Larry Shea: Is Clare Bronfman Reincarnated ‘Bitch of Buchenwald?’

NIXVM member Clare Bronfman


By Larry Shea

Keith Alan Raniere, like so many bogus gurus before him, claims to know the past lives of his mind-controlled followers, including their most recent past lives. However, this is just another ridiculous ruse that fraudsters, such as Raniere, employ to manipulate their zombie-like disciples.

Raniere’s main goals were to gain absolute power and control over his female victims and to extort money and sexual slavery from them. He is currently being charged with sex-trafficking and forced labor (Count Dracula and his slavishly-tormented female victims come to mind). Raniere, an alleged rapist and statutory rapist, is a self-proclaimed murderer and an abusive torturer of women. In short, this demented monster hates women!

In his video, “Annealing the Human Spirit,” Raniere reveals his true identity to Grace Park when he states: “With respect to people who are sociopathic, you know, I believe that there’s a whole other species, of almost like the human race, that really performs differently, like they don’t have empathyNow there’s one person I know who seems like everything with them is a game, and, uh, you know, there are two types of people where everything’s a game. One type of person, everything’s a game, but they know it. They’re inauthentic!

That is inauthentic Keith Raniere describing himself in a nutshell – a conscienceless con-man. Keith is revealing his sociopathic persona to all who have ears to hear and eyes to see! Cunning Keith has convinced himself that he is the master of the game (magister ludi) – the game that he plays with his and other people’s lives. This malignant narcissist believes that he can play the game better than anyone else and, therefore, he is convinced that he will be acquitted of all the charges against him.

Clare Bronfman ‘honoring ‘our beautiful country. 2017

In 2005, Clare Bronfman and Sara Bronfman-Igtet (Jewish heiresses to the Seagram’s liquor fortune) blew $65 million from their trust funds, on the advice of Keith Raniere, who is both a Holocaust-denier and a Nazi-worshipper. Raniere maintained that his investments of the Bronfmans’ money in the commodities market went belly up because Edgar Bronfman (Dumb and Dumber’s dad) sabotaged all of Keith’s trades.

According to Raniere, papa Bronfman did this to discredit Keith because of the undue influence this Svengali had on his two young daughters. But a deeper and more conspiratorial motive was later revealed by this diabolical deceiver. A clearly megalomaniacal and delusional Keith Raniere maintained that he represented a serious threat to the invisible Zionist forces that rule the world. As if – Guffaw! The make-believe guru was piling his B.S. higher and deeper. Straightaway, he pulled out the plugs and let his plenteous pile of poop fly upwards into the ceiling fan!

Voltaire warned us long ago that: “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” So, NXIVM’s shameless absurdist-in-chief decided to see how far Voltaire’s dictum could carry him in life. Sociopathic Keith Raniere ‘enlightened’ a select few of his close disciples about their most recent past lives as Nazis.

Nancy Salzman (Jewish), whom Raniere had stated was a concentration camp victim in her former life, suddenly had her most recent past life inexplicably transformed by Keith into that of Adolf Hitler.

The late Pamela Cafritz (also Jewish) was apprised that she was merely a low-level Nazi.

Raniere’s former girlfriend, Toni Natalie, was identified as having been Hermann Goring in her past life.

Barbara Bouchey was advised that she had been “The Splendid Blond Beast,” Reinhard Heydrich, in her former life.

Alex Betancourt, Emiliano Salinas’ prat boy, was notified by Raniere that he had been Benito Mussolini in his former life.  Oye, Alex, I saw the movie, “Benito,” which starred Antonio Banderas as Mussolini, and you, mi amigo, are no Mussolini!

bitch 3
Ilse Koch had a cruel streak.

To the best of my knowledge, Raniere never got around to identifying who Clare Bronfman was in her former life. So, I’ll take a stab at it, as a bow of honor to Vanguard. I believe that there is a high degree of likelihood that Clare was the notorious Nazi, Ilse Koch, “The Bitch of Buchenwald.” There are some very eerie parallels between these two women!

  • Ilse Koch was diagnosed by psychiatrists, who examined her, as “a power-mad demon.” CHECK – Clare, if the power-mad sash fits, wear it.
  • As the overseer of the Buchenwald concentration camp, Ilse had “acquired a reputation as an aggressive sadist.” CHECK – Clare, that sash of sadism looks so good on you!
  • Ilse Koch enjoyed “riding on horseback, with whip in hand, through the prison compound, lashing out at any prisoner unfortunate enough to glance in her direction.” CHECK – Clare, a real rear-end of a nightmare, was once a very accomplished equestrian.
  • Ilse allegedly took pleasure in the gruesome and nauseating “hobby of collecting lampshades, book covers, and gloves made from the skins of dead inmates.” CHECK – Branding women with a cauterizing iron qualifies Clare as being gruesome and nauseating.



