Judge Orders Raniere Attorneys to Disclose Who Got Discovery; Chakravorty Issues Harshest Statement on Raniere Ever; While Maintaining FBI Likely Tampered

Judge Nicholas Garaufis

The tension is on.  And the truth may strike like a lightning bolt.

In response to requests made by the DOJ in a filing yesterday, Judge Nicholas Garuafis gave the prosecutors at least half a loaf.

He required, just as they requested of him, that all of Keith Raniere’s attorneys file “sworn declarations” identifying everyone who was shown or provided information covered by the Protective Order and what their relationship is to the case.

However, he ruled that the defense may file it under seal, and ex-parte, the latter meaning that the prosecution will not have access to this information since it is clearly covered under attorney-client privilege.


AUSA Tanya Hajjar was one of three prosecutors at the trial of Keith Raniere. She now wants the judge to find out if anyone improperly accessed protected discovery material.

The judge also directed Raniere’s attorneys to provide, more specifically, a sworn declaration as “whether they have provided any [protected] material… including a copy of a hard drive, to Mr. Raniere, to Suneel Chakravorty, or to any person not entitled to such material under the Protective Order.”

The prosecution said in their filing that they believed Chakravorty had a copy of the hard drive, which is he is prohibited from obtaining from the lawyers without signing a protective order. Chakravorty claims he has not signed the order – and he does not have a copy of the hard drive.

The judge, however, did not grant the prosecution’s request that all individuals who have discovery materials – even if covered by the protective order – must turn them over to Raniere’s present counsel of record, Marc A. Fernich and Jeffrey H. Lichtman.

Here is the judge’s order:

Oct 14, 2021

ORDER: All defendants and current and former counsel of record involved in this matter have stipulated and agreed to a Protective Order. (Dkts. 39, 85, 990, 1001, 1060.) Defendant Keith Raniere’s current and former counsel include, among others, Steven Alan Metcalf, Esq., Joseph Daniel McBride, Esq., Martin Tankleff, Esq., Paul DerOhannesian, Esq., Marc A. Agnifilo, Esq., Jennifer Ann Bonjean, Esq., Jeffrey Lichtman, Esq., and Marc Fernich, Esq. The Protective Order prohibits “any and all Discovery Materials disclosed to the defendant and defense counsel” from being “further disclosed, disseminated, or discussed by the defendant or defense counsel to, or with, any individuals,” subject to specified exceptions in the Order. (Dkt. 39 5-7.) The court has received notice from the Government that this Order may have been breached. (Dkt. 1135.) All current and former counsel of record for Mr. Raniere are DIRECTED to provide individual sworn declarations identifying any and all persons to whom information covered by the Protective Order was shown or provided to during the course of this litigation. Counsel shall identify any such person’s relationship to the litigation. Counsel are DIRECTED to address specifically whether they have provided any material described in the Government’s 1135 letter, including a copy of a hard drive, to Mr. Raniere, to Suneel Chakravorty, or to any person not entitled to such material under the Protective Order.

Counsel are DIRECTED to file their declaration to the court ex parte and under seal not later than October 25, 2021. Ordered by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis on 10/14/2021. (Kelly, Sean)

The terms of disclosure of evidence are covered in detail in the protective order.

As summarized by the prosecution, “defense counsel is prohibited from disclosing or disseminating any discovery materials provided to the defendant except to defense staff directly employed by defense counsel, subject to defense counsel’s supervision, and only after such staff have reviewed the terms of the Protective Order and signed [it].”

Much of the discovery material in the Raniere case is “sensitive and contains personally identifying information regarding individuals other than the defendants.”

The question of whether Chakravorty has the hard drive or other protected material was specifically addressed by AUSA Tanya Hajjar in her filing: “The government has received a report that Suneel Chakravorty, an associate of defendant Keith Raniere’s, is in possession of electronic discovery materials, including a copy of a hard drive, that were produced to defense counsel pursuant to the Protective Order.”

