The Inside Story of the Sex Trafficking of ‘Slave’ Nicole by Allison Mack and Keith Raniere

Allison Mack cries while listening to the words of Keith Raniere.

There has been a schism between the supporters of Allison Mack and her detractors about her role in sex trafficking for her cult leader Keith Alan Raniere.

To set the record straight, to date, Allison was only accused of sex trafficking a single woman and only one incident.

When Allison Mack was originally indicted in April 2018, it was for sex trafficking Nicole [whose last name is being withheld.]

The charges stemmed from an incident that involved Allison, Raniere and another woman, Camila Fernandez on May 31, 2016.

In addition to the single sex trafficking incident with Nicole, Allison was also charged with attempted sex trafficking of a woman who was referred to in the trial of Keith Raniere as “Jaye.”

Both Jaye and Nicole testified against Raniere.

Fortunately for Allison, she was not convicted of sex trafficking and it appears increasingly likely that she may be a witness for the prosecution in a future trial against Nxivm leaders. This may be significant and is one of the reasons this sex trafficking incident with Nicole is worthy of analysis.

Allison pleaded guilty in April 2019 but still has no date for sentencing.

After 10 months, this is highly unusual, unless she is cooperating with the US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of NY.

This is in keeping with standard federal prosecution protocol where cooperating witnesses are not sentenced until after they provide testimony at any upcoming trial where they will be used as a witness.

Meantime, the question looms, did Allison get off too easily for her role in the sex trafficking of Nicole?

Allison pleaded guilty to one count each of racketeering and racketeering conspiracy in a plea deal that spared her a conviction for sex trafficking, which would have come with a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years.

Should she have been charged in the sex trafficking of Nicole?

Let me relate the story of Nicole’s sex trafficking, based on court testimony and interviews with Nicole and others in Nxivm.

Keep in mind that Nicole was the only person who was sex trafficked in the case against Raniere.

There are some who say this incident hardly qualifies for a 15-year sex trafficking charge. There is certainly evidence of some consent by the victim.

Also, keep in mind that a larger part of the foundation for the charge was not this incident alone, but the fact that Nicole had given a substantial amount of what Raniere called “collateral” – which consisted, in Nicole’s case, of a lot of graphic nude pictures and video confessions about her family.

Collateral is, in effect, blackmail worthy material that was held to ensure secrecy and obedience in the DOS sorority hierarchy.

Allison had persuaded Nicole to give her this collateral and then made it available to Keith.

Keith Raniere kept thousands of nude photos of his slaves.

Keep in mind also that Allison did not tell Nicole, when she recruited her into the DOS sorority, that it was led by a man, Raniere. Instead, she told Nicole that it was an all-female, master-slave group.

Allison lied to Nicole [for which Allison did plead guilty to, as part of her racketeering charges] and Allison held blackmail material over her head.

There is no doubt, even if Nicole was a fool to get involved with such a crazy group – she thought it would help her with her struggling acting career – that Nicole was frightened that the collateral would be released if she did not comply with Allison’s commands.

Here is the actual sex trafficking incident, with a little background leading up to it.

See if you think Allison [of Keith for that matter] should have been convicted of sex trafficking and sent away for 15 years for this.

April 2016.

Nicole was frightened by the text alarms Allison got in the middle of the night.

Nicole was sleeping with Allison in her bed. She always slept with Allison when she came to Albany.

There was an alert on Allison’s phone that buzzed loudly whenever Keith texted, so it would wake Allison up.

Nicole had come in time to have a physical response whenever she heard that sound, at two or three in the morning.

She’d go into fight or flight.

It buzzed one night – or rather early morning.

Nicole was scared awake.

Allison, who was her master, told her she was commanded to go out on a walk with Keith.

It was around 3 am.

Nicole got up, got dressed and went outside to meet him.

As they walked together the first time, Keith told Nicole she had “earned” her first walk with him because of Allison, because she spoke highly of her and because he thought highly of Allison.

After this first walk, which was largely uneventful, they took several other early morning walks in the subsequent weeks.

On one early morning walk, Keith talked about ‘commitment’.

He seemed to be using the same kind of language that Allison used when she talked to Nicole about her doubts about being a loyal member [slave] in DOS.

