Kristin Kreuk denies knowledge of sex cult.

Kristin Kreuk left NXIVM but is silent as to the reason why she left.

Kristin Kreuk has denied allegations that she knew about the sex cult practices of NXIVM. Kreuk was in NXIVM from about 2005 until 2012. She left shortly after reports that Keith Raniere is a pedophile. Here is her statement:

Kristin Kreuk statement about NXIVM


Kreuk was widely used to recruit members into NXIVM. She recruited Allison Mack.

Sarah Edmondson said:

For the record, my dear friend @MsKristinKreuk was never in the inner circle of #NXIVM. She never recruited sex slaves and has been out since 2013 before shit got weird. She is a lovely person who should not be dragged into this mess. Thank you. #Cult #DOS #freedom #TRUTH

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  • Are KK and Mark Hildreth still together? I always assumed they were (Google lists them as being partners too) but from what people are saying it seems like they broke up years ago?

  • Are KK and Mark Hildreth no longer together? It seems from what people are saying that they broke up years ago but Google stills lists them as being partners and I guess I just assumed they were still in a relationship.

  • Kristin Kreuk was so far up Nancy Salzman’s ass, that if Nancy opened her mouth, you would see Kristin’s face. For her to claim now, that she had ‘no idea’ what was going on is ridiculous. I hope they call her as a witness in Keith’s trial, so that she will be exposed as the liar she is.

    • Kristin Kreuk and some other pretentious actors in NXIVM performed a play for Nancy Salzman for her birthday according to John Tigue of Saratoga in Decline. Not sure when.

      John Tigue may of stated the play was influenced by Keith Raniere’s “teachings”. Can’t remember. Obviously some pretentious shit. Wonder if there is any video footage…

        • The Saratoga In Decline blog was taken offline around 2014 when John Tigue was arrested for possession of child pornography that may or may not of been planted by NXIVM. The blog was archived with many pages saved, however not all were. Not sure if the article about Kristin Kreuk performing the NXIVM inspired play for Nancy Salzman’s birthday is still up, but John Tigue definitely wrote an article claiming that. Cannot remember if any pictures were posted. Twice tried to post some interesting articles from the archives from the Saratoga In Decline blog but for some reason, they are not showing up on this site. Perhaps Frank can fix it?

  • Nothing to say….just wanted to be the 100th comment on this post.
    Kristin Kreuk is the Champ of Click Bait.

  • Dear Frank,

    I’m confused. While I can sort of see how someone could unknowingly be lured into a cult through a seemingly legit workshop or seminar recommended by a boyfriend, relative or friend, can you explain why you went to work for this sex / slave cult in the first place? The NY Post article says that you were the sex cult’s publicist in 2007 and 2008 and you said Kruek and Mack were the top sex slave recruiters so obviously you knew what was going on. So how many sex slaves did they each recruit and does that not make you the top sex slave publicist?

    Also confused because your heroine Sarah Edmondson tweeted that Kristin Kruek was “never in the inner circle” and “never recruited sex slaves” which directly contradicts your statements. What information do you have showing that Kruek was in the “inner circle and recruited sex slaves?” Please share. Thank you

    • Frank asserting that Kristin was in the inner circle was inexcusably bad journalism and borders on/or transgresses into libel. Kristin was never like Cafritz, Keeffe, Salzman, (Nancy or Lauren), Jeske, Bouchey, or eventually Allison, ever.

      • Thank you for responding but I would still like Frank to explain why he would work as a publicist for a sex/slave cult in the first place. And since he was doing the sex cult’s publicity, that would mean he was the one arranging for the Smallville girls to be used to lure women into the group. But now he’s calling them out for something he was facilitating? See why I’m confused.

        So will Kreuk sue Frank or the NY Post for defamation?

        • I understand exactly what you’re saying. While Frank has provided a great service for the victims of NXIVM, I have despised his position on Kristin. She is an angel did not deserve her name to be dragged through this slop.

          To make it seem like Kristin and Allison are equals in these set of events by stating they were used to lure women into NXIVM and conflate it with the “sex cult” is simply tabloid journalism and stains his motivations as well.

          Kristin was in the group because she believed it to be something that could help her overcome personal and career related blockages and/or believed it stood for certain ethical principles she believed in, i.e., integrity, compassion, female empowerment, etc. There was no way she could foresee during her time in NXIVM that it would devolve into what has been labelled a master/slave “sex cult” that brands women to satisfy the whims of its leader. If she was to read the sections of the legal document that requests the arrest warrant for Vanguard that refer to CC-1 who no doubt is Allison Mack, I’m sure she would be just as shocked of Allison’s fall from grace due to her relationship with Vanguard as everyone else is.

          Frank’s motivations don’t seem entirely pure of being self-serving as far as helping its victims either. While I’m sure he’s turned off by Vanguard and what goes in DOS, would he have gone to such lengths in his quest to expose the dark seeds of NXIVM’s underbelly if the Bronfman sisters under Vanguard’s influence didn’t attempt to get him criminally indicted for the $1 million dollars they paid him for his services? I’m not so sure.

          So yes, in helping to bring NXIVM down he did a lot of good, but there was absolutely no reason to bring someone who is innocent of such activities into the cesspool. It was not needed.

        • She probably should sue the bunch of us that are reserving our opinions on her innocence. She “recruited” Mack. We know she recruited others. I think she’s still recruiting… still a part of it. Just doesn’t want that innocent act that she gets all those pays on tv with dirtied.

      • So you were there, considering how definitively you speak?

        You have an unhealthy obsession with Kristin Kreuk. Nothing you say about her is objective.

        Sarah and Frank were present. Anything they say has far more validity than your words.

        • Also, Sarah vouched for Kristin’s statement, i.e., that she wasn’t in the “inner circle” and had nothing to do with the “sex cult”. Frank says she was in the “inner circle”. One of them is wrong and/or lying. So, either I’m right because my assertion agrees with Sarah’s, or I’m wrong since it disagrees with Frank.

          WTF do you even care if I have an “obsession”? How the fuck does that bother you? But way to continue stalking me, loser.

    • It’s been clear from early on that Frank is exploiting Kristin Kreuk’s name and image. Defamation has been demonstrated in a number of postings.

