Questions About Actor Mark Hildreth’s Role in Nxivm Remain Unanswered

Mark Hildreth is a noted actor from Vancouver who was a big part of Nxivm. He was more than a mere student but a higher-ranked Nxivm coach. He was also the leader – along with actress Allison Mack – of a Nxivm subgroup that targeted actors – called the Source.

It is rumored that Hildreth has left Nxivm, but we have no definite confirming information to that effect. Hildreth has yet to make a public statement about his role in Nxivm. He was a member for more than 10 years and still may be a member for all we know.

Hildreth, who plays a variety of action and tough-guy roles on TV, is generally credited with recruiting Kristin Kreuk and others into Nxivm. He is also credited with recruiting Nicole, who later became a victim of sex trafficking.

Raniere was convicted of trafficking Nicole. He faces a minimum 15-year sentence for that charge alone. The sex trafficking arose out of a series of incidents connected to DOS when he, using her slave master, Allison Mack, to command Nicole into a series of meetings, ultimately arranged to have Nicole blindfolded and taken to a condo and tied to a table where he then had one of his sex slaves, Camila, sexually assault her.

Mack was Nicole’s slave master. Raniere was Nicole’s grandmaster in the parlance of DOS.

Keith Alan Raniere and his first line DOS slaves. Each of these women, in turn, had their own slaves. All the women were slaves ultimately to Raniere, who claimed this was a ‘female empowerment” group.

DOS is a subgroup of Nxivm.

Nicole’s sex trafficking occurred shortly after Hildreth recruited Nicole. It is not known if Hildreth was aware of Nicole’s enslavement and abuse in DOS.

It is not believed that Hildreth was a member of DOS and the group is highly secretive. Its existence was first revealed publicly by Frank Report on June 5, 2017 in a story entitled Branded Slaves and Master Raniere Part 1.

It was in this story where it was revealed that DOS slaves were branded on their pubic region and that blackmail worthy material was collected on slaves to ensure their silence.


Mark Hildreth plays a variety of action roles on TV.
Nicki Clyne presently leads DOS, a Nxivm-based  “female empowerment” sorority, based on a type of pyramid structure where women are masters to other women who are their slaves. The slaves, in turn, recruit their own slaves and become masters to those women.


At the very top of the pyramid is one man, Raniere. All the women are all in his downline and all are his slaves.


Since Raniere’s arrest and conviction, DOS, and its parent group, Nxivm, has seen a decline in membership. However, leaders such as Clare Bronfman [Nxivm] and Nicole Clyne [DOS] are still working arduously – along with their Mexican cohorts – to restore membership numbers.
Mark Hildreth is not believed to have been a member of DOS – though he was a leader of Nxivm.

Hildreth was not believed to have been in DOS. [Raniere was DOS’s only known male member].

Kreuk is not believed to have been a member of DOS.

Mark Hildreth with former girlfriend Kristin Kreuk.
Mark Hildreth with former girlfriend, the actress Kristin Kreuk.

One source told Frank Report that Hildreth did not recruit Kreuk but that they both joined together when the two were dating. Because he has never made a public statement, it is not known if Hildreth is still a member or if he has left Nxivm.

Keith Raniere with Mark Hildreth

Hildreth was known to be an enthusiastic recruiter of women for Nxivm and also appeared on videos with Raniere, where he seems clearly subordinate and attentive to Raniere.

Hildreth was used as an example of the kind of “beautiful people” who were part of Nxivm., He was used to normalize Nxivm and recruit others. He was used by Nxivm to help offset the negative media that Frank Report and others published about Nxivm and Raniere.

The argument made to discredit Frank Report and other media – made to people who were thinking of joining Nxivm and to members who were filled with doubt – was that “don’t you think that Frank Report must be a lie if intelligent and successful people like Mark Hildreth, Kristin Kreuk, Emiliano Salinas, Allison Mack are coaches and proctors? Do you think they would risk their careers if there was something bad about Nxivm?”

Hildreth and the others were used to quell worriment and encourage people to overcome any doubts raised by Frank Report and other media about Nxivm.