  • Ilse’s husband (SS-Colone, Karl-Otto Koch), the commandant of Buchenwald, was convicted by an SS tribunal of racketeering, embezzlement, insubordination, and murder – to cover up his other crimes. He was executed by a Nazi firing squad in 1945. CHECK – Keith may not be put up against a wall, but he will be convicted.
  • Ilse Koch was acquitted of the charge of receiving stolen goods. CHECK – Clare may be able to buy her way out of prison.
  • Finally, in 1951, Ilse Koch, “The Bitch of Buchenwald,” was sentenced to life imprisonment, where, in 1967, she hung herself from her cell door. Ilse reportedly had “suffered from delusions and had become convinced that concentration camp survivors would abuse her in her cell.” CHECK – Trust me, it is not going to end well for Clare either. This Lady-Macbeth-like queen of mean will become even more insane than she already is. It would not surprise me, if someday, somebody, somewhere were to discover Clare hanging from something in a felo-de-se Clare Bronfman, “The Bitch of NXIVM,” appears incapable of remorse.
Ilse had a pleasant smile.
Clare Bronfman runs NXIVM, using her wealth to keep slaves inside. She may well  testify that Keith Raniere never coerced anybody into slavery.

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  • Shadowstate makes me laugh as he continues to bring up allisons name even on articles not related to her LOL

    Yeah, I think It’s worth noting how Allison and others in this cult were controlled.

    Read this from a 12 year insider as it talks about hypnosis and brainwashing. Folks who have been part of a cult understand how it works those who haven’t will just speculate.

    Even Barb Bouchey said in a recent video she believes that Allison was brainwashed into believing what he was doing was right.

    Of course you will get those on here like shadowstate who will claim she is a monster and speculate but I can explain why that is. He pursued her on twitter back in 2016 after attending a few NXIVM sessions and she turned him down. Since then he has fuelled his hate towards her into blog posts, forums and youtube videos

    He also likes to say she did the branding but ( Frank Palarto the guy of this blog and artvoice has made it clear that she was not involved, as as Sarah Edmondson. ) It was a lady by the name of Danielle Roberts who did the branding and the people getting branded held each other down. Sarah can vouch for that.

    Allison is much like Elizabeth smart, and the victims of Jim Jones and David Koresh.

    Thankfully there is the metoo movement and folks like the 12 year NXIVM who can explain how they operate.

    Don’t be fooled by Keith or Shadowstate

    • Facts not speculation ( especially by shadowstate who was turned down by allison mack on twitter after he stalked her before the event) says:

      Once again Shadowstate can’t help but mention Allison Mack’s name

      She is the victim shadowstate i think we have gone over this


  • Interesting. I declare Allison Mack is then the reincarnation of another infamous female Nazi concentration camp guard, Irma Grese “The Beautiful Beast”.

    Like Mack, born in Germany and deceptively attractive, Grese was convicted for crimes involving the ill-treatment and murder of prisoners committed at Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen concentration camps, and sentenced to death at the Belsen trial. Executed at only 22 years of age.

    Some of her bio is frighteningly a good match for Mack;

    “After her training, which stressed “the feminine ideal of nurturance”, she volunteered to work at Ravensbrück, where she exceeded her supervisors’ expectations because of her brutality and wholehearted devotion to the cause. She was everything the Nazi Party wanted a guard to be—blindly dedicated—and was soon promoted to a guard position at Auschwitz-Birkenau.”

    “feminine ideal of nurturance” is especially spooky. Allison was always posting on her site and Instagram about “soul food” and spirtual “nourishment”.

    Back to Grese – ” … Soon after gaining power, she gained a reputation as a sadist. She was considered to be a nymphomaniac who slept with SS guards as well as prisoners—the latter, forcibly. She bribed young Jewish girls to stand watch for her as she raped other inmates, and, according to inmate and doctor Gisella Perl, Grese “relished whipping well-developed young women on the breasts… Grese would eventually become sexually aroused just watching the women suffering”

    Remind you of anyone? Yes, Mack again.

    There are desciptions of cruel punishments involving whips/paddles that Grese dealt out, as Mack is alleged.

    “Witnesses testified that she took pleasure in using physical and psychological methods to torture camp inmates and enjoyed shooting prisoners in cold blood. They also claimed that she beat some women to death and flogged others using a plaited whip.”

    She had a penchant for selecting not only the sick and the weak but any woman who had retained vestiges of her former beauty. Her nickname was “The Beautifll Beast” but also “The Hyena of Auschwitz”. … Grese had several lovers among the SS in the camp, including Josef Mengele in Block 10.

    After Grese forced the inmate surgeon at the infirmary into performing her illegal abortion, she disclosed that she planned a career in the movies after the war. Lengyel felt that Grese’s meticulous grooming, custom fitted clothes, and overuse of perfume were part of a deliberate act of sadism among the ragged women prisoners.

    I can’t get over the link Mack was born in Germany and Grese wanted to be an actress. Maybe I’m onto something here. Scary days.

    • She was warden of the women’s section of Bergen-Belsen; sounds comparable to Mack being in charge of the DOS “sorority”.

  • Frank. Please post SOP videos. Those need to be seen to be believed. If anyone is on the fence of Keith, those videos will show what a misogynistic moron he is. The world needs to see those videos! SOP was the dumbest course ever. It was putrid. Please post them!

