Nice Guy Reflects on NXIVM, Raniere, the Government, the Frank Report and Alanzo

Nxivm is becoming a household word.

The discussion on the thread veered to Alanzo. K.R Claviger weighed in. Claviger wrote, “I really do ignore 99.9% of the stuff that Alanzo writes. But when he blatantly lies about things – or just makes up shit – I feel the need to call him out so that no one else gets duped by him. What’s amazing to me is that he never admits to being wrong about anything – even when hard evidence is presented to him. It’s like having a boxing match with a marshmallow.”

Nice Guy felt compelled to chime in offering one of his more thoughtful pieces in some time. Before we read his ruminations I want to invite Alanzo to reply at his convenience.

Nice Guy was in a pensive mood when he wrote the following…

By Nice Guy

Dear K.R. Claviger, I get where you’re coming from…. Just remember, Bangkok, Shadow, and Scott, never admitted when they were wrong
and you were right [actually the law].

Alanz0 won’t either..

….Alanzo will be reading our comments and will take great satisfaction. He is a wretched soul, whom I can’t stand, but yet feel for. When we talk about him it gives him self-worth. So, however, unintentional. we’re helping him, oddly enough, to feel good.


Today; I am and closing my and my wife’s cottage in Buzzards Bay, MA.

I am alone. I have had time for self-contemplation.  I thought about why I keep coming to the Frank Report. [I’m glad I never commented anywhere else, no other websites. it’s certainly is addictive]. 😉

So this is why I keep coming back…

The NXIVM saga/story is so much bigger than itself and the Frank Report. It’s a story of redemption and a won battle for Frank.

Frank Parlato Sept. 2021

He took it upon himself, this insane battle or vendetta, and ended up doing some good. He helped the two sisters from Mexico and so many others.

Artist’s sketch of Daniela, who testified under her first name only.

If Keith had left Frank alone, Keith would still be living the Life of Riley. 😉

And none of us would be conversing….

In addition, the NXIVM story is a story of government overreach, i.e. using RiCO to prosecute NXIVM. The law was originally enacted to fight organizations like the MAFIA, not second rate cults.

Keith Alan Raniere, a good guy or an asshole?

Keith is an evil man, but now a precedent has been set. Who or what is next?

Then there is the philosophical question: What is free will and what constitutes coercion (brainwashing)?

Nicki Clyne and the rest of the brood is still defending Keith, and had a completely different experience than the women like the NXIVM 9.

Susan Dones stands outside the Brooklyn federal courthouse

Susan Dones, who I respect, and Dani and Cami. Also I’ve learned about the American prison system and how the 13th Amendment is used to abuse people.

I could go on and on……

At any rate you should ignore poor Alanzo, he’s so lonely, or you give him some attention, and make him feel like he matters. It’s a weird form of charity. 🙂

The NXIVM story is compelling because it is every aspect of life. My wife doesn’t get it.

I’ve had a few glasses of good wine and a Cuban cigar. I am very philosophical at this moment. 🙂

Take care!

Side Note: Unlike everyone else in the saga Frank has never claimed to be a pious crusader.

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  • Alanzo
    November 7, 2021 at 12:42 pm

    I simply dissolved the LLC.

    This is a lie, Allen.

    Your LLC was shut down due to “involuntary dissolution”: i.e., it wasn’t your choice.

    People can read for themselves what is involved in the involuntary dissolution of a company here:

    Based on your financial history, my hypothesis is that the state of Illinois shut down your company because you failed to file tax returns or pay company taxes.

    You are lying to hide something. I suspect, though I cannot prove, that your supposed “internet marketing consulting business” is a sham designed to make it appear like you have a source of income other than whatever Scientology and the Bronfmans are paying you to slime cult victims, especially victims of sexual assault by Keith Raniere, Danny Masterson and many, many others.

    I’m happy to be proven otherwise. Just show me the evidence rather than just running off at the mouth and spewing hot air.

    • Jeffrey Augustine knows we’re closing in on him. You can’t keep up a sham like this forever. He goes on the offensive like this because he follows L Ron Hubbard’s teaching that:

      The DEFENSE of anything is UNTENABLE. The only way to defend anything is to ATTACK, and if you ever forget that, then you will lose every battle you are ever engaged in, whether it is in terms of personal conversation, public debate, or a court of law. NEVER BE INTERESTED IN CHARGES. DO, yourself, much MORE CHARGING, and you will win.”

      – L Ron Hubbard

      That’s why he’s completely trashed this comment section and many other earlier comment sections on the Frank Report – accusing me the whole time from his sock puppet and anonymous accounts of running sock puppets and anonymous accounts.

      And this isn’t the first time he’s gone after my business. He began publishing my bankruptcy papers just a few months after I filed. His fellow OSA agent, Karen de la Carriere, after working under Mike Rinder at the Office of Special Affairs Int for 5.5 years, later worked at the National Reconnaissance Office, a big five US intelligence agency, as she herself admitted to here on her Linkedin page:

      People who have received Scientology auditing from Karen de la Carriere – while she was pretending to be an anti Scientology crusader – say that she and Jeffrey run a full-on reconnaissance operation on all discussions of Scientology on the Internet on a Sea Org, 7 day per week schedule. They have private investigators living with them. They have multiple monitors open to all discussion groups on Scientology – now including the Frank Report. And they work to apply Scientology fair game anyone who has a “threat assessment” that raises to the level warranted to risk themselves of being exposed, as Jeffrey is here.

      The guy who is being paid by David Miscavige to run all fair game of Scientology’s critics – especially those who understand Scientology’s vulnerabilities – is accusing all of them of being paid by David Miscavige (and now Claire Bronfman for the NXIVM crowd).

      Jeffrey Augustine is known by long term Scientology critics as the biggest creep in all of Scientology and Anti-Scientology. And because he is a scientologist who applies L Ron Hubbard policy, he’s completely predictable.


      • Exactly as predicted: no evidence, just running off at the mouth and spewing hot air.

        The only people in the ex-Scientology and never-in communities who take you even slightly seriously are the pitiful Freezone freaks in the Marty Rathbun Fan Club.

      • Almost forgot… you are so far around the bend that you are now citing Karen de la Carriere’s supposed employment at the National Reconnaissance Office (which operates spy satellites – as evidence of a grand conspiracy against you.

        So… the federal government is keeping you under satellite surveillance?!

        Wow, you are so important!

        LOL. What a joke. Take your meds.

        • I’m so glad you asked:

          As documented in the above post, Karen personally told me herself, in 2010, that her job at the NRO, or the defense dept, as she described it to me, was to “socialize” with defense department contractors who were working on high security projects to see who might be leaking classified information. So no, she wasn’t launching satellites. She was “socializing”.

          You can repeat, over and over, when I provide evidence that I provide no evidence, but it only makes you look like a dupe. Or a knowing cut-out.

          Either way, you’re deceptive and dishonest, and lying about what I am clearly writing here on this page.

          Jeffrey Augustine and Karen de la Carriere run a paid information control and character assassination operation on Scientology critics who continue to expose Scientology’s criminal activity, and who don’t distract people onto legally null, or completely legal, activities.

          I personally know 5 people who have been paid by Karen and Jeffrey to attack other critics, and I have documentation of that as well. In addition to the above, and what I have already posted on my blog, there is even more to come on that.

          Keep up the great work, “TTWSYF”. We need eyeballs on this stuff and you’re doing a great job helping us to promote it.


          • Your “evidence” is what you “claim” the plastic surgery disaster & freak show Karen de la Carriere told you?

            And what Marty Rathbun wrote?

            LOL. Yeah, definitely the most reliable sources imaginable.

            All you Scientologists are gullible to the point of mental illness.

            All you Scientologists are liars.

            Maybe you aren’t on the OSA and Bronfman payroll. Maybe you suffer from an organic brain disorder.

  • Alanzo and Jeffery why don’t you move your pissing match over to private email or your own websites? I don’t give a damn whose house is worth how much and who paid what taxes when. Scientology has messed up your minds. Go to couples counseling and leave us alone.

  • Allen “Alanzo” Stanfield is a jackass on the Scientology payroll, you are right, but this is false: “Uh oh! Looks like you’ve been a bad boy and not paid your property taxes since 2018 and you’re $5000+ in arrears!”

    He is up to date on paying his taxes, though he was late on his 2012, 2014, 2017, and 2019 bills and had to pay penalties. There’s no need to exaggerate about this guy. The truth is bad enough.

  • If you are wondering who this Jeffery Augustine guy is that Alanzo is obsessed with, here’s a link to his website:

    Judge for yourself if you think this guy is trying to cover up for Scientology’s crimes

    On the other hand, here’s the link the Scientology OSA smear site about Augustine that they set up for all their critics they hate:

    Why is it that OSA hasn’t set up a “Who Is?” website for Allen Stanfield if he’s such an OSA target? Is it because “Alanzo” is working for OSA?

    Here’s what Allen writes about Jeffery. Judge for yourself whether Allen seems like a fine, upstanding guy who loves the truth and isn’t out to smear anyone.

    Here’s where Allen gets in the bat-shit conspiracy bed. Don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself… the government is out to get him, apparently. Just like they are Raniere:

    • These are Jeffrey Augustine’s own words.

      I, along with others, are proving that Jeffrey Augustine is a Scientologist while pretending to be an anti-Scientologist.

      Jeffrey and his sock puppets claim that exposing him is working for Scientology.


      Exposing Jeffrey Augustine and his “wife” Karen de la Carriere is exposing Scientology and its fair game operations, as they exist today. Scientology has simply outsourced the fairgaming of its critics to Jeffrey and Karen. You can see it right here in this comment section.

      I’ve watched and wrote about Scientology for 36 years. They’ve tried to destroy me for the last 21.

      They’re still trying.

      And if all this seems too freaky, just remember, it’s Scientology. Per long-standing Hubbard policy, nothing is too freaky for David Miscavige, Mike Rinder, Marty Rathbun and their tax free global real estate empire masquerading as a religion called “the Church of Scientology”.

      Check my blog for more updates at


  • Once we reach the confirmed No. 1 Highest Ever Comments on the Frank Report, I will make a speech thanking all of the “Little People” for getting us here.

    I never want to ignore the “Little People”.

    As so many already know in Scientology-Watching, the ‘Little People’ are the fake sock-puppets of Jeffrey Augustine.

    Thanks Jeffrey!

    I’ll soon be making a speech that acknowledges you fully,

    Allen ‘Alanzo’ Stanfield

    • Why have you quit calling everyone who smells your BS “blind retards”? Why aren’t your doubling down on that? Are you actually embarrassed at how assholish that makes you look? Did you decide to get some PR advice? Or did Miscavige send you an order to change your messaging? Bronfman has Suneel to wipe her ass and Miscavige can count on you to do the same.

      • I simply dissolved the LLC.

        This is my business. This is my livelihood. And you are trying your best to destroy my livelihood using Frank Parlato’s blog.

        Every commenter here should also know that Frank Parlato is approving all this blatant off-topic OSA fair game doxing, and leaving it all up, despite my asking him to take it down.

        Is this how Frank treats his sources?


          • Every comment by The truth will set you free is doxing Allen.

            But you know that, Frank
            And you know I’m not a sock puppet

            But you don’t owe me anything
            We are used to being ridiculed and not listened too. We understand the history of sporgery on a very personal level. It takes a person who cares enough about truth for a deep dive investigation to care about our story.
            Or maybe no one does.
            It will come out eventually

            Back to your regular programming

          • Lol. Alright Frank.

            Thanks for giving me the chance to let your readers know about Kyle Brennan, Flo Barnett, and Ken Ogger.


        • Alanzo: You and all your bullshit about Scientology are entirely off-topic. I wonder if you’ll ever get the message that 99.9% of Frank Report readers don’t give a fuck about you or your stupid cult.

  • We can take this whacked-out comment thread to 200 and beyond!

