DOJ Investigating Whether Raniere’s Attorneys Improperly Released Copy of Hard Drive to Suneel Chakravorty — He Denies Having Copy of Hard Drive

Suneel Chakravorty says he does not have and never has had a copy of the hard drive because he refused to sign the protective order.

Assistant US Attorney Tanya Hajjar filed a letter yesterday with US District Judge Nicholas G. Garuafis advising that she “received a report that Suneel Chakravorty, an associate of defendant Keith Raniere’s, is in possession of electronic discovery materials, including a copy of a hard drive that was produced to defense counsel pursuant to the Protective Order,”

The copy of the hard drive in question was apparently made from the Western Digital hard drive that was seized from Raniere’s library by the FBI on March 27, 2018.  The jury found it “proven” that on that hard drive were 22 photos taken of a Jane Doe victim, known as Camila, when she was 15, and that Raniere, therefore, possessed child pornography. Because they determined Raniere took the photos, they also found that he sexually exploited the child.

Those were two of the predicate acts regarding his racketeering charge.

For more than a year, Chakravorty has maintained that the Camila photos were tampered with by the FBI.  Raniere is expected to file a motion for a new trial based on this assertion purportedly providing “newly discovered” evidence.

Chakravorty has been given a power-of-attorney by Raniere, Frank Report has learned.

The copy of the hard drive provided by the prosecution to the defense does not have Camila’s photos on it since it is illegal to possess child porn even by defense lawyers defending a child porn case.  Hajjar is not alleging Chakravorty is in illegal possession of child porn.

AUSA Tanya Hajjar is seeking to find out if Suneel Chakravorty has been given a copy of the hard drive [sans the Cami pictures] by one of Raniere’s attorneys.
Hajjar advised the judge that if Chakravorty has the hard drive, one of the attorneys would have improperly shared it with him.

She wrote to the judge, “All current and former counsel of record in this case have signed the Protective Order and agreed to abide by its terms…As the Court is aware, much of the discovery material in this case is sensitive and contains personally identifying information regarding individuals other than the defendants.”

The protective order requires the defense counsel not to disclose, share or disseminate “any discovery materials provided to the defendant except to defense staff directly employed by defense counsel, subject to defense counsel’s supervision, and only after such staff have reviewed the terms of the Protective Order and signed the order.”

Hajjar is also asking the judge to order Raniere attorneys to provide a list of individuals who have been given electronic discovery materials produced by the government and to have them return them to the defense attorneys.

Judge Nicholas Garaufis presided over the trial of Keith Raniere. He is being asked by the prosecution to direct Raniere’s attorneys to collect any electronic discovery materials that were released to others.

When reached for comment, Chakravorty told Frank Report that he does not have a copy of the hard drive or any electronic discovery materials containing nudity and that he has never possessed them.

“I don’t have a copy of the hard drive because I did not sign the protective order.” Chakravorty said, “I declined to sign because I want to be free to investigate and retain experts without being gagged by the order.”

Chakravorty told Frank Report that forensic experts are in possession of copies of the hard drive and other electronic discovery materials produced by the government and that these experts signed the protective order as required by Raniere’s attorneys before they were provided the materials.

It is not known if the judge will order the forensic experts to return the material to Raniere’s attorneys or whether, because they have used or may still be using these to analyze potential tampering of evidence, they will be permitted to retain the materials to complete their investigation.

Western digital hard drive similar to the one seized from Raniere’s library.

In seeking to learn if any of Raniere’s attorneys, past or present, handed protected materials to Chakravorty without getting his signature on the protective order, Hajjar disclosed that she had contacted Raniere’s “current counsel of record,”  Marc A. Fernich, and Jeffrey H. Lichtman, “who have represented that they have not provided Mr. Chakravorty with any discovery materials in this case.”

Attorneys for Raniere who have signed the protective order include:

  1. Steven Alan Metcalf,
  2. Joseph Daniel McBride
  3. Martin Tankleff
  4. Paul DerOhannesian
  5. Marc A Agnifilo
  6. Jennifer Ann Bonjean
  7. Jeffrey Lichtman
  8. Marc Fernich

Hajjar raised two other points in her letter, which Frank Report plans on investigating.

The first is that Chakravorty may have disclosed materials covered in the protective order. Since he did not sign the order, there may be no prohibition to his so doing, but it may be a problem for any attorney that disclosed protected information to him or others.

Hajjar wrote, “The government understands that Mr. Chakravorty (who is not an attorney) purports to have drafted a motion on Raniere’s behalf based on materials from the hard drive, and may also have disclosed or discussed protected discovery material to and with other individuals not subject to the Protective Order.”

