Raniere had secretive, brainwashing ‘University’ to train sex slaves and separate trust fund babies from their trust funds

Once Grandma was included, thanks to the movement of a comma, she picked up her walker and was able to skip like she could when she was young.

By Frank Parlato

Longtime readers of Frank Report have already learned about this ‘remarkable’ rip off of Keith Raniere.  But for our newer readers, they might like to learn about yet another way Keith Raniere tricked, used and abused his followers – and I think took delight in it.

Last year, now-jailed NXIVM cult leader, Keith Raniere launched his “University of Higher Education” [AKA Vanguard University] for sex slaves and other brainwashed cult members, some of them trust-fund babies. Tuition was $5,000 per month.

It was a selective university since members of the public could not make application. There was no information available about The University on any website. The “Professors” of the The University select/sell NXIVM members and got a commission for enrollment. Attractive, slender women, if they did not have the money for tuition, could work off the tuition by serving Raniere or NXIVM High Rank.

The professors are coaches, teachers, and proctors who teach Executive Success Programs – the brainwashing curriculum of NXIVM. Clare Bronfman, the Seagram’s heiress was reportedly Dean of the University.

The curriculum was a closely guarded secret. One course book studied was George Orwell’s 1984. Ayn Rand’s works were also part of the curriculum. There were classes in logic and grammar. About 60 students attended – each paying $5,000 each in cash or services. [None of it was reported and cash was the preferred method of payment.] More than half the students were Mexicans.

Because of recent branding and blackmail scandals – and because of the recent arrests of Raniere and Allison Mack for sex trafficking and forced labor – the University classes have been temporarily suspended.  During last semester, some students thought the course was not worth $5,000 per month since they already learned its curriculum in middle-school or high school.

A source sent us a sample of what students were being taught.  The following two pages are from a textbook actually used at The University.




See the difference a comma can make?


Once Grandma was included, thanks to the movement of a comma, she picked up her walker and was able to skip. But where did the dog come from?

The University is not accredited via any accrediting body, and a degree from it will not qualify a student for employment where a degree is required.

Reportedly, students were promised that if they graduated from The University,  they would be hired at NXIVM and permitted to sell Intensives, the “life coaching” seminars offered by NXIVM.

The curriculum at The University is similar to what is taught in Intensives, only it lasts longer than the 16-much day intensives. Courses lasts for six months to two years.

Proponents of The University say the cost of the courses – $120,000  – is comparable to costs at other universities such as Princeton, Penn State and Cornell. They maintain that a student can learn at a much higher level and a faster pace since it is based on the secret knowledge of Keith Raniere [who is now at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center; having been denied bail, and awaiting trial for sex trafficking and forced labor – of his female cult slaves].

Students at The University were forbidden to reveal what they learned; they were required to sign confidentiality agreements barring them from ever disclosing anything taught at The University. It is believed to be the first university known in modern times that prohibits its alumni from revealing what they are taught.

How Keith Raniere planned to keep the proper placement of commas a secret to the world is anybody’s guess.  But don’t be surprised if there are a new round of lawsuits filed by the Dean, Clare Bronfman, against publishers of grammar books that appear to have stolen this information from Raniere.

Allison Mack, Nicki Clyne, India Oxenberg and a host of other slave women took the University course.

Professor Brian Elliott

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University Program – Level 2 application

Internship Details and Requirements

NXIVM Internship Application


University_Program_Application_Addendum includes these provisions:

I commit to working a program as suggested by NXIVM and to using whatever tools necessary to overcome any limitations obstructing my ability to graduate from the Program.
Should I fail to uphold my commitment in graduating the Program, I shall  … Transfer title and ownership of ________________________ to an entity NXIVM chooses
Vanguard [l] created it; Nancy Salzman put her name on it: The NXIVM University Program cost $5,000 per month.
Now sadly for those who thirst for higher education, Raniere is in jail and Salzman likely to follow…. the University is on sabbatical…. NXIVM students will have to go to the next best: Harvard. One consolation, Harvard is less expensive. 
Students of Vanguard University [photo above from previous semester] enjoy a hearty meal [by NXIVM standards]. Ironically, the meal is spread out on a patriotic tablecloth emblazoned with the words “LIBERTY”, “JUSTICE”, “FREEDOM”, “VOTE”, “RED, WHITE AND BLUE”, and “FOUNDING FATHERS” – most of which are antithetical in NXIVM/ESP. 
Actual test papers from the University

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  • How long has this University been in operation? I wonder because I’m starting to believe that NXIVM was a testing ground similar to MKUltra.. and I mean perhaps officially sponsored.

    Combining this and the experiments of Dr Porter et al, a picture is emerging of trauma conditioning.. and I’m seeing the techniques played out via media (entertainment industry) and in colleges and universities.

    Could Raniere, the Bronfmans, Salzman be working for the NWO, deep-state, communists, Luciferians, (whatever you want to call them) in an official capacity?

