Meet the Nxivm-5: Eduardo Asunsolo ‘It’s Incredibly Strange’ to Communicate With Frank Report

For the introduction to the series see  Meet the Nxivm-5: Suneel Chakravorty – ‘I am Not a Disciple of Keith Raniere’

and Meet the Nxivm-5: Marc Elliot: ‘Your Blog Participated in Taking Down a Whole Community’

Another member of the Nxivm-5, who has worked hard to support the aspirations of Keith Alan Raniere, is Eduardo Asunsolo.

According to the Make Justice Blind website, “Eduardo is a professional interpreter and voice over artist. He owns a translation business, working with the political asylum office, immigration court and federal court. He lives with his wife and son in Brooklyn, NY and they have a daughter on the way. He studied acting at the revered conservatory NAW New York with Mike Nichols, and graduated with a degree in marketing from ITESM University in México. He has been committed to wrongful conviction advocacy for the past two years and is thrilled to be bringing these initiatives to life.”

Eduardo attended the trial of Raniere.

I have written a little about him in the past. He first came to prominence on this site when he was seen dancing in front of the Metropolitan Detention Center where Keith Raniere is being held.

The dancers are expected to perform again tonight.

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Here is a clip from Eduardo about the possibility of working with me in exposing prosecutorial misconduct, while at the same time being conflicted from his [and Nxivm members’ view] that I am the enemy.

Transcript of the video:

EDUARDO: I guess my most honest truth would be to tell you how I feel about this, how difficult it is that the mixed feelings that I have,  in recognizing that you can actually help us. I feel it, from being analyzing the media lately, trying to partner with them, I feel you can help us, and it’s an incredible opposition with what I feel what you had done.

So, that’s where I stand, that’s how I feel, and I know it’s the third time I say it, but I reiterate also my commitment to move forward, because this is more important, but yeah – it’s incredibly strange.


To be clear, the working together Eduardo is talking about is for the Nxivm 5 to submit to me any evidence they have of prosecutorial misconduct in the Raniere case and for me to review it.

If I find any evidence of it, and so far I have only their word that it exists, I will publish it.

I am not condoning Keith Raniere. I am not advocating for him. I believe he is a criminal, and quite possibly his worst crimes have not been charged. But they need to be charged – if the government intends to punish him for this.

In so many ways, Keith is the very best case study of anyone I could imagine to test the truth of possible prosecutorial misconduct.

We have been adversaries for years. He is the author of my own legal troubles by, I assert, getting an abusive prosecutor to commit egregious misconduct in going after me.

Yet, if he is the victim of prosecutorial misconduct, that needs to be exposed. It won’t change his innocence or guilt.



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  • I sent Mark E a Tweet and lets see if he responses.
    If this group is really interested in JUSTICE don’t you think they should be interested in the INJUSTICE of all the NXIVM legal cases against their defectors?
    Most likely not, they are too narrow minded to know the real truth and cannot stray that far from their Masters wishes. The NXIVM 5 going to remain blind to how NXIVM, the Master Keith Rainier, Nancy Salzman and the Bronfman’ sister spent years F** over people in legal case’s? For what, speaking about the hidden truth, the NXIVM Cartel?
    Money Laundering,
    Tax Evasion,
    Cash coming from Mexico in the Millions,
    Sex with Under Age Girls,
    Running A Ponzi Scheme, Patent denied in 2003.
    The manipulated game to get women to have sex with him
    Doesn’t it seem right that the NXIVM 5 should want to know the misconduct within their own backyard before they go calling the kettle of the DOJ balck?
    Maybe the claws of their Mater are still too deep for them to be so open minded as to get counter data than what they have been sold for years? They eyes are too glued shut with Kool-aid.
    Maybe they can only serve their Master and cannot deal the whole truth. Their entire world will crumble and they will be left empty shells with nothing to hold onto or believe in.
    Like Keith Rainier is nothing but a very smart dangerous con man.
    When there is only a handful left and hundreds who once believed have left the sinking ship, what is wrong with this picture? How can you be the only ones left that are “correct” (to put into understandable NXIVM terms)

  • I have to give you credit for your ‘Grey Rock’ demeanor in that clip, Frank. Not giving them anything they want, whilst fulfilling your job as a journalist. And let’s not forget… They hate you.

