Leaked emails reveal: NXIVM sold unaccredited ‘University Program’ without knowing what curriculum would be

NXIVM University 

Internal correspondence reveals that NXIVM University, the non-accredited and non-licensed pseudo-school run by the NXIVM cult, didn’t even have a curriculum when it started accepting students.

January 25, 2017

Nxivm releases email announcing new ‘Internship program’.

The Fast Track to a NXIVM Career Path
Get on the fast track!
Would you like to build a new career for yourself?
Would you like to have control of your most valuable resource, your time?
Would you like control over how much you earn?
It takes four to twelve years of university education to be able to earn more than $50,000 per year. Imagine being able to make four to five times as much as that—in a fraction of the time!
Hosted by our Corporate Center in Albany, New York, we are offering a fast track program where you can become a salesperson, field trainer, EMP, head trainer, proctor and/or an ethicist in two years or less!
Are you ready? Anyone can apply! Simply fill out the attached application form and submit it to: careers@nxivm.com
The base cost of this program is $5000 per month, and financing and scholarship options are available!
Prefect and The Executive Board

Two documents were released at the same time as the above email went out:

Internship Details and Requirements

NXIVM Internship Application

Two details: The Internship Program lasts two years and costs $5,000 per month [$120,000]. Students must commit to attending for at least six months [$30,000].


Two requirements were also established at that time:   

  1. “Commit to using our tools to overcome your limitations.”
  2. “Work any program recommended to you by the program leaders.”

One of the questions on the application is: ” What is your understanding of your Life Issue?”

Brian Elliot sold NXIVM University to NXIVM students.

January 27, 2017

Brian Elliot, salesperson for NXIVM, sent a series of emails to prospective students describing the new program:

…. Think of the internship like a masters or certification program to qualify you for one of ESP’s incredibly rewarding (and high paying) careers–EM Practitioner, Head Trainer, Field Trainer, or Center Owner. It’s a pretty incredible opportunity and it’s definitely something at least worth looking at if you or someone you know wants to help people live more joyful, ethical lives….
Non-ESPians who are looking for career opportunities right now might find this an interesting alternative to grad school…

Sales did not go as well as anticipated. The first semester, originally planned to begin in March, had to be postponed until May. Brian continued his efforts to sell the $5,000-per-month course with, it appears, no information about the curriculum.

March 5

Brian Elliot sent this email to prospective students.

… It’s sounding even cooler than I thought! When I asked about what curriculum was going to offered, here’s what they said:
Vanguard will be using all current trainings he deems necessary, and maybe more…..the amount of training they will get in comparison to the fee is the best discount this company has and ever will give.
You’ll need to be enrolled in Ethos during the internship, as that’s part of the stripe path requirement.
For those using one of the payment plan options, the day rate is only for class days. If you’re paying the $5k/month, you don’t have to pay the day rate.
On the application, just put the monthly payment amount (since you don’t know how long it’ll take you to zip through to your career path!)
Let me know if you have any other questions…


Later that same day [March 5, 2017], Brian sent another email. He conflates the Internship program to a ‘University program”. But Brian still does not know what the curriculum is. It seems, neither did Vanguard. Still, it must have been hard to sell a $5,000 a month tuition for an Internship cum University Program without a curriculum.

Brian writes that Vanguard has answers to their questions:

Also, more cool info below as I was passing on someone’s questions to the University program… Please don’t forward (not to be shared broadly), but this is super exciting as it comes together… I’ve never seen anything like this. It seems like the University program is going to be like a giant customized Level 2!
What are the combinations of trainings for each track? Vanguard is creating majors and minors – there will be more opportunities than EMP, Ethicist, HT, Proctor and FT.
What is exactly included in the 5k tuition? In terms of trainings and tracks and anything else? It is sort of like Level II’s – I promise far more actual value than the cost! We have not determined logistics yet but likely snacks will be included.
Are there any trainings not available within the parameters of the tuition costs? (for 3 questions above) Vanguard will be using all current trainings he deems necessary, and maybe more…..the amount of training they will get in comparison to the fee is the best discount this company has and ever will give.
If I discover new aspects of myself and want to shift tracks, is this possible? Likely, yes, we will just help you explore to make sure you are switching for the right reasons.
How is the contract used to ensure people remain on a specific trajectory in the process? I am not sure I understand the question – people will pass or fail – it will be very measured and there are standards to qualify for certain things along the way. People are responsible for their own growth and their own ambition will guide their success. (I hope I answered it!)
Please get back your papers by Tuesday midnight. If you have problems or questions, let me know.

March 9, 2017

Brian Elliot sends another email to prospective students. He still does not know the curriculum, but  it’s going to be ‘practical,’ ‘focused on sales,’ ‘super exciting’ and ‘what could be better than that?’ But what is it?

Brian writes:

… I just heard more data today that the content going to be VERY practical in its nature, and there will be a lot focused on sales/self-marketing/enrollment. It’s no guarantee, but wow…that’s super exciting! We could all be better at that!…


Once a student was accepted, NXIVM sent them this email, now adopting the name ‘University Program’:

Dear Applicant,
We are excited to welcome you into our University Program. In order to finalize your enrollment, we ask you to fill out the attached application and addendum, and return it to your Field Trainer.
We have a few updates regarding the University schedule which will consistent of trimesters with the following dates:
May 01 – August 04 – 1st Trimester
Sept 11 – December 15 – 2nd trimester
January 09 – April 14th – 3rd trimester
Please note, this means the University will now start May 01, 2017. We welcome, and encourage, people to come a little early to orientate themselves.
Upon receiving your applications, we will send you a form to be able to assist you in the logistics should you be moving here.
We are excited to welcome you on this journey to build a career with us.
Nancy Salzman & The Executive Board

University Program – Level 2 application contains these provisions:

Participant will not compete with ESP in any way throughout the world while a participant of ESP and for a period of five (5) years after becoming inactive in ESP. For the purpose of this paragraph, competition is considered any activity that can potentially take monies or actual participants or potential participants away from ESP either directly or indirectly.
All materials, methods and information contained in and represented through Executive Success Programs, Inc. (ESP) are essential assets of ESP acquired at great time and expense. As such, they are proprietary and confidential. These materials,methods and information cannot be copied, duplicated, transmitted, taught or otherwise used, in part or in whole, directly or indirectly, without express written permission of ESP.  Any breach or suspected breach of this or any of the tenets of these Participant Terms and Conditions would cause irreparable harm to ESP. Adequate remedies under law may not exist. Participant grants ESP injunctive relief and all remedies under law or otherwise should any breach or suspected breach occur.


University_Program_Application_Addendum includes these provisions:

I commit to working a program as suggested by NXIVM and to using whatever tools necessary to overcome any limitations obstructing my ability to graduate from the Program.
Should I fail to uphold my commitment in graduating the Program, I shall  … Transfer title and ownership of ________________________ to an entity NXIVM chooses
Vanguard [l] created it; Nancy Salzman put her name on it: The NXIVM University Program cost $5,000 per month.

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