More Dirty Pics From Raniere’s Nasty Library at 8 Hale

For the prurient, let me apologize in advance. When I said “dirty pics,” in the headline, I did not mean salacious. I mean, unclean, like somebody hire a foreign nanny who can clean up once in a while for this dude.

I have some more dirty pics of 8 Hale, and I saved the best for last.

Keith Raniere in his library at 8 Hale Dr.

8 Hale [photo Albany Times Union] was raided by FBI agents on March 27, 2018

Not long ago, there was a time when any number of two dozen women waited anxiously with their phones in hand in Half Moon, New York.

They waited for a chance to be invited there. When the Vanguard ruled.

The “Inner Circle” of NXIVM/ESPThe government seized the townhouse at 8 Hale Dr. in the Knox Woods subdivision. They also seized 21 electronic devices, some books, and maybe even a blue shirt. They seized his camera.

Also seized was Raniere.

Raniere was apprehended in Mexico, outside the jurisdiction of the EDNY.

And the women’s dreams were dashed.

Allison Mack is jogging in Knox Woods when she was a DOS slave.

Karen lived with Keith Raniere at 3 Flintlock Lane.  At 2 Flintlock Lane, Mariana and Pamela Cafritz lived with Raniere.

Kristin Keeffe lived at 1 Flintlock with little Gaelyn. The boy was Raniere and Keeffe’s child – though not every one knew it.

Some of the best brandings happened at 127 Grenadier, where Allison Mack lived. She rented that place. Allison owned 7 Generals Way, but forfieted it to the government.

Camila lived secretly at 120 Victory Way. Daniela, until she left, lived at 12 Wilton, where she spent almost two years in a bedroom.

They all lived in similarly sized townhouses. The layouts are all about the same, except 8 Hale. Same size. But Raniere removed some walls on the first floor to combine the living room and kitchen area. Upstairs, he eliminated the bedrooms to create a study and hot tub area and removed the ceiling to have a loft to place his bed.

The red arrow shows where 8 Hale is located. It is in the northeastern USA, where the weather is cold from October to May.

Make no plans to go to 8 Hale to see Raniere. He moved to a warmer, sunnier clime.

Albany gets, on average, 182 sunny days per year – about half. He now lives in Tucson, Arizona. With 350+ days of sunshine a year, Tucson is one of the sunniest cities in the United States! And sunlight is known to bring joy.

The brain releases a hormone called serotonin when the body is exposed to sunlight. Serotonin increases the mood, and calms and focuses a person’s mind. Can you blame Raniere for relocating?

Note the security camera above and to the right of the door.

I showed this picture before, but I forgot to ask, what’s that bottle on the right of the door?

Crossing the threshold. Someone put the lights on.

Many women and a few men can only dream of a night with the Vanguard. Listening to him play the Steinway grand piano to melt their hearts.

Keith would get off the couch and play the piano from time to time. He claimed to play at the concert level since the age of 12.

Having a slice of pizza with hot sauce.

Or maybe you could rustle up something heavenly in the kitchen for him.

That’s a comfy-looking couch.   And on the right many pretty sat and watched him play. And listened to him play the piano too.  Behind is the staircase that leads upstairs.

There’s the grand piano. Daniela identified it as a Steinway model D.

At 8′ 11¾” (274 cm) in length, this majestic musical instrument — the pinnacle of concert grands — is the overwhelming choice of the world’s greatest pianists – like Raniere, who said he played at concert level at age 12.

What is the white stuff on top of it? Mothballs. Yes, that’s right, FBI SA Mills testified those were mothballs. And as all you concert-level pianists know, you place mothballs on a piano to prevent moths from getting at the felt hammers inside.

Yes, Raniere is one strange duck. He mothballs his piano before vamoosing to Mexico, but as we shall see, he leaves the child porn behind.

Oh, wait, what’s this? Looks like the FBI made another cash score. Maybe not as much as the $520,000 they found at Nancy Salzman’s place.

But there’s got to be at least $300 or $400 there.

I bet those agents had a lot of fun that night.


Next to the piano, on the couch, is a guitar. Raniere claimed he was a master of many musical instruments. How many beautiful, slender, long-haired, and pubic-unshorn maidens did he serenade with this gently weeping instrument may never be known.



Next we climb the spiral staircase up to the study.

The open door is our gateway to mystery, adventure, gaiety, merriment, mystery and excitement. We are entering the library of Keith Raniere, the world’s smartest man. Ladies keep your shirts on, for now.