      • Frank plays fast and loose with facts. I wouldn’t trust him in a proper journalistic environment. He chucks a load of excrement and hopes something sticks or attention is drawn. People like Kristin are just collateral damage in getting to the main evil that is Raniere, and sadly in this case the end justified the means. Frank has stopped the torture, exploitation and branding of women. Not Grace Park, or Mark Hildreth or Kristin Kreuk who ultimately weren’t brave or bothered enough, but a guy who fights dirty to win. Someone who has a personal vendetta against the organization rather than higher ideals of justice. Sad it had to be that way, but it worked. Nothing else did.

        • So you’re saying all it took was a dirty, self-serving hack with no scruples to bring down a dirty self-serving pyscho with no scruples? LOL Actually I think it was more Sarah Edmondson and Catherine Oxenberg going to the authorities and the creation of DOS.

          As for the actors you named, not sure about the other two who I think have yet to say anything, but Kreuk apparently didn’t know of anything illegal so what was she suppose to bother people with exactly? Green sash Sarah Edmondson running the Vancouver center and best friends with Lauren didn’t see anything wrong until she got a surprised with a hot brand. Hell, Parlato claims, “it was not until Clare Bronfman committed perjury in a criminal complaint against me, that I realized that Keith and Clare are serious criminals.” So that was what 2015? So if Parlato himself, who actually had worked directly with the “inner circle” of NXiIVM, claims he didn’t know the true nature of the cult, what do you think busy working actors on the opposite side of the country, brought in to make appearances would be aware of? Or maybe Parlato was only aware of Keith and Clare being semi-serious criminals and that’s why it took him 8 years to write anything?

          • There will be some great books and film about this all. Has Netflix doc written all over it.

          • The funny thing is, and I sent it to Frank a few months back, . John Tighe basically warned Frank on the old Saratoga in Decline blog that Clare would be coming for him next as far back as 2011!!. This was during the course of the LA Real Estate trial that John actually flew out to attend (see also Del Negro testimony in First Principles vs Plyam)

            Saturday, April 9, 2011
            LA NXIVM Cult Trial Continues…

            From that post – John Tighe wrote:
            I believe it is becoming quite obvious that Parlato is being set up and that would explain why the Bronfman’s didn’t want him testifying. Nice when you can’t defend yourself. But remember SID 4/9/2011 er Clare, Parlato is from the rough and tumble world of Buffalo a gritty city that I actually like. I got a feeling if you keep pushing him around sooner or later he might push back. But time will tell Clare, time will tell

          • To all the Confused, SOS, Scarrom and Anons above, why not set up your own site, (exemplifying your own peerless journalistic skills of course) to indict Frank for his crimes against your exquisite taste and sensitivity? I doubt that Sarah Edmondson and Catherine Oxenberg feel the way you do.

            Why not say Thank You instead of running your gums – bunch of ingrates.

          • onewomanarmy, why don’t you learn the definition of nuance instead of throwing out stupid comments that reveal that you don’t? Just because we don’t like how certain people are misrepresented on this site especially if it doesn’t help the situation doesn’t mean we have to start our own site or that we are ungrateful for that which does. No one is right all the time. And no one is free from motivations or bias.

          • Ah, more heavy-weight philosophy from the KKFC. Very well, SOS, just for you, I’ll go and look up the word ‘nuanced’.

          • Philosophy? What the hell are you talking about? All I’m pointing out is that it’s not all or nothing.

    • She recruited Allison Mack.. who knows how many others. Then supposedly 5 years later she leaves.. Scott free!! You don’t get to leave a cult “Scot free”.. so you have to wonder what Kreuk was really doing after she left that kept them so happy that she never was harassed or compromised. Everyone had to share something they child be blackmailed with. I am willing to bet Kreuk was still in the cult.. just working outside it.

      • @judianmac you obviously no nothing about how cults work and sound like a complete idiot. If you truly lost a friend to this cult like you say below then you should not be victim blaming or shaming in regards to Kristin Kreuk. And if you knew anything about how Nxivm worked at all or even listened to the recruitment spiel posted above you would understand that it was a multi-level marketing scheme where your first pitch was going to be to your family, friends and co-workers. You would also know that critics, whistleblowers etc were punished for leaving.

        And who the fuck are you to decide that you can’t leave a cult “scot free”. Take your self-righeous indignation and go back to where you other tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists are trying to tie NXIVM into pedogate, QAnon, the Great Awakening and draining the swamp.

  • Just a random question.. how were there people (presumably many of you) that knew about Kristin’s involvement in this NXIVM group? I was a massive fan of hers (I think lots of teen girls looked up to her in the mid 2000s) and I used to visit one of her fansites (Kristin Kreuk web) all the time and watch all her interviews etc.. but I never came across any mention ever of her being in a cult/sketchy organisation.

    Was it reported somewhere or something?

    • It was pretty constantly in the background during her Smallville days. There was a well known acapella event promoted by Kreuk, Mack and Nicki Clyne. It was a NXIVM front and a lot of attendees were creeped out by the questionnaires they were given to fill in. There were murmurs about GBD and somthing called ‘Juicy Peach’ I think, which seemed to be based about NXIVM ideals about the need to gather money as their group would use it most ethically. There was also the Smallvile season 8 episode called ‘Power’ which Kreuk and Mack heavily influenced. It was about a women getting tortured to release her inner strength. A lot of fans didn’t like it and openly wondered whether it was influenced by their beliefs at the time. There were lots of pictures of the two hanging around with the Bronfmans e.g. at the Dalai Lama event. Mack also used to talk about Raniere as her mentor on her blog openly. Basically tons of stuff,and tons of warnings.

    • She admits to bringing Allison to the table as an offering. Publicly
      And there are witnesses to it. Sure not innocent. Not at all. I’ve been doing a lot of research. I lost a friend to this cult. I’m not letting Kreuk off easy .. She is not telling the whole story. Still trying to ply is with little miss innocent like she did on Smallville all the time.

  • Wow this is totally shocking. I hope she really didn’t have any knowledge of this as she’s always positioned herself as a champion of female empowerment.. I remember years ago she even started a group/organisation for teenage girls called ‘Girls By Design’.