    • Oh yeah. I myself don’t like Frank’s methods, but I have respect for him. Unlike Raniere, who is attempting to use a noble principle to save his own ass, Frank is using it to lend a hand to someone who has gone after Frank, and probably considers frank as his worst enemy. Cusps to you frank on on this. I don’t envy the amount of shit you will get from people on both sides for this, but you are doing the right thing. I believe their so called evidence is shit, and by publishing it, you are letting the people decide it as such.

  • For the love of God. I just want to take their shoulders and shake them and give them a lecture. They are better than being ordered to undertake tasks like this by some sociopath. It’s never too late to rebuild their lives. They are in their own prison and it’s written all over their faces. It just saddens me, what a waste. They need to keep busy, a focus sure, but not this way.

  • Third man I listened to on this and I feel the same again – if you want to ask someone for help, what sort of person starts by saying why the other person is not right or has done things wrong. It should be mea culpa, we love you Frank – and we’re glad you can help kind of thing. They have a funny way of asking for help. Anyway, leaving that aside…… the biggest problem I can see in the legal system to come out of this is the 40 harassing, vexatious, abuse-of-court process litigations against people who just had a dispute with KR or decided they would no longer have sex with him and he chose to ruin their lives and cost them millions of dollars. That, of course, is not a new issue – litigation is a rich man’s game here in the UK and US but turning things round to say the judge and the prosecutors are wicked, corrupt, bribed or whatever is going to have been invented or twisted is like a vexatious suit number 41, like Scientology litigation sphere mark 2.

    Of course, they can disclose any real evidence the law has been broken but it all sounds very convenient to me that someone who has perhaps been prosecuted for about 1 in 1000 of the moral wrongs he did and a small % of the crimes just happens to be wrongly convicted because lawyers broke rules. The other bigger legal problem surely is that money and connections seem to ensure he was not brought to justice a lot sooner.

  • Eduardo, I don’t think you should cooperate with Frank. He is a varmint. You guys have a higher mission and he has abused that mission. He attacked you and he put a noble and innocent man in prison. On top of that, Clare Bronfman is suffering. 81 months. He is evil. Stay away.

  • Frank, I have a few questions. Your article said you met four of the Nxivm 5 but the picture only shows three members and you, who is the fourth person you met with? Have you spoken to Nicki or Michelle? I am curious if only the men are in contact with you and if that is by design? Have you had any contact with Nicki? I would be surprised if she were actively willing to work with you. Also, I find your review of misconduct admirable. Often you – and your associates like Scott and Shadowstate – are too conservative for me even when I agree with your views on cults. I am a liberal from Portland. It is not as crazy as Shadow claims. But I admire your dedication to justice for all and proving independence in a politically divisive world

  • All of the NXIVM 5 need to come on this website and answer questions, or they are no better than NiceGuy 666. LOL

  • Great take. Keep up the great work – make sure Raniere’s rights are upheld, while working to expose EVEN WORSE crimes by him [see “The Lost Women of NXIVM” for reference]. The light must be shone over all facts to reveal the truth. Let the chips fall where they may.

    • Paul-

      You are an intelligent guy. Your first article for the Frank Report is excellent! Why can you not write more on non-conspiracy stories? I am being serious.

      I really meant when I said regarding your first article is as good as a New Yorker magazine story.

  • Without regards to prosecutorial misconduct and this case, we hands down need prison reform. Hands down.

    What they need to start with is expunging marijuana convictions. And BULLSHIT petty offenses.

    Women get pulled from their children, families are destroyed, and more often than not, it has a disparate impact on families of color.

    The problem with Vanguard is multifold( ie, he has lawyers) but more importantly: Bad facts make bad law.

    His case is riddled with bad facts. Too many, he is a scumbag that deserves what he gets, no matter.

    Bad facts.

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