Reports: Vanguard University in session teaching fast track to Stripe Path

According to a source: Vanguard University is back in session at 455 New Karner Road in Albany, NY.  The $5,000 a month course has reportedly added a new dimension: special instructions on how to rise on the new Stripe Path that was recently, or soon will be overhauled by Keith Raniere to weed out any suppressives who have managed to infiltrate NXIVM/ESP.

Students who are willing to pay the tuition, which is only slightly higher than Harvard or Yale, are promised they can leap-frog over those whose suppressive instincts are inclining them away from taking the important University courses.

In a sense, attendance at the University is said to be part of Vanguard’s new Stripe Path method of weeding out the suppressives. Those who take the course clearly understand the value of the Stripe Path and want to be an integral part of the mission.

As Lauren Salzman recently stated: “What does it mean if you are not committed to learning everything you possibly can about the Stripe Path?”

Students of Vanguard University [photo above from previous semester] enjoy a hearty meal [by NXIVM standards]. Ironically, the meal is spread out on a patriotic tablecloth emblazoned with the words “LIBERTY”, “JUSTICE”, “FREEDOM”, “VOTE”, “RED, WHITE AND BLUE”, and “FOUNDING FATHERS” – most of which are antithetical in NXIVM/ESP. 

The fare consists of two kinds of salad, apples, Cholula hot sauce, powdered cayenne pepper, and Heinz’s red wine vinegar. [One woman brought in a slice of dark bread.] For desert: chocolate kisses. Beverages include Poland Springs Water and herbal tea.

NXIVM High Rank might wish to remind readers that this is not only about sumptuously feeding the body, it’s about a sumptuous feeding of mind and soul.

In the picture above, the student standing is Diego Rodero. Some of the others shown are:
   – Lore Lara
   – Abril Cigarroa
   – Samantha LeBaron
   – Luis Diego Salas
   – Andrea Ugalde
   – Jose Ramirez
   – Elizabeth Madrid

University Professor Brian Elliot is seated at the table on left.

The classes are approved, and, in some instances, designed by Vanguard himself. Keith Raniere owns the copyright, as the test sheet below shows, of the “Old World Curriculum.”

Critics have said the University is just another method for Vanguard to fleece members of their money or their parents’ money.

Vany Huber’s test results show there is a good deal of study of the book ‘1984’ during the last semester. Vanguard has been compared to Big Brother by some who have left NXIVM. High Rank, in turn, have declared those defectors are ‘suppressives.’


A suppressive is a word that is used in NXIVM as well as Scientology to describe “antisocial personalities”.  Adolf Hitler has been cited as a well known example of a suppressive.



     Adolph Hitler    



6 thoughts on “Reports: Vanguard University in session teaching fast track to Stripe Path

  1. Can they even qualify for a stud visa? This is not an approved training program. How can those North and south of the U.S. Boarder stay in the states so long?

  2. I think the Mexicans have taken the lead as the biggest idiots. Sure you could make a case for the Americans as they have Del Negro and Lauren. And the Canadians too with Allison Mack and Lucas Roberts. But the Mexicans seems to be the ones paying $5k / month for this insane university. Well played Mexico.

  3. It looks to me like Vanguard University is just the latest refinement that Raniere has come up with to get the two things he wants most in life: money and pussy. Now, he doesn’t have to waste time on dealing with “average people”: they can just be shunted off to Ethos classes. Meanwhile, those who have money can be guided to enroll in Vanguard University – and those that are female, skinny and long-haired can be recruited for DOS. This is fucking brilliant. Maybe he is the smartest man in the world.

    • Yeah. It’s so brilliant it only took him twenty years to figure out after he ran away like a little chicken shit when US media and legal authorities were bearing down on the companies he’s the cult lead… – I mean, “conceptual founder” – for.

      There are “suckers” born every minute. One day, one of those “suckers” isn’t going to take his being sucked so lightly.

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