    Wonder if that had any association with this whole NXIVM crap :/

    • As far as I know, the girls group was at least cult related and some of the group’s leadership was affiliated to NXIVM at that time. How far the NXIVM leadership was involved is something I cannot tell you. My gut feeling is NXIVM saw in Kristin Kreuk what Tom Cruise is for Scientology. My guess is she never reached the fame level and maybe did not want that kind of responsibility.
      In the end both are my assumptions as I do not watch TV/movies in my spare time and me being an optimist believing that she did not want to harm people. In the end, it does not matter as the plan did not materialize, which is good for all sides.

    • At the time they were creating GBD, Kristin was a NXIVM member. Her GBD partner was a member. Her boyfriend was a senior recruiter. And insiders say she was getting a lot of help on it from Nancy Salzman, including going over to her house to plan. Sure Kristin had sincere intentions but her judgement is terrible. Good thing that GBD never got anywhere

      • NXIVM was also a company that purported to teach executive success. In other words, she was paying it also to get help on setting up and running a business and so discussing it with the leaders of the company would make total sense. In retrospect, it was a bad decision because we can look at what the company has morphed into. At that time she was trusting those she thought knew better.

        • The above 2 posts detail Kristin’s “terrible judgement” of “trusting” the wrong people regarding GBD. I wonder where were her agents and other advisors who she PAID to guide her career and keep her from making such bad PR moves?


    A former member of the now-infamous group who knows Kristen EXCLUSIVELY told us about her recent statement she made about the sex cult. “Kristen was afraid to speak out before, plain and simple,” our source said. “But the arrest of Keith Raniere galvanized her. It proved that he was finally going to face consequences and that gave her the courage to speak out.”

    • Her ‘friend’ isn’t really helping her here. Kristin didn’t speak out, she was forced to say something due to events and even then primarily made a statement exculpating herself.

      • She was “forced” in the sense that in certain media sources she kept being associated with the false notion of bringing women into a sex cult because she recruited Allison as if they were equals in this whole saga. I blame the article which was sensationally titled depicting such that was retweeted a zillion times on Twitter, and in which Frank was quoted as saying she was a member of the inner core which is false. She may have been afraid to speak out because Raniere was still at large and also felt like she didn’t need to since she had been so long removed from the group. How many people can sit back and watch slanderous information drag their names through the mud? I would wager no one would. Ironically, such misinformation is exactly the type of thing that is pointed out and criticized by NXIVM fronts like the Knife Media that gives them credence.

        • Readers to this blog possibly forget that we were almost the only ones in the world these last couple years who have been up in arms calling for KK to explain herself and her involvement…while at most 5% of the rest of the world even heard of NXIVM, and maybe .1% heard of KK’s involvement. Therefore, KK could safely keep silent, and did. Why muddy the waters…..?

          However, NOW, when the rest of the world hears salacious media crap branding her as, not just a past member, but a “prime recruiter for a sex cult,” she was FORCED to speak out to defend herself.

          I, for one, have posted here shocked KK could stay silent in the face of our demands she speak out …forgetting that outside this blog few knew or cared.

  • Who cares about Kristin Kreuk? What I want to know is whether anything is ever going to happen to all the local law enforcement officials who got bought off or scared off by Raniere and the Bronfmans. Like Albany County DA David Soares? Albany City Judge Holly Trexler? Saratoga County DA Karen Heggen? Saratoga County Judge Jim Murphy? New York State Police Investigator Rodger Kirsopp? U.S. Attorney Grant Jaquith? FBI Field Office Special Agent in Charge Vadim Thomas? These are the people that need to be prosecuted next!

    • Kristin is interesting click-bait…but exposing and arresting the corrupt and/or incompetent authorities who did NOTHING is what is important.

  • If Kristin Kreuk weren’t a Hollywood actress, she wouldn’t merit a second look in this case. Plenty others who left, like Barbara Bouchey, did far worse things than Kristin and now they’re trying to re-brand themselves as heroines.

  • Interesting how this posting gets the most responses here…. and it’s not anywhere close to be the most important topic at the moment.

    Unless there is some evidence (like emails, letters, or eyewitness accounts) it’s likely we will never know the true level of involvement or knowledge that KK may have had. We can make assumptions as much as we want, but that’s all they will be – assumptions, speculation, and educated guesses.

    It’s very likely that KK may have had some knowledge, or suspicions, or just overheard some rumors – you don’t typically stay involved for that long of a time period without something coming out, no matter what level you’re at or how far removed from the ‘inner circle’ you might be.

    But at this point it doesn’t (and shouldn’t) matter. What’s important is making sure that those personally responsible (Keith, the Salzmans, the Bronfmans, Allison, and many others) are held accountable and punished for their actions. And even more important is to get those who were truly impacted (the victims) get the help and support they need – they are the ones who have truly suffered throughout this entire ordeal, and who will continue to have to deal with the aftereffects for years to come.

    If KK was deep into this, and had knowledge and/or a hand in any illegal activities, we can only hope that it comes out during the legal process and that she be held accountable as everyone else. If she was not, then she needs to focus on her life and making things better for her – this will be a dirty ‘stain’ that will likely follow her for many years. I’m not taking any sides here – but until more information is known, we don’t need to see any ‘witch hunts’ just to satisfy our desire for punishment and/or retribution.

    • Agree. What is most important in my view is that Keith gets CONVICTED and receives serious PRISON TIME. I personally think life in prison would be appropriate. Of course others must also be held accountable. But the only way this will END is to remove and stop the monster who created it all. Look at the lives and careers he’s ruined just to satisfy his selfish, hedonistic lifestyle.

      • It is a good question for Diana Lim. I take it Concordia University doesn’t dig too deep when hiring candidates. Of all the subjects, she is teaching psychology there.

        • Do you have any information about Diana, Leah or Lucas? I read there was local Vancouver PD interest in their involvement with all this but have not heard anything else.

  • Kristin and her boyfriend need to tell everything they know about their recruitment and indoctrination into this cult along with the recruitment of Allison Mack. In other words total cooperation.

  • The part where KK says that she has “minimal contact with those still involved” speaks volumes about her friendship with AM. It’s a shame that these two women who were once such close friends have been torn apart because of this stupid cult. And good for KK for so thoroughly denouncing Raniere’s “group.” That was a beautiful tell off–I guess Keith won’t be using her as a character witness :):) Seriously, it;s a wonderful thing watching bad people get exposed and forced to face the consequences of their criminal actions.

