Ludwika Paleta blacklisted on Televisa!

Ludwika Paleta
Mexican media is abuzz with news that famed Polish-Mexican actress, Ludwika Paleta, has been banned on Televisa.
Paleta is the wife of Emiliano Salinas, the Mexican leader of the sex-slaver cult, NXIVM. Emiliano is son of former Mexican President Carlos Salinas – and leads the Mexican branch of the cult that brands and blackmails women.
It is unclear why Televisa, the largest Mexican television station, banned Paleta, but the company blacklisted others before her for reasons known only to Televisa.
Ludwika may have gotten the boot because of her connection to the cult of Keith Raniere, who is now jailed in Brooklyn, having been denied bail and awaiting trial for sex trafficking and forced labor charges.
Paleta owns a $500,000 home near Albany within short walking distance to both Raniere’s home and his secret sex lair on Hale Court that was recently raided by the FBI.
Although married to Salinas, like other cult couples, Ludwika and Emiliano do not enjoy monogamy. Emiliano has had a longstanding affair with his male business partner, Alejandro Betancourt. Paleta reportedly has had discreet affairs with multiple men including actor Mark Hildreth, a member of the sex slaver cult, who reportedly quit last year when Raniere snatched away his girlfriend and branded her with his initials.
Emiliano is said to be under investigation by the FBI and may be apprehended for any number of crimes that witnesses say he committed for his master, Raniere.  On May 4, Assistant US Attorney Moira Penza informed the judge in the Raniere case that more indictments are expected in about a month.
Paleta has not been seen in Albany since Raniere was arrested in Mexico on March 25. It is not known if Paleta is branded with Raniere’s initials.
In the aftermath of Raniere’s arrest, Emiliano Salinas tried to distance himself from NXIVM, telling the Mexican media he no longer has anything to do with Raniere and has given up his NXIVM franchises.
Sources tell Frank Report that Salinas privately told NXIVM members he still runs NXIVM Mexico. Seagram’s heiress, Clare Bronfman, is running the sex-slaver cult’s worldwide operations now.
Emi Salinas – whose father, Carlos, is one of the most feared man in Mexico – known mainly for his murderous tendencies – which started when he killed his first female at the age of four – uses the Salinas reputation for spilling blood to keep Mexican NXIVM members silent and within the dark folds of the cult.

As far as Televisa is concerned, Ludwika went to the station to do an interview with Paola Rojas. Just before she was to set to appear, Rojas was informed Ludwika could not go on the air. As reported by the newspaper El Universal, Paleta was not aware in advance of the ban.  According to media reports, production people notified her driver that Ludwika could not go inside since she was on a list of banned actors.

When Paleta was informed of the ban, she spoke with senior executives to see if they could make an exception and they told her “no” that the actress was forbidden from appearing on any television program of Televisa’s.

“Ludwika had to go to her home,” reported El Gran Diario de México.


More Executive Success! Apparently there’s no end?


Televisa drew a line in the sand: They won’t let their audience be exposed to Ludwika Paleta.
Emiliano Salinas, Ludwika Paleta and former President Carlos Salinas.
Emiliano and betancourt
Emi with lover, Alex Betancourt.

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  • Televisa bans people all the time. Lately has fired at least 100 actors , reasons are actors violation of exclusivity contract by working in another TV company like Univision and Telemundo. Is not new actors and singers are banned by televisa, Mexico only has 2 TV companies that rule the air , televisa and TV azteca. The actress has not made any comment.

  • There is a great debate on this thread about Kristin Kreuk. As I recall Kristin took a TV series in Toronto in 2012 and didn’t leave the group. She was just not in Vancouver anymore or anywhere there was a centre. People in NXIVM in Vancouver said that she was still in the group but was very busy on her TV series between 2012 and 2014. Can anyone speak to this? Did she in fact leave the group or was she just away on a TV series? Was she involved in any intensives in these years? What I can say for sure is that Kristin had no idea about DOS and wouldn’t have recruited anyone to be in DOS. But I do not believe she left the group in 2012 as people are saying below. Certainly that’s not what people high up in ESP were saying then. Perhaps they are changing their tune now to protect her. And really there’s nothing to protect. She had nothing to do with DOS.

    • I think K.K. just let her involvement go cold before officially severing ties. NXIVM isn’t a group you quit with an “I’m out.” announcement. You rather pretend to be too busy to come and after a while, when they have gotten used to your absence, you let them know that this probably won’t work for you anymore and that you quit.
      If you just openly jump ship they may come after you with all kinds of nasty stuff.
      That’s why I would be careful with official exit dates and rather look for the time they stopped attending events.

