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I don’t get your fervor in the NXIUM case. I may have spelled that wrong, I don’t belong, or know anybody in the group. Don’t you think the members, and those who are unhappy now that they were members, all adults, all apparently at least somewhat intelligent, knew what they were doing?
What is your grudge? Were you in this group at some point?  I have not read all the articles, but yours stick out.

Dear Frank,

I see the house of cards crumbling very nicely, and I’m sure you were well aware that it would eventually happen.  The FEDS must have very damning evidence against all those who were indicted, and probably others will be indicted.
Hopefully LOTS more will be uncovered with NXIUM’s downfall, and those guilty of corruption, whoever they might be, will be brought to justice.  I hope that the U.S. media (unfortunately controlled by 6 corporations) will also increasingly take interest in the NXIUM scandal, and make this a truly memorable trial, with stiff penalties for those found guilty.
I’m sure the Bronfmans will be the recipients of many lawsuits in the not too distant future. Reading about them, they deserve what befalls them if all is true.
Keep up the great work, Mr. Parlato, and best wishes for a job well done!
D. W,
Dear Frank
I have read your report every day, mostly in the evenings. Tonight before I’m about to go to bed I spot something flashing on my phone and it is and with regard to your report.  I have only read the edited highlights and I went in to the bedroom and woke my husband up at 2 a.m. – our time – and told him the headings.  As I left the room, I said there is a God, Amen. I’m about to sit and read this. I may well be sitting here as dawn breaks at 5 a.m.. A thousand thank yous, 1000 blessings.
Goodnight Frank; words are not enough to thank you for your diligence, your tenacity and your courage.
My sincere regards
Hello Frank,
I have been reading your website for quite a while, and feel the need to finally send you a message concerning the comments section.
I am a current Clifton Park/Halfmoon area resident, and have known about the NXIVM group activities for years… so your website has been an invaluable source of information.
I’m not sure if you are currently moderating comments, or have banned certain commenters… but the past 24 hours have been an amazing change.
(Unless… by coincidence… all of the “trolls” just happened to take a break, for the day).
There has been a flurry of news articles posted today… and yet, almost all of the comments are normal, and relatively informative.
THIS is what your website should be like.
It really has gone off the rails recently, and I’ve been reluctant to even visit the comment section, at times.
I believe in free speech too… but unless there is actually “content” to the speech… I’m not sure it is actually “speech”.So, I’m hoping that it isn’t a coincidence… and that this is a return to the to the substantive content that used to be provided by the comments section.
(fingers crossed!)Anyways, thank you for your time and efforts with this website… and please keep up the good work!Kindest Regards,
B. G.

[B.G. wrote back shortly afterward]

Unfortunately… I stand corrected. They seem to have all come back, and devolved into the messy comment section that it has become. I guess their internet “nap” was over.

In all honesty, it mostly revolves around (and reactions to) the (actual) Scott Johnson comments. At one time he may have provided useful information… but at this point it is just name calling, and potential bullying. It is really bringing the legitimacy of your entire website down, to tabloid level status. And, as usual, it is drowning out the useful information in what seems to be a usual cut-and-paste barrage of “snowflake/libtard… click on my name to go to my website”… etc.

Once again, thank you for your time.

Those presently indicted all deserve long prison terms, and others currently not indicted also deserve to join them.  You personally were taken to task by Clare and Raniere, but were resilient and determined to prevail, which you did.
Payback in a bitch!  Best wishes to you and all those affected by this nasty cult.

Hello Mr. Parlato,

I’ve been following the “Frank Report” online since I first heard of news regarding the NXIVM cult.  By all means, you’ve done an extraordinary job of exposing and explaining everything the public needs to know to remain informed.

Please help keep the peace and monitor the commentary. It’s very sad to how Scott Tex Johnson seems to take over the comment sections the way he does.  He’s quite the bully.

Best regards,
T. K.

 Ironic how the public awareness was raised by the hard work and tenacity of one strong man in Niagara Falls! If it were not for your true and accurate reporting, Vanguard would still be causing mayhem and who knows what else his superiors would have had on the agenda for their “base of operations” in upstate New York. Let justice be done for all. That means things should ultimately be fair for you in the end, too.

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5 years ago

Scott … vas y chingas a tu madre puto de mierda.

5 years ago

While your at it please get rid of all the Mom posts starting with the most recent. Anything related to Mom was off subject and too easy and too encouraging of Scott. And for goodness sake that last exchange was long winded boring and too much . Start with that and go back.

To Frank
To Frank
5 years ago

Scott is destroying your blog, whoever the hell he is he’s got to be doing this for Nxivm. They said they would do this a few months this ago and this must be what they meant. He’s taking up space with no regard for anyone else and ordinary people aren’t participating anymore. I have no idea what this Amway BS is but on the few occasions I opened items posted they were porn. Maybe you can convince him to stick to his own site. He seems to be intentionally trying to damage your credibility. Good luck you don’t deserve this.

5 years ago
Reply to  To Frank

I told him to gracefully exit. It’s because he has a provacative nature. And he attracts this type of attention. And he attracts some annoying and now some scary stuff. Though I will draw the line and say the scary stuff I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. There is no excuse to go and put personal information at all. Hopefully frank erases all of those. There is no reason for that. No matter how provocative he may be.
I think also I am probably the most forgiving and accepting of Scott beside for maybe frank. Even though I see that he has pissed off many commenters. And brought some commonturs out to either appease him or chastise him. I am one of the appeasers. In the minority here. But I also clearly see that he has said and done so much harm. Frank isn’t the only one who tried to do damage control.
Part of me thinks Scott belongs here as long as he stops being so provocitve and politically and socially incorrect. But the other part believes that he has hurt way too many people and he would best exit or at least rarely post. And it may be too late
And in all fairness. It isn’t all him. And it’s not the regular commenters. It’s these anti Scott’s who he has a mutual feed off with. And they are going to hang out as long as he does. So it’s not all about him. I do thinkthat maybe a graceful exit might chase away his detractors as well. I am tired of witnessing it. And yes it impacts the entire page. Because they will no longer have someone to target. I wonder if he is one who is hurt too? And he doesn’t want to show it ?
How much of Scott’s rudeness is offensive?
How much of his behavior is defensive? This is a good question for Scott to answer.

5 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

We don’t need to see Scott’s address. That’s not okay. Not at all

I agree
I agree
5 years ago

Every time we start having normal conversations, Scott Johnson and his copiers show up and shit all over them.

Sadly, I strongly suspect the copiers are not going to go away unless he does, and he is getting way too much attention.

He is such a narcissist, as long as he gets any attention, he will just keep commenting on every comment…

I sincerely doubt he has left anywhere without being banned.

I am ready to give up.

Heinrich Joey
Heinrich Joey
5 years ago

I am impressed with Frank Parlato. I started following the NXIVM story earlier this year, and it looks to me as if those people screwed Frank. I put myself in his shoes, thinking about how I’d feel facing those civil charges and indictments, knowing that NXIVM and Bronfman money were behind what he faced. I like how Frank fought back…using his media power to counter-investigate, getting some of his own charges dropped by the feds, then staying on top of matters to put the NXIVM-Raniere-Bronfman corruption machine in the gunsights of the lawmen. His fight effort paid off this week.

Very, very impressive.

Damage Control
Damage Control
5 years ago

Frank tells us he does public relations work. Here Frank is showing us an example of damage control. He’s been exposed as a shill and now he’s dancing to salvage his site.

Swindlers coin
Swindlers coin
5 years ago
Reply to  Damage Control

He exposes shills. So you attempt to bury him in trash. You won’t succeed!

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