    Keep it going!

    Maybe the new racist Whack Pack member wants to grab the baton.

  • Alanzo – November 4, 2021 at 9:36 am

    “What exactly is your strategy for success?”

    I have no idea.


    Alanzo, you are a perfect example of, to use your own childish, offensive words, a “blind retard.”

    Good luck with the marketing consulting business.

    Two final pieces of free advice:

    1) Like I’ve told you before: it is Google “AdWords” not “Adwords.” You look like an incompetent moron on your website by advertising yourself as a marketing consultant if you can’t get basic editing correct. It would take you 60 seconds to correct that, but you are too lazy.

    2) Take down all the videos on your YouTube channel. No one in their right mind would hire someone who produces such inept crap. My 12 year old niece does better video work than you.

    I’m done. Good luck.

  • Wow, another ex-Scientologist appears. What a freak show.

    As a friend of mine who grew up in Clearwater always says, “The only thing weirder than a Scientologist is a former Scientologist.”

  • I am personally done with this thread and discussing anything to do with Scientology.
    It’s been entertaining, it beats NETFLIX.

    So OSA, Alanzo, and the
    “Free Scientologists” Scott Gordon, whoever the f*ck, Good bye!

    I had no idea that there is a protestant version of Scientology called
    Free Scientology. What a bunch of assholes.

    Alanzo has in the past been categorized as a Free Scientologist. It’s not surprising since he is a Cult Lover.

    I hope Frank or whoever edits this page has been as entertained by the drama, weirdness, and insanity as I have been.

    Good night!


    Alanzo, if you aren’t all the sock puppets, I am sorry about the Ring-Dings comment.

    • Frank-

      About my last comment, I looked up this Jeffery Augustine and the Scott Gordon guy, and they’re a bunch of freaks. Alanzo fits right in with himself.

    • Green looks good on you.

      Don’t be mad at me, Nice Guy. You are my favorite incontinent, elderly alcoholic on the Frank Report.

      See you around on other threads. It has been fun!


    • Nice Guy,
      Alanzo was never a freezone scientologist. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

      I understand you’ve bought the trolls freakshow and assigned it to Allen. Totally understandable since his presence brought them here.

      I’ve been called Alanzo’s sock puppet, but I’m a different person and the creeps who are trolling know that.

      I hope you don’t experience continued manipulation from these guys.
      They are far worse than you think.

      If you truly don’t care about the people who have been silenced by these guys, by all means move on. It’s not a fair or safe battle.

  • I am the “Scott Gordon” that Jeffrey Augustine’s crew is spoofing in order to slime these threads and to attack Alanzo, in particular.


    Clever way for Jeffrey’s camp to skirt the law, but it may not work out well for them in the end.

    • Scott-

      You’re pretty f*cking nuts!

      ….And I want you to know you showed up to right spot!

      I don’t remotely understand your mission or why you are here, but I wish you luck with it.
      “The Alanzo being poor, but obviously you didn’t read the reports about his cum-soiled underwear right spot!!!!”
      – Scott

      I am crass, but the underwear thing made me gag. What was the point of the humor? It’d take a chisel and mallet to clean the baby-batter off? I don’t get it.

      Are you the prune lady or is there really a woman with a retarded kid? Seriously please answer this question.

      When you wrap things up here on the Frank Report and leave, can you please take Alanzo with you? Just drive your car down the highway, and throw ring-dings, out your car window. Kinda-like Hanzel and Gretel, but in reverse.

      Best of luck to you. I haven’t the foggiest clue what you’re trying to do, Alanzo! Don’t think for a minute you even remotely fooled me, you fucking moron. But like I said good luck to you!

    • Hey, Real Scott Gordon, what laws are you accusing Jeffrey of skirting? What is your evidence?

      Give us some specifics and I will investigate them fairly. I love to check facts.

      I’ll post links to what I find and readers can judge for themselves.

      This sounds like a threat: “it may not work out well for them in the end.” Are you planning a legal action? Filing criminal charges? Please post links to any evidence of action you take here. Again, always happy to check facts.

  • Always the same thing from Alanzo: “No civil case against Scientology is winnable, so don’t even try. It is all the fault of Mike Rinder, Tony Ortega, Leah Remini and Jeffery Augustine.”

    As usual, he won’t mention the ongoing criminal and civil cases related to Danny Masterson’s serial rapes, other than to occasionally blame Rinder for it.

    Has there ever been a victim of cult sexual abuse that Alanzo has supported? Nope.

    When Scientology is at issue, it’s always: “Look at these murders over here, I don’t have any proof or even real evidence, but look over here and see how bad Rinder and Ortega are!”

    When NXIVM is at issue, it’s always: “FBLIE! Camilla didn’t testify under oath! Metadata!”

    Alanzo hates women. I agree with Nice Guy about that.

    Look in the mirror, Alanzo — your worst enemy, your only stalker is staring you straight in the eyes.

  • If you know anything about Scientology and what its long standing policy on how to deal with their critics, you can see it at work here in this comments section, almost word for word.

    If you don’t know, take a look here:

    If you scratch the surface on these anonymous accounts who have been stalking me here, trying to ruin my business, etc, you will find what appears to be “critics” of Scientology with sterling reputations but who are actually part of a paid character assassination and information control network who target people they can’t control.

    Why would they care if I get people to question “critics” such as Tony Ortega who targets only low level Scientologists who are not responsible for any crimes or even abuse in Scientology? Ortega stays well away from anything that would bring criminal liability onto David Miscavige, or any officer of the Church of Scientology. So does Mike Rinder who ran OSA for 22 years, and yet he knows where all the bodies are buried.

    Shouldn’t Ortega be criticized for lying about what Mike Rinder did in Scientology for years, saying he was only a ‘former spokesman’, when he was in fact CO OSA reporting directly to David Miscavige on all fair game on all critics every day?

    Shouldn’t Ortega be criticized for trying to get everyone to believe that David Miscavige’s mother in law committed suicide by shooting herself 3 times in the chest and once in the head with a rifle?

    Why try to destroy my livelihood for criticizing Ortega for that?

    Or for criticizing Rinder for never revealing any criminal activity?

    Who would send in private investigators on me, etc, and try to destroy me personally for that?


  • Today is a terrible day for cult accountability. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit has ruled that Scientology can force former members to handle their disputes solely within Scientology’s kangaroo arbitration system.

    Tony Ortega, Mike Rinder and many other have been supporting the Garcia’s fight for years.

    What has Alanzo had to say about it? All you will hear out of him is crickets chirping.

    Whose interests does that serve?

    • “What has Alanzo had to say about it?

      Contract law, and its centuries of precedent, make it impossible to rule anything else. Mike Rinder, as the head of OSA, which handled all legal matters as well as all PR and Fair Game, knew this. He had the contracts written, on the advice of Monique Yingling at KMA Zuchert, their decades long attorney.

      Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, which Rathbun, Rinder and Miscavige (Marty Mike and Dave) have read and put into clay multiple times, know that contract law in the area of arbitration vs public courts, is one of their strongest defenses. That’s why they have ALL Scientologists sign their rights to a jury trial away multiple times while being a Scientologist. Sun Tzu says to distract your enemy onto your strongest defenses and away from your weakest. That’s why Tony Ortega and the whole crew, such as you, are harping on it and pulling everyone’s heartstrings there.

      A great documentary on this is one called “Hot Coffee”, about the McDonald’s scalding lawsuit in the late 80’s. Another case in that documentary discusses multiple rapes endured by a female employee of Haliburton which are very similar to the Masterson civil case. Legally, Scientology’s stance is very similar.

      So where are Scientology’s defenses weakest?

      Their murders made to look like suicides, such as Kyle Brennan, David Miscavige’s mother in law Flo Barnett, and Ken Ogger.

      That’s why I keep banging on about those and why Tony Ortega’s anonymous flying monkeys, such as you, follow me all around the internet to discredit me, humiliate me, in the attempt to shudder me into silence.

      Maybe I’m just not part of the program anymore, and you feel betrayed by me.

      Or maybe you are OSA, and you don’t want anyone talking about their murders made to look like suicides because there is no statue of limitations on murder.


  • Judging from the icons on his posts, Nice Guy frequently doesn’t enter an email in the details section of the Leave a Reply box, but he’s also using five different email addresses on this page alone. What is the purpose behind that?

    • —What is Nice Guy Up To?

      I am exactly up to what you are up to, which is Jack [redacted].

      —What is the purpose behind that?
      Absolutely nothing! I like having different colors and letters…..? Why does a dog lick its balls? Answer: Because it can.

      The difference between me and all you other wankers and cranks…I know I’m a crank. Get it?

  • Alanzo, how exactly do you think Frank or anyone else here is going to do investigations into the fishy deaths you have identified that lead to criminal indictments?

    You claim that Mike Rinder has all the evidence necessary to effect these prosecutions, but if he’s the evil guy you claim, why would he ever give up the goods (assuming you are right about him, which you haven’t proven).

    You blame Tony Ortega, et al for engaging in a cover up. Assuming you are right (which again you haven’t proven), what is anyone here going to do to reveal new evidence?

    Do you want us all to go over to the Underground Bunker with you coordinating us to post about how evil Tony, et al is? Or post bad things about him here? What does he or anyone else care?

    What exactly is your strategy for success?

    • Message-

      A more important question is: How much time will elapse until Frank is accused of being in league with Ortega and Rinder?

      …Thereafter, will someone, serendipitously, post a link to a ‘timely’ Alanzo blog article, explaining Frank’s guile and evil deeds.

    • Those questions have stumped Alanzo.

      He showed up here November 3, 2021 at 11:09 am, but had nothing to say to you directly.

      According to him, “a troll engages in gaslighting.”

      That’s it. He’s just a troll. His “Scientology crimes” schtick is gaslighting for attention, which is ridiculous since Scientology crimes are real and their body count is high. He has no evidence other than what he reposts from other websites. He does no investigating. He’s just a monkey at the zoo throwing shit at the people staring at him in his cage. Any critic of Scientology who runs a website whose traffic ranking is higher than his gets targeted.

      • Notice that all of the attention is focused onto me by “Troll Buster” and none of the attention is on Kyle Brennan, Flo Barnett, or Ken Ogger. Nor is it on any other specific crime that will implicate David Miscavige, Mike Rinder, Marty Rathbun, or any other present or former officer of the Church of Scientology.

        This is what these guys do – pretend to be “all about the crimes” but never mention any specific crimes, and assassinate the character, reputation, and livelihood of anyone who does.

        They only talk about the moral outrages of Scientology which are completely legal acts which no law enforcement agency will ever do anything about.

        It’s hard to spot for the general public. But once you spot the pattern, it becomes completely clear what they are doing.

        Like Scientology itself, these people are all about prestidigitation.


    • “What exactly is your strategy for success?”

      I have no idea. I’ve just been trying to cope with these horrendous attacks on my business, on my character, on my personal life, alone. I’ve been doing all I could to not be shuddered into silence.

      I’ve been doing whatever I can to keep attention on Kyle Brennan, Flo Barnett, and Ken Ogger and not let these guys win.

      I came here because there were lots of attorneys, prosecutors and investigative journalists here.

      I was hoping they might be able to help.


  • This comment is purely to get this thread to 251!

    This old man 👴🏻 had his prunes and it still took 2 hours hose off the chassis.

  • @Anonymous who wrote: “Scott Gordon, any reports of Allen Theroux’s hovel being strewn with cum-soiled underwear are obviously false as he hasn’t been able to get a hard-on and bust a nut in over a decade. He’s too poor to afford a Viagra prescription.”

    Ah, you’re absolutely right about Alanzo being poor, but obviously you didn’t read the reports about his cum-soiled underwear lying around for over twelve years – shortly after he bought 903 Arlene Dr in March of 2009 for $112K.

