CT Family Court Creepy Chris Ambrose Lies About Plagiarism in Threat to Frank Report

A commenter named Sherizzy is a staunch supporter of Chris Ambrose. Ambrose is well known to readers of FR for his divorce and custody case in CT Family Court.
Sherizzy wrote, “Chris Ambrose’s cease and desist letter is based on facts with citations to court decisions. This is why Frank still has not published it on his blog. It destroys his narrative.”
Sherizzy, I am glad you brought up Ambrose and his Cease and Desist letter. It is worthy of analysis.
Though he said I might drive him to suicide, Ambrose did not commit suicide. And while he would have been happy to have me arrested, the laws he cited aren’t applicable. It is not a criminal offense to call a man a thief, a scoundrel, a liar, and a coward.
Chris Ambrose, the father has the money and the children.

The last time he spoke of suicide.

Now we will address one of the “ruthless lies” I allegedly wrote about him — plagiarism.

Ambrose writes, “You… claim I admitted I stole intellectual property and was fired for being a plagiarist. None of this is true, which is why there was never legal action and contrary to your claims, my agents didn’t drop me. There were, however, a few erroneous reports in the press, and since you have told so many other, wholly unsupported lies, disputing this falsehood is not necessary here.”

Why not dispute? It is an enormous lie to call a professional writer a plagiarist if he is not.

Ambrose’s cease and desist letter continued, “Your extreme libel has deprived me of business opportunities, about which prospective employers, agents, and executive recruiters are prepared to testify. They will confirm that every employer checks a job candidate’s Internet profile, what you have widely published has rendered me unemployable. You have done catastrophic emotional and financial damage to my life.”
That is odd. I thought Ambrose could not get work as a TV writer because he is a plagiarist.
Chris Ambrose

And I recall that Ambrose did admit he “stole intellectual property.”

Dr. Jessica Biren- Caverly wrote a custody evaluation report for Ambrose. He used it to deprive his children of their mother.
Dr. Caverly wrote, “Mr. Ambrose… explained that he had written some episodes of Bones that were ‘shelved,’ and he believed they were never used. Mr. Ambrose stated that he combined two episodes for Instinct using the Bones scripts as a template for the new episode of Instinct, stating ‘I didn’t think anything of it.’
“After the show aired, fans noticed the similarity with episodes of Bones. He explained that it was ‘shameful’ and ‘hugely embarrassing.’
“Mr. Ambrose stated that there were articles written about him plagiarizing, but there was ‘no blowback.'”
 For clarification, Bones was a Fox TV show.
It was an American crime procedural comedy-drama. Created by Hart Hanson, it premiered on September 13, 2005. It concluded on March 28, 2017, airing for 246 episodes.
Though Bones was on the air for 12 seasons, Ambrose was with the show for two years, 2006-2008. He wrote four episodes and served as producer or co-producer for 39 episodes.
Ambrose then went on to work on Law and Order and Harry’s Law. Then he hit a dry spell. He got a job on NCIS New Orleans for a year. Then he hit another dry spell. It was so bad he had to work as a commercial real estate salesman in New York City.
Micheal Rauch was show running a new American police procedural, Instinct, for CBS. He gave Ambrose a shot at a comeback.
Ambrose had been out of work for three years. And 10 years after he left Bones, Ambrose went to work for Instinct, another police procedural. It premiered on March 18, 2018.
Ambrose was a consulting producer and wrote one episode, the third episode in the series. The episode was “Secrets and Lies.
It aired on Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018. An estimated 6.6 million people viewed it.
“Secrets and Lies” was about an Amish teen who ran away to a nearby city. He wanted to pursue his forbidden passion for playing piano. Someone murdered him while he was staying there.
It took Bones’ fans less than an hour to take to social media and reveal Ambrose’s secret. Secrets and Lies stole the plot from an October 2009, episode of Fox TV’s Bones, “The Plain in the Prodigy” (Season 5, Episode 3).
Plain in the Prodigy was about an Amish teen who ran away to a nearby city. He wanted to pursue his forbidden passion for playing piano. Someone murdered him while he was staying there.
Despite what he told the custody evaluator, Ambrose did not write The Plain in the Prodigy for Bones. He did not combine two episodes he wrote of Bones into one for Instinct.

On April 3, two days after Secrets and Lies aired, Plagiarism Today (PT) reported Did Instinct Plagiarize Bones?

According to multiple tweets, the show, entitled Secrets and Lies… shared several similarities with an October 2009 episode of the show Bones entitled The Plain in the Prodigy (Season 5, Episode 3)…. Just how similar are the two episodes? And could there be another explanation?….

In both cases, the victim was an Amish … teenager who traveled to a nearby city to pursue his forbidden passion for playing piano only to be murdered while staying there…

Consider the following (incomplete) list of details the two episodes have in common:

  1. When the victims are discovered, detectives notice the hand-sewn clothes and quip that it was likely made by their mother and that makes it “sadder somehow” (similar phrasing in both episodes)
  2. Both episodes make a quip about how some religions reject satan. In Instinct the line is “Some religions reject satan; they reject high school.” In Bones, it was “We reject satan and they reject buttons.”
  3. When the detectives visit the victim’s family, they learn that he had left for the city with another member of the church
  4. The detectives ask to search his room and note the lack of posters or personal effects but compliment the quilt.
  5. When searching the room, they find a small box adorned with blue songbird feathers that contains a practice keyboard (the keyboard is made with stones in Bones and popsicle sticks in Instinct.)
  6. Both mothers ask the detectives for a copy of their son’s photograph, even though photos are against their faith.
  7. The keyboard leads them to a piano teacher “because every small town there’s at least one piano teacher” (similar phrasing in both).
  8. In both episodes the piano teacher shows them a video of the victim where they’ve learned to play a difficult piece of music by ear after just three lessons.
  9. We learn that the victim received the lessons for free and that he worked for the teacher’s husband for his construction firm.
  10. Piano teacher reveals that the victim discovered his talent after being fascinated watching another of her students and, after the student left, the teacher suggested he “touch a few keys” (similar phrasing in both).
  11. The detectives meet the other member he had left with, but learn that the victim had moved out some time ago. Friend also alludes that it was the victim who kept secrets and often lied about being at work.
  12. It’s discovered that the victim, due to his mistrust of banks, hid a large amount of cash in his room that is now missing.
  13. We learn that the victim was trying out for a musical school and had left his friend to focus on his art.
  14. Both episodes end with the detectives showing the victim’s parents a video saying that “God will understand” the decision to use the forbidden technology.

…This level of detail and similarity goes well beyond coincidence… The author of the episode of InstinctChristopher Ambrose, has a 17-year history of writing and producing crime procedurals for television. Among his credits is producing or co-producing some 36 episodes of Bones, four of which he also wrote.

Ambrose didn’t work on The Pain in the Prodigy … nor did he work on any that season of Bones….

Other publications reported it:

CinemaBlend wrote a story entitled CBS’ Instinct Accused Of Ripping Off Plotline From Fox’s Bones

“The similarities had some fans online calling Instinct out for plagiarism, which is not something that Hollywood takes lightly.”

The Wrap wrote a story entitled, CBS crime drama has been accused of ripping off long-running Fox procedural

Sunday’s “Instinct” episode, titled “Secrets and Lies,” about the murder of an Amish teenager who moved to New York City, echoed a 2009 “Bones” episode dubbed “The Plain in the Prodigy”… The coincidence did not go unnoticed by eagle-eyed “Bones” fans.

Quartz: wrote  An unspeakable crime has been committed in the world of TV police procedurals

“The assailant: this week’s episode of the CBS police procedural, Instinct. The victim: a 2009 episode of the Fox police procedural series, Bones. The crime: plagiarism…

Some fans of the Fox show Bones noticed that the Instinct episode was oddly, and indisputably, similar to an episode of their beloved crime show that aired almost 10 years ago, called “The Plain in the Prodigy.”…

Both episodes feature almost identical stories. In Bones, the investigators look into the murder of an Amish teenager after moving to New York. At his childhood home, they find a box of rocks under his bed that look like piano keys and deduce that the teen was a genius piano player, which leads them to his piano teacher. The same exact thing happens in Instinct, except they find popsicle sticks, not rocks.

It’s not just the plots that are similar. There are several lines in the Instinct episode that are word-for-word identical to those in Bones, including even throwaway jokes and lines. (“Nice quilt though, huh?”) A Bones fan put together a video on her Tumblr page detailing all of the similarities, which, for now, is available here.

The person credited in the entertainment database IMDb with writing the Instinct episode is Christopher Ambrose, who was a writer and producer on Bones from 2006 to 2008. The Bones episode that Instinct clearly lifts from, however, is credited to Bones producer Karine Rosenthal and didn’t air until October 2009—over a year after Ambrose’s last Bones credit.

Michael Rauch, Showrunner of Instinct got the short end of the Ambrose stick.

Procedurals are typically on air for a few years at least before they totally run out of ideas. (Bones, for instance, aired for 12 seasons.) Instinct was only on its third-ever episode.

End of Quartz Except

And it is an unspeakable crime in Hollywood Even TV Guide had to report it. This shows how seriously the industry takes plagiarism. CBS owns TV Guide, and Instinct was a CBS show.

TV Guide reported  The Video Evidence That Instinct Ripped Off Bones Is Damning

For the record, Instinct showrunner Michael Rauch went on Twitter to apologize for similarities, saying it was unintentional and that he’s looking into it. The writer of the Instinct episode, Christopher Ambrose, was also a writer and producer on Bones.

Rauch has also reached out to Bones creator Hart Hanson, and Hanson seems to be taking things in stride and is supporting Rauch.

Chris Ambrose

The plagiarism embarrassed everyone and cast a pall on the show. But CBS renewed it for a second season, but Ambrose was fired. But that’s not how Ambrose tells it.

Listen to Ambrose’s Voice — Denying Everything

Ambrose said, “I didn’t get fired. The show got pulled. And the guy who was the running it was – he, they got rid of him because he kept going over budget. And I was too high up in the writing order to, I was associated with him. So the new head guy that they brought in, had his own writers that he wanted to pull along. So he brought those people in. And that’s why I didn’t go back. But I didn’t get fired because I did anything wrong.”

No, the show was not pulled. Rauch weathered the storm. Ambrose broke one of the cardinal rules of TV writing – don’t plagiarize.  Rousch was back for season two. Ambrose wasn’t.
Ambrose explained another time in more detail how he did not get fired for plagiarism. This time he threw Rauch under the bus.

Ambrose said, “One of the biggest ones is the guy that I was working for, he kept going over budget. They’d give him $2 million every week to make the show. And he kept spending two and a half million dollars. And CBS, the network, said to him, ‘We’re not doing this anymore,  Michael [Rauch.] You have two more weeks to get this right. If you come in over budget, we’re going to get a new showrunner.’

“And he [Rauch] was like, ‘Oh, this is ridiculous. They’re not giving me enough money. I’m going to show them. The show is doing well enough that they’re not gonna want to get rid of me.’ And they did. They [CBS] said, ‘You know what, Michael? We’re not spending this kind of money. And they got rid of him.
“And then they got a new showrunner in. And I was too senior. I was associated with Michael. He’s the one who hired me. So the new guy was like, ‘I need some new people in here. I want people that I’ve worked with before.’ So he hired new writers and then I didn’t have a job, but it wasn’t because I did anything wrong. It was because Michael had gone over budget.”
None of this is true.
Michael Rauch, the showrunner, gave Ambrose a chance to revive his sagging career. In return, Ambrose blamed his theft of intellectual property and plagiarism on Rauch.
It is a perfect name for Ambrose’s downfall — Secrets and Lies, and it aired on April Fools Day.
Unemployable, Ambrose’s agents let him go in July 2018. Ambrose has not worked in TV or movies since.
His last credit on IMDb was Secrets and Lies.

After he lost his career, he went home to Connecticut and stole his wife’s inheritance and converted their marital assets into his name alone.

He then filed for divorce. He hired the insiders in CT Family Court and they maneuvered the case before corrupt Judge Gerard Adleman.

He helped Ambrose complete the theft of the money and mother out of the lives of their children.

Of course, you have to understand this is not a story that will make headline news. There was no lawsuit.

Hart Hanson was gracious to Mike Rauch and he did not make a big deal of it.  But everyone on Instinct was embarrassed. The producers, the network execs, the actors, writers, everyone.

Plagiarism on a show, no matter who the scoundrel is, is hard to live down. Ambrose disgraced everyone. Sherizzy, my boy, you back a real winner.

And, by the way, if you want some visual evidence of how badly Ambrose plagiarized – check out this video of the scene by scene theft Ambrose made of a show he did not work on – no not for one minute.

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  • That was a rapid pivot from “DCF records are sealed” to “I’ll be providing new evidence” and alleged “behind the scenes” info that have kept silent on until now. I’m sure your evidence is as real as your Master Cunha’s “list” and we’ll be marvelously fascinated when you make the big reveal. In the interim, you’re really hurting those children by keeping this concealed and prolonging their “suffering” with their “pedo” dad, that’s pretty fucked up of you Frank.

    • So how about coming forward out of anonymity and helping out. The kids have been separated from their mother for more than two years. I have to handle this carefully.

      I do not think Cunha is anti-Semitic, but it is a lamentable thing that this imploded, and the children continue to suffer. Judge Adelman issued a mistrial on November 9, then he walked it back and sua sponte called for another judge to decide if he was biased.

      There was a hearing and Cunha made the unfortunate utterance about Adelman being biased against non-Jews. That sidetracked everything. Adelman got off the hook – OK – and then
      Cunha got disbarred, and Riordan had no money and no attorney. The simple utterance, not preplanned, destroyed Cunha and it saved Adelman.

      OK, everyone is an adult. But it took the pressure off the true tragedy — the children. If the children could speak without fear — if they had a voice – they would be back with their mother. But Ambrose will never let them speak.

      • I had made the assumption that you were intelligent enough to understand ironic sarcasm, apparently that assumption was wrong on my part.

        You clearly didn’t read the transcript of the hearing, or are purposely misrepresenting what Cunha said, he allegation about the Jewish aspect was not an unfortunate utterance, she repeated it over and over, until she realized she couldn’t even produce evidence that they each knew all the others were Jewish. Claims in court, unlike what you do on your blog, require actual evidence, not the random juxtaposition of some loosely related facts to draw a very specific conclusion. Which is why, Cunha’s claims fell apart so quickly during her trial.

        Once again, you demonstrate just how little you care about reality, evidence, facts, or people. You’re just a simple minded man, a pathetic leech, a fraudster, a failed real estate investor, with little care for society or the laws which we abide by.

  • Ambrose is a child abuser. [redacted] A Stephen King style novel about a homo pedo troll who kept three kids in a cage, visited by a motorcycle gang, bearing gifts for children, while baking a cake, the troll was [redacted] and everyone lived happily ever after?

  • I’m not sure if I’m in the right place but a friend of mine told me to stop by here to find a barber. I’m incredibly reluctant to get my hair cut. Im so reluctant, I may need to be forced to do so. Anyone in particular come to mind ?

  • It’s really too bad Mr. Ambrose doesn’t seem to understand that you’d leave him alone if only he did the right thing and allowed those beautiful kids to be with their loving mom.

    He obviously doesn’t care about the children at all. I lost a parent at age 13 due to death and that was hard enough. To know that this man and the corrupt Connecticut courts are *choosing* to do this to the kids is despicable. Why create problems and loss for these innocent ones who have done nothing to deserve it except that they love their mom?

    Also, this ugly red faced sleazebag crying like a baby and threatening to kill himself because you’re taking a stand against this behavior? It’s so pathetic. He’d really rather do that than step up like a man and decent human being and try to see his present situation in a different way?

    Maybe his so called lawyers and the crap excuse for the guardian and psychologist are telling him it’s okay, but many others of us completely disagree! Including the kids!

    And whose opinion is more important than that?!

    Mr. Ambrose, if you read this? I truly hope you’ll try to consider the present siutation from the point of view of the kids instead of anybody else.

    • “It’s really too bad Mr. Ambrose doesn’t seem to understand that you’d leave him alone if only he did the right thing and allowed those beautiful kids to be with their loving mom.”

      I’m not well-versed in legalese, but that sounds kind of like extortion. Blackmail? At the very least, it is cruel bullying. With all due respect, who the hell is Frank to tell this father what is best for his children??!!

      • I never said I would leave him alone if he stopped abusing the children. But I wish he would treat his children fairly.

          • I’ve never said I wouldn’t leave him alone. I’ve never talked to him. I never met him. So I guess you could say I always leave him alone.

      • Well, maybe “leave him alone” was the wrong thing to say.

        I’ve never really heard Frank say that, but I have heard him ask Mr. Ambrose to make things right for those kids.

        See? I really don’t know how anybody could listen the agony of the children, who only want to see their mom, not want this tragedy exposed.

        As mentioned, maybe Mr. Ambrose is operating under terrible advice but I’m not sure that matters. He’s the adult in this situation. He’s the one with a choice. How he can look those kids in the eye every day knowing his actions are responsible for their loss is beyond understanding.

        Mr. Ambrose does not care about the happiness of those children. He is perfectly content to see them grieve and suffer.

        This is what is “at least cruel bullying”.

        The fact you’re standing up for a man, who albeit, stands at the heart of this corrupt Connecticut court investigation which is not entirely his fault, instead of standing up for the innocent children who have lost their mother tells me a lot.

        You don’t care about the kids, either, do you?

        • “How he can look those kids in the eye every day knowing his actions are responsible for their loss is beyond understanding.”

          What??? HIS actions??? It’s all Karen’s actions!!! She is the one acting unstable, irrational, damaging toward the children, and even potentially dangerous. She is the one who has done this to the kids. She is too crazy to see it, sadly. I hope she snaps out of it some day soon.

          • Umm ya. I don’t entirely disbelieve you that Karen might be “acting unstable, irrational”.

            I’d be acting crazy, too, if my long term spouse took my inhertiance and sold our martial home to pay a bunch of ridiculously exorbitant lawyers fees in our divorce proceedings, repeatedly did not pay his court ordered support and then took my children away from me!

            If Karen has not yet been found running naked in the streets like a woman possessed, begging every single car or passerby for help? I’d wager she might actually be holding it together pretty good!

            Any normal person would be losing their mind in a situation like this, especially for the plight of these kids! They are the ones having their lives turned upside down and suffering the loss of their mother!

            All the adults in this deplorable situation should be ashamed of themselves, except for Karen. In addition to the children, she has also been made to suffer.

            I’ve seen what happens to mothers when they lose a child. I have heard the wailing of such deep gutteral pain that it actually hurts to hear it.

            In my opinion, all the excuse makers are nothing but a bunch of heartless jerks.

            Karen has never been an unfit mother and these kids deeply love and miss her. If people can’t see that? Then, I wonder what they do see? If they don’t care about this? Then what do they care about?

          • “I’d be acting crazy, too”

            Yeah, she has been able to file ridiculous motion after motion and sue the governor of Connecticut. If she is capable of filing a lawsuit against the governor she’s capable of showing up for supervised visitation, wouldn’t you say? Screwed up priorities anyone? Although I have a feeling she let the anti-semite racist pig from the family circus blog file the lawsuit with her name attached to it. Stupid stupid woman.

            Just because someone is acting crazy for a supposedly good reason doesn’t mean you should then entrust them with the care of children.

            Would you let a temporarily insane babysitter continue to watch your kids just because the only reason she is acting crazy is that her own child just died? Of course she has good reason to be crazy but does that mean you have to then expose the children to this dangerous person?

    • You do understand that Mr. Ambrose may have no choice in the matter, right? If the court believes the mother is a danger, allowing the children to be with her unsupervised would be legal neglect on his part. These decisions are made in the best interest of the children, not “Ok you win so you get to decide whether they see her or not.”

      • There was no finding by the court that the children were in danger. Court did not refer to DCF. No claim of neglect was brought by the state. There is no best interest in child isolation from mother. Adelman is just a [redacted] judge, a parasite abusing society. But Nancy Aldrich, Jocelyn Hurwitz, Jessica Caverly, Robert Horowitz and Deb Gruen are all richer for the experience of raping childhood in Adelman’s court.

      • Not so. He’s a Hollywood writer. The state has no interest against the mother. None. This could have settled between parents long ago but Ambrose insisted on trial.

        Parents have the rights – not the courts.

        There is not a no-contact order against the mother. The state has no claim of abuse or unfitness against the mother.

        This is why these cases are corrupt.

        Ambrose could allow the kids to be with the mom tomorrow and the court would do nothing because the state holds no interest.

        • There is a supervised visitation only order. Did any of you bother to read Ambrose’s letter? He has documentation for all of his claims, unlike Frank.

          • Gee. Supervised visitation. Sounds exactly how I’d like to spend time with my mom if I were a kid.

            No doubt it’s better than nothing and that the family will make best of it, but I still think it’s unfair.

            He’s the guy pulling doorknobs off their bedrooms and denying the kids their privacy and dignity in the simplest of ways. They want to see their mom and he says “supervised visitation only”.

            The guy is a jerk.

          • “No doubt it’s better than nothing and that the family will make best of it, but I still think it’s unfair.”

            Karen hasn’t made the best of it. She refused to see her kids if she couldn’t be 100% alone with them. Rather than stick around for her kids, she went on an extended vacation out of state.

      • Respectfully, “you do understand that Mr. Ambrose may have no choice in the matter, right?” is nothing more than an excuse.

        Rosa Parks wasn’t given a choice about where she was allowed to sit on the bus so she did something about it!

        If this guy truly loved his kids, he’d do something about it, too. Most parents would. But not Mr. Ambrose. He’s like, “ya, that’s okay. The kids can cry. I don’t care.”

        • I bet a lot of kids cried when their parents told them they couldn’t sleep over with Michael Jackson. BFD.

  • Who cares if Ambrose is a plagiarist? What on earth does that have to do with the custody case? The wife is clearly a severe mental case. Leave this family alon, Frank.

    • Being a plagiarist makes him unemployable. Being a plagiarist fits snuggly into his patterns of behavior and character traits.

    • Ambrose is threatening Frank Report – accusing FR of defamation – threatening to sue based on claims that he is a plagiarist.

      FR defended his position and proved Ambrose to be the pathological liar that he is and now Ambrose is the victim?

  • Frank, your story will never go national because you haven’t done any leg work as a journalist.

    You’ve merely spread gossip about an alleged ‘cabal’ of crooked judges who do the bidding of lawyers (for reasons you haven’t yet fully explained; since judges don’t make any extra money when lawyers bill for more hours).

    You seem to personally hate Ambrose far more than seems mentally healthy, IMO.

    You keep screaming that he ‘stole’ assets from his wife, but the law doesn’t see it that way.

    You can scream from the rooftops, but it’s still not ‘theft’ until the law recognizes it as such.

    You can’t steal inheritance without having legal ownership of it.

    Also… What’s the motive of these CT judges to allow lawyers to bill extra hours and steal parental access from mothers?

    Judges don’t get paid more when that happens. You dunce. What’s their alleged motive for risking their careers to be part of this CABAL? lol.

    Frank, IMO, you’re little more than a ‘combatant’ who’s fighting within a he-said/she-said battle.

    Somebody always loses in divorce battles.

    Plenty of men have lost and been taken to the cleaners. It happens to both genders.

    Do you have REAL statistics to prove that these judges always decide in favor of the father?

    Or do you only rely on angry & scorned wives?

    Try doing something other than hating Ambrose. Then, maybe the media will pick up your stories.

    Try doing some journalistic leg work.

    Your work on this case is a disgrace to true journalism.

    Have a good day; 🙂

    PS — I don’t give 2 shits about Ambrose being fired or not. I only wanna see the ‘motives’ for this alleged Cabal (LOL) of CT judges.

    • Magoo-

      I’m new to the Frank Report. You are the only person here speaking logically and rationally. How many times are we going to be reminded – Ambrose is a plagiarist?

      You truly speak for the readers.

      BTW: K.R. Claviger is a Roswell conspiracist.

      • I can tell you’re new. And I can tell mago was on a long Frank Report sabbatical. Mago is desperately trying to jump back in and immediately be relevant. However, poor mago is too lazy to read the 20+ articles Frank has written about CT Fam Court and Ambrose. How do I know? Every point mago brought up and every question he asked, has been written about in detail by Frank.

        If mago cared about the veracity of what he types, he’d put the bong down for a few hours and catch up on the Ambrose files. But I get it – it’s easier to jump in late, throw haymakers, and not put in the legwork. Just don’t expect respect when you sound ignorant. However, you do get respect from other clueless readers – so it’s not all lost.

          • Probably.

            I don’t like bullshit and I call out bullshit. Maybe at some point in my life I’ll learn to be nicer when I respond to idiotic statements like “You are the only person here speaking logically and rationally. You truly speak for the readers.”

            As far as mago, that mf’er isn’t a stranger. I’m just speaking his language and playing his game.

    • If it goes national, It won’t have to do with Connecticut corruption – it will have to do with the crazy antisemites and how scary it is that people are actually believing that shit

    • Thank you, Magoo! My sentiments exactly!

      I think all FR readers should read the court decision to disbar Cunha and all the attached exhibits, which include transcripts. It is all available to the public because the judge unsealed the family court transcripts at issue. Just search the Connecticut court website using Cunha’s name.

      There are also two exhibits that are DCF disposition documents that indicate any and all claims of abuse against Ambrose are unsubstantiated.

      It makes it very clear that Cunha and Karen continually violated court orders and created chaos in the courtroom. Karen is responsible for all the delays but one. She is the reason the GAL was paid so much!

      It also provides great insight into Cunha’s crazy. One of the main reasons she was disbarred is that she lied to the judge that the DCF documents would indicate Ambrose abused the children. The judge read the very documents that she provided as “proof”.

      Nowhere in the DCF documents did it state that Ambrose was a child abuser. In fact, it stated very clearly that he was not. Cunha blatantly lied to the court about something the judge could easily disprove. That’s crazy! And that was not her only lie. It’s actually sad to see her backtrack and fumble searching for the next lie.

      Please read it – it’s very enlightening!

      • I have a document that shows DCF considered Ambrose a high risk for being an abuser. I also have a recording that shows him threatening and intimidating his children that if they ever say he abused them again, he will punish them – and since Ambrose was with them – alone – they knew it was not safe ever to say he abused them again.

        • “I have a document that shows DCF considered Ambrose a high risk for being an abuser. ”

          Wasn’t that the restraining order that Karen filed, and it was based 100% only on the info she provided. So they based it on what SHE said and what SHE said alone out of an abundance of caution. As soon as they had time to investigate her claims, they found them to be unsubstantiated and immediately revoked the restraining order, finding the “high risk abuser” categorization to be unfounded aka based on lies.

          • Court assessments are the outcome if input from both parties. Ambrose was there and contributed. High risk was the determination of the court.

            The truth is known. The gal as with other gals in corrupt family court- worked diligently to cover it up, and eliminate the mother from the lives of the children who love her.

            It’s a known playbook of family court. CT among the worst.

            The cases are all there. It was proven by journalist Anne Stevenson in 2014. AFCC was operating as a business in the judicial branch. It’s all about the money. Adelman, HOrwitz, Bruce freedman, and so many others are all a part of it.

            The CT AFCc was disbanded for illegal practices but the government covered it and failed to act. It’s all documented.

          • Not true. The Superior Court folllowed procedure. Both Ambrose and Riordan were interviewed and contributed to the findings of the court.

        • Frank, maybe Ambrose was angry because the kids were lying about him being an abuser at Karen’s direction.

          Bottom line: the only important DCF document is the disposition. All child abuse claims were unsubstantiated.

        • Listen to yourself, Frank.

          You keep pointing to alleged SMOKE —- yet you cannot show a photo of an ACTUAL FIRE happening.

          The court did not overlook anything. Lots of allegations are made in divorce proceedings, even by kids who are manipulated by their mothers to say certain things.

          The courts are very aware of this —– which is why they go to great lengths to sift thru it all, to find the truth.

          Are you honestly suggesting that the angry & unhinged mother never encouraged the kids to make certain claims (or to over-dramatize events) to help her in court?

          You’re as naive as they come, Frank.

          I’m guessing that the father was more of a disciplinarian compared to the mother, and the kids probably didn’t like that.

          I seriously doubt that REAL ABUSE happened, which is why the court did not believe these claims.

          You’re so biased (in favor of the mother) that you’ll never even consider this possibility, which makes you a DUPE and a FOOL.

          You wear your emotions on your sleeve, Frank.

          Let’s not forget… You’re the same guy who spent 2 years writing articles suggesting that Nicki Clyne married Allison Mack to commit immigration fraud —– yet you now SWEAR that Nicki Clyne never did any such thing, all because you’ve befriended Nicki now. LOL.

          Even your good friend, Mr. Claviger, has said that you’re full of shit on that issue (but he was more diplomatic about it).

          Nobody believes you anymore because you have a tendency to literally become hypnotized by certain women after speaking to them on the phone.

          You’re just a naive guy who doesn’t know how to keep his emotions in check.

          Guess what, Frank? The McMartin child abuse case had hundreds of kids that claimed to be abused BECAUSE they were encouraged to say such things by their parents.

          When these kids grew up, some of the older kids actually apologized to the McMartin family and claimed that they only said they were abused because their parents kept encouraging them to do so. The younger kids had no memory of anything.

          That case was literally made up out of whole cloth, and it all began by one unhinged mother who had mental issues, who made false claims.

          That’s why courts are now better equipped to investigate ALLEGATIONS of child abuse during divorce proceedings, because otherwise we’d be returning to the Salem Witch Trials of the 1980’s.

          Kids are easily used as pawns during divorce proceedings and, IMO, it sounds like the mother has encouraged her kids to help her case ——- and the court likely saw thru this charade when interviewing everybody.

          As far as kids claiming something during a divorce proceeding, especially if one parent (like the mother) has encouraged them to do that, that’s as common as eating fresh apple pie with a scoop of ice cream.

          You’re naive to assume this is unusual. These judges have more experience than you do, Frank, especially with child-related matters pertaining to a divorce battle.

          You’re not fit to sit on a bench, Frank. You’re far too emotional. You’d probably rule against the fathers 101% of the time, LOL.

          You’d be a disgraceful judge, Frank. You’d probably get impeached and disbarred within your first month. 🙂

          You’re a real estate guy. Not a divorce expert.

          Have a nice day. 🙂

          • I think Frank isn’t naive, but he pretends to be naive and acts like he believes what these divorcees say so he can get them into bed. Some men love crazy women.

      • The defendant requested not a single continuance on her behalf. All continuances requested were due to needs/schedule of Cunha. Get your facts straight. DCF records are sealed– not open to public view. Therefore, you are reliant on the word of a judge– a word you are accepting without question. While I understand most accept the judges word as fact, this is not the case.

        • That portion of the DCF is actually public and easily accessible. Unlike you, the judge actually cares about the children’s well-being so he only disclosed the relevant portion of the DCF report – https://civilinquiry.jud.ct.gov/DocumentInquiry/DocumentInquiry.aspx?DocumentNo=22179888

          It’s not surprising you weren’t aware of this though, you’re not actually trying to report on this case, you’re just trying to destroy some innocent lives to help fund your defense for all your fraudulent activities.

          You’ve been so full of shit with selective reporting on the facts of this case Frank, and this is just another example amongst countless how little you actually care about anybody but fragile, narcissistic yourself.

          Everyone knows that this whole blog “exposing NXVM” was conveniently started within a few days of Bronfman suing you (many years after you worked for Keith and knew about his despicable cult). You didn’t care about the victims, you used the information only when it served your benefit.

          • We will be looking at a different report than the one the judge selectively chose to use. The complete DCF report I have says Ambrose is a high-risk of abuse parent, and that his children said he abused him.

            The difference is I know the behind-the-scenes events that intimidated the children.

        • The claim that “defendant requested not a single motion for continuance on her behalf” is just blatantly misleading, she filed 87 motions trying to prolong the case just in the short period she was representing herself after Cunha was disbarred, culminating in the motion to request new counsel the day before the final judgement was issued.

          If the court hadn’t see through her unhinged delaying tactics, this case would’ve gone on for 10 years (ensuring both that the kids would be guaranteed to stay with the dad through adulthood, while also greatly enriching the GAL in this RICO scheme).

          Which, for anybody rational, should be the nail in the coffin for both the claim that Adelman was trying to enrich the GAL at the expense of the defendant, and that the rich husband was trying to bankrupt the defendant by tying the case up in court.

          I don’t expect to stop you from your tactics to prey on people for clicks, and I don’t expect to change the minds of the qanon fans who make up most of your readership, but hopefully this will speak to anybody brought to this site by the NXVIM press, thinking that you’re a good person or a real journalist (that’s how I ended up here, didn’t take much time to easily see the through the thin facade, it’s ironic how, similar to Keith Raniere, you use the cover of “trying to help people” purely to try enrich yourself.

  • My bad, Frank. I see you provided a link to the letter. So, now publish it on your blog and go through the points if you want to refute them.

      • Wow the CT Family Court Darling has really gotten his panties in a real twist, this is quite the list of demands he makes of Frank Report. Strikingly similar to the list of demands he made of his ex wife in his proposed settlement draft.

        Will his whining ever cease and desist? Would it be possible, Frank, for you to send him a Whining Cease and Desist with a side of Chris Put Your Big Boy Pants on Demand ?

        • I’ll try. Chris is a talented person. It is a dreadful mistake for him to take the children from their mother.

  • The children are old enough to have their say in court as far as which parent they want to live with. Ambrose is a lying turd and needs to give those kids to their mother, who actually loves them, and pay Karen back the inheritance he stole from her!
    Hang in there kids, your mom loves you and is fighting for you!

  • Frank – to be clear, I am not a staunch supporter of Ambrose. I just do not support or believe Karen. I think all her claims of abuse are lies.

    Instead of focusing on an unrelated issue, why don’t you post the entire cease and desist letter. Or, at least the portions that are pertinent to the custody case.

    It’s very telling that you only focus on the nonsense – misrepresenting his statement about suicide and the TV show. You know he never threatened to kill himself. And, who cares if he used parts of another script. Ideas are always stolen and reworked. He just wasn’t subtle enough so people noticed. So what? He’s probably ashamed of it or he doesn’t consider what he did plagiarism. It doesn’t make him a child abuser.

    And, unless you have definitive proof from the execs from that show, you really just don’t know if he was fired. I know you are trying to create a defense in case he sues you (FR did not make him unemployable), but you are just speculating.

    And, if you are just trying to paint him as a liar, Karen has lied far more than Ambrose and in hateful cruel ways directed related to their children.

    So, post exactly what he wrote and let your readers decide. His citations are relevant. Some of them are to decisions in the case.

    Just post the entire letter on your blog if you really believe it is BS. Your reluctance to do so speaks volumes, Frank.

  • Frank, you continue to shine a light on this awful situation, orchestrated by an awful human.

    Why has this case not gotten larger exposure? One would think that the Connecticut leadership – Blumenthal, Murphy, Lamont – would have taken notice of this miscarriage of justice and blatant abuse of children’s and a mother’s rights and the family court system.

    Why have the children’s needs not been considered? I’ve read every single one of your posts, and I’ve not seen one instance where the kids say they want to be with Ambrose, while I’ve seen numerous instances where they say they want to be with their mother, Riordan.

    What the children want should matter here.

    • he’s never spoken with the children. he does not know the children. this website is no more dependable than Infowars. If you’re looking for real answers you should not be looking here.

      Please don’t drag the innocent children into this. Frank has already done enough.

      • The children are 15, 15 and 11. They have been old enough to speak for themselves from the start of litigation and denied the opportunity to do so. They’ve tried in every way possible- and have been silenced by court appointed strangers.

        Children cannot be isolated from fit parents. This is a silent epidemic. Children like these three are taken from healthy parents and no-contacts orders put in place when DCF has No interest in the case!

        This is what needs to be focused on!

        • “a silent epidemic”.……drama much? This court battle reads of hysteria. Maybe that’s why the courts won’t allow you to see them. You are the unstable one possibly?

          You can’t get the truth here, not even from you.

          The kids will grow up and make their own choices eventually, keep that in mind my friend.

          • I think Chris is doing everything he can to shield the kids from Karen’s mental illness. She has spiraled over the past two years- rightfully so as I cannot imagine not seeing my children for as long as she has gone. But, it begs the question- why wouldn’t she just do what the court ordered? She’d likely be back to 50/50 by now if she underwent therapy. It appears that her mental handicap is not allowing her to see the forest through the trees. She is not thinking clearly, not making wise decisions, and legit making a mockery out of her poor children. All for what? To just be in a worse position than she was in April 2020.

          • I wonder if Chris would let the children express their desires without intimidation?

          • Frank wrote “But Chris does?”

            He does, actually. At least he’s not spewing destructive hateful conspiracy theories about this case, And he also seems capable of following court orders. Karen has proved herself totally incompetent in that regard. I truly believe she is unwell. Chris appears to be acting like a sane adult in this difficult situation. Karen brought all the bad on herself by acting crazy.

          • FWIW Frank, answering a question with a question is not an answer. Real journalists would answer the question, truthfully.

          • Don’t you know this makes you look foolish?

            Karen- I don’t know any of you personally, But I think it’s no surprise or coincidence that you chose Frank Parlotto to tell your story.

          • You are knowledgeable. That Frank Parlotto is evil. So is Frank Perlato. The only one I trust is Frank Purlatto.

          • I think Karen seems beautiful and radiant! I have loved seeing the pictures of her and her kids. They all look so happy and relaxed!

    • The court considered everything, including the children’s words. It was in the divorce judgement published at another blog that always gets redacted here.

      • The court never heard the children’s wishes. Not once. Show me on the record where the court heard the wishes of the children.

        • The truth is in the middle And frank, Chris, karen and the “caring relative” words are not.

        • How can the court take what the kids say into consideration now that Karen has poisoned the well? Maybe the daughter wanted to live with mom..well, she should have provided honest reasons as to why…it is evident that Karen coached her and the other kids to say that the dad abused them…prob telling them that was their ticket to dad losing custody.

          Well, that is a truly evil thing to do to those kids. She should have been a good mother and told them to just be honest about how they feel, not encourage them to parrot lies so Karen can get what she wants and circumvent the process ASAP. The truth is always fair, right? And lies will destroy you. Karen should have been a good mom and taught the kids that honesty is the best policy. She screwed up the whole situation by trying to go about it in an underhanded way. End of. Y

          ou can say that Chris has lied…so far there is no evidence that he’s put pressure on the children to lie…and there is lots of evidence that Karen has done exactly that, to an extreme and very damaging degree. Great lessons she is teaching those kids…lie to please mommy and who cares if you destroy your dad’s life in the process…happy mommy is all that matters…morals be damned.

      • The children have been silenced. Denied the right to their own counsel. Once they disagreed with the GAL, they have right to their own counsel to advocate for what they want. This was repeatedly denied by the courts.

  • Chris continues to make an ass out of himself by telling lies that that can be easily proved that he is lying.

    He is a coward and should never have been granted custody of their children. The fact that the court has granted him sole custody of the children is quite telling and detrimental to the children’s physical and mental health. For a court not to do its due diligence and review Chris’s past is unacceptable and unprofessional.

    If Chris was a real man and cared for these children he would tell the court to place them with their mother Karen and he would disappear from their lives!!!!

    • I think the mother is an emotionally/mentally unbalanced liar…she is best buddies with vile hateful racists and is homeless by choice. She should not have any custody of any kids at this time. I believe she is dangerous and capable of violence due to her delusional state.

          • 100% agree, but regular readers of FR know that this is tabloid fodder.

            The sad part is the family member in this matter trusts Frank. And they shouldn’t. But she’s too emotionally unstable to see that.

            My unsolicited advice to any family member, be careful trusting Frank Parlato. Don’t say u weren’t warned.

          • I like your approach. Trust the courts and trust Chris Ambrose. That’s worked out well so far for the children.

          • “ That’s worked out well so far for the children”

            How has Karen’s approach worked out? Trying to be an outlaw has failed miserably for her (predictably). She needs serious psychological help to stop sabotaging herself.

  • Maybe he thought he wrote the Amish story but only saw it on Bones and forgot he saw it. The mind is a very delicate instrument. Give the guy a break

  • FYI Frank- your website was mentioned in the Hartford Courant this morning in an article about Cunha’s bizarre behaviour that got her disbarred and now subject to a (civil) arrest warrant.

      • Prob not because anyone believes Karen deserved custody but bc everyone is horrorified by the sway of racism and anti-semitism that led foolish Cunha and Karen to their destruction.

      • You did it, Frank! You brought the story national. Congrats! Not everyone knows you have been sucked by a thief! I bet the real journalists who wrote this story were laughing at how easily you got fooled by Cunha. Or maybe they know you don’t really investigate…

  • I am a former student of Karen’s. I was in a special needs class because of my behavior.

    I was being abused at home at compartmentalizing until I got to school and bullied kids around me. Well, without a mother figure present, Karen in the matter of one year was able to help me overcome my fears, trepidations, and low confidence to begin separating home from school. I was safe at school to succeed the way I was capable. She cared for me as if I was her own child at times. Disciplining me when appropriate and telling me I did a good job.

    When you’re a child who has never been told that, you remember it. I find it hard to believe that this same woman is somehow unfit to be a mother when she has been a mother to thousands of students her whole life.

    This man seems to be someone who is insecure about his career, personal life, and ability to maintain a clean image for his career. Not someone who is putting their children first. We’ve established he has no credibility (forging, lying about his personal life to coerce another human into giving him children regardless of the fact that he was doing it with a premeditated plan to take them along with a new partner to raise as his own.

    Dear Judge: coming from a 38-year-old, successful family man living in Redding, CT, I owe a lot of who I am today to Karen Riordan. You’re fucking this up. Badly. The children should be with their mother under these conditions. I loved it and I know Karen very personally. You’re fucking it up. Fix it before you make the wrong decision and have to live with yourself for years to come.

  • Get burnt 🔥

    Slippery slope Chris Ambrose is on here with his tall tale.

    Anyone know the status of the divorce proceedings?

    Where’s Ms Schmidt these days, she was a wealth of information ?

  • Wow, Frank you REALLY hit it out of the park with this one. I can tell you did a lot of work. Well done! I hope they nail this scumbag.

  • Ambrose is a sociopath and probably believes a good percentage of his lies He has no integrity, no character, no shame, and no concern for another human being unless and until they can benefit him. He’s a pig and a narcissist through and through. He has an exaggerated sense of self-importance, believing he deserves special treatment and feels superior.

    I can tell you he has no relationships apart from the most superficial and exploitive. He has no empathy and does not give a damn about his kids unless they serve his purpose.

    He’s a crybaby with a fragile sense of self, extremely rigid, and distorted because of the lies he tells himself. He has a grandiose sense of self that is easily threatened
    When attention and praise are not available, he feels empty, bored, depressed, or restless. Difficulty maintaining reality-based personal and professional goals over time

    In short, he’s a douchenozzle.

    • Karen is a sociopath and probably believes a good percentage of her lies She has no integrity, no character, no shame, and no concern for another human being unless and until they can benefit her. Shes a pig and a narcissist through and through. SHe has an exaggerated sense of self-importance, believing she deserves special treatment and feels superior.

      I can tell you she has no relationships apart from the most superficial and exploitive. SHe has no empathy and does not give a damn about her kids unless they serve her purpose.

      She’s a crybaby with a fragile sense of self, extremely rigid, and distorted because of the lies she tells herself. She has a grandiose sense of self that is easily threatened
      When attention and praise are not available, she feels empty, bored, depressed, or restless. Difficulty maintaining reality-based personal and professional goals over time

      In short, she’s a douchenozzle.

  • God, Ambrose is a sleazeball and such an obvious LIAR The only job this guy should have is an all night porn shop attendant Of course he would probably leave a stain on all the tween mags……

  • Instinct was nominated during its second season for the GLAAD award. Surprising that it wasn’t renewed. Wonder if the plagiarism scandal was a factor.

    Michael Rauch’s twitter account shows all comments prior to July 2018 have been eliminated. Plagiarism is never a good look in Hollywood.

    Interesting that CBS owns TV Guide and the public position taken. I’d say Ambrose took down the show.

  • No good deed goes unpunished. Michael Rauch has a great reputation as does Hart Hansen.

    Ambrose is a good storyteller. Listening to the audio I would have thought Rauch was fired for arrogantly going over budget.

    It seems Ambrose is engaged in slander of Rauch-

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