    • Not only her friendship with Mack. What about every other person she recruited to attend intensives… And the people those people recruited… And so on and so forth.

    • I’m sure I read something about KK trying to get Allison out after she left, but her attempts fell on deaf ears.

  • I had a friend involved with NXIVM in the early 2000s who left around 2004. He was involved for 3-4 years, never breaking into the inner circle because he didn’t have a lot of cash to spend on every offered course. But he went to V-Week several times and worked doing driving and errands for many of the higher-ups. He told me around 2005 about the reasons he left, which included having knowledge of tax evasion (which was part of NXIVM teachings), learning that it was a not-so-well-kept secret that Keith was sleeping with multiple women in the cult, and finding out about the cult’s excessive legal harassment of detractors and former members. He knew about Kristen Snyder. My friend was pushed away by NXIVM’s claims of holding high standards of ethics while routinely breaking the law, and Keith’s claims of celibacy while he was having sex with women in the cult, including the wives and girlfriends of male cult members. My friend also told me that Keith’s inner circle actively recruited young attractive women specifically to bring to Keith for his sexual gratification. My friend also had mostly refrained from reading critical information about the cult that was easily available online, because the cult insisted members not read such information. Again, this was in 2005.

    The idea that Kreuk or any other member active for seven years had absolutely zero idea of any illegal or unethical activity within NXIVM is totally preposterous. The claim that longtime active members like Edmondson and Kreuk knew nothing about ANY shady behavior until the Times Union stories in 2012 is ridiculous. They certainly knew that bad things were going on prior to 2012.

    • “The idea that Kreuk or any other member active for seven years had absolutely zero idea of any illegal or unethical activity within NXIVM is totally preposterous. ”

      Oh bullshit. If it was so obvious that there was illegal activity, why didn’t your friend report it? Why didn’t law enforcement get involved?

      Why was Frank involved with the organization *after* these so obvious facts?

      • My friend said that NXIVM made audio and video recordings of members going through EMs where they are pressured into admitting things they’ve done in their lives that were unethical or illegal, and that NXIVM basically has ‘collateral’ on pretty much every member.

        Members are also encouraged to cheat on their own taxes…once they’ve done that, they don’t want to report the organization because they will also be in trouble.

        So, my friend didn’t report anything because he was involved in those activities, and he was worried that ‘collateral’ would be released.

        AND he saw what happened to people like Toni Natalie.

        If you have to ask “why didn’t law enforcement get involved,” I would strongly encourage you to do some actual research on the history of NXIVM. People have been begging law enforcement to get involved for many, many years. Look through the old saratogaindecline blog. Evidence of illegal shit has been right there in front of law enforcement’s noses, and they chose not to pursue it because they have been compromised by NXIVM.

        Even Sarah Edmondson said the local authorities told her they wouldn’t get involved because the branding was “consensual.”

        And you will also see that once the FBI is done, members will be charged with illegal shit going back WELL before 2012 and DOS, and having nothing to do with sex slavery.

        I know you’re a Kristen fan, but you should dig into the history of NXIVM a little deeper before you jump into the convo.

        • “My friend said that NXIVM made audio and video recordings of members going through EMs where they are pressured into admitting things they’ve done in their lives that were unethical or illegal, and that NXIVM basically has ‘collateral’ on pretty much every member.”

          Your’e conflating subjects. The illegal collateral was part of DOS. Explorations of Meaning (EMs) have to do with what people think are personal issues that are holding them back from reaching their full potential. They often do not have to do with unethical or illegal activities.

          Also, what is “ethical” is a philosophical question grounded in metaphysics. Not everyone finds the same things unethical. The law of the land is a reflection of the moral code of a society. In most secular societies, pornography access to adults is not considered unethical. Neither is adultery nor polyamorous relationships.

          Stealing, murder, tax evasion, pedophilia, adults sleeping with minors, etc., would be considered such.

          “Members are also encouraged to cheat on their own taxes…once they’ve done that, they don’t want to report the organization because they will also be in trouble.”

          So what? It doesn’t mean that everyone knew about it or that they took part in such advice.

          Most people take part only in the business fronts of these type of groups. Kristin said she didn’t experience any illegal activity. Where is your proof that she did? Because your “friend” knew about these things? Since when is someone else’s knowledge of the inner workings a guarantee that someone else has the same knowledge? Especially since he left before Kristin joined and so had no first hand experience with her?

          “So, my friend didn’t report anything because he was involved in those activities, and he was worried that ‘collateral’ would be released.”

          Well it looks like your friend is less ethical than Kristin.

          “AND he saw what happened to people like Toni Natalie.”

          Toni Natalie – as brave as she looks now – at the time was a David fighting against Goliath. Within the milieu control of the cult she was easily painted as the crazy ex-girlfriend who had a vendetta against the group and its leader.

          “If you have to ask “why didn’t law enforcement get involved,” I would strongly encourage you to do some actual research on the history of NXIVM. People have been begging law enforcement to get involved for many, many years. Look through the old saratogaindecline blog. Evidence of illegal shit has been right there in front of law enforcement’s noses, and have chosen not to pursue it because they have been compromised by NXIVM.”

          Even Sarah Edmondson said the local authorities told her they wouldn’t get involved because the branding was “consensual.”

          And you will also see that once the FBI is done, members will be charged with illegal shit going back WELL before 2012 and DOS, and having nothing to do with sex slavery.”

          I know you’re a Kristen fan, but you should dig into the history of NXIVM a little deeper before you jump into the convo.”

          I have done the research. I know the timelines of the events. Again, you’re conflating events in the wrong timelines. I know how cults work. I’ve read a lot about them since I became aware of NXIVM. Most of the information you’re talking about was released after Kristin left. I frequently read John Tighe’s blog. It was a war of words with John Tighe giving a voice to his anonymous sources. There was no obvious illegal activities like you project it to be. There was no strong evidence for it. It was the TU article written in 2012 that exposed much of Raniere’s past. That’s why it’s called investigative journalism. Even Kristin Keeffe who mentioned all the illegal activity that took place in the inner circle only ran away from the group in 2014.