As Keith was talking to her, Nicole thought, “You’re talking about what I’m struggling with, yet you’re not supposed to know what I’m struggling with. I’m not allowed to talk to you about what I’m struggling with. Yet you’re telling me about commitment and trusting people. Do you know about DOS or is this just a coincidence?”

She had no reason to believe Keith was part of the secret women’s organization [which he secretly led].

Keith spoke to Nicole about trusting Allison, and trust in general.

“To get closer to enlightenment or freedom,” Keith said, “you have to trust in someone completely.”

“Well, I don’t know how this makes sense?”, Nicole thought to herself. “How can someone else know what’s best for you? They can tell you things maybe you could improve on, but how could anyone really know what’s best for you?”

She said to Keith, “Allison is only four years older than me, so it’s not like this is a wise woman telling me the ways of the world. I don’t feel like she can know what’s best for me better than me.”

“Well, the fact that she’s imperfect,” Keith said, “is even more important in helping you towards freedom because if you can trust fully in a person who is flawed, then you can find real freedom.”

“I’m not sure that makes sense to me,” Nicole said, “but, okay.”

More Walks With Keith 

During these early morning walks, Keith would ask her very personal questions – alost like a mini-EM.

“What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?” he asked.

“What are you afraid of?”

“What are you most afraid of?”

“What would be the hardest thing for you to tell me?”

He did not want her answers then. He told her to go back to NYC (where she lived during the week) – and then come back as she did on weekends.

“Think about them, then come back,” he said.

After all her morning walks with Keith, Nicole would discuss what happened with Allison.

“It just seems odd that everything he is telling me seems to be about DOS,” she said. “It seems like he knows what you and I have been talking about.”

She asked Allison directly if Keith was in DOS.

Allison lied and said, “No, you’re wrong. DOS doesn’t have anything to do with NXIVM.”

Keith Raniere loved to walk around the Knox Woods subdivision with his various slaves. Here he is pictured walking with his DOS slave, Dani Padilla

May 30, 2016 – The Day Before the Sex Trafficking Event

It was about 3 am when the text alarm came on Allison’s phone.

It woke Nicole who was sleeping beside her in her bed.

It was time for another walk.

Nicole got up and, as she was getting ready to go outside to meet Keith, Allison said to her, “I have another assignment for you. When you go out there, you’re going to tell Keith that you’ll do whatever he wants you to do. Now go, be a good slave.”

Nicole went out the backdoor of Allison’s house.

Keith was waiting.

At first, she was too nervous to say it.

When they walked a distance, she finally blurted out, “I’ll do whatever you want me to do.”

“I don’t think you mean that,” Keith said.

“I don’t, yeah,” she said.

As they walked further, Keith asked Nicole, “What is the worst thing I could ask you to do?”

Nicole was scared. When someone says, “What’s the worst thing that you can do,” it’s scary.

She almost felt she had no choice. She looked at the roof of a house they were walking past and thought, “Oh, my God, he could ask me to jump off that roof.”

She began going over all kinds of things in her head, worst-case scenarios.

She finally said to Keith, “You know, I thought the worst thing would be something sexual; that would be the worst thing that you could ask me to do, but that’s actually not true. The worst thing that you could ask me to do would be to ask me to hurt someone in my family or hurt myself or hurt someone else. Like, if you asked me to jump off a bridge and commit suicide, or to hurt someone. Or never speak to my family again.”

She was slightly freaking out.

“Do you really think that I would ask you to do those things?” Keith said.

She calmed down a little.

For some time, she had been feeling vibes that something sexual was going on in this community. She didn’t feel good about it.

During that walk, with him asking that question –“What’s the worst thing I could ask you to do?” – all of a sudden, something sexual didn’t seem that bad by comparison; something sexual would only hurt her; no one else would get hurt.

She saw that what she had been afraid of – him demanding her to have sex – all of a sudden, by the end of the walk, wasn’t what she was most afraid of.

Keith spoke to her about bravery and commitment. She needed to be brave and committed.

At the very end of the walk, Keith said, “You should come back again, when you are ready to say you will do whatever I ask you to do – but only when you really mean it,  should you come back.”

Nicole went right back to Allison and told her what happened.

“Okay. So, you’ll go back out with Keith tomorrow,” Allison commanded.

May 31 The Morning of the Incident

That night she again slept in Allison’s bed.

There was the text alarm again in the early morning. Allison ordered Nicole to go outside.  It was 4 am.

She went out the backdoor and across the grass to meet him. She was feeling very scared.

Keith said, “Hi.”

They started walking.

She thought, “Okay, you can do this, you can do this.” Then she said, “I will do anything you ask me to do.”

“Do you mean it?”


He took her hand and led her down the street that was across from Allison’s house to another house directly across from Allison’s backdoor.

He led her inside. There wasn’t much there, a table, two chairs, and a plant.

“Will you trust me no matter what is about to happen?”, Keith asked.


“Take off your clothes.”

She undressed and stood before him naked.

Keith was sitting down.

He commented on her body. She had a belly button piercing, but no jewelry.

He commented on her pubic hair. He said he was surprised she hadn’t shaved or waxed it. It didn’t seem like her nature, he said.

“Yeah, I’ve been celibate for three months,“ Nicole said. “Sorry, it’s not the first thing on my mind.”

“No, it’s okay,” he said. “That’s what I like.”

When he said this, it struck her. She thought about how, when staying with Allison, she had seen Allison getting in and out of the shower. She noticed Allison didn’t shave or wax her pubic hair.

Something about his comment, the way he said it, clicked in her mind. “No, it’s okay,” he said “that’s what I like” – that clicked in her head.

“Oh, he has a sexual relationship with Allison,” she thought, as she stood naked before him. “Oh, yeah, I know that’s what’s about to happen to me.”

But Keith told her to put her clothes back on and said there were two blindfolds he wanted her to put on.

He put them on her. One was tight. It left marks under her eyes. The other was tied around it.

After they were in place, Keith told her they were going out somewhere.

He took her by the hand and led her, blindfolded, to a car, put her inside and drove for about ten minutes. They did not talk during the ride.

When he stopped, he came around, took her hand, and led her, blindfolded, through what she thought were some woods. She felt branches breaking underfoot.

She stepped up a step, then a door was opened. She walked into a room. In her imagination, it was like a little cabin. But she didn’t know.

Once inside, Keith told her to get undressed again.

She got undressed with blindfolds on. She had on sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Taking it off was easy, even blindfolded.

He led her to a table and told her to get on it. She lied on the table.

Then he tied her wrists and feet to the corners of the table. The table was cold.

Nicole felt vulnerable, exposed. She was hoping maybe this was it, this was just being done to teach her to learn how to become super vulnerable and exposed.

Then suddenly she felt somebody going down on her.  She thought it was Keith.

Just as she was trying to process what was happening to her, Keith started talking, but there was someone still going down on her.

She was confused at first. Then she realized there was another person in the room performing oral sex on her.  It was the only way it made sense. He was talking and someone else was going down on her.

It hit her hard. She was like “Holy shit, there’s somebody else in the room!”

It was terrifying. She didn’t know what was going on. There is someone else in the room, okay, so now there are two other people in the room. Are there three people in the room? How many people are in this room right now?

She was trying to breathe and stay calm.

Keith was talking the whole time, walking around the table, asking her questions. She was trying to stay calm and figure out what was going on and answer the questions.

Keith never did say who performed oral sex on her.

Camila Fernandez was the woman who performed oral sex on Nicole while she was blindfolded.

It was Camilia Fernandez, but Nicole did not know it at the time.

She felt Cami’s long hair on her thighs, which made her feel calmer; she felt a tiny bit safer because it was a woman, not another man.

Keith asked Nicole, if she ever had a threesome and how many people she had been with at one time.

He asked her many questions about her sexual history, as Cami performed oral sex on her.

At one point, he asked if she was OK.

“Yes, I’m okay,” Nicole said.

Camilia stopped.

Keith untied Nicole and let her get up from the table. She was still blindfolded.

He helped her put her clothes back on.

He led her back to the car and drove her back, still blindfolded, to the original house.

Once inside, he untied her blindfolds.

They sat down.

He asked if she was okay.

Nicole was in shock but said yes.

“I want you to understand,” Keith said, “that nothing bad has just happened. You are a young woman and you are allowed to be sexual. You are not in any relationship so what happened was not bad.”

Nicole thought, “I’m not in a relationship because Allison ordered me not to be in a relationship right now.”

“You are very brave to trust me,” Keith said.

He talked about trust and commitment and what it meant.

Nicole was distracted. She kept thinking, as he continued on and on, “Can I go? Like, I did what you asked me to do, can I go?”

Finally, she said it aloud, “Can I go?”

“Yes,” he said, “but don’t tell anyone what happened.”

“Can I tell Allison?”

He said yes.

She went to leave. He walked out after her.

Once outside, it seemed really bright. The sun had risen and she had been blindfolded for a long while.

She looked up and saw Emiliano Salinas jogging with Clare Bronfman. She ran to him and hugged him. She always felt safe with Emiliano.

Then she walked to Allison’s house and took a shower.

When she came out, she sat with Allison in front of the fireplace and told her what happened.

Allison seemed a little freaked when she heard.

From her reaction, Nicole concluded that Allison didn’t know in advance what was going to happen.

Allison seemed a little freaked when she heard what happened.

Composing herself, Allison said, “You are really brave. You have earned by this the right to be able to work more with Keith.”

Nicole had to go back to the City to work.

Keith texted her. He wrote he thought she was “very courageous.”

It was the first time she received a text from him. Nicole did not know how Keith got her number.

Afterward, Keith had sex with Nicole numerous times. None of these were charged as sex trafficking.


This is the sole sex trafficking episode for which Keith will spend a minimum of 15 years.

Should Allison have to spend 15 years in prison for her role in this?

Was the government right to drop the sex trafficking charge against her?

It would be nice to hear from readers.






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  • Lots of people still love Allison Pimp Mack in Mexico.
    Maybe when Pimp Mack gets out, she should go down to Mexico and not burden the US anymore with her sadistic madness.

    Cuando sonríes, todo el mundo sonríe contigo. Hermosa Allison quese el humilde usted y el mundo le dará una paliza a su puerta. When you are done with this burden, I will have a casa rented just for you near Puerto Vallarta but with better weather than anywhere. Mexico doesn’t hold a grudge against you and I know that only you know the truth and I only know the good and I won’t judge ever. Please get this message to Allison and I’ll await a reply. I will keep both casas and one is for Allison to live in peace. I hope to get a reply within a year please.

    Vete al diablo, Allison Pimp Mack!

  • It’s not easy when looking at people like Allison Mack to separate the victim element from the perpetrator element, but I think it needs be done. Neither cancels the other. Insomuch as someone is a victim, they deserve compassion, and insomuch as they are a perpetrator, they deserve punishment. I confess to being unable to make this call.

  • That’s a lie, Scott. Lots of people have been calling her a pedophile saying she was sex trafficking underage girls, especially shadow and you only have to look on her Instagram page to see how many people have falsely accused her of it and leave derogatory comments which are unwarranted.

  • Re the DOJ prosecution:

    I just wanted to add after reading Frank’s excellent synopsis, I have come to be very impressed with how the DOJ built their case.

    There was no smoking gun in this case. This was a hard case to bring to trial.

    The prosecution had to structure and layer the case “just so”.

    The DOJ did a superb job of framing the witness testimony which is not an easy endeavor.

  • “To set the record straight, to date, Allison was only accused of sex trafficking a single woman and only one incident.”
    And the intervention of the victim herself showed it’s wrong…First, because Allison was obviously not aware of the moment it happened…
    Second, because she isn’t the one who asked Nicole to do it; it was directly Raniere.
    She didn’t even use coercion to push Nicole to do it, it was Raniere again.
    So this whole sex trafficking was BS from the start…likely not Nicole’s accusation but rather an incompetent attorney who tried to pretend it happened.

    Even several lawyers wondered how it could be considered as a serious charge. How she could be charged with this!
    Especially since there was no “payment” in ANY WAY (not even in term of status, power or financial)
    Also because legally she can’t be a sex trafficker if she is a victim of the same abuse (and she is fully, no doubt, it was even said so in court…)
    Just like prostitution, there are laws to protect the victims…Allison was definitely a victim of the same abuse.

    “The charges stemmed from an incident that involved Allison, Raniere and another woman, Camila Fernandez on May 31, 2016.”
    Not really, only Cami and Raniere were aware.
    Allison wasn’t even knowing the real purpose of DOS…she though it was to heal (see court document about this)…Cami even pointed that Allison was not knowing the purpose during the text message with Raniere.
    Raniere pointed out that it was irrelevant as she was serving her purpose at the time and that’s it.

    “In addition to the single sex trafficking incident with Nicole, Allison was also charged with attempted sex trafficking of a woman who was referred to in the trial of Keith Raniere as “Jaye.”
    That was utter BS, that’s why it was also scrapped from the accusation (as Jayes is apparently unable to speak proper English and that in the end, nothing happened)

    “It appears increasingly likely that she may be a witness for the prosecution in a future trial against Nxivm leaders”
    Where? At Glazer’s clown trial? I doubt she’ll give him any hands as the idiots try to agress her…She had to be considered for what she was…a victim

    He (and some of the “victims”) decided to ignore everything they are planning to use to defend their actions and ignore her genuine and factual situation.

    It could even impact her for the federal trial…and that isn’t good as the real culprit could end up released if the appeal is not a REAL slam dunk case.
    With Allison’s testimony, it would be wrapped easily but Glazer is not clever enough to understand this.
    The fact that if the federal case falls, his case falls (He used a non-sentenced trial as a means to “make his point”).

    “spared her a conviction for sex trafficking, which would have come with a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years”
    This would have been dropped anyway in court…they just forced her hand with the other fake accusation, the complicity in a crime she wasn’t even connected or related in any way.

    “There is certainly evidence of some consent by the victim”
    Yes and no, she was coerced (like Allison) so you can hardly speak of consent…But she did demand (in one instance) for sex with Raniere.

    “Allison seemed a little freaked when she heard.
    From her reaction, Nicole concluded that Allison didn’t know in advance what was going to happen.”
    It’s not just a conclusion, it’s a fact…but nevermind. It’s quite an argument that dismisses the sex trafficking for Allison…She never asked her to have sex, she didn’t get any kind of financial or status reward…
    She was a victim of the same abuse herself (under the same condition and even worse as Nicole was not under a diet and not drugged)

    “This is the sole sex trafficking episode for which Keith will spend a minimum of 15 years.”
    No, it should be labeled as sexual abuse or a rape…not sexual trafficking as the only one benefitting from it was Raniere
    And in this case, it would allow more victims to come forward…

    “Should Allison have to spend 15 years in prison for her role in this?”
    It’s never going to happen so why the question and no, she didn’t have a real role in that…the federal trial showed that she was a victim of the same things and also that she was just collecting collaterals (not even keeping them as it was ending at the end of other members)

    “Was the government right to drop the sex trafficking charge against her?”
    If they did, it’s because it would fail in court anyway…

    To be clear, the obvious reason Raniere was recognized guilty of it is the wrong labeling and the absolute desire (for the jury) to see this pile of dirt in jail forever…
    The accusation the most time giving (in term of the sentence) was the sex trafficking…
    The reality is that Allison, being a victim of all of the same things as the other victim and worse (I remind that she was coerced, abused mentally by several operations (E.M., Starvation, Sleep deprivation, Drugging, mocked as the other victims, abused physically, abused sexually (those are all facts) and if we believe you, poisoned)

    The jury would never have condemned her…hell, they probably would have considered that her only real crime proven (collecting the collateral) was done because of the blackmailing against her (also proven with the false interview and Lauren’s testimony)…
    Add to this the people who truly know Allison and can vouch that she is nothing like the monster some try to pretend she is (she never showed any violence signs during DOS neither BTW. Lauren, on the other hand, made a choice for the punishment…a choice wrongfully attributed to Allison but, once again, proven false for her)
    Add to this the witnesses who saw the abuse (the beating at Raniere’s birthday, her diet started in 2013, the EMs, etc.)
    And the fact that she was likely suffering some mental damage due to the abuses (think about the crisis that Cat Oxenberg talked about)…

    She likely would have been either released fully or received an appropriate punishment (closer to a probation).

    • “Even several lawyers wondered how it could be considered as a serious charge. How she could be charged with this!
      Especially since there was no “payment” in ANY WAY (not even in term of status, power or financial)”

      Sex trafficking laws are written so loosely that payments are not required.

  • It’s about time you clarified Allison’s sex trafficking charge, as I’ve said many times she wasn’t charged with sex trafficking of underage girls. I’m sure the shadow detective will still think she did as he seems to have some vendetta against Allison (she probably turned him down). Who charger426 is or where the photos of Allison come from isn’t any of his business and people are entitled to have their privacy respected

    • I don’t think anyone every said Mack was charged with sex trafficking of underage girls. Sex trafficking isn’t confined to underage girls. Mack will have zero privacy in prison.

  • Frank, you haven’t clarified the most important detail.

    Did Nicole enjoy the oral sex encounter by moaning in delight as Cami ate her pussy?

    If so, that may indicate it wasn’t unwanted. Was Cami a cunning linguist?

  • Hold on. I wrote earlier that Cami should be charged with rape. I’m wrong. Nicole never said the magic word, “No”. Nicole could have said “No”, damn it. Cami is fucking gross.

    • Cami started performing a sexual act on her without consent – and also without even her knowledge of who was doing it. I’d say your first instinct to call it rape, was correct.

      “No” may – or may not – be key. It’s not a magic word, particularly when the situation is coercive or threatening. And certainly, in human trafficking, victims need not necessarily have specifically said “no” at any point.

      I think part of what is really devious, and dangerous, about Raniere, was that he figured out how to manipulate people into doing thing that was unethical, immoral, and against the law, that did not immediately appear to them to fit clearly into what we normally recognize as right and wrong, legal and illegal.

    • Nice recording! Does the host have Alzheimer’s? What the fuck?

      Dude doesn’t even know what date it is.

      In this day and age, how is it even remotely possible to lose track of what day it is? Smartphones? PCs?

      What planet is this dude on?

      What drugs does he do and where does he purchase his drugs is what I need to know?

  • Jesús. What a dumb story. If she didn’t want to do it, she should have walked out. They were in Albany for Christ’s sakes! Who cares about her dumb friendship with Allison, or the collateral? That’s like saying: “If you don’t loan me $1000 more, I’ll never repay the $1000 you loaned me in the first place”

    These days with nude pictures of virtually any woman you can name online, I highly doubt anyone would care if Nicole’s nudes were released. They should all be in prison along with Keith if only to spare the rest of us.

    • The same could be said for Allison Mack.
      I have never met a woman who can not say “No!” and say it emphatically.
      Women are encouraged to think for themselves.
      If a woman feels a certain action is inappropriate or illegal, she can and should refuse to do it.
      So how is it that today’s liberated woman, which I presume Allison Mack is, is no longer responsible for her own actions?
      Enough of this sympathy for a wrongdoer who should have known better!

      And I can tell you that Allison Mack or someone quite close to her is continuing to post personal photos on her Instagram page.
      These photos label her as some sort of hero.
      Someone who should be admired rather than reviled.
      These photos are not publicity stills or professional photos but they are quite personal, the types of photos one finds in emails.
      This photo was published just this morning at 4 AM Pacific Time.
      Who is using social media to sway opinion in Allison Mack’s favor?

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  • Regardless of whatever deal Allison Mack might have cut with the EDNY, it is clear from Neil Glazer’s civil suit that Allison Mack is being sued by ALL PLAINTIFFs for Sex Trafficking.
    Does anyone believe that Allison Mack is less culpable for sex trafficking than Kathy Russell?

    THE 18 U.S.C. § 1595 VENTURE, INCLUDING:
    DEFENDANTS ON BEHALF OF ALL PLAINTIFFS Jane Doe 1, Sarah Edmondson, Jane Doe 2, Jane Doe 3,
    Jane Doe 4, Jane Doe 5, Jane Doe 6, Jane Doe 7, Jane Doe 8, Jane Doe 9, Jane Doe 10, Jane
    Doe 11, Jane Doe 12, Jane Doe 13, Jane Doe 15, Jane Doe 16, Jane Doe 17, Jane Doe 18,
    Jane Doe 19, Jane Doe 20, Jane Doe 21, Jane Doe 23, Jane Doe 25, Jane Doe 26, Jane Doe
    27, Jane Doe 28, Jane Doe 29, Jane Doe 30, Jane Doe 31, Jane Doe 32, Jane Doe 33, Jane
    Doe 34, Jane Doe 36, Jane Doe 39, Jane Doe 41, Jane Doe 42, Jane Doe 43, Jane Doe 44,
    Jane Doe 45, Jane Doe 47, Jane Doe 48, Jane Doe 50, Jane Doe 51, Jane Doe 52, Jane Doe
    53, Jane Doe 54, Jane Doe 55, Jane Doe 56, Jane Doe 58, Jane Doe 59 and Jane Doe 60)

  • I must admit, Frank, that after reading THIS article you wrote —— it almost seems as if Nicole was totally okay with being sexual with Keith and other NXIVM members.

    Before the oral sex encounter happened… Keith told Nicole that he didn’t want her to come back until ‘after’ she was truly ready to do anything he asked, voluntarily, of her own volition.

    When Keith thought she didn’t really mean it, he sent her away and told her to only come back when she really meant it.

    She also admitted to feeling that something ‘sexual’ was going on in the NXIVM community —— thus she was highly attuned that Keith might be alluding to something sexual (i.e., did Nicole really think that Keith was gonna ask her to play a game of Monopoly and watch HBO with him?)

    Thus, she finally came back and ‘volunteered’ to do anything Keith wanted —– and she really meant it this time, even though she had an inkling that something ‘sexual’ was happening within NXIVM.

    In my opinion, she was basically looking to curry favor with Keith for possibly selfish reasons ——- such as using NXIVM’s power, money & influence to help revive her struggling acting career.

    In my opinion, she made the same trade-off that many women make —– which is giving up some of her ‘womanly fruit’ in return for possible future career benefits down the road.

    He never mentioned her ‘collateral’ during that oral sexual encounter.

    It just didn’t sound like a ‘forced’ situation to me.

    Yeah, Allison allegedly ordered her to do anything Keith wanted. I get that part.

    However, it’s clear that Nicole only made such a declaration (and truly meant it) when she finally decided that it wasn’t gonna be the worst thing in the world. That sounds like a decision she made, not an ‘order’ she was following.

    Frank… You really managed to make Keith look innocent, which is not an easy thing to do.

    I actually have doubts about this particular ‘charge’ (conviction) after reading your article, Frank.

      • Shadow
        Bangkok believes that women should be responsible for their own bodies and defend themselves and take care of themselves. Bangkok also believes that Kobe Bryant is Jesus Christ and and the chick he raped is lady Magdalene.

        …And if any of you morons think the Kobe Bryant didn’t rape a the girl…..Ask yourselves how many women have their vaginas torn in six places after they have sex, and bleed all over the fucking place including on the guy’s T-shirt. Does Kobe have a flag pole for a dick? Maybe.

        …..Oh and use your genius IQs because Kobe pressured the pilot to fly on a foggy day when even the LAPD was grounded.

        Get a clue!

        I like Bangkok but he’s even more illogical than you. 😉

        Plus he is trolling you. 😉

    • I actually agree. This woman admittedly continued to have “consensual” sexual contact with Keith several times after this as well. While it is reprehensible what Allison Mack did (lying to Nicole about the structure of DOS and, likely at Raniere’s direction, ordering her to obey his commands), personal responsibility must be taken into account in this and all matters. In this case, she is a grown woman making choices. Others, ie: Jaye, Sarah Edmondson, ran away from this shitshow after figuring out the structure (with Sarah, after finding out the meaning behind the brand) and the type of commands they were expected of them (with Jaye, she simply refused to follow the command of Allison and India to “seduce” Raniere because she was disgusted by the very idea of it); but Nicole stuck around, admittedly, until she was named on this website. I think Jaye’s case was much more compelling than Nicole’s. Not to say that what happened to Nicole was not traumatic, but criminal? I’m not so sure. However, this case is closed and the verdict was guilty. Side note: Why was there not more emphasis on Camilla’s role as a co-conspirator in this? The woman “trolled Tinder for virgins” for Raniere for heavens sake! She is just as guilty, if not more so, than any of the other women involved in my opinion.

      • In the texts from Cami to Raniere, it appeared he was telling her that if she did not engage in finding a woman, she would be homeless, etc. You could easily argue she, Camila, was being sex trafficked. I think it would be harder to prosecute her. She was also raped as a minor by Raniere. Tough to make her sound like a perpetrator. I have sympathy for her 😿

        • You’re absolutely right about her being a victim. What happened to her and what her parents allowed (even if via ignorance and naivety) was atrocious.

          The problem is- most victims don’t end up becoming victimizers, which Cami did. Big time.

          From trolling for Virgins, “fuck toy slaves” and being a first line DOS master- she absolutely became a victimizer in her adult life. It’s important to understand the causation of this but also that most victims do NOT become victimizers.

          That is a choice- and one her sister Dani decided not to make-but her sister, And herself did. Being a childhood victim does not absolve one of their adult crimes (sexual assault in this particular story).

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