Three Former High Rank: Kristin Kreuk left Nxivm in 2013

Kristin Kreuk

Canadian actress Kristin Kreuk left Nxivm in 2013 — at least that’s what three former High-Rank members of Nxivm told me.

Each spoke independently. Each had the same opinion: Kreuk left in 2013.

With indictments and convictions of top Nxivm leaders, former High-Rank Nxivm members are speaking to Frank Report more than ever before.

“Yes, Kristin Kreuk left in 2013, in the first half of the year,” said one former Nxivm High-Rank. “I remember Nancy Salzman telling some of us privately that Kristin left because she was worried that the stories about Keith and underage girls might harm her career. She quit. It was quiet and sort of amicable. Keith did not go after her. He let her go quietly. Of course, she did not tell Keith why she was leaving. But Nancy knew.”

It appears Kreuk stopped trying to recruit members into Nxivm after the Jim Odato series in the Albany Times Union, and especially after his story, In Raniere’s Shadow, came out in February 2012. In that expose, Heidi Hutchinson, Gina Melita, Rhiannon, and Toni Natalie went on the record about Keith having sex with underage girls and his raping Toni.

It took courage to go on the record exposing the villainous Raniere – especially with Bronfman millions at his disposal that could re to be used to destroy enemies. Yet a lot of people thought that story would put an end to Raniere’s reign of terror.

It didn’t and the women who went on the record were justifiably mortified and fearful that he would seek revenge.

As far as Kreuk was concerned, it was a viable warning sign; she seems to have intelligently recognized that her continued connection to this group would be ruinous to her career.

Whether Kreuk believed the pedophilia stories were true or not is unclear. Several Nxivm members told her that Odato’s stories were lies and that Hutchinson, Melita and others were paid by the Times Union to make up false stories about Keith.

Of course, that was nonsense.

Still, whether she believed the stories of his pedophilia or not, at least Kreuk had enough self-preservation instinct to distance herself from the cult.


Another former High-Rank of Nxivm said, “Kreuk sent a polite letter of resignation, not giving any reason for quitting other than she had too many acting commitments to continue to participate in any meaningful way. As I recall, she started working on the TV show Beauty and the Beast about six months before and was actually pretty busy. Too busy, she said, to continue participating in Nxivm.”

At the time she purportedly quit, somewhere around March 2013, Kreuk was a certified coach in Nxivm and her name was being used by others in Nxivm to help recruit people.

Her email made it official: She hoped this would discourage others in Nxivm to use her name as an active member.

According to sources, Kreuk did not condemn, question Keith about his alleged pedophilia or criticize Nxivm. She quietly left and made it clear she would make no public statement.


A third High-Rank source, who was friends with Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk said it wasn’t until after Kristin left Nxivm that Allison and Keith started having intimate relations.

“I’m pretty sure Allison did not have sex with Keith until after Kristin left,” the source said.

Another source told Frank Report that Keith insisted that Allison provide him with collateral before he consented to have sex with her.

Whether the collateral preceded Allison’s first foray with the evil one is unknown. It is known that at some point she gave Raniere ample collateral including graphic nude photos, confessions that were meant to destroy her parents, siblings and their children’s lives, the transfer of assets and the promise to give Raniere custody of any children she might birth.

Whether Keith’s decision to have sex with Allison was his way of trying to ensure that at least one Smallville actress – Allison – stayed close to NXIVM – or whether the time or opportunity happened to be right for both of them is unclear.

Other sources told Frank Report that Keith had sex with Clare Bronfman only after it seemed that Sara Bronfman might slip away. [She married Basit Igtet and moved to England]. And Keith had to ensure he had control of at least one Seagram’s heiress who would spend her last dime funding his madness.

Fortunately for Keith – and unfortunately for 100s of victims – Sara returned to Nxivm- with her boy, Basit, in tow.