The second point concerns a sensitive matter which is not covered by the protective order:

Hajjar writes, “The government has also received information that Mr. Chakravorty is also in possession of sexually explicit photographs of a victim identified as a ‘Jane Doe’ in the indictment. These photographs were not produced as discovery in this case because they were never in the government’s possession.”

Frank Report is aware of this issue, and we will be reporting on this matter more fully.



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  • So much hatred for Suneel because he is seeking Truth and exposing lies. So much fear and hate for him simply speaking his Truth shows he’s on the right path. People are afraid of the mirror he is holding before their eyes.

    I will always stand beside those who search for Truth, not THE Truth.

    • So if people fear or hate a person like Hitler – it means Hitler was “on the right path”?

  • Suneel, Marc, Anthony & Alanzo are in lockstep.

    Follow the money.

    Who is the NXIVM funder?


    • LOL! Conspiracy Theorist “Coordinated Propaganda” is on the case!

      Principles such as the freedom of speech, the freedom of religion, the freedom of assembly, the freedom of the press, equal protection under the law, all unite people much more than money does.

      But you’ve abandoned all those principles because you hate ‘cults’.

      See how anticultism corrodes your soul?


        • Correct… and… The lady doth not deny being on the Bronfman payroll. She tries to change the subject.

          Keith and his NXIVM lackeys have been prosecuted for criminal conspiracy. That’s what it is: a criminal, conspiratorial cult.

          Suneel is doing this in part out of his personal loyalty to and obsession with Keith. For Alanzo, this is purely greed.

    • Sure thing. Why aren’t you rebuking the “collateral” as deceptive trickery and blatant intimidation, aka blackmail, by NXIVM, et al, to keep women in Raniere’s sextortion ring?

    • Hahaha,
      There are laws around discovery Al
      If Sal didn’t do anything wrong, nothing to worry about.
      If he or Raniere’s lawyer broke the law. Oh well, Sal better be hiring one soon.

  • Huh. Interesting development.

    Should be pretty straightforward to clear up. Almost makes you want to see the evidence the Suneel experts had come up with now if only because it could be a 2-birds-with-one-stone thing. It somehow shows the FBI and Suneel did some shenanigans. I still want to know how they planned on neutralizing Camila as a testimony source if it had moved forward. But since that appeal is unlikely to move forward, I probably will never really find out.

  • Hi Suneel-

    I guess Brian Booth didn’t appreciate the “laugh” as much as we did.

    You and Nicki encouraging and inciting a bunch of conspiracy nuts to attack and harass an FBI/DOJ employee are the dumbest things you could possibly do!

    Are still laughing? Because I am laughing at you! 😉

  • RE Suneel, the DOJ, and the Hard Drives:

    The DOJ won’t get any proof!!!!

    Suneel planned ahead!

    Suneel, in every article he wrote for the Frank Report, never once admitted to having the hard drive in his possession or custody. I skim-read all his previous articles.
    Suneel was cognizant of the possibility that the DOJ might attempt to prosecute him.

    I’m sure there are a bunch of other steps Sunneel took to obfuscate his involvement in disseminating the copies of the hard drive to the IT experts.

    Nicely played, Suneel!

    • I have to work something out where I don’t accidentally hit post on my iPhone. My XL hands weren’t cut out for typing on a IPhone

  • Hi Sunneel!

    You are one clever rapscallion!

    I went back and skim read all of your articles pertaining to the “hard drive”…

    Suneel, you, never once mentioned having ownership or having the hard drive in your custody in any article — kudos! Genius play!

    You expected the DOJ might come after you so you planned accordingly. I’m impressed by your brilliance.

    You took further steps to ensure the DOJ can’t prosecute you, like hiring overseas IT experts, who are harder to subpoena. I bet you took steps to obfuscate all communications and payments to the IT hacks you hired.

    Now, I know why you never used real experts in the United States.

    The hilarious thing is this has all been for naught. You haven’t helped Keith Raniere one iota!

    The only thing you did accomplish was to get a bunch of conspiracy nuts enthralled with you and this criminal case…….

    I predicted two likely outcomes from your attacks on Booth. The second being Raniere getting sent to a SuperMax. It will be a miracle if Keith Raniere doesn’t land in a Supermax within a year’s time. You are such a genius!

      • Why didn’t Suneel strut his spangled, open-chest, snug, jumpsuit ballroom stuff when the dead-enders danced nightly in front of the detention center for their vanguard?

        Maybe it is too hard to stare up at the prison with worshipful eyes at your grandmaster when you’ve got a partner to dip & spin?