  • Not only are the placement of commas oh so very important, but the EMPHASIS or LACK OF EMPHASIS on a particular word is maybe even more oh so important. For example, “Keith did not ask for his cellmate’s advances” is much different than “Keith did not ASK for his cellmate’s advances”. Also, think how different of a meaning this sentence would have – “Keith did not ask for HIS cellmate’s advances”.

    While Frank makes a good point about commas being important, I believe Keith’s Harvard like teachings give even more importance to the emphasis on certain words being vital to a sentences meaning.

  • I read 1984 in 9th grade.

    This “University” would be laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic. I’m just surprised how so many intelligent people who have degrees from universities like Stanford or have PhDs in this group turned their mind away from saying to themselves, “Hey, wait a second, this University coursework is trash. How am I still in this group?

  • On another note…why does Grandma have that 5 o’clock shadow? When she is running?

  • Folks:
    If you want to learn about George Orwell’s “1984” you can go to the local library and read it yourself.
    Or you can go to the local bookstore and buy a copy.
    It’s a classic book which every literate, educated person can and should read.

    You can also read the Cliff Notes version if you don’t have the time to read the full novel.

    Moreover, in 1984 a good movie was made of “1984” starring Richard Burton and John Hurt.
    It was Richard Burton’s last movie.

    As for the works of Ayn Rand like Atlas Shrugged and the Fountainhead, those books are in the library and bookstore too.
    And there are movie versions of both Ayn Rand books.
    The “Fountainhead” movie stars Gary Cooper and Patricia Neal.

    Don’t waste 5000 dollars on a clown like Keith Raniere to interpret great works of literature for you.

    • It is actually Nineteen Eighty-Four. It draws a lot of parallels to the actual KR so called cult.

  • This would actually be a good class action lawsuit, similar to the Trump University scam. Anyone out there take any of these classes and want their money back?

  • Good work! The sad part is this University was marketed to students who really wanted to improve their English.

    The NXSCUM crime syndicate saw them as easy marks, who would pay lots of money for worthless classes. Another failed Keith Raniere business/scam.

    • I thought it was just ridiculous before, but that’s horrid. Using a need for ESL training to extort more money from people. Everything about this group is geared toward taking advantage of people’s vulnerabilities. Thanks for your input, and I’m glad you were able to extricate yourself from that madness.

  • The assessment of 1984 is at the level of a 9th to 10th grade English class. I really do not see a critical thinking component. These documents were probably gotten from lesson plans on line. Any GED course could have given you an equivalent level of academic challenge.

    • Looking at the tests it allowed them to assess students as the book is dystopian whereby the protagonist tries to find utopia but doesn’t and instead falls behind and further in to dystopia. Look what happens if you trust friends, then betray lovers as well. The same thing happens, you go down.

      Re the commar books, to me, if you look at the first page Grandma is the weakest in that illustration. She can’t walk but in the second she is skipping with lines shooting out. But there is a gold bar looking item in both illustrations doing the same thing next to the dog in the background. The first page shows the dog interested in it (wealth, gold, money). But what can a dog do with those things?

      The second illustration seems to have the same dog, back turned, away from the gold bar. But in this illustration a wise person (Grandma) has turned in to a matriarch, a leader,, (I put two in 🙂 and it seems dogs have happened to follow her too now leaving the wealth exactly where it is.

  • “The teacher said the inspector is no good.” change meaning with comma’s – 1 mark. GCSE ENG.LANG.

    Most people are 15 years old when they grapple with grammar at this level. If not, there are very good reasons why they would be learning this at a later stage of life, mostly to do with poverty, also escaping war and having to learn English as a second language.

  • So who the hell is writing out all this “technology/curriculum?” It’s obviously not Keith. He doesn’t do anything except sleep, fuck, and walk. Is it Nancy and the other Salzmans? Do they just copy it from other sources? How the hell can Nancy think of 40 hours of material to praddle on about during V-WEEK? Do they make children sit in on all the V-Week lectures or are they sent off to the rainbow cultural center slaves? The YMCA needs to make a statement of how they will never allow this evil group to buy out its facilities again.

    • Please dont worry, I think it is safe to say that the term V-Week will take on an entirely new meaning this year.

  • That sounds like Clare talking – ‘about in the park’. To begin, that’s improper grammar bc she’s using two prepositions back to back. About and ‘in the park’.

    Next, is she in the park… as in, is she literally inside the park, under the grass?

    Lastly, I don’t think Clare went to college. So, she’s basically a Dean of two things… Jack and Shit.

    • ‘about’ is attached the the verb:’running’ so it’s an adverb rather than a preposition. Also, ‘in’ is ok here, “in a shop” “in college” -sorry!

      • Correct OWA! My point is that the English is clunky. There are a couple of ways to write that sentence, with fewer words and more precision. 😉

        • so true FN, I’m thinking the module on efficient, or elegant use of English, is post-grad curriculum territory for nxivm university!

          • In addition, the two (contradictory) points made about punctuation are both incorrect.

            1 – ‘See how the movement of the comma made a difference?’ The comma was never moved, it remains in place after the word Grandma in both cases.

            2 – ‘See how a comma can make a difference?’ Well the example shows how not one, but two commas makes a difference.

            The incompetence is astonishing.

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