FBI Agent Made Evidence Blunder on Hard Drive Raniere Claims Was Tampered

The trial of Keith Raniere is the subject.

It ran from May 7 to June 19, 2019, when Raniere was convicted.

FBI Special Agent Christopher Mills made an error when he testified. He testified on June 10, 2019.

The mistake he made was about a hard drive seized at 8 Hale. He misidentified it. He called a silver docking station a hard drive. He even took the wrong photo of it.

In short, the hard drive was next to a silver docking station.

What’s a docking station? Some old hard drives don’t have an external casing. So, to use one, you plug it into a docking station. It looks like a hard drive on the outside but is not a hard drive. The docking station has no data in it.

It’s like the difference between a sword and a sheath.

Mills testified for the prosecution. He was part of the FBI team that searched Raniere’s townhouse/library at 8 Hale Drive.

Mills took the pictures at the raid. According to his testimony, the first two items seized were a hard drive and a Canon camera. Inside the camera was a camera card. The camera, its camera card, and a hard drive sunk Keith Raniere.

The hard drive had child porn on it. The forensic data showed that the photos were taken on the Canon camera.

Mills testified he seized the devices.

Not just any hard drive

The first item seized was the camera. It was under the desk. Mills went straight under the desk and took the camera in a bag. See the arrow on the left in the photo above – that is where the camera was found.

Next, Mills went to the shelf above a computer and grabbed the hard drive. See the arrow on the right. That is where the hard drive was. It was next to the silver docking station.

Mills went straight to the evidence that would later be used to prove child porn and sexual exploitation of a child. The child was Camila. She was a child in 2005, 13 years before the raid.

It was as if Mills was a homing pigeon.

Either that or someone told him in advance what to seize. But no, that could not be, since the FBI did not know there was child porn there. They did not discover that until 11 months later.

There were all kinds of devices in the office. But they went to these two first and skipped past others.

Receipt of the items seized from 8 Hale Drive on March 27, 2018
Receipt of the items seized at 8 Hale Drive shows that the Canon EOS 20D camera, with that serial number, was among the items seized. Only “accessories” are mentioned, no mention of the camera card. Item 2 is the hard drive.

Mills and the FBI did their raid on March 27, 2018. The raid came one day after the FBI arrested Raniere.

The hard drive was the big score. This is the hard drive with 22 nude photos of an underage Camila. Raniere says the FBI planted child porn on this drive.

So, it is strange. The FBI seized the hard drive in March 2018. They justified the search, claiming that devices at 8 Hale might have collateral. Collateral is pictures and videos taken after 2015 when DOS started. This collateral was supposed to prove coercion – of sex trafficking and forced labor – of adult DOS slaves.

There were no child charges then. The victims were adults.

Eleven months later, the FBI accidentally discovered child porn on the hard drive. Pictures taken in 2005, they said.

They seized it first. And found it last. Twenty-six days before jury selection, when all six codefendants with their 18 attorneys were united in their defense.

Then they found the child porn, the evidence that changed the whole case. Within days, everyone but Raniere took a plea deal.

It could happen. Coincidences happen.

But it was no coincidence that Mills – who did the actual seizing of the devices and photographed it – got it wrong. He testified about it wrong.

At the raid, he took the wrong picture. He took a picture of a docking station. When he testified in court, he got it wrong. He identified his wrong photo as the hard drive,

Mills called the hard drive silver or gray. It is black. Let’s look at the actual hard drive.

The photo is from the FBI’s examination notes. Forensic Examiner Trainee Virginia Donnelly did the forensic copy of the hard drive on September 19, 2018. This is the photo of the hard drive. It is black, not silver or gray.

When he testified, Mills gave the serial number of the hard drive.  Western Digital Hard Drive. WCAS81365334.

But he took the wrong photo.

Here is a photo of the Western Digital hard drive in Keith Raniere’s study. It comes from a screenshot from a video Mark Vicente made several years earlier. It is in the same place where the FBI found it.

Here is the picture Mills took of evidence item #1 – the camera in its bag.

Mills even took a photo of where he took the camera bag from.

The next evidence item seized was the hard drive. Mills took a picture of it, but, as I said, he got it wrong.

The hard drive is not the silver device where he placed the card “2” in front. Instead, it is the device next to it.

Let’s read his testimony.

AUSA Tanya Hajjar is examining Mills.