In a footnote, the prosecution further wrote, “The government understands that Mr. Chakravorty (who is not an attorney) purports to have drafted a motion on Raniere’s behalf based on materials from the hard drive, and may also have disclosed or discussed protected discovery material to and with other individuals not subject to the Protective Order.”

Chakravorty denied the prosecution’s contention.
“I don’t have a copy of the hard drive or any discovery material containing nudity, “Chakravorty said in a written statement released to Frank Report and the Albany Times Union.
In his harshest language to date, Chakravorty continued, “Raniere may very likely be guilty of abusing Camila when she was fifteen. If I find that Raniere abused this girl, I’ll throw him over like rotten stinking fish, but what troubles me also is that forensic evidence suggests the FBI tampered with the photographs. I’ll be issuing my findings on the subject soon.”
Chakravorty, 31, was born in South Florida and graduated from Harvard College. Professionally, he is a computer tech and software consultant. He took four NXIVM courses between 2016 and 2018 when the company shut down following Raniere’s arrest, he said.
Chakravorty, who earned a yellow sash with one stipe as a volunteer coach for NXIVM, had little personal association with Raniere until after he was arrested.
“Certain revelations at the trial led me to suspect something was not quite correct about the government’s presentation of evidence regarding the Camila photos, ‘ Chakravorty said. “I met with Raniere several times after he was in custody and spoke with him numerous times on the phone.
Of course, I deplore any abuse of a fifteen-year-old girl, ” Chakravorty said, “and I deplore the government tampering with evidence. I intend to find out if either or both are true.”
The prosecution also wrote that they “received information that Mr. Chakravorty is also in possession of sexually explicit photographs of a victim identified as a ‘Jane Doe’ in the indictment. These photographs were not produced as discovery in this case because they were never in the government’s possession.”
Frank Report is familiar with this issue, is investigating further, and will make a report on our findings.

The improper release of discovery material falls more on the lawyers than those who may have improperly received it since the lawyer signed the protective order.

The nine lawyers for Raniere known to have been involved in the case are:
Jeffrey Lichtman
Marc Fernich


Raniere Lawyer Steven Alan Metcalf Portrait Headshot
Steven Alan Metcalf II, Esq.
Raniere Lawyer Joseph D McBride Portrait Headshot
Joseph D. McBride, Esq.


Martin Tankleff

Marc Agnifilo
Jennifer Bonjean
Teny Geragos

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  • “Raniere may very likely be guilty of abusing Camila when she was fifteen. If I find that Raniere abused this girl, I’ll throw him over like rotten stinking fish … “

    Readers, prepare yourselves emotionally now for the fact that Suneel will absolutely definitely never find enough evidence to support his believing Raniere had a sexual relationship with Camila before she was 18.

  • Nothing says, “I am an objective researcher/investigative journalist on a criminal case” like also being the imprisoned defendant’s power of attorney.

    And not disclosing that fact each and every single time you write a defense of that same criminal.

    There should be full disclosure right upfront.

    Those are the Nxivm ethics on display!

    Utter lack of principles.

  • “I’ll be issuing my findings on the subject soon.”

    I believe the Cyber Ninjas said something similar. Their findings didn’t turn out quite the way they were hoping either.

  • I’m wondering if Suneel is being paid…..and by whom…..to handle evidence, the source of which is….what?

    Is he doing this free????

  • Does ANYONE buy that Suneel did not “really know” Keith Raniere, but now Suneel has power of attorney for Keith Raniere?

    Just a couple jail visits… and boom! Power of attorney?

    Not. A. Chance.

    • Mr. I Call Bullsh*t-

      Suneel is claiming not to be too familiar with Keith Raniere, as a NXIVM confident/friend, because Suneel is trying to avoid the Federal Bureau of Prisons banning Suneel from communicating with Keith Raniere.

