PROPOSED: Her Victims Should File Class Action Targeting Clare Bronfman

Clare Bronfman
The following is a guest view by someone using the name Liv Kaymak. 
By Liv Kaymak

Your website has been such an incredible read. Thank you for doing all of this work. It’s so shocking and disappointing that the mainstream media basically ignored everything that was happening with Nxivm. It seems like you were one of the rare and few people who was able to report on and hold Nxivm, Keith, and all the other actors responsible.

I have a few questions, mostly in relation to Clare Bronfman, and I’m asking you these questions, because I don’t know where else to find the answers. I’ve looked online and there really isn’t a lot of reporting on Clare Bronfman. I’m sure that you are also super busy. So I also understand if you don’t respond!

Clare Bronfman
I was wondering if it were possible for, Sarah Edmondson, Ivy Nevares, Toni Natalie, Jane Doe 14 [believed to be Barbara Bouchey] Jane Doe #12 [it is unclear who this is], Sally Brink, Susan Dones, Kristin Keefe, as well as anyone else victimized specifically by Clare, if they could all do a class-action lawsuit against, only Clare.

Could Women Join Together to Bring Suit Against Bronfman?

Sally Brink


Sarah Edmondson
Ivy Nevares


Susan Dones


Barbara Bouchey
Kristin Keeffe
Toni Natalie to learn  more about Toni Natalie read the stories o Frank Report about her; at bottom of post are links:
Clare was the person who enacted all of the vicious and insane lawsuits on everyone.
The NXIVM executive board, with president Nancy Salzman. Mark Vicente, head of communications, Alex Betancourt, commerce, Karen Unterreiner, humanities, Clare Bronfman, operations, Lauren Salzman, education and Emiliano Salinas, ethics.

Bronfman Was Director of Operations

Bronfman was “Director of Operations.” She illegally held back pay, basically forced people into indentured servitude, etc. She is the one who reported these women to police officers on bogus criminal charges, hired private investigators, enacted hundreds of bogus lawsuits (basically to bankrupt and ruin their lives).

Clare Bronfman heads to court with bodyguard/lawyer John Sandweg, former director of he U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and reputed member of the Arizona Mafia.

She was able to commit these gross abuses, because of her wealth. If she wasn’t a multimillionaire, there is no way that she would have been able to be so litigious and manipulate the legal system to terrorize her victims. It’s her wealth that afforded her this ability to engage in all of these criminal behaviors, and that’s why she should pay her victims back.

Yes, Clare was doing all of this from orders under Keith.
Keith Raniere gave the orders to Clare Bronfman but the wealthy heiress never shied away from adding gusto and merciless vehemence to all her actions.
However, Keith threw Clare under the bus. It’s Clare’s name on all of these lawsuits and police reports, not Keith’s. Moreover, these were all funded by Clare. So she should be held liable. Therefore she should be forced to pay restitution to her victims, pay them for the monies lost, pay them for their lawyers, pay them for their lost wages.
It’s sad, but Keith basically made Clare into the type of person that she probably never wanted to become. When she first came into Nxivm she wanted to be a humanitarian, instead she became a cold-hearted, selfish, miserly, unempathetic, stingy, unethical, ignorant, power-hungry, and cruel person, who proceeded to use her wealth to engage criminal activity. She used all that money to commit such gross abuses, and for what, to serve the narcissistic needs of Keith Raniere.
Clare Bronfman heads to court enjoying the attention of the media.

That’s the legacy she has created. Without Clare’s money, Keith wouldn’t have been able to attack these women in such a severe fashion, and it may have limited some of his insane plans. Does Clare even realize that if she didn’t have any money, Keith would have nothing to do with her!?!! That he’s not “nice” to her because of who she is, it’s just for her money.

Do you think that it would be possible for these women and others to engage in a class-action lawsuit against Clare? She needs to be held accountable for working so hard to ruin their lives. Or is the current civil lawsuit against Nxivm, Keith, Clare, etc. sufficient in addressing the abuses that Clare committed?

Disciple and master, Clare Bronfman and Keith Raniere.

Also, do you know if Clare has stopped any of the current lawsuits that are still pending towards Barbara Bouchey, Susan Dones, and Kristin Keefe, and/or anyone else?

When I read their victim impact statements, I believe Bouchey mentioned (in her victim’s statement) that only a few weeks before Clare’s sentencing, Clare still sent her lawyers after her. This is so crazy to me!! I would hope that, with Clare behind bars, all of these lawsuits would stop. Can she still engage in such legal terrorism and bullying while behind bars?

MK10ART’s painting of Clare Bronfman.If they are still going, then it 100% proves that she is still brainwashed by Keith and Nxivm and 100% a danger to society.

