Not for the Squeamish: Forgotten Ones Dance as Prisoner Is Suspected of ‘Jerking to the Twerking’

Editor’s Note: Twerking is a type of primitive, sexual dance, performed chiefly by women, where dancers move by throwing or thrusting their hips back or shaking their buttocks, often in a low squatting stance.

The Forgotten Ones were out last Friday night dancing and twerking for their Vanguard, in plain sight of numerous prisoners, in front of the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn.

Their Vanguard, whose given name is Keith Alan Raniere, 60, has been confined at the MDC for almost two and a half years.

Keith Alan Raniere is known to his followers as the Vanguard. He does their thinking for them, thus sparing them a lot of unnecessary reasoning.

The dancers are Nicki Clyne, Michele Hatchette, Danielle Roberts, Linda Chung, Eduardo Asunsolo, Suneel Chakravarty and Marc Elliot – all Nxivm members.

While the guys like to dance, and there may be some prisoners who enjoy them, the women – Nicki and Michele – are the main attraction for most of the MDC prisoners.


Nicki Clyne begins twerking in front of the prison.

Michele Hatchette a Black 21st-century slave, now under Nicki Clyne, is dancing to the delight of prisoners and, hopefully, her Grandmaster, the Vanguard, as well…As the Nxivm dancers twerked and shimmied, it is unclear whether their Vanguard could see them.

Frank Report learned that Raniere was moved several weeks ago to an inner cell so he could no longer watch his devotees dance. It is not known if he was since been moved back to an outer cell where he can see them.

To give readers an example of Nicki and Michele’s talents, take a look at these magical clips.

Below Nicki does some serious twerking starting at the seven-second mark. Michele is providing the narration.

Below is a 12-second clip of the prisoners, filmed during Friday night’s dancing. It shows a number of prisoners dancing along with the ladies. At least one prisoner was spotted doing what one uncouth observer called “jerking to their twerking.”

I cannot necessarily agree with her assessment, but let us permit those readers, who are not squeamish, to judge for themselves.

Look at the man in the red-lighted cell…


It is unlikely that the prisoner in the red cell is the Vanguard, but we can’t rule it out either.

The video was filmed by the Forgotten Ones and posted on their social media.

When I saw the prisoner in the red cell, I thought he was holding a book in his hand and moving around to catch the dim light in order to read it better.  But several readers informed me that the gent was not reading but engaged in the onanistic practice.

It is also not clear whether the cell light is actually red, or if the filmmaker, Eduardo Asunsulo, added the red hue to the video to draw attention to that one cell.

Viva Executive Success!

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  • This whole situation is pretty sick. Keith covered up at least 2 rapes within the NXIVM community that I know of by meeting with all parties and ensuring no law enforcement or legal action was taken through his psychological tricks, and is known to have been in a sexual relationship with at least 3 children that have been documented. And Nicki and Michelle twerk to this guy and complain about the moral police? This is so many shades of batshit crazy it is difficult to get your head around. Its sad to see Mark and Suneel and Eduardo supporting this, but they are so mentally dedicated to Keith that they probably can’t take in the possibility that Keith has lied, stolen, and now threatens people going to jail because of him.

  • The guy in the window is hung like Wilt Chamberlain.



    What’s going on with the disappearing articles?

    One article was like Dear Abby from the ghetto and the other one was how it’s unfair to have transgendered women in women sports. The later article was interesting to read the former was unintentionally funny.

    • The transgender article has a problem with formatting and I could not fix it. I will try to republish. The Dear Auntie articles will hopefully be coming back soon.

      • Looking for love advice on the Frank Report? You broke up an entire group that had so much love to give. Please spare us.

  • You are drawing attention to the sophisticated levels of education prevalent inside and at the front gates of the M.D.C.. There are obviously lots of innocent animals in there. If there has been any doubt in my mind so far, you have forcefully erased it now, Frank.

    Many thanks!

  • Question 1: How do you go from a semi-hit TV show, and a lil bit of $$$, to dancing for a Sex-Slaver Cult Leader in prison, and being flat out broke?

