Lauren, Allison and Nicki take responsibility for DOS, at Coaches Summit; ‘Keith had nothing to do with it’

Allison Mack [r] with Lauren Salzman. Both women were on low cal diets. Both women are now convicted felons.
Lauren Salzman in 2012, pre -DOS.

According to sources:

At a special meeting at the start of Coaches Summit last week, Lauren Salzman, Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne told a group of more than 50 coaches that it was their idea, not Keith Raniere’s, to start a sorority which brands women.

It has been called by the women in it, ‘DOS.’

Frank Report predicted months ago that Allison would admit to being behind DOS in her unwitting role as fall girl for the alleged criminality of DOS.

The three women took turns lauding themselves and other women of DOS for starting the sorority that has been sadly maligned and misunderstood in the media – much to Keith’s detriment.

Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack took credit for DOS.

The admission of their creating DOS is ironic since all three women previously denied DOS existed and told NXIVM coaches and members in the past that no one had ever been branded.

All three now say that, while the branding is real, Keith Raniere has nothing to do with DOS or the branding.  It was women branding women.  The brands on the groins of women bearing Keith’s initials were solely their idea.

Some speculated that the trio may have been lying and said this to protect Keith. A federal investigation is reportedly underway and an indictment of Keith for his role in DOS and other alleged criminal enterprises may be imminent.  It is not clear how the women admitting to being involved in DOS’ creation will exonerate Keith who is known to tightly control the women’s activities and, in fact, all activities of NXIVM.

The vow the women made was to Keith, sources say, not to a sorority. Keith Raniere told DOS members, some say, that their membership in DOS was tantamount to a lifelong commitment to him and the equivalent of an actual marriage contract to him. Sources have also told Frank Report that a DOS member’s failure to obey him would cause her collateral to be released, something which only Keith can do.

In admitting their roles, the three women were not penitent and, in fact, seemed jubilant about the success of their sorority, saying every woman benefited and learned many things.

While she is daughter of the President of NXIVM, and Vice President in charge of Education, Lauren said DOS is entirely separate from NXIVM. Every known DOS member, however, came from either NXIVM or Jness.

The trio also said DOS was created in January 2017 to reinvigorate the women after the untimely death of Pam Cafritz. They said DOS was formed in honor of Pam who died in November 2016.

Miss Clyne was a creator of DOS, or so she says.

The admission of DOS’s formation following Pam’s death would seem to tie DOS to NXIVM. However, the statement might be untrue since numerous witnesses said DOS began prior to Pam’s death. Collateral and branding took place before Pam died, several ex-DOS members told Frank Report.

Branding had already commenced prior to V-Week 2016, which Pam attended.

There are ex-DOS members who seem to have a different view of what the three women claim: they assert they are victims of a criminal conspiracy led by Keith Raniere that forcibly branded them and intimidated them into giving collateral – and then extorted them into doing various activities for Keith Raniere.

They fully understood that Keith alone was in charge of their collateral.

Lauren told the group that they [it is unclear whether she meant NXIVM or DOS] hired a public relations firm and there will soon be a positive story in the New York Times about the sorority and how Keith had nothing to do with it.

Lauren told coaches that not only did Sarah Edmondson demand to be branded, but every woman who got branded did the same; that all had signed contracts so indicating; and that every woman was happy with their brands.  The women did not show any of these contracts to coaches in attendance at the meeting.

It remains to be seen whether Lauren, Allison and Nicki taking responsibility for DOS helps law enforcement or Keith more.  A source in NXIVM told Frank Report that Lauren has retained a criminal lawyer.  If so, the question remains whether that lawyer is being paid with Bronfman money and guided by Keith Raniere?


Did Keith Raniere have anything to do with the creation of DOS?

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[…] Lauren, Allison and Nicki take responsibility for DOS, at Coaches Summit; ‘Keith had nothing t… […]

5 years ago

I note there are no direct quotes in this report. Actual quotes of things said would be beneficial.