Idea: NXIVM Victims’ Fund?

Also do  you think it’s possible to create a victim’s fund for all of the victims and survivors of Nxivm? I’m not saying you need to do it!!

However, maybe someone should set something up. Ideally it would be a person who knows how to run these types of charities/non-profits/scholarships and would know how to delegate and disperse the donations. I am sure there are a lot of people, maybe even celebrities and philanthropists, who would want to donate to such a fund to help all of the Nxivm victims and survivors. The money would ideally go to people, who are financially ruined as a result of Nxivm (like having spent all their life savings, trust funds, and are in debt), or people who need money for medical services or mental health treatment. Or maybe survivors who need money for supporting their legal fees and/or lawsuits related to Nxivm, Keith, Clare, etc.

If this is a lot to answer or resolve, maybe you can condense some of my questions, write it as an article, and share it to the public through Frank Reports. Thank you for your time and patience.


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  • Frank made the battle against Nxivm personal once they pissed him off. Before Frank, the Time-Union was on the case before any other newspaper. Forbes also published a great piece early on. Everyone likes to shit on the “mainstream media,” but they were on it. For other reasons, no one – the cops, the prosecutors, the public, Nxians paid any attention until much later. Not to detract anything from the incredibly tenacious battle Frank waged at his personal peril.

    • That was well put. They were on it, and I don’t know why it wasn’t given more serious attention after they published their articles.

      People confuse real journalists with people who do commentary. Real journalists stick with facts.

      Like they said in the documentary The Vow, maybe the Me-Too movement had something to do with it.

      I admire Frank’s very big part in exposing them and I think he got under their skin in a way that maybe no one had before.

      He actually knew them, so he had a personal picture of their weaknesses the bigger media outlets didn’t.

      Like he said in the documentary, “I never was a follower, never took a course, I was their publicist.”

      They couldn’t brainwash him. Or influence or threaten him. I wonder all the time why Keith and Clare weren’t more afraid of Frank. Because I don’t think anyone would want Frank for their enemy.

      Frank is the guy that killed rattlesnakes and ate them. Isn’t that the perfect picture of how he treated NXIVM and the guru?

      Most people say chop the head off the snake, to stop a cult or group, and he killed and then ate the snake. Lol.

  • The last thing I want is to sue Clare Bronfman. She sued me with Raniere and Salzman. I won my case being a pro se defendant.

    It was fun to cross-examine her on the stand as NXIVM’s expert witness. She wasn’t a very good witness for them. The case was a bunch of lies to begin with on the part of NXIVM.

    Bronfman has her own Karma to face. I’m good with that.

    She gave up what she really loved in life for a fake life. She has lost respect, her reputation, and more than half her money to Raniere.

    She gets to spend 6++ years in prison for doing what her Master told her to do.

    What kind of life will she have when she gets out?

    No one likes her, her mother is old, and she will always be a NXIVM criminal.

    Even her sister won’t want her around.

    Her lover and Master will be locked up the rest of his life. All he wants from her is her money.

    • She’ll have no problem making “friends”/finding lovers when she gets out. As per John Dryden circa 1717, “All heiresses are beautiful.”

  • The answer to Liv’s question is a little complicated:

    1) They can’t file a class action because there is no “class.” A class action is brought on behalf of a huge group of other people (the class) who are so numerous that they cannot all be expected to appear in court as individuals. If you can list your plaintiffs by name, then there is no “class” and therefore, no class action.

    2) These claims are already being litigated in the Glazer lawsuit. Anyone who isn’t a plaintiff already could join.

    3) Legally, you probably cannot sue Clare Bronfman by herself until the other defendants have settled. If five people harmed you, courts want you to sue all five of them at the same time, if you can. The legal concept is called necessary parties. Everyone who hurt you is, generally speaking, a necessary party to your lawsuit. Because we can’t have you wasting time suing one person, and then another, and then another, and creating five lawsuits instead of one.

    4) You absolutely want all the defendants in the same lawsuit. There are a lot of reasons for it, but they all boil down to the empty chair. In a complicated case, you don’t want one defendant pointing at all the empty chairs and saying “Hey, there were two dozen other people who did this too. But I’m the only one being sued here in court. How unfair!” You want all those chairs filled up.

    • For rewind unknown most of the women – Bouchey, Dones, Keeffe, Nevares, Brink – are not in the Glazer lawsuit.

      Look into why Keeffe, Brink, and Nevares dropped out.

  • You know I never noticed it before. Clare is kind of hot and look at that bod. And with a couple hundred million I may become her pen pal.

    I am a physician and psychiatrist with a lot of talent.

    • I agree. Clare already has the basic necessities — a slim bod with breasts — so just add some fashion taste, