NXIVM News: Raniere Looking for Civil Attorney, Former NXIVM Members May Offer Online Classes, Elliot Fights for Cancel Culture Victims

L-r Nicki Clyne, Allison Mack, Michele Hatchette, Samantha LeBaron and Danielle Roberts - of DOS. Everyone of these ladies, except for Mack, continues to be happy about their experience with DOS.

A lot of former NXIVM members speak to Susan Dones because everyone knows she is honest and fair.  Apparently, some people reached out to her to tell her that three former NXIVM members – Dr. Danielle Roberts, Danielle Padilla and Sahajo Haertel – are planning to offer an online course.

Here is what Dones told me: “Dr. Daniel, Dani P. from Mexico and Sahajo from Germany, who was in DOS, are marketing a $3,000, nine-week course. It’s going to be done over the internet like a Zoom class.  Someone called me about it. They are reaching out selling this course.”

One of my sources told me that a course is under consideration and that “It will not be a NXIVM course.”

From what I was able to gather, Dr. Roberts may be offering instruction on how to achieve superlative fitness, such as she herself has demonstrated in classes and outside the MDC in Brooklyn when followers of Keith Raniere gathered to dance and protest his conviction and prison conditions in general.

Haertel, a member of the Dossier Project, [as is Dr. Roberts],  was, prior to becoming a member of NXIVM, a student of meditation and, according to a source, learned from the teachings of the late Bhagwan Rajneesh also known as Osho.

Eight DOS women from the website Dossierproject.com.

Haertel is also skilled as a fusion tribal belly dancer.


I was told that Padilla, who was a first-line DOS master, was well versed in NXIVM teachings. A source tells me she was a trainer in Ultima, which has a physical exercise component to it.

The fact that three women who once were members of NXIVM may be offering online courses does not necessarily mean it is connected to NXIVM or Raniere.

They may have good health and fitness, and meditation techniques to teach.

However, Dones warns, “Remember when they were selling the idea that DOS wasn’t a part of NXIVM and Keith wasn’t a part of DOS? …  Everything comes back to Raniere [with these individuals].”


Speaking of Raniere

Keith Raniere

Suneel Chakravorty, who holds a power-of-attorney from Raniere, has filed a letter with Judge Eric Komitee stating that Raniere is trying to find an attorney to represent him in the civil matter of Edmondson et al v. Raniere et al.

Chakravorty wrote, “I am writing on behalf of defendant Keith Raniere, as his power of attorney, to respectfully inform you that he intends to retain counsel to defend him in this case, but unfortunately has not yet been able to do so. He has been in the SHU, or “solitary,” for the better part of the last four months and so has had little ability to communicate, even with his attorneys.

“Although there will be no attorney appearing for him in this week’s status hearing, I will request a transcript of the hearing and have Mr. Raniere’s criminal attorney send it to him, so he can remain as up to date as possible.

“Should this Court require proof of my Power of Attorney, I would be happy to submit it under seal and ex parte.”

Raniere was convicted of a number of felonies and was sentenced to 120 years in federal prison.


NXIVM Escapee Does YouTube Interview

Kelly Thiel

A new YouTube.com video Kelly Thiel on surviving SEX TRAFFICKING cult NXIVM was aired this week On the Edge With Andrew Gold Podcast

Those following the NXIVM story will want to watch it.

Thiel is a speaker and consultant to families and organizations on the subject of “high-demand groups” and narcissistic personalities.  She had a narrow escape from NXIVM. Kelly was a member of the Executive Success Program/NXIVM and she believes she was about to be recruited to join DOS.

Happily, someone showed her the Frank Report stories about DOS and she made her escape. See the video below from Starz’s Seduced.

Kelly’s involvement with NXIVM prompted her to study other high-demand groups and cults of personality like Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh (Osho) and Bikram Choudhury.

Kelly has spoken to the Young President’s Organization and the ASU Sandra Day O’Conner College of Law.   Kelly is a graduate of the Homeopathic Academy of Southern California and is a certified Karuna Reiki Master Teacher. She lives in Southern California.

As seen on the docuseries “Seduced,” Thiel said, “I got a call from someone who said ‘Have you read the Frank Report?’

“And I said: ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ So she sent me a link, and she said, ‘Don’t let anyone know that I’m sending you this link.’

“And I started reading about collateral. And I thought: “Collateral?” ‘Oh my God, is this what they were asking me to come into?’”

Thiel promptly left NXIVM.

To contact Kelly go to kellythiel.com


Elliot Seeks Help to Protect Victims of Cancel Culture

Marc Elliot, pictured above, had Tourettes’ Syndrome

Marc Elliot Has Video on Website That Shows Him With and Without Tourette’s 

Marc Elliot has a website that includes videos of him before and after having Tourette’s Syndrome, something he believes he was helped cured of by the teachings of Keith Raniere and Nancy Salaman.

That website is MarcElliot.com

Elliot objects to the way Raniere has been treated by the criminal justice system. He is also suing Lions Gate and Starz TV for the way they portrayed him in the docuseries “Seduced“.