        What a waste of both a costume and the chance to further impress Keith Raniere, one of the top 3 (convicted criminal) problem solvers in the world…

  • Thus far, the government has made several assertions – and, insofar as I can tell, Suneel has denied only one of them: i.e., whether he has ever had possession of a copy of the hard drive that was confiscated from Keith Raniere’s sex lair/library.

    So, here are some questions for Suneel:
    (1) Have you ever had possession of any other electronic discovery materials from the U.S. v. Raniere Et Al trial?

    (2) Have you ever shared any other electronic discovery materials from the U.S. v. Raniere Et Al trial with any other person – and, if so, what are their names?

    (3) Have you ever had possession of any of the collateral that was collected from the members of DOS?

    (4) Have you ever seen any of the collateral that was collected from the members of DOS?

    (5) Do you know anyone who has ever had possession of any of the collateral that was collected from the members of DOS – and, if so, what are their names?

    (6) Do you know anyone who has ever seen any of the collateral that was collected from the members of DOS – and, if so, what are their names?

    (7) Have you ever seen the pictures of Camila that were allegedly taken when she was 15-years-old?

    (8) Do you know anyone who has ever seen the pictures of Camila that were allegedly taken when she was 15-years-old – and, if so, what are their names?

    (9) Since the pictures of Camila that were allegedly taken when she was 15-years-old were not part of the discovery materials, how did the experts that you hired get copies of them?

    (10) How did you come into possession of sexually explicit photographs of a victim identified as Jane Doe that were not part of the discovery materials that the government provided to Keith’s defense attorneys?

    I really don’t expect Suneel to answer any of the questions that I’ve posed to him here on Frank Report.

    But I also expect that he’s soon going to be asked very similar questions – and a whole lot more – by guys/gals with badges…

    • Claviger, why are you using “allegedly” when referring to evidence surrounding Camila that was presented as sworn testimony at trial? Is there a legal reason to believe that this evidence should not be considered honest at this point? I’m confused as to why you would soften the impact of the evidence when I see no reason to do so, other than Suneel doesn’t like it and maybe the attorneys will file something about it later.

      • Fair point…I was just trying to keep an open mind about Suneel’s contention that the photos of Camila were altered in some way. But you’re absolutely right that the jury unanimously agreed that the photos in question were taken when she was 15.

    • K.R. Claviger,

      RE How Suneel Obtained a Drive Copy:

      I believe Suneel gained his copy of the drive from one of the attorneys, “purposely” stepping out of his office and allowing Suneel to copy the drive.

      The attorney said to Suneel, “ I have to go use the lavatory. I am leaving the drive copy on my desk. I trust you will not make copies.”

      The attorney says to the FBI, “I have no idea how Suneel acquired a copy of the drive.”

      I believe attorneys overall do good, but you guys also do a lot of sneaky stuff. 😉
      Perry Mason did that crap all the time. LOL

    • It’s easy to deny having ever had possession. It’s also easy, I assume, for a person who knows programming to delete all traces of files from a computer.

      What’s not easy is preventing the legal firm that was in possession of the leaked files throwing you under the bus when the folks with badges show up at their office.

    • Claviger, for once be objective, man. You are being ridiculous now; can’t you see what’s going on here? You were supposed to be smart with all your “knowledge” on law and the case. Suneel has clearly got to them and they will try to bring him down. They are scared because they ducked up. It’s ridiculous. Wake up, Claviger. This is not about Raniere, it’s about idiots like you allowing DOJ to do whatever the fuck they want.

      • Anthony! Watch your language or I will report you to the two lawyers at your work.

        Those two lawyers have never responded to Claviger. They only speak thru your comments, apparently.

        Seems like rudeness toward Clarviger runs in your office.

        Now why haven’t those lawyers explained to you that Claviger is not in a position to “allow the DOJ to do whatever the f–k” they want?

        Why does no one in your office of lawyers understand the law, Mr. Potty mouth?

        • Evidence is there. I wonder if you are so into this why stay anonymous? I won’t respond to your comments anymore until you give your name. Not because you have any good argument to discuss at all but it’s good to try to help people become better thinkers and I’m sorry all of your comments show a very poor capacity of evaluating anything. Have a good one whoever you are!