  • Nice Guy and Nutjob, I tried explaining to you a couple of weeks ago what happens when a certain someone whose name I’m not going to mention shows up on a blog. Rather than taking me seriously, you decided to buy the ticket that person is selling and got on board the conspiracy express. I haven’t said anything since then because there’s no talking someone off the conspiracy ledge once they’ve jumped off of it. But I’m glad to see you are figuring things out for yourself. Who benefits from manufactured drama more than a narcissist? Does anyone else benefit from it?

  • So good to see that Nutjob has taken up the banner of exposing $cio crimes. Will Nice Guy join him?!

    BTW, Nutjob,we prefer $cio to Scio, because the so-called “church” of $cientology is first and foremost about the money, with power a close second. Miscavige is really not much driven by his dick, but that doesn’t stop him from covering up for serial rapists, like Danny Masterson, and the large number of other sexual predators and pedophiles in his organization.

    Our methods of mockery are unconventional, but since they have helped you to see the light, we shall continue to enjoy ourselves.

    Re: not knowing what a sock puppet is… your old age is showing. There’s this amazing thing called a “search engine.” You can type words into it and watch what happens! This thing you are looking at on your computer right now is called a “browser.” If you look up at the top and see a place where there’s something that starts https://… trying typing words there, hit return and see what happens. If that doesn’t work, type in there and then type those words on the page that comes up. You can learn so much there about socks, puppets, and, yes, sock puppets!!!! Also, type in “Scientology murders” and see what comes up. Type in the names of people LRH or Miscavige may have put hits on. Type in “Scientology R2-45”.

    So much you can learn with a search engine, including the contact information for you local Alcoholics Anonymous chapter.

    Hugs and kisses!

    • —Our methods of mockery are unconventional, but since they have helped you to see the light, we shall continue to enjoy ourselves.

      Are you OSA? And do you want to shower at my place? No touching.

      • Yes, we are OSA. There is nothing we want more than everyone investigating $cientology’s crimes.

        Actually, the surest way to know when you are dealing with OSA agents like us is when we use the term $cientology.

        Since we are OSA, and not just regular Sea Org, not only do we get to shower at least once a day, we get as much 3-ply toilet paper as our hearts desire.

        Have you ever asked Allen how he supposedly managed to join OSA without being part of the Sea Org and signing the billion year contract?

        Whatever you do… please, please, please do not read Jon Attack’s _A Piece of Blue Sky_. He is an anti-cult hater and he will only instill Media Hate Bias Data into your thinking. Please do not read that. Only read Allen’s blog.

        • Dude-

          Are you seriously for f*ck*n real?

          I don’t care if Allen Stanfield is the 5th horse of the Apocalypse or the antiChrist. The man has had a shit-bag life. So I’m done trading barbs with him.

          You are most likely a troll who finds Alanzo more annoying than ELLIOT GOULD

          OSA? LMAO!

      • If someone tells you they are an OSA agent, are they telling you the truth? How can you discern a non-OSA who is fucking with you from an OSA who is being honest?

        Why don’t you and Alanzo get on a Zoom call, pound some shots, discuss it and report on your conclusions here?

      • Did you figure out what a sock puppet is?

        I am not Alanzo screwing with you for fun.

  • The Frank Report readers have spoken. Almost 200 comments on this article. What are we asking Frank to give us more of?

    1. Who did David Miscavige murder and how did he get away with making them get called suicides?

    2. Who are these Scientologists on this blog who are inadvertently drawing attention to these murders?

    3. Is Alanzo stalked because he mentions these murders?

    4. Who is the boss of these inept OSA agents who turned this thread from an “Alanzo sucks” crowd, into this?

    5. What does Niceguy actually do to close the cottage for the season? Simply turn off the water and lock the door?

    6. Frank MUST print Alanzo’s 4-part piece on dipping his toe into OSA and, hopefully, Alanzo will provide more entertaining stories.

    7. On this thread alone, since the Bronfmans were accused a dozen or so times of paying Alanzo money for his hard work of commenting on Frank Report, Frank should do intense undercover work in order to find out exactly how much cash Alanzo is scoring from the Bronfmans.

    8. What is a sock puppet and why are these Scientologists so giddy about them?

    • Yes, exactly. Scientology is behind all of this. David Miscavige is just the figurehead. Tony Ortega is the neck that turns the head. Alanzo hints at it but he seems afraid to spell it all out. That’s understandable.

      He and Marty Rathbun are the only former Scientologist bloggers that are trustworthy.

    • I don’t “want” any of that list, Nutjob. This reader wants way, way, way less of it. Like zero. But at least a dedicated post MIGHT contain it?

      Honestly, it’s torpedoing the blog for me. Just don’t read it. Don’t care. And it seems designed to turn people off and deflect from Nxvm. Plus, y’all sound bonkers AF.

      I mean that affectionately in your case. But only yours.

      • Couldn’t agree more with all of it. It’s annoying AF that they are torpedoing the blog. Do you have any ideas how to fix it? All I have is “give em the opposite of what they want” or “whine to Frank about it” – like a lot of people did with Scott.

        • How can you give them the opposite of what they want when you don’t know what they want? Or if what they want changes every time you give them the opposite of what you think they want?

          • All I read was “Scientology has murdered people and made it look like sucides. Please investigate.”

          • How’s that investigation coming along, Nice Guy? Any big breaks? Turned over any new evidence to law enforcement? Major indictments imminent?

        • Trolling has been defined here in the past as “posting something unpopular that a lot of the commenters will disagree with”.

          That’s not trolling.

          What these OSA fucks are doing to this comment section is trolling – making it impossible to discuss the topic of the post, distracting away from on-topic views, creating anonymous accounts that attack people personally, etc.

          Scientology is expert at trolling. They can’t discuss the subject because they have too much to hide, and the truth about them is completely indefensible.

          So let’s not ever confuse on-topic discussion – no matter how contentious – with trolling.


          • “Trolling has been defined here in the past as “posting something unpopular that a lot of the commenters will disagree with”.

            Proof or it didn’t happen.

          • Now that you’ve identified the problem, let me suggest a solution. If we want to get rid of all these OSA trolls, it’s YOU that needs to go away.

            We never had this problem before you came along and tried to coopt the Frank Report because your own blog doesn’t attract enough readers to really qualify as a blog. Frank has allowed you to hang around too long and he’ll continue to lose readers as long as he does so.

          • GO AWAY ALANZO, right? Half the posts on this thread are Alanzo. He loves to talk to himself.

        • NutJob,

          Batten down the hatches and circle up the wagon train! We are in a battle for the soul of the Frank Report.

          FYI: If things get ridiculous, Frank will start reining us all in. Remember when it was the wildest west?

          Take it easy!

          • Lol. These bags are so stupid. No clue where they are and refusing to change their approach based on the terrain.

          • NutJob

            —These bags are so stupid. No clue where they are and refusing to change their approach based on the terrain.

            Initially I thought it was my favorite little turd, Bangkok.

            Now I believe it’s a whacko who follows Alonzo around, an Alanzo sock puppet, or the least likely of possibilities OSA.

    • You accidentally typed “Frank Report readers” when you should have typed “four or five people who have nothing better to do with their time.”

    • Number 5 is a great point! I told my wife this! And she told me to fuck-off.

      Why is it such a big deal? I don’t know.

      • 5. What does Niceguy actually do to close the cottage for the season? Simply turn off the water and lock the door?

        No, he apparently also empties the liquor cabinet. Nice guy, don’t drink it all yourself, send a bottle of scotch to Frank, he deserves it. IDK, Frank, are you a scotch guy?

        • —No, he apparently also empties the liquor cabinet.

          Guilty as charged! 😉

          I’d send something to Frank, but I doubt he drinks anything that comes in the mail. Our dear editor has a long list of enemies these days.

  • Nutjob
    October 29, 2021 at 11:11 pm

    “I don’t give a fuck about you”

    Do you have enough non-senile brain cells left, old man, to comprehend how contradictory that statement is?

    “but the months of reading your obvious lies are giving me no choice but to call you out”

    That’s right — you have no choice. You are my puppet. I am in your head.

    Like your “misogynist” (as you call him – do you have a degree in women’s studies?) frenemy, Alanzo, you enjoy the attention and I enjoy mocking you.

    It is a match made in heaven.

    • I never called Alanzo (or anyone) misogynist. I’ve never called anyone anything close to that. You can’t prove me wrong. I dare you. Puss.

      You are inept at the single thing you do – lie.

      Speaking of you being inept, I’m becoming more and more interested in these Scio (that’s what ya call it – right, pansy?) murders that are made to look like suicides. I’m gonna start pushing for answers. Answers to the “suicides” and answers as how your clueless boss hasn’t been fired for not neutering you.

      • People seem to think I’m you.

        I don’t mind being you.

        But you being me must drive you crazy!
        To whom it may concern,
        Misogynist is my word by the way

  • Alanzo
    October 30, 2021 at 5:30 pm

    “Creepy anonymous reply to remind me I’m being surveilled wherever I go on the Internet, no matter what email address or identity I use. A couple of weeks ago I received an anonymous message of what I’d just ordered for lunch.

    And then, a few days later, what I was wearing while walking in to the grocery store.”

    To quote Nutjob: “Proof or it didn’t happen.” Maybe while you are writing that up one day you will include the proof that your buddy Mark Elliot was threatened with prosecution by the feds.

    Why don’t you take videos of you confronting your stalkers IRL or post photos of their license plates?

    Because they don’t exist.

    One thing you write is undoubtedly true: the only women who would even pretend to want to suck on your knob are ones on the $cio payroll.

    “Help me.”

    No one is going to help you, Alanzo. You are beyond help.

    No one here is really your friend. You are just fodder for ad revenue.

    Your friend is a jar of Vaseline.

    You enjoy the attention.

    We enjoy mocking you.

  • Why do you have so much hate bias against Alanzo, the person who popularized the phrase “blind retard” here on the Frank Report?

    Is it the media? Where is your data?

    You must be an OSA spy who is whitewashing Scientology’s crimes.

  • It is hilarious to that Nice Guy and Nutjob have joined the Frank Report Wack Pack along with Marc, Suneel, Eduardo, Anthony and Alanzo.

    Nice Guy especially, because one minute he’s attacking Alanzo as a “sanctimonious, hypocrite, and misogynist who attacks female victims” and the next minute he’s defending him and ranting about OSA spies.

    And now NG and Nutjob appear to believe Alanzo’s conspiracy theory that The Underground Bunker and Scientology and the Aftermath are controlled by Miscavige as part of plot to take the heat off of Scientology. Basically, any critic of Scientology other than the Alanzo is a puppet of Miscavige. Anyone who critcizes Alanzo is an OSA spy.

    Mental illness? Alcoholism? Alcohol-induced mental illness? What explains this?

    • Your comment condemning Alanzo, Nutjob and Nice Guy indicate you have acute epileptoid manifestation of the panphobic melancholiac with indications of binary hypomania and paranoidal delusory affectation, combined with moderate to severe erotomania.

      Do not under any circumstances read any more comments by Alanzo or Nutjob.

    • It’s hilarious to me how inept you are at your job. Or, to spin it nicely, how adept you are at turning allies into adversaries. Great job on this thread.

      May I suggest you go harass Susan Dones on Twitter until you get her and Alanzo co-hosting a podcast about “Scio” murders made to look like suicides?

      Quit while you’re ahead, Junior.

  • For the love of all things holy, will you GROWN ADULTS please stop you using the term “retard” (or variations) in your posts?

    • Agree. Very odd (or rather, par for the course) that YOU are the one to bring this up.

      How many times have YOU used the term in this comment section?

      The over-under is set at 5.

        • There are 4 or 5 of the dumbest, funniest, obvious, mistakes that you continue to make. And by “continue” I mean, fuck – I don’t give a fuck about you, but the months of reading your obvious lies are giving me no choice but to call you out.

