Dr. Brandon Porter

Brandon Porter’s home raided yesterday by FBI.

45 Oregon Trail, the residence of Dr. Brandon Porter, was raided by the FBI yesterday.

When it comes, it comes in waves. Less than a day after Keith Raniere was arrested in Mexico, FBI and other law enforcement agents raided the home of Dr. Brandon Porter. Dr. Porter who is under investigation for ‘human fright experiments’, where women were tricked into viewing grotesque and horrific images – including actual deaths on film – so that Dr. Porter could measure their reactions on an EEG machine.

Dr. Porter is a long time member of NXIVM who subjected his own children to a long term experiment called ‘Rainbow Cultural Garden’, which purports to teach children multiple languages. Critics say that the hidden agenda is to train children to adopt sociopathic behaviors. Porter is employed by Clare Bronfman, the Seagram heiress who finances the experiments – and both acknowledge that they follow the directions of Raniere, whom they refer to as their ‘Vanguard’.

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  • […] Rainiere did not seek bail during an initial court appearance on Tuesday in Fort Worth, and will be transported to Brooklyn this week for preliminary hearings. On Tuesday, FBI agents raided the home of NXIVM president Nancy Salzman (“Prefect” to her followers) as well as another home in upstate New York, which former NXIVM publicist Frank Parlato believes was that of disgraced NXIVM-linked doctor Brandon Porter. […]

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    Tortured soul will continue to believe in this soft voice peddler
    Of Irrational transformation.

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      • From Porter’s ESP testimonial: “It was during my training as an MD/PhD student that I was first introduced to Executive Success Programs.” Most people start med school at 22 and he’s in his mid-forties now.

        How many years would it take to shift someone to the position where doing illegal and unspeakably cruel human experiments seems like a rational and smart thing to do? From Porter we learn that 20+ years can cover that ground pretty well.

        • I knew Brandon Porter growing up and in High School. I knew his brothers, I sang in Church choir with him, he was a smart, quiet, normal guy. Somewhat popular. He went to the U of Iowa medical school which is VERY widely renowned as a great teaching hospital. He must have just been caught up in this cult like everyone else- very sad.

  • Just the tip of the iceberg and connected to the Clintons. Justice is coming 2018 is gonna be glorious. “These people are sick” Q

  • […] Rainiere did not seek bail during an initial court appearance on Tuesday in Fort Worth, and will be transported to Brooklyn this week for preliminary hearings. On Tuesday, FBI agents raided the home of NXIVM president Nancy Salzman (“Prefect” to her followers) as well as another home in upstate New York, which former NXIVM publicist Frank Parlato believes was that of disgraced NXIVM-linked doctor Brandon Porter. […]

  • So I’ve just started learning about this group. It sounds like they regularly went after critics with a team of lawyers and private investigators. Just wanna say kudos to Frank or whatever your name is for having the courage to publish these articles.

  • Psych !

    Of course they aren’t covering it.


    Here’s the “credits” for today’s top story (gun control march on Washington). It’s the same loyal NXIans as always.

    Shane Mottishaw

    Spin Analyst
    Luis López

    Slant Analyst
    Ginger McIntosh

    Logic Analyst
    Juan Pablo Vignon

    Data Analyst
    Sean Sweeney

    Lead Researcher
    Sean Sweeney

    Lead Analyst
    Julia Berry López

    Shane Mottishaw

    Lead Editor
    Jens Erik Gould
    Rosa Laura Junco

    Here’s the masthead page: https://www.theknifemedia.com/our-team/ . Nicki Clyne is still “Producer” despite being in Raniere’s Mexican getaway.

  • Refreshing cleansing welcome waves! Perhaps Dr. Porter will get a cellmate who appreciates Porter’s fondness for rape and torture porn.

    • Dr. Porter isn’t fond of rape and torture porn. He is a good guy who has been deeply misguided. I recommended reading up on how cults and brainwashing work.

      • Well, it’s a shame then that he subjected women to rape and torture porn. Those women are who you should seek sympathy from, or maybe get some compassion yourself for the victims.

        It’s good you have compassion for Porter, means you’re a kind person, and Porter could probably use some friends right about now. But Porter is also an adult, who used his doctorate and a framing of “science” to perform Josef Mengele experiments.

        Do you imagine that Porter himself would describe himself as brainwashed? And should everyone who is brainwashed receive a “get out of jail” card? How about the men who took down the World Trade Center? They were brainwashed too. And, like Porter, they could have walked away. But they didn’t, and we hold them responsible.

          • We all know about cults.

            So you think Dr. Brandon Porter shouldn’t be held responsible for using his doctor status, the wrapping of “science,” and his own self in torturing people?

            Which means suicide bombers should get a free pass too? And Hitler’s brainwashed SS guys? And the cultists of Charles Manson, who murdered people, you have no problem with that?

            Cool. That’s your take. I’m glad the Feds are more concerned with justice.

      • Yeah – and all those Nazi SS guys running the concentration camps were good guys too. Fuck Brandon Porter – and anyone who defends his inhumane treatment of women!

          • Damn, that’s nasty. Also projection, as Keith Raniere would say.

          • what makes you come onto a site clearly concerned with bringing the depraved cult of Raniere and his followers to justice, with this abusive nonsense? Perhaps its disappointment, were you were looking to join your ‘hero’ in his cultish ‘tapping’ exploits? Too late bro – as you might have noticed, we are all wildly overjoyed, because that ship has well and truly sailed! There are other cults, but hey, you know that, being so very over-educated on the subject.

        • Right on. Just like senior members and recruiters HAD.NO.IDEA what Keith was doing. Just like the gate guards at Auschwitz HAD.NO.IDEA what was happening to the Jews inside…

      • Agreed. Very good guy, came from a great family, and very smart. I knew him growing up. So so so sad and quite unbelievable that he got caught up in this cult. The women he “experimented on” though, are the true victims.

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About Frank Parlato

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