Several Raniere harem members in Albany told Frank Report they could always tell when a woman was being bedded by Raniere:

The woman started losing weight, grew her hair long, and began severely dieting. She would be very concerned about her weight.

It has been said that a woman who started sleeping with Raniere would lose her radiance and acquire a pallor, a “grey around the gills” look. She would be seen to look pensive and eager and alternate between brief bouts of happiness and long periods of despair. She would be constantly working on her “issues.”

Allison Mack, her friends told me, would spend hours, even weeks, waiting for Keith to come see her and would nervously ask other harem members if they had seen him and express anguish over his prolonged absences. She reportedly would stand outside her door in Know Woods or peer out the window to see if he was walking by on his many excursions and what woman he was walking with.

Allison suffered a lot after she started having an intimate relationship with the monster. And it grew worse as the years went by.

Allison Mack experienced a spark of joy and a mass of misery because of her association with the vile one.

On the other hand, Kreuk was never seen to have acquired this ugly grey aura that seemed to come with the touch of the monster.

Asked if Keith ever had sex with Kreuk, one High-Rank member, who lived in Albany, said, “Absolutely not!! Kristin was not around much. She was more connected to Vancouver and you had to be in Albany to know what was going on. Even then not everybody knew.

“Keith was a master at secrets and getting others to keep secrets. But I am certain, 100 percent certain, that Kristin Kreuk never had sex with Keith. She was much closer to Nancy.”

With three Nxivm leaders saying Kreuk left in 2013, it seems she was telling the truth when she tweeted in 2018, shortly after Raniere’s arrest, that she left Nxivm about five years ago.

Kristin Kreuk statement about NXIVM

Finally, from yet another former High-Rank, there was a great deal of pressure exerted on Kreuk in and around 2007-08 – from a certain individual in Nxivm to have Kreuk’s father – who managed her money – relinquish control and have her money managed by Keith Alan Raniere.

I won’t mention the individual who spearheaded the effort to get Kreuk to turn over her money to Keith because the individual said he/she left Nxivm and is recovering from damage done by association with the vicious cult and the monster Raniere.

Back then, a lot of pressure was placed on Kreuk, my source says, as if it was some sort of betrayal of trust and lack of tribute to Keith that she did not trust him to invest her money wisely.

Fortunately, Kreuk and her father, evidently, resisted those efforts.

In April 2009, after the attempt to get Kreuk to turn her money over to Raniere, Barbara Bouchey left Nxivm. Subsequent litigation against her led to the revelation that Keith lost $66 million of Bronfman money in commodities, and was on the high road to losing another $26 million in a Los Angeles real estate deal run amok.

Peter Kreuk, a noted architect, helped to manage his daughter’s financial affairs and reportedly resisted a plan to turn over control of Kristin’s assets to Keith Alan Raniere.







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    • Maybe Mark Hildreth was this “individual.” The FR always has been suspiciously easy on him for some reason.

      —“there was a great deal of pressure exerted on Kreuk in and around 2007-08 – from a certain individual in Nxivm to have Kreuk’s father – who managed her money – relinquish control and have her money managed by Keith Alan Raniere. I won’t mention the individual who said he/she left Nxivm and is recovering from damage done by association with the vicious cult and the monster Raniere.”

  • I recall a fan – no it was not Sultan – saying he was on a golf course and saw her father, and had the creepy fortitude to approach him and tell him about NXIVM. This was before the 2012 article.

  • Maybe, just maybe what made Kreuk’s dad keep control of her money was that famous email he got from Sultan.

  • “May 7, 2018 at 12:23 pm
    There is a great debate on this thread about Kristin Kreuk. As I recall Kristin took a TV series in Toronto in 2012 and didn’t leave the group. She was just not in Vancouver anymore or anywhere there was a centre. People in NXIVM in Vancouver said that she was still in the group but was very busy on her TV series between 2012 and 2014. Can anyone speak to this? Did she in fact leave the group or was she just away on a TV series? Was she involved in any intensives in these years? What I can say for sure is that Kristin had no idea about DOS and wouldn’t have recruited anyone to be in DOS. But I do not believe she left the group in 2012 as people are saying below. Certainly that’s not what people high up in ESP were saying then. Perhaps they are changing their tune now to protect her. And really there’s nothing to protect. She had nothing to do with DOS.”