    • — Certainly that’s not what people high up in ESP were saying then. Perhaps they are changing their tune now to protect her. And really there’s nothing to protect. She had nothing to do with DOS.

      What do you mean “certainly”? How could you know such for certain?

      My guess is this group requires annual membership fees, and she was “officially” still a member in 2012 but had probably started removing herself mentally earlier than that. Like every actor who still wants a regular job in Hollywood, she auditioned for pilot season that year and this time obtained a role she wanted to do. This made it easier to extricate herself from NXIVM without drama which is what likely would have happened if she had quit “cold turkey” like Anonymous said. The fact that she eventually got four more seasons with the show made that process much easier as well because being a lead on a 22-episode TV show (for two seasons at least) takes a lot of time.The revelations of the 2012 TU article probably settled her mind and heart for her if she was still wavering between staying or going, and she let the 2012 membership run out and she was “officially” done from that point on. That would make Sarah Edmondson’s statement about her being out since 2013 make sense.

      • I was there and I asked people who owned centers. That’s what I mean. The official word was she was just away for her TV series but what still active. Whether that was true or a lie, I can’t say. But that was the stance at NXIVM.

    • Kristin Kreuk was certainly still in NXIVM in 2013. She said she left “about five years ago” (2013) and Sarah Edmondson said 2013 too.

      Allison Mack posted a picture of herself, Kristin Kreuk and Mark Hildreth in New York, on instagram in June 2012.

      A reddit poster claimed in 2017 that “about five years ago” (2012), Kristin Kreuk showed up on the second day of an Albany NXIVM cult course:

      Despite filming a television series in Toronto, Kreuk was still going to Albany in 2012 and apparently was still coaching.

    • Kristin Kreuk was definitely still active in NXIVM in 2012. In June 2012, Allison Mack posted a picture to her instagram page of Kristin Kreuk, Mark Hildreth and herself in New York. In late 2017, somebody on Reddit claimed she/he did a NXIVM cult course in Albany “about five years ago” (2012) and Kristin Kreuk showed up on the second day. Kreuk claims she left in 2013. Sarah Edmondson claimed this too. Neither gave a reason why.

  • After months of looking at vacuous waifs like Mack, Kreuk and Cline, nice to see pictures of a real woman.

      • Lets look at the layers of people who came under NXIVM’s sway:

        The smartest and luckiest of these people knew something was wrong right from the start. They were put off by something they saw or heard in their first or second exposure to NXIVM. Maybe they actually met Raniere and thought he was creepy. My feelings towards these people are feelings of admiration.

        Then you have people who took a big bite of word salad*. They spent collectively tens (hundreds) of millions of dollars on courses, on intensives. They put their children in the Rainbow CULTural Garden. My feelings towards these people are sympathetic. I am also hopeful for these people, hopeful that there is a class action lawyer out there who is smart and imaginative enough to round up the thousands of people who were defrauded by NXIVM and entities under the corporate umbrella such as RCG and Executive Excess Programs and try to recover some of the folks’ money.

        A third strata of people spent enough money with NXIVM, or had a marketable skill (ie the good doctor with her branding iron), or happened to be a female with some of the feminine characteristics desirable to your average Vanguard; these people found themselves (maybe through lovebombing or brainwashing) drawn into the inner circle. Lets start at the top, with the Bronfman Girls, as wealthy as they are devoid of intelligence, charm, or pulchitrude. Then you have the Salzman Girls. Then you have the Vancouver B-/C+ actresses, Mack, Kreuk and Cline; INdicted, IN denial and IN a fog. For these people, you are absolutely correct. I could give two shits, and I hope the karmic wheel leaves deep treadmarks on their backs.

        • Mack/Kreuk/Clyne aren’t equivalent. That much has been evidenced. Kreuk not only has spoken out against NXIVM and her time in it, she left well before the other two, and well before it deteriorated into the master/slave sex cult. Clyne still remains in the group, and Allison is now charged for sex-trafficking as a co-conspirator and would be sitting in jail if she wasn’t a celebrity who made enough money to be able put up whatever was necessary for a $5 million bail. Kristin had enough sense to bail for whatever reason in 2012 when everyone else should have.