          Can I please get your badge # and the name of your supervisor? Your bungling OSA career needs to go the way of drunken Alanzo slipping on clothes pins in the urinals.

    • Infinite-
      When I grew up, teachers, parents, and coaches all called kids “retards”.

      There is always going to be a word like “retard”. Nowadays, the replacement insults kids use are “You special or something”, “You’re Special Ed”, or
      “He’s got autism?”

        • Anonymous 3:08pm-

          You are missing my point! 😉

          There is always going to be offensive words to describe people who are different.

          The word Negro was not considered a slur until the late 20th century.

          UNCF is a college scholarship fund started for African Americans and run by African-Americans.

          UNCF is an abbreviation for the…

          United Negro College Fund

          That’s right! Black people didn’t consider Negro to be a bad word during the last century.

          Harp on retard all you want, there’s always going to be a word for retard.

          Do I offend, because you have an extra chromosome? Did you get 47, instead of 46?

          I will abide by your wishes and stop using the word retard.

          Take care!

          • You sir, are anything but nice. In this thread you have lost any credibility that you may have had with anyone.

            It’s the use of the word as an insult that is no longer acceptable, you obviously are lacking empathy and understanding.

            I feel disgusted for your partner….if you have one.

            I have an adult son with autism, and if you don’t know anyone with autism, you will soon. I am trying to teach this young adult how to respect others, and then I come across people, like in this thread, who use disabilities as a sword to hurt others. It is sick.

            And Frank is 100% culpable. He has no pride or integrity either.

            I hope everyday you both look in the mirror from this day forward and think, “I am a horrible person”. It is obvious social shame and decorum are not the top of your list, but one can try.

            I hope to hell you don’t have children or grandchildren.

            And btw- I don’t know who do you think I am, I am no sock puppet and I have NEVER used the” retard” word in any post I have ever made. I dare you to prove me wrong.

            One word of advice- put down the bottle and attend AA.

          • Infinite and beyond, “neurodiverse” is now the acceptable term, and “autism” is a hateful slur.

            The euphemism treadmill is a bitch, isn’t it?

            For the older, not entirely sober readers among us I’ve generously used a “search engine” to provide some information about this term:


    • I, henceforth, pledge to use the phrase “sightless person with an intellectual disability” in place of “blind retard.”

      Will a certain good-natured supposedly ex-$cio who is NOT an OSA agent join me in this pledge?

    • Infinite and beyond,

      I can’t possibly imagine your pain.

      I am truly sorry.
      I did say I will stop using those words you find offensive.

      • Everything Infinite typed is a lie. I agree the word shouldn’t be used but the post was and is a lie. Lying is what they do. (I get it. Better safe than sorry – from your apologetic standpoint.)

          • Other than you, everyone who rips on him is a stalker. Maybe the same stalker. That’s why they are so big into confusing sock puppets. Why else would they know anything about Alanzo’s history? It’s weird.

        • Nut, lots of people in the world have loved ones who are autistic. I doubt that’s an OSA troll. Imo it’s a reader creeped out by Nice Guy & Alanzo claiming to be these marvelous (nice?) people who are not misogynists…then use slurs that have been slurs for at least 10 years, probably more. Ain’t no coach or parent or teacher I ever had that ever called anyone retarded. Anecdotal data!

          You used to be able to slap a waitress on the ass and smoke in planes, or so I hear. Also gross. Things change. Back away from the keyboard and do some yoga or something. Go look at leaves. Jerk off. You’re overwrought.

        • Nut job, I always wonder if you are a Nice Guy sock. You sure sound like it. Regardless of what Frank says.

          Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.

  • NiceGuy
    October 24, 2021 at 5:08 pm

    “…When you called the two sisters, Cami and Dani, liars, you crossed a line and became “fair game” to use the vernacular of your people….

    You are a sanctimonious, hypocrite, and misogynist who attacks female victims and women in general. …”

    Proof or it didn’t happen.

    Why do you keep spreading lies about Alanzo?

    Where is your data?

    Why do you believe the media hate bias?

    • Mrs. Questions,

      Where’s my data? It’s in your ass. I will not be discussing or communicating with Alanzo from here on out. 😉

      • Nice Guy –

        I have no idea who that “Questions for Nice Guy, Who Always Answers Questions
        October 28, 2021 at 1:21 pm”

        I don’t use anonymous accounts.

        Maybe you’ve notice the disrespect I have for people who set up anonymous accounts to personally attack or slime other commenters.

        I think it’s cowardly and retarded.

        Is this idea new to you?


        • Alanzo, that’s only slightly true, which is a big improvement for you. Normally you use named sock puppets that are easily traced to Allen T. Stanfield, but not always.

          • “Alanzo, that’s only slightly true, which is a big improvement for you. Normally you use named sock puppets that are easily traced to Allen T. Stanfield, but not always.

            Creepy anonymous reply to remind me I’m being surveilled wherever I go on the Internet, no matter what email address or identity I use. A couple of weeks ago I received an anonymous message of what I’d just ordered for lunch.

            And then, a few days later, what I was wearing while walking in to the grocery store.

            I’ve lived like this for over 20 years. I have an adversary who targets my life as an internet marketing guy, with client websites, email addresses, etc. And they target my real life, too – sitting outside my home, sending in “girlfriends”, sending people to pretend they are buyers of my house, etc.

            Yes, it all sounds paranoid. It’s meant to. I’ll be writing about this soon.

            I asked Frank a couple months ago, backchannel, to watch what happens as I post comments on his website.

            He’s been watching.

            He now sees it.

            So please listen to me when I say:

            These guys are relentless, with bottomless funding.

            And they won’t quit until they’re stopped.

            Help me.


          • In all seriousness, how could we help you? It looks pretty hopeless. I can see calling out their lies, and giving them the opposite reaction than what they are looking for. But IMO, nothing will move the needle unless Frank (in all his spare time) decides to devote resources to the issue. Now, if they really are intent on fucking up Frank Report until you are banned, he won’t ban you. He’d rather take on the impossible, than cave to the unreasonable bully.

          • NutJob wrote:

            “In all seriousness, how could we help you? It looks pretty hopeless.”

            Yes it does.

            That has been my life for the last 5 years.

            I don’t have an answer for you beyond what you see me doing here. I came here to the Frank Report, which has a track record of getting criminal prosecutions on cult leaders, to expose the criminal acts of Scientology in the hope we might gain criminal indictments.

            That’s the simple truth.

            I need help.


  • The reason Captain Miscavige has Allen T. Stanfield focus on publicizing the Kyle Brennan, Flo Barnett and Ken Ogger cases is that he’s entirely sure Mr. Stanfield’s fellow OSA thugs left no traces of evidence that could endanger their criminal cult.

    We can be sure Mr. Stanfield played no parts in those murders as he is far too inept to ever have been considered a potential operative.

    Mr. Stanfield never says a word about the Danny Masterson criminal rape or civil trials because the “church” is highly vulnerable for its participation in the ongoing cover-up and harassment of the victims and their associates. Mr. Stanfield can be counted on to trash those victims when the appropriate time comes and, since he derives such sadistic pleasure from it, he won’t even bill for it.

    Has Mr. Stanfield ever heard of a rapist he didn’t admire? He always defends them in the name of “due process.” Just playing the devil’s advocate, of course.

    We do not forget. We do not forgive. We are legion.

    • “Mr. Stanfield never says a word about the Danny Masterson criminal rape or civil trials because the “church” is highly vulnerable for its participation in the ongoing cover-up and harassment of the victims and their associates.”

      It’s really surprising you would say this, Anon.

      You’ve obviously never read my blog.



      • All you post about is anything but Danny Masterson himself and his rapes.

        What you actually post is trash about the three people you are obsessed with and constantly stalk all over the web.

        This is exactly as your Lord and Master Miscavige directs you.

        It is really bumming both of you guys out that Danny Boy is facing serious jail time and the civil case poses a real problem for $cios.

        So… tell us, how has law enforcement responded to you when you’ve brought them the results of your in-depth reporting of all the cases you are so concerned about?

        We do not forget. We do not forgive. We are legion.

        • Correction: It’s at least 4 people. Allen’s tiny but stiff hard-on for Tony Ortega, Mike Rinder, Karen, and Jeffrey Augustine has been going on for years.

          A brief comment about Allen ‘Alanzo’ Stanfield and his statement that Jeffrey Augustine and Karen De La Carriere “live in a multi-million dollar house in the Los Feliz district of Los Angeles”.
          (Ref: A quick fact check proves that once again Alanzo lied. The 2021 value of their home is $641,673, hardly a ‘multi-million dollar house’.

          Alanzo is well known for fabricating lies about people he doesn’t like. He is an habitual liar who makes up ‘facts’ to suit his hateful agenda. And when he’s not lying about others, he’s lying about himself by creating a victim valence by claiming ‘OSA’ is sliming him. How.very.convenient. Just yell OSA! OSA! OSA! every time someone points out Alanzo’s lies. Pathetic.

          • So true. All his characterizations of Ortega’s reporting are full of lies as well.

            According to Nutjob and Nice Guy, having such a well-informed and accurate view of Allen makes you an OSA agent. They are effect to Mr. Stanfield’s cause.

          • “A quick fact check proves that once again Alanzo lied. The 2021 value of their home is $641,673, hardly a ‘multi-million dollar house’.

            Sorry, when I looked up Jeffrey Augustine and Karen de la Carriere’s house at 1935 N Serrano Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027, the address you linked to on the LA County Assessor’s Office website, I got a different result on Zillow:


            It says it’s a $2.667 million dollar home.

            Steven Mango, a frequent visitor there, confirmed for me this was Karen and Jeffrey’s address.

            It’s also kind of famous! Here’s an awesome lawsuit – the drama of how Karen and Jeffrey obtained this home:


            Have you ever read this, Anonymous Fucktard?


          • Now Allen ‘Alanzo’ Stanfield points to Zillo in an attempt to support his lie about the value of Karen’s and Jeffrey’s home at 1935 N. Serrano Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90027. Zillo isn’t the authority with regard to the assessed value of a property. The authority on this matter is the Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office which clearly states the 2021 value of their home as $641,673. And as the property hasn’t sold recently, Zillo’s figure is nothing more than an estimated market value.

          • “The authority on this matter is the Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office which clearly states the 2021 value of their home as $641,673.

            $642K is quite a difference from Zillow’s estimate of $2.667M.

            People who have been inside the house describe stacks of Thomas Kincade paintings with bird poop, dog and cat hair all over them, empty and spilled boxes of stale and rotted wine, stacks of printouts of intelligence gathering, etc. This lack of upkeep to the property is because the inhabitants are running a 24/7 reconnaissance operation on every discussion of Scientology on the Internet.

            Do you think the rundown nature of the property, because of the obsession of the mentally damaged Scientologists living inside it, could be the reason for the discrepancy?

            Why is Karen and Jeffrey’s house such a shithole compared to the other properties in the Los Feliz district of Los Angeles?


          • Alanzo, re: Karen and Jeffrey’s house being “such a shithole,” to quote your buddy Nutjob: proof or it didn’t happen.

            You just make shit up.

          • People who have been inside Allen’s house describe multiple water-stained ceiling spots due to his leaking roof, stacks of L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology books stained with stale beer and roach droppings, carpeting and bedding infested with earwigs, cockroaches, and silverfish, with rats and mice all over, partially empty and spilled bottles of putrid and moldy beer cans, drool-stained pages from OSA’s intelligence manual, and cum-soiled underwear. This lack of housekeeping on the property is due to its denizen running a 24/7/365 black propaganda campaign against Scientology critics Rinder, Ortega, Augustine and De La Carriere on every discussion forum on the Internet.

            Do you think the run-down nature of the property, due to the compulsiveness of the mentally deranged paid OSA operative living there, could be the reason for such degraded living conditions? Due to his below subsistence income received from his masters which btw necessitated him seeking Chapter 7 bankruptcy relief, and his ongoing financial quagmire as evidenced by the fact his property taxes were paid late, maybe a pay raise is in order.

            Why is Allen Theroux Stanfield’s house such a shitstain compared to other properties in the South Mercer Corridor of Bloomington?

          • Mr. Gordon:

            Are you really that slimy? Or just stupid? You pretend to be using more valid data than Alanzo but should know some basics if you claim expertise on this subject.

            The property appraiser’s office sets the appraisal value at the last purchase price of the home with a percentage cap. Usually around 10%. This keeps the property taxes from skyrocketing in a booming market. The appraisal value doesn’t go up more than the percentage ceiling set at the time of purchase unless another appraisal is done and reported to the tax appraiser’s office.

            This sometimes happens when major buildouts are done. Usually not for new roofs or standard maintenance. Other than that the appraisal value will stay at the last purchase price.

            Since the homeowners got a “really good deal” (which also looks pretty slimy to me), the resale value of the home is quite a bit higher than the appraisal value.

          • Allen Theroux, your “Retired real estate document professional” sock puppet has a major tell. You are so mentally debilitated and unable to see.

            Scott Gordon, any reports of Allen Theroux’s hovel being strewn with cum-soiled underwear are obviously false as he hasn’t been able to get a hard-on and bust a nut in over a decade. He’s too poor to afford a Viagra prescription.

  • Hi Alanzo & Nutjob,

    RE: Comments Made by Myself:

    Here’s your list:
    October 27, 2021 at 8:25 pm

    Mr. Anon F’tard
    October 25, 2021 at 2:50 pm

    October 24, 2021 at 8:30 pm

    October 24, 2021 at 8:48 pm


    So my one nice comment, in it, I asked a sincere question. If we are all cult haters, what do you consider yourself to be?
    A cult lover? Seriously what’s a moniker to describe you?

    • Thank you. Not that I care enough to go look at them, but at least the stalkers can’t hide behind you anymore.

        • Going forward, yes. I’m just not going in reverse on this insane thread.
          But more importantly, anyone who cares (I’m not sure if my interest in this weirdness will be prolonged or just in passing), can witness these Scientologists stalk Alanzo, and not need to wonder if it is really Niceguy commenting anonymously.

          I’ll add one more thing that I really am amazed at – these Scientologists are really stupid and bad at their jobs. Their relentlessness on FR has done nothing other than draw attention to alleged murders made to look like suicides. I doubt that’s what their desired outcome is.

  • Anyone who has been on $cio critical sites has been seeing your assholish posts smearing $cio critics for years.

    We arrived at the Frank Report long before you, just as we did at Marty Rathbun’s blog (before he became a turncoat), and Tony Ortega’s blog.

    But, we’re not dishonest enough to claim you are stalking us.

    The only $cio critic you don’t trash is the one who took Miscavige’s payoff: Marty Rathbun.

    It is obvious whose side you are on and what your (fair) game is.

    Fortunately, the only people who buy your BS (but not your “marketing consulting”) here are Nutjob and Nice Guy, at least when they are not trashing you.

    It is fun to watch how much it upsets you when you get called out and exposed. We live for the lulz.

    Due to the work of real $cio critics, no one is joining your “church,” except desperate souls who can’t read English in Latin America, Taiwan and East Europe. You are down to about 20,000 on the planet and shrinking every day.

    Everywhere you go to try and spread your lies, we are already there. We are ready to expose your propaganda.

    We do not forget. We do not forgive. We are legion.

    • LOL!

      You are on a blog where the leader of the cult it was designed to expose, Keith Raniere, is serving 120 years in federal prison.

      You have become distracted by, and servile to, the person who ran all fair game for David Miscavige for 22 years, and whose job it is to ensure that no criminal indictments can occur. The leader of your “side” has never revealed a criminal act, and he directs you to smash and discredit those who have.

      And like the cucks you have become, anon, you do it slavishly – on command.

      What about Kyle Brennan, Flo Barnett and Ken Ogger?

      What about the Scientology murders made to look like suicides?

      You have forgotten them. You are now David Miscavige’s Personal Army. You are now protecting him from criminal indictment.

      You do not remember. You have totally forgiven Scientology’s crimes.

      You are impotent.


      • How long have you been on a crystal meth binge?

        You hallucinate like you haven’t slept in months.

        Your Rinder obsession is bizarre.

        We protested long before Rinder defected. We opened the way for him and many others, as others opened our eyes previously.

        We will be here after you shuffle off this mortal coil.

        We have not forgotten any of the cases you mention and many more.

        We do not have a leader — this you refuse to comprehend, beholden as you are to your paymaster of the moment.

        We are not distracted by your antics.

        We do not forget. We do not forgive. We are legion.

  • than anonymous people criticizing people for posting anonymously on the web.

    Do not trust anything written by anyone who posts anonymously.

    Except this post.

    Because I’m special and have good reasons for posting anonymously, unlike everyone else in the world.

    I am not Nice Guy. You can know this is true because I say so.

  • that virtually no one here answers questions asked by other commenters, but virtually everyone here blasts other commenters for not answering THEIR questions?

    Let me guess… no one will answer.

    “Attack, never defend” was a doctrine of L Ron Hubbard.

    See a pattern?

    Let me guess… no one will answer.

    In an echo chamber house of mirrors where everyone is wearing a mask, the blind retard is king and queen.

    Viva Executive Success?

    Viva El Anti-Cult?

    • Has Anyone Noticed,

      Ahem! Ahem, Nice 👍🏼 Guy always responds. Always!

      Side note: I have nothing better to do.

        • I agree. Clearly, Niceguy is really just Alanzo in disguise.

          After reading Alanzo’s articles on when he went on his OSA mission, and getting my mind around the stupidity of the alleged OSA trolls who now frequent FR, I’m looking at Alanzo differently. We should go easier on Alanzo – if he’s anything like his OSA stalkers, he ain’t too bright. I’ve got the average IQ of OSA at 80, with a max of 90 before scoring into something requiring more intelligence – like slop house dishwasher.

  • If you feel sorry for a certain supposedly former Scientology OSA dirty tricks operative (by his own admission), you can continue to post here or you can hire him as a marketing consultant so he can pay his mortgage.

    Put your money where your mouth is or, to paraphrase the fellow himself, “Shut up, you blind retard.” I say so good-naturedly, of course.

    I suspect the Bronfmans are clear where they stand on the matter.

      • Alanzo, if we are all cult haters, consequently, are you then a cult lover? I’m fairly certain no one has asked you this question. I am being very serious. Who or what do you consider yourself to be?

        You label us with a negative moniker. It’s only fair you share with us how you label yourself. I’m waxing philosophical.

        • Nice Guy “Anonymous”:

          Alanzo, if we are all cult haters, consequently, are you then a cult lover?

          When I first left Scientology and for the next 15 years, I was a cult hater.

          I believed all the crap about brainwashing and “cult leaders all work from the same playbook”, etc. All those posts are still up on my blog. I was a big bad anticult crime fighter and social justice warrior/blogger. I worked to get people out of Scientology, I was one of the most upvoted people on Tony Ortega’s blog, I was a main contributor on the Ex Scientologists Message Board, all of it.

          Then, about 5 years ago, I saw Tony Ortega blame a mother for her daughter’s suicide, and post quotes from a telephone conversation he had with the mother the day after her daughter’s funeral. Then I watched all the people in Ortega’s ‘underground bunker’ completely trash her. Why?

          Because the mother was a Scientologist.

          This mother who lost her daughter to suicide was just a regular run of the mill scientologist. She had no power and did not cause any of the abuse in Scientology or any of its criminal acts. But Tony Ortega and all his frothing minions did not care. They wanted blood. And they were just as cruel, and unthinking, and robotic as any Scientologist I’d ever seen.

          But that’s not all. A few weeks later I watched Tony Ortega bring in Rachel Bernstein, India Oxenberg’s Cult deprogrammer from “Seduced”, who took the quotes from the mother the day after her daughter’s funeral and began publicly suggesting she had Disassociative Personality Disorder.

          This, to me, was a clear violation of her license. Bernstein had never examined this woman. She was using quotes given to a “journalist” the day after she’d buried her daughter to suggest a public diagnosis of a mental disorder, and knowingly subject her to further further ridicule by the anticultists there.

          I contacted Rachel Bernstein by email and asked her what she was doing. Could she please explain because, while I’m no expert, this appears to be a violation of your license. Maybe not, but please show me why it isn’t.

          She completely freaked out and contacted Tony Ortega who banned me from his blog for “attacking a woman”.

          Just like the patterns had become clear to me of the cruelty and toxic tribalism in Scientology, I now saw those same toxic patterns in Anti-Scientology. Just as my Scientology ideology had collapsed on me 15 years before, my anticult ideology collapsed on me then.

          So did I then flip and become a “cult lover”?


          I was in a no man’s land for many years. And, once again, I had to figure out what I thought without using a cult or anticult ideology to do my thinking for me.

          Now, 5 years later, I try to distinguish between criminal acts and mere moral outrages. I recognize the rights of minority religions and sub-cultures to exist while trying to focus on the crimes of specific individuals – no matter their beliefs. Now, instead of swallowing the mandatory “truth package” my tribe has for me, I pick through it, accepting and rejecting things on a case by case basis.

          I try to protect innocent minorities from mainstream persecution while remembering the specific criminal acts by the specific criminals – such as Keith Raniere and David Miscavige.

          It was a huge relief for me when these two ideologies – Cult and AntCult – collapsed on me.

          I could finally tell the truth.

          But now, of course, both cult haters and cult lovers think I’m an asshole.

          Oh well.


          • Nah, your opinion on Scientology has never changed.

            Are you actually getting paid by them or are they using blackmail (sorry, collateral) in your PC file to keep you in line?

      • The first indication I had that Scientology was not all that it seems was the first time I met a Scientologist.

        This is true for 99.99999% of people who meet Scientologists. You’ve got the same chance of becoming a Scientologist as being struck by lightning in Montana.

        This proves that only rare geniuses can resist their charms.

      • This is exactly the kind of story that an OSA agent would put out to cover their tracks and establish a fake identity as a critic so they can sow chaos and fair game people like Mike Rinder, Leah Remini, Tony Ortega and many others.

        That website is very similar to all the “Who Is [insert name of Scientology critic]” OSA maintains as part of their fair game tactics.

        • Really? Those sites talk about Kyle Brennan’s murder and its cover up?

          They scream “Those Who Have Been Harmed by Scientology Deserve Justice?”

          Tell me more, Anonymous Fucktard.


          • What have law enforcement officials said to you when you have presented them with the results of your in-depth investigations?

      • That was entertaining.

        I bet Niceguy could outdrink your lightweight azz. And I bet he would be open to closepinning your hairy nips…

  • Is there a Scientology and NXIVM conspiracy to smear Allen T. “Alanzo” Stanfield (DBA The Stanfield Agency) behind the poorly edited, shaky videos with bad sound on this YouTube page or are they genuine examples of the quality of his work?

    And what about this typo-filled business website that looks like it was designed in the 2000s?

    Is this also run by Scientology and NXIVM in a conspiracy to trash Allen T.Stanfield?

    I note that Mr. Stanfield doesn’t deny that any of the documents & websites revealed about him are fake.

    Q; Who is lying? A: Mr. Stanfield.

    Q: Why? A: To try and distract from his own hateful slander against people who have previously suffered rape and other crimes by cults. He has a particularly perverted penchant for smearing victims who are young girls.

    What is his motivation? Is it just spite and a desire for attention? Or is cold hard cash involved? He’s a failed businessman. Does cult consulting pay his mortgage?

    • “He has a particularly perverted penchant for smearing victims who are young girls.”
      Proof or it didn’t happen.

      • Lay off the hooch, Nutjob. Your memory is fading. You can’t even remember your own posts calling out your fav ex-scientologist friend.