    Question 2: How is Nicki Clyne still in the United States?

  • I do like an article titled Not for the Squeamish. This is just so funny and crazy. I am undecided if this is someone stroking his pecker. He is certainly holding something rather stiff and moving it about in a jerky motion. Whilst I don’t think a person would treat a book in that way, it would cause the reader motion sickness like reading in the back of a car, it looks like someone texting. Maybe he got hold of a phone. However, he would have to be stupid texting by the window so I have concluded the only reasonable explanation is that he was indeed jerking off to the sex slaves 😂

  • And even if he is jerking, so what? These men are locked up for most of the day, they have no (or hardly any) contact with women. And there is no denying that Nicki does look H-O-T dancing like that!
    Honestly, with or without the connection to Keith, I really think these Forgotten Ones are doing something important here: they’re drawing attention to the terrible state of affairs that is prevalent not only in MDC, but in most other prisons as well. And if they also “cheer up” a few of the male prisoners that don’t have much else to look forward to, all the better!! 🙂

  • Wasn’t Keith caught with child pornography? You don’t have to look past this crime to any others. To think these people would dance and celebrate this man.

    • Adam,

      Yes, Keith was caught with child pornography. Raniere had a video of a 15-year-old girl named Cami. The video was extremely graphic and showed Cami’s legs spread.

      After the video surfaced, all of the female defendants made plea deals.

      • “After the video surfaced, all of the female defendants made plea deals.”

        Time to close deals was time enough, but they all did not use the time. The reason was that the evidence was discovered and brought in so late, but everyone waited until just before the trial was scheduled. This does not speak well for the defendants. And I know from most of them that they knew about Raniere having sex with minors.

      • Addendum: The women knew about Raniere’s pedophilia, but they probably believed that there is no evidence, or the evidence has long since been destroyed. This was unfortunately a mistake for them. Nevertheless not excusable.

    • He raped a young girl of twelve, blighted her life with confusion, delinquency, all the dark terrors inflicted by rape and sexual coercion of a minor. He needs correction. Very extensive and persistent correction.

  • I can tell, by that huge shlong, it’s not Raniere 😂 This is freaking hilarious and disturbing. The Forgotten Ones are going to really hate you for publishing this story. I love this madness on Frank Report.

    • Correctomundo, that is not Flabturd’s physique, his height nor his schlong, but somebody was having fun jacking off in the window light of a jailhouse.

      How kind of the DOS slaves, who live and sweat to copy slabs of meat. The sacrifices made by the staggeringly unconscious are one helluva stairway to heaven. How feminine and how devout y’all grotesque spinning monkeys in running shoes are. Perhaps be a bit more scatalogical and display your hairy red buttholes to Brooklyn’s alleyways, trashcans and involuntary inhabitants.

      You too can be a starfish. Bill Gates might even leave you a big, wilted tip, so don’t stop ’til you get it on.

      I mean, those buttholes are soooo stylish, transgenderish. Zippedy doo dah. Give more Womens’ Lip, too. Mmmkay. Keep on being blinded, uglified, wind-up marionettes who will keep their hero in a heavier-duty prison, away from groupies like you.

      Funny how Nick’o’ teen keeps inadvertently screwing over her Head Masturbator, Raniere, with her antics. It is a lot like watching a minor league, and more funky version of Jizzlane Maxwell, ruining Epstein’s fun & games.

      Cumgratulations to Nickotine and the dubious Michaelshell Hatchette, (the submissive turkey) mission accomplished.

      As for Dr. Death, the Roberts heifer? Let her handle your sprawling media campaign and give your audience some modiCUM of consideration,for crying out loud.

      • Nickotine (Clyne) should also be called ‘Nicotine’, and is probably at least as poisonous, I am still waiting for the toxicological test results. Is it enough that Nicole aka Nicki now gets a new nickname?
        Or how about the nickname for Nicki as “Nicki the Guillotine”.

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