Whether Hildreth knew about the devious side of Nxivm – whether he was truly blind to it – or whether he was a willing participant in any of its horrors – remain unknown – for the simple reason that he has gone underground and has not spoken a word to anyone about his role.

Naturally, because Hildreth was so visible when Nxivm was thriving, it is understandable that people – like Nice Guy – would have questions.

Perhaps his hope is to stay under the radar. He may be able to do that. Perhaps he hopes that when the dust settles, he will rejoin Nxivm. Perhaps he feels chagrined and foolish for being so deceived and wishes to put this episode in his life behind him and hopes also that the public will forget his role in Nxivm.

We don’t know how he feels since he won’t say. At least his former girlfriend Kreuk made a tepid statement  saying she was embarrassed to have been part of Nxivm.

His other Nxivm girlfriend, Nicole, showed courage in testifying at the trial of Raniere.

Others too have come forward. Mark Vicente comes to mind. But one man remains silent.

He is an actor who loves to play brave men on TV. His name is Mark Hildreth. He is silent as a lamb. That may be because he is a lamb [or maybe a wolf in hiding.]

Therefore, these questions raised by Nice Guy deserved to be asked.

It is unlikely they will be answered.

By Nice Guy

After looking at the Frankreport’s photo exposé of Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack, I realized that the debonair Mark Hildreth, the NXIVM Pied Piper of Poontang, has not been given the attention he so well deserves.

Kristin Kreuk with her then boyfriend and Nxivm member Mark Hildreth – on Necker Island.

Mark Hildreth recruited Kristin Kreuk into Nxivm and, as we all too painfully know, Kristin Kreuk recruited Allison Mack.

One of Neil Glazer’s clients and a former DOS slave of Allison Mack, Nicole, was also one of Mark Hildreth’s many girlfriends, once upon time.

Mark Hildreth, in my humble opinion, is directly or indirectly responsible for the recruitment of dozens of women.

Questions to ponder:

What if any role did Mark Hildreth play in recruitment of Nxivm members?

Did Mark Hildreth ever apologize to Kristin Kreuk and his other girlfriend, Nicole, for getting them involved in Nxivm?

Did the benevolent Mark Hildreth actually pay for his ex girlfriend’s courses or is that what he told her so that the courses seemed more like they had value?

In other words were the courses initially freebies that Mark said he “paid” for?

How many fledgling future Nxivm females and sex slaves lay with Mr. Hildreth?

Did Hildreth have a special connection with Keith Raniere?

Did Mark Hildreth act as a quasi procurer? [not proctor but procurer]

Will Mark Hildreth ever acknowledge his role in recruiting Kristin Kreuk and Nicole, another woman who would become a victim of Keith Raniere?

Does Mark Hildreth feel any guilt?

Will Mark Hildreth ever answer questions about his role in Nxivm? it may not be important. But in our studies of Nxivm it is very revealing how people reacted to Nxivm, and its implosion. If you had recruited others into a cult and then got out and if you had an important public positions such as being a popular actor – would you speak out and denounce the cult or hide your role?

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  • This is such bullshit and you are clearly a troll, Frank. Mark had NOTHING to do with DOS or this inner circle. Fact. So why don’t you stop pretending to be righteous and just own that you’re now just bored, losing readers and looking to stir the pot. Shame on you. You did great work on exposing Keith, but this is just garbage. And you know it. Because Mark has reached out to you and talked to you. You know he wasn’t involved. You’re now a gossip peddler, Frank. It’s beneath you.

    • When did Mark Hildreth reach out to Frank and why?

      Hildreth was deeply in NXIVM and as a proctor, would have known a lot of things about the behind the scenes of NXIVM.

  • Hey Frank,
    I thought you were going to monitor comments and take out the just insulting each other ones. What’s up with the comment section?

  • Remember years ago reading Vancouver was a huge pedo center of operations……..seemed like they had a link with a DC airport……….read this from……..