          • Nutjob-

            Anonymous ain’t me!

            I’m officially done commenting on Alanzo…

            Until the next time I get bombed and Frank posts it as an article. 😉

          • NiceGuy
            October 24, 2021 at 5:08 pm

            “…When you called the two sisters, Cami and Dani, liars, you crossed a line and became “fair game” to use the vernacular of your people….

            You are a sanctimonious, hypocrite, and misogynist who attacks female victims and women in general. …”

            Not only is the booze affecting your memory & reason, it is damaging your eyesight. All I had to do was scroll down on this page to reveal your own words.

            Blind retard is as blind retard does.

            Wow. For once I agree with a certain bitter, bankrupt, supposedly-former OSA operative.

            But… have you considered that perhaps I am said supposedly-former OSA operative messing with you and everyone by trolling myself? That my Scientology training makes me smarter and able to see 49x moves ahead that the rest of you WOGs?

            A drawer full of sock puppets is no country for old men.

          • “Nice Guy” wrote:


            Anonymous ain’t me!

            I’m officially done commenting on Alanzo…

            Another diversion.

            Are you the author of “Who Owns These Websites?” and “Alanzo’s Lie Exposed” above?


          • To niceguy – See what I mean? It’s jacked up and already enough of a pain in the ass without you anonymously blasting Alanzo. At least now, we can observe without wondering if it’s you.

          • Who owns those websites?


            You don’t even bother denying it, Mr. Bankrupt “Marketing Consultant.”

            More like cult victim harassment consultant.

          • Speaking of questions you refuse to answer, why do YOU care so much about Alanzo? It’s weird.

            (I know, I know. How do I know if it’s not really Alanzo looking for attention and typing these horrible things about himself? Btw – you continuing to type this response, is also weird.)

          • Nutjob
            October 27, 2021 at 10:30 am

            (I know, I know. How do I know if it’s not really Alanzo looking for attention and typing these horrible things about himself? Btw – you continuing to type this response is also weird.)

            I don’t have to type anything and still, you think it.

            Some might call that thought reform, but that’s a myth.

            I think “deprogramming” is the politically correct way of putting it.

          • Mr. Re’em me and Weep,

            —Not only is the booze affecting your memory & reason, it is damaging your eyesight. All I had to do was scroll down on this page to reveal your own words.

            LMAO! Booze &. scroll?

            WTF are you even talking about?

            —Perhaps, I am said supposedly-former OSA operative messing with you and every one by trolling myself?

            Once again, LMAO @ you!

            Have you considered, I don’t give a flying f**k either way? OSA or an LBR makes no difference to me.

            OSA doesn’t care about Vishnu Stanfield; who’d listen to him?
            Mr. Vishnu is less respected than a baboon’s a**hole or the ‘21 Diamondbacks

            If you’re going to insult me, please think of something funnier, darker and crass. In other words, something that’ll make me 😢 sad.

          • Alanzo- 7:39pm-

            No those individuals aren’t me. I’ll always answer that type of question honestly.

          • To:
            Read ’em and Weep
            October 26, 2021 at 6:07 pm

            I left a reply, but the Frank Report editors consider it too crass to post.

            I have no idea whatsoever, what you are attempting to say. Your insults suck!
            It’s insulting to me that you take such little time to compose them. I don’t feel bad about myself.

            I don’t care if it’s OSA or an LBR. Why should I? A loser by any other name is a loser to paraphrase, Juliet Capulet.

          • “No those individuals aren’t me. I’ll always answer that type of question honestly.

            Thank you, Nice Guy.

            So you can see what OSA does. They take any perceive conflicts, blow them up, and try to get critics and potential critics fighting with each other. Once they are fighting with each other, they are distracted off the target – David Miscavige’s criminally indictable activity.

            This is another use of Hubbard’s technology.

            Also you can see that they’ve completely trashed this comment section so no one would ever read it. When faced with a venue they can’t control, such as the Frank Report, this is their way of hiding and distracting from the information being exposed there – just fill it with spam.

            They did this famously to the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology in the 90’s. Google “Scientology Sporgery”


          • A “loser”?

            Damn, that’s a harsh insult. You hurted our feewings!

            You are losing your edge, old man.

            Eat some prunes.

            Like, your fav $cio troll, we mean that good-naturedly.

          • To Anonymous
            October 28, 2021 at 11:27 am

            Read’em and weep-

            Frank won’t post my insults/comebacks anymore…. Cuz you circus freaks, might commit — harakiri! Plus he’s gone corporate!

          • Allonzo I’m done fucking commenting on you!!!!

            It’s over!
            You’re right it’s wrong to heckle you!

            So Long!!!!!!

        • it is obvious that Nutjob and Nice Guy are run by the same person. Nice Guy is always showing up to say “Hey, Nutjob, that anonymous one is not me.”

          Like clockwork.

          To quote Joe Biden, “C’mon man!”

          Try not to make it so easy to figure you out. A challenge is fun.

      • Nice Guy does not even try to deny that he is fair gaming here. He admits it! People are stupid and blind not to see what is going on.

    • Allen Stanfield (who no one disputes went bankrupt not long before appearing on the Frank Report and “the owner” of the defunct business which oddly has lame video and website content), “Nutjob,” and “Nice Guy” spend a ton of time distracting from the crimes of NXIVM.

      Who benefits from that?

      Follow the money.

      • To anyone left reading this randomness, pay attention to what’s up. Alanzo obviously has a stalker(s). Alanzo claims it is Scientology stalking him/defaming him.

        My only point is this – realizing that the majority of the negative Alanzo comments are coming from this anon source that has no problem tossing around lies – maybe look at Alanzo a little differently.

        I type this as less a defense of Alanzo, and more a defense of FR.

        • Yes. So what we need to determine now is which of these comments did Nice Guy write?

          Which were not written by him?

          It’s not just me, every real critic of Scientology left standing has stalkers like these. Especially if that critic keeps bringing up Scientology’s likely murders made to look like suicides, such as Kyle Brennan, Flo Barnett and Ken Ogger.

          There are lots of fake critics of Scientology these days, some with huge audiences. It’s Scientology policy to take over the opposition, as has been documented by 60 Minutes with the Cult Awareness Network.

          Scientology began taking over internet message boards and other places to expose Scientology criminal activity about 10 years ago. The rise of Anonymous, with their monthly global protests, and the Senate hearings on Scientology in Australia led by Senator Nick Xenophon was when most of the upper execs from the international base “left” Scientology and became “critics”.

          You can identify fake critics of Scientology by the way they never bring up anything that is criminally indictable, only morally outrageous. They never target David Miscavige for anything that would put him into criminal jeopardy. And they assassinate the characters of other critics who do concentrate on Miscavige’s criminal activity.

          These fake critics, either knowingly or as dupes, are running what is called, in intelligence jargon, a “limited hangout”.

          So if all this sounds too whacked out and conspiratorial to you, you must remember – this is Scientology. It was Hubbard’s policy since the early 50’s to do things that no one would possibly believe anyone would do. He said that was its best cover.

          So Nice Guy could you please identify which of the comments on this page are yours?


        • You are saying that the bankruptcy documents are fake and that Alanzo is lying when he says OSA is smearing him by posting them?

          • I’m saying you’re a hemorrhoid and you suck. And the rest of us should be happy we don’t have nasty hemorrhoids lapping at our asses, like Alanzo has.

          • My first reply was, thankfully, censored for being too crass and for pathetic misspellings. I’ll try again.

            I’m saying you are like a hemorrhoid on Alanzo’s generous bottom. And I’m saying the rest of us should be glad we don’t have one of you laser-focused on our anus.

  • Allen T. “Alanzo” Stanfield (DBA The Stanfield Agency) is such a dumb liar.

    If you want to find his bankruptcy filing available directly from those who put it online, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of Illinois, just click here and search for Allen T. Stanfield:

    If you don’t want to pay for it, click here:

    There’s no conspiracy behind it. No reptile overlords. No reincarnations of L. Ron Hubbard. No faked moon landing.

    Just a broke-ass troll who has nothing better to do with his time than talk shit about victims of rape and sexual trafficking.

    • The scridb account you linked to is used by OSA to discredit its critics.

      See along the right hand side under “You Might Also Like”? Those are all Scientology critics. I know all those people. This account has been used by OSA for a couple of years now.

      You are in over your head here and you have just proven you used an OSA account to fair game me.

      Fair Game, that’s what you are doing. Those were your words, Nice Guy.

      Are you drinking again? Because I never ‘talked shit about victims of rape and sexual trafficking’. Your drunk brain has got that all inflamed in your mind about me, and you are now justifying this abusive behavior of yours with it.


      • Another Alanzo sock puppet.

        You like attention, troll. You are getting it.


        How much are the Bronfmans paying you to shit talk all the people who testified against Raniere and go fanboy over everything posted by Suneel Chakravorty, Marc Elliot, and Eduardo Asunsolo?

        NXIVM has been found to be a criminal conspiracy by a jury of US citizens. You are acting like someone who is an accessory after the fact. The con continues.

  • Speaking of corruption, it seems that Hunter Biden is scheduling secret art auctions in New York’s Soho neighborhood.

    Could the Bronfmans be engaging in a full-court press to get Clare and other NXians pardons from the “Big Guy”?

    Edgar Bronfman Junior is supposed to be a long-time customer for Berges’ art gallery.

    Report: Hunter Biden Secretly Holds Second Art Show in SoHo

    Hunter Biden and gallerist Georges Berges held a second art show over the weekend in SoHo, New York City, to sell paintings to anonymous investors for up to $500,000. Hunter’s previous exhibition in Los Angeles reportedly saw five paintings sold for $75,000 each.

    “You’re not going to see much of a crowd today,” gallery owner Berges told the New York Post on Sunday about the secret exhibit, which reportedly is highly vetted for high roller guests who may be in the market to spend $500,000 on work by the president’s son.

    “You can’t just walk in here,” Berges reportedly snapped at the Post’s reporter, who was trying to find information on the event. “This is a private place. I don’t just walk into your house. I’m going to have to talk to your mother. She didn’t raise you right.”

    On Saturday, the first day of the showing, the Post reported workers in the gallery peeled back the paper covering windows that was meant to shield the event from onlookers before Biden’s wife stopped by to inspect the exhibit.

    “A documentary film crew was on hand for the hanging of the 15 canvases,” the Post described the scene. “Hunter Biden’s second wife, Melissa Cohen, was spotted in black leather pants, white T-shirt and a black leather jacket leaving the gallery earlier in the day.”

    On Sunday, a man who told the Post his name was “Sal” from New Jersey and who was described as arriving in a Green Audi, said he liked six of Hunter’s paintings “very much.” Sal described the works of art as “very good” and “great.”

  • LOL

    Allen Stanfield comes here and trashes victims of Raniere/NXIVM rape/sexual assault based on the public record then gets all butt hurt because his public bankruptcy records are… public.

  • The world is marinated in crime and corruption.
    To demonstrate how much sin and inequity there is in the world permit me to introduce you to the late William Hanhardt, the former Chief of Detectives to the Chicago Police Department.
    Although Hanhardt was high up in the ranks and no doubt earned a nice salary, he had a hobby.
    On the side he operated a jewelry burglary ring that operated throughout the Midwest.

    Hanhard’ts minions would case out jewelry salesmen as they traveled around the Midwest.
    As the salesmen were sleeping in motels Hanhardt’s men would burgle their cars and steal the burglary.
    One need not limit criminal gangs to the Mob or people of any particular ethnic group.

    In Chicago there is a long time alderman and lawyer of Irish descent , now under indictment, who regularly purchased burner phones to conceal his extortion activities from the FBI.
    This alderman’s wife is also a Justice on the Illinois Supreme Court.