          Like I said, if it was so obvious that these illegal activities were to people inside the group, why did Frank Parlato join well after your friend and stay with them for quite a while in an attempt to clean up their public image and other messes?

          • Haha, I’m not conflating anything.

            You actually think NXIVM started using the concept of “collateral” with DOS? Please. I know what an EM is, and I know that EMs were recorded for years. I’m surprised this is the first you’ve heard of it.

            I guarantee you, if Kreuk was in for seven years, there is no doubt she sat in a room and was instructed on how to evade taxes. She reached yellow sash level. Guaranteed she knew about tax evasion teachings and activities. Guaranteed she knew that Keith was having sex with many members.

            Also, I don’t know Mr. Parlato, but I assume he took the job with NXIVM because it was a job that paid well. Perhaps he knew about their unsavory reputation but did it anyway.

            You seem to believe that there are two kinds of expians or nxians…those who were innocently involved and knew nothing, and those elbow-deep in illegal activity. It’s not so simple.

            It’s complicated because the longtime members who have left and who have spoken out, including Keeffe and Bouchey, were involved in and witness to “illegal and nefarious” things. For years.

            If you read Tighe’s blog, you would know that much of what was reported in the TU series in 2012 was already on his blog. You’d also remember that there were discussions about collateral being collected in EMs.

            If you choose to unquestioningly believe Kreuk’s claims that she knew of nothing “illegal or nefarious,” that’s your choice. But knowing what I know about NXIVM, I find it impossible to believe.

          • Kristin Keeffe was in the grip of particularly harrowing abuse in 2010. Forced into a concealed pregnancy, giving birth to a child summarily disowned by his father, who then reinvents himself as a paragon of philanthropic avuncular compassion – forced to adopt the same conceit whilst caring for her own child as a nanny, one in a line of women considered interchangeable as mother figures to the boy. Perhaps Kristin Kreuk remembers the lad. Perhaps this treatment of her namesake, had something to do with her departure, a year before Kristin Keeffe was able to escape with her son.

            For sure there was ‘nefarious activity’ I don’t feel as sympathetic about her embarrassment, as I would if it were shame


          • You are conflating things.

            You are making equivalent the notion of EMs with the collateral and blackmail association with DOS of pornographic pictures, deeds to property, outright lies, etc . EMs are similar to auditing in Scientology. They are one on one sessions that happen between two members, one higher than the other, where the former helps the latter attempt to resolve some sort of conflict. They most likely have nothing at all to do with unethical or illegal activities. There may be personal information collected that is expected to be told in confidence like what happens in patient/client privilege but that is not the same thing as collateral.

            “I guarantee you, if Kreuk was in for seven years, there is no doubt she sat in a room and was instructed on how to evade taxes.”

            How can you “guarantee” such? You’re an alias posting on the Internet. Also, I thought it was your “friend” who told you all of this information so your guarantee means nothing.

            People try to evade taxes all the time if they can. That’s different from the crime of tax evasion where you illegally don’t pay what you owe based on the law. And if she was taught these “illegal” ways to evade taxes, then it should have been easy to legally show that NXIVM was encouraging their members to break the law. So, no I don’t believe you. It’s more likely higher level members like the inner core or close to them were taught how to evade taxes to pay on income coming into NXIVM, people in the know like Kristin Keeffe, rather than some celebrity.

            “Guaranteed she knew that Keith was having sex with many members.”

            Like many other members she was told that Raniere was a monk at the time she joined. Susan Donnes said one of the reasons nine of the members who left towards the end of 2009 after meeting with Raniere (the meeting that was recorded on video tape and shows Raniere saying “I’ve had people killed for my beliefs”) was because they found out about Raniere having multiple sexual relationships with board and other members of the company which they felt was unethical. It was *not* common knowledge at the time.

            Also, adult sexual relationships aren’t illegal. But adult/minor relationships are, and Raniere’s past history of engaging in them is surely one of the reasons Kristin left.

            “You seem to believe that there are two kinds of expians or nxians…those who were innocently involved and knew nothing, and those elbow-deep in illegal activity. It’s not so simple.”

            No I don’t. I actually take Kristin’s situation into account. She was their most famous celebrity member at the time. They are going to do everything they can *not* to alienate her. So, she was probably treated better than most members because 1) she had money to spend 2) like other celebrities, she could be used to recruit and increase the positive image of the group.

            You think Kristin must know all of the inner workings just because your supposed “friend” did or other people did. She could have heard rumors and those could have initiated her having second thoughts about continuing her involvement which ultimately ended once there was some strong evidence that could overcome the cult milieu and other forms of control of the group and close friendships as well, just like the 2012 TU article by James Odato.

            “It’s complicated because the longtime members who have left and who have spoken out, including Keeffe and Bouchey, were involved in and witness to “illegal and nefarious” things. For years.”

            Because they were inner core members. They both had sexual relationships with Raniere. Kristin Keeffe actually partook in some illegal activities. I don’t know if Bouchey ever did. There is no evidence that Kristin’s situation is anything like theirs. You just assume it to be.

            “If you read Tighe’s blog, you would know that much of what was reported in the TU series in 2012 was already on his blog. You’d also remember that there were discussions about collateral being collected in EMs.”

            Again, a word war on a personal blog and nothing more.

            “If you choose to unquestioningly believe Kreuk’s claims that she knew of nothing “illegal or nefarious,” that’s your choice. ”

            She said she never “experienced” anything illegal or nefarious. She probably heard things through the rumor mill which most likely led to her moving on.

      • “Oh bullshit. If it was so obvious that there was illegal activity, why didn’t your friend report it?”

        You 100& discount someone else’s experience as untrue because they didn’t run to the police? That’s quite a leap.

        Unless children, animals, or humans are being physically harmed, or a house or car has been broken into, I don’t know anyone who would go running to the police. (And the police were investigating the suicides.) They were all consenting adults involved with questionable behavior, and behavior everyone seems to have known about, but all adults, and consenting. And the ones who didn’t consent left.

        But YOU did go running. To Kristin Kreuk’s parents (which is very creepy!). You’re not the right person to assess others’ behavior. Also, less profanity is always good.

        • LMAO. You’re the one who said “run” you moron. Then you attempt to criticize me for something you said in some strange attempt to digress from the point being made. You must be a cult member and a non-native English speaker because you write terribly. Also, “reporting something to” and “running to” are not equivalent phrases.