    “May 8, 2018 at 5:24 pm
    I was there and I asked people who owned centers. That’s what I mean. The official word was she was just away for her TV series but was still active. Whether that was true or a lie, I can’t say. But that was the stance at NXIVM”


  • Frank, this is horseshit.

    I don’t know who these sources are you have spoken to, but in 2015, right before Kristin Kreuk went back to film the fourth and final season of “Beauty and the Beast”, she was in Vancouver coaching.

    Kreuk was in Toronto between 2012-late 2015 filming the show. She also broke up with Mark Hildreth in 2013. That is not leaving the cult. That is being somewhere else.

    • I would like more information on this and will try to reach out to some additional sources on this 2015 coaching in Vancouver. I will report what I find out. If you have any information please share it with me.

      • Frank, before you’ve published stories about how women who start having sex with KAR change, I do not think this happens in a single casual sexual encounter, I guess it’s a moment that he uses to give him a concentrated dose of his kool -aid to The woman in question, you have also mentioned in several stories about women who were part of the haren this issue on a blue light. You have more relevant information on this topic, I would like to understand what differentiates the women who had sex with KAR from other women who only they were blind and indoctrinated followers, as well as that differentiates the women who had sex with him for some time or only once and those who accepted to follow him blindly and promise obedience to him, as was the case with Allison and other slave teachers.
        I would recommend looking for a post by Allison in her missing blog in which she mentions receiving an unexpected email about a person who is going to visit her and she receives it at the airport, the post is one of those rare but very valuable in allison to a writing exercise and analyzing her thoughts and feelings about a situation or a memory of her life, as I recall she analyzes this mysterious character as if trying to find a reason for her admiration, but what set the alarm for me was that in that In 2016 I had already learned about her relationship with the cult of KAR and about this blog, at the end of the post she asks “I should sleep with him” at that moment it seemed to me that she was interested in that person but at the same time As if she did not know what was meant for her, it was something like a plebeian receiving the invitation of someone from the real.

    • I think we’d all like to know more about that. If she was, for instance, just doing something like giving EM sessions and doing coaching based on what she’d learned, that doesn’t necessarily mean that she was still in NXIVM itself.

      Though it may not be the case with Kreuk specifically, it’s typical of groups like this, that people go on to do other things that have some resemblance – including teaching and establishing their own methodologies. Particularly since such groups mostly use techniques taken from other sources, in NXIVM’s case principally NLP and Scientology, themselves often based on basic therapeutic and motivational principles from even earlier sources, it’s hard to say that people are necessarily doing something that really arose out of the group, plus that often even gives the group too much credit for what they themselves may have just plagiarized. In Kreuk’s case, anything she knows probably came from, or through, NXIVM, but in others it will be more complicated, such if someone studied NLP on its own either before or after their involvement in the group.

        • People are going to be using what they learned in NXIVM for decades, probably long after NXIVM, NXIVM 2.0 and any other immediate offshoots, are long gone. Unless we specifically know that Kreuk was, say, charging money and sending some of it uplines within NXIVM, I don’t think it can necessarily be said that her using the techniques, means that someone is still “in” the organization.

          That actually raises a question I haven’t seen answered: did members in the group have to pay something like a commission or licensing fee on any money they earned from coaching and giving EMs, or did NXIVM operate as a pyramid scheme only as far as selling courses?

  • Kreuk said in her resignation letter that she had too many acting commitments to continue with NXIVM.

    From an interview with Allison Mack regarding her decision to leave the TV show Smallville:

    “I have a wonderful teacher and mentor named Keith Rainiere, who really gave me some incredible guidance. . . .