    William Hanhardt, former Chicago police official convicted of running jewelry theft ring, dies at 88

    William Hanhardt, a once-heralded cop who became the highest ranking Chicago police official convicted of wrongdoing for running a sophisticated crew of jewelry thieves who stole millions, died early Friday. He was 88.

    Hanhardt, of north suburban Deerfield, died about 3 a.m. at Highland Park Hospital after suffering from complications of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, according to his son-in-law, Joel Levin.

    Over three decades, Hanhardt worked his way up Chicago police to the rank of chief of detectives, before he pleaded guilty in October 2001 to running a theft ring that stalked jewelry salesmen throughout the country and stole more than $5 million in diamonds and gems in the 1980s and 1990s.

    In 2002, when he was originally sentenced to 16 years in federal prison, prosecutors accused him of being in “the mob’s pocket” for virtually his entire career.

    Just discovered: ‘Chicago’s most powerful alderman’ used ‘burner’ cell phones
    By Thomas Lifson

    It is a sign of the depth of governmental corruption of our age in America that the distinctions between government and gangsterism are blurring. Now, news comes from Chicago that federal investigators who have already indicted Alderman Edward M. Burke on 14 counts of corruption have discovered that “Chicago’s most powerful alderman” used a series of “burner” cell phones that he assigned a staff member to buy for him.

    If you are not a viewer of police dramas, a burner phone is a cheap cell phone with an anonymous contract for pay-as-you-go cell phone usage. Burners enable drug-dealers and other criminals to evade wiretap warrants because their ownership of the cell phone number is not available to authorities. It is a gangster tactic.

  • Shows how little some of you know about the criminal side of NXIVM.

    Like all the shell companies NXIVM had that they transferred holdings through.

    That is not normal and very Marfa like

    RiCO seizes a defendant’s assets and prevents the transfer of potentially forfeitable property, as well as requires the defendant to put up a performance bond.

    This was necessary with NXIVM defendants, Raniere, Clare Bronfman and Nancy Salzman.

    This is the tip of the iceberg of why RICO was used in this case.

    Some of you might want to do your homework

  • Re R.I.C.O. Abuse:

    Here’s an article from Forbes regarding the DOJ’s questionable use of RICO:

    If RICO isn’t being abused, why would my favorite conservative periodical write a story about it being misused? Duh!


    Please note the title of the article!

    Shadow, for a guy who thinks the FBI is evil, it’s strange you’re defending the DOJ’s use of RICO and the LIBERAL claim it’s intended for everything but the Clintons.

    • “Shadow, for a guy who thinks the FBI is evil, it’s strange you’re defending the DOJ’s use of RICO and the LIBERAL claim it’s intended for everything but the Clintons.” I School Shadow

      The world is filled with evil and wickedness.
      Many times one must choose the lesser evil.

      To paraphrase Robert Penn Warren , “People are conceived in sin and born in corruption.”

      As for Forbes magazine, a journal I read from time to time, you should note that Malcolm Forbes was notorious for sexually harassing young men in his employ.

      • —you should note that Malcolm Forbes was notorious for sexually harassing young men in his employ.

        Shadow, Malcom Forbes died 30 years ago. How does he sexually harassing other men decades ago, discount an article from 3 years ago?

        • Nice Guy:

          You missed my point!

          The world is filled with evil and wickedness.
          Malcolm Forbes, who ran his magazine for decades, was an evil and wicked man.

          For that matter, J. Edna Hoover, who ran the FBI from 1924 to 1972, was notorious for his homosexuality, appointing his long time boyfriend Clyde Tolson to a top position in the FBI as well as using FBI personnel to carry out maintenance and chores around the love nest that Hoover and Tolson shared in Washington D.C.
          And organized crime blackmailed Hoover for his private life.

          One must sometimes support one devil in order to defeat another devil.
          The world is not all black and white.
          The world is a shade of many grays.
          Some grays are darker than others.

          A lovely photo of J. Edna Hoover

          • Shadow,

            The ultimate proof that Hoover was being blackmailed by the Mafia is when he famously declared “There is no mafia” to Congress.

          • “The ultimate proof that Hoover was being blackmailed by the Mafia is when he famously declared “There is no mafia” to Congress.” Nice Guy

            And everyone knew that Hoover was lying.
            That was a major factor in the ultimate passage of RICO.

            Everyone from Bobby Kennedy to Richard Nixon supported the passage of RICO-type laws.

  • “RICO was written into law because it would be almost impossible to prosecute a large organized crime syndicate, which compartmentalizes all criminal enterprises.”

    NXIVM included high ranking participants who are prominent members of the Mexican political and economic ruling class and two of the richest women in the US.

    “Large, organized crime syndicate, which compartmentalizes all criminal enterprises.” is an excellent description of NXIVM.

    I salute the prosecutors for their able work.

    Thank you for doing your jobs so well! You have done a wonderful service for citizens of both the US of A and Mexico.

  • Nice Guy IS a nice guy. And it’s nice he wrote this nice neat little piece. It’s nice to hear something that is uniquely nice from a nice guy like our Nice Guy who has something nice to say about some really very nice people and it is very nicely written. It is always nice to read nice writing.

    Everyone should take a leaf from this nice guy Nice Guy’s book – we should all try to strive to be nicer to one another. Nice job, my friend Nice Guy. It’s so nice to read your nicely-informed nice, nicely timed for nicer than just nice reading comprehension writing. Thanks

      • I only use “Nutjob”, when commenting. It would make it way easier (possibly) to interact with you if you only used “Niceguy” and ditched the anon curveballs. I guess I get it if you want to have separate personas, but you seem to only do it because you’re pretending a hide & go seek game is being played.

        BTW – I agree with ice-9. I have you as Egyptian or from Mozambique.

          • For example, I’d like to comment on some of this Alanzo discussion. However, I don’t know who is you (commenting anonymously) and who are other anon pusses. So, I’d rather sit it out than deal with you playing hide & seek.

  • To All (the few),

    If you’ve read my impromptu comment/article, which Frank so graciously shared, there is truth in my words, excluding the Alanzo tangent.

    …Other philosophical quandaries arising from the NXIVM saga include the 13th Amendment and inhumane treatment in jail…and the right to an expeditious trial, such as Raniere’s long wait in captivity. Please remember it’s innocent until proven guilty even for evil men.

    Frank- in publishing my wine-infused comment, you showed off your snide, wry, and dry sense humor……..

    …I’m exactly the same way. I appreciate your sense of humor. 😉

  • “In addition, the NXIVM story is a story of government overreach, i.e. using RICO to prosecute NXIVM. The law was originally enacted to fight organizations like the MAFIA, not second rate cults.” Nice Guy

    Nice Guy, you are wrong.

    RICO was deliberately written in a vague way to allow the government to apply it in all kinds of cases.

    Congressional hearings in the 1950s like the Kefauver and McClellan Hearings revealed that organized crime had penetrated all aspects of
    American life.

    City and state governments, businesses, labor unions, churches, charities schools, mass media and all kinds of businesses had been penetrated by organized crime.
    And it was not just the Mafia and Italian gangs.
    It was Jewish and Irish gangs as well.

    People think only in terms of Chicago and New York but organized crime was rampant in Boston, Philadelphia, Detroit, Saint Paul, Baltimore, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

    To demonstrate how pervasive organized crime was throughout America, here is a story from earlier this year:

    President Kennedy Asked the FBI to Look Into Speaker Pelosi’s Father for Connections to the Mob – Documents Quietly Released Last Week Confirm This

    President John F. Kennedy requested that Speaker Pelosi’s father, Thomas D’Alesandro Jr., be investigated by the FBI for his connections to organized crime. The related FBI documents were quietly released on January 6th.

    On January 6th, the FBI quietly released documents related to Nancy Pelosi’s father. Thomas D’Alesandro Jr was investigated by the FBI in 1961 per a request from President John F. Kennedy. The document drop was released while Big Media and the Democrats were busy approving a stolen election and pushing the narrative that Trump supporters are violent:

    Despite excuses from J. Edgar Hoover, allegations continued to pile up and President John F. Kennedy finally requested in 1961 that “D’Alesando’s involvement with Baltimore hoodlums; with favoritism in awarding city contracts; [and] protection for political contributors and the prosecution of local cases” be investigated.

    Unlike you, Nice Guy, I have been a spectator at trials where a political machine and a city government were prosecuted for RICO activities.
    The entire city government of Chicago Heights, Illinois was prosecuted in 1993.
    And the local Mafia hoodlums had to pay off the corrupt Mayor and his cronies.
    The Mafia was subservient to the Mayor.
    One of the city contractors who bribed the Mayor was Albert Caesar Tocco, a local Mafia hoodlum.

    20 years later, former Chicago Heights mayor disputes bribery conviction

    Panici was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 1993 for his role in taking more than $600,000 in bribes from numerous municipal contractors over 15 years, a case that left a black mark on the community he led for 16 years.
    The longtime mayor and two other Chicago Heights officials — Louise Marshall and John Gliottoni Jr. — were convicted of racketeering, racketeering conspiracy and extortion. Panici was ordered to pay $1.1 million in restitution.

    Almost every city contractor had to pay bribes to Panici and his gang.

    I knew from the beginning that NXIVM was a RICO case because I have seen RICO firsthand.

    I hope that the major defendants in this NXIVM case get hit hard in the civil RICO suit.

    Nice Guy, you should ask your lawyer wife to review what you want to post.

    • Shadow,

      The impetus – or should I say catalyst – indeed organized crime and state corruption. My comment was a broad sweeping generalization; and did not require a 15 paragraph rebuke, my PERSNICKETY friend. My comment was made on a nightly news program. You forgive Tucker Carlson, and your girlfriend, Rachel Maddow on CNBC. 😉

      Don’t go around parsing every comment made by people, searching for erroneous remarks, made in polite conversation.
      …Because you end up sounding like one of those Social Justice Warrior types, twisting everything out of context….

      …In other words, don’t be such a henpecker!

  • Wine paired with loneliness does funny things to Nice Guy. I’ve also concluded by the way he writes that English is his second language and he is possibly from Russia or Ukraine.

    So Nice Guy, all good stuff but I disagree with the overreaching part. There are scores of other offenses that could have been prosecuted. There are scores of other people that we all know are walking around right now, unjustly unpunished. There’s a strong argument that Lauren did not get the punishment she deserves. If anything, the government has not done nearly enough IMO. Just look at the fucktards in the NDNY for fuck’s sakes.

    I will drink wine too now but since I don’t smoke cigars, you will have to have one for me.

    • —I’ve also concluded by the way he writes that English is his second language and he is possibly from Russia or Ukraine.

      It’s still bad? LOL

      It’s a long story, but I’ve been attempting to reacquire my writing skills. My vocabulary is good, but unfortunately my grammar is a total mess and most likely always will be. Computer programming oddly enough has finite and defined rules. Sadly, I can only share this with my wife and a stranger on the internet, for obvious reasons.

      I keep trying to write a simple article…..

      You get the idea.

    • One should only comment when sober. We do not know how drunk Nice Guy was.


      This also applies to the counter-comments to his contribution.

  • Nice Guy:

    While you spent weeks publishing my bankruptcy papers under multiple anonymous accounts on the Frank Report, trashing my business, etc, you and your wife were out house-hunting for a 2nd home – a little cottage on the water?

    Do you own 2 homes now – one in the city and one on Buzzard’s Bay?

    By publishing my bankruptcy papers and targeting my business, did you hope to destroy what little I have left at 60 years old? Maybe get a client to fire me so that I would lose the one home I have – with no wife and no family left – the one I declared bankruptcy for to try to hold on to?

    Do I have this right?

    You were so certain that you knew who I was, and that I needed to be destroyed, that you spent all this time and energy doing this?


    • Allen, I am inspired and impressed by your ability to show up somewhere and intentionally start trolling and then appear to be genuinely hurt when the people there don’t like you.