      The prison bureau can ban any visitor, for “safety reasons”, from seeing an inmate, with the exception of family members and attorneys. Examples would include gang members, mafia members, or cult followers.

      It’s that simple. No mystery!

      I’m positive Claviger will agree.

      • I agree. It’s not a mystery.

        It’s just more dishonest bullsh×t.

        “Hey, random dude, I just met while I am in prison with all my legal bills paid for from Clare’s trust and a 5 million dollar inheritance from Pam C. sitting in a bank. Be my power of attorney, Please guy I do not know.”

        Said no person ever.

        What about the mother of Kemar? Or ANY person Keith knew for years prior to incarceration?

        Come on! It’s just SUCH obvious lies.

  • Frank, we have not heard much from the one known as “The Mad Spanker” for a while.

    He seems to have skedaddled and crawled back under the rock he came out from.

    With that in mind, which Nxivm woman “entertained” him when he went to Albany to rescue/kidnap the half Asian Nxivm “actress” Kristin Kreuk?

    Come on Parlato, spill the beans man!

    • It is not possible for me to reveal the individual because she is a source. The only thing I can say is that her nude photos thrilled Mr. Raniere, who kept them for years, as much or more than the Mad Spanker would have been thrilled by his fair lady, if he had ever gotten her to pose for him. Oddly, according to my source, the Spanker preferred his imaginary dream to a real live woman.

          • No, and please don’t keep guessing. All I can say is that this woman he met with is stunning and captivating and the fact that the Mad Spanker could not see his way clear to enjoying a real life woman who apparently was willing to entertain him, but chose instead to pant over the impossible dream of ever being with KK, is something I’ll never understand.

          • >>All I can say is that this woman he met with is stunning

            There were never any stunning women in NXIVM in Albany. Therefore, it couldn’t have happened.

      • I don’t believe this. I knew Sultan from way back when he used to post on Kristin Kreuk forums in 2007/2008 and he was just a fan of hers who LOATHED everything about NXIVM. He was always criticizing it and remarking on how sketchy it and its leader was. He also talked frequently about marriage. I really doubt he ever went to Albany to meet anyone from NXIVM, especially a woman to be “entertained” by. Surely if this ever happened there would be hard proof — like pictures or an actual name behind the alias — now knowing NXIVM’s penchant for keeping collateral.

        • I cannot say for certain I was not there, but a certain former NXIVM woman, an inamorata of Keith Raniere, told me she met with a super freakish fan of Kristin Kreuk who seemed to have a desire to meet her in Albany and get her to leave NXIVM. He wanted to rescue her but lamentably she was not in Albany. He did meet with the NXIVM gal, who was probably pretty horny since Raniere was spread super thin with 20 or 25 women to service. She said this dude — could it have been anyone other than Sultan –w.as not the worst looking dude in the world and she might have hopped into the sack with him, but he was obsessed only with one thing — to find his beloved Kristin Kreuk and rescue her from the cult.

          He stayed overnight at the winsome lady’s house and in the morn said a fond farewell to her. They never met again. If it was not Sultan, then it was someone with the same condition as him.

          • No name? No description? No info on where he was from? Why would this person go to Albany instead of Vancouver where she actually lived and spent most of her time in order to “rescue” her? Why would she let a complete stranger who was obsessed with Kristin and hated the cult she was a part of spend the night in the same place, especially if he wanted to free her from it and they wanted her to remain in it? Wouldn’t he be considered a suppressive and be shunned by NXIVM?

            I’m sorry but this sound like a far-fetched story, like a ragged T-shirt with moth holes.

          • No I am not prepared to admit there are two Sultans. Isn’t it possible that he has two different personalities, both in love with Kristin Kreuk, perhaps even jealous of each other?

      • You know how parents hide chocolate Easter eggs for their kids to find?