Looking at the many books in his library, like Jean Kellaway’s History of Torture and Execution, or Sex for Dummies, or viewing his brilliant equations on the whiteboard we can almost hear him speaking words of wisdom.

Would you believe the FBI actually seized this book from Raniere? They could have bought a copy for themselves for $7.00

Lot to read.


Here’s two more books they seem to have snatched from Raniere. I wonder is there is a copy in Tucson?

Here’s his desk.

Didn’t you ever want to know what the world’s smartest man writes on his whiteboard? Thanks to FR, in coordination with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, you will get this chance.


That’s some pretty heavy duty stuff on there.

Here’s a rare look at something nobody gets to see. Raniere’s closet. It is where clothes magically appear.


Nice blue shirt. Not for nothing, I think I saw FBI SA Ted Borgione, who reportedly was on this raid wearing a shirt just like it.

And videos and music too. He likes Genesis and Yes and Mozart.  To quote Daniela, who catalogued all his books, music, downloaded his computer backups and digitized his music.

“It was a ton of music. Yes. So, I mean, I would guess more than a thousand albums, easy, easy. A lot of classical music, full compositions. All of Beethoven’s symphonies, various versions. There was Bach, various versions. There were Mozart for Babies, Chopin for Babies, Debussy for Babies. There was a lot of jazz, Keith Jarrett, A Melody At Night With You, Live at La Scala. ”

And plenty of good reading material right outside the bathroom.

Hot tub at 8 Hale

Then it is time to undress and enter the hot tub. Or the sauna.

And finally, the glory moment. Time to climb the steps up to the loft bedroom and hear him whisper words of wisdom. “I got my camera and I want you to pose naked. Don’t worry, I won’t share them with anyone.”

Don’t blame me for the darkness of the pictures. Blame FBI Special Agent Christopher Mills of Squad 2 of the New York City field office.

He took them. He should have used Raniere’s Canon camera, which he found on the property. He could have used one of the ISO settings to lighten these up.

After getting all cleaned up in the hot tub, what woman would not want to hop in that nice lofted bed and snuggle up next to Vanguard? Yes, how many women fantasized about going to 8 Hale? One can only guess.

I don’t know what that’s a picture of.

But let’s head back to the library, shall we? Keep your pants on. We are about to see the real deal. What the FBI agents took from Raniere.

First, I want to point out that below are screenshots of a video of Raniere taken in maybe 2014. The raid was 2018.

Keith Raniere at 8 Hale, from where the hard drive with the Camila photos was seized.

Not a lot changed. In fact I think the whiteboards are identical.


And you see that blue light? That, if I am not mistaken, is the hard drive. The one that the FBI found the Camila child porn photos.


The FBI found the pictures of Camila on the hard drive. They worked it backwards to determine Raniere took the photos with the camera. He transferred them to a camera card. Next, he transferred them to a computer, and finally on the hard drive.

The arrows show where the hard drive and camera were.

Ironically, the camera and the hard drive were the first two evidence items seized in the raid. And coincidentally, they were the last items searched. It was 11 months after they were seized, when the FBI accidentally discovered nudes of Camila.


According to FBI SA Christopher Mills, the man we are indebted for these photographs, the first item he seized was the Canon camera in a camera bag. Inside the camera was a camera card. This was the crucial evidence of the Cami sexual exploitation charge.

Canon Incorporated, made in Japan. 1420908348.

This photo shows where the camera bag was under Raniere’s desk.  He was not big on changes. The camera card showed that he had not used it since 2007, 11 years earlier, yet it sat under his desk.



Western Digital hard drive, serial number WCAS81365334.

The next item they seized, hiding in plain sight, was the hard drive with the 22 photos of underage Camila. He left it right there in the open after scampering off to Mexico. And it wasn’t hidden in a secret file or anything. It was right on the backups – in a file with Cami’s nickname initial and the actual date of the photos on the file — like leaving all the evidence anyone would need to prove it was child porn

He left it right out in the open, and it had been there for years. Strange cat. He mothballs his piano and leaves his child porn out in the open.

All labeled and marked for agents to find. Funny too. They might have missed it. The search warrant called for them to seize electronic devices to find possible DOS collateral. They seized it on March 27 2018, They did not find the child porn until February 21, 2019, 11 months later.