          I frankly don’t give a shit about your opinion on what you consider my email to her father was. I’d still do it if I had the chance again, and if it had *any* positive impact whatsoever in keeping her away from the sex cult creating fraud, I will relish and savor this notion everyday until the day I die.

          • You, as a KK fan and outsider, were so sure it was a “sex cult creating fraud” that you emailed her parents….but KK, inside, took how many more years to realize the same thing?

            Keeping her clueless (if she was) I blame partly on Mark Hildreth. He got her in and wanted to keep her in…to keep both his NXIVM status and the “joy” of star-fucking.

          • What in the hell are you talking about? I didn’t say I sent it recently. This was way back in 2008/2009.

            The only thing I sent was an email to her father’s email because it was public at that time that said something to the effect of:

            I am a long-time fan of Kristin and I have read that she is involved with a group called NXIVM that some people have labelled as a cult of which I have read some disconcerting information about. I know it is not my place and she’s a grown woman who can make decisions on her own, but I am willing to take the chance only because I am concerned for her well-being so I am writing this to inform you to look into the group and perhaps discuss the situation with your daughter. Thanks.

            That’s it. I only sent it once and I don’t even know if it reached him or if he even read it.

          • I didn’t say this in my “clueless” post, but I actually commend you for trying to reach out to her parents.

            But you misunderstood what I did say, so I repeat…if an outsider like you could see it was a cult in 2008/9…why did it take KK four more years to see the red flags?

            When the press reported she was taking her first intensive, that same story warned her it was a cult. Three years earlier, in 2003, Goldie Hawn cancelled a V-week speech because of the cult rumors.

            Lots of Espians were keeping her from believing the rumors/facts…and I think her boyfriend had his own reasons to keep her in the dark.

          • I can’t speak to the real reason as to why it took her so long to see the red flags. I have suggested reasons that are common to cults, e.g., milieu control, love bombing, thought reform, etc.

            In her statement, she said that she wanted to get over her shyness and perhaps her friend suggested NXIVM in order to help her since the group helped them. Once she was in the door, all of the above mentioned reasons took effect. Kristin was also a victim too. I’m sure if she had known of Raniere’s sexual proclivities and past history with teen girls and the reality of his bogus claims, then she wouldn’t have joined, and neither would’ve many people.

            I only knew what I read from the internet and felt in my gut. I wasn’t in their environment. I wasn’t indirectly peer pressured by friends. I wasn’t constantly bombarded with the idea that the group isn’t a cult. Maybe Kristin has an open mind and is willing to give people benefit of the doubt and that is why she gave them a chance.

            This cult wasn’t as bad as it started out. It devolved and simply got worse.

          • probably so.
            I personally don’t think she turned “evil”…instead was love bombed and slow boiled till duped into being a clueless, unwitting “poster girl.”

        • As someone who only went to one intensive and knew there was illegal activity, I did not report it because I didn’t want them to come after me.

          I can see how someone could justify it by saying they weren’t doing it, but I don’t honestly see how anybody could not know about it.

  • “Kreuk was widely used to recruit members into NXIVM. She recruited Allison Mack.”

    Frank, she has never recruited “sex slaves” to NXIVM (like yo can read in her statement).
    That’s what your holding back. NXIVM wasn’t a sex cult the whole time. cults are changing. you know that.

    To say “she recruited her” oviously sounds like MORE than “she brang in a close friend, because of good experiences she made”
    You act negligently or even criminally. That makes me sad.

    I think it’s great, that ur covering up this story about NXIVM. But you have no right to destroy ppl you don’t like or ppl you feel free to use for ur own advantage!

  • If you want to know what bad timing is you can use this as an example. Why on earth would she distance herself now and publicly? It makes no sense at all unless there was some kind of material about her. If she was a friend of Sarah Edmondson, she should have joined her half a year back, when she was in a position to choose her side.

    But now it feels pointless as she does not tell anything about the organization or her reasons to join or why she left in the first place. This could be described as a weak denial in different circumstances. If I was her, I would have kept quiet now as well. If Keith’s poison cabinet was the reason to not speak out in the first place, why now? Does she believe a sociopath would care and not use kompromat now?

    • Simple, the FBI published the results of their investigation. I don’t see any reason for anyone who left long ago to make a public announcement until there is some proof that there is at least some truth to the allegations. Even the justice department itself says Keith is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

      • In that case, she should have done it half a year ago and supported Ms. Edmondson and been in control of the story and chose her side. She was involved and she could have come forward as a witness of whatever when it was needed.

        It could have been so easy if she had said her boyfriend recruited her, she stayed there with him and left after X happened. Some magazines would cover the story for a week and it would be gone, but this is going to stick for some time, especially as she is a person of public interest and makes money being an actress.

      • Let us believe her and assume she left before it got weird. In this case, NXIVM is highly likely not having this kind of stuff, but maybe personal information one might not want to see in public. I was using the Latin transcription of the Russian word for a reason. During that time, they would collect all kinds of information to harm possible future opponents. This could be everything from an affair, criminal activities to whatever. Might even be made up. But if they were listening to her over the years, they might have learned a lot.

        • Agree.
          As a cynical outsider, I always assumed that at EM’s or whenever members “open up”, their thoughts are being noted or even recorded, and used against them.

          And it didn’t have to be terrible things like for “collateral”, but even simple human weaknesses, in order to manipulate members, to find ways to exploit them. to keep them in line, to keep them paying for courses.
          And not just to celebs like Kristin, but to everyone who might be of financial or sexual use to Raniere.

          Do any EXpians agree with this?

          • One of the reasons I didn’t go forward was because Christine Collins used my vulnerability of being abused in childhood to force me into a severe panic attack. Pounding on me over and over again that I had a victim mentality. She literally cornered me and wouldn’t let me go, and that is what caused the panic attack. It was exactly like not being able to get away from one of my two abusers. Also, this was several days into the very long days with not much food or sleep.

            It was when my first big wall went up because it was clearly so completely inappropriate and unprofessional to force someone into a full-blown panic attack. I don’t care if it is under the guise of “helping them”. I hadn’t had a panic attack in probably 10 years before that night. When I read later about someone having to get medical help because of being in an intensive, I could see why. I knew how to pull myself out of it because that was how I had quit having panic attacks when I was younger. Forcing myself to belly breathe and telling myself it was just a panic attack and I wasn’t going to actually die. Otherwise, who knows what would have happened?