        That is what you have done by revealing this information about the one known as “Spanky”, but instead of chocolate Easter eggs, we hunt for the identity of said lady…

        Okay, hints… did the poor lady leave NXIVM before or after the branding story in 2017?

        Is she White?

        • I cannot say too much, since I am sure she would prefer anonymity, but I can say she left before the branding and she is White.

          I would say she is someone that, frankly, if I had to chose between unrequited love for a TV star who does not even know my name, or is remotely aware of my existence, and a warm and tender, unbranded, attractive NXIVM woman, such as the one who a man reputed to be the Mad Spanker got an invitation to spend the night with in Albany, I would have opted for the warm and tender real life lady. But I do not denigrate the choice made by the gent who came to town to dissuade KK from KR.

          • Why would anyone want the sloppy seconds of Keith Raniere? Why risk a lifetime of the herpes burn for such a person? Women in NXIVM who voluntarily chose to sleep with unfaithful Keith have low standards. They were just a notch on his bed post.

    • Sultan of Six is long gone! He got his revenge and now he’s done with us!

      You gotta find someone else to tease.

    • Sultan graduated from a Maryland high school in 1999-2000. Sultan and one girl were tied for Salutatorian. Sultan is not Pakistani or white. Sultan is 39 years old.

  • “I don’t have a copy of the hard drive or any discovery material containing nudity“

    Note that he doesn’t categorically state that he has never had, or examined, any such things. I’ve noted that when it comes to culty groups, the people involved in them and especially apologists, their wording has to be closely scrutinized, and not infrequently does turn out to be evasive and misleading.

    • Good Anony—I can feel a semantic switch occuring already, as when Starr questioned Clinton, he asked:

      “Have you ever had sexual relations with ML?”

      and Clinton answers:

      “I did not have sex with that woman”

      The question was posed in the present perfect [have you ever] —meaning ‘in all your experience up to now’ but was answered in the past simple [I did not have…] which alludes to a SPECIFIC time or date in the past, so you expect that grammar [past simple] to be concluded with a time or place signiture ie: ‘I did not have sex with that woman—[this morning before I came here/ after green eggs and ham/ on a mountain top]

      So his answer in the simple past could be true of specific time and place— but false if you are asking about all times and places in one’s experience [have you ever] its a simple switch and quite effective—till a bastard grammarian parses by….!

  • I think both stories are true. Raniere having sex with a 15 year old and the prosecution tampered with evidence. Both are really bad. Raniere is already serving his time but these prosecutors must go down. Even if that means Raniere walks free. Good job, Suneel, taking down the corrupt.

    • You “think”. That’s not how it works. It takes evidence. It takes legal steps.

      Come on, Anthony! You have told us repeatedly that you have “two lawyers at my work”

      And again… Why did those 2 lawyers never respond to KRC?

      • Evidence is there. You liking it or not doesn’t change it’s existence. Suneel did a great job. Time for some people like you to start using your brains and think for yourself.

    • This is a née cult tactic! Wow. A new idea.

      So now the party line is that Keith is guilty of rape, but should be freed because of prosecutorial misconduct.

      Shows a tiny bit of reality is imposing itself on their minds.

      But, no, they don’t really believe Keith did anything wrong.

    • Anthony, it is so refreshing to see someone recognizing that there are multiple perspectives on Truth. But most people have to have their OWN Truth be THE Truth all the time. Multiple perspectives scare them. Fear leads to hate. Hate leads to attacks. Attacks are too easy on the internet.

      You are brave to defend multiple perspectives on Truth.

      I will always stand beside those who search for Truth, not THE Truth.

  • Currently, on Twitter, Suneel is making all sorts of proclamations and declarations regarding the DOJ and himself.

    He claims he is very busy crafting a Frank Report exclusive article!

    The funny thing is when I checked the click activity on his Twitter account…

    I’m the only one reading his decrees!

    • What’s even funnier than that is — I’m the loser that’s following him!