    I chose to have this mentor in my life, and I was talking to him about my struggle, confusion, and not knowing what to do. He said, “Why don’t you take some time and think about? Give yourself some space to figure out who you are now.” So that’s what I did.”

    Reportedly, all of Allison’s subsequent acting roles had to be vetted by Keith and NXIVM. I guess he didn’t want another actress slipping out of his hands over ‘too many acting commitments.’

  • Good information. Hopefully that settles a lot of things.

    Kreuk is apparently well advised by her father – and probably an agent or publicist as well. I don’t think it’s at all surprising that she’s followed the strategy of trying to put it behind her, and not wanting to give it any more life by saying anything further or answering any questions about it.

    And I don’t see that she’s anything more than a sort of historical footnote to the NXIVM story, and odd chapters like GBD – which doesn’t seem to have resulted in recruiting anyone, anyway. There are plenty of people who played more key roles, recruiting far more people, and with much more important information to reveal, who have slunk off, and aren’t being called to account – including by those trying to make a righteous fuss about Kreuk.

  • Wait were NXIVM people telling other wealthier members to let KEITH invest their money or were they or Bouchey telling them to let HER invest their money?

    The Hollywood Reporter article said that Bouchey was really the one that Mack became enthralled with her first years in NXIVM. So did Mack turn her money over to Bouchey to invest and did Bouchey invest it, or did Bouchey turn Mack’s money over to Keith to “invest.”

    • It really was one in the same.
      The inner circle upheld Bouchey as the worlds best financial planner and the most ethical since she was a high ranking proctors in NXIVM

      People turned their portfolios over to Bouchey (as long as it was a million plus) to manage. She couldn’t be bothered with those who had less than a million to invest.

      Bouchey got the commission to manage their money and never warned them about how Raniere would suck the dry.

      Bouchey in turn became very rich off the commission and gave Raniere lots of money for things like Vanguard Week, his Library, his research, his clothing that would just appear, and other things.

      It was a win win situation for both Raniere and Bouchey.

      When Bouchey left NXIVM, within a couple of weeks she lost all her NXIVM clients to another financial planner who was an ex-employee of Bouchey who opened her own financial planning business.

      She who controlled the rich clients of NXIVMNX money won their commissions.

  • Really, again with this woman! You finally have some real NXIVM people speaking to you again and this is what you ask about? Some of your own key sources told you more than a year ago that Kruek had left in 2013 so not sure why you chose not to believe them, especially since no one with any credibility said otherwise. Gee, I hope you at least asked them about some other “burning” questions like whether Grace Park is still a member or not since you waffle back and forth about that. LOL

    • Frank said they approach him with the information. The more sources saying the same thing, the more reliable the information becomes. Perhaps these sources don’t know much about Park.

  • This is an interesting observation: “Allison suffered a lot after she started having an intimate relationship with the monster. And it grew worse as the years went by.” Immorality (the state or quality of being immoral; wickedness) is not known for improving lives. Usually immorality hurts those whom we love the most and often those who are completely unable to speak for themselves, i.e. children. Thank God no children are under Mack or Raniere’s authority. Lately I have heard inanimate objects labeled immoral (The Wall) when actually this sex cult run by depraved people is truly immoral.

  • –It has been said that a woman who started sleeping with Raniere would lose her radiance and acquire a pallor, a “grey around the gills” look. She would be seen to look pensive and eager and alternate between brief bouts of happiness and long periods of despair. She would be constantly working on her “issues.”

    It was as if he was sucking their souls right out of them.

  • Good for Kreuk for realizing the truth and getting away from Raniere and his other cult members and I also kind of love that she wasn’t blinded enough to hand over her money to him–that probably just about killed the Vanguard.

  • The email when Kristin Crook quit in 2013 needs to be published. Not going public when she quit resulted in lots of damage to be done to lots of people and she will live with this fact for the rest of her miserable life.