  • The vast majority of people who did NXIVM courses will have had no idea that anything criminal was going on. How they managed to sit there listening to Raniere and Salzman’s drivel, is utterly beyond me. But they are the idiots who brought in the loose change whilst the Bronfman sisters rained down the big money on Raniere. I suspect that Nancy, (The Gran With A Plan) did very well out of what the courses brought in. As regards the NXIVM ‘celebrities’:

    Mark Hildreth – I never heard of him until I discovered this site, and haven’t seen him in anything.
    Allison Mack – I never heard of her until I discovered this site.
    Kristin Kreuk – I never heard of her until I discovered this site.
    Grace Park – was a 2nd rank actress on Battlestar Galactica, and had a few gigs after. I watched BSG.
    Nickvi Clyne – had a very minor role in Battlestar Galactica, and didn’t do much after. I watched BSG.

    None of the above are famous enough to bring the uncouth masses hammering at NXIVM’s doors, desperate to become more ‘ethical’ and ‘humanitarian.’

    NXIVM was a tiny cult, unremarkable apart from the criminality at its core.

    The NXIVM celebs were somewhat successful, but in no way famous, or universally recognisable.

    NXIVM is a s**tstorm in a teacup.

    • Did Kreuk really leave Hildreth in 2012, or was he still in until 2016?


    Sarah Edmondson really is a conniving opportunist, trying to roll a turd in glitter. Still trying to get money and a sense of importance from being associated with the dumb cult NXIVM . These people are narcissists.

    Looking at who “liked” that post, bullshitter Kristin Crook, the woman who helped build up the NXIVM cult and did nothing to reverse the damage she left behind… and lied about leaving. Kristin Crook likes it that Sarah Edmondson has written a book pretending she is a naive victim.

    Her private instagram page is Anastasia Bunch:

    Was it Sarah Edmondson or Catherine Oxenberg who asked for Kreuk to lend her voice, only to be turned down because she is a chicken shit?

    And Mark Vicente, looking at his social media… what a pretentious douche.

    If you have spent more than a fucking decade in a cult, don’t talk down to others like you are a shining beacon of morality and common sense.

    • For someone who has no connection to NXIVM, you sure are full of a lot of hate and anger towards people you’ve never met. That can’t be healthy for you. How many hours a day do you waste scouring the social media accounts of these individuals you so loathe? You really are Bizarro; only Sultan is sicker.

    • Even assuming Edmondson, Oxenberg, Vicente, etc., broke no laws and didn’t know anyone else was breaking any laws until they found out about the cauterizing/blackmail in 2017, since they used their celebrity to get people in, they should use their celebrity to publicly announce all profits from all of their NXIVM efforts, past, present, and future, will go to compensating those who lost money and were taken advantage of, sexually or otherwise.

    • How would you know that’s her private instagram account unless you are one of her followers, in which case I suggest she block you asap. LOL And how would you know she lied about leaving unless you were still involved with the cult along with her, which would make you a narcissist too.

      • Look at the picture. It’s her.

        And we know she was still there in 2016 as two proctors told Frank.

        Pointing that out is not narcissism you cock sucker.

        • I hate to break it to you but just because an IG account uses a picture of an actor doesn’t mean it’s their account. LOL If I use a pic of Hildreth on my private account and start liking posts by Sarah Edmondson, will you claim that it’s actually Hildreth’s private account too?

          And we most certainly DON’T know if she was still there in 2016. Frank himself just wrote this week, “and there is some doubt about the actual date of her leaving Nxivm, [was it really in 2013 or more like 2015-2016?].
          Either way, it is clear Kreuk did get out of Nxivm. She left Nxivm, not vice versa, and before big trouble started.”

          So, straight from the horse himself, Frank admits even he doesn’t KNOW. He only knows for sure that she left and left before the big sh$t started.

          • Spanky, go the fuck away you raging fucking lunatic.

            That is the private instagram account of the subject of your many cock slaps. Two proctors told Frank Kreuk was still there in 2016, including doing EM’s. Nobody cares what you have to say.

          • and, “Nobody cares what YOU have to say” either.
            Only you and your jerk-off pre-teen buddy care about your Sultan sleuthing.
            It’s sad that neither of you can get it up for KK unless you imagine Sultan doing it to.
            Sad, little Maga men.