  • Two doctors have lost their medical licenses due to helping Raniere with his funny business.

    Will an attorney or two get disbarred for letting Suneel Chakravorty have access to sensitive data of child pictures and other information he was not supposed to have seen?

    Will Suneel Chakravorty and any other of the NXIVM Five get busted for having a look at Raniere’s hard dive trying to free their Master?

    It just doesn’t end with NXIVM, does it?

  • Could this little bit of legal trouble for Suneel mean that we no longer have to endure him and his ridiculousness on this website? If so, WOO HOOOOO!! Let’s Celebrate! 🎈🎉🤹‍♀️

  • Another important lesson here. If you had your hand in the cookie jar, do not draw attention to yourself. Time will tell if this is true.

  • Harshest statement on Raniere ever? “If I find that Raniere abused this girl…”

    If? IF!!!

    As far as Suneel is concerned, the jury is still out. Well, no, in fact, the jury is very much not out. The Jury decided the matter. Most emphatically.

    “ I’ll be issuing my findings on the subject soon.” as if it is HE who determines what is true or not. Who appointed him Beneficent Overlord?

    What was it Mr. T used to say? “I pity the fool”?

    A more appropriate aphorism may be “Pride cometh before the fall.”

    • Exactly, AS.

      The dude forgets there are back-dated articles and interviews for years stating that Suneel would “prove Raniere’s innocence” and other such claims.

      Too late. Suneel is only looking to manufacture a narrative around previously held beliefs.

      Just as Clare funded the Tourettes movie with the sole goal of promoting Nxivm tech and Keith Raniere as a third top problem solver in the world genius.

      It is the cult’s usual MO. Create the websites first. Dance around. Give interviews. Hire “experts”. Make promo recordings. Hold contests. Form companies. Lots of them. Then generate or create false data to back up the claims.

      It’s laughable.

  • I’m curious how the government knows Suneel is in possession of explicit photos of a victim of KR. Who would be their source? They must be pretty sure of this, otherwise they would not mention this. And why present this info to the judge? What is the purpose of that? What should or can the judge do about it? Questions, questions…..

    • My thought about how the government came upon the info, as to what explicit photo(s), etc. that Suneel Chakravorthy has or has had in his “possession” is that ALL of us who’ve been paying attention have learned this nugget from the very same source.

      The source has been…Suneel Chakravorthy himself.

      For I have read these disclosures right here, at the Frank Report, in postings made by none other than Suneel Chakravorthy. It was disclosure cited by him; he has revealed it himself.

      Here and now, Suneel may (potentially) observe the results of his own thought processes, as well as the consequences of his own “self-expression,” perhaps coming back to bite him.

      That is, if Suneel Chakravorthy is really capable of recognizing what he has done to himself.

      Unconsciously or not, this fellow has hoisted himself by his own petard.

      Cheers. Or whatever!

      • Well said!

        —Unconsciously or not, this fellow has hoisted himself by his own petard.

        I sincerely am going to miss your whimsical writing style. In the beginning, I didn’t get it, then I came to appreciate it.

  • How can Suneel Chakravorty examine or have experts examine the evidence that he suspects has been tampered with if that evidence, files, hard drives, storage media, etc. are not under his control or he does not have evidence-proof copies to provide to his experts? Without original evidence or approved copies, Suneel Chakravorty cannot prove anything. Chakravorty should say how and from whom he obtained this protected evidence.

    • Exactly. So….ultimately…. is Suneel in possession of child pornography……??

      Is someone paying him?

      How did he get the hard drives etc?


    • Read prior article. Child porn not released to other attorneys so Suneel wouldn’t have it.

      But I’m wondering if there’s a backup hard drive someone withheld from the court…..

    • Suneel: yet another person allowing Keith Raniere to destroy his life. He has to be getting something out of this, right? Is it money?

