Marc Elliot Brings Defamation Lawsuit Against STARZ TV and Lions Gate Over ‘Seduced,’ Seeks $6 Million, Plus 25% of Profits

Marc Elliot seeks damages against STARZ TV and the producers of Seduced.

Marc Elliot, a NXIVM teacher who says its teachings helped him overcome Tourette’s Syndrome, has filed a lawsuit against STARZ TV and the producers of the docuseries, Seduced: Inside the NXIVM Cult alleging defamation, violation of right to privacy by the unconsented to the appropriation of his name and likeness, placing him publicly in a false light, and intentionally inflicting severe emotional distress.

Elliot is seeking more than $6 million in damages and as follows:

  1. $3 million in damages.
  2. $500,000 in per se damages,
  3. $500,000 in actual and compensatory damages,
  4. $2 million in punitive damages,
  5. attorneys fees,
  6. expenses,
  7. costs,
  8. disbursements

In addition, he is seeking an award of 25 percent of the profits “derived from the direct publication of the Seduced series on any of Defendants’ STARZ network platforms, and any of Defendants’ subsidiary networks.”

STARZ is an American premium cable and satellite television network owned by Lions Gate Entertainment. Seduced is available for streaming on STARZ, Hulu, YouTube TV, Sling TV, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Movies and TV, Apple TV, and Vudu.

The lawsuit is filed in the US Central District of California.

Elliot’s claims STARZ and the producers of Seduced through “misleading splicing of words,” and “creative film editing, voice-overs, and out-of-context statements… have communicated to viewers of the series that Plaintiff [Elliot] is dangerous, has been trained to kill, is capable of killing himself if told to, and condones violence against women. Defendants characterize Plaintiff to the likening of a rapist, a terrorist in training, a Nazi experimenter, and a potential murderer at the direction of Raniere. Viewers are left with an indelible imprint that Plaintiff is dangerous follower who is weaponized.”

Elliot, who is Jewish and claims family members were murdered by Nazis, says “his comparison to the likes of Nazis…  is particularly disheartening, and repugnant.”

A resident of St. Louis, Missouri, Elliot claims he “has been subject to widespread humiliation, denigration, mental and emotional anguish, social stigma, threats, professional backlash, and occupational losses.”

In the lawsuit, Elliot alleges the producers repeatedly veered from honest documentary-making and depicted him “without due consideration for the standards of information gathering and dissemination ordinarily followed by responsible parties.”

One instance of alleged intentional “manipulating and slicing” of videos takes place in Episode 2, “Indoctrinated” where producers spliced video footage from two different meetings to falsely make them appear as occurring in one meeting to fit their “defamatory narrative.”

Elliot alleges, STARZ took audio of NXIVM founder Keith Raniere speaking at a Society of Protectors meeting, and video of Elliot endorsing a Jness meeting, on a different subject and date, to make it appear that Elliot was responding to Raniere’s statements at the SOP meeting.

The producers also added a fake applause track.

Footage of Brandon Porter, Nancy Salzman and Marc Elliot is shown on STARZ’s Seduced. Lions Gate Entertainment Corporation produced the four-part docuseries, which was directed by Cecilia Peck, daughter of the late actor, Gregory Peck. The four-part series aired on STARZ from October to November 2020.

India Oxenberg, who was a member of NXIVM for seven years, was an executive producer of the series and appears prominently in it. Elliot alleges that “Oxenberg had knowledge of the falsity of Seduced’s content.”

Elliot’s attorney is Joseph Tully of Tully & Weiss of Martinez, CA.

It is alleged that Elliot appears more than 19 times in the docuseries and is depicted as “the ultimate loyalist of the insinuated sex cult, and extremely dangerous” yet he was “never approached, interviewed, or consulted on the content included in Seduced, which featured his name, likeness, and image. Plaintiff never provided consent for the commercial use of his name, likeness, and image in the series.”

In another alleged instance of STARZ and Lions Gate’s use of “purposeful editing and misinformation” they “make it appear as though Plaintiff is receiving orders from Raniere to kill someone and that such actions are justified.”

The unedited cuts allegedly show “Raniere was talking about building compassion and empathy for all individuals, and the importance of extending that compassion to all humans, including someone who had committed a horrible act, like murder. He was not condoning the action of murder and was not giving someone instructions to kill, as Defendants falsely portrayed….”

As can be seen in the original footage of The Source training with no cuts, someone other than Elliot asked Raniere a question that prompted Raniere’s response, it is alleged.

The producers, it is alleged, spliced Elliot “asking Raniere a question from one section of the raw footage and Raniere responding to another participant from a different section of the raw footage, making it look as though Raniere was directly talking to [Elliot] instead.

“Defendants falsely and intentionally made it appear that Plaintiff was receiving orders from Raniere to kill. Not only did these edits grossly mischaracterize Raniere’s statement, but they also falsely portrayed Plaintiff as the intended audience of Raniere’s words and purported commands.”

In yet another alleged instance, the producers focus on the so-called ‘human fright’ studies conducted by Dr. Brandon Porter.

“In describing the studies completed by Dr. Porter, Defendants next use… purported ‘cult expert,’ Dr. Janja Lalich, who states, ‘Makes one immediately think about what the Nazis were doing, where they carried out horrific experiments under the guise of great medical experiments….”

As she makes this statement, the producers display a clip of Elliot “laughing hysterically, sitting next to Dr. Porter and Nancy Salzman.”

“In actuality, this is a clip taken while they were discussing working with individuals with Tourette’s and having great success in doing so.

“Defendants’ implied message to viewers is that Plaintiff’s participation in NXIVM is comparable, and similar to the ‘horrific experiments’ conducted by Nazis, with Plaintiff engaging in allegedly ‘unconscionable’ and ‘illegal’ activity.”

The lawsuit claims, “The fact that Defendants had to manipulate and splice together footage containing Plaintiff… shows that all statements made by Defendant in which Plaintiff was a subject through his likeness, were false, intentionally injurious to Plaintiff, and known to be such by Defendants.”

In the above-mentioned example in Episode 2, “Indoctrinated,” where the producers “manipulated and spliced video footage” from two meetings to make them appear as one, the sequence appears as follows:

An audio of Raniere speaking: “The primitive parts of us are hungry fucky beasties. I mean, that’s what we want to do. Just fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck, fuck, fuck. I feel like fucking something today. God, I’m pissed, I want to fuck something, you know. If we conquer a woman, if we grab the thing we want to fuck, whatever it is and fuck it. They enjoy it.”

This is followed by applause.

Then Marc Elliot is shown. He says, ‘No one has ever taught us how to relate to women, nowhere, in all the education of my whole life. And this is, in my opinion, the Harvard of trying to relate to women. You have to come.”

Elliot alleges that Seduced took the audio from a Society of Protectors (“SOP”) meeting where Raniere speaks, then they added applause to make it appear that his audience was cheering his comments. There was no applause at the SOP meeting.

Then they took footage from a video of a JNESS meeting, taken on another day, of Elliot endorsing JNESS classes on an entirely different topic, to make it appear that Elliot is endorsing Raniere’s statement about “fucking,” “grabbing,” and “conquering” women, and inviting other men to do the same.

Elliot claims, “Plaintiff’s testimonial is predicated by an audio clip of Raniere, which are actually Defendants intentionally took the footage out of context, and manipulated it, and added applause to give a false appearance that those in attendance supported sexual violence and misconduct against women….”

Keith Raniere says one thing.


Marc Elliot is shown responding to Raniere when he is not.

The lawsuit gives Frank Report honorable mention:

“In May 2017, a blog called the Frank Report began to publish posts about a secret women’s society that allegedly was associated with NXIVM, and was purported to be involved in sex trafficking. The blog publicly exposed people’s names and personal information without those people’s consent. Because of the salacious nature of the articles, many people in the NXIVM community feared being mentioned in the blog, despite the fact that they were not affiliated with the women’s group in question; being mentioned in the blog could have potentially devastating effects to someone’s reputation. The women’s group was not formally a part of the NXIVM group of companies.”



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  • ‘You misspelled “Manichaean.” Nice touch to try and hide your education.’

    Oh wow! What a petty little bitch you are over a typo! I know how to spell “Manichaean”! My spell check automatically made it that way and I didn’t see it until afterward! If Frank had an “edit button” where you could edit your posts, I would’ve fixed it! It was not intentional! It’s because because “spell check” is a dumbass and isn’t really spell check! I bet your ass didn’t even know how to spell it and just Googled it after you heard it from me! You want to talk about “education” with all the moronic shit that you’ve said while you desperately cling to a typo, thinking it will pull the entire rug on a point that is very obvious to anybody with the slightest education on this subject?! Talk about to ‘try and hide your education’! Projection much?! Yikes! 😳

    ‘You are starting to run out of steam here. The attempt to side-step your slip-up on the homosexuality and Augustine tells could have been stronger. So, I’m going to give this one a B-.’

    There’s no ‘steam’! Stop repeating yourself like a broken record! You’re obviously the one that has no ‘steam’ since all you do is go around in circles and repeat all your little catchphrases over and over! What exactly was my ‘side-step on my slip-up on homosexuality and Augustine’?!

    All you do is make up shit! I find it really cute that somebody of your lack of theological understanding thinks you have the right to grade me! That’s adorable! You have some arrogance with your autism, don’t ya little fellow?!


  • He’s a pathetic joke. He wore the same cheap, hideous outfit at every court appearance. He’s clearly broke and wants money. This sick waste of space needs to get a real job…but then again how can you do so after joining (and actively participating in) such a widely known former cult.

  • Marc Elliot promoted ESP as a cure for Tourettes.

    Marc Elliot received a kickback financially for recruits to ESP.

    Did Marc Elliot reveal that in the film?

    When Marc Elliot did speaking engagements. did he clearly state or print on the programs:

    “Full disclosure: I will get a monetary payment for each student that I enroll I to ESP/Nxivm”?

    It seems this film is no different than big pharma making a video for a little blue pill that “cures” erectile dysfunction and that they will directly benefit from selling to the masses.

    But more shady. Because it pretends to be something different. It’s a commercial. An MLM device. And a cult recruitment tool.

    Masquerading as something grander.

  • This is Poe’s Law in full effect. Either you really are a mentally deranged convert to a silly Iron Age superstition or you are a very skillful troll who has the idiom down to a “T.” If the latter, bravo! You would definitely pass a Turing Test of wacko fundamentalist Xianity and your commitment to the part is beyond admirable.

    Since you have asked for my name and address to determine who really is the beta, here you go:

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    Namaste, my brother. May you find peace.

    • “This is Poe’s Law in full effect. Either you really are a mentally deranged convert to a silly Iron Age superstition or you are a very skillful troll who has the idiom down to a “T.” If the latter, bravo! You would definitely pass a Turing Test of wacko fundamentalist Xianity and your commitment to the part is beyond admirable.”