    • Oh, Amway is shifting the goal post again.

      At first he demanded a public statement; which he later deemed insufficient.
      Then he wanted others to confirm the story; three people came forward but they were not stating the exact same date
      Now, there are three more people supporting her, but Scott requires a six years old email

      Why should she do that or even care about you? For one, no one gives a shit about you and for two, whatever she might present would not be sufficient.

  • This story should end the vilification of Kristen Kreuk once and for all.

    Kristen Kreuk saw ALL of the warning signs and did the right thing.
    Allison Mack saw ALL of the warning signs and did ALL of the wrong and criminal things.

    All of the hatred directed towards Kreuk is designed to divert attention away from Allison Mack’s criminal behavior.

    • It doesn’t end anything. We have three unknown people with unknown motives.

      Kristin Crook did NOT do the right thing. She should have used her celebrity status, as small as it is, to bring attention to Raniere and NXIVM. She failed. She looked out only for her three favorite people: me, myself, and I. Instead, NXIVM got much worse. Thanks, Kristin…NOT!

      I’m not concerned about attention being diverted away from Mack, you’ve ensured that can’t happen.

      • I’m not concerned about attention being diverted away from Mack, you’ve ensured that can’t happen.

        He hasn’t insured anything goofy.

        Shadow boy much like you ,are absolute nobodies.

      • Scott everyone on here knows that you are a criminal who should be locked up! For 10 years you recruited exploited and ruined lives for Amway… You Only walked away AFTER you lost everything!

        Your bitter to see someone else who made better choices then you. Scott “crook” Johnson.. everyone can see you for what you are.. the damage you caused your victims you will have to live with for the rest of your life!

        Funny this article turns up just a couple of days after I pointed out that Alison was on record saying the only Smallville cast member she kept in contact with was Clarke’s dad actor.. and logically proved Kirsten had long since left NXIVM..

        But at least it’s not another Shadow “Alison is Evil” obsessive piece of fan fiction..

        I kid you not his straight answer to ” how many pictures of Alison on your computer” deflected back to ranieres collateral and images on Google! Answer the question! How many saved pictures Shadow??

        A recent commentator claimed to be his nephew and advised he was “taking it too far” ” Alison was rude to you comic con 2002″ this has been mentioned before by others.. and would mean a man in his 40s and a girl of 19/20…
        Sinster and creepy man should never be published on here again!

      • He says: “She should have used her celebrity status, as small as it is, to bring attention to Raniere and NXIVM.”

        When Kristin Krook quit NXIVM she also should have quit acting and done what true crusaders do—start a radio show exposing the evils of MLMs like NXIVM.

        • It’s not my fault if people are too chicken to join the effort against MLM scams, it’s their fault. I’m doing what I can, the radio show, various social media platforms, and three websites.

      • Why do you think she is so particularly obligated to use her celebrity status?

        There were, for instance, many more whose talent was not acting, but personal charisma or sales ability, who brought in far more people. Why are they not also called to account for not doing the right thing, and not using their particular talent and influence to expose Raniere and NXIVM?

        And what about Mark Vicente, who’s got an even more impressive IMDB resume than Kreuk, and was much more of a key player. Or India Oxenberg – why not harangue here to come out about what she knows?

        Sorry, but it seems to me that undue fuss has been made about Kreuk because she is a figure of fanboy obsession, not due to the relative importance of her actual role.

          • Then there should be threads about everybody.

            How long would I have to wait for a thread about Vicente, Oxenberg or Hildreth to come up, maybe a year? But there were three threads about Kreuk in just one day last month, and there’s still constant mention of her, though perhaps to Frank’s credit (and the exile of Sultan) I think this is actually the first thread about her in a couple of weeks.

          • Dear Anonymaker Kreuk will continue to garner headlines here. There are many fan boys here who would have given their diminutive nutsacks to be nekkid with her. She has been an object of their solitaire moments since her Smallville days.

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