Hajjar: So, turning now, Agent Mills, to Government Exhibit 502-A-34, can you describe what this photograph shows?

Mills: I don’t have anything on the screen.

Exhibit 502-A-34 appears [below] on the screen.

THE COURT: I am sorry. Go ahead.
Hajjar: Can you describe what this photograph shows?
Mills: Yes. So, this is the still of the same office space as seen before, and item number two, which is on top of the bookshelf here, is a gray or silver hard drive.
Hajjar: Is there — and this is directly to the left of a whiteboard with a lot of equations on it?
Mills: Yes. So, the white board with the equations is to the right, and the bookshelf to the right with the hard drive to the left.
The bottom line is he got it wrong. Not a big deal? Maybe not. But it is fodder for Raniere. 
The deal went like this. The FBI said Raniere used the Canon camera to take pictures of Camila in 2005. The photos went into a removable camera card inside the camera.  
Raniere removed the camera card to download the photos to a Dell Dimension computer.  Then, supposedly in 2009, someone backed up the photos to the hard drive. The hard drive sat on Raniere’s shelf for nine years until the FBI raided the place. 
Camera to camera card to computer to hard drive.

The FBI never found the Dell Dimension. The metadata shows no one gained access to the hard drive since 2010.

Nobody looked at the pictures. They sat on a hard drive for nine years and nobody looked at them.

Then the FBI went straight to the camera and hard drive.

Two items: the camera that took the pictures of Camila and the hard drive stored them.

But the FBI did not search these devices for months.

At least not on the record.

The FBI did not state the hard drive had evidence related to any charges when they turned over copies to the defense in October 2018.

It was not until February 21, 2019 – 11 months after the FBI seized it – that the FBI accidentally found the photos.

It may be fate. It may be coincidence. But it is odd. The odds against it being all accidental are high. The odds of seizing first – #1 and #2, the only two digital devices out of 21 items used in evidence – are about 1 in 200.

But it could happen. The odds of them seeking these devices out first but not discovering the evidence in them until the eve of trial is even higher. But it could happen.

But how come Mills got it wrong? He testified wrong. He did not identify the hard drive. The guy that seized it – the expert – and still called a docking station the hard drive. And he had the photo of the hard drive in front of him.

It doesn’t mean much by itself. But it is peculiar. I would think he would have known. It is almost as peculiar as FBI forensic examiner Brian Booth saying that EXIF data is hard to change when it is not.

It’s as peculiar as Booth admitting someone accessed the camera card while in FBI custody. Someone unknown. He did not know who got into the camera card on September 19, 2018. Six months after the FBI seized the card, their expert could not say who anonymously accessed it.

Someone sneaked in. Someone did it without using a write blocker.

Booth admitted this. The camera card evidence spoliation occurred.

All the access dates on the camera card changed while in FBI custody.

Little things. Like losing the chain of custody of the most important evidence in the trial.

Or calling a black hard drive a silver docking station. Tiny things, but enough to give Raniere headroom to make his tampering claim.

Or like a photo of a maple tree in the same “studies” folder as Camila’s child porn. The midnight maple. The EXIF data shows someone took the picture at 12:20 am on October 17, 2005.

Very good. But the photo is a daylight photo. And the EXIF data shows the settings were daylight. But it was taken at 12:20 am. That’s what the EXIF data says.

So much for reliable EXIF data.

It’s these things and other things in the report of Dr. J. Richard Kiper that could make a fair-minded person unsettled.

Did someone manipulate the files? Was this an elaborate setup?

Why did Raniere mothball the piano and leave the hard drive with child porn in plain sight? Then there is other evidence, like the fact that the FBI hid the camera card for 11 months. I mean, hid it.

Then they turned it in. And then they made two different copies of it. Both were different.

I don’t want this to be true. I am not on Raniere’s side. But something is off. It might be a series of strange coincidences.

They mixed up the camera card exhibit with the Camila texts.

And these they had ready in December – three months before they discovered the child porn. The prosecution used Camila’s texts to prove the child porn.

Why were they working on this in December 2018?

That was two months before they accidentally discovered the child porn in February?

I could name a dozen more coincidences. Odd things like impossible EXIF data dates. Files inside folders older than parent folders. Adjustments for Daylight Savings time that went in the wrong direction. Adobe Elements on a file where it shouldn’t be there unless someone changed the metadata.

Or two sets of files – the exact same EXIF data. But on one set, the thumbnails are a blonde – Angel – and on the other, a brunette – Daniela.

It can’t be, but it is. The EXIF data is the same. The EXIF data says the Canon camera took separate photos of Daniela and Angel simultaneously. Photos of two different women – taken in two places – taken simultaneously – down to the second.

But they weren’t in the same room together. Daniela was at 3 Flintlock. Angel was at 8 Hale. So how did Raniere take both of their photos with the same camera at the same second?

I’m not saying Raniere is not a scoundrel. I’m not saying he did not abuse Camila.

But what if the FBI did not have the evidence, and had to fudge it?

That isn’t justice if it happened.

Kathy Russell’s and Daniela’s thumbnails appear on the same hard drive. They appear in each other’s folders. The prosecution used their photos to prove the 2005 date of the Camila photos.

But how did their thumbnails get into each other’s folders when the images aren’t? It’s impossible unless they were there in one file, and someone moved them out. But that can’t be because the metadata would show it and it doesn’t. The EXIF data and the modified data say they were never touched, never moved. Never altered.

But they were.

Could be just happenstance. Just coincidence. But how many coincidences does it take to equal a fact?

I cannot stress it enough. This is not about Camila. The varmint abused her and lots of women. This is about the FBI. If they cheated to get a scoundrel, what would stop them from cheating to get you or me?

I don’t have the answers. I don’t know if they cheat. I don’t know. It could be dumb luck and incompetence.

I am not even certain they know silver from black.







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  • This FBI guy… Worst photographer ever!!! What did he use, his iphone 6? c’mon man!

    Just a couple of thoughts on all this hogwashery…

    I think about how someone would physically go about gathering the evidence and boxing it up. I would imagine the FBI agents spent a meaningful amount of time looking around the house deciding what they would box up, rather than just walking in, grabbing shit, and stuffing it in a box. This place was a fucking shithole and had shit strewn all over the place. They were there five and a half hours. So maybe after looking around awhile they took those two items first because their experience told them they should do that first. So it goes in the box first, and on top of it gets piled a bunch of other shit. First one in, last one out. The item in the bottom of the box gets looked at last. Makes perfect sense to me.

    Why did it take 11 months? Also makes perfect sense to me. As Moira said, they had the equivalent of an entire floor of the Library of Congress worth of shit to go through. Years of video Mark Vicente had recorded and all of vanguard’s taped conversations. That is evidence that they know they need to review, makes sense that they would spend time on those things first. The sheer magnitude of stuff to review makes perfect sense to me it took 11 months.

    Here’s a different scenario. What if the FBI would have looked at the camera and card and found the photos first. Suneel could just have easily said that is suspicious. 11 months worth of evidence to plow through and the first thing the find is the most incriminating? Seems suspicious to me, right! — It’s suspicious if it’s last! It’s suspicious if it’s first!

    As for all that about it Mills describing the wrong item because of the color. Frank asked, “But how come Mills got it wrong? He testified wrong. He did not identify the hard drive.”

    Frank is wrong. From the transcript:

    “Mills: So this is the still of the same office space as seen before and item number two, [Hard Drive] which is on top of the bookshelf here, is a gray or silver hard drive.

    Hajjar: This is directly to the left of a white board with a lot of equations on it?

    Mills: Yes. So the whiteboard with the equations is to the right and the bookshelf to the right with the hard drive to the left.”

    So Mills didn’t get it wrong. In that final reply he identifies it correctly in terms of location. Frank or somebody put in [ ] the word Hard Drive. Could the reporter just not have heard him say ‘is next to a gray or silver hard drive’? Or gotten the transcript slightly off. That exchange seems to be not fluid to me, hardly anything to get worked up about. I think Mills was trying to describe one thing and it wasn’t clear to the stenographer exactly what he was saying.

    • Excellent comment Ice Ice Baby. Also there is the fact. When preparing for an indictment certain evidence is gathered and assembled for the charges.

      And it is not unusual to ramp up going through evidence again as the trial approaches. Not dissimilar to the fact that it is not unusual as a trial approaches for defendants to plead out. Neither of those things are suspicious.

      When people work on any assignment or project for a job they prioritize different responsibilities and negotiate various caseloads and deadlines. It is also not a legal issue when evidence was discovered or shared. It’s either accepted into evidence and part of the trial or it isn’t.

      All the other b******* the dead Enders keep bringing up is irrelevant legally.

  • The evidence has been admitted by the jury beyond a reasonable doubt that led to his conviction. Nothing has been credibly presented to call this into question. No different approach should be taken in Raniere’s case than in other criminal trials or appeals. Keith Raniere has no right to be given preferential treatment by the judiciary in order to obtain a new trial.

  • Dumbass Raniere mixed up am / pm when he set up his Canon camera, and this somehow “proves” the FBI tampered with evidence? Now there’s some pretzel logic!

    Reminded me of the bit from Seinfeld,”it was the am/pm Jerry! The am/pm! https://youtu.be/Khys7LfwT8c

    Can you imagine going in front of a Federal appeals judge with that sad picture of a mangy fuckin’ tree and arguing for a new trial because it’s timestamped 12:20 am?

    Seriously? This is supposed to prove FBI evidence tampering?

    This is some real insane shit I’m seeing here. It may pass muster with Chakravorty and the other dead-ender loons. It may meet the standards of the FR report. But I’m calling bullshit on this inane nonsense.

  • “That’s not a grape smashed on the carpet! It is a raisin!” FREEEE KEITH RANIERE!

    The dead- enders get more desperate daily.

    They’ve got a meme now – dontcha know?

    And EVERY one 60 years old and up knows that memes prove…SOMETHING!

    That should be Keith’s next court filing. Just a meme. Ha ha ha.

    Ha ha ha. Oh, boy. None of these irrelevant, stupid “factoids” were raised as objections in court. When it mattered. Because… They. Aren’t. Real.

    “Your honor, that evidence was discovered later than other evidence” is not a legal thing! Are people this gullible and ill-informed?

    All trials come to an end. As do appeals. You cannot try to relitigate every single court case until the end of time. It’s over!

    None. Of. It. Will. Change. Keith’s. Fate.

    Vanguard will die in sex offender prison.

    Nxivm is never, ever, ever getting baaaccck togethet!

    Never, ever, ever….

  • It looks to me everything still the desperate search for proofs for manipulations,
    because some want to believe in it unswervingly, because it cannot be, what must not be.
    But in Raniere’s case none of this was necessary, everything is as it was uncovered.
    No appeal will change that.

  • You know, the way I figure Raniere was smart to get with a girl 30 years younger than he is, like Camila, so when he’s 60 she’s still a real pretty doll of 30.

    • Why not just buy a doll? then she can be a doll way beyond the time you shuffle of your mortal coil mate!

  • I def. want that pad. But I want women 17 and older. Like 19. I’m only 46. So it’s a good plan. Def. no one underage.

  • I think tampering occurred and I think Keith raped Camila too. Both things could be true and no one seems to get that.

    • Anonymous @ 1: 44 am

      It’sactually not hard to get. People “get it”. Many just don’t agree with “it”.

      For exampme: They believe Keith did everything he was found guilty of and they do not believe there was tampering.

      There’s not any challenge to “getting” what you believe. It’s easy to follow the concept.

      But agreeing with it? Nah. Not everyone is gonna buy what you’re selling.

  • Raniere will spend many years in prison regardless of proper investigation. The issue is the evidence doesn’t add up. Exif data is easily changed.

    Photos relied upon to get greatest conviction clearly do not add up. How about the midnight tree in daylight? Where is the reliability in such “evidence”.

    Open an investigation. Clearly the FBI blundered – whether it will change the outcome is another issue but when so many “coincidences” are laid out it worthy of an investigation.

    What harm does accountability have? Why the reluctance? It’s time to see the FBI, our police agencies and courts cannot continue to be above the law.

    They are to work for the people which is not happening in family, probate and criminal courts. Citizens are being sacrificed because rulings are stated as facts. So let’s examine the facts put forth by the FBI. What is the harm?

    • While we’re at it we can investigate the existence of fairies and goblins too.

      Such nonsense…

    • Isn’t there a harm in dragging Camila back into a US court? Doesn’t she live in Mexico? Shouldn’t the subject of the child porn – the one who stated that KR had sex with her and took naked photos of her when she was underaged – be allowed to get on with her life?

      She had to say this under oath at the restitution hearing. It’s obvious that her former NXIVM ‘friends” either think she’s a liar, or do not care that she was raped and exploited by KR as a teenager. They think it’s fine for men like KR to have sex with teenage girls, I imagine.

      In a recent video, Eduardo downplayed it like, “He was in a relationship with this woman for over 10 years…” Yeah. It started when she was underaged. [Never mind the fact that it’s repulsive, although not illegal, that KR had sex with all three of these sisters and made them all, at various times, get abortions.

      Like – GROSS, who DOES that? But the “dead enders seem fine with that, too…]

      The “dead enders” want to pretend like Camila does not exist when they go on and on about this “tampering” crap. What’s the end game here? To just drag Camila into court and force her to testify under oath to KR’s abuse of her, so they can attack her as a liar no matter what she says?

      Do they just want to continue to traumatize and humiliate his victims indefinitely, or what? Do they really think this “tampering” issue is enough to gain KR’s freedom, even with all of the other evidence presented at trial?

      None of these “loud on Twitter” KR supporters said ANYTHING in his defense on the stand when it might have mattered during his trial. Why not?

      Why were they so afraid to take the stand and speak their truth in defense of “the smartest man in the world”? Where was their loyalty then? Where was their integrity? Where was their bravery THEN to stand up for what’s “right,” in their view? Why didn’t they fight for the values? Also, why do these “dead enders” give Allison Mack a pass? And Nancy Salzman? And Emilano Salinas? And all the others who did not defend KR?

      • Great comment!

        That says it all about Eduardo. It’s not a “relationship” when you’re in your forties and the girl is 15 years old

        It’s not unusual for sexual predators to keep the sexual abuse of children they’ve groomed going into adulthood just to make this very justification.

        Child sexual predators frequently claim to “love” the children they fuck and exploit.

        Does not make it legal. Or okay in any way.

  • Frank,
    Why are you so worried and paranoid about the FBI? Hasn’t the FBI always played it fair and square?

    I mean Edgar Hoover never released the damaging blackmail portfolio he had on the Kennedy’s affair with Marilyn Monroe and other indiscretions, right? He never threatened, badgered them or blackmailed them, right?

    What’s there to worry about if a few G-men follow you around everywhere for several years waiting for you to screw up, right? You’re all clean, just like me, right? No one has anything to worry about anything, ever, especially with the FBI protecting us, right?

    Glad you feel better now.

  • The defense had the pictures the defense -heard the testimony in court – that could have raised an objection then – if they had any concern about the veracity of it but they did not. Nor did they object to the child pronography being admitted and the dates.

    As an upcoming trial looms closer it’s very common for people to plead out even without any additional evidence being presented. It’s not unusual for people to plead even after jury selection (if still aloowed or) the day the trial is set.

    That whole argument that the child porn is the reason why other defendants in this case took deals is ridiculous and unfounded. They took a plea because they were guilty.

  • The FBI didn’t fudge anything. They’re not going to risk their integrity to convict a loser who was a forger Amway salesman. That’s because Keith knew he took those pictures, and he’s lying about them just to get off, just like he’s lied about many things in his life. He was exposed in front of the entire world for the unethical person he is. Things like this don’t magically happen. It’s case closed. This entire path is just more wasting of people’s time at their expense for the grifting conman.

  • I can’t follow your story and I wonder if you can follow it yourself. You freely copied parts of KR’s motion without having the technical knowledge to weigh it. You parrot Nicki Clyne and co. Why? Because of your intrinsic aversion against the government? Perhaps as a result of your own legal troubles with them?

    If they have the pictures of an underage Camilla why plant them on another device? It doesn’t make any sense.

    Now we have a conspiracy theory on the FR. Very disappointing.

    • Steven, you should know the answer. How does the FBI prove possession of child porn if the photos are not in his place on his device? There is no possession charge if he does not possess them. If the FBI has them, but Raniere does not- it is not possession.

      He may have taken them, but he has to possess them.

      Next, how do you prove he took the pictures and prove the person was underage?. Two things – you need the camera and the metadata.

      I think Raniere abused Camila when she was underage. That is where I disagree with the “Dead-Enders” as you call them. But I am not sure if the FBI had the evidence to convict him on that. If they did, great. If they didn’t, then they’re criminals too. It is only a question if there is one criminal, Raniere, or whether the FBI engaged in criminal conduct too.

      • I think everybody agrees that the authorities shouldn’t manipulate/tamper with evidence.

        But what would be the motive for the FBI to put Camilla’s pictures on the harddrive (prove possession) and alter exifdata (prove Camilla’s age)?

        Camilla’s age on the pictures was (also) proven by other evidence (surgery scar absent) and backed up by emails between KR and Camilla. No need to manipulate exifdata. He made those pictures of her and other women, shown at trial, and, very important his defense didn’t denie that during trial. He didn’t denie he made pictures of Camilla or that she was 15 when he made those pictures. On the contrary, he wanted it thrown out as evidence because they were allegedly beyond the timeframe of the indictment. If you make pictures yourself, you are by definition in possession of them. This is definite proof of possession of child porn by KR.

        There was no need to manipulate the harddrive so the FBI had no motive to do so anyway.

        Question: You think Moira Penza was also part of this alleged conspiracy? Do you see Penza conspiring with other agents manipulating and falsifying evidence in this case? How credible is that?

  • “ It’s like the difference between a sword and a sheath.”

    Scabbard. Swords go scabbards, not sheaths.

    I point out this persnickety error to show just how silly the silver / black slip up is.

    You see, it were you testifying, and you said “sheath” instead of “scabbard” that would not indicate some kind of devilry in play. It wouldn’t be suspicious or significant.

    Claiming “aha! Gotcha! You said ‘sheath’ not ‘scabbard!’ Swords don’t go in sheaths, knives go in sheaths!’ So which was it, Mr. Parlato, a sword or a knife? Wasn’t it in fact a knife, not a sword? Or was it neither?” Would be ridiculous.

    Sometimes people slip up. Especially about trivial details.

    There was nothing suspicious about the FBI search. Nothing whatsoever.

    • Wrong for once Aristotle — A scabbard is a sheath for holding a sword, knife, or other large blades. Look it up my man.

  • Something is surely amiss. Even if it’s incompetence and sloppy work there’s too much in question regarding critical pieces of evidence.

    As it is the FBI testified someone accessed the camera card. This should be investigated.

  • Absolutely a non-issue. Not brought up during the trial as a significant problem. And it. Isn’t going to matter now. There are so many logical reasons why certain evidence was discovered at the point it was discovered.

    One of the main factors is that Keith Raniere is not the only criminal person on Earth nor is he the only case that the FBI and the court system were dealing with at that time.

    Another possible reason is because of the timing of when authorities garnered information from surrounding people involved in the case. And presumably that new knowledge could have put them on a course to finding other significant evidence.

    The truth is that it doesn’t matter if evidence is found a year before a trial commences or the day before it – as long as the evidence is properly submitted and all the attorneys are properly informed and the evidence is used in court -mwitjout objection – none of that other stuff really matters.

    It’s just fake b******* the dead-enders use to try and cast an air of impropriety on the trial of Keith raniere.

    It’s actually astounding that the dead-enders do not have bigger issues to harp on. This was a huge and sprawling criminal case. The prosecution did an outstanding job. It’s almost a miracle that there are not any legitimate defendant complaints.

    Guess why Keith and his lawyers did not raise an objection during the trial and say, “The child pornography was discovered later the other evidence”?

    Because it doesn’t f****** matter.

    That’s not a real thing or real valid objection. Or the defense attorneys would have objected on those grounds. But it’s not real!

  • Camila had to claim under oath that KR abused her for the restitution hearing, didn’t she? Why is her word not enough? Who cares if the FBI made a mistake or two? Why didn’t KR bring this up at his trial? Why was there no real defense beyond “his intentions were good” or some bullshit? Why is this “tampering” conspiracy RELEVANT when there was enough corroboration that KR had been sexually involved with Camila when she was 15 to get him convicted?

    • There are two questions. One is whether Keith had sex with Camila or took pictures of her. She did not testify at trial, but let’s agree that is 100 true.

      The second question of whether the FBI had the evidence of it or fudged it. And that does matter. That matters too.

      • The latter is only a question in the mind of the Dead Enders. And it’s not even really a question to them. Because they think they know the answer.

        There is nothing suspicious about the evidence being revealed when it was revealed. There was no objection to the evidence being entered as part of the case at the time. In fact all of the supporting evidence bolstered the empirical evidence of child pronography.

        Even Keith’s own text words and objection to the photos being admitted was not anything at all to do with when or how the evidence was discovered but only an acknowledgement of the date that the evidence was created an objection about it being too old.

        Which meant that Keith was (once again) admitting the age of the photos and the age of Cami in the photos. Cami was 15 years old. By Keith’s own repeated admission.

        • FWIW, I’m not a dead ender, and it’s a question in my mind. I don’t know if there was FBI impropriety, but if there was, they shouldn’t get a pass.

          You could say oh who cares it was only a minor part of the case against Ranare but what if this is a red flag that this is something they habitually do in other cases even when it’s a major part in someone’s case…But it’s in cases that the public isn’t looking at or when the defendant has no money to argue their case?

          I agree with the other poster, what is the harm in looking just to make sure nothing improper was done here by the FBI?

          • WTF – I never thought the day would dawn when we are in agreement. What if Raniere is a scoundrel and the FBI tampered. What if he did rape this girl – he likely did [statutory rape] but the FBI could not prove it? Do they then plant evidence to prove their crimes?

            Does that extend to other defendants? Or just Raniere? If the FBI knows a guy is guilty, they do not need to prove it to a jury with honest evidence. They can plant it. That’s what these fools want.

            I was told by a government insider who ran a major agency in the government involved with law enforcement that the FBI constantly cheats. Maybe it is so.

          • “WTF – I never thought the day would dawn when we are in agreement”

            I 💯 % agree with you on this one. It would be a shame to ignore a potential red flag of wrongdoing just because we don’t like Raniere. I think it’s at least worth looking at, not for Raniere’s sake but for everyone’s sake.

          • The operative word is “IF”.

            What is the harm then in looking at another case if your concern is just the FBI in general?

            Why Keith’s case? He has every advantage legally available in America.

            Why not look at the case of someone else who does not have the unlimited funds for legal help and all of the devoted cult followers who are also working tirelessly for him for free?

            You could use your altruistic nature to help bring justice to someone truly in need. With no one to help them.

            If there is legal recourse for Keith Raniere then the army if lawyers he hires and dismisses and hires and dismisses will uncover it.

            Don’t worry your pretty little head about vanguard.

            Keith has got lots of cult followers covering his case. And lawyers. Lots of very expensive lawyers that Clare’s paid for him.

      • Give it up Frank. I feel embarrassed for you.

        You’re backing a laughable conspiracy theory cooked up by Chakravorty and pals. This isn’t a good look for you.

        Read the room, and drop this nonsense.

        • Aristotle – you’re a very intelligent fellow. I truly believe Raniere is a skunk. I know he did horrid things. He probably raped [statutory] Camila. I am confident he raped Rhiannon, Gina and others.

          But that does not give the FBI the right to fuck with evidence. This silver and black thing is nothing, just a little point.

          This is not about helping Raniere, but about investigating the FBI. I ask you honestly to look at the evidence. I might be wrong, but I have seen more evidence than you. Both could be true. Raniere raped Camila. The FBI knew it but could not prove it, so they doctored evidence.

          I am not saying I know this 100 percent, but I do think an evidentiary hearing is indicated. And I will explain why shortly. Then we will see who is embarrassed.

          • The best you’ve got is “it might have happened”. Lots of things might have happened. Until you have some actual evidence, it’s just idle speculation. And that’s not a good look for the FR.

            I’ve been waiting months for this mysterious supposed proof of evidence tampering. I’ve waited long enough. At this point, I have to conclude it doesn’t exist.

          • Fair enough. But conclusions can be hasty. I am not so certain. That’s why I continue to investigate. And that’s the attitude I prefer. Show me the proof. I have seen a lot more proof. As for the maple tree -it could be as simple as getting his camera mixed up – but the FBI said EXIF data is reliable.,

            If he mixed up the am and pm what else could be mixed up? How reliable is EXIF data?

    • Who cares if the FBI made a mistake or two??? EVERYONE SHOULD.

      Well, let’s see Dr. Roberts lost her license
      for a percieved mistake, her career and reputation.

      How many mistakes shall we allow them? TWO? THREE? FOUR? FIVE?

      Is the agent color blind? Because I have terrible vision but I can plainly discern black from silver.

      • Why didn’t your vanguard’s highly paid attorneys raise objections during the trial?

        If the grey/black color was so important to the integrity of Keith’s case?

      • Your parents made two mistakes, your mom wasn’t on the pill and ur dad didn’t pullout.

        Have a great Nicki!

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