            “They said that while she stopped coaching in 2013, even sending a letter notifying Nancy Salzman that she was unable to volunteer time to coach because of career commitments, Kreuk did not leave Nxivm altogether until late 2015 or early 2016. She became inactive as a coach in 2013 due to acting obligations and her breakup with another Nxivm leader, actor Mark Hildreth, the proctors said. But, they insist that Kreuk remained a member of Nxivm until years later.

            Kreuk reportedly derived benefits from Nxivm [including exploration of meaning or EM therapy and support] until late 2015, and possibly into 2016, according to the two Nxivm proctors I spoke with. This might account for Kreuk encouraging Mark Busse and possibly others to take Nxivm intensives in May 2015.”


          • “MAGA men”?

            “Only you and your jerk-off pre-teen buddy”?

            What a retard you are Kashmir boy. It’s nearly Christmas. They will lower prices soon so be sure to stock up on some halal Vaseline to waste whats left of your life some more you sad little beetle.

        • So? There are literally dozens of accounts with her picture. All of them can’t possibly be real. There’s a fake Twitter account with the exact same picture as the one you say is hers. You could only know it is hers if you are a follower or if you’re a stalker. I doubt she would ever let you be a follower. You sound like a raging mad man. So that leaves you as a stalker.

  • To Everyone:

    I posted the comment about Mr. Hildreth because it occurred to me that he is no more or no less culpable than Kristin Kreuk.

    However, Hildreth receives hardly any negative attention by Frank Report readers. Kreuk gets plenty of negative attention from both men and women. I am personally guilty of it myself.

    I always like to question my beliefs and perspectives regarding life.

    I think we are all guilty of viewing and judging men and women differently.

    I am not saying it’s wrong or right, good or bad. I am just making an observation.

    • Thanks indeed for bringing due attention to Hildreth. He and several other Canadian actors and actresses were more or less as involved as say Kreuk, and yet have been largely overlooked while Kreuk gets an excess of attention.

    • Yes, Marchio Hildreth has been flying under the radar for a long time but, this guy is another brainless Capuchin monkey whose power of intellect was not the motor that made him upwardly mobile until he bumped into Keithy. It was his looks rather. If it wasn’t for Frank Report’s quest for seeking justice and restitution, Hildreth’s life no longer has any use for humanity. I doubt Marchio’s life was ever positively useful to anyone but his mother!

  • Mark isn’t part of NXIVM anymore. He’s had nothing to do with them for a long time. He left before many of the centre owners and higher ups left. Why pick on him?

    What did the centre owners know when they were still recruiting people? The green sashes. The coaches. Almost all of them knew that Keith had sex with a lot of women students which is a conflict of interest and inappropriate. Why didn’t they speak up sooner? They also heard rumors that many of us didn’t hear. Did any investigate even on a basic level?

    What did they know about the illegal things going on at NXIVM? Why isn’t there an article about that? They are the ones being given the free ride only because they came to their senses in the end. But how many people did they recruit while they still knew the organization had some rotten elements to the core? I’m curious to find that out. I understand they are your allies Frank but if this site is about investigative journalism, all of us who were recruited in Albany, LA, Vancouver and NYC are curious to know what these people truly knew.

    Mark Hildreth didn’t do much. When he found out things were bad, he left. Like I said, earlier than most. He shouldn’t be picked on. Let’s get to the bottom of the other issues above though. They’ve been given the free ride. And they have book, tv and movie deals based on what I’ve read here.

    • Trying to find out who were and were not privy to which pieces of gossip is too deep a rabbit hole to be worth exploring in my opinion.

    • “He left before many of the centre owners and higher ups left.”

      No, he didn’t! The little bitch was at V-Week in 2016, right before the branding scandal was broken a few months later!

      “Why pick on him?”

      He is a cunt. No one is “picking” on him.

      “What did the centre owners know when they were still recruiting people? The green sashes. The coaches. Almost all of them knew that Keith had sex with a lot of women students which is a conflict of interest and inappropriate. Why didn’t they speak up sooner? They also heard rumors that many of us didn’t hear. Did any investigate even on a basic level?”

      Wasn’t the little poo-pusher a green sash? Proctor? Coach? Head of a NXIVM sub-group? He must have known Keith Raniere fucked female students. If Kristin Kreuk was encouraged to fuck Raniere, Hildreth would have known. He was named in Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit as a likely future defendant. He was on Necker Island. He was named in the Necker Island articles by John Tighe that spoke of NXIVM crimes, as was Kreuk and Allison Mack.