Just 26 days before the start of jur selection for the trial. Lucky they did because it got all the other codefendants to plead guilty and let Raniere stand trial alone.

Thought they seized all these other devices, none of them figured into the trial. But they are fun to look at.

The letter with the heart is a letter to Monkey, his nickname for Mariana

They went back under his desk to get more devices.

Raniere, a pill popper?

Hey, what’s that in the lower right hand corner? Did the FBI bring a trained evidence cat with them?

The FBI has excellent instincts. They honed in on the hard drive with the contraband first. Then they retrieved all these other hard drives that did not have anything on them.

I do not think the FBI even put the tarp back on the piano when they left. The leaks damaged Keith’s beautiful grand piano from above when the hot tub fell partly through the ceiling.

Viva Executive Success!

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  • Eduardo Asúnsolo
    Reply to
    Keith Raniere.
    The company is called NXIVM.

    Check out what’s going on here;
    Make Justice Blind
    Justice reform through media exposure and public accountability. Separating prejudice from due process. Lady Justice should be blind.
    1:52 am · 2. June 2022·Twitter for Android

  • NCFM-Women Against False Accusations [Twitter]
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  • Poor, poor Alonzo!!

    Rumor has it Alonzo left the Frank Report and social media because his current therapist advised him to do so for his mental health.

    • Frank Report needs a warning and a disclaimer.

      If that is true, Frank Report should post a warning at the beginning before each article that reading any article or the comments section may harm a reader’s mental health and include a disclaimer that reading is at your own risk and Frank Report disclaims all liability.

  • Message for Lily:

    Recent comment I heard from a child in a Big Box store:

    “Mom, I don’t want that toy. It’s for boys.”

    How is it that a little child knows the difference between boys and girls but Joe Biden’s new Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson does not?


  • Message to Lily:

    Is it hate for Joe Biden to pull lunch money from schools to enforce Biden’s rules on transgenderism?
    Biden supports transgenderism so much that he is willing to cut food from children to enforce his rules.

    The real hate comes from Joe Biden.

    Biden admin holding school lunch money ‘hostage’ to force transgender policies

    • The federal government threatens to withhold funding all the time as a negotiation tactic. I proudly live in Oregon, who sued the feds for threatening to withhold funds because we refused to participiate in parts of the Patriot Act that were racist spying on citizen policies. Oregon won.

      No one believes or cares that u hate transgender people. No one views ur fake stories or cares that Fox News also promotes hate. your arguments are as weak as your manhood, which no one cares about. Your hate is useless and unwelcome. No child will go without lunch because transgender people have the right to exist.

      Your twisted lies are pathetic.

  • Do you think nxivm ppl trashed the place trying to hide and remove things before they got officially raided?

  • This is pure gold! The comments on the pictures is Frank at his best: factual with a cynical undertone.

    Un-be-lievable: the guy had a book about global sex-trafficking of women in his library and is convicted of exactly that crime. He has books like “sex for dummies” and, appropriately, “Idiot’s guide to amazing sex”in his possession. You can’t make this up folks. It is pretty clear what his motivations were…..

    Another book, “the history of torture and execution”. Yeah, indispensable if you want to create a more humane and better world.

    • I will remind you at every turn that no one cares about your transphobic consipircacys. No one views your links and no one respects you. No one supports your hate. No one cares. I do not expect to change your mind. I just like to show other readrrs it is ok to call out a hater for hate speech. The frank report readers, like anyone else deserves better than you idiotic hate speech. It is ok to tell you no one cares. I would tell you to stop but that will only fuel you. Every one thinks you are a consipiricy nut. I think you are a narrow minded incell with a small dick. transgender people have a right to exist. Everyone deserves to be free from your hate. No one is threatening you. There are still and will always be the same amount of women in the world that do not want you. Transgender people existing changes nothing for you so shutting up would be the best option for you but we all know u are too dumb for that. You are a weak excuse for a male and pregnat ken has more balls than you. Take your hate else where because no one here cares.

      • Lily-

        Two things:

        1. There’s more to Shadow than meets the eye.

        2. Men who’ve chosen to be men are men and should stay men. There the ones making a mockery.

        • There is nothing more to shadow than vile hate speech and bullshit conspiricies. Anyone can chose to “be a man” whatever u think that means. Transgender people have the right to be a man a woman non bianary or any designation that fitts them. Transgender people have a roght to exist. Their existance doea not define or effect ur manliness. Since transgender people are not effecting your rights atop harming them. I owe shadow nothing but diadain whatever more u think there is can be shoved up his ass if room can be found.

          • Shadow, this individual is saying something. Please respond. Can anyone choose to be a man? Do we or do we not have the right to choose our gender?

            And if we do, how old can we make this decision and get the physical support we need to make the changes that biology did not support? Shadow, are you ready to answer?

            A child may not consent to sex before the age of 16, 17, or 18, depending on the state. Can he/she consent to hormone therapy at 13? Do they not have a right to choose their gender? If they do not act fast – at the onset of puberty, they may not be able to look like the gender of their choice.

            Obviously, this is a major life decision. It is not like taking a drink of alcohol, which is illegal for a 13-year-old.

            Shadow, hello out there, what do you say…? Should children have hormone therapy when they are 13 or 14 – even though it will impact them the rest of their lives?

          • Lily-

            Shadow is a gay man. You can’t force him to curtail his own speech about himself.

            Shadow is not encouraging violence! He’s voicing his opinion. Voicing your opinion in a peaceful manner is a right of every American.

            There is something called the
            First Amendment. You can’t CANCEL it.

            The ACLU use to protect it before it became woke.

            The Frank Report is not the Lily Report.

            It’s also not Twitter.

            Freedom of Speech is protected on the Frank Report.

      • Lily,

        People do experience those comments the same way that you do, but don’t bother to respond because it’s pointless.

        Can you imagine knowing that person in real life? Obviously, no one who actually deals with them wants to hear or read any of this crazy crap that they find on the internet and they have to constantly voice their borrowed opinions on unrelated topics here.

        Sometimes they actually try to connect the two completely non related issues with a really lame sentence. But they ultimately never have anything to do with what is on Frank report or why people read it.

        It seems like it’s best to just ignore them (as annoying as they are ) because otherwise it creates more back and forth and then people inexplicably come to their defense.

        And it then clutters everything in the comment section up more. Just like I am doing right now. Hahaha Just wanted to let you know that you’re not alone! I appreciate you. Have a great day.

        • I agree that there is no point in talking to shadow.

          I do not expect to change his mind or make him more tolerant. I disagree with your assesment of clogging up the comment section. It is important to stand against online bullies and hate speech.

          It is not enough to silently agree. It is important to show readers like you to use their voice to speak against hate. Silence is complience. I believe if more people clogged the comments speaking out angainst hate speech it will disapate or be removed. Or nothing will happen.

          The point is to speak uo for those under attack and being and ally. Something your silence prevents you from being. If you are concerned about a clogged comment section then ask shadow to stop posting irrelevent hate speech which is clogging the comments.

          Why tell me i am the problem while claiming to agree with me? Stand up to shadow not me. Not a true ally. Happy pride thou.

          • Yes, if anyone is clogging the comments it is shadow who consistently leaves tons of completely-unrelated-to-the-subject very long comments as though they think the Frank Report comment section is their own personal blog. Shadow why don’t you start your own website? oh I know why. because no one will visit it.

      • ” No one supports your hate. No one cares. I do not expect to change your mind. I just like to show other readrrs it is ok to call out a hater for hate speech.” Lily

        Let’s talk about who the real haters are.
        Breaking headline
        PLOT FOILED Man ‘looking to kill Brett Kavanaugh over leaked abortion draft’ arrested with weapon near Supreme Court Justice’s home

        AN armed man has been arrested near Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home in Maryland.

        The California man was carrying a handgun, knife, and pepper spray and allegedly told police he wanted to kill the Justice, according to officials

        Is it hate to want to kill a Supreme Court Justice is is pro-Life?

        Or how about the left wing activist who tried to murder Congressman Scalise in 2017?

        “On June 14, 2017, during a practice session for the annual Congressional Baseball Game for Charity in Alexandria, Virginia, James Hodgkinson conducted a mass shooting in which the victims shot included U.S. House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, U.S. Capitol police officer Crystal Griner, congressional aide Zack Barth, and lobbyist Matt Mika. A ten-minute shootout took place between Hodgkinson and officers from the Capitol and Alexandria Police before officers shot Hodgkinson, who died from his wounds later that day at the George Washington University Hospital.[7][8] Scalise and Mika were taken to nearby hospitals where they underwent surgery.[9]

        Hodgkinson was a left-wing political activist[10][11] from Belleville, Illinois, while Scalise was a Republican member of Congress. The Virginia Attorney General concluded Hodgkinson’s attack was “an act of terrorism… fueled by rage against Republican legislators”.

        How do you describe looters who tried to break into a Chicago Hospice for sick children?
        Filled with love?
        Chicago looters smash Ronald McDonald House with terrified sick kids inside

        Let’s hear the story of Helena, a girl who was pushed into gender surgery to become a boy.
        Let’s make it clear from the outset that this gender transitioning is encouraged by unscrupulous people in the schools and medical community and once gender transitioning starts it can not be completely undone.
        The irreversibility of such procedures are not made clear to the children involved.
        Human beings are not Mr. Potato Head toys with removable and replaceable genitals.
        Once genitals are removed the result is often sterility.
        Furthermore unscrupulous politicians like Joe Biden have encouraged gender transitioning for children as young as 8 years old.

        To me forcing children into Gender reassignment surgery is the ultimate child abuse.
        Children going through puberty don’t need this abuse.

        23-year-old woman to Tucker: I regret transitioning as a teen

        • Shadow to answer whether it is hate to want to kill a Supreme Court Justice, doesn’t the answer lie with – it depends on what the Justice’s party affiliation is? If the Justice is the same party as the person who hates and wants to do the killing, then obviously it is hate.

          But if the Justice is an opposing party, and they hate and do kill, I believe it is called justifiable homicide. It’s along the lines of hate the sinner but the sin.

        • No one believes you or Tucker Carlson. People are not forced into gender reassignment. Your sources are unscrupulous. Your examples of hate are irrelivant to you spreading lies and unnecessary hate speech. No one cares.

          • Eduardo Aunsulo believes Tucker. Never seen anyone hate trans people the way that Eduardo Aunsuolo hates trans people. Check out his Twitter. He needs to be called out more for spreading hate

    • Today in Frank Report history we celebrate former commentator, Mitch Garrity, his psychotic break, and the oddest insult of all time.

      “You[NiceGuy] cock sucking faggot, you’re a homophobe.”
      –Mitch Garrity, June 2018

      Mitch was completely serious and totally insane. It was the NiceGuy Effect.

      Poor Mitch would never be heard from again.

      • I remember that very well. I thought Mitch was good for FR. He didn’t seem to peddle an agenda and seemed real.

  • Clinton Adviser Who Flew the Lolita Express Found Hanged With Shotgun Blast to Chest
    Definitely suicide

    Source: The Daily Mail

    “‘He died from a self-inflicted shotgun wound to the chest. He found a tree and he pulled a table over there, and he got on that table, and he took an extension cord and put it around a limb, put it around his neck and he shot himself in the chest with a shotgun.”

    “It was very evident that the shotgun worked because there was not a lot of blood or anything on the scene. You can tell the shotgun blast was on his chest, you can tell that because there is a hole in the chest and pellets came out the back of his back. It was definitely self-inflicted in our opinion’.”

    “The family argued that keeping the footage and files sealed would halt a proliferation of ‘unsubstantiated conspiracy theories’.” [Because keeping footage secret is how you debunk conspiracy theories.]
    The family of a top advisor to Bill Clinton who admitted Jeffrey Epstein to the White House multiple times during his presidency is pulling out all the stops to keep details of his mysterious death becoming public.

    They have petitioned a judge to prevent pictures of Mark Middleton’s death scene being released under the Freedom of Information Act.

    And now the local Arkansas sheriff is interpreting that to mean he can’t talk or release any details of Middleton’s May 7 suicide.

    ‘The investigation is still open. I can’t say anything more,’ Perry County Sheriff Scott Montgomery told

    Middleton, who served as special assistant to President Bill Clinton in the 1990s, died at the age of 59, his family announced last month.

    His death adds to the number of close associates of the former president and first lady who have died unexpectedly, many in small plane crashes. The phenomenon has led to a conspiracy theory called Clinton Body Count which even has its own Wikipedia page.

    Middleton’s family did not disclose the cause of death at the time but authorities later confirmed the former White House official took his own life with a self-inflicted gunshot at an urban farm in Perryville, Arkansas.

    In a lawsuit filed on May 23, the family admits Middleton committed suicide, and says they have ‘a privacy interest’ in preventing any ‘photographs, videos, sketches (or) other illustrative content’ from the death scene being released.

    They claim it would lead to ‘outlandish, hurtful, unsupported and offensive articles’ being published online.

    They argued that keeping the footage and files sealed would halt a proliferation of ‘unsubstantiated conspiracy theories’.

    A judge is due to hear the case on June 14.

    After the petition was filed, Perry County Sheriff Scott Montgomery denied’s FOIA request for any of his paperwork on the case, which would include the police report and written files, even though they do not contain any graphic images.

    Late last year, exclusively revealed Middleton was among the Clinton advisors and aides who had let Epstein into the White House during the former president’s first few years in office.

    The late pedophile made at least 17 trips to the White House between 1993 and 1995
    seven of which were authorized by Middleton.

    The Clinton aide was also one of the many passengers to fly on Epstein’s jet, known as the ‘Lolita Express’.
    Middleton’s family last month confirmed he passed away on May 7 in a statement which did not reveal the cause of death.

    It has since been confirmed that the former advisor, who lived in Little Rock, Arkansas, took his own life at the Heifer Ranch in Perryville, owned by an anti-poverty nonprofit called Heifer International, 30 miles away from his home.

    Chris Cox Heifer, a spokesman for Heifer International, said that ranch workers found Middleton’s car in the parking lot and notified the sheriff.

    The body was found shortly afterwards.

    Heifer told ‘He wasn’t invited to the property and staff became aware that he was there without authorization.

    ‘We have not found any connection to Heifer.

    ‘The ranch is well known in the area and it’s possible that he could have attended something here but we couldn’t’ find any major links.

    ‘The ranch hosts school groups for things like lambing so he could have attended one of those. It’s a very unfortunate incident.’

    In an interview with RadarOnline – before he decided to clam up – Sheriff Montgomery said Middleton was discovered hanging from a tree with a shotgun blast to his chest.

    He reportedly used an extension cord as a noose and created makeshift gallows underneath the tree which appeared to be there as a failsafe in case the shotgun blast didn’t kill him. [“If this high-powered rifle doesn’t kill me, this extension cord will surely do the trick.”]

    The married father-of-two, who ran an air conditioning business, did not leave a note, though he told his family he was ‘depressed’, Montgomery said.

    ‘I don’t know the man, and I don’t why he picked our county or picked that location to commit suicide. To our knowledge, he had never been there before, and we have no record of him being there before.

    ‘He died from a self-inflicted shotgun wound to the chest. He found a tree and he pulled a table over there, and he got on that table, and he took an extension cord and put it around a limb, put it around his neck and he shot himself in the chest with a shotgun.

    ‘It was very evident that the shotgun worked because there was not a lot of blood or anything on the scene. You can tell the shotgun blast was on his chest, you can tell that because there is a hole in the chest and pellets came out the back of his back. It was definitely self-inflicted in our opinion’.

    The injunction was filed two weeks after Middleton’s death at the circuit court of Perry County by Rhea Middleton and Larry Middleton, Middleton’s widow and father.

    It states that they have a ‘privacy interest in photographs, videos, sketches and other illustrative content depicting Mark Middleton’s body or scene of Mr. Middleton’s death’ in the possession of the Perry County Sheriff and the county coroner.

    The lawsuit states: ‘Since Mr. Middleton’s death, Mr. Middleton’s family has been harassed by outlandish, hurtful, unsupported and offensive online articles regarding Mr. Middleton, his death and his family. These articles are scurrilous, baseless and malicious’.

    Publishing images of Middleton’s body would cause the family ‘irreparable harm’, they claim.

    ‘This lawsuit seeks a declaration that any Media Content depicting Mr. Middleton’s body or scene of Mr. Middleton’s death should not be disclosed under the FOIA,’ the documents state.

    In an affidavit, Larry Middleton states that the reports about his son’s death have been ‘unsubstantiated conspiracy theories’ which have caused ‘unimaginable pain to myself and my family’.

    He claims to have ‘extreme fear and anxiety’ at the prospect of further details being made public.

    Larry Middleton writes: ‘Once disclosed, my family will face inconceivable amounts of harassment, threats and pain from the inquiry and use of such content’.

    The Middletons did not respond to requests for comment.

    Documents from Middleton’s probate file show that he had $200,000 in assets, including $100,000 worth of property.

    The lawsuit confirms that Middleton died by suicide, something that was not mentioned in the announcement of his death in a Facebook post – now deleted – for the family’s air conditioning company, Middleton Heat & Air.

    The statement described him as an ‘inspiring and dedicated leader, as well as a son, brother, husband, and father’.

    The only potential hint at the cause of death was a request in Middleton’s obituary asking for well-wishers donate to a service that specializes in counseling and therapy linked to the New Life Church in Arkansas, in lieu of flowers.

    Middleton’s life in recent years was a world away from the political circles he ran in during the 1990s.

    White House visitor logs previously reported by showed that he appears as the authorizing official on seven of Epstein’s White House visits, most of which were to the West Wing.

    In addition to being a special assistant to the president, Middleton was also assistant to the chief of staff, Thomas F. ‘Mack’ McLarty.

    Middleton left the White House in February 1995 and was accused of setting himself up as an international deal-maker, exactly the kind of person that would appeal to Epstein.

    In 1996 an investigation by the White House found that Middleton had abused his access to impress business clients and he was barred from the executive mansion without senior approval.

    • “The Clinton aide was also one of the many passengers to fly on Epstein’s jet, known as the ‘Lolita Express’.”

      The DailyMail is wrong here: Middleton never flew on Epstein’s jet.
      Clintton flew with Epstein in the period 2002-2003. Miiddleton was denied acces to the whitehouse in 1996 because of malpractice, according tot the article. If so, it doesn’t make sense he was still close enough with Bill 6 years later to accompany him on Epstein’s jet. More conclusively: Middleton doesn’t appear on the flight logs 1995-2005. Check for yourself

      it’s an easy check: sort column Q (no pun intended) for “last name first” and check for “Middleton” (he’s not there).

      Donald Trump is on the list though……… 5th of january 1997 he flew from Westpalm Beach to Newark with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, Eva Dubin (Jeffrey’s ex-girlfriend) and Celine Dubin (her daughter, 3 years old at the time) and Didier Cazaudumec.

      • Many Epstein ppl were also associated with nxivm ppl…. It is one large cult of different cults that stick together and swap ppl around….and politicians and wealthy people go in and out of the different ones out there….it’s all a cult quilt. Landmark..scientology…Executive Success Programs….epstein….weiner… etc….. all in the same network of crazies…. What other MLM cults can be added to this list? And all the MLM and coaching places that have opened from former ESP people… It’s all the same..just rebranded.

  • Frank:
    If you can make fun of Raniere you should be able to make fun of Hunter Biden.
    Raniere should be judged by the same standards as Hunter Biden.

    For the record it is illegal for Hunter Biden to lie about his drug addiction on an application for a gun permit.

    Let’s see what kind of materials are in Hunter Biden’s Library!

    From the New York Post
    Packin’ heat: Nude Hunter Biden cavorts with hooker, illegal gun in latest mess for president
    By Joshua Rhett Miller, Miranda Devine and Callie Patteson
    June 6, 2022 12:08pm

    Hunter Biden shows himself to be a real first son-of-a-gun in the latest embarrassing personal video leak for President Biden’s scandal-scarred offspring.

    A naked Hunter casually waves around a handgun and even points it at the camera while cavorting with a nude hooker in a swank hotel room, according to video provided to The Post by the nonprofit Marco Polo research group.

    The cavalier clip of Hunter Biden holding the apparently illegally obtained weapon emerged amid the rash of mass shootings — and random gun violence in major cities — that included 11 incidents on Saturday and Sunday alone that left at least 15 people dead and 61 injured across the U.S., data shows.

    It also came just days after his dad called on Congress to pass new gun-control measures to stem the slaughter, declaring in a televised, primetime address last week that “the Second Amendment, like all other rights, is not Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) slammed the apparent hypocrisy.

    “Before proposing or passing any new federal gun legislation the Biden administration ought to enforce existing laws, regardless of who is violating them, even if that person is the president’s son.

    “I’ve written oversight letters to the U.S. Secret Service, FBI and ATF regarding the incident involving Hunter’s gun dumped in a trash can behind a grocery store across from a high school in Delaware,” added Johnson, who’s been investigating the Biden family’s controversial overseas business dealings.

    “Unsurprisingly, I have not gotten a satisfactory response from these agencies.”

    The 52-year-old Hunter got cheeky in front of a camera during a twisted session with a sex worker in October 2018.

    Hunter Biden points an illegally obtained .38-caliber gun as he’s caught fooling around with a prostitute.

    Hunter Biden, who has battled serious drug addiction for years, bought a .38-caliber pistol in Delaware just five days before recording the sex tape on Oct. 17, 2018.

    A newly leaked sex tape shows Hunter Biden with an illegal gun while fooling around with a prostitute.

    Hunter Biden recorded the video on Oct. 17, 2018, according to Radar Online, which first revealed its existence. The outlet and a Post source described his companion in the video as a prostitute.

    Five days earlier, he bought a .38-caliber handgun in Delaware, Politico reported last year.

    In order to make the purchase, Hunter Biden answered “no” to a question that asked, “Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?” Politico reported last year.

    Hunter Biden has acknowledged repeated struggles with drug addiction and alcoholism, and Radar’s report included a photo of what appeared to be crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia, including a spoon, on a pair of plates.

    Hunter Biden, whose addiction issues and cheating led to his 2017 divorce from Kathleen Buhle, was discharged from the US Navy Reserve three years earlier after testing positive for cocaine.

    Just weeks after Hunter illegally bought the weapon, Biden’s lover, Hallie Biden, the widow of his late brother Beau Biden, tossed the gun into a supermarket garbage can, setting off a Secret Service and FBI probe. No charges were ever filed.

    The place where the gun was dumped and went missing Janssen’s Market in Greenville, Del., where President Biden has a home in the upscale Wilmington suburb, is across the street from Alexis I. DuPont High School, which has roughly 800 students.

    The Secret Service told The Post in March 2021 that it had no record of agents investigating the incident and said President Biden was not under protection at the time.

    Hunter Biden had been divorced from his first wife, Kathleen, and was at the time involved in a scandalous romantic relationship with his sister-in-law, Hallie, the widow of his brother Beau, who had died of cancer.

    “She stole the gun out of my trunk lock and threw it in a garbage can full to the top at Jansens. Then told me it was my problem to deal with,” Hunter admitted in a 2019 text, first reported by The Post.

    “Then when the police, the FBI [and] the secret service came on the scene she said she took it from me because she was scared I would harm myself due to my drug and alcohol problem and our volatile relationship and that she was afraid for the kids.”

    The Jan. 29, 2019, message adds: “Really not joking the cop kept me convinced that Hallie was implying she was scared of me.”

    In another message, sent closer to the incident, Hunter described the handgun as “my 38.”

    “Took from lock box of truck and put it IN PapER BAG AND Threw it in trash can at local high end grocer. For no reason,” he wrote on Dec. 6, 2018.

    “And I freaked when I saw it was missing 10 minutes after she took it and when she went back to get it after I scared the s–t out of her it was gone which led to state police investigation of me. True story.”

    Meanwhile, an ongoing federal grand jury probe in Wilmington, Delaware, is reportedly focused on possible tax fraud, money laundering and violations of lobbying laws by Hunter Biden.

    The downmarket data dump is the latest embarrassment for President Biden courtesy of his son, who has been blasted by critics who insist his shady foreign business dealings have put US national security at risk.

    “There is no doubt in my mind that what Hunter Biden did was wrong, being on the [Ukrainian energy company] Burisma board and engaging in whatever else he dealt with,” Democratic congressional candidate Max Rose told The Post last week.

    And Hunter Biden is the smartest guy Joe Biden knows.

    • I don’t know. It looks like a paw to me. Does the FBI use trained cats for sniffing out evidence?

          • Actually thought there was a cat in one of the photos on your first post about Keith’s disgusting condo. Frank you need to get to the bottom of this travesty. It’s another example of extreme hypocrisy in this cult. Don’t eat meat but leave animals to fend for themselves in a chlamydia soaked abandoned haunted house.

          • Maybe there is tampering. Suneel should investigate whether there was photoshopping of a cat/dog/rabbit foot in these photos and why.

      • Frank,

        Why would Vanguard need a prescription for anything couldn’t he just heal himself or stop his pain with his mind?

          • I think Keith was in the Guinness book of records for the best eyesight in the world

          • He also invented the x-ray glasses where you could see through clothes. But someone – I think it was AT&T stole the patent.

  • Minor quibble. You write that Raniere took pictures with the Canon camera then transferred them to the card. Incorrect. The camera writes directly to the memory card, which is essential for the camera’s operation. It won’t work without the card installed, it’s the “film” in a digital camera.

    • Aristotle Sausage,

      Incorrect! The photos were “transferred” by Raniere to the hard drive.

      Spend more time thinking and less time eating sausages.

      FYI: Sausages can carry various diseases.

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