He writes, “In a world where a single post or comment can travel the globe in an instant, any individual or company can go from a Saint to the Devil in a tweet of a second, with no warning or defense. With never ending news cycles, click bait and a world quick to judge, taking a stance of treating the “outed,” “the cancelled,”  the “disliked” or the “hated” with caution and compassion is becoming increasingly non-existent.  Even worse it can now be a danger to one’s own reputation.  My mission is to change that by inspiring human decency, kindness and critical thinking in a world that desperately needs it.  Using my own experience of prejudice from living with Tourette’s Syndrome for 20 years and more recently standing for the due process of my friends in the infamous company NXIVM, I remind audiences how little we know about each other’s lives and the power we hold over other people’s livelihoods with such technology at our fingertips.  I challenge and inspire audience members to find the courage to treat those we don’t understand, don’t agree with, don’t like or even hate with kindness and afford them due process in media and the justice system.   ”   

Among the most hated that Elliot stands for fairness and justice for are…

  1.  the “cancelled” –
  2. me too’d men
  3. the accused
  4. anti maskers
  5. anti vaxers
  6. the arrested
  7. Trump
  8. Biden
  9. LGBT people
  10. minorities
  11. left wingers
  12. right wingers
  13. someone who said the “wrong” thing
  14. someone who wore the “wrong” thing
  15. Keith Raniere
  16. NXIVM
  17. [insert who’s next]

​He writes that he wants people of courage to help protect Raniere’s rights. 

“I’m looking for influencers, celebrities and journalists who have the courage to stand for Keith Raniere’s constitutional rights no matter how ‘evil’ they think he might be. His case is so polarizing and the violations of his rights are so obvious when looked at, it is the perfect opportunity for someone to discover if they believe in true due process.  It’s time we make standing for due process popular, no matter how unpopular a citizen might be or how grave a crime they might have committed.  Why?  So if one day you ever find yourself on the other end of hate or a tweet that turns the world on you, others are there to stand for you.”


Correction: Nancy May Go to Danbury Not Waterbury 

Nancy Salzman

I previously wrote, erroneously, that Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis agreed to recommend that Nancy Salzman “serve time in the low or minimum security Waterbury, Connecticut prison.”

One of our commenters, N. Novak, amusingly wrote, “While any time spent in Waterbury can often feel like the equivalent of incarceration – even amongst the unconvicted – there is currently no federal lockup in The Brass City. One must travel down I-84 to Danbury – The Hat City – to find a federal facility.”

That’s right.  The good judge mercifully offered Nancy his blessings on being assigned to FCI DANBURY.

Danbury is a low-security federal correctional institution (FCI) with an adjacent low-security satellite prison and a minimum security satellite camp.

It houses male and female “offenders” but not together. As of recent reports, there are 1,092 total Inmates. Some 892 inmates are at the FCI and 82 inmates at the Camp and 118 Inmates at the FSL F.


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Frank Parlato


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  • Frank
    This is really rude. You think this whole thing of discussing the “criminals” is so cool. Why? Do you not realize how stupid it makes you look?
    I have turned away from this website – because you are all about the idiots- NOT those left behind.
    Wonder what Jesus will say when YOU don’t make it to the pearly gates ?
    Sex, crimes, etc,

  • “Her home became known as the “Womb.” Mindy Mack

    Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,
    Not a creature was stirring,
    Not even a Gerbil.

    All of the sex slaves were snug as bugs in a rug.
    They had all crawled into Allison Mack’s Vag and crawled up into her Womb. Shadow State

    Did Allison Mack enjoy inviting women into her “Womb”?

  • If Marc stands for both the left-wingers and the right-wingers, why doesn’t he just say, “Basically everybody but independents,” lol? So we’re talking about the rights of 300 million people or so being fought for by a guy with no job, future, or credibility who supports a child sex trafficker. I’m not so sure those 300 million people or so need his help.

    “I’m looking for influencers, celebrities and journalists…” – Ummm you’ve already had them. Some of the most powerful and famous attorneys in the country have tried to help vanguard, and they were so convincing that he received a 120-year prison sentence for it.

    “It’s time we make standing for due process popular…” What a smug asshole. Due Process was officially made popular in the United States in 1791 with the Bill of Rights, and then again in 1868 when the 14th Amendment was ratified. keith raniere was afforded all of those due process rights and spent a mother fucking shitload of clare’s money doing so.

    “His [keith’s] case is so polarizing…” – polarizing? sure, if you think polarizing means about 1 billion people on one side of an issue, and about 12 people on the other.

    “I challenge and inspire audience members to find the courage to treat those we don’t understand…” – you ain’t inspiring jack fucking shit, dude. He and his NXIVM cronies think they are the beacon of morality for the planet. Fuck them. And I’m done giving this guy the benefit of the doubt because he overcame something. Many people overcome things. That doesn’t give them a free pass for life to be a smug, condescending asshole.

    Slap my heinie.

  • This is off topic, but there is a dreadful case in the UK about the killing of a six year old boy. The father and “stepmother” have been convicted but not sentenced yet. I would be interested in opinions as to what sentence they would be given in the USA. Believe me, sentences are a joke over here.
    RIP Arthur Labinjo-Hughes.

    • I sincerely hope that evil bitch gets the full raft of treatment in prison she meted out to that poor darling boy, RIP

      I see red in a situation like this. I hope a community of uncommon rage and vengeance kills her and the father. People capable of such cruelty do not deserve to live. Eye for an eye.

    • What horrible, unempathetic people. That child was completely innocent. Every child like that is in a severely unbalanced power relationship where their upbringing and effectively their future life is put into their caregiver’s hands.

      Those who show no mercy, God will show no mercy to.

      • Update – Actually tough sentences for the UK. The “stepmother” has been sentenced to life with a minimum of 29 years before the possibility of parole (life rarely means life here.) Arthur’s father has been sentenced to 21 years. He will have to serve two-thirds of his sentence.

        She was too cowardly to leave her cell to be sentenced and has already complained about her treatment by other inmates. Apparently, she has had salt thrown at her. She will probably face much worse treatment than that.


    • The Guardian.com

      Arthur Labinjo-Hughes: woman jailed for life for murder of stepson, six
      Emma Tustin sentenced to minimum of 29 years as boy’s father is jailed for 21 years for manslaughter

      A woman who killed her six-year-old stepson, who had been poisoned, starved and beaten in the weeks before his death, has been sentenced to life in prison with a minimum term of 29 years.

      Emma Tustin, 32, was sentenced for the murder of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, alongside his father, 29-year-old Thomas Hughes, who was given 21 years in prison for manslaughter.

      “Arthur was subjected to the most unimaginable suffering at the hands of both of you. You both told lies to conceal what was happening in that house. Your behaviour towards him was often spiteful and at times sadistic,” said Mr Justice Wall as he passed sentence at Coventry crown court on Friday. “This is without doubt one of the most distressing and disturbing cases with which I have had to deal.”

      The pair were convicted on Thursday after an eight-week trial that revealed how Arthur was subjected to “incomprehensible and escalating cruelty”, prosecutors argued. He was physically assaulted, poisoned with salt and forced to stand in isolation for up to 14 hours a day in the months leading up to his death.

      [ … ]


  • Allison Mack’s mother, in her letter to the Judge, stated that Ms. Mack is studying Rhetoric and Psychology.

    Rhetoric teaches people how to use language to influence others.
    Psychology teaches how the human mind operates.

    Expect Ms. Mack to offer her own online courses once she gets out of the clink.

    “is scheduled to graduate in Spring 2022 with a double major in Rhetoric and Psychology.”

    I would recommend Dale Carnegie’s book “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”
    It’s cheaper than a UC Berkeley education.

    • Rhetoric and Psychology suggests to me that she is just looking for a way to finesse a bunch of odious choices and escape personal resposibility.

      Also that she’s too lazy, possibly cowardly, for Philosophy — take short cuts, get cut short, for real, for real.

    • “Mack “is scheduled to graduate in Spring 2022”

      Huh? Did Mack really do almost 4 years of college while fighting her case? I don’t believe it, “Mom” — but if true, that REALLY IS an example of Executive Success.

  • It wasn’t just Marc who beat Tourette’s Syndrome – he details more people with Tourette’s who went through NXIVM’s program and also beat it.

    What the pinheaded anticultists are saying here about Marc Elliot and what happened with NXIVM’s Tourette’s project is simply deceitful.

    See for yourself:



    • Alanzo-

      I concur with you. How dare the Anti-cultists attack men like Marc Elliot, who defend rapist child molesters. I stand with you, my merry friend. You are John Calvin. “Augustinism” thought will rise again.

      Affirmative Alanzo!

    • What science says is that there’s a good chance Elliot has made the mistake of falsely attributing to NXIVM and Raniere what would have happened anyway:

      “The incidence peaks around preadolescence with one-half of cases resolving in early adulthood.” https://www.aafp.org/afp/2008/0301/p651.html

      It’s a common cognitive bias (or logical fallacy) that tends to lead humans to erroneous conclusions at times, and it’s particularly exploited by charismatic leaders (especially narcissists) and high-control groups that want to try to take undue, almost magical credit for what happens in their followers’ lives.

      • And how does “science” explain what happened to the other 10 people who underwent NXIVM’s rational inquiry methods who, it is my understanding, were not part of NXIVM?

        You’re just offering alternative explanations for this, and you have no idea if your explanation is related to these peoples’ lives. If they disagree with you, based on their own experience of their own lives, they’re of course ‘insane and deluded cult members’ who reject ‘science’.

        Your link does not equate to “science”. It’s just a link to a study. You’ve been linked to these peoples’ statements about their own lives and you completely ignore them, assuming they don’t know what you are asserting, and offering a zero probability assessment as to their truth.

        Black and white, two value thinking with no other possibilities, is not scientific thinking. Assuming you know what happened here is just your arrogant chauvinism, where you assert your superiority over “cult members”.

        You’re gonna have to do better than this, “AnonyMaker”. You can’t explain this, and you don’t even consider the possibility that you can’t.


        • Alanzo,
          You claim Cults are not definable; then why do organizations which are labeled as cults always share the same overall structure and tactics?

          Cult Structure and Tactics:
          • Love bombing
          • Thought reform
          • THEY ISOLATE YOU
          • Induced dependency
          • Impenetrable logic
          • The leader may punish doubt or insubordination with physical or emotional trauma, exactly like DOS or Sea Org.
          • Bootcamp like structure
          • Psychological/Enlightenment — offering expensive “enlightenment” workshops;

          Read More on Cult Generality: https://www.grunge.com/47584/cults-trick-believing/?utm_campaign=clip

        • Alanzo-

          I’m so hurt you won’t address my bullet points regarding the homogeneous nature of cults.

          Why don’t you simply refute them?


          • To Alanzo,

            “The scientific answer, from you, is I don’t know.”-Alanzo

            Alanzo are you speaking in the third person to yourself or addressing AnonyMaker.

            You seem to have a Ramtha Cult thing going on. Have you BRAINWASHED yourself?

          • —What makes someone an anti-cultist?

            That’s entirely up to Alanzo. He changes the definition to suit his needs. One time Alanzo decided anti-cultists were any independent thinkers,

        • My point is exactly that Elliot and you have “no idea if [his] explanation is related to these peoples’ lives” or is just a typical confusion of correlation and causation, particularly in the case of a condition that has a high rate of resolving on its own without any intervention.

          ‘your arrogant chauvinism, where you assert your superiority over “[pinhead anti-]cult members”’ is also showing.

          You’re gonna have to do better than this, Alan.

          • The “scientific” answer, from you, is “I don’t know”.

            You simply do not have enough information about these people and their lives to make a determination that it all would have been cured on its own and addressing it with Nxivm techniques had no effect.

            You simply can’t make this claim. And an honest person who knew something about science would never have made it.

            But are you an honest person who knows something about science?

            No. You’re an anticultist.


  • Hey Former Doctor Danielle, only 2 retweets and 9 likes? Ouch.

    If your case represents such a dangerous precedent for all doctors, why isn’t the AMA championing your cause?

    Have you hired one of the top three Marketing Geniuses in the World™, Alanzo, to run the outreach for your new training endeavor? Is Marc joining as well?

    You are the Spiritual Enlightenment Dream Team™!!!!!!!

  • Ever notice a certain commonality between all these Nxivm fools?

    “Haertel, a member of the Dossier Project …was, prior to Nxivm,a student of meditation and…learned from the teachings of the late Bhagwan Rajneesh also known as Osho.” [shes’s also, apparently, a “fusion tribal belly dancer”, whatever the f*ck that is].

    “Kelly is a graduate of the Homeopathic Academy of Southern California and is a certified Karuna Reiki Master Teacher. She lives in Southern California.“

    They’re all mystical, magical, moronic saps chronically drawn to the rainbows and unicorns world of some alternate reality. Aromatherapy, homeopathy, “Eastern” meditation, spirituality, you got it they’ll buy into it. Is it any surprise they were suckers for Raniere’s con?

    What is to be done with these people who will believe anything they’ve told? Southern California bubble heads. They’re like little children. They’re incapable of critical thought and they’ll never be able to fend for themselves in the world. They may be out of Nxium’s clutches but how long before they fall victim to the next scam? Like moths to a flame.

    Even the ones who escaped Nxivm on their own and think they have a cautionary tale to tell remain proverbial moths. Sarah Edmondson in the closing of her book Scarred announces proudly that she’s found a new mentor/life coach in… Elkhart Tolle!

    Raniere was not particularly clever nor especially bright. His schtick was neither original nor very convincing. He was no Svengali. The only reason he was able to build his cult was he had no morals and a ready supply of bubbleheads to victimize. They put their heads in the noose and now half of them are running around looking for a new hangman.

  • I think the best advice anyone could give Danielle Roberts is to just walk away from everything Nxivm, no matter how much good she personally experienced. Your leader was a flawed man with multiple secret vices, a viscous propensity for lawsuits and lack of maturity, who didn’t practice “harmlessness”.

    His activities, – regardless of his teachings – are still harming the lives of many people, yourself included. His lack of wisdom and foresight are directly responsible for the conditions you now face. Just wash your hands of everything “Raniere”, find a state or country that will let you practice medicine, and get on with your life.

    Imagine the joy of a life without conflict.

  • The elephant in this story’s room is that if you can overlook all of the sinister elements + the butta-face, Dr. Roberts has it going on!

    The mentality that KAR was righteous is akin to the same mindset that President Trump was a good idea.

    No Mulligans. Sad, but true. Plus…fuck Alanzo! You’re not a free thinker… you’re a kool-aid drinker.

    You’ve been hungover too long, Brah.

    • Totally agreed on Roberts. Batguano insane but must be a Tasmanian devil in bed. I’ll give vantard this, he did sometimes have really great taste in women.

  • Marc Elliot triggers me these days. Everything he does is for his beloved Vanguard and he’s wasting his talents on a perverted convict. It’s sad. I really hope one day he wakes up and puts Keith and the whole NXIVM debacle behind him.

    • “Marc Elliot triggers me”
      I literally did a spit-take!
      Thanks for sharing your informed opinion.
      Cracked me up!!

  • It was only a matter of time before the tribe of NXIVM rekindled the course work and started up their community again.

    Maybe now Marc Elliott can start his project and help those who have Tourettes once again.

    There has to be some who are equally qualified other than Nancy Salzman, who by order by the Judge to never be in contact with NXIVM members again, at least until she finishes her probation.

    Nicki Clyne wants to make NXIVM Great Again. Here is her chance.

    The question is: Would Vanguard and Prefect get a cut since the government now owns the technology?

    It could be an endless flow of money into Vanguard’s legal defense fund or his commissary account.

    The Prefect could use it for her commissary account or send it to her mother’s nursing home. She can trade EMs for a lot of things in prison.

    Will there be a sex club and DOS with Nicki in charge? Will Keith get pictures and videos on his illegal phone?

    Will the cash from Mexico continue or just stay there this time?

    So many questions…

  • This may be one of those questions we’re not supposed to ask, but I’ve often wondered if Marc Elliot actually had Tourette’s syndrome. It wouldn’t be difficult to mimic the behaviors and it’s not hard to imagine that Keith would want someone that he could “cure.” Does anyone know?

    • Tourette’s symptoms “often lessen or become controlled after the teen years” (https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/tourette-syndrome/symptoms-causes/syc-20350465).

      So Elliot, and the others supposedly cured, had something that is likely to have improved or resolved on its own over time.

      It’s actually a classic high control group or cult mechanism, that they (and their leader or guru) set themselves up to take credit for things that would have happened in members’ lives anyway, including through the various processes of maturation. That also plays into the cognitive bias of (false) attribution.

      • Notice the shifting goal posts and narratives of the anticultists given the evidence presented in Marc’s and others’ cure of his Tourette’s:

        Then, NXIVM was nothing but a “brainwashing cult”, all set up to get KR his money and fucktoys.

        Now, “Marc’s Tourette’s would have gone away on its own”.

        These are the shifting “truths” of anticultist’s claims. Whatever makes nothing of someone else’s beliefs and practices, that’s where they go – hoping you don’t notice their canard.

        No where, ever – even begrudgingly – can they ever admit anything positive about their target of persecution.

        This is why I’m not an anticultist any more – they lie their asses off continually. They are completely unable to tell the truth about the “cults” they target.


      • While what you type is correct, it has also been shown that NLP and hypnosis can help Tourette’s. Why does everything need to be so black and white? “He would’ve grown out of it on his own.” “NLP has been debunked and doesn’t work.” “There is no cure for Tourette’s.” “NXVIM was bad.”

        A wise person on FR often says that the answer is usually the obvious answer. Isn’t the obvious answer, “Sometimes Tourette’s lessens or becomes controlled after the teen years, AND Tourette’s can sometimes be helped by NLP, NXIVM, Hypnosis, etc. etc.”

        • NutJob-

          I have to concur that hypnosis when used correctly can be a incredible tool.

          Though I still side with AnonyMaker.

          • I don’t disagree with Anonymaker. I rarely disagree with him. I just think there is grey area here.

            Btw – I only now figured out that Aristotle’s Sausage is the commenter formerly known as Actaeon. Did you already know this?

    • Bingo! It’s the oldest truck in the book, faith healing. “I’m cured! I’m cured!” the afflicted man shouts, and the unsophisticated rubes never pause to think he was never blind / lame / palsied in the first place.

      Marc was just part of the Nxivm Medicine Show all along.

  • Yoooooooooooo Frank!

    Why haven’t you been posting up my comments from like 10 articles ago! You haven’t been posting other people’s shit too! What the fuck, dude!

    • “Yoooooooooooo Frank!”

      “Why haven’t you been posting up my comments from like 10 articles ago! You haven’t been posting other people’s shit too! What the fuck, dude!”

      FYI I don’t know how long you’ve been on Frank Report, but this is nothing new! Frank Parlato, despite his claims of adamantly supporting free speech, only seems to do so when it brings him attention!

      Outside of that, he takes away our free speech worse than other social media websites by forcing everybody to get his rigorous “stamp of approval” before he will even allow our words to be seen by other on his website! He’s such an idiot because he would have much less work to do if he wasn’t so he’ll bound and determined to take away everybody’s free speech and monitor it to this psychotic degree!

      He and like 1-2 other people have to comb through 100’s of comments daily as well as write, edit, and publish numerous articles on several websites. So his small and intellectually drained team can’t do it all and will constantly look over other people’s freedom of speech rights and not post all comments made on every single article because they can’t handle all the work of sifting through which ones are “allowed” to have their constitutional rights in his eyes!

      Many people have let Frank have it over the years about it that they put in a lot of energy, thought, and time into their posts and Frank recklessly never posts them (even when he says that he will) and Frank continues to not give a shit about the constitution that only seems to exist in his eyes to feed his fragile ego in front of others when he wants to play the “noble American martyr” and get attention on other media outlets!

      Outside of that, he’s far more Orwellian than all other social media outlets by his method of censorship and he doesn’t give a shit if it even cause him far more work than is necessary and he would take a load of himself and others if he would actually obey the US Constitution for once in his life but he’s an idiot and doesn’t care no matter how much burdensome work it puts on him and no matter how much work that we put into our posts that we lose for nothing! He’s done it to even the most prominent commentators on this website! From Bangkok, Nutjob, Mr. Nice Guy, And the most recent one, this new guy called Patriot God. Yes while Patriot God is obnoxious and incredibly racist, he still has his constitutional rights no matter how annoying he is. But Frank doesn’t care and constantly neglects to post half of his shit despite being called out about it by him and numerous others!

      This has been going for years dude and let me promise you, that you’re not the first to have gone through this and barked up the tree about it in order to get nothing! So consider it’s probably not going to be posted by now, dude! Frank is a joke and doesn’t care! The only way this is going to stop is if somebody hacks Frank’s websites and updates his comments section so comments can instantly posted without his consent like every social media website! They would also need to lock him out of it so he could only publish articles, but not control the comments! If somebody does that, then they better have a good way to make it cryptic and mask themselves and their IP, because Lord knows Frank will throw a temper tantrum and cry like a little bitch to the authorities about the rights of his website being “stolen” despite him stealing our 1st Amendment rights daily!

      Frank’s a brat with no morals and a hypocrite in everything that he does, dude and he doesn’t give a shit! So get used to it or go to another website!

      I pray to God somebody with the resources and ability to not get caught, hack his website one day and fixes it or somebody sued the living shit out him or something! He needs to taught a brutal lesson for how many years he’s frustrated people and stolen peoples rights while he claims to “adamantly support” them! I wish I could personally beat the shit out of him for how many times that he’s done it to me!

      Your best bet is to make your own website that US Constitution friendly or if you can’t afford that, to go on another website that covers NXIVM that you like that respects your 1st Amendment rights! You’re not going to have your full 1st Amendment rights respected and viewed sacrosanct here! Outside of that, the only time it is scared to Frank as it was our founding fathers is when somebody who is valuable to his reputation is watching! Frank’s a piece of shit, dude! I know it sucks but until his ass is brought to justice for it, there’s nothing you can do! Sorry, bro! ☹️

        • Since I don’t have any money to do that, why don’t YOU stop being a piece of shit and have some respect for our constitutional rights, asshole!

          Do you have the balls to answer to all of you readers why you refuse to update your website so all our comments can be instantly posted like everybody else’s websites and why you choose instead to overwork yourself and staff to this point just to control our free speech where it would far easier on you and your website staff to let us have it?!

          This isn’t a debate over a choice of color on your website and “if you don’t like it then go make your own website” type of bullshit that you’re trying to pull, YOU ARE RAPING EVERYBODY ON HERE OF THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!!!!!!!!!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?!?!?!?! You should be arrested and sued for it! This s isn’t a debate over a flavor of ice cream or how the style we paint something. If you give a shit about this country and our rights, then you will update your website to implement this new system of unmonitored and instantaneous posting IMMEDIATELY!

          If you don’t, then you owe it to your readers to explain why you hold their 1st Amendment rights in such contempt not to do so! Or you can run and hide play the silent pussy! Those are your choices, you snake!

          • I guess Frank chooses to do the latter because he’s a pussy! He know he’s guilty and that’s why he chooses to run away from a very critical point! Much like the NXIVM dead-enders do when they’ve been put into a logical touché!

      • —noble American martyr

        Hey, dumb-ass, Frank is not suing anyone. Because Frank said he’s not a victim.
        Furthermore, Frank has never claimed to be noble or a hero of any kind or. He has stated on numerous occasions that if Raniere and Clare had let him walk away, he would have walked. That’s why I like Frank. He’s never played the hero card, not once.

        • “ —noble American martyr”

          It’s very funny how out of everything I said, you choose three words and are now going to focus on them out of everything else like you have autism! So, here we go into all of your imbecility!

          “Hey, dumb-ass, Frank is not suing anyone.”

          Hey, dumbass, I never said he was!

          “Because Frank said he’s not a victim.”

          “Not a victim” to what?! By the way, do you have to say, “I’m not a victim” while you play the role of the victim in the eyes of others for attention?! You are very dumb! Thank God somebody in a white van didn’t pull up to you in a park and offer you candy and toys to come in with him and “promised” you that “everything would be ok and you get to come back out as soon as you both were done playing”! Because, boy oh boy, your ass would be long dead by now! Because “he said”, right?! But I’m the dumbass while I’m trying to give you your 1st amendment rights back from Frank, you dumb-fuck!

          “Furthermore, Frank has never claimed to be noble or a hero of any kind or.”

          Just like those guys in the white van at the park that you somehow miraculously didn’t encounter would’ve “never claimed” to only be out there to kidnap, rape, and kill children, right?! Well if it’s “never claimed verbatim, then he can’t be doing it! Case closed!” You’re an idiot! I have no clue how you live safely in this world, boy!

          “He has stated on numerous occasions that if Raniere and Clare had let him walk away, he would have walked.”

          Yeah when his broke ass is facing Clare’s money and connections, that would be the best option!

          “That’s why I like Frank. He’s never played the hero card, not once.”

          Much like you would’ve like those people in the white van at the park who offered you candy and toys and “never played the kidnapper card, not once” too, right?!

          You’re so stupid that you shouldn’t even be allowed to speak! So if you want to fight me for wanting everybody here to have their 1st Amendment rights back, then you can let Frank keep yours much like those guys in a white van who “never claimed to be kidnappers” would’ve kept you the second your gullible ass eagerly hopped in the van, you moron!

          • Hey, Dumbass!

            Guess you came back for more…You really are a royal dumb ass. Time to get a beat down!

            — Fighting for everybody here to have their 1st Amendment rights back.

            I don’t recall anyone asking for your assistance.

            — Frank is a victim

            Let me repeat: Frank is not a victim. Frank is the victor. He took out Vanguard, Proctor, and Legatus.

            — Frank is broke

            Frank doesn’t need money; he is a successful real estate developer. You are dumber than stupid.

            — Frank is virtue signaling

            You claim right there Frank played the hero card. Dude, you are a liar!

            BTW: I love your repetitive white van analogy. Is it some kind of fantasy thing or early childhood trauma?

            I smoked your ass one more time!

            Let me drop some Latin on your head: “veni, vidi, vici.”

          • Since Frank Parlato is such a miser who won’t get his shitty website fixed so it doesn’t do this random bullshit making the “REPLY” button disappear at times so you can’t post directly under some stupid troll’s comments against you, I have no choice but to post it up here! Thanks Frank, you incompetent asshole!

            “Hey, Dumbass!”

            “Guess you came back for more…You really are a royal dumb ass. Time to get a beat down!”

            You’re the “royal dumbass” that would honestly try to fight me on wanting to have instantaneous posting, edit comment abilities, and freedom of speech! I’ve already read your stupid reply you don’t “beat down” shit! You just sound like you’re mentally retarded and shouldn’t be allowed to speak! This is the most asinine debate from you that I’ve ever seen! Why don’t you just go to China since you love speech restrictions so much, dipshit! The only beat down you’d ever get is if I saw you in person and put you in a hospital! That’s what idiots like deserve who aid and abet scum like Frank who take away our freedom of speech! You have nothing valuable to say! I’m not really answering this to you because you’re obviously mental retarded and that is incurable! This is for other people who can actually comprehend what I’m saying and read there was given a satisfactory reply to mental insanity!

            — Fighting for everybody here to have their 1st Amendment rights back.

            “I don’t recall anyone asking for your assistance.”

            Really?! I don’t recall Frank Parlato asking for YOUR “assistance”! I wasn’t even talking to you and you decided to be a nosy trolling piece of shit and make yourself sound like a dumbass while you project everything you are into me much like you just did with this hypocritical reply! I was trying help this person who was frustrated see what was happening to him! This was none of your business and many people before me have complained about what Frank is doing before! I have a right to say what I want about somebody who is a public servant to me who is dishonoring the U.S. Constitution the he hypocritically claims to “adamantly support”! You sound so fucking stupid! Just stop talking!

            — Frank is a victim

            “Let me repeat: Frank is not a victim. Frank is the victor. He took out Vanguard, Proctor, and Legatus.”

            I never said that he was a “victim”! I don’t know what you’re trying to get a here because you keep putting these dashed sentences in your blathering rants acting like it’s a quote of mine when it isn’t!

            But regardless, Frank didn’t “[take] out Vanguard, Proctor, and Legatus” all by himself! Without the help of everybody else; he wouldn’t have done shit! It was the New York Times who really broke his story! If it wasn’t for them NXIVM would still be here today! I don’t care if Frank broke DOS first! He was too little of yuppy in the publishing world to do it all by himself! Even Sarah Edmondson said on The Vow that “we can’t use Frank! He’s too sensational!” That’s why they had to go to the NYT, dumbass! It was the collusion of all the defectors, the social status, and the NYT propping him up that took them down! Frank couldn’t have done this alone and if it was all just Frank doing this, his ass would be in prison right now and everybody knows it! Once again, please shut the fuck up! You have no clue what you’re even saying!

            — Frank is broke

            “Frank doesn’t need money; he is a successful real estate developer. You are dumber than stupid.”

            Again, more projection by calling me “dumber than stupid” which those two words are synonyms to each other and therefore is redundant! That’s the equivalence of saying “you’re more of grape than a grape”! You just shamelessly keep on embarrassing yourself, don’t you?!

            I’d love to know how well read you are in real estate to qualify him as “successful” like you do?! Have you also looked at his bank account?! You must know so much to arrogantly proclaim something like that! You must be lonely and of need of attention and need to act smarter than you really are for it! No need to do that because to be perfectly honest, you suck at it! Allow me to give you some attention with a proper education because you really are a clusterfuck of a train of thought!

            Then you just pour more coals into your imbecilic train of thought and keep going full steam ahead with your little straw man here!

            WOW! Are you this retarded?! Ummmmm…… When I talked about Frank being “broke”, I DID NOT mean that he was a bum on the streets! Regardless, everybody “needs money” to live, retard! What world do you live on?! He’s obviously broke enough that he can’t pay his reporters and so they have to volunteer for free, his website is an old piece of shit that barely even functions compared to other social media websites! So he’s either broke or he’s a fucking miserly asshole Scrooge who morally shouldn’t be running a business!

            Most importantly, THE ACTUAL CONTEXT to what I was saying was in juxtaposition to the Bronfmas money his ass IS “broke” no matter how “successful” of a real estate developer he is and you’re an idiot to deny that! My words are obviously very hard for you to comprehend! So please just mind your own business! I’m so tired of idiots like you on this website! Please just go somewhere else and mental health treatment and leave the people who want what our founding father promised us and viewed as sacrosanct alone! You want to go be a commie, then please go do it somewhere else!

            — Frank is virtue signaling

            “You claim right there Frank played the hero card. Dude, you are a liar!”

            Never said this sentence of “Frank is virtue signaling”, just like several other dashed things you accused me of! I’m guessing you’re claiming that I’m implying it! So let’s just be clear with what I believe! Like I said before, Frank DID do some work to help down NXIVM, however it would’ve never gone anywhere without him being propped up by all the other defectors with their social status’s and the NYT! You are an idiot to think otherwise!

            In regards to me claiming Frank is “virtue signaling”, the context was about him acting like this great patriot who “adamantly supports free speech” like he’s said, but utterly refuses to practice what he preaches on his own website that should be the pure paragon of his patriotism! Instead it’s as much as a letdown like a person’s favorite badass celebrity thinking they’re a ripped up badass who stands up for truth, when in real life they’re just a angry fat coward who holds degenerate philosophies and only does it for money! That’s what Frank is like in regards to this!

            Frank does CONSTANTLY boast about him breaking the story DOS, puts up all of these praises of him from other people without putting up everything else they said about him along with it, and in many ways inflates his contribution to taking down NXIVM and/or allows other people to exaggerate it for him and not correct them! You’re obviously have no social skills to not be able to read in between those lines! Stop puttin words in my mouth and acting like I said something that I didn’t and using this stupid argument of “AHA! Frank never personally confessed virtue signaling, so you’re a liar!”, type of bullshit you’re doing! This ain’t rocket science, dude this why you shouldn’t have gotten involved with this because you have no clue what you’re even saying!

            “BTW: I love your repetitive white van analogy. Is it some kind of fantasy thing or early childhood trauma?”

            What a weak attempt to try to throw that into my face while you acknowledge it was an “analogy” to how gullible that you are! You sound even more desperate when your try make into a “fantasy thing or early childhood trauma”! The only “fantasy thing” here is your fantasizing that my analogy of your gullibility is somehow a “fantasy thing” of mine and epically fail to subliminally project it onto me by your pathetically disguised “question”!

            In regards to your other potential fucked up fantasy of this being a “childhood trauma”, the answer is NO and thank God for that! However even if it was, don’t you think (despite it being rather bold of me to date put you and the word “think” in the same sentence) that’s really fucked up that you think that’s some kind of “Aha! I gotcha!” type of thing if that were true?!

            I would hope you’d want to actually learn from somebody else’s mistakes that went through something that horrific and thank God that they’re still alive! Not make fun of them and weaponize their acknowledged by you, “childhood trauma” to somehow make you right for it (which is stupid because it doesn’t still prove that you’re not gullible and the fact that you’re even looking to try and hold somebody in contempt you in fact acknowledged would be a “childhood trauma” like this, shows that you hate wisdom and correction and would prove my point of the extreme likelihood of you falling for that kind of trap when you were younger based upon that kind of recklessly foul and imbecilic retort)!

            Case and point! Even if it was a “fantasy” of mine, a “childhood trauma” of mine and/or both, doesn’t negate the likelihood of your potential to suffer the same fate you’ve wished upon me because of how stupid and gullible that you are! You haven’t proved anything other than how much more certain that you too would’ve succumbed to it and perhaps even more so based upon your poorly thought-out dialogue to me about this! Please stop embarrassing yourself and go away!

            I smoked your ass one more time!

            I’m sure you would “smoke my ass” after you “smoked” up all your autistic medications that you were supposed to be swallowing with water, you fuck! You should be embarrassed by this statement and anybody with half of a brain in their head, can plainly see how big of idiot you are and how you’d have the audacity to come and shit on somebody who was trying give you your 1st amendment back on this website and shit on me while you claim it’s a work of social art! Only on Frank Report can idiots like you exist and post something as degenerate and stupid like this!

            Let me drop some Latin on your head: “veni, vidi, vici.”
            I know the Latin,

            “We came, We saw, We conquered.”

            Yeah you “came”, you came with your head shoved up your ass!

            You didn’t “[see]” anything based on all of the straw men and projection you put on me! You obviously also don’t “[see]” how to properly react and treat somebody who’s fighting for our 1st amendment rights, because of how far your head is up your ass! You seriously need to get checked because your brain doesn’t work right!

            The only thing that you “conquered” was demonstrating how mentally deficient and insane you are to waste my time over something like this! You haven’t taught me shit nor will you ever because of how little I think of your dumbass undevelooed brain!

            You’re never going to win this, nor will you ever change my mind to become a degenerate commie, just like you! Stop sending me all these stupid attacks by shit talking me and make yourself useful for once in this fight of free speech, instead of being a reckless nuisance by getting the fuck off this website! NOW!

  • “… the violations of his rights are so obvious… ” 😅
    Elliott’s mind is so balanced.

    It makes me think that Keith was right to put all these thinking organisms to dedicate their lives to him and do it intensely. They are so completely useless otherwise.

  • I am continually inspired by the courage these people demonstrate to pursue the lives they’ve chosen, even in the face of the bigotry and hate they receive on a daily basis.

    As they do, more people are beginning to see that bigotry for what it is, and hopefully, the rights of all religious and sub-cultural minorities will gain greater acceptance in our supposed “free society.”


    • Join them. Believe me, they need a bigger fan club right now. Oh, and Danielle needs to water her plants judging by those photos. Her patients must be thirsty whilst she does all those poses.

    • No one is preventing them from practicing their idiocy.

      Just don’t do anything illegal, like racketeering or extorting women for sex and trying to hide it within a facade of a female empowerment group, and everything will be fine.

  • To which tribe does tribal dancer Sahajo belong?

    Asking celebrities and influencers to help “victims” of “cancel culture” without understanding the heavy role that they have played in creating cancel culture is obtuse.

    It’s like asking serial kilkers to help clean up their crime scene.

    Is it cancel culture if you just don’t want to support a public person because of their actions, words, misdeeds? Or is it just your right as an informed consumer to vote with your dollars?

    Marc Elliot was never anybody enough to be “canceled”. He’s only famous or “known” in his own self-obsessed head.

    The arrogance of the Nxivm dead-end failure to believe that they have 1000s of dollars worth of wisdom to share with the world is really funny.

    Suneel is a really sucky power of attorney if he couldn’t/didn’t help vanguard secure legal help. It’s more likely a stupid game they are playing. Because Suneel would smuggle a civil attorney in his butt to see Keith if Keith asked him.

  • Question for KR Claviger:

    Suneel has Keith’s power of attorney, so does that mean he can made decisions without consulting Keith? What are the limits of the power of attorney? Does Suneel control any financial assets that Keith still possesses?

    I wonder if this action is not for Keith’s benefit, but for Suneel’s. Keith is not getting out of jail alive but could still end up with Pam Cafritz’s estate. If that occurs, would Suneel control the assets?

    • How much “power” Mark has is entirely dependent upon the specific terms in the “Power-of-Attorney” document that Keith signed. Many of these documents are focused on a specific transaction (e.g., the purchase of a house) or on certain types of actions (e.g., paying bills).

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