    • Alanzo-

      I ain’t rich. I’m upper-middle class, and my wife, as I myself have mentioned previously, is the breadwinner in the family.

      When you called the two sisters, Cami and Dani, liars, you crossed a line and became “fair game” to use the vernacular of your people.

      I was the one who, initially, posted a link to your bankruptcy, that much is true. However, I did not subsequently make the other posts, others did. I stopped because it was the wrong thing to do. You are a sanctimonious, hypocrite, and misogynist who attacks female victims and women in general.

      FYI: It’s impossible to attack a nonexistent business. After all, it doesn’t exist. 😉

      Stop playing the victim card when you yourself are a victimizer. You are being unctuous.

        • unctuous:
          1. adjective: If you describe someone as unctuous, you are critical of them because they seem to be full of praise, kindness, or interest, but are obviously insincere.
          2. adjective: If you describe food or drink as unctuous, you mean that it is creamy or oily.

          1. adjective: in the sense of obsequious
          Definition: pretending to be kind and concerned but obviously not sincere
          the kind of unctuous tone that I’ve heard at diplomatic parties
          2. adjective: in the sense of oily

          • Got it. Niceguy was doing some harmless flirting by admiring Alanzo’s oily hair and calling him creamy.

      • Nice Guy:

        You didn’t answer my question but you provided enough information for me to ascertain 3 things:

        1. You were house-hunting in Buzzards Bay for a 2nd home while you were publishing my bankruptcy papers. By the way, who do you think put those bankruptcy papers online? Me? Like I was “trolling myself”? No. OSA did, the Church of Scientology’s Office of Specials Affairs. You have been duped into running one of their fair game operations against one of their long-time critics because

        2. You believe that I am a “misogynist'” and that I called Cami and Dani ‘liars’. I never did anything of the sort, I only questioned why Cami did not testify under oath when her information was crucial to turn a 15-to-20 year prison sentence into 120 years. We are told she will be testifying under oath in the civil trail and so I said I would be looking forward to that. But you won’t hear any of this because your drunken brain inflamed your emotions so much you’ve come to imagine that I am a Scientologist and

        3. You now feel fully justified in fairgaming me. You feel so justified in all of this and you feel so certain you have the truth about me – that I work for David Miscavige as an OSA Agent – that you are willing to damage my business and reputation online as hard as you can.

        So I have a question for you, Nice Guy:

        Why would a Scientology OSA agent who works for David Miscavige come on to the Frank Report to raise awareness of 3 possible Scientology murders made to look like suicides?

        Kyle Brennan
        David Miscavige’s mother in law, Flo Barnett
        and Ken Ogger?

        Can you answer that for me?

        You probably won’t. When a person has been duped as hard as you have, it’s too humiliating to ever admit. Usually dupes double and triple down in order to avoid seeing, and revealing, they’ve been fooled. I predict this is what we’ll be seeing from you next.

        Please prove me wrong, Nice Guy.

        Answer the question of why an OSA Agent would come on to the Frank Report to expose and raise awareness on the deaths above.


        • You just keep lying, Alanzo.

          The Church of Scientology’s Office of Specials Affairs didn’t put your bankruptcy documents online, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of Illinois did. Such legal filings are public records. If you didn’t realize that when you decided to declare bankruptcy, oh well, now you know.

          How are those investments you paid for with Bronfman cash working out for you?

          • This is another lie by another Anonymous account.

            The link “Nice Guy” used was to a scribd account set up by Scientology and it is used by them to run many fair game operations against many other critics of Scientology, not just me.

          • As anyone who’s been on FR for over 6 months can tell, Alonzo is correct – it is another obvious lie. It’s also bullshit that the source of this lie keeps taking over threads.

            To whoever the hell you are, take your “sock-puppets” and “Bronfman cash” and get the fuck out of here.

        • So you are the victim now?

          ALanzO you are a great troll. I’m not traveling down the Yellow Brick Road into Alonzo Land. Some other sucker can oblige you.

          ALanzO some of what you say(at 9:46am) is a little out there and this is the reason why I stopped bantering with you.

          Take care!

        • Alanzo-

          I don’t recall accusing you of being an OSA agent.

          Others, years ago, accused you and “Marty” of being OSA double agents. I believe it’s a totally absurd accusation. I think you are very plain, and humdrum.

          I’m living in oblivion myself. I have to say boring and humdrum are an awesome combination. Beats the hell out of living in Aleppo or Haiti.

          Remember, listen to only a 1/16 of the voices in your head and you’ll be okay!

          As you say in your own language…

          See you , FuckTard ! Hail Xenu!

          I’m gonna try my hardest not to communicate with you from here on out, ever again!

          That’s a wrap! Take care!

      • I would add this, Alanzo. You showed up here knowing little about the case but spouting theories on it and attacking people who didn’t agree with you. You have specifically targeted and bullied people here with the intent to intimidate. Whether or not you intentionally meant to be a troll (and I believe you did, and still do, intentionally mean to be a troll), that is how you were, and are, perceived. It cannot possibly come as a surprise to you that people don’t like trolls. You talk about taking it in the face day in and day out. No one is forcing you to come here every day, spout unpopular views, and insult people. No one is forcing you to be a troll. You don’t want to be treated like a troll anymore? Stop trolling.

        • Your use of the word “trolling” is a very common tactic to discredit an unpopular view so you don’t have to address it.

          L Ron Hubbard used the same tactic by calling a view he didn’t like, or couldn’t control, “aberration”. And Keith Raniere would say I need an ‘EM’ on that.

          Come on, Anonymous Fucktard.

          Don’t be such an Anonymous Fucktard.


          • Hey there, Alanzo!

            Do you scratch your nuts and smell your finger tips to decide whether to bathe?

          • How did you know this works, have you tried this method yourself? Come on man, be friendly to Alanzo. He is a good natured man.

          • @ October 26, 2021 at 11:51 pm

            To Frank Parlato,

            Touché! ☝🏼

            Yours truly,
            Nice 👍🏼 Guy

          • With the exception of the term “trolling”, Alanzo has not denied anything else anon 9:25 am has said.

            It was 100% truth.

            I will add that the reason he came here to FR is everyone else has banned him. He now has to go outside to bring the Scio bs stuff in, ad naseum.


            Is that clear enough? There isn’t one person here that has wanted to take the Scientology dive with you. It doesn’t make them all OSA. Get help.

          • Why are you here?

            Nobody here cares about “Scio” – unless you force us to by continuing to inundate us with it on each thread.



            Tony Ortega has spent 10 years hiding the fact that Mike Rinder was the Commanding Officer of the Office of Special Affairs under David Miscavige, running all fair game on all critics for 22 years. Ortega has always called Rinder a “Former Scientology Spokesman”.

            Ortega also tries to get everyone to believe that David Miscavige’s mother in law committed suicide by shooting herself in the chest 3 times, and once in the head, WITH A RIFLE.

            That’s all you need to know about Tony Ortega’s blog.


        • I agree. I guess Alanzo never lost the Scientology superiority complex which is extremely annoying to others on this site. Perhaps if he didn’t have that aggravating factor, he wouldn’t have the reaction that seems to follow him wherever he goes. It is self-defeating for him because he is so paranoid that he imagines that the irked reactions he receives are from OSA agents.

          • Pyriel,

            Completely agree with you and with an earlier commentator. Alanzo is aggressively unlikable. He’s always calling people names and using “blind” and “retarded” as put-downs. I guess being a sighted Scientologist has made him superior to other humans and their challenges.

            I’ve decided to make my DOS Slaves read Alanzo’z comments and his back-and-forth with NG as penance.

    • I am sorry Alonzo, you’re a nice guy!

      I must have you confused with the other asshole who attacks rape victims and accuses them of being liars, kinda like the way I’m saying you are a filthy liar. Right?
      To anyone who feels bad for Alanzo, do some research….It ain’t pretty.

    • Alanzo-

      I am sorry for breaking my word and speaking to you again.

      Take care!

      I won’t let it happen again!

    • Last thing, ALanzO…

      We’re supposed to feel bad for you, but you don’t feel bad for the victims….

      That’s some self-serving narcissistic logic, my friend. FU!

    • Declaring bankruptcy is not a right guaranteed in the Constitution, but it is your prerogative under current laws, which is why you were able to do so and why the paperwork is part of the public record.

      Glad to see you have the links working on your business website, but please note the typos on this page:

      It should read “AdWords” instead of “Adwords.”

      I’d suggest you get a professional head shot taken for your About Allen Stanfield page.

      Any blind retard prospective clients can judge your body of video work for themselves:

      Best of luck to you!

    • If you are concerned about potential clients being influenced by what they learn about you on this blog, you might consider not calling everyone “blind retards” all the time.

      You might consider not posting here at all.

      The personal brand you are shooting for apparently is “self-righteous asshole.” Not what I’m looking for in a marketing consultant, but maybe there’s an audience for that.

  • A story of government overreach… and a good battle won by Frank.

    Well, it can’t be both. The Federal Justice system prosecuted Raniere and won. Is this a good thing or not? If Raniere is evil, if he broke the law, doesn’t he belong in prison?

    I don’t get the anti-government bias here. Yes, I know it’s a popular view that the government is out to get us. It’s the plot of half the movies we see. Half the online rants.

    It’s also deeply paranoid and cynical.

    The Feds prosecuted Raniere and won. Shut down Nxivm and DOS. I see no reason for anyone to kvetch about it. The government did a good thing.

    Ah, but the way they did it! Endangering our rights! EXIF files! Thirteenth Amendment! RICO!

    Note well that it wasn’t the government that convicted Raniere. Twelve jurors did that. They unanimously found him guilty. Based on evidence presented in open court.

    It wasn’t hate that put Raniere behind bars. It wasn’t some media conspiracy. It wasn’t even the Feds. It was a jury of twelve regular citizens. People like us.

    The trial was conducted in open court.

    Is that how tyrannies operate? Independent juries and open courtrooms?

    RICO was intended to prosecute the Mafia. Was it? Was it directed solely at the Italian mob? Not intended to apply to say, organized sex trafficking rings?

    Because that was what DOS was. An organized sex trafficking operation. And that’s not just my opinion, that was the unanimous verdict of the twelve citizens of the jury.

    In my book, the unanimous decisions of the people is a pretty good way to run a democracy.

    So as much fun as it is to deride the government and complain about overreach, it’s important to think coherently exercise some logic. Does Raniere belong behind bars or not?

    As a practical matter, I have trouble even imagining a trial less tyrannical than this one.

    As a practical matter, I have trouble envisioning a prison less like a medieval torture chamber (or a slave labor camp) than USP Tucson.

    The government did a good thing prosecuting Raniere. I say both Frank and the Feds deserve some credit for taking down Nxivm.

    • My dear, Mr. Sausage,

      “A story of government overreach… and a good battle won by Frank.
      Well, it can’t be both. The Federal Justice system prosecuted Raniere and won. Is this a good thing or not? If Raniere is evil, if he broke the law, doesn’t he belong in prison?” (AristotleSauge)
      You have either never read Frank’s articles, have Alzheimer’s disease, or lack a philosophical foundation/perspective.

      You say, “well, it can’t be both,” WRONG!
      Proving a man guilty by any means possible, – i.e, RICO – is inherently wrong.

      RICO was intended for organized crime groups like the mafia. RICO was written into law because it would be almost impossible to prosecute a large organized crime syndicate, which compartmentalizes all criminal enterprises.

      RICO was not intended for some second-rate cult.

      My friend, you need to rethink things. Seriously!

  • You’re right about Alonzo. He lives for the mentions. He lives in his own non-brainwashed world.

    Also, Alonzo, it is extremely cringe when you suck up to try to get in the good graces of the remaining NXIVM supporters. Please stop groveling.

  • A philosophical perspective on this saga, no doubt inspired by those glasses of wine. But yes, there is a lot to learn from it.

    Frank lost some weight by the look of his photo.

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