Claviger: Ten Questions for Suneel and Other Stray Comments on NXIVM and the Law

MK10ART painting of Keith Raniere

Frank Report’s legal correspondent, K.R. Claviger, has thoughts on current legal matters connected to NXIVM and its former members and associates.

More specifically, Claviger has questions for Suneel Chakravorty, who holds Keith Raniere’s power of attorney – and who was recently mentioned in a filing by the US Dept. of Justice EDNY concerning a report that he had a copy of the hard drive found in Raniere’s library that allegedly contained 22 nude photos of  Camila when she was allegedly 15.

Let us be clear that the hard drive provided to attorneys and alleged to have been provided to Suneel DID NOT have any of the Camila photos on them. The government did not provide any alleged child porn to the defense since that is illegal.

Following the government’s recent filing, Suneel denied ever having a copy of the hard drive.

The issue at hand is that the prosecution provided the hard drive [without the Cami photos] and other discovery materials to the defense subject to a protective order because it contains sensitive materials about various alleged victims, including nude photos of adult women.

The protective order must be signed by those who receive certain discovery material produced by the government to the defense.

Suneel never signed the protective order.

The context of Claviger’s questions can be further understood by reading these two stories published on Frank Report:

DOJ Investigating Whether Raniere’s Attorneys Improperly Released Copy of Hard Drive to Suneel Chakravorty — He Denies Having Copy of Hard Drive

Judge Orders Raniere Attorneys to Disclose Who Got Discovery; Chakravorty Issues Harshest Statement on Raniere Ever; While Maintaining FBI Likely Tampered

By K. R. Claviger

Thus far, the government has made several assertions – and, insofar as I can tell, Suneel has denied only one of them: i.e., whether he has ever had possession of a copy of the hard drive that was confiscated from Keith Raniere’s sex lair/library.

[Suneel has denied that he had a copy of the hard drive.]

So, here are some questions for Suneel:

(1) Have you ever had possession of any other electronic discovery materials from the U.S. v. Raniere Et Al trial?

(2) Have you ever shared any other electronic discovery materials from the U.S. v. Raniere Et Al trial with any other person – and, if so, what are their names?

(3) Have you ever had possession of any of the collateral that was collected from the members of DOS?

(4) Have you ever seen any of the collateral that was collected from the members of DOS?

(5) Do you know anyone who has ever had possession of any of the collateral that was collected from the members of DOS – and, if so, what are their names?

(6) Do you know anyone who has ever seen any of the collateral that was collected from the members of DOS – and, if so, what are their names?

Suneel Chakravorty

(7) Have you ever seen the pictures of Camila that were allegedly taken when she was 15-years-old?

(8) Do you know anyone who has ever seen the pictures of Camila that were allegedly taken when she was 15-years-old – and, if so, what are their names?

(9) Since the pictures of Camila that were allegedly taken when she was 15-years-old were not part of the discovery materials, how did the experts that you hired get copies of them?

(10) How did you come into possession of sexually explicit photographs of a victim identified as Jane Doe that were not part of the discovery materials that the government provided to Keith’s defense attorneys?

I really don’t expect Suneel to answer any of the questions that I’ve posed to him here on Frank Report.

But I also expect that he’s soon going to be asked very similar questions – and a whole lot more – by guys/gals with badges…

I am trying to keep an open mind about Suneel’s contention that the photos of Camila were altered in some way. But the jury unanimously agreed that the photos in question were taken when she was 15.


Brainwashed Not Charged

Keith Raniere in a rare picture brainwashing three of his students’ brains.  The process of drying is shown here.

I followed Keith’s trial very closely – and read all the daily transcripts. I simply cannot remember the part where anyone was accused of the crime of “brainwashing”.

Brainwashing is very real and very dangerous as this image amply proves.


What’s Going on With Keith,  Clare and Allison in Prison

MK10ART’s painting of Clare Bronfman and Keith Raniere behind bars. He is in Tucson and she is in Philadelphia.

With COVID-19 protocols in place, the movement of guards is very restricted in most federal prisons – which has really hampered our ability to get updates on Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman or Allison Mack.

Rest assured that when we finally get past that problem, we’ll be able to provide more updates.

[Ed. Note: Currently Raniere remains in the SHU. He has been there since July 22.]


Keith Still Gets Out in 99 Years

MK10ART’s painting of Keith Alan Raniere in a setting where he may spend the next 99 years of his life.

Despite him being in the SHU, there’s a formal process via which a federal prisoner loses “good time” – and, as far as I know, Keith has not been through that process yet. So, I think that as of right now, Keith is still earning “good time” at the normal rate.


Marc Elliot Lawsuit Against STARZ and Lions Gate

Regardless of whether the lawsuit of Marc Elliot versus STARZ and Lions Gate over the docuseries Seduced has any merit, I don’t think this lawsuit will succeed because if it ever goes to trial – which, as explained below, is something I seriously doubt will happen – there is little chance that 12-people are going to find in favor of someone who still supports Keith Raniere.

Marc will undoubtedly have to testify in order to advance his claims – and when he does, he will get destroyed on cross-examination (He might even be risking a return of the Tourette’s symptoms he has fought to overcome).

But long before it goes to trial, I think this lawsuit will be dropped when the defendants start scheduling depositions for Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman and Clare Bronfman. In this regard, there is no way that any of those three are ever going to testify under oath in a civil matter.


Will Nancy Get in Trouble If She Doctored Letters of Support?

MK10ART’s painting of Nancy Salzman AKA Prefect

There’s an old saying about Federal District Court Judges being able to do anything they want — unless and until they get overruled on appeal. But in reality, Judge Garaufis will only increase Nancy’s prison time if she’s convicted of another crime.

What he could do, however, is hold a hearing, revoke her bail, and have her summarily hauled off to prison to start serving her 42 months.

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K.R. Claviger


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  • “I followed Keith’s trial very closely – and read all the daily transcripts. I simply cannot remember the part where anyone was accused of the crime of “brainwashing”.

    Again, AP, your tribal bias blinds you to facts your tribe disapproves of.

    All of the government’s witnesses had to be “deprogrammed” so their testimony was made ‘understandable’ to a jury.



    • Good grief, Alanzo, every time I think you’ve written some of the dumbest things I’ve ever read, you go and top yourself.

      So, just so there can’t be any quibbling on your part, here is the comment you wrote that prompted my response (I’m bolding the specific sentence to which I was responding):


      Hubbard used classical brainwashing techniques in various places in Scientology. One of the first things critics and Exes did in the ’90s was to release it all onto the internet. That has allowed access by people like Stephen Kent, Hugh Urban and others to see what Hubbard created and expose those classical brainwashing techniques.

      These techniques didn’t work, of course, but Hubbard put them into Scientology because he believed in brainwashing. And we all have the evidence – even though no government has yet chosen to indict Scientology or its leaders.

      In the case of NXIVM, we have the government convicting its top leaders, sending one to prison for 120 years, and among other crimes, accusing them of ‘brainwashing’.

      And yet independent researchers do not have access to the materials to scrutinize the government’s ‘brainwashing’ claims on NXIVM. We must all assume the government is not lying.

      This was the point I was making to you, not whether NXIVM “worked”.

      What if the procedure of EMs, for instance, is not brainwashing and yet the government has characterized it as such?

      You’ll probably just respond with a grumpy “I don’t care%^*%&*(!!!”

      And you will be one more government stooge who allows them to grab more and more power until we have no rights left at all.

      The government uses cults, pedophiles and terrorists to set legal precedents that they then turn around on all of us. Remember ‘warrantless wiretapping’ in the early 2000s? That became the programs Edward Snowden revealed in 2013.

      I don’t know why I’m, once again, trying to get an anticultist to care about civil rights. It’s the exact set of principles they’ve abandoned in order to become an anticultist in the first place.

      But oh well.

      Because I believe it is so important, I thought I’d give it one more shot.



      Now, let’s take that highlighted sentence – and add my response (which I’ll put in italics in order to further distinguish it from your tripe):

      In the case of NXIVM, we have the government convicting its top leaders, sending one to prison for 120 years, and among other crimes, accusing them of ‘brainwashing’.

      K.R. Claviger
      October 18, 2021 at 12:13 pm

      I followed Keith’s trial very closely – and read all the daily transcripts. But I simply cannot remember the part where anyone was accused of the crime of “brainwashing”.

      When you have a spare moment, please send me the reference to that part of the trial so I can refresh my memory.

      Per your own words, you asserted that the government accused the top leaders of NXIVM of committing the crime of “brainwashing” – which, of course, is not true (Nor is “brainwashing” even a crime).

      But rather than simply admitting that you were, once again, talking out of your ass, you have to write back a spiffy non-response in which you totally do not address the point I raised in my comment.

      All this does is remind me that I really do need to pay more attention to Mark Twain, one of my all-time favorite writers, for as he often said:

      “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

      • AP Claviger:

        You’ve vowed at least 4 times you’d never respond to anything I write. Yet here you are – for a 5th time after that – responding.. Have you ever been examined by a medical doctor or a psychiatric professional for a lack of impulse control?

        Your misunderstanding of what I wrote is your own.

        Given your now proven lack of self control, what can we expect of you next?


        • Alonzo: Instead of going off on another tangent, why don’t you just address the issue that KRC has raised? Is it because he has, once again, exposed you for the fool and liar that you are.

          • If you won’t read the court transcripts I provided in the link, then you’re the fool exposed by AP Claviger’s rhetorically manipulative bullshit.

            She has a lot of you fooled here on the Frank Report.


        • I didn’t have to read the court transcripts because I read what YOU wrote and what KRC called you out on. And I, along with everyone else, saw that you would not admit you had made another mistake.

          As KRC noted, “Per your own words, you asserted that the government accused the top leaders of NXIVM of committing the crime of “brainwashing” – which, of course, is not true (Nor is ‘brainwashing’ even a crime).”

          It’s really that simple, Alanzo. You fucked up, got called out, and then tried to obfuscate what had happened by attacking KRC.

          Were you always like this or did Scientology turn you into the asshole you are now?

      • Knowtorious KRC, you of all people should know that trying to have a rational debate with any of the FR Wack Pack members is a waste of your considerable intelligence.

        The only reason to engage Vishnu is to mock or insult him if it tickles your fancy. He’s a great punching bag. In that regard, he performs a public service.

        Viva El Anti-Cult!

      • K.R. Claviger,

        You can not win against Alanzo!

        I have to give the Devil his due, or in this case Vishnu his homage. Honestly, Alanzo is one of the greatest trolls of all time. He’s been trolling 24/7 for over 20 years.
        You, Claviger, are fighting a futile battle against an indomitable force.

        Alanzo’s nickname, Vishnu, was given to him by a web monitor because Alanzo destroys web forum communities like Vishnu destroys worlds. Of course, I’m being overly melodramatic, and Frank could simply block Alonzo’s fat ass. 😉

        • I really do ignore 99.9% of the stuff that Alanzo writes. But when he blatantly lies about things – or just makes up shit – I feel the need to call him out so that no one else gets duped by him. What’s amazing to me is that he never admits to being wrong about anything – even when hard evidence is presented to him. It’s like having a boxing match with a marshmallow.

          • K.R. Claviger,

            I get where you’re coming from…

            Just remember,
            Bangkok, Shadow, and Scott,
            never admitted when they were wrong
            and you were right [actually the law].
            ALanzo won’t either…
            ….Alanzo will be reading our comments and will take great satisfaction. He is a wretched soul, whom I can’t stand, but yet feel for. When we talk about him, it gives him self-worth. So, however, unintentional. we’re helping him, oddly enough, to feel good.


            Today; I am closing my and my wife’s cottage in Buzzards Bay…MA. I am alone. I have had time for self-contemplation.
            I thought about why I keep coming to the Frank Report. [I’m glad I never commented anywhere else, no other websites. it’s certainly is addictive]. 😉

            So this is why I keep coming back…

            The NXIVM Saga/story is so much bigger than itself and the Frank Report. It’s a story of redemption and a won battle for Frank.
            He took it upon himself, this insane battle or vendetta, and ended up doing some good. He helped the two sisters from Mexico and so many others. If Keith had left Frank alone, Keith would still be living the Life of Riley. 😉 And none of us would be conversing…
            In addition, the NXIVM story is a story of government overreach, i.e., using RiCO to prosecute NXIVM. The law was originally enacted to fight organizations like the MAFIA, not second-rate cults. Keith is an evil man, but now a precedent has been set. Who or what is next?

            Then there is the philosophical question, what is free will and what constitutes coercion (brainwashing). Nicki and the rest of the brood are still defending Keith, and had a completely different experience than the women like the NXIVM 9, Susan Dones, whom I respect, and Dani and Cami. Also, I’ve learned about the American prison system and how the 13th Amendment is used to abuse people.

            I could go on and on……

            At any rate, you should ignore poor Alanzo. He’s so lonely that when you give him some attention, it makes him feel like he matters. It’s a weird form of charity. 🙂

            The NXIVM story is compelling because it is in every aspect of life. My wife doesn’t get it.

            I’ve had a few glasses of good wine and a Cuban cigar. I am very philosophical at this moment. 🙂

            Take care!

            Side Note: Unlike everyone else in the saga Frank has never claimed to be
            a Pious crusader.

    • Hi Alanzo, thanks for sharing. Please share the date and page number(s) of the court transcripts where you found this passage so readers can review. Thanks!

      • Mrs. or Mr. Please-


        Won’t be replying…but he’s enjoying your confirmation he exists…

        • “Alonzo won’t be replying…but he’s enjoying your confirmation he exists…”

          Already confirmed he exists by this thread existing, so that rubicon is crossed.

          “If you won’t read the court transcripts I provided in the link, then you’re the fool exposed by AP Claviger’s rhetorically manipulative bullshit.”

          If Alonzo doesn’t reply to my question, that would suggest (1) he doesn’t know where in the transcript the passage comes from, (2) he doesn’t want people looking it up and reading it in context, or (3) all of the above. All of these scenarios undermine his point, so it’s worth giving him the opportunity to correct any misperceptions. If he doesn’t respond, that pretty much proves my point, with invalidates his entire post, because if your source material can’t be independently verified your can’t defend the validity of your conclusions.

          • (1) he doesn’t know where in the transcript the passage comes from, (2) he doesn’t want people looking it up and reading it in context, or (3) all of the above.

            And yet there’s a 4th choice which you fail to mention:

            (4). I’m not your librarian.

            My post has everything in it that you need to find that part of the transcript. PDFs have a search function.

            Listen, if you really want to debate the issues surrounding the Keith Raniere trial, then make it possible for a debate to occur. No human being could possibly handle the bullshit being thrown at them from multiple people operating multiple anonymous accounts, the worst insulting ad homs and vicious attempts at character assassination, such as remarks about my weight, my diet, publishing my bankruptcy papers – even trashing my business, etc.

            I realize that not each individual here has engaged in each of these tactics, but collectively, it is the result.

            Again: No human being could take this straight into his face every day.

            But that’s probably the point.

            So if you want to engage with me, do it in good faith. I will continue to try to find commenters who engage me in good faith, and I will continue to try to respond back in good faith.


          • Game, set and match goes to: “Please provide transcript date”

            A certain bankrupt, single, lonely troll has a long habit of pulling single words out of context to further his blathering.

          • I asked for the transcript date. I can easily do a search if I know the date. There are multiple PDFs. What date did the passage come from? You made a post earlier asking people to read the transcript. I am attempting to do exactly as you asked. I would assume if you quoted the passage you’d at least know the date, no? Seems like a fairly reasonable request.

          • Since Alanzo is not a librarian, I’ve gone ahead and done his research for him. The passage comes from the June 10th transcript, page 258. Here’s the full section after he truncates at the word “deprogrammed”. Lesko observes that Jay’s testimony is valid because she had a radical perception shift about DOS right at the moment she was given the seduction assignment. Garaufis says to Lesko that he needs to establish that, and not that Jay made that shift as a result of reading news reports or recent reflection.

            MR. LESKO: Your Honor, I mean, I think it is highly relevant, and not only with respect to this witness but for other witnesses and victims, that the jury understand their understanding of what happened to them and particularly after they were, in essence, deprogramed. And in this specific instance, that understanding happened very quickly after the witness received an assignment to have contact with the defendant. So, it actually is particularly relevant for this witness because it was an instantaneous recognition of what was going on.

            THE COURT: Then what you need to do is ascertain from the witness when this happened so that we know that it wasn’t just something that the person thought up last week before she testified. If it affected her behavior in removing herself from the organization, then it is relevant. If it is something that she read in all of the media reports, in the New York Times magazine, for instance, and other places, and Forbes magazine, then it is a different story. Then it is not what she ascertained at about the time that she removed herself from the organization. I think that is a key to whether this such testimony is appropriate and relevant to the case.

            MR. LESKO: We will be offering detailed testimony on this.

            THE COURT: All right. We will see. Thank you. And you have your record.

            So in essence, this is the opposite of what Alanzo is arguing. Jay’s testimony was allowed to continue because her change of perception was an instantaneous change of belief about DOS immediate at the time of the seduction assignment and not as a result of later “deprogramming”.

            And while we’re on the topic, Alanzo, I found somethign else really interesting in the transcript as I was traipsing down memory lane. I wonder if you saw this as well.

            May 16, page 95

            Marc Vicente: “[Raniere] did. He — when — when we first met, he spent an inordinate amount of time teasing me about it and then told me that he needed to deprogram me from my mystical beliefs.

            Q. Did Nancy Salzman know about your involvement with Ramtha?

            A. She did. She was also part of the team to deprogram me.

            Alanzo, why is Raniere an anti-cultist that feels the need to create a whole team to deprogram someone? That seems a little bit antithetical to your beliefs, no?

          • Nicely done…

            Let me also point out what Alanzo originally wrote that caused me to call “Bullshit”. His exact words were: “In the case of NXIVM, we have the government convicting its top leaders, sending one to prison for 120 years, and among other crimes, accusing them of ‘brainwashing’.”

            Obviously, the government never accused NXIVM’s top leaders of committing the crime of “brainwashing” for the simple reason that brainwashing is not a crime. That’s why you won’t find “brainwashing” listed as one of the counts in any of the indictments. Nor is it listed as one of the predicate acts regarding the RICO charge.

            Not that any of these facts will cause Alanzo to admit that statement was, is, and always will be total bullshit.

  • KR Claviger-

    RE Keith Raniere’s Time in the SHU:

    As of tomorrow, Keith will have spent 90 days in the SHU.

    Over the last two years, New York State’s former Governor, Cuomo, had been pushing for a maximum of 30 days in the SHU for state prison inmates.

    Keith Raniere has spent 3x as much time in the SHU as the prison reform bill’s suggested maximum amount of time.

    Is it right to keep Raniere in the SHU for such a long period?

    What could Keith Raniere have done to warrant this punishment?

    Are the FEDs trying to break Keith Raniere so he turns over the collateral?

    I’m not looking for answers to my questions — I’m just waxing philosophically. 😉

    • Well, even though you’re not necessarily looking for answers to your questions, I’m going to give you some anyway.

      To begin with, the Feds can place an inmate in the SHU for a variety of reasons – most of which are disciplinary in nature: e.g., if you get into a fight, you go to the SHU for 30 days; or if you don’t report for your assigned job, you go to the SHU for 30 days.

      In addition, inmates are almost always placed in the SHU the night before they leave the prison for outside medical treatment. That just makes it easier to get the inmate out of the building first thing the next morning – and is not considered a punitive measure.

      And inmates can also be placed in the SHU on an indefinite basis while the prison administration “investigates” whether the inmate violated one or more prison policies (These placements are usually reviewed every 30 days or so).

      It is this last type of placement that is sometimes used to deal with “problem prisoners”. Investigations can go on for several months – and because the prisoner has not yet been accused of anything, there is almost nothing they can do to extricate themselves from the situation they’re in. I say “almost” because there are definitely times when a prisoner is being investigated for a specific thing that he allegedly did or didn’t do – or for specific knowledge he has that he has refused to divulge. In those types of cases, the prisoner can usually end his stay in the SHU by cooperating with the prison administration.

      I don’t know the specifics that led to Keith being placed in the SHU this time. But the fact that it occurred shortly after he reportedly smirked at Judge Garaufis – and told him he didn’t know anything about “collateral” – could well be the reason why Keith is being investigated now. If that’s the case – and if Keith continues to maintain that he knows nothing about the collateral, then he may stay in the SHU for quite some time.

      Once they’ve been placed in the SHU, the only useful weapon that prisoners have at their disposal is the BOP’s Administrative Remedy Program (ARP)- – which, when properly used, can put an end to indefinite stays in the SHU and many other unwarranted punishments. In this regard, an ARP expert has already offered to become involved in Keith’s case but I do not know if that expert has been retained to do so.

      Criminal defense attorneys generally know very little about the ARP – and because all the ARP-related activities take place within the prison, it is usually “jailhouse lawyers” who are the real experts in how to use it. With all the time that he’ll be serving, Keith could certainly become one of those jailhouse lawyers if he was willing to put in the many hours it takes to become an ARP expert.

      • I appreciate the information!
        Thank you!

        Side note:

        I spent the last two weeks alone while my wife helps out a family member in Long Island. I felt like I was going bat-shit crazy. I wonder how Raniere is handling 90 days.

        The United Nations considers solitary confinement for more than a week to be a form of torture. I’m not kidding and now I agree with them.

        • Well, Nice Guy, the thing is, vanguard kept Dani in isolation for 22 months.

          She would go weeks or even months without any human interaction at all because Lauren wouldn’t go see her. She had no bed, no chair, no window, no guarantee if food or medicine would actually arrive. And when Lauren did arrive, she was deliberately mean and cruel to her. Yes, she could escape the room but it would (and eventually did) come with enormous risk and hardship. It’s a miracle she survived and came out on top.

          keith, on the other hand, is assured of medical care if needed. he gets out for an hour per day (fact check me on that). People are required to check in on him. he knows food will come even if it’s crappy, but they are required to feed him at least. he has due process rights. And according to Mx. Claviger’s theory, he can get out if he wants to, all he has to do is fess up to the collateral.

          keith is in a better situation than he placed Dani so don’t go feeling too bad for ol’ vanguard just yet.

          • Ice Nine,

            RE Keith & the SHU:
            Keith will spend the rest of his life in prison, in a hellish shit-hole. He’s going to pay the price. I wouldn’t torture an insect or Keith Raniere. How much punishment is correct? I’m not weak on evil men; they should be punished. Torturing the shit-out of someone until they’re psychotic, hallucinating, and have mental health problems is inherently wrong.

            If aman were to spend the rest of his life in the SHU, I firmly believe it would be humane to execute him.

            I guess we have a philosophical difference of opinion.

          • Ice Nine-

            I do believe the 3 or 4 beatings Raniere received were well deserved. As many as five or more women were raped by him. He deserved to experience the physical pain and the fear associated with helplessness. I don’t feel he needs to be beaten anymore.

          • Ice-man,

            I want to know what you think! Thanks

            Chuck Lydell is the iceman. It’s a compliment!

          • Well Nice Guy, since you asked Nicely. (Unable to reply lower in the thread due to Frank’s weird and outdated blog).

            Firstly, the Iceman might very well be Chuck Lydell to some, but the real Iceman was played by Val Kilmer and his shenanigans caused a flat spin that got Goose killed. Coincidentally, that Iceman also played a lot of volleyball. Good thing for us that he had Slider as his partner on the beach that day instead of Vanguard so we did not have to see keith flexing with his shirt off.

            As for the isolation, I agree that it is cruel and unusual punishment. I really don’t mind it happening to keith though for the 22 months to match what he did to Dani, especially because he can end it on his own if he wants (if Claviger is correct). he also has the benefit of knowing his future. Dani had the extreme mental anguish of not knowing when, if, or how it was ever going to end. That had to be the worst part for her. keith is an asshole and maybe some alone time will do him some good.

            Otherwise, I’m totally in favor of the Supermax prisons being completely overhauled and extreme isolation being outlawed.

      • Does this mean the Smelly One hasn’t had a shower in 90 days? Do they get to shower if they are in the SHU? yuck.

        • It depends somewhat on the prison – and somewhat on how much a PITA the prisoner is while he’s in the SHU. But the general rule is that everyone in the SHU gets at least one shower per week (That may not sound like much but it’s a lot more than Keith got before he was arrested).

          • Claviger-

            My second hunch is Suneel has been lying this entire time in a hair-brain scheme to garner media attention for a chance at Raniere being granted an appeal.
            No matter, Suneel’s true motivations, he’s much more cultish than I imagined. He’s well aware he is risking his personal freedom and damaging his children’s lives, and he doesn’t care. Suneel is hell-bent.

        • No, Ice-Nine. It means the Smelly One hasn’t showered in the 2 weeks his wife has been assisting the family member.

        • Ice-nine
          October 21, 2021 at 9:31 –

          We are on the same page. The 22-month thing I go back and forth, it depends on what day you ask me.

          Have a good one!

      • KR Claviger,

        Assuming Suneel has copies of the hard drives, I do not believe he received them from any of the attorneys. All of the attorneys involved are too successful to risk losing their law licenses and jail time.
        My hunch is that Suneel approached one of the attorney’s paralegals and bribed him. A paralegal could’ve had access.
        The fact that naked pictures may have been disrupted to male IT experts is very disturbing. Any one of the men involved could post the images online.
        I changed my opinion. Suneel should be deep-fried, along with anyone who helped him.

      • Keith Raniere doesn’t need many hours to become an ARP expert. Keith is an expert in everything, or will be between two trips to the toilet.

  • Hi Frank, I really think you should make Suneel answer some of these (among many other) tough questions that he and the supporters always avoid. I think you should require this if he wants to post anything else on your blog.

    Is this something you have already thought of and plan on doing?

  • I see that Suneel has apparently made a somewhat stronger denial – though it still leaves some possible wiggle room:

    ‘“I don’t have a copy of the hard drive because I did not sign the protective order.” Chakravorty said, “I declined to sign because I want to be free to investigate and retain experts without being gagged by the order.”’

    He doesn’t say that he hasn’t examined the drive, or at least some of its contents, which could be what the DOJ considers a violation of the order, even if he might think he skirted the letter of the law. I’ve noticed that culty types like to play word games, and even play at lawyering, and Suneel may have run up against legal professionals who aren’t playing around.

    • — I’ve noticed that culty types like to play word games, and even play at lawyering, and Suneel may have run up against legal professionals who aren’t playing around.

      That’s for damn sure! Suneel is worse. In addition he has the infamous Harvard Ego, as it is known in Cambridge.

  • Mx. Claviger (unlikely to be Mr., though probably Ms., but this time let’s use what is ‘possibly’),

    Couldn’t Nancy be in trouble from a civil suit by one of the ‘authors’ of those letters if they chose to sue her? If so, I think that’s another reason her attorneys wanted those letters sealed. In order to be rewarded for damages in a libel case, from what I understand, you must be able to prove damages. I think that the amount of public harm caused by having a false endorsement for Nancy Salzman written in your name would be easy to prove. Is this correct, and if so, what would be the fallout repercussions from this?

    Cuz I’d fuckin’ sue her ass.

    • Yes…If one of the letter writers could prove that Nancy and her attorneys intentionally included a letter that was not meant as a pre-sentencing testimonial in the sentencing memorandum they filed with the court, that might be an actionable claim. But I would advise such a person to write to Nancy and her attorneys – and request that they withdraw the letter from the package that was filed and explain why (I doubt they’ll ever do that – which, of course, will strengthen the letter writer’s claim).

      • Aren’t Nancy Salzman’s attorneys supposed to call each of the letter writers and ask their permission before they submit them into the sentencing memorandum package?

        Asking for a friend.

        Thank you in advance.

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