  • Oct 14, 2021

    ORDER as to Nancy Salzman re 1136 Letter seeking additional time to remit fine. Application granted. So Ordered by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis on 10/14/2021. (Lee, Tiffeny) (Entered: 10/14/2021)

  • Oct 14, 2021

    ORDER: All defendants and current and former counsel of record involved in this matter have stipulated and agreed to a Protective Order. (Dkts. 39, 85, 990, 1001, 1060.) Defendant Keith Raniere’s current and former counsel include, among others, Steven Alan Metcalf, Esq., Joseph Daniel McBride, Esq., Martin Tankleff, Esq., Paul DerOhannesian, Esq., Marc A. Agnifilo, Esq., Jennifer Ann Bonjean, Esq., Jeffrey Lichtman, Esq., and Marc Fernich, Esq. The Protective Order prohibits “any and all Discovery Materials disclosed to the defendant and defense counsel” from being “further disclosed, disseminated, or discussed by the defendant or defense counsel to, or with, any individuals,” subject to specified exceptions in the Order. (Dkt. 39 5-7.) The court has received notice from the Government that this Order may have been breached. (Dkt. 1135.) All current and former counsel of record for Mr. Raniere are DIRECTED to provide individual sworn declarations identifying any and all persons to whom information covered by the Protective Order was shown or provided to during the course of this litigation. Counsel shall identify any such person’s relationship to the litigation. Counsel are DIRECTED to address specifically whether they have provided any material described in the Government’s 1135 letter, including a copy of a hard drive, to Mr. Raniere, to Suneel Chakravorty, or to any person not entitled to such material under the Protective Order. Counsel are DIRECTED to file their declaration to the court ex parte and under seal not later than October 25, 2021. Ordered by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis on 10/14/2021. (Kelly, Sean)

  • Question for Suneel:

    Are you in possession of sexually explicit photographs of a Jane Doe, victim of KR?

    If yes, from whom did you receive them and why do you have them?

    • Does that hard drive also have collateral pix? Or was he also given access to those pix on some other device?

      Seems logical that Keith would give those pix to some trusted lackey.

      • Keith never had any collateral in his possession…the hard drive they’re talking about was last used a decade ago when DOS did not exist, so no collateral could have been on that hard drive.

        • Keith did. All sorts of collateral was sent to Keith to approve. (And masturbate with). He often gave notes. The DOS slaves needed to look more “uniform “or “happy”. They would be photograph group nudes at Keith’s direction. And re send them.

          There is sworn testimony of Allison sending Keith up close vagina shots of her entire “slave pod” and Nicole seeing Allison do this and “throwing a fit”.

          Tons more examples on record. The branding videos recorded nude and spread legged sent to Keith. “to be used as collateral” Keith says in the infamous branding (walk with Allison) vocal recording.

          India pulling over to send a close-up vagina (and face always!) Photo was taken in her car, sent directly to Keith…

          And many, many more instances.

          • Yup, and all of it justified as a path for self-growth wherein none of the participants have done much of anything except hurt other people and themselves.

            Very stupid and a little late for all of them, really. How did they ever think “just dabbling in” blackmail and a master/slave trade was cool?

            These guys piss me off. Trying to convince me by their “tribute” to queef raniere like he is some kind of Kim Jong, dear leader? Barf! Vomit! Puke!

            But apparently, he is a really big hero, this guy, who led everyone’s careers to dust and himself to 120 years of incarceration.

  • I thought Suneel was supposed to be incredibly intelligent and now he’s gone and done a very, very dumb thing. Surely he’s still being paid by Clare’s coffers. No one would touch any of this with a ten foot pole unless there were a big fat check on the other end of it

      • Sure…. Or THAT. But it mostly likely it is rooted in money and hopefully a lot of it. It’s not a stretch to think Clare’s former houseboy is still on the payroll.


  • Oh boy, the “conspiracy nuts”, will be harping on this latest turn of events, forever.

    Suneel willfully and knowingly broke the law!

    Power of Attorney doesn’t equate to “current counsel of record,”

  • The US DOJ appears to be playing hardball.

    None of Raniere’s attorneys has the technical expertise to analyze hard drives so it only makes sense for them to outsource any in-depth forensic studies.

  • Suneel-

    I warned you! I am a nice guy. Unfortunately, I waited too long.

    Seriously, you need to lawyer-up immediately!

    • Suneel-

      The DOJ was going to let it go, regarding the hard drive; but you and Nicki personally attacked Booth; and incited a bunch of losers to harass Booth.

  • It looks like Suneel is getting to them. Or the prosecution just realized that Suneel has actually something ON THEM. Now I totally believe they tampered with evidence. This is about to get really interesting. And Raniere will probably get a new trial and this time he will likely walk free. What a mess has the DOJ got itself to.

    • Anthony! Welcome back!

      Say “hi” the the Two Lawyers in your office for me.

      What’s their perspective on recent developments?

    • “NOW” you believe?

      Anthony, the “two lawyers” at your “work” had you convinced long, long ago. Or so you said. Many times.

      BTW… Why didn’t those two lawyers ever get back to KRC?

  • I really really need help to help my daughter get her child back home away from her sexually abusive father. [phone number redacted]

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