      ‘Poe’s law’ has to do with extreme views of course, you can slap the word ‘extreme’ on anything that you disagree with! Second of all this ‘Iron Age superstition’ catch phrase is a completely fallacious argument that has been debunked over and over again even by scholars of The Bible that aren’t even Christian’s! If you said that in seminary school, they’d laugh your dumb ass out of the building (even in the liberal atheistic ones)!

      It has been LONG BEFORE the ‘Iron Age’ that The Bible was written! The books of the Bible were written at different times by over 40 different authors over a period of approximately 1,500 years. But that is not to say that it took 1,500 years to write the Bible, only that it took that long for the complete canon!

      Plus, I don’t even necessarily agree with those labels of ‘Iron Age’, ‘Bronze Age’, blah blah blah! You can slap a label on whatever you want and science and their labels change more than people change their dirty socks! You degenerate atheists use the same recycled arguments over and over hand don’t care to even see that this has been addressed and destroyed 10,000 times already, even though you brag and boast about being the ambassadors of ‘true critical thinking’, However, we can see by the low valued, immature and even mentally arrested content in your response below how inadequate your brain truly is!

      “Since you have asked for my name and address to determine who really is the beta, here you go:

      Roderick Steel
      666 Jesus Can Lick My Salty Balls Blvd.
      New York, NY 10022”

      Yeah I knew you’d be too big of a pussy to give your real address! Go figure! Just keep hiding behind a computer screen and running your mouth and blaspheming! Your all speech will flipped on your head one day! There is no word or thought coming out of your head, or even that stays in there, that will escape The Wrath of God! You’re only storing up Wrath for yourself with your stupidity!

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      Good God you’re such an idiot! There was NO SEX! Seeing the fact the whole point of the virgin birth was that Jesus wasn’t contaminated by the sins of the human race via genetics and if he was born via sexual intercourse, he would’ve been born a sinner making Him an impure sacrifice! So there was no sex and therefore no real need of consent! But nevertheless, THERE WAS ACTUAL CONSENT! Allow me to quote you an actual quote from scripture since you talk shit about something that you’ve obviously never even read before you start with all of your made up quotes with mentally retarded speech from your sewer of a brain down below!

      You can actually go read the the beginning of the Nativity Story where Gabriel announces the birth of Jesus to Mary in Luke 1:26-38. NOTICE the part in verse 38 where after Gabriel announces the birth of Christ through Mary how Mary herself says,

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      So she does consent even though there’s no sex to begin with dumbass! You talk shit about The Bible but you’re so dumb you don’t even know what you’re even talking about! I bet you’ve never read The Bible in your entire worthless life!

      “Truly I say unto you, for if thou be a follower of mine, thou shalt end all sentences with not one, but two exclamation points, for only the Pharisees use single exclamation points!!” – Gospel of Jackass 6:66

      “ONLY BETA BOYS DON’T TYPE IN ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME!!!!” – Paul’s Letter to the Sodomites of Peoria 4:20”

      You sound so fucking dumb! Do you have OCD?! Because you obsess over really stupid shit! You make up a bunch of imbecilic fake Bible verses so that you can obsess over my punctuation?! What a pathetic buffoon you are!

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      • “Seeing the fact the whole point of the virgin birth was that Jesus wasn’t contaminated by the sins of the human race via genetics and if he was born via sexual intercourse, he would’ve been born a sinner making Him an impure sacrifice! So there was no sex and therefore no real need of consent!”

        Another tell. Real Xian hot heads don’t read Augustine.

        Nice touch with disavowing homophobia, but your theological training is showing.

        This is brilliant satire.

        • I Have No Respect For Trolls They’re All Worthless Cancers Of Our Society I’m Here For Reap Conversations Not For Losers Who Have Act Like Little Bitches To Make Themselves Feel Better says:

          “Seeing the fact the whole point of the virgin birth was that Jesus wasn’t contaminated by the sins of the human race via genetics and if he was born via sexual intercourse, he would’ve been born a sinner making Him an impure sacrifice! So there was no sex and therefore no real need of consent!”

          ‘Another tell. Real Xian hot heads don’t read Augustine.’

          Actually I have read Augustine. You have no idea what I have or haven’t done! You don’t speak for me! I hate Augustine! Augustine perverted at lot of Christianity because he was a Manochian Gnostic and a Neo-Platonist for nearly a decade of his life and re-interpreted a lot of our doctrines under those lenses when he converted!

          Augustine has been a loved by many and despised by many as well! He created a HUGE problem in Christianity that ripple effects to this very day! He had a few things right, but even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then! Many Christians have problems with Augustine and what he did and this has been discussed over and over in seminary schools across the world as well as in countless dissertations, scholarly publications, books, documentaries, etc!

          You have no clue what you’re even talking about! And stop with your stupid “hot head” crap! I’m not a “hot head”! You’re just an empty head!

          ‘Nice touch with disavowing homophobia, but your theological training is showing.’

          I didn’t necessarily disavow that homosexuality was a sin. I said it’s very complicated. I’m not going along with that stupid catch phrase! Just because somebody thinks that something is immoral doesn’t mean that they’re “afraid” of it! That’s just imbecilic psycho-babble from a kike named Sigmund Freud! Then Marxists took it and ran with it! The homosexuality topic has been debated for thousands of years! It’s nothing new!

          Dude, don’t be running your dumb mouth about my ‘theological training’ when you have ZERO training to begin with! Your theological illiteracy is so horrendous to the point that you’d say that ‘Mary was raped by God’ when you didn’t even read Luke 1:38 where it POINT BLANK destroys that! It’s very hard to take you seriously in anything after saying something that Godawfully stupid not to mention every other immature blasphemous comment you made! You would last a day in seminary school! Who gives a fuck what Augustine said! The Word of God is the FINAL AUTHORITY of the saints, NOT Augustine!

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          The truth is that you’re a CHRISTOPHOBIC! That’s why you hide behind humor and pretend that He doesn’t exist! The Bible says in Romans 1:18 that ALL MEN know the truth, but they suppress The Truth in their unrighteousness, much like you’re doing here with your little troll games! This is why you’ll have no excuse on Judgement and you’ll be timing by God that we had this conversation and bore witness to you through The Holy Spirit and you decided to be an idiot and mock Him! But God is NOT mocked! So just remember that no matter how much you mock, you’re only making this worse on yourself in the end!

          ‘This is brilliant satire.’

          I know that somebody with an intellectual integrity as depressingly low as yours would find this to be ‘brilliant’! You obviously know nothing of true ‘brilliance’ if you believe that! In regards to ‘satire’, there is no ‘satire’ here, except your the abysmally low level of your I.Q.!

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          • You misspelled “Manichaean.” Nice touch to try and hide your education.

            You are starting to run out of steam here. The attempt to side-step your slip-up on the homosexuality and Augustine tells could have been stronger. So, I’m going to give this one a B-.

        • You’re going to see “true commitment” when I hunt your ass down and beat the shit out of you!

          IF WE BELIEVE!

  • To: Anonymous [Secular Jackass]
    October 20, 2021 at 12:29 am

    This is the most hilarious exchange I’ve ever read on the Frank Report.

    If you’re truly being honest, then you’re sense of humor and intellect is the biggest joke that your mentally arrested tiny walnut-sized brain could never comprehend enough to know what true hilarity is!

    New Age Fairy vs. Unhinged Jesus Boy: Battle of the Betas

    Oh real cute! “Jesus Boy”, huh?! Are you a mentally retard nine year old with autism?! And “Unhinged” too?! Wow! You must be so proud of your vocabulary! Too bad you don’t don’t understand it, though! I’m not “unhinged”, dumbo! You must be as emotionally fragile as whom you call the “New Age Fairy”! I’m sorry I didn’t try to be more sensitive and sing and the extra happy sappy song and make a portrait out of it with macaroni, glue, and glitter while we sang along together so that you could understand it! I know it’s very hard for you not to hide behind humor because you’re so lost and scared to find and understand things seeing the fact you can’t even find and understand God! Poor little thing!

    And no, dumbass! While I’ll agree that so called “Seeker of Truth” is a “beta” which I already said so good for you that you found yourself a new word to learn! Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then!Try not to steal from somebody else so you don’t lose brownie points! You want call me a beta, huh?! Well give me your name and address and we will see then who’s the real “beta”! The REAL beta is the little spiritually lost secular punk who decided to randomly hide behind a computer screen like a pussy and run his/her mouth at somebody like a bitch who wasn’t even talking to them!

    You’ll see the real “Battle of the Betas” when your ass is being tortured in the fires of Gehenna and you never get out and your thoughts beat the shit out you for mocking God and His children as you’re wishing you never born and you’re sobbing like bitch over the blackest of tortures and the blackest of gloom that would make all the medieval torture devices throughout history combined, look like a tickle party and you would give anything in the world to get another chance to the point that you’d rather have you arms, legs, eyeballs, and ears, cut off and come back on earth as blind and deaf worm and get your ass kicked every single day with joy than to be where you’re going! You’ll see how big of “beta” you are and “hilarious” of an irony you are then! What’s so “hilarious” is how cocky you are when you should be terrified and rightly tremble!

    New Age Fairy is cranking the organ and Unhinged Jesus Boy is dancing like a monkey.

    No! “New Age Fairy” would say that’s “hateful” to do that! Man you’re really lost in every way imaginable, aren’t you?! It’s understandable that if you’re stupid enough to reject The Creator of all wisdom and knowledge that you would make such an intellectual blunder like that! Allow me to explain to you to who’s the real one cranking the organ and who is actually dancing like a monkey to it! It’s Satan cranking the organ of secularism and you are dancing to it like the dumbass monkey that you are! You’re so dumb you don’t even acknowledge that he’s even doing it and don’t even believe he’s doing while he’s laughing his ass off at you and how big of a good little bitch you are of his that he can use you to come and randomly attack one of his enemies in a comment section that wasn’t even talking to you in the first place! That’s the real organ cranker and dancing monkey, you dipshit!

    To: Anonymous [Secular Jackass]
    October 20, 2021 at 12:35 am

    Unhinged Jesus Boy, take your meds, dude.

    Oh wow! I didn’t know I took meds! Thankfully the random price of shit hiding behind a computer screen knows everything about me and can tell me so I can poison myself with Big Pharma’s witch doctor pills that only act as a bandaid and never heal you while they slowly poison you to death! Of course a minion of Satan would say something like that!

    Unfortunately for you, God is my healer so I don’t need your father the devil’s pricey selection of poisons! Fortunately for me, there’s nothing that God needs to heal me of at this point in time! But if there ever is, that will be between me and God! Not between me and Dumbass Degenerate Atheist Boy, ok?!

    If you want take some of Big Pharma’s “meds” so that you find out how REAL Jesus is and how bad Hades and Gehenna are, then by all means, knock yourself out, LITERALLY! As sad as it is to say, this world would better off without a interjecting troll like you to be a parasite in it anyways! You can just go back home to your father! He’s waiting for ya! Even if you don’t believe in him, let me promise you that HE BELIEVES IN YOU and is waiting for ya! If you don’t want to keep him waiting anymore, then be my guest! As for me, I continue doing The Lord’s Work!

    I can’t believe I’m writing this, but New Age Fairy has a point: you are emotionally triggered beyond all rationality.

    Of course a child of Satan would agree with his brother from another mother with the same spiritual father! I’m not “emotionally triggered” at all! I’m as chill as can be writing this! How about you just deal the my points that I make and stop trying project “emotions” on me and use that as a red herring so that you don’t have to deal with what I’m saying like an adult! Get a box of tissues and cry it out with “New Age Fairy”, make out, get over it, and come back and deal with what I’m saying instead of trying to stifle the conversation with this “unhinged”, “emotionally triggered”, and take “your meds” bullshit! You sound like five year old who can barely even articulate a coherent sentence! I’m sorry that you and “New Age Fairy” are both beta males who can’t handle masculinity! If it’s too intense for you, then maybe you shouldn’t try to put your two cents into something that didn’t even concern you and you mind your own business!

    Your monitor must be covered in foam from all the saliva pouring out of your mouth.

    Is that some kind of deviant sexual fantasy of yours?! Does it excite you to say something that dumb when you should know that’s logically impossible to produce that amount of saliva?! Also I’m not on a “monitor”! Once again, that shows how much you really know what you’re talking about!

    Maybe you need to get tested for rabies.

    If I did truly have “rabies”, I would even be so debilitated that I wouldn’t even be able to type anything at all! Perhaps you should learn what “rabies” actually is! But let me ask you this, have you ever gotten an I.Q. test as well as been checked for Asperger’s Syndrome?!

    Just goes to show how the Jesus Cult is the worst, most dangerous cult of all.


    In what way is Jesus a “cult”?! Can you even define what a “cult” is?! Sure, there have been false converts all throughout history who did bad things but even Jesus Christ and the Apostles warned that would happen! There will always be bad people who twist anybody’s words for evil! Just look at what Charles Mason did with The Beatles song: “Helter Skelter” and how he thought it was an “apocalyptic sign” to go and kill a whole bunch of people and start a “race war” while him and his followers went and hid out in the desert until it was over and then they would take over the world when mankind killed each other!

    You don’t get to slap everybody who calls themselves “Christians” together as one like every stupid non-believer does and then blame them all for it! Just like you don’t get call Charles Mason a true “hippie” and a “Beatles fan”! The Beatles would’ve spit on him for believing that was what their song was telling him to do just like there’s many false “Christians” who did evil in the name of “Jesus” that are burning in Hades today! The Bible makes it VERY CLEAR that there are specific doctrines and a code of conduct to abide by and if you don’t, then you’re NOT a true follower of Jesus Christ and aren’t born again! If you don’t have an understanding of The WHOLE Word of God to know what those doctrines are, then you have no right to judge them! This is one of the many reason why The Apostles talked about that non-believers like you have NO RIGHT to judge the elect, especially since you’re a sinner who’s sins haven’t been covered by the blood of Jesus’ atonement!

    However we will judge you and the rest of the whole world! You can laugh and mock all you want! Just be warned what The Word of God says about that!

    “Do not be deceived: God is NOT mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.”

    – Galatians 6:7

    One day, you and Mr. “New Age Fairy” will find out the truth! As it was written,

    “As I live, says the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.”

    – Romans 14:11


    “so that at The Name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to The Glory of God The Father.”

    – Philippians 2:10-11

    One day, whether you suppress the knowledge of God or not (just like Romans 1:18 prophecies that you and all sinners would do)!

    The truth is that YOU KNOW JESUS IS GOD! You suppress The Truth and lie to yourself so that you can be your own God! Jesus wanted about what would happen to those who didn’t want Him to be King over them!

    “But as for these enemies of mine, who did not want Me to reign over them, bring them here and slaughter them before me.’”

    – Luke 19:27


    “he also will drink The Wine of God’s Wrath, poured full strength into the cup of his anger, and he will be tormented with fire and sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and *IN THE PRESENCE* of The Lamb.”

    – Revelation 14:10


    But regardless of whether you acknowledge that or supress that truth out of cowardice, though it will do you no good, one day, you will bow to the True God, The Lord Jesus Christ! Whether you bow out of holy humility and rightful acknowledgement of His perfection and worthiness as The King of kings, The Lord of lords, and The God of all gods or his 10 foot angels with their flaming weapons and unsurmountable strength BREAK YOUR LEGS so that you will bow and then thrown your ass into the fires of Gehenna afterwards! Know that one way or another, YOU WILL BOW TO JESUS AND TO ME AS HIS HIS CO-HEIR! You will suffer greatly for every wrongful thought, deed, and word that commit against me!

    Repent now, while you still can! Don’t be foolish! Don’t be a secular jackass anymore!

        • I “doubt it” too! It “sounds more like” you’re about to be “a graduate” from Skull-Smashed University! But the only degree you’re going to get is from a Doctor with a PhD that’s confounded of how fix your ass! Don’t worry, we’re going to use your hospital photos as the mascot for SSU!

          • The correct preposition to use following “confounded” is “by,” not “of.”

            Obsession with violence does not preclude proper grammar and the character you have created has a fine grasp of English.

      • Hey, “Monkey” boy! How about you stop dancing and throwing your shit at our conversation before I dox and hunt your ass down and rip your tail right off your ass!

        • Let’s calm this down a bit. I love virile exchange but this is moving in the wrong direction. When King Ravana tried to burn the monkey Hanuman’s tail, it lit on fire but the darn monkey slipped away and used his tail to burn down his kingdom. I like what one commenter said of this, “and for the first time in his life, the king tasted fear.”

          • Leave it to Frank to be obnoxious and hinder free speech!

            That little story doesn’t apply to me! I’ve got God on my side! I have enough wisdom to rip the tail off the ass FIRST, so it doesn’t even matter if he runs away! That’s what I said! Be he isn’t going to run away if he’s chained up! But taking his own tail and lighting his house on fire with it afterwards with him in it to burn alive while he’s locked in chains with no way to escape, sounds like a wonderful idea! 🤔 Thanks for the inspiration! 😉

    • This is epic false flag trolling!

      [standing ovation]

      Your willingness to put the time into this performance is impressive.

      You had me going for a while, but I started to laugh after a while because it was sooo over this top. This was the give-away: “Does it excite you to say something that dumb when you should know that’s logically impossible to produce that amount of saliva?!”

      I share your sense of humor. Please continue to grace us with your irony.

      Viva El Anti-Cult!

      • “This is epic false flag trolling!”

        “[standing ovation]”

        Give a “standing ovation” to yourself for your ability to live breathing on this earth with a microscopic brain and are a medical phenomenon because you’re the only one “trolling” here, you little dick!

        “Your willingness to put the time into this performance is impressive.”

        I’m sure somebody with your lack of attention span would find that “impressive”! But no dumbass, the only thing that will be “impressive” about this is when doctors examine your brain as well as all the other rolling little pieces of fucking shit here on Frank Report as well as all the parasites around the world and create a solution to exterminate you little cockroaches from the face of the earth and free the rest of the human race from you little pieces of fucking shit! Then we’ll find it “impressive”! And then even I’ll be “impressed”!

        “You had me going for a while, but I started to laugh after a while because it was sooo over this top. This was the give-away: “Does it excite you to say something that dumb when you should know that’s logically impossible to produce that amount of saliva?!”

        Did I?! No, I think you got yourself going there, buddy! Yeah, I’m sure that you find logic funny! No surprise there! I said that because you were the jackass who said that I was “foaming all over my computer monitor”! I know you’re being sarcastic, but it was still stupid regardless!

        “I share your sense of humor. Please continue to grace us with your irony.”

        No, you really don’t “share” anything with me! I can promise you that we have nothing in common! This isn’t “humor” for any intellectual adult! Only to some socially stifled punk kid who’s got serious mental issues like you, would find it be funny! HEY, GROW UP, YOU DUMB DICK!

        “Viva El Anti-Cult!”

        “Viva El Anti-Troll!”

        • Now your character has run out of theological steam and you are left with playground insults.

          Not even a single Bible verse quotation?! That would be like Two Lawyers not using nonsense Latin — totally out of character.

          I like this character, though. To keep it going, you need to pull in other interlocutors. So many options on the Frank Report.

          • “Now your character has run out of theological steam and you are left with playground insults.”

            It’s not a “character” and you’re the one that obviously keeps repeating yourself!

            “Not even a single Bible verse quotation?! That would be like Two Lawyers not using nonsense Latin — totally out of character.”

            I don’t always quote The Bible, Dumbass!

            “I like this character, though. To keep it going, you need to pull in other interlocutors. So many options on the Frank Report.”

            Oh, you got a new catchphrase?! Now you’re just going to keep saying “character”! And you want to talk about “playground insults”?! How about you go get some real *character*, shitbird!

  • Marc Elliot is a brittle soul.

    If India was a close friend ( s the lawsuit states) Marc – why not contact India directly? And ask her to blur your image?

    BTW people are allowed to have opinions about people they know. India can think whatever she wants about you. So brittle, Marc. Brittle soul.

    Marc, why did you wait so long to sue? For the profits on ‘Seduced’ to roll in? It’s been out for a minute. Now you’re putting the show back into the spotlight.

    The cult dead-enders think nothing of mocking and lampooning Brian Booth with a derisive meme.

    And characterizing FBI worker Booth as a habitual liar. With no basis.

    Brian Booth was just doing his job. But the Nxivm loyalists seek to publicly humiliate and discredit him professionally.

    They put their attacks on Brian Booth all over social media. Putting Brian Booth and his family in danger from ginned-up lunatics.

    Nxivm dead-enders are disgraceful, stalking, hypocritical, and low-down dirty creeps.

    Just like their filthy cult leader!

  • Nicki Clyne has retweeted
    Joseph Tully
    8 min.
    As a criminal defense attorney, I fight for Justice. In this case we seek it in civil court. NXIVM was unjustly tried and prosecuted in the media before any member faced criminal charges. I stand for honest media, due process, and fair trials. My hope is that others do also.

  • Nicki Clyne 1h

    Marc Elliot used NXIVM’s unique methodology to overcome his severe case of Tourette’s Syndrome. (See more at

    Nicki Clyne

    The lawsuit claims STARZ and the producers used creative film editing, splicing together out of context video footage from different settings, and adding footage from Waco, Jonestown, and ISIS training camps…

    Nicki Clyne
    1 h
    …to characterize Marc as a weaponized, dangerous, brainwashed terrorist soldier primed to kill at NXIVM’s command. Marc is standing up for his reputation, and refuting the dark fiction created by STARZ, that the 17,000 NXIVM students were part of a dangerous “sex cult.”

    Nicki Clyne
    1 h
    Marc Elliot used NXIVM’s unique methodology to overcome his severe case of Tourette’s Syndrome. (See more at

    Nicki Clyne
    Marc argues that Catherine and India Oxenberg specifically targeted his reputation in order to prevent him from carrying on the innovative work NXIVM was doing to help people overcome debilitating medical conditions.
    5:20 pm · 19. Oct. 2021·Twitter Web App

    Nicki Clyne
    1 h

    Marc states, “India Oxenberg knew me for years and had attended several of the same trainings that were depicted in “Seduced.” She knew these were false portrayals of my character, my work with the Tourette’s project, and of the NXIVM trainings themselves.”

    • How is it that STARZ wasn’t even released until long after Keith Raniere was convicted but Nicki Clyne acts like it was while NXIVM was still going strong?

      NXIVM doors were shut, not in business. How was Marc Elliot going to continue his work with Nancy Salzman and or Keith Raniere?

      Clyne is an idiot in her Tweets. Marc could carry on anyway.

      Don’t you picture Marc on the Titanic, with My Heart Will Go On playing in the background, Marc on the bow of this ship, saying My Tourette’s Project was spoiled by STARZ?

      The record stops with that scratching sound you hear in the movies. From the lifeboats full of ExNxers, you hear a faint sound that gets louder and louder.

      Marc, it wasn’t STARZ buddy that ruined your project. It was Keith and Nancy, they are criminals, grifters, cult leaders, come to the light, we can help you heal, here is a life ring, a life jacket, a lifeboat.

      Remember others were not made to look so good in that movie but they seemed to be doing fine in their chosen path.

      Tune back in to see if Marc, Nicki, Suneel or Eduardo, and others wake up.

      Until then, we wait with our lifelines.

      No animals were harmed in this comment. It is meant solely for fun. If your feelings are hurt, Nancy Salzman is known to be doing EMs and is still out of prison.
      Remember, there are no ultimate victims so why are you choosing to be one? Say the Mission Statement three times and I’m sure you will feel better.
      If not take your shoes off and bow to the room and thank Vanguard five times.
      If this still doesn’t help, redo Blame and Responsibility and see if you can get a hold of someone to coach you through your reaction.
      If not, go eat a hamburger, you need more protein at this point.

  • Interesting that as of this morning no other news site has published this story. That’s two days in a row.

    I’m very surprised because anything involving the NXIVM sex cult ought to generate ad revenue.

    Is everyone bored with it at this point?

  • These nxians are such hypocrites.

    Pointing the finger at girls who were sexually abused as teens saying that they are doing so because they want money. Meantime filing a claim like this.

    Nobody remembers you from either of the documentaries, Marc, because you aren’t that impressive. I’m glad you think the nxivm tech that you can’t describe helped you and 10 other people with Tourettes. But the same organization had over 100 claims and victim statements made against it and your good claims are vastly outnumbered by the bad ones.

    How you manage to stay proud of this is way beyond my comprehension.

  • And yet despite years of subsidies from Beijing, the price of rice continues to increase throughout China. Isn’t time they realize their policies have failed?

  • What happened to the Rule 33 motion all you 🤡 clowns talked about for Raniere?

    Suneel, we want to know

    How about Nicki Clyne, maybe she can answer this question?

    We want to see this motion you talked about for way too long?

    Where is the information that was going to put this FBI agent under arrest?

    Maybe you’re all as full of hot air as your Master Keith Rainier is.

    Come on guys, was this another NXIVM shit show? Just some fake news to get attention?

    None of Raniere’s lawyers are going to touch this Rule 33, are they?

    We are still waiting.

    Marc, you’re in the same boat with this lawsuit. Get ready fellow, you have no idea what deep pockets STARZ has and they are going to ask to have you pay their attorney fees.

    That’s when Clare is going to make you pay them. She will leave you high & dry when you lose. It’s what they do.

  • Ok, that’s it, I’m done. I was consciously giving this guy the benefit of the doubt because I genuinely believed he was still indoctrinated, but after reading that post, I’m starting to think he’s just a massive a*****e. At no point do I ever remember Marc being described as anything other than just being there in the doc. This screams ‘I’m Keith’s puppet and I need to lash out’. Yeah, I’m done…I hope madame karma bites him in the a** now.

  • Marc,

    Do all the Nxivm male dead-enders share the same blue suit, white button-down, and red tie?

    Is it like the Allison Mack V-Week white dress DOS passes around?

    I think Suneel should wear his open to the waist, sparkly, tight black one-piece next time he poses in front of the American flag – so people can see your individual selves and not the cult-conforming personalities.


  • Alanzo, I also misunderstood you. Your response to Marc trying to make others wrong is to treat it like a joke rather than a tragedy. You sit there enjoying watching Marc trying to impose his Truth on others and make it The Truth.

    Why are you so hateful? What do you fear? Why do you have to simplify the world into black and white? Why can’t you accept that others have their Truth?

    Why do you need to label everyone as Cultist or Anticultists? What is the need in your soul that leads you to fear?

    You would benefit from reading Marshall Rosenbergs crucial book “Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life”.

    I will always stand beside those who search for Truth, not THE Truth.

  • Marc, I now realize that I seriously misunderstood you. I thought from your previous writings and documentary that you were telling your Truth.

    However, by filing a lawsuit, you are trying to make Starz and the filmmakers wrong in one of the strongest ways possible.

    Why are you invested in making them wrong?

    What is missing in yourself that you are trying to fill by imposing your Truth on others and making it The Truth?

    Where does this Hate inside you come from? What is the Void you are trying to fill? Fear leads to hate. What do you fear when you look in your mirror?

    Focus on love. Accept that others’ Truth is their Truth. That does not impinge on your Truth.

    I will always stand beside those who search for Truth, not THE Truth.

    • “I will always stand beside those who search for Truth, not THE Truth.”

      I’m so tired of people who think like this! It’s very obvious that you’re a post-modernist! I’m not for post-modernism! Post-modernism is for beta-male idiots! Post-modernism is the belief that “there is no such thing as objective truth. Truth is subjective to the individual”! This movement is a false movement that has devastated the minds of society today!

      We can end this real quick! If I tell you don’t jump off a bridge with sharp rocks at the bottom and warn you that you will either die or, by the grace of God, be severely disabled probably for life, and you say “My personal truth is that I will fly”, will I be wrong?! Is it just my “personal truth” or is there an objective law of physics?! Should I just accept their “personal truth” and not try to save them?! Am I “hateful” for that?!

      Is two plus two equaling four just a “personal truth”?! Or is there an objective way to do math?!

      That is a completely imbecilic mindset that could easily be destroyed with just the smallest amount of common sense (which I wouldn’t be shocked to find out that you believe that “common sense” is subjective too)!

      The next thing is your worldview about “hate”! I do agree that there are versions of hate that are bad. Typically ones having to do with prejudice (and sometimes there are nuances to that). For example, for me to hate all blondes because I believe in the stereotype that “All blondes are stupid and, therefore, don’t they deserve to live because their stupidity is a cancer to our society and that our society would be better off if we slaughtered them all” is wrong!

      Now there are GOOD versions of hate! For example, if I HATE somebody or something that is evil and I HATE the pain and injustice that it brings, that is a good version of HATE! I hate pedophiles, I hate murderers, I hate thieves, I hate corrupted and tyrannical political leaders, I hate peoples who cheat on their husbands, I hate gang members who torture and oppress innocent lives and think that their “badasses” for it!

      I hate wicked and evil people and things that people create that are evil! That kind of hate isn’t wrong! And that kind of hatred is needed more in our society! It is YOUR type of thinking that has made our society degenerates because we should never stand up to this kind of shit and if we do, then it’s “hate”! This kind of hate isn’t “fear”, It’s a holy and righteous kind of hate! If you think otherwise, then you’re an idiot who HATES the objective truth because you “fear” ACTUAL TRUTH!

      True “love” hates evil and hates anything that isn’t objective truth! You have no clue what true love is! Perhaps you even project “fear” of it because you “fear” real love because you can’t control it with your own version of “the truth”!

      In regards to “violence”, once again much like we discussed about “hate”, there is good violence and bad violence! For example, a good version of violence would be defending your home if somebody broke in trying to rob, rape, and kill your family! Beating the shit out of a bully who oppresses innocent people because he thinks “they’re weird” or “nerds” or “weak”!

      Defending your country through war against an oppressive country that if you don’t do anything and just sit there with your hands duct-taped and shoved up your ass while you’re preaching “love”, they don’t give fucking shit and they’re going to invade regardless and it’s kill or be killed is another good version of violence! This country was born out of bloodshed and if those honorable men who sacrificed their lives for this country didn’t use “violence”, then your ass wouldn’t even be in this country to underhandedly blaspheme their “false methods”!

      A bad version of violence would obviously be something like a group of black thugs mugging an innocent old white lady, taking turns gang-raping her, shooting her for a gang initiation, and then high-fiving each other while she lays on the ground dead in a pool of tears and blood!

      I also believe that another important form of violence that is needed more in society is for justice! This nation has become pussies with the death penalty and because of that, our nation is struggling more and more with degeneracy! People aren’t afraid to do evil anymore! There used to be a beautiful time when people did half of the shit that people do today such as adultery, murder, rape, pedophilia, gangs, stealing, corruption, thought crimes (but we have to be extremely careful about that one), etc, they were brutally tortured to death! We need medieval torture devices again!

      The fact of the matter is when you don’t have violence and fear as a deterrent, the more and more evil and depraved society will become! You will never completely rid the earth of violence and as long as there is bad violence, there needs to be good violence to correct it, bring justice to it, and prevent the worst possible outcomes to society because of it! THE TRUTH IS THAT YOU WILL NEVER HAVE TRUE PEACE ON THIS EARTH WITHOUT GOOD VIOLENCE TO CREATE IT AND SUSTAIN IT! I’m sorry that your hippie/Gandhi polluted mind doesn’t understand that! You can go along with your “personal truth” and think you and the other idiots who improperly think like you will “permanently put an end to all violence” (which is really anything that doesn’t agree with you and your postmodern worldview) and deceive yourselves, but you will find out shortly before you all die that the objective truth will prevail over your “personal truth”!

      Your mindset is a disgrace and you know nothing about real truth, love, and peace! The truth is that YOUR hate and fear that you project onto others blind you from genuinely seeing it! And because of that, you make our society fragile cowards who will not be able to survive and stand up valiantly against tyrants and evil in the only way it will ever be stopped! You’re not a “seeker of truth”! You know nothing of it! You’re a fraud! You’re a pussy who knows nothing about what it takes to establish a successful society that can sustain itself and while you claim to be “against violence”, you spit on our founding fathers and the soldiers of this country’s graves who laid down their lives in bloodshed so you could have the free speech to contradict them and contradict your own mind and sound like a beta-male idiot in the process like the cluster-fuck of the train of thought that you are!

      You and you and everybody else with the exact same thought crimes as you WILL NEVER BRING AN END TO VIOLENCE ON THE EARTH! Counterintuitively and ironically, you all will only bring MORE VIOLENCE to the world by letting evil that will NEVER submit to your mindset and will do nothing but laugh at it hold it with scorn, triumph over good while you passively allow their bloodshed to rapidly increase because you’re “not going to go to their level” (even though it isn’t! It’s above their level because the people fighting back didn’t start it and are try to protect the innocent while they’re trying to destroy it)! And that will be the downfall and death to us all!


      • You are clearly very hurt and angry. I’m deeply sorry you feel that way.

        What is the fear that is driving the hate that leads to your anger?

        What is it about yourself that you find so troubling when you look in the mirror?

        I do not know anything about postmodernism. That is a strange word. Do you mean futurism?

        My view that God/Goddess/Godbeing represent Love comes from Truth found in all world religions if you take away the fear/hate/anger that has warped their Truth. Buddha, Krisha, Vishnu, Zeus, Odin, Moses, Jesus, Mohamed and all spiritual seekers of Truth are saying the same thing if you understand them properly.

        Be easy and compassionate with your own Self first. Only then can you have compassion for Others.

        You might read Marshall Rosenberg’s book “Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life” and find you look better when you look in the mirror.

        I will always stand beside those who search for Truth, not THE Truth.

        • “You are clearly very hurt and angry. I’m deeply sorry you feel that way.”

          Yeah! I understand you use the same arguments over and over because if you can use this ad hominem psycho-babble, somehow the logic I point out is somehow magically dissolved! How about you just deal with the points?! I’m “angry” at what people like you are doing to our culture! Yes! Am I “hurt” by you?! No! But I do acknowledge how your mindset DOES “hurt” our society and future as a whole!

          “What is the fear that is driving the hate that leads to your anger?”

          What is the source that taught you this ridiculous beta-male jargon that keeps you from dealing with the points I made objectively and not try to attack the person’s psychology! That’s a logical fallacy! But to answer your stupidity, “fear” has nothing to with this, wannabe Dr. Phil! What is your ‘fear’ that makes you keep using this fallacious argument as a red herring so that you don’t have to answer my points objectively?!

          “What is it about yourself that you find so troubling when you look in the mirror?”

          That people like you actually exist and use this kind imbecility instead of any hint rationale!

          “I do not know anything about postmodernism. That is a strange word. Do you mean futurism?”

          No I did not mean ‘futurism’! I said what I meant and meant what I said! I explained what postmodernism meant! How about you actually go learn the word that labels your false mindset?! Let me tell you one last time, a postmodernist believes that there is NO objective truth! That all ‘truth’ is subjective to any individual’s thoughts, feelings, anecdotal experiences, opinions, ideas, and interpretations. Many postmodernists use this type of argument like you do that if you don’t withhold that worldview, then you’re full of ‘hate’ because they can’t really argue because their worldview is grounded by their subjective feelings and not by facts! So the only thing they can do is project ’bad feelings’ onto somebody else who does and disagrees with them, because they challenge their belief system that makes them ‘feel’ good!

          “My view that God/Goddess/Godbeing represent Love comes from Truth found in all world religions if you take away the fear/hate/anger that has warped their Truth. Buddha, Krisha, Vishnu, Zeus, Odin, Moses, Jesus, Mohamed and all spiritual seekers of Truth are saying the same thing if you understand them properly.”

          You obvious don’t understand any theology ‘properly’! As a Christian, it is incredibly obvious that Jesus was exclusive and not inclusive,

          “Jesus said to him, ‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life. NO ONE comes to the Father EXCEPT THROUGH ME.’”

          – John 14:6

          “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.’“

          Matthew 7:21-23

          And did not Jesus himself get ‘angry’ when even his own disciples shooed the children away from him (much like you do with your false version of Jesus the the children of our future generations)?!

          “And they were bringing children to him that he might touch them, and the disciples rebuked them. But when Jesus saw it, he was *INDIGNANT* and said to them, “Let the children come to me; do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God.”

          – Mark 10:13-14

          It was very obvious that there was a thing called *heresy* which is a damnable form of thinking much like what you believe about all the religions being the same message which is idolatry which Moses (which you mentioned) warned about!

          “You shall have no other gods before me.”

          -Exodus 20:3 and Deuteronomy 5:7

          by the way, Moses himself was even *ANGRY* when the Israelites worshipped the golden calf (much like you worship your own golden calf)!

          “And as soon as he came near the camp and saw the calf and the dancing, Moses’ *ANGER* burned hot, and he threw the tablets out of his hands and broke them at the foot of the mountain.”

          – Exodus 32:19

          You are a heretic and know nothing what Jesus taught and are being used by Satan to deceive our youth! Let me ask you, do you know what Jesus said about people like you who cause his children to sun against Him?!

          “whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.”

          – Matthew 18:16

          “Be easy and compassionate with your own Self first. Only then can you have compassion for Others.”

          Get yourself right with Jesus first and then you will know what true ‘compassion’ is!

          “You might read Marshall Rosenberg’s book “Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life” and find you look better when you look in the mirror.”

          I saw you advertising this shitty book onto somebody else! Is this the source that raped your brain and turned you into a beta-male?! You constantly say the same things over and over! It’s very obvious you can’t logically debate! Perhaps YOU might want to read The Bible and learn what true masculinity is and then you’ll understand what Paul said,

          “When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways. For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known.”

          – 1 Corinthians 13:11-12

          You obsession with ‘mirrors’ with not save what’s within, your spirit and soul! No physical mirror can expose that! The tire mirror that can show you how wretched you are is the commandments of God. They are there to show you how imperfect you are and how much you need a savior! That savior is Jesus Christ! Repent and acknowledge Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior and not by your own works and follow His true doctrines and gospel or you will burn in the fires of Hades and Ghenna!

          “I will always stand beside those who search for Truth, not THE Truth.”

          Yeah I know you use the same phrases over and over like somebody with autism! Jesus is the ONLY TRUTH and if you don’t ‘stand for Him correctly, then you know nothing of the truth! You’ve made up your own God and worship a golden calf! Repent now, while you still can!

          • This is the most hilarious exchange I’ve ever read on the Frank Report.

            New Age Fairy vs. Unhinged Jesus Boy: Battle of the Betas

            New Age Fairy is cranking the organ and Unhinged Jesus Boy is dancing like a monkey.

    • “I will always stand beside those who search for Truth, not THE Truth.”

      I will always stand beside those who search for my Truth (confirmation bias) not reality.

      • “I will always stand beside those who search for Truth, not THE Truth.”

        I will always stand beside those who search for my Truth (confirmation bias) not reality.’

        Amen! But, of course, this idiot doesn’t believe in an objective reality to begin with! Because this individual is a post-modern moron who believes that “‘truth’ is subjective to any individual’s thoughts, feelings, anecdotal experiences, opinions, ideas, and interpretations. And that ANYTHING AND/OR ANYBODY who doesn’t agree with that is consumed by ‘hate’, ‘violence’, and, therefore, ultimately, full of ‘fear’”!

        In other words, if you don’t let EVERYBODY believe ANYTHING THAT THEY WANT AND MAKE THEM ‘FEEL GOOD’, you’re a pussy! What great circular reasoning and infinite plausible deniability! That just rigs reality to always be a fake winner! And if you don’t let them just steal the prize of intelligence, then “you’re a pussy”! How do you talk to somebody that Godforsaken stupid?! It’s these people that are destroying our society these days! Including our future via our children! I consider these types of people the greatest traitors of intelligence and truth in modern history today! It is ASTOUNDING that people are this godawful dumb to believe this kind of sophistry! It makes me sick!

          • “I’d find your posts convincing if you would use more all caps and exclamation points.“

            If you can’t just extract the knowledge and acknowledge how ‘convincing’ the logic in of itself without this kind of bullshit trolling that you’re doing, then it’s probably better that you shouldn’t even be here talking to anybody at all!

        • Again, I’m so sorry that what I have written is so hard for you to emotionally process.

          It seems like maybe your Truth is caught up with your own sense of masculinity and that the only appropriate way for a man to show any negativity is through anger.

          I took a Womyn’s Studies for Men class at my local community college and it really helped me get in touch with my feminine side and feelings.

          _Masculinities_ by Raewyn W. Connell might help you reconsider hegemonic masculinity.

          Know that I am your ally no matter how much you Hate me.

          I will always stand beside those who search for Truth, not THE Truth.

          • “Again, I’m so sorry that what I have written is so hard for you to emotionally process.”

            Again, I’m so sorry that what I have written is so hard for you to *MENTALLY process* because everything that you interpret is filtered through your fragile emotions. Why is why you’re so focused on everything I say having to be ‘emotionally process[ed]’!

            “It seems like maybe your Truth is caught up with your own sense of masculinity and that the only appropriate way for a man to show any negativity is through anger.”

            No I’m my ‘anger’ at the how much our society is poisoned by people like you! And you also don’t know anything about masculinity if you would honestly say something like that!

            “I took a Womyn’s Studies for Men class at my local community college and it really helped me get in touch with my feminine side and feelings.”

            That explains a lot! So you’re either a beta-male or just an even more emotionally fragile female with a mind that has been mentally raped through our corrupted education systems at American colleges! Go figure! That’s helps me solve this little dilemma where you got all of this garbage spoon-fed to you! I should’ve known! Thanks for sharing that with me!

            “_Masculinities_ by Raewyn W. Connell might help you reconsider hegemonic masculinity.”

            I highly doubt that! My authority on masculinity doesn’t rest with the fallible words of men, but with The INFALLIBLE Word of God!

            “Know that I am your ally no matter how much you Hate me.”

            I don’t ‘hate’ you! I hate your stupidity and what this kind of bullshit is doing to my country!

            “I will always stand beside those who search for Truth, not THE Truth.“

            Again, no you don’t! Jesus Christ is The Only Truth! Without Him and His proper doctrines and proper gospel, you know NOTHING of ‘Truth’!

            Now if you want to have a conversation with me, please do not use your same perpetually recycled autistic psycho-babble about ‘fear’, ‘anger’, ‘hurt’, ‘truth’, ‘love’, ‘compassion’, ‘looking in a mirror’, your warped views of ‘masculinity’, recommending books culturally and socially destructive books, playing this game of the ‘loving patronizing martyr’, universal/inclusive pseudo-theology, postmodernism, and all the other effeminate things that you do as well as your stupid little “I will always stand beside those who search for Truth, not THE Truth.“ autistic catchphrase at the end of every single damn post that you write, even though you know NOTHING of ‘truth’!

            You’re like Pontius Pilate who said, ‘what is truth’ to the very incarnation of truth standing right in front of him!

            I’ve answered all of these things and debunked them! All you’re doing is wasting my time and yours! Just deal straight and focus on a laser beam on what I’m saying! If you can’t do that and are just going to continue to beat around the bush with all the same old bullshit that you say over and over like a broken record, then I’m just going to deem you too mentally incompetent to debate, take my intellectual victory, and just ignore you!

            LAST CHANCE!

          • Unhinged Jesus Boy, take your meds, dude.

            I can’t believe I’m writing this, but New Age Fairy has a point: you are emotionally triggered beyond all rationality.

            Your monitor must be covered in foam from all the saliva pouring out of your mouth.

            Maybe you need to get tested for rabies.

            Just goes to show how the Jesus Cult is the worst, most dangerous cult of all.

          • ==I will always stand beside those who search for Truth, not THE Truth.

            This is a false dichotomy. There is only one truth. There is no “my” or “your” truth. There is only “my” or “your” subjective perspective, desires, opinions, tastes, inner experience, and thoughts. Even in the latter, thoughts are true only in as much as the “I” objectively recognizes those beliefs as conforming with reality. You may be a schizo and see images of people in your subjective consciousness and believe they exist external to you. Those images are true (or real) only in your consciousness because your first person experience is accessible to you, and others can only believe that they are true (or real) to you, but those people are not true (or real) in the objective world whether you believe them to be so or not. If humans did not have the power of objectivity, communication among them would be impossible.

  • Every time they label Raniere a “scientist”, I want to sue for defamation on behalf of science.

    Seen on Twitter today

      • And gonna add the use of “technology” to that defamation case. The misapplication of terminology to impress people seems to have been a typical KR tactic. Just add it onto his roster of manipulation techniques.

  • Nicki Clyne
    I keep getting calls from someone at FCI Allenwood, where COVID is making the rounds. If inmates complain of symptoms, they get sent to the SHU, so they suffer in silence, and spread the virus. He told me someone was put in a respirator and finally lost their battle last night Broken heart

    I have a cousin who is an Anesthesiologist on the East Coast.
    Putting a patient on a ventilator or respirator is always the last thing that should be done.
    Not the first.
    When a machine starts breathing for someone it is difficult to wean the patient off of the machine and restore natural breathing.

    That’s why so many Covid patients put on respirators die.

    The real solution is to use therapeutics to treat Covid 19 as early as possible.
    Medicines like HCQ, Ivermectin, and Regeneron are all safe and effective if applied early enough.
    There is some evidence that Vitamins C and D-3 if combined with zinc can help treat Covid-SARS 2.
    There are even reports that low dose aspirin can help with the blood clotting and inflammation of Covid-19.

    The last thing to do is listen to that crackpot Anthony Fauci.
    Fauci’s vaccine did not prevent Covid-19 from killing Colin Powell.

    Joe Rogan is a better doctor than Anthony Fauci.

    • At a certain age, the immune system weakens by itself. A completely normal process. At a certain point, a vaccination also fails, this is also a normal and explainable process. You don’t need conspiracy theories for that.

    • I can’t think of any better source of medical advice than a washed-up actress with Keith Raniere’s initials branded into her coochie.

      • Washed up and still trying to milk her BSG role from about 20 years ago. She constantly posts pics of herself on that show that only highlight how long ago it was. She was a kid. Now she’s pushing 40. She’s saying she’s always being recognized from BSG. Sure, Nicki…It couldn’t possibly be from your cult being all over the news.

        • Just Sayin’

          Nicki Clyne is a shameless attention and approval fiend. It’s embarrassing.

          Very much like watching Nicki attempt stand-up comedy. It’s uber cringey.

    • Powell was in treatment for multiple myeloma. Read: He was being treated for a type of blood cancer. Meaning he had basically no immune system.

      People who allowed the Rona to spread and mutate killed him.

      Whether this fact is good or bad or indifferent is up to you. But don’t blame the vaccine.

    • “Fauci’s vaccine did not prevent Covid-19 from killing Colin Powell.”

      Gen Powell also had cancer.

      Plus, those who are unvaxed are about 10 times more likely to die from Covid than those who are vaxed.

  • Colin Powell Dies of Covid-19 Despite Being Fully Vaccinated!

    “Fully Vaccinated” Colin Powell Dies From Covid Complications

    Despite being “fully vaccinated,” former Bush acolyte Colin Powell died from “Covid complications” on Monday.

    In a statement announcing his death, Powell’s family made the point that “he was fully vaccinated.”

    • As usual, Shadowstate, you leave out the most important part of the story if it has anything to do with COVID-19. In this particular instance, your omission has to do with the fact that Colin Powell had undergone treatment for multiple myeloma, which had totally compromised his immune system.

      And, once again, I do not understand your agenda in trying to get people to forego vaccine shots.

      Nor do I understand what experience or expertise you have that would cause anyone to listen to you about this topic (I’ve asked you before to elaborate on that experience or expertise but just like Suneel, you don’t answer questions that would force you to admit you’re just blowing smoke up Frank Report readers’ asses).

      • I totally agree KRC. The ignorance and stupidity displayed by Shadowland on this topic is troubling. I see parallels with people that join a cult.

      • Frank & Claviger,

        I, humbly request:

        ShadowState be banned from commenting on Covid-19, until he explains why Donald Trump received the Covid vaccine.

        Why should Shadowstate be allowed to continue pretending to be a Covid-19 expert, if he can’t answer the simplest question. “Why did Trump receive the Covid vaccine?”

        Please consider my request.

        • I agree with you 100%. But we both know that Shadowstate is too chicken-shit to answer any tough questions.

        • Why are any of the completely not on-topic comments allowed at all?

          Not singling any one person out. All of the not on-topic comments are awful, distracting, and self-indulgent.

          It’s like people trying to have a discussion at a dinner party and some kook shows up and keeps screaming, “Feces! Feces!”

        • huntingtonpeople2– Yes, it is disturbing, and I’ve heard similar stories like it that I’m not sure what to think of.
          But I concur that the off-topic comments are annoying and irrelevant as “Why is it allowed at all” so hilariously observed (“Feces!” “Feces!!” LOL) Mostly I just tune it out and scroll on.

          On topic, I feel sorry for Marc. It does seem manipulative the way things were spliced and edited, and when it’s yourself on there, it’s easy to focus on that and feel violated and paranoid that the whole world will see you and remember. But I’ve watched “Seduced” –(when it came out, so that’s a while ago now). And I don’t even remember that Marc was in it at all let alone did it give me the impression that he’s a Nazi misogynist…

          Will be interesting to see how that lawsuit pans out. As someone else mentioned, STARZ has deep pockets. Hope Marc and his lawyers know what they’re getting into.

    • Shadowstate-

      Why did Donald Trump receive the vaccine?

      You’ll never answer the question, because you suffer from ‘cognitive dissonance‘ amongst a host of other issues.

    • Dying people die, even if they are vaccinated. And multiple myeloma is incurable. Treatment only prolongs life expectancy, but does not cure the disease.

    • I thought Shadow was OK but he is definitely not. He’s still sick in the mind these days re “flu”. Marc Elliot, whose Tourettes is acknowledged as both genetic and environmental dependant, has already signed off the latter but tamed the former. If he gets his wish with increasing his environment by $6m lawsuit, his Tourettes has nothing to worry about 🙂

    • Colin Powell
      Born: April 5, 1937
      Deceased: 18 October 2021

      Colin Powell lived to be 84 years and six and a half months old. That’s much longer than the life expectancy of today’s U.S. citizens, which is only 76.9 years. Life expectancy in the U.S. declined by 1.79 years from 2018 to 2020. Shadowstate shouldn’t complain that Powell died. He fared better than others who died earlier.

  • Marc,

    You danced at the detention center every night. For quite a while. Every. Night.

    Keith moved to another prison. And you never came to MDC to “lift our spirits” again

    You abandoned us. And your websites.

    Are we not as you?

    Was the term “forgotten ones” meant ironically?

    Do you no longer want to “make justice blind”?

      • Yes. Nicki, Suneel, Danielle, Michelle, Eduardo, Linda and a few others made me a sign.

        They told other people who had family inside MDC they were dancing for me. And that they cared about the conditions of all inmates in MDC.

        Then Keith was moved.

        And all the support disappeared!

        They let their THREE Websites go…

        And they won’t tell me why.

        Thank YOU for caring!

        What they did was really heartbreaking to me.

        • Sorry to hear they played you like that Kay Rose. No one deserves to get their feelings dashed and their homes trashed but using people is what nxivm does. I wish you all the best 🙂 Stick around!

  • I watched Seduced and do not even remember this clown. Mark Vicente, on the other hand, came off horribly in it but I’m guessing he is not interested in taking any action.

    • Benjicarver,

      Agree. Marc is the only one drawing attention to himself. I don’t remember him ‘Seduced’ at all.

  • Suneel has given up on the EXIF data appeals angle and is now just trying to cover his own ass to keep from getting hauled into court.

    Keith now has the bright idea that drawing even more attention to all the crazy, evil crap that has been spewing for years out of his pie hole is a good idea.

    He thinks repeatedly shooting himself in the face makes him handsome.

    • Official-

      Suneel may have corrupted/contaminated his copy of the files. I’ve read up on “forensic copies” and it can take hours to properly produce a forensic copy (image) of a hard drive’s data.

      If Suneel emailed his copy of the hard drive files, the emailed files will be, at the very least, partially corrupted.
      The experts’ opinions, based on emailed files are worthless.

      Forensic computer protocols were not followed, therefore Suneel’s proof is worthless and invalid in a court of law.

      Point Being:
      We have no idea if Suneel followed Forensic Computer standards/protocols in obtaining his copies of the hard drives. An actual Forensic Copy takes many hours to produce. How did Suneel have so much time to make a copy?

      Arguing about Suneel’s evidence is moot and Suneel may end up with a felony conviction for no reason whatsoever!

  • Another desperate act. I am not surprised that someone involved in NXVIM does not have the wisdom to not draw attention to himself.

  • One of the things that struck me in Seduced was India saying she learned there was a lot of wife swapping going on in Nxivm. No one ever supported India’s claim so maybe it was a lie to make Seduced more sexy.

    • I am waiting for the defamation lawsuit from the alleged “wife” swapping couples like Mark V and Bonnie, Nippy and Sarah E, plus Mark H and Krisin Kreuk. Wait — can’t sue if true!

      Now that would make a interesting documentary.

  • Good for you, Marc. Both series are ridiculous and poorly edited to make the story interesting for people to watch. The reality is that both shows are bad and they violated not only Marc’s but other people’s rights. I hope you win this one, Marc. Justice on top of all.

    • Sarah, your prose is bland and glib even when supposedly in defense of something oddly familiar, like the writing of your namesake Sara Bronfman on her fake ‘edumacationalist twatter page’. Coincidence?

  • hard to believe there’s no one at PA MDC who can give us an update on the caged Bear, Clare.

    • With COVID-19 protocols in place, the movement of guards is very restricted in most federal prisons – which has really hampered our ability to get updates on Keith, Clare or Allison. Rest assured that when we finally get past that problem, we’ll be able to provide more updates.

      • I doubt there is much to say. Of the three, I suspect that only Keith wants attention. The other two probably just want to vanish from the public eye.

        • Regardless of whether it has any merit, I don’t think this lawsuit will succeed because if it ever goes to trial – which, as explained below, is something I seriously doubt will happen – there is little chance that 12-people are going to find in favor of someone who still supports Keith Raniere.

          Marc will undoubtedly have to testify in order to advance his claims – and when he does, he will get destroyed on cross-examination (He might even be risking a return of the Tourette’s symptoms he has fought to overcome).

          But long before it goes to trial, I think this lawsuit will be dropped when the defendants start scheduling depositions for Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman and Clare Bronfman. In this regard, there is no way that any of those three are ever going to testify under oath in a civil matter.

          • That’s gonna be a whole chorus of “plead the fifth.” I’m seeing it my head now to the tune of the “Hallelujah” chorus – I might be laughing, but Handel is rolling over in his grave.

    • Bronfman has piles of cash. I’m sure she’s doing as fine as one can in such a place, and her yenta is getting the best payday in a long time.

  • Wowza! Four possibilities: (1) Either this guy has ZERO comprehension of the situation here and the damage done–he is dim witted; (2) He is so under the cult influence that he can’t see beyond the fog or maybe he just misses his “community”; (3) He is just not mentally stable; (4) His ego took a hit and/or he wants a $ payout. Why would Frank give this guy a platform?

    If there is medical benefit there, why not pursue that with a competent, reputablle research facility for a pilot that is peer reviewed? The hybrid of NLP and hypnosis has been around a long time–you don’t need a proprietary NXIVM process to adapt it. And, that is precisely the kind of thing that NIH grants were invented for. Instead of spending money on attorneys, spend it on getting a grant.

    • Kay, you make the only point worth making in terms of how to go about testing a possible protocol with medical benefits, but, Nxivm doesn’t recognize peer review, competency, or anything approaching scientific methodology as a suitable battery for testing their beliefs. They also don’t need to apply for reputable grants, they have crime money.

  • On your YouTube video… One of the few that are available for us to watch for free, you’re opening line, I think you say, “I won’t tick”, but I swear it sounds like, “I want dick”, can you confirm or deny you want dick or you won’t tick?

  • Marc-

    I agree with you. It’s incredibly disgusting how the producers of Seduced made you appear to be a lunatic laughing at Nazis and a misogynist applauding Keith’s rape speech.

    We both know you are a “public” person from a legal standpoint…Michael Moore routinely practices the same type of slanderous deception with impunity. You’re never going to win a full judgment. If the jury awards a “full” verdict in a case like this, the judge will strike it down to a smaller amount.

    BTW: I do remember the Nazi Laughing Clip, and I remember thinking you were completely insane. I’d sue the Seduced Producers too — if it happened to me. You won’t get the money, but you’ll at least get a modicum of payback.

    I wish you luck!

      • Anonymous 12:53am

        Once again, I do not condone Marc Elliot defending Keith Raniere.

        However, the documentary makes Elliot appear as a total lunatic. Imagine if someone edited a video of you laughing at say, an execution, or applauding the love scenes in Brokeback Mountain; how pissed would you be?

        I believe the fantastical sums of money he is asking for are absurd. After all, Elliot is, in legalese, a “public person”. His motivations are likely payback, a little 5k settlement, and some free publicity. I doubt he’s dumb enough to believe he will receive a sizable verdict.

        FYI: Comparing me to “Vishnu Stansfield” hurts. It’s akin to calling someone the World’s ultimate loser. 😉

    • She’s also flirting with a muscle head named “ChadThunderCock,PhD ” on Twitter. What would Keith think about that? It definitely sounds like a “breech” to me.

    • Considering her BSG background, that is actually a pretty low number. She should consider OF instead. Might start making bank that way to support her causes.

    • That’s an argument for not having a Twitter account myself and avoiding using it as much as possible. Just as this is true for Facebook and Instagram. I can have my own website, I don’t need any of these alleged free services whose data and users they turn into money.

  • Because of Rasputin, the Mad Monk of Russia, almost every film and TV show has a disclaimer.

    The Strange Reason Nearly Every Film Ends by Saying It’s Fiction (You Guessed It: Rasputin!)

    Virtually every film in modern memory ends with some variation of the same disclaimer: “This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, is purely coincidental.” The cut-and-paste legal rider must be the most boring thing in every movie that features it. Who knew its origins were so lurid?

    For that bit of boilerplate, we can indirectly thank none other than Grigori Rasputin, the famously hard-to-assassinate Russian mystic and intimate of the last, doomed Romanovs. It all started when an exiled Russian prince sued MGM in 1933 over the studio’s Rasputin biopic, claiming that the American production did not accurately depict Rasputin’s murder. And the prince ought to have known, having murdered him.

    Here’s the story. In 1916, the fabulously wealthy, Oxford-educated Prince Felix Yusupov was one of several Russian aristocrats agonizing over the unseemly influence that Rasputin—the magical healer, charismatic lech, and peasant—had over the czar and, particularly, the czarina. In December, Yusupov invited Rasputin to his palace, where he offered him cyanide-laced cakes and then shot him.

    Although the czarina was distraught, the czar let Yusupov off lightly, exiling the prince and his wife Irina. (In doing so, he inadvertently spared them from the impending slaughter of the revolution.)

    Sixteen years later, MGM produced Rasputin and the Empress, based on those events. Its big coup was casting the three Barrymore siblings — stars of stage and silent film — in the lead roles. Lionel played Rasputin, Ethel the czarina, and John (grandfather of Drew) was “Prince Paul Chegodieff,” a composite, who murders Rasputin.

    Yusupov, now penniless in Paris, heard about the film and thought it defamatory. He argued audiences would recognize him in the fictional assassin — in part because he’d publicly cashed in on his infamy, penning a braggy memoir about killing Rasputin. He wasn’t wrong: The New York Times, in its review, noted that Chegodieff was “really intended to represent [Yusupov].”

    But having copped to being a murderer, Yusupov couldn’t build much of a libel case. Instead, he alleged that Rasputin and the Empress in fact defamed his wife.

    In the film, Chegodieff’s wife is “Princess Natasha,” a supporter of Rasputin. But the mystic, wary of her husband, hypnotizes and rapes her, rendering Natasha — by his logic, with which she agrees — unfit to be a wife. Yusupov contended that as viewers would equate Chegodieff with Yusupov, so would they link Natasha with Irina. But while Yusupov was portrayed more or less accurately, Irina and Rasputin had never met. (The scene also libeled Rasputin, but him being dead, you could say anything, then as now: “Rasputin sucks,” “Rasputin liked to caress his big beard and give it little kisses,” etc.)

    An MGM researcher had pointed out this factual discrepancy to the studio during production and warned that the Yusupovs could sue; the studio fired her. MGM was satisfied, dramatically, with the rape scene, despite there being no basis for it in real life. If it was shock they were interested in, one could imagine them constructing a similar scene around Rasputin and the czarina — about whom there were prurient rumors, which Rasputin himself encouraged by whipping his dick out in a restaurant and boasting of giving it to “the old girl” — but MGM couldn’t do that after casting a real-life brother and sister in those roles.

    Irina Yusupov sued the studio, and the jury found in her favor, awarding her £25,000, or about $125,000. MGM had to take the film out of circulation for decades and purge the offending scene for all time.

    What proved to be MGM’s undoing was its lack of deniability. Unwisely, they’d prefaced the film with this: “This concerns the destruction of an empire … A few of the characters are still alive—the rest met death by violence.” From that, audiences could logically infer that the Yusupovs, being the only relevant characters still alive, were represented as the Chegodieffs.

    A justice in the case told MGM that the studio might have stood a better chance had they incorporated a disclaimer stating the exact opposite: that the film was not intended as an accurate portrayal of real people or events.
    Apparently overcautious in the wake of the landmark lawsuit, the film industry slapped that wording on everything. For decades, films disclaimed absolutely any relationship to reality—even when it was patently untrue.

    If you ever go to Saint Petersburg be sure to visit the Yussupov Palace where Rasputin was murdered.
    It is one of the most opulent palces in Russia and it is open to the public!

      • Saint Petersburg is a beautiful city founded by Peter the Great and designed to be Russia’s Window to the West.
        It is less Asiatic than Moscow.
        St. Petersburg is Vladimir Putin’s home town.
        My Russian History Professor studied at the State University there when the city was named Leningrad.

        Saint Petersburg, Russia 🇷🇺 – by drone [4K]

    • MGM was sued in British court. Different law, different legal system. Much easier to win a libel lawsuit there.

      In the US fortunately free speech and press freedom are Constitutional rights. It’s very hard to win a libel lawsuit in the United States.

      Especially a silly lawsuit.

  • Nice little cash grab on other peoples’ documentary filmmaking. Elliott defames himself by devoting himself to an obvious con.

  • You mean Keith is suing STARZ TV.

    Marc is just his Proxy stand-in.

    Marc is Keith’s bitch boy and will get a small % if there is a win.

    If this blows up, Marc will be left holding the shit show.

    What a total idiot Elliott is.

  • Bahahahahahaha

    This is like Nancy Salzman suing Continental Airlines for refusing to give her the laptop roll-around she forgot on the tarmac.

    What a frickin joke this is going to be.

    This shows Marc Elliott is a NXIVM mobster and his family should be totally worried about him.

    Now that Nicki & Suneel have no contact with Raniere, it’s clear Marc is being #1 mind-fucked by Marc, IMO (who wants to be sued by Marcie next)

    Go Starz…

    This defamation lawsuit opens a whole can of worms when it comes to discovery, depositions and taking it to the end. Marc has no idea what Keith Raniere has gotten him into.

    Clare Bronfman
    Nancy Salzman
    Lauren Salzman
    Allison Mack
    Kathy Russell
    Brandon Potter
    Danielle Roberts
    Suneel Chakravorty

    Now Marc Elliott

    Have all fallen into the Keith Raniere trap of let’s do this GREAT IDEA and get caught with our pants down.

    Who will be next…. anyone else want to sign up?

    How about you, Nicki Clyne, want to sue The HBO Vow?

    • Nicki Clyne has benefited after all from the media bringing this forgotten, almost unknown unemployed actress back to prominence. Nicki Clyne has benefited, not financially so far, but she now has over 30,000 Twitter followers, and she has not yet been tried or landed in prison. That’s quite an achievement, compared to what could happen to her.

  • Marc,

    It’s painful.

    How important is the illusion that others have “defamed” you, “violated your right to privacy” and, thus, owe you “restitution”?

    It’s painful.

    The bill was always going to come due, it was only when.

    It’s painful.

    You can become powerful within this by discovering how you created this choice point.

    It’s painful.


    Protector of Society

  • I don’t remember anything about Marc Elliot from ‘Seduced’.

    But I do remember him from today. This article. And what a Raniere apologist Marc continues to be daily. So his reputation is damaged or not by his own hand.

    The truth is most people do not know who Marc Elliot is or think about him. At all.

  • No matter how much you hate Marc, it is still wrong for Seduced to blend two videos and make it appear as one. That’s wrong. It’s not documentary ethics. Sorry.

    It’s like in journalism taking an interviewee’s answer to a question on one topic used on another wholly different topic.

    • Or like Suneel writing as an “investigative journalist” about Keith Raniere without revealing that he has Keith Raniere’s power of attorney, right?

  • The first 7 comments posted here missed the point.

    Yes, Nxivm was a criminal organization and Marc was involved…but if the misleading editing did occur as alleged, then the Starz doc did, in fact, defame Marc using false and doctored evidence.

  • Please let this go to court. And please let STARZ collect fees after they win… Please.

    DOG LAWYER – Marc did you generally agree with Keith Raniere? His philosophy? The beliefs taught in Nxivm?

    • Rest assured that STARZ and the other defendants have got everything he’s ever posted on the web archived and a whole lot more beyond that.

      Your second question: Can you name a major point on which you have ever disagreed with Keith? Can you name one thing he ever did wrong?

      I watched the series and it never struck me that Marc Elliot was more than a bit player. It’s that old NXIVM narcissistic “I’m the center of the universe and I am the greatest victim who has ever lived” shtick in play, as always.

      Always the victims are those people whose first tenet is that there are no victims. Always hypocrisy of the first order. Such a bunch of cry babies.

      • That’s because they don’t actually believe there are no victims like everyone else. Even Keith “The VanFraud” Raniere doesn’t. His entire attempt to get out of prison is rooted in the idea that he is a victim of an “unjust” justice system.

        Keith “The VanFraud” Raniere sold this bullshyte to others so that he could deflect any wrong that he did onto others by saying “There are no victims”. That was the only purpose of it.

  • Ha ha ha.

    “Your series defamed me. I don’t want to shut it down… I just want to share the profits”.

    It does not get any funnier than that.

    Ha ha ha ha.

    BTW you have to actually suffer damages to collect $$$$.

    Not “I want a disclaimer”. Not “I want those offending parts edited out”…

    Nope! I want to share the profits!

    So… Marc… You would then have a vested financial interest in a show that you allege defamed you… So you’d be making money off it? Being, in fact, invested in ‘Seduced’ being MORE successful? And more widely watched?

    Ah ha ha ha ha! ” I’m so hurt! So deeply damaged! Can we get ‘Seduced’ on more streaming platforms? How soon”?

    My dog could win this lawsuit for STARZ today.

    • “BTW you have to actually suffer damages to collect $$$$.” Dog lawyer wins first legal case!

      Wrong! Under libel per see, damages need not be shown.

      Libel per se is where the speaker accuses someone else of committing a crime.

      When the defamation is per se, this means that the statements written or spoken by the perpetrator are harmful as others presume them to be true instead of the need to prove that damage occurred. … Some of the cases will consider the categories of untrue statements that the other person may write for libel matters.

      Libel Per Se – Why Is It Different Than Other Types of Defamation?

      Allison Mack falsely accusing others of pedophilia could be libel per se even if others do not believe it.

  • Mike Rinder posted this about Scientology’s litigation strategies the other day and it is completely relevant here since Keith learned a LOT from his time in that cult.

    This quote from L Ron Hubbard is right out of the NXIVM playbook: “The purpose of the suit is to harass and discourage rather than to win. The law can be used very easily to harass, and enough harassment on somebody who is simply on the thin edge anyway, well knowing that he is not authorized, will generally be sufficient to cause his professional decease. If possible, of course, ruin him utterly.”

    But, this isn’t going to ruin anyone.

    Keith has the money to fund his dreams. Gives him something to fantasize about while he rots away in Tuscon. I best he’s the envy of all his fellow pedo inmates. They wish they could have raped as many girls as he did.

  • Right. What a strange choice of attorneys. Does this Tully guy have a previous connection to NXIVM?

    Doesn’t look like he’s ever brought a defamation case to court before:

    Is an experienced defamation attorney scared that this suit would be frivolous? Or maybe it is because this guy seems to have appeared on the media a lot, so this is just about public relations.

    Keith has to be running this 10-ring circus. Don’t imagine the legal genius of the world’s smartest man is going to achieve different results than it has so far.

  • BAM!

    Just got back from a rush trip to Krogers. I cleaned them out of hot pockets and popcorn before everyone else.

    While driving home in my rusty bankruptcy truck, I laughed at the irony of the guy who used to have Tourette’s emerging as the most powerful speaker in this fight. No wonder the government threatened him.

    It makes you wonder – if NXIVM could do this for Marc and the others, what else could it do?

    Does anyone know of a good popcorn ETF to invest in?


    • @Alanzo, What really happened is this. Marc Elliot interpreted something the prosecutor said, as a threat, even though there was no actual evidence of him having committed any crime. This implies that the reason he didn’t give his talk was because he got scared, not because there was a real threat. Someone failed their character test. Had it been Susan Dones in his position, she wouldn’t have failed.

      Alanzo, what you are doing here now is encouraging his victimhood, rather than helping Marc to become a more powerful version of himself. Your interest in investing in popcorn ETFs shows how much you really care about Marc or anyone else you claim to support…. i.e., very little. It’s all about the validation goodies for you. Is this all you are capable of? Or are you capable of empowering those whom you claim to support?

    • I’m impressed that you’ve got your finances together enough to be able to invest in the stock market.

      The Bronfmans must be paying you well!

    • You never earned anything off investments, Alonzo, you don’t have the intelligence and balance of mind to analyse anything in futurity. Chutzpah, especially the low rent sort that is yours, can only get you so far in life, as your example clearly illustrates.

  • Sounds like business as usual – identify the “enemy” and sue them into the ground. So I was thinking Marc had a clear attachment to his NXIVM mentors KR and NS especially due to his crediting them for his recovery from Tourettes – okay, it’s hard to come to grips when your heroes expose themselves as the flawed humans that they are (in this case, criminally flawed). But now we’ve entered the whining, “blame everyone else”, “no one’s a victim except me when I’m affected” stage. What charming things NXIVM has taught.

    If there was provable creative editing that put Marc in an incorrect bad light – shame on STARZ. You’re free to state your experiences and opinions, Marc – and free to pitch it as a documentary even. If there’s little interest, that’s just the way it goes. As for your lawsuit – good luck with that. I think you’re doing a fine job of clinching my skeptical opinion of you all on your own.

  • Elliot claims he “has been subject to widespread humiliation, denigration, mental and emotional anguish, social stigma, threats, professional backlash, and occupational losses.”

    You made your bed, now you lie in it.

  • Marc can count himself lucky he’s not in deeper trouble. He complains about being ‘bullied’ by the DoJ who just issued a warning for him to stop his scheduled talk. He could well have been charged with ‘interfering in the course of justice’, considering he was splattering posters/giving talk about ‘character assassination’, ‘inaccurately described as a cult’, etc. IN THE MIDDLE of a trial to try and sway public opinion. Either Marc is a hothead who doesn’t think things through, or he was advised by ‘the two lawyers’. Now the question is: should he win (and that remains to be seen), will he spend the money on helping people with Tourette’s directly, or will he spend it all on lawyers trying to defend Raniere & co? Get on with your life, Marc. Nxivm was supposed to teach you to be independent and successful, not spend the rest of your life sucking on the t*ts of a moribund corpse, trying to revive it.

  • The Denver Post

    Judge firms up trial date for Jussie Smollett, won’t dismiss case

    By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, October 16, 2021 at 9:16 p.m.

    CHICAGO — A judge on Friday denied a last-ditch effort to dismiss a criminal case against actor Jussie Smollett, who is accused of lying to police when he reported that he was the victim of a racist, anti-gay attack in downtown Chicago in January 2019.

    An attorney for the former “Empire” actor said Smollett’s rights were being violated since he had already performed community service and given up a $10,000 bond under a previous deal with Cook County prosecutors to drop charges.

    “A deal is a deal. That’s ancient principle,” attorney Nenye Uche said.

    But Judge James Linn noted that Smollett’s case now was being led by a special prosecutor appointed by another judge, an arrangement that he would not upset.

    Linn said jury selection in Smollett’s trial would start Nov. 29.

    [ … ]

  • Waste of time and money. This will get tossed by a judge before it gets to appear before a jury.

    Really, his lawyer is hoping for a settlement. Considering how relatively low the amount is (compared to most lawsuits), he might actually get it. Depends on how much attention this gets from mainstream media. The issue isn’t are they willing to pay him just to go away (they don’t care, are used to lawsuits, and have in-house lawyers on payroll). The issue for them is would it cause others to be emboldened to do the same thing which tends to dictate their response. Be interesting to see if the gambit pays off.

    At least now we understand why all these Elliot articles were about. Was building up to this for whatever reason. Since he doesn’t have access to what he considers his greatest advertisement tool (some movie) as apparently actual working results (the “cure” for Tourette’s) isn’t considered advertisement enough, this is Plan B.

  • Marc knows his lawsuit is baseless. He’s just hoping for a cash settlement. Starz may just settle bc it’s cheaper than fighting it. Starz shouldn’t though or more frivolous suits will come.

  • This will be a battle of the titans. STARZ has deep pockets and isn’t likely to settle given the precedent it would set.

    A criminal attorney based in backwater Martinez, CA is an odd choice to head up a defamation lawsuit. That indicates the NXIVM bitter-enders had trouble finding top-notch defamation litigators to take on the case, since money is never an object for the Bronfmans.

    The attorney, Joseph Tully, clearly is offended by the feds wielding the RICO cudgel.

    Make 1) popcorn and 2) yourself comfortable.

    This is going to be a long ride and keep the Frank Report humming for years.

    Obviously, Elliot’s recent piece published here was the first move in the propaganda campaign designed to support this new battle in the long NXIVM war.

    This is all well-funded, carefully planned and lots of people are involved. We’ve got a front-row seat for it all here. What new supporting characters will appear on the stage?

  • This NXIVM shitstorm just keeps getting more and more entertaining and more and more fun! I can’t wait to see the how this turns out in court! 🧐🤔😯🤨😎🤩🥳🤪😭😂🤣😁

  • If he’s so disgusted by ‘a comparison with Nazi’s’ why did he join a criminal organization whose leader was obsessed with gifting the lives of dead Nazis to his leaderships’ reincarnation? Raniere invented all this Nazi id business— fool.

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