      • Anon, I guess he feels needed and loved and, if he can prove this nonsense and become a hero for a few people, these feelings would skyrocket

        • Natashka, spot on. The need to be a hero, loved and needed. The need to be ‘proven right’. KR plays on such needs like a pro and picks them out at 100 paces. Why did KR give Suneel power of attorney? To ensure his trust (‘I trust you, I see the good in you, you’re the only one who can help me’). Of all the acolytes, Suneel was mostly flying under the radar, a yellow sash but without much visibility, and hence not under acute scrutiny like the others. He could claim to be ‘unbiased’. He could also be the ‘middle man’ between KR and his cadres, relaying messages, without attracting too much attention. It was apparent from the very beginning that SC was carrying out suggestions from KR. SC has been played big time by KR, but is too ’emotionally’ involved to ever see it.

          • There’s probably also some financial incentive — not to detract from the um, sheer altruism and desire for belonging that SC mmm, radiates, but I expect a man educated toward being a captain of industry to have at least a nominal interest in the money. Not that it makes the slightest difference to his heartfelt loyalty and pride at being Groom of the Close Stool to queen Clare or indeed the king’s confidant, just saying…

      • Suneel is getting the internal feelings of “doing what is ethical and moral”. Keith built NXIVM by finding 10K people who were drawn to a desire for these feelings. Keith has a different driving force than Suneel and the other 10K. Keith wants to destroy value and destroy everyone. By everyone, I mean EVERYONE. The evidence of this, the clues of this, and the subtle confirmation from Keith of this, are everywhere. It’s Suneel’s turn to enjoy the ramifications of taking Keith’s bait.

        • Nut Job

          Now Suneel has a feeling of self-importance. He is Raniere’s new right hand. Suneel is Raniere’s agent or in legal parlance, he has Keith’s “power of attorney.”

          I had believed Suneel was nothing more than a Johnny-come-lately.

          This latest revelation points to Suneel being incredibly enmeshed in Keith’s world.

          I’m positive this is one-time AnonyMaker will agree with me.

  • At least we can be sure that Suneel doesn’t look at any photos of girls that may be in his possession for a sexual thrill.

  • United States District Court

    Eastern District of New York

    Judge KOMITEE , ERIC R.

    Friday, October 15, 2021

    Courtroom 6G N

    09:30 AM

    Civil Cause for Status Conference



    In-person proceeding

  • How could Suneel Chakravorty write so many articles for the Frank Report about this Hard Drive and not see data from the hard drive?

    He might not have the hard drive itself, but he has seen information from it.

    That would be a big no-no without signing documents as a non-disclosure.

    I think he is still in big trouble. IMO

    • Exactly.

      I wonder if prosecutors first became aware of the leaked files via Suneel’s own articles here in the Frank Report.

      This is a little like some dumbass kids who go on a vandalism spree about town, record it on their phones and post it on social media. A real self-own!

      If these files were given to outside analysts as claimed, somebody had to pass them along. Since Raniere’s defense team had possession, they’re on the spot. They’ll have to reveal who they passed them along to. Somebody’s gonna get thrown under the bus…

      • Aristotle Sausage,

        Nice Guy
        October 5, 2021 at 6:20 pm
        Hi Suneel!

        I want you to know — I sent Brian Booth a link to the Frank Report so he to can laugh at you. 😉


        Suneel Chakravorty
        October 5, 2021 at 6:47 pm
        Nice Guy, thanks for sending it. Would you be so kind as to send him this tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQaXiIUMugY&t=4s) on how to alter EXIF data?

      • KR’s lawyers are free to share discovery materials with anyone they see fit, as long as the receiver, for instance, the computer/expert hired by Suneel, signs the non-disclosure agreement. So, if they did, I don’t see any wrongdoing by defense counsel. Because the prosecutor doesn’t get to see this NDA because of attorney-cliënt privilege, according to Garaufis’ order, it is Garaufis who has to check this. And I suspect he’s not going to share his findings on the FR.

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