me and have me arrested.

Two months have passed. I have written more stories. I have not ceased or desisted. You’re smiling now, kid, but I’ll wipe that smile off your feces.

So, if you are going to sue, do it and be done with it. Discovery will be scintillating. The truth will come out about what you’ve done to your kids. Truth is a defense to libel. We will be in another court—one with a jury. One you won’t control.

Ambrose: You repeatedly call me a thief. You publish that I “converted [sic] Karen’s six-figure inheritance into an account” in my name, which I supposedly admitted “under oath in a hearing”. These are provable lies.

Frank: Dude, I thought you were once a lawyer.
Let me share  a legal definition.  Conversion: “When someone takes your property for themselves or acts like something you own belongs to them.
But you’re right. You didn’t convert her inheritance. You stole it in a criminal act of theft.
In my next post, I will dissect Ambrose’s claim. Did he not testify that he converted, stole, or snatched his wife’s inheritance?
Evolutionary leaps and cultural transformations do occur. Ambrose is living proof that manure can grow legs and walk.
Sue me for that too.

Ct Family Court Darling, Chris Ambrose Threatens to Sue, Have Me Arrested, and Commit Suicide

CT Family Court Creepy Chris Ambrose Lies About Plagiarism in Threat to Frank Report

Ambrose Outs Himself With Two Comments in Dumb Freudian Slip

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  • Pissy Chrissy, when are you going to learn to stop going up against Frank? All you do is make yourself look like the candyass, lying, greedy, narcissist, scumbag that you are to your bone.

    No one likes you. Your children despise you, No one enjoys you. All you do is spread misery wherever you go….like a true sociopath

  • Thank you for posting a link to the transcripts! Please provide more – they are very illuminating.

    From the transcript you posted, I learned:

    1. Ambrose was seeking shared custody.
    2.Karen took the kids to Rhode Island without Ambrose’s consent.
    3. She took them for a week, lied to Ambrose that she would bring them back to Connecticut but instead kept them for another week.
    4. Karen took the kids’ phones so they could not speak with their father while they were gone.
    5. Ambrose did not tell the court what she did after the first week because she promised to bring the kids back – she did not.
    6. Karen did not bring the kids to court that day. She wouldn’t tell Ambrose or the court where the children were.
    7. Karen used her kids as bargaining chips. For example: If you give me the password to the financial accounts, you can see your kids or If you commit to paying for a second year of school for the kids (even though Ambrose wasn’t sure he could afford it but committed to one year), you can see the kids.
    8. Karen’s attorney filed the motion for a GAL to be appointed, not Ambrose’s lawyer, Aldrich.
    9. Aldrich AND Karen’s lawyer had to agree on a GAL.
    10. The court had nothing to do with choosing a GAL.
    11. Karen’s lawyer’s name was Callahan. I highly doubt he is Jewish so he cannot be part of the Jewish RICO conspiracy.
    12. Karen’s lawyer was purposely trying to delay the trial.
    13. Aldrich begged the judge to give deadlines to Karen’s attorney so he would do what he was supposed to do. The judge agreed.
    14. Both lawyers had to agree on therapists for the children.
    15. Karen’s lawyer delayed the children from seeing a therapist for 9 months.
    16. Karen’s lawyer kept trying to steer the court away from what they were there for – to discuss Karen taking the kids.
    17. Aldrich comes across as a competent, fair and sincere attorney who wants the best for the children.
    18. Ambrose was concerned for his kid’s mental well-being.
    19. Karen’s notations are petty, hateful and bitter.
    20. Karen actually contradicts herself in her notations. For example:
    The kids weren’t in therapy
    Mia saw the therapist once
    Mia saw the therapist twice
    Ambrose was never around the kids
    Ambrose was monopolizing the house, he wouldn’t leave.
    Ambrose never took care of the kids.
    Yes, Ambrose took care of the kids but that was only for show.
    Ambrose never woke up early for the kids.
    Ambrose was upset because I didn’t tell him it was a late school day and could have slept in later.
    21. Many of these contradicting notations are on the very same page!
    22. There are so many lies and contradictions in Karen’s notations, I cannot list them all here.
    23. Ambrose would not give her the password for the financial accounts because she never managed them during the marriage and he DID NOT TRUST HER!
    24. Ambrose had every right not to trust her! She lied to him about bringing the kids back, more than once.
    25. Karen refused to give Ambrose her financial affidavit yet she demanded that Ambrose provide his.
    26. Ambrose was in therapy – taking accountability for his part.
    27. Karen took no responsibility for anything – she still doesn’t.
    28. Karen comes off as the awful disgrace of a mother that she is! Ambrose came to be fair but she hated him for divorcing her and she was going to make him suffer.
    29. She seems awful because she is awful – not just through Ambrose’s testimony but through her own words. And, Ambrose never insulted her.
    30. Karen is delusional if she thinks this transcript helps her case.

    So, please Frank, keep posting transcripts!
    I would love to read them all!

    • You sure are quick to buy everything Ambrose says as gospel. But does that give him the right to steal her inheritance and confiscate the marital assets?

      • Frank, Karen never worked. Her measly inheritance was used up by them years before.

        And, the words are not just from Ambrose. Karen’s lawyer says he brought the GAL motion, the lawyers discussed how they had to agree on a GAL and therapist. And, also how the GAL would be paid.

        So, that means, Karen wanted a GAL, her lawyer moved for one, and Ambrose paid for something Karen wanted . . . Until they did not agree with her.

        And Frank, still no blog on Cunha’s hearing?

      • So then post Karen’s testimony, Frank.

        Let’s see what she has to say for herself and why she took the kids to a different state without telling Ambrose. And, then refused to even bring them to court that day.

        I would love to read it!

        • She never got a chance to testify. Her attorney was disbarred before she could put on her case. And since Ambrose stole her money, she could not afford to hire an attorney. Ambrose played by the golden rule – he had the gold so he ruled.

          • Oh wow, I didn’t realize in all that time, she never took the stand in any hearing.

            Well then, Frank. Get your facts right. She refused to appear in court to testify after her witnesses were excoriated on cross examination. That was her choice.

            Cunha’s was responsible for all the court delays. And, Karen could have hired or applied for a new attorney and there would have been a continuance for the new attorney to catch up to speed.

            Karen did not show up to court because she knew she would be destroyed on the stand and seem for the awful manipulative person that she truly is.

            Please post more transcripts anyway. I really do love reading them.

  • Do I care about Chris Ambrose, whether he plagiarized or not…? NO.

    Do I care what Karen said about Chris Ambrose…? NO.

    Do I care that the children have not been allowed to speak, have been taken away from someone they love and care about, and been restricted from living a normal life…? YES!

    Do I care that Karen has been left homeless…? YES!

    Is the CT family court system doing anything positive for these children…? NO!

    Are the CT family court players overcharging for their actual efforts in this case… ? ABSOLUTELY!

    Chris is not trying to help the children in any way! The CT court system is not trying to help the children in any way!

    Karen is the only one trying to help the children, and between Chris and the CT courts, they have forced her into homelessness… for trying, simply, to help her children. It is easy to see who cares and who doesn’t.

    Keep up the fight Frank!

  • Frank, please stop making assertions and provide some actual evidence. Ambrose did. His letter was supported by actual legal documents. Kunha’s disbarment proceeding is actual evidence of her misconduct.

    She herself literally admitted she had no evidence to support her claims. Your assertions are based on nothing but Karen’s word. I don’t know Ambrose or Karen Riordan, but I do know Lizzie Weinstein, who also has claimed that her husband prevented her from seeing her children (false, like Karen she was allowed supervised visitation but refused to avail herself of it), left her homeless and destitute (false, like Karen has had ample support and a settlement but would rather whine about being homeless and destitute than accept it), left her without legal representation (false, it appears they both hired and fired numerous attorneys and forced out several court appointed ones), was denied access to court (false, it appears both Karen and Lizzie failed to appear numerous times) and so on and so on and so on.

    Do you see a pattern here? You just don’t seem to want to accept that sometimes mothers lose access to their children because they do abusive things like falsely accuse their husbands of pedophilia and try to coerce their children into corroborating these accusations. You don’t seem to want to accept that mental illness and lying are things that exist.

    Ambrose may be a plagiarizer, who knows and who cares, that’s a civil and career issue. It has absolutely nothing to do with whether he is a fit parent. Karen, it certainly appears from mountains of evidence, is not.

    And once again, if you have any actual data or evidence to support your assertions that there is some grand conspiracy beyond “I met this woman who lost custody and says there’s a conspiracy” than please produce it.

    Otherwise what you’re doing is incredibly irresponsible. You did the right thing with Lizzie, please do the right thing in this case and leave this family alone.

  • “I hope someday to read a bunch of crazy, trash about both my parents on the internet.”

    Said no child ever.

    “It’s fun to have parents at war”.

    No.kid ever has stated.

    “When my dad rips apart my mom publicly it feels good. I love when my mom really viciously crriticizes my father.”

    Is not something children happily express.

    “It’s most important to me who is right. My mom or my dad. It’s more important that they keep fighting it out publicly than if my family is happy and peaceful”.

    Is not a thought you often hear from sons and daughters.

    Just some things to think about while destroying your off-spring’s mental health.

    • IMO, Frank, Karen, Chris & relatives are actively chipping away at those kids souls, bit by bit. This will come back to haunt the children and parents…… but not Frank, he will have moved on to some other piece of fiction which he will wring dry until the even his keyboard screams in boredom.

  • Ambrose is hot tempered and arrogant. Jim Leonard and other Hollywood producers and show runners had enough. He has no loyalty. Chris Von Goetz said he’s arrogant, entitled and lacks talent, which is why he would not personally represent him.

    The charm and feigned self-deprivation no longer worked; Anne Blanchard and Renee Kurtz refused to take him back as a client when Ambrose approached them in 2016.

    Plagiarism required Ambrose to lie to fellow writers, actors, show runners, network executives, and the public. He did so over the span of months and didn’t seem the least bit bothered as he reported himself. It was “hugely embarrassing” so he blamed it on Michael Rauch- the show runner who got him onto Instinct to salvage his career.

    He was dropped by his most recent agents in July 2018. He has no loyalty to his wife, his children, or his colleagues. No integrity. Better actor than writer.

      • everyone but you and a coupla side-kicks care, Sherizzy, just not in your truculent, neurotic and hateful way.

        Are you a GAL?

        • Whether Ambrose was fired has nothing to do with his fitness as a parent. Whether Ambrose is gay or bisexual has nothing to do with his fitness as a parent.

          But Karen’s endless vicious attacks on her children’s father and her refusal to stop instructing the kids to make baseless claims of abuse against him and to taunt him says volumes about her fitness as a parent.

          This is why you don’t have your kids, Karen. And, if you don’t stop with this hateful nonsense, you will never have your kids because they will have lost all respect for you! In fact, it seems like they already have.

          And, no, I’m not a GAL. But I will share one thing with you. About 15 years ago, I worked on a study of parental alienation syndrome that was given to every family court in my state. The project was from a non-profit domestic violence advocacy group where women had lost their children to abusive partners due to PAS. I cannot tell you how many stories I have heard from women who were genuinely harmed by this bullshit theory.

          KAREN IS NOT ONE OF THEM. In fact, she is just as bad as those who use PAS to get custody from loving mothers.

          I’ve been around long enough to know BS when I see it.

          In this case, Karen is the abuser.

          • Sherizzy you are committed to defending Ambrose. But what about the children? How do they feel about losing their mother? I mean, today. How do they feel?

            I bet you and Ambrose would never agree to ask the two 15-year-old children how they feel or want? Without Ambrose present. Without him punishing them.

          • “But what about the children? How do they feel about losing their mother?”

            How do they feel about you and Karen trashing their father? Someone Ask them, without the pressure of mother’s expectations put upon them.

          • I know how they feel. They want their mother. And the happy home they had all of their lives until the ruthless Ambrose took them away.

          • “I know how they feel. They want their mother.”

            Said to their abusive mother…to please her! Such hypocrisy.

          • So preposterously wrong. They are not required to please their mother. They want her and to escape their father.

  • Norm Pattis knows what he’s doing. This isn’t a plea for insanity, it’s to show the detrimental effects of litigation abuse experienced by Cunha, and there’s plenty of evidence.

    The family court climate is far different from civil court. It’s a bully’s playground. With name-calling, mockery, snickering, and mimicking. It’s a disgrace. Most would be appalled.

    Litigants are too afraid to speak out. See 2017 reappointment hearings. A few grace minority legislators spoke out- Edwin Vargas said it’s been going on for years in family court. Robbing families blind, GALs costing families their children and homes.

    Minnie Gonzales studied it for years. She spoke of the retaliation and it includes police departments joining in to support the corrupt attorneys. AFCC members are well connected. It’s a well oiled machine. It’s no joke. Please take it seriously because the lives of children are being sacrificed and families destroyed. They fuel the conflict.

    Are all these people liars?
    Watch divorcecorp.

    It’s well known.

    See, I Care For You- it’s the same game in probate court.

  • “Son, you had it coming. You ruined your children’s lives and made their mother homeless. Through your lies.

    There is no evidence of abuse by dad. But Maybe the kids would rather live with their mother than their dad. Maybe Karen makes better pancakes. BFD! That is not going to ruin a child’s life. Now, Karen smearing all their personal business all over the Internet? That could very well ruin their lives.

  • You’re a pussy, Frank.

    Now that your pathetic attempt to parlay Cunha’s ‘arrest’ into a national news story has BACKFIRED — leaving you the laughingstock of the news world — you’re now trying to pivot away from that HUMILIATION by invoking more ‘hatred’ for Ambrose.

    That’s classic propaganda 101.

    You’re a negative ‘PR guy’ more than a real ‘journalist’, IMHO.

    I see right thru your methods, Frank.

    Last week, you and your biggest ass-kissing fanboy (Mr. Nutjob) were predicting that the national media was gonna jump on the “Cunha arrest story” and run with it, possibly catapulting you to a Pulitzer for exposing this secret cabal of judges, LOL.

    But the opposite happened.

    The main ‘story’ has changed. The main ‘story’ is now about Cunha’s mental health.

    Just last week… You and your fanboys were screaming that Cunha’s “arrest warrant” was deviously cooked-up EXTRA-JUDICIALLY, as part of an alleged ‘conspiracy’ to steal parental access from mothers and to imprison anybody who dares to ‘speak out’ about this secret cabal, LOL.

    Well, you sure went down in flames on that story. Eh, Frank? You now have egg on your face. Bigtime.

    Cunha’s own attorney admitted that she had no justifiable reason for failing to comply with court orders, other than her own possible mental issues. LOL.

    This FACT contradicts your entire narrative about Cunha.

    So you’re now pivoting back to Ambrose, hoping that nobody will remember your shoddy reporting of the Cunha case.

    Your hatred for this man knows no bounds.

    Every time you post a story about Ambrose, you use a particular photo where he’s on the phone and looks angry (this is always the ‘lead’ photo that you use).

    This was purposely done to create a negative image of him in the minds of your readers. It’s just propaganda 101. LOL.

    We get it, Frank. You REALLY, REALLY hate Ambrose.

    You REALLY, REALLY want your readers to hate him too.

    You REALLY, REALLY feel sorry for his ex-wife and believe that she’s a saint who did no wrong.

    You REALLY, REALLY believe that she deserves full custody no matter what the actual FACTS are.

    IMHO, you ought to seek mental help for that hatred cuz it’s consuming your life too much.

    The fact that you think you’re qualified to give custody to a parent based on nothing more than GOSSIP shows why you’re not qualified to ever sit on a court bench.

    The reason we have GAL’s (in the custody system) is to prevent BOMBASTIC IDIOTS, like yourself, from awarding custody based on he-said/she-said arguments.

    GAL’s dive deep into the facts about what’s really best for the kids.

    Just because you hate their decision ——- that’s not proof of an illegal conspiracy.

    Let’s examine your reporting…

    Nearly every mother you’ve quoted in your stories (who claims that her custody was stolen) has been shown to have at least some mental issues and/or has engaged in bizarre behavior that would make anybody question their fitness as a parent.

    Let’s not forget, Frank, you also advocated on behalf of another CT mother who was found to have falsely claimed that STRANGERS were molesting her child, LOL, in addition to her ex-husband. She accused a total stranger, leaving a creamery, of molesting her child. She clearly had mental issues. She was known for making things up.

    Yet, you still pretend as though she’s a credible source and that the court should have given her primary custody.

    You’re actually advocating that a known liar — who falsely claims that multiple people have molested her child — should be given PRIMARY CUSTODY.

    That’s just sick, Frank.

    IMHO, you’re a sick bastard for trying to award custody to a woman who keeps acting like that.

    Are you gonna respond? My words have more credibility than yours, Frank.

    Have a good day. 🙂

    • Frank, if you wanna delay approving this comment while you form a response to it, that’s fine.

      But if you’re not gonna respond within a day, please just approve it now and don’t bother responding —– cuz you’re a lazy fucker and I doubt you’ll ever respond. You promise to do a lot of shit that you never do, cuz you’re a disorganized pussy with more excuses than results. 🙂

      • Magoo- you are the reason I visit this blog regularly. I have first hand knowledge of this case and you have been spot on with every single comment you have ever posted. When Frank goes to prison in September, these children will finally have peace.

        • You mean, if I go to prison, will you let your kids have peace and see their mother? Why don’t you let them have peace regardless? Let them see their mother now. Since I certainly won’t be going to prison. So don’t get your furry little head all worked up.

        • Anonymous 2:56-

          Bad news fella, Magoo is 99% satirist. He just likes to tease Frank.

          Cut any lettuce or cabbage last weekend and/or 1/2 gallon ranch dressing? How do you go to Fire Island with kids?

          • Wants to tease Frank AND wants a reaction from gullible readers. Period.

            The easy way to do both is to pick an opposite viewpoint that he can formulate a sometimes-competent sounding argument to crow about.

    • Magic- GALs spend no time with kids and destroy the lives of families. Perhaps you can read up on it before you make assumptions.

      Patterns exist- they are clear. Read Anne Stevensons testimony or the testing of men and women dragged through family court by ruthless GALs who are money driven.

      Why do GALs get to supersede CT law? They shouldn’t, but they do. GALs do little work and there is no deep dive on GALs in CT courts. It is a money making scheme – profit driven.

      I realize it’s difficult for the public to consider but the research is available- although they try to bury it.

      In the Worst Interest of the Child was published after extensive investigation of trafficking kids through family court under the guise of “best interest”.

      Do you realize GALs don’t have to tell the truth? Don’t have to provide evidence? Have no background in any social service? Are not mandated reporters?

      They are attorneys. Just an attorney without special training or expertise. This is who is appointed by the court. And parents don’t see it coming. It’s a racket.

      Look at the testimony and court exhibits from Anne Stevenson. It’s fathers and mothers alike. Do a bit of research and you will see this is about corruption.

      Why is dcf not involved if a mother is abusuve? Or unfit? Shouldn’t a parent be found unfit prior to virtually having all rights terminated? How can you think it’s healthy for kids to kill off one parent- tell them it’s for a weekend and then take them from the parent for years? Magoo- how is this a good outcome for the children?

      You believe children from 12-16 have no right to access their parents? They have no say in your equation? These acts violate state laws and constitutional rights.

      Get off if the Ambrose crusade and look at what the lawyers are doing. And they stay appointed for years after the divorce is final which is also unethical and designed to control and keep the money flow going. It’s a controlling, sadistic system.

      And I pray Ambrose does sue because the truth- buried by the attorneys and gal- will demonstrate all that has transpired and the findings of the courts, hospitals and DCF.

      • “How can you think it’s healthy for kids to kill off one parent?”

        Riordan was given supervised visitation. She’s refused to see the kids unless she could be all alone with them. Why? What does she have to hide? She could have had 50/50 custody or more by now if she just went to supervised visitation and demonstrated that she could be trusted with the kids. The fact she refused supervised visitation shows she is mentally screwed up. Paranoid delusions, anyone? And delusional people can be dangerous.

        Like seriously! If the kids are so sad without her, just show up for supervised visits! Think how happy they would be to see her, if what she says is true. But no, she wants to be all alone with them or nothing. I think that is cruel. “Kids, if only the judge allowed unsupervised visits, I would be there.” Kids know a bullshit excuse when they hear one. Reality is She is living the single life, couch surfing with friends out of state!

        I wonder how those kids feel knowing that their mother could have been seeing them all his time, but refused?

        • She would have to admit to certain things in order to have the privilege of having a paid supervisor monitor her visits. She does not have the money and is unwilling to falsely admit or agree that she needs a supervisor.

          • Not a valid excuse, Frank.

            You can’t save your face and your ass at the same time.

            If Karen truly loves her kids, she would get over her ego and see her kids in a supervised setting. Who cares if that is implicitly conceding that you need supervised visits?

            And, she does not really need to concede anything. All she has to do is show up because she wants to see her kids. The court will not force her to make a speech about it! Geesh!

            This is all ego. She needs to get over herself.

          • “She would have to admit to certain things”

            I find that hard to believe she’d have to admit to something incriminating. Is there a copy of the agreement we could see?

          • Not having money for supervised visitation sounds like total bullshit. She had loads of cash to file lots and lots of motions.

            Maybe she had a benefactor, like the guy who writes the FC circus blog, who paid for those motions, but if that benefactor really cared about the mother/kids, they would help her pay for supervised visitation, although I have a feeling there are other options besides having to pay someone for supervised visits.

            Think of the kids. They would be thrilled to see their mother if all you say is true, even with a supervisor present. Seems cruel to refuse that on some ridiculous point of pride.

    • Magoo-

      You just unleashed a can of whoop ass on the esteemed Frank Parlato. Dude’s butt hursts so much he had to use a whole tube of Preparation-H. Nothing like a good reaming.

      Frank probably feels denigrated, persecuted, and butt raped. Sometimes the truth hurts and a good ass raping can teach you humility.

      • Yeah, Magoo — what’s wrong with that photo of Ambrose on the phone? I get it. Magoo is a prima facie case of ugliness. And his body is ugly too.

        • Please keep posting that lead photo up top. It’s hilarious and makes me laugh everyone I see it.

        • Frank, what is with your need to bag on peoples looks? So classy as a self professed journalist.

          When you are backed in a corner, you come out fighting like a 5th grader.

          • Yeah, you’re right – but have you seen Magoo? He told me once he wanted to forgive me and turn the other cheek. I told him “Don’t turn the other cheek. It’s just as ugly.

  • Lucrative profit driven business; money for kids. Simple playbook.

    Kelly Grohs (Millionaire)- two daughters taken, Marlene Anderson Harris- twin daughters taken, Margaret Sullivan- two children taken, Joriz Tiberi (Fairfield County)- six year old son taken, Karen Ambrose (westport-fairfield county) – three children taken, Paige Styvan (westport-fairfield county)- 12 year old daughter taken, Kathey Sorrentino- children taken, Angela Hickman (Westport-Fairfield county)-two sons taken, Cobie Jane (New Canaan-fairfield county) two sons taken, Sandra MacVicar (New Canaan-fairfield county)-two daughters taken, Diane Hart (Fairfield County)- children taken, Catherine Rookasin- children taken, Robin Herzog- three children taken, Susan Skipp- children taken…

    Custody evaluator Jessica Biren Caverly much like Linda Smith before her- both psychologists with no medical degree, have weaponized custody evaluations that remained sealed in family court.

    They remain sealed because public review by competent psychiatrists would point out the blatant fraud and baseless, unfounded conclusions by these hired guns. They are hired in collusion with the gal and attorneys for both sides to give sole custody, silence children, and fuel and prolong litigation. Knowing healthy mothers will not stop fighting to access and protect their children, these court actors align and present falsehoods to the judges while lining their pockets. The fathers have control of the funds. Stay at home mothers are the most vulnerable to the playbook for they have no independent means and are psychologically bonded strongly with their children.

    This is a quick list but there are hundreds of others. In nearly every case the father has total control of marital funds and funds are plentiful. The result is the same: mother denied access to marital funds, GAL gets on case, special appointed psychologists, parental alienation bs, followed by indefinite no-contact order– usually from ex-parte hearing, kids taken and traumatized, mother is vilified, then fabricated mental instability is promoted. The mother who is then reasonably distraught after being cut off from marital funds and having her children stolen, is a victim of litigation abuse and emotionally traumatized by such gross depriavation of her children– who are taken against their will and silenced.

    Please consider this reality. Hundreds of cases. Families in CT have had their life savings stolen and are forced to pay GAL bills which are considered “child support”. It is a set up to promote a money driven practice while children suffer.

  • Keep fighting the good fight, Frank! You’re the only one who’s been advocating for the children’s best interests. The GAL, who’s SUPPOSED to be acting in the children’s best interests, seems to have ignored their wishes completely. By continuing to post your articles, you’re giving the children a voice despite the family court’s best efforts to silence them. The children have repeatedly stated that they want to be with their mother. I’ll never understand why they have been ignored.

  • The only victims are their children. The adults chose and created this chaos.

    What kind of people make children together and then cannot work out amicably how to raise them separately?

    You all act like the court showed up and demanded that these two adults appear.

    That’s not what happened. The court was invited into their drama at their behest.

    Family Court is for people with real problems. Specifically for children.

    Children who are so badly neglected they are suffering from malnutrition and stunted growth. Children chained in closets with open sores. Children wandering the streets alone in a diaper full.of feces. Children who are being sexually abused and beaten. Chikdren left in cars and crack houses.

    Family court does not want to deal with this immature nonsense. These are people who could work out this drama all by themselves. And let the over stressed legal system deal with the crisis cases. And save some chiildren’s lives!

    Parents separate all the time and admirably put the good of their children first. Don’t go begging the court to solve your problems then cry foul when it doesn’t go your way.

    Get your shit together and be adults. Be parents. Knock it off. You are fools to waste your time, money and lives this way.

    • Agreed. But it’s Ambrose who denies children their mother. This could have been settled long ago. Ambrose insisted on the trial. Who would insist on a trial to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to eliminate the childrens mother from their lives?

      This is what fathers do on these no-contact cases. It’s a money train.

  • Frank, do you realize this comes across as a self indulgent piece of tabloid pissing contest drivel?

    • No, I do not realize it. I just like to publish Magoo’s picture and insult him. To me, he is a mystery wrapped up in a riddle embedded in an enema.

  • Sue him. I want to see what goes on. Then we will learn the truth. It won’t be Judge Grossman Ian’s Judge Adelman. It Brutus

  • I honestly hope they do him and win so he can’t keep publishing this bullshit anymore and yapping about this nonstop like he does so that we can move onto more important things!

    I’m so tired of these fucking obnoxious articles!

    Please God, let them win so Frank will finally shut the fuck up about this! 🙏🏻

  • Frank, isn’t it amazing that when sick individuals like Chris Ambrose and Geoff Herzog get caught, they scream “you’re lying about me”, but there are court documents with testimony under oath which back up everything you write.

    They are true narcissists and have not one foot in reality, with either having some sick fetish about short haired Latin boys or role playing a teenage girl trying to be raped in an incest relationship with another man/person role playing the father in the relationship. The truth hurts and uncovers their illnesses.

    If Norm Pattis turned on Nickola Cunha, he should be disbarred, in my opinion. Pattis supposedly said the “N” word during a comedy show, and now the corrupt system brings it up and owns him. Grow some balls Normy and support your client. Nickola Cunha should drop your ass Norm, and your reputation should be destroyed.

    • If the evidence was so dead on then why did both still lose custody. Basically it means their ex’s were so messed up that even if everything you say is totally true and supported by the court – it wasn’t as bad as their ex wives were.

      That means they had to be so crazy that the court felt that the dads were still the safer choice. It sounds like your one of the two women mentioned so whichever you are. Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked yourself why the court wanted to keep the kids away from you so badly they chose one of these guys over you. So either your lying about these claims being true, or your just worse in the eyes of the state.

      Either way, you kind of end up as a looser.

  • Frank, your choice of images is great, along with your reporting!

    Love the instrument pic for ‘playing the liar.’

    I’ve said it before and will say it again — the country needs more journalists like you.

    • Jen T, we need more intelligent, sophisticated, nuanced, and wise readers like you. People like Magoo, Aristotle, WTF, Mrs. Schmidt, and others who use the name “Anonymous,” and others of their ilk, forgive them; for they know not what they do. Or say or write for that matter.

      • I DO KNOW what I do, say, and write, dipshit!

        Please God let them sue the living shit out of Frank and win so he can’t keep going on about this anymore! I didn’t stutter!

        Also maybe it will teach you a lesson about how many times you’ve claimed to support free speech but continue to be proven a liar because of your draconian system of censorship on your own website (that you have an incredible opportunity to prove otherwise with) like something out of George Orwell, that you also hypocritically decry!

        Karma’s a bitch, Frank!

        And she’s coming for YOU!

      • I’m legit embarrassed for WTF for playing contrarian on this. Wrong vine. Magoo only wants reactions from his posts. He’s a wannabe ESPN “hot take” screacher and is completely full of shit.

        • I’m not playing contrarian. I’m all in on watching courts to make sure there is no shady shit going on. But I don’t support trashing one of the parents in a custody battle and smearing ridiculous rumors about them along with pics and medical info about kids all over the internet…for what? Nothing has been gained by this for anyone. Certainly not for Riordan. And definitely not for the kids. I believe it is wrong. Sincerely. Not playing.

          • I get your point. Those who say “there is nothing to see her” are clearly not being open-minded.

            What has been gained – if anything? If anything has been gained, it is giving hope to a hopeless situation (hope to the kids and mom). Giving hope to others who are dealing with similar situations.

            Drawing attention to the possibility that shady shit MAY be going on the Family Courts. MAYBE making the potential players in money-driven decisions think twice about their roles.

          • Nutjpb- the children want to see their mother. They have posted to social media even exposing their father. They have reported his abuse – only to have police show up and intimidate them. This Ambrose is very scary to adopted children who have seen the courts and law enforcement take their mother away and every time they cry out they are punished and the father gloats. If I could only tell the whole story.

            One thing for sure if those kids could speak without fear – Ambrose would be off to prison.

          • Don’t get me wrong – I’m with you, Frank. Trying to see if I’m open-minded to WTF, that he may reciprocate….

    • —Love the instrument

      Many a woman has loved Frank’s instrument. It’s a woodwind not quite a bassoon, but larger than an oboe.

  • A lawsuit could be interesting. As the Depp v Heard debacle shows, it tends to air out a load of dirty laundry. In this case, Frank could have a field day turning it into a de facto trial of Ambrose treatment of his wife and the abuse of the CT Family Court system. Or at least try.

    The downside is judges, like cops, protect their own and do not mind breaking the law and their ethics to do it so what would be allowed at trial could be pretty random.

    Ambrose is just full of though so its never going to go past the threat phase.

  • Fairfield county— look at the more expensive towns in CT. This is what attorneys prey upon. They size up the assets and then coordinate to take down one parent and deliver children to the monied parent.

    Often the proceeds of home sale are linked to attorney payment. See testimony from 2014, 2015 and 2017- hundreds of parents in CT have spoken out about the abusive tactics of CT family court.

    Until the public is informed, and stands up, nothing will change.

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