            Since it was in a group setting, I doubt that she recorded it. I could totally see any of them recording other EMs, though, and using whatever they could get to try to pressure or control someone.

            The amount of peer pressure to continue on past the initial five days was tremendous. I have never experienced any other peer pressure like it in my life.

            Fortunately for me, people trying to force me into things sends me in the opposite direction, so I didn’t get sucked in even though I was at point in my life when I had some major changes and things were not very stable in my world.

          • Yes, our EMs were used against us. IN a VERY subtle way. Not all were taped, but people like Nancy remember your issues and throw them back in your face.

  • Off-topic thoughts… First of all, congratulations to all those who helped stand up to a cult with billionaire money behind it. I’m sure it’s not over, people with pockets that deep have enormous power to resist or subvert the law, but it’s a start.

    So, speaking of power, I would like to understand – how did NXIVM get connected to elements of the MEXICAN elite? I see two possibilities. Either Raniere won the confidence of the Bronfman sisters and of various Mexican insiders, in separate acts of networking; or, the Bronfmans and the Mexicans already had connections, which Raniere tapped…

    • Very good questions!! Some of which I have wondered myself. Sara took her first modules in Mexico City at the suggestion of a family friend. It has been said that Edgar Boone Sabag is the father of ESP MEXICO but I am pretty sure Emiliano Salinas and Alex Betancourt “franchised” the Mexico City MX center. And I believe Alex may have been in before Emiliano who was busy earning his PHD at Harvard

      Would love more backstory on the Boone Brothers and the Garza sisters.

  • I have no opinion about what Kristin Kreuk did or did not know about Raniere’s criminality before she left, or whether or not she should have spoke out about it earlier.

    I just appreciate that all relevant articles, court documents and statements are collected in one place, and for that reason I appreciate that Frank posted her statement here.

  • She 100% knew nothing about this. The whole thing was an insanely guarded secret and didn’t even start until well after she left.

    • Yeah, DOS started after she left….but it was a known as a cult (with sexual and financial rumors) since the day she joined.

      • Yeah. I took a couple classes at the behest of a friend back in 1999. They were pushing back against the cult charge even then.

        I remember Keith pushing back against the charge himself the first day I went there.

        For anyone interested, I took two classes for $300 dollars. One was on honesty and disclosure. The other was on the rights of ownership. The classes were once weekly, and lasted for about two months. Lauren was the primary teacher, but Keith and/or Nancy popped in occasionally. I knew Michelle socially through school, and had met all the Salzmans before taking the courses.

        Which leads me to MY question: I don’t here a lot about Michelle. I always thought she was a pretty well put together person in high school. I know she was surrounded by all this stuff, which must have been overwhelming, but is she a part of it?

  • It’s pathetic. I’ve been watching the various twitter feeds and posts and seeing some people with agendas post these backhanded comments like they’re upset that Kristin isn’t as sordid as they hoped. Like they were wishing that somehow she was sullied by this whole affair.

    She should have spoken out before. She spoke out now, but now it’s too late or it’s not believable. What about this? What about that?

    WTF ever.

    She’s been out since 2012 since the TU article was released. The sex with teenage girls wasn’t public knowledge until then, and “Beauty and the Beast” just happened to come at the right time for her to extricate herself without drama due to the time consuming work associated with being a lead on a TV show.

    If you don’t want to believe her move on. You’re not hear to be satisfied with her response. You’re hear to poke holes in it to find anything that will muddy her character.

    Get over yourselves. She had nothing to do with any of the internal machinations of NXIVM and its conman leader. Learn how cults work, about how they use close personal relationships to keep you in, about their milieu control, their layering of information, etc.

    Learn something instead and maybe you can help someone else stay away from such groups in the future.

    • Fair enough, but how do YOU know to believe her? I’m not as kind as you are apparently since I found this note of hers lacking in honesty and sincerity – it was something her attorney whipped up for her to post. Since she was involved so long ago, I’m pretty sure she didn’t know anything about DOS – BUT, she knew enough to get the hell out at the first opportunity and I think what folks might object to is Kreuk signaling total innocence about what she was aware of when it’s obvious that this is not the truth.

      • you just want to judge and hate someone. sarah confirmed her statement. what she knew or not is nothing you have knowledge about. so look at the facts, not your fiction.

      • Are you asking me me to speak to epistemology?

        How do you know the note of hers is lacking in honesty and sincerity? How do you know she didn’t write it? It looks like it was written on her iPhone’s Notes app. Kristin writes well. Even Allison does. She most likely did get it looked over by others because she is a public personality after all. That doesn’t mean it’s not true.

        I’ve followed Kristin for over a decade. I’ve known about her NXIVM involvement for almost as long, since 2007/2008. I used to post quite frequently on her fan websites. I was one of the small number of posters on her most popular ones who told her to get the hell out of Dodge – not directly of course – just on the latter when the issue was discussed. I even may have crossed a social boundary when I emailed her father at what used to be/still is (?) his work email, that shortly detailed my concerns as a fan and to discuss the situation with his daughter in what I knew was going to be a one-way communication since I never expected any return response. I don’t even know if he read it.

        Most people don’t seem to know how cults work. Love bombing, cult milieu control, thought reform, layering, etc. The relationships they have inside of them are intended to supersede and be better than those that exist outside of them. The information given to cult members can often be much different than what is seen from the outside. Some members are treated much better than others because of who and what they are. This cult was not some overt gang type, drug dealing, or other crime-ridden organization. It interspersed its manipulative techniques with a lot of what most people see as good things: compassion, ethics, critical thinking, etc. It was a slow-boil process to get people indoctrinated. Is she going to trust what outsiders say, e.g., fans, other third parties, what she’s told are false rumors in the media, etc., over those who are closer to her and she has first hand experience with? Would you do the same?

        The good thing from an anti-cult perspective about Kristin’s situation as far as not being totally influenced and isolated by the cult is that she is a relatively successful actor and so work could take her away from it. She didn’t have to be dependent upon income or anything else that it provides. She can have her mind freed from its clutches so to speak for periods of time. She also had friends and work relationships outside of the cult that could have provided another side to the story, a lot of loyal fans who care about her life, especially among the females, and seems to be close to her family and to have been raised relatively conservatively and well.