    • I’d like to know more about SOP – I remember listening to a long, deeply misogynist, mostly crushingly boring lecture, on what men should do with their essence, it was on audio, available on youtube through this site, might still be here? Frank’s research is a substantial body of work! There’s so much, I forget things, like the involvement of local govt. (nxivm providing Professional Development to public service?) I’d like to know more about that too.

      • Only 3 NXIVM related Videos are still up.
        Most of the videos that were “lifted” off other sites, like the ones with Grace or the video of Keith’s arrest in Mexico which was shot by Nicki are gone. Seems some of the original owners or people shown in them reported a rights violation with YouTube…

  • Once VanDouche started spouting his bullshit about people being reincarnated anyones – let alone Nazis for that matter – they should’ve taken the next bus or train out of town. How anyone can believe such bullshit boggles the rational mind.

  • Clare and Sarah were always the black sheep of the family. Never getting as much love or attention as the others. They were easy prey for a con man who love-bombed them. Sarah is very stupid and simple. Clare, who is more intelligent, is sadistic under the guise of ethics and making the world better. Both are far too far gone to turn back now. Clare will likely go to jail to prove her self-worth as a type of martyr and maybe, just maybe in jail she will come to the realization that Raniere used her for her money and contacts. Sarah, who is a much better person than Clare, will likely not be smart enough to realize what Raniere is and will remain under his spell for her lifetime. Though jail can solve a lot. What Clare doesn’t realize is that I have from a very close source that Raniere also plans to throw her under the bus to save himself. Although that may cut off his funding source, if it gets him out of jail in any way, he will absolutely do that. Do not put it past him. Clare, who is completely devoted to him, might be too brainwashed to do the same to Raniere.

    • If Keith turns on Clare, it’s game, set, match for what is left of the NXIVM bus (except for the fragments in Mexico) . Keith will have sealed both their fates. But it all cycles back to Keith and there is no way in hell Keith gets off this time. Years and years of emails, videos, all waiting to be discovered, more indictments on the way.

      I am still waiting to hear what the vial of pills found in the library contained. If it is Rohyphnol (roofies) or Special K aka Ketamine (which would explain some of the reason the harem members acted like they were anesthetized) and those drugs were prescribed by Porter or Roberts, Keith is going the way of Bill Cosby.

      Now, how do they find a jury who has not heard about this case.

  • Oy. Definitely no CHECK on the pleasant smile !

    Poor little Clare. Even Ilse Koch is prettier than her.

  • I think the ugly truth of BOTH the Bronfman girls is that they are not very smart and not well educated. They were ripe for picking by a con-man like Keith Raniere. It sounds like Clare is more brainwashed than her sister. What a waste of lives. All that money could have gone to make a better world. Instead, it’s been pissed away by a liar, con, pedophile and serial abuser.

  • I think Larry Shea has stumbled upon the truth….now I’m convinced reincarnation is real. You’ve made me a believer , Larry.

  • Raniere’s fascination with Hitler, combined with his desire to sire an avatar Hitler baby, indicate that Raniere regards himself as the reincarnation of the German Fuehrer.

    Jewish blood did not always eliminate a person from Hitler’s thousand year Reich.

    Luftwaffe General Erhard Milch and the leader of the SD Reinhard Heydrich were both part Jewish.

    What Raniere and Hitler share in common is that many of their most fanatical supporters were women.

    Two of Hitler’s most famous female followers were the German aviator Hanna Reitsch and the film maker Leni Riefenstahl.

    Hanna Reitsch was the German equivalent of Amelia Earhart and the first woman to fly a helicopter.

    Leni Riefenstahl developed techniques in films like “Triumph of the Will” and “Olympia” still used in movies today.

    A book written about Hitler’s female followers is titled “Hitler’s Furies” and it details how many German females were as willing to kill for Hitler as the men were.

    And in Raniere’s NXIVM Reich approximately 80% of his followers are female.

    Not many males in America, outside of the ghettos, want to brand and enslave women.,204,203,200_.jpg

    • Poor hitler, feared the possibility of being Jewish so much that he had the Nazi law defining Jewishness written to exclude Jesus Christ and himself. Under a microscope – ‘Jewish blood’ is identical to ‘non-jewish blood’.

      ‘Not many males in America, outside of the ghettos, want to brand and enslave women.’ – I refuse to believe that Albany is a ‘ghetto’, or that Raniere is a product of the ‘ghetto’. I believe what you are referring to is the ‘ghetto’ of your mind, where all the people are out to get you, so jealous are they of your obvious superiority.

  • Really is such a shame that Clare became brainwashed by Vantard. Such a waste of her life and fortune. She could have done so much good in the world with all of her resources. Yet she devoted her life to a textbook sociopath and madman and, in turn, ruined her past and future.

    • All Claire Bronfman had to do was put her money into trust funds run by reputable banking institutions, live off the trust fund income and enjoy her life.
      I will reserve my pity for the people who are born poor and nevertheless still leave admirable lives.

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