5 years ago

I assume these women have considered on balance that jail time is preferable over the release of their collateral.

Who Will Crack First
Who Will Crack First
5 years ago

Really, another Grand Confession!

I don’t think all three of these women are really going to go to prison for this man. One of them will crack.

They will put them in different room, tell them different stories and over time, one will give up the goods. I think it will be Allison, she’s brainless… hum… maybe Nicki…. won’t be Lauren, so take a bullet for her Vanguard.

5 years ago

Charles Manson tried the same thing. He got others to do his dirty work for him. It only took 1 person to crack under pressure to take a deal to sell him out. There are already text messages showing he knew so I’m sure there are text messages show he was in charge. Don’t ya think the FED’s already have them.

What dorks these women are, hopefully they will lie under oath first before they show them the text messages.

5 years ago

While the branding might be Allison’s idea, which frankly, is hard to believe since Allison is not intelligent enough to come up with such a concept – none of these women are – The overall scheme of Jness and DOS, like NXIVM are pure Keith. DOS was up and running well before Pam died too. In fact, branding etalia is vintage Vanguard. He knew what was/is going on in DOS. But, if Allison wants to go to the mat for him, and to jail – so be it. We create our own destiny in life.

He's a dork
He's a dork
5 years ago

The only reason he gets chicks is because he learned Ericksonian Hypnosis, became a superb practioner in NLP, used his natural femininity to help him master connecting mentally with females, propagated laughable untruths about his athletic ability & sexual prowess to get others to buy into his fake masculinity, and spent thousands of hours to master these ploys.

Any moderately intelligent dude could do the same – if they lacked morals and had thousands of hours to practice.

The difference is, Keith has no morals, ethics, or conscience. He got away with it because he claimed to have the highest levels of morals, ethics, and conscience. And he got away with it because people like Lauren are too dense to listen to people who know better – like her Mother and just about anyone else who has seen the mass destruction this fraud leaves behind. #lethimburnlikethefraudheis

5 years ago

The biggest lie is that it wasn’t created until after Pam died.
There are many out there with proof that this is untrue.

All of Them Witches
All of Them Witches
5 years ago

If this ever came up at trial, Lauren, Allison and Nicki would get tangled up in word salad, and it would be apparent that these three would be wholly incapable of starting a campfire if you gave them a cord of wood and a flamethrower.

Darth VanDouche - Chicken Shit
Darth VanDouche - Chicken Shit
5 years ago

The authorities would interview them separately to see if they can keep their fake stories straight.

My guess is no way Jose. Lies always return to bite you in the ass.

5 years ago

All worship is stupid. No exceptions. Period. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Stupid Is as stupid does. And you cannot fix stupid.

5 years ago

Praise the Lord these unworthy, sullied women have finally come forward and taken full responsibility. No man would ever come up with the idea of enslaving females and branding them on their pubic region with a male’s initials. Preposterous! Only a female would come up with such a deviant idea. It is about time the females of the world are put in their place. They have so far to go before they are worthy of being considered full humans by men. Today is a great day for justice. Lauren, Alison and Nicki; shame on you for changing your story so many times. And you escaped DOS slaves; shame on you for saying our great and benevolent master did this to you! How could he? He is unimpeachable. Outside the bounds of human morality. In a land where breaching is impossible.

Now we know the truth. The liars will burn in eternal breach.

The Most Innocent-est Man Alive (and also the bestest)

This is AWESOME news that Keith is innocent. I guess that also makes him completely innocent of immigration fraud, general fraud, rape, pedophelia, sexual assault, murder, plagiarism, perjury, giving others herpes, having awful hygiene and being a charlatan. It’s amazing how innocent Keith is. A man of that level of innocence has perhaps never been seen in the history of mankind.

5 years ago

When your “god” is a man, anything goes when that man says so.

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