        • Oh I know all too well how cults work, particularly this one. That’s why I was asking my questions – I had no idea you are such a fan of Kristin. She’s lucky she got out when she did, but all I am saying is that she knows more than she revealed. And, I really do believe that this statement was worded by her lawyer – she would be a fool to post otherwise – and I still maintain it sounds stilted, there’s so much she attests to. But, thinking on it, it’s very likely that she’s holding back for legal reasons. I understand that now. Didn’t mean to trigger you so badly. I’m just relieved that this evil bastard, Keith, is finally in custody – everyone can take a deep breath – it will be some time before everyone knows that they are indeed safe though.

  • Love you Frank but the title is CLICK BAIT. Let’s put our focus back on Keith. Rumor is he will head back on Con-Air not ground transport and if he isn’t already on his way back to Brooklyn he will be for an appearance early next week.

    He may have obtained legal representation. Brock WIlbur who penned the article The Knife of Aristotle Isn’t Just a Fake “Fake News” Site—It’s a Cult tweeted that a buddy of his DM’d him that his law firm had been hired to represent Keith. I tried to find out which one but Brock never replied and probably doesn’t want to say. He is LA and KC based so maybe a big LA law firm that Clare has used, or a big NYC one.

    One of the watch committee reported seeing the same two cars IN Nancy Salzman’s garage (Blue Civic and SIlver something or other) loading stuff into the car then peeling off. Nancy appears to have hit the road and the flying monkeys must be removing her possessions. They must have her garage door opener. These were the same two cars that were in the driveway when our local newsperson Kumi Tucker heard voices inside yesterday, knocked but no one answered.

  • If she had access to the internet prior to 2013 when she left, then she certainly should have been well aware of what NXIVM was up to. I don’t buy it. I’m sure she knew about the tax evasion, Keith’s sexual appetite for young girls and members of the cult, Kristin Snyder, the legal harassment of ex-members, and a whole lot of other nefarious stuff BESIDES DOS. And while Sarah Edmondson is heroic, shit didn’t suddenly “get weird” in 2013. Kreuk may not have “recruited sex slaves” consciously and specifically, but she brought in Allison, didn’t she?

    I’m not saying Kreuk should be lambasted in the media, but pretending that NXIVM was nothing but a personal growth group that went off the rails a few years ago is bullshit. She was in it for EIGHT YEARS, hanging tight with the Bronfmans, Raniere, Mack and the rest.

    • Her statement does leave a lot unsaid and she knows much more.
      I’m not impressed with any of the people involved here. Even the victims are not without some stupid decisions to answer for.

    • I agree. This was self serving and I don’t think fully explains everything. She was in there for years. Back in the Smallville days there were rumors on smallville message boards about the cult. And I seem to remember she was involved with JNess before it got crazy? I believe she had nothing to do with this awfulness but I also believe she does have some level of culpability. However, that will likely come out in court.

      • Any moral philosopher would definitely agree with you.
        ESP is the recruiting ground for DOS, and who knows how many she brought in to ESP.
        That being totally aside form the fact that she recruited the Allison Mack, who started DOS with Raniere.

  • The post suggesting Kreuk say something earlier seems almost prophetic now. She had no obligation to do so. However now? There is so much noise around her earlier involvement and her previously close ties to Mack that it will be hard to break through that. She’ll likely have to testify about all this too. This whole thing is such a tragedy for everyone involved.

  • It’d be nice if Mark Hildreth released a statement.

    Hildreth stayed on after Kristin Kreuk left. Even after finding out unsavory stuff.

    There’s a decent chance the two are still a couple. Very private, but every now and then someone snaps a photo of them walking their dog.

    “Had minimal contact with those who were still involved.” Ouch.

    • what a bullshit.. they are not a couple anymore… for years!!! If you are really interested in the truth, get in contact with her fans. The photos you are talking about are from around 2010. For the records.. 1. she has a boyfriend. 2. it’s not Mark Hildreth

  • Anyone that can read will already know she’s been out too long to have been involved. It just sells more papers if you add her name.

    Sarah, thanks for chiming in…..your comments should remove any doubt, and I’m certain she appreciates it.

    • That’s why today’s Fox news report salaciously implies that not only Allison Mack, but also Kristin Kreuk was a “key recruiter” of sex slaves and was “in the inner circle” of a “violent sex-slave cult”….with help from quotes from the Frank Report.
      Are these just your old quotes/slurs that Fox dug up, Frank….or….?

  • Better late than never, although events have overtaken her silence. She still should come out with clarification about ‘Girls By Design’, her role in recruiting Alison, and any what contact she has had since.

    As for Mark Hildreth, that man seems to be just a coward.

    • This person comes off as disappointed, like he thinks what Kristin said wasn’t sufficient for him. Let me see if I can answer your comments.

      She clarified “Girls By Design” in relation to NXIVM over a decade ago which was her own idea. She said she wanted to start a magazine to help teen girls but found out how much it cost upfront which was A LOT, and so she had to switch plans to something more economical and decided to start a website. She also stated with her business partner and friend Kendra Voth on one of her fan websites that it had no affiliation with NXIVM.

      She recruited Allison because she was her friend and thought it would help her. There was nothing nefarious about it. She feels really bad about her situation.

      She had minimal contact with Allison because she started working on her show “Beauty and the Beast” which took up a lot of her time. Also, once you leave a group like NXIVM, you’re no longer considered an insider and so you talk and/or hang out with its members infrequently as a result, especially those who got deeper involved like Allison.

      Mark is a nice guy.

  • Yep. Just like I have always said.

    Also, “widely used” is moot. It would be more accurate to ask “how many people joined *only due to Kristin*? But even that is moot.

    You could say any higher level member of the NXIVM MLM was used to recruit such and such person if you go up the pyramid. It’s irrelevant. That’s what businesses structured as MLMs ask people do. I know because I attended an Amway seminar before and said it wasn’t for me. It’s what those people *knowingly* recruit for that matters. What those people recruited choose to do within it is their own responsibility even if they are also victims in some sense.

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