          I notice how you left off Mark Vicente, Mark Hildreth, and Sarah Edmondson in your grouping. All of them stayed longer than Kreuk, and all of them were more active than her. They also stayed up until the point they heard about the master/slave sex cult and the branding and only then left last year, meaning even they didn’t know about the evil that was being perpetrated up until 2017.

          So it seems like your antipathy is directed in a misogynistic manner to one or more among these girls specifically for some ulterior reason other that the fact that they were in NXIVM for some period of time.

          What does diminishing these girls as “waifs” while elevating another as a “real woman” have to do with the nefarious activities of NXIVM? Nothing. Your comment was ridden with misogyny.

          • I have taken my shots at the other Vancouver actress, Sarah Edmondson, for being a whistleblower who doth protest too much, profiting as she did for ten years at the top of the Vancouver NXIVM pyramid. This is the woman who said a “veil was lifted” when she was first exposed to master Chef Vanguard’s word salad. As to Hildreth and Vicente, I would find it hard to believe that only the smell of burning flesh awakened them to some of the evil which was being perpetrated by NXIVM in the name of advancing humanity.

            As to Ms. Kreuk, being the most visible of the Vancouver coven, and admittedly the one with the cleanest hands, I personally (and you need not agree) believe that she has an obligation to renounce NXIVM more vehemently, rather than merely noting that she broke ties with NXIVM. This is a strategy which might serve Ms. Kreuk well, getting out in front of an anticipated high profile wave of litigation which might be initiated in the Eastern District of NY.

            I think my depiction of Ludwika as a “real woman” compared to the waifish and adorkable Mmes Mack, Kreuk and Cline was more an exercise in sarcasm than misogyny, though you are welcome to your opinion. I have stated here that it seems almost unfair that Ms. Mack garners much more attention, here and elsewhere, than does her co-defendant. Ms. mack provides much better optics and visuals than does Raniere, and she did spend 10 years on the fringes of fame.

            What is sad, and I do not think it is the slightest bit misogynystic to say so, is that I do not anticipate any change in Hollywood in the wake of the #Metoo movement. I anticipate that the young attractive
            buff-bodied women will continue to fill the high profile roles in Hollywood movies, and this is what likely drove Mmes Mack and Kreuk and to a lesser extent Edmondson to NXIVM… they were looking to find support and confidence for the next act in their careers, possibly knowing that they did not have the talent and potential for longevity as did a Streep, a Mirren, a Dench, a Julie Christie (her performance in “Away From Her”, a movie from first time producer Sara Poley, simply breathtaking). This fear of aging in what is a young woman’s world also likely drove Ms. Ludwika into Emiliano’s arms, hoping a high profile marriage might help keep her relevant in the entertainment world.

  • Ludwika had sex with many of the men in NXIVM including myself. They very much had an open relationship — her and Emiliano. She told me once that she found Emiliano to be very feminine and not very good in bed. This could be because he’s not actually straight. I’m not sure. I’m not the only person to say this. You can ask other men that slept with her. Their relationship was one of convenience and power. It’s unfortunate she married him. Her life would have been much better off without. Certainly, she would have preferred being with a more masculine man. Emiliano in person is somewhat effeminate.

  • Ludwika reminds me of Elsa Pataky, Chris Hemsworth’s wife and mother of his kids. I think Elsa obviously married the better guy.

  • That seems odd to me. Money and ratings are the bottom line in the US – we would have interviewed her in prime time to boot.

    Is it because television in Mexico is government controlled? That’s the only thing I can think of.

    • OMG, what a stupid question by “Anonymous”. Television in Mexico is NOT government controlled. It’s funny how some idiots carry their prejudice throughout their lives and share their ignorance this way. Go figure.

      • O fuck you Javier! Televisa is obviously controlled by fucking government! you piece of shit, like my pals says you’re just a balls sucker!

  • Well it looks like Espians are starting to take a turn towards being “persona non grata”….

  • Remember when Emi was cast aside in favor of José Antonio Meade? From The Economist 11/30/17: “The authoritarian rule of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) ended in 2000, but the dedazo returned on November 27th this year, when Enrique Peña Nieto, the president, chose his finance secretary, José Antonio Meade, as the PRI’s candidate in the presidential election to be held in July.”

    Turns out that coverage by Televisa, the country’s main television network, is biased in favour of Peña Nieto:

    • Another stupid and ignorant comment. Emi, as you guys like to call Emiliano Salinas, NEVER was even considered by anybody to be a candidate in the presidential race. Some of you guys apparently love to make up stories and divulge them as if they were true. I’m starting to have mixed feelings about this blog.

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