      “What did they know about the illegal things going on at NXIVM?”

      Enough to get immunity from the feds. Terrible. Also, what did Hildreth know?

      “Mark Hildreth didn’t do much.”


      “When he found out things were bad, he left. Like I said, earlier than most.”

      When? He was at V-Week in August 2016. Sarah Edmondson left in May 2017.

      “He shouldn’t be picked on.”

      Yes, he should.

      “Let’s get to the bottom of the other issues above though. They’ve been given the free ride. And they have book, tv and movie deals based on what I’ve read here.”

      None of them should get a free ride. And certainly, should not be profiting through book, television and movie deals. How disgusting.


      Wouldn’t be surprised if you are the faggy lickspittle milksop himself. And posting a link to his shit website!

      • Mark HilBadBreath AKA SultanOfSix-

        Please do not do anything rash. Mark and your nubile Asian elf princess are no longer an item. Kristin went back to the enchanted forest when Prince Charming’s career tanked.

    • Hildreth is quoted in a story by Frank, linked below, as posting glowingly about Raniere online as relatively late as mid-2016; and then he backed up Allison Mack in her infamous torch song at Vanguard Week in late August of that year. That actually puts him involved relatively late – when exactly did he actually leave?

      Reportedly, and all too typically, what got Hildreth to leave was only when the abuses actually started to affect him personally, in his case apparently when Raniere stole and branded his then-girlfriend:

      • He only borrowed his previous girlfriend (and ravished her according to pea). It probably looked to him like it would be a habitual thing with Keith so he then left unhappily.

    • There’s Better people to pick on,

      “There’s better people to pick on”‘?

      Mark Hildreth chose to become a public figure. He chose celebrity. He chose to use that celebrity to help NXIVM grow.

      In my opinion Mark Hildreth was more of a key asset and aid to the growth of the nxivm criminal enterprise nxivm than Kathy Russell ever was. Kathy besides banging Vanguard, was book keeper who drove an illegal alien from Canada to the US. aided nxivm tax evasion.

      What was Mark Hildreth’s involvement?….

      What’s wrong with asking a question regarding a public figure involved in cult recruitment?

      Will Neil Glazer subpoena Mark Hildreth?

  • Recruiting people to NXIVM isn’t illegal, and if that’s all he’s done, he’s under no obligation to say or do anything.

    • You tell ‘em Mark. Don’t worry about all the women you brought into this sham for your wonderful ethical leader who you talked so highly about and stayed for twelve years. You’ve got your shitty career to protect.

    • Paul—-

      Recruiting people into ISIS is illegal.

      Recruiting people into Amway is immoral.

      Recruiting people into Scientology is immoral.

      Recruiting people into NXIVM is immoral

      Paul—– simple questions are being asked. Is there something wrong with asking questions?

      Why will you defend a male member of Nxivm but none of the women members?

      Mark recruited two of Nxivms most public faces. Does he not deserve credit?

      • I’m not defending him, and there’s nothing wrong with asking questions, its just that so far there is no evidence that he’s done anything illegal. He might be a shitty person, and I think he is, but that’s not illegal.

    • But evading taxes is illegal. As is recruiting victims of an ongoing criminal enterprise.

      Remember, Hildreth is in the USA on an actor’s visa. If he’s going to break the laws of our country, he should be deported.

      Anyone know the number for DHS or ICE?

  • It amazes me how much of a free ride this dude has gotten – he stayed with the cult for a long time after Kristin Kreuk left. I remember he & Mack tweeting back and forth a lot. But he’s managed to stay completely under the radar.

  • Way to pull out the stops, Frank!

    I know Hildreth’s agents have litigiously leaned hard on FR and it’s good to see Frank (apparently) break free of that bullshit, finally.

    Didn’t I once read on here that Hildreth was also a Director of or one of Raniere’s camera crew who followed the Vanfraud around possibly capturing his sexploits and sextollings on celluloid?

    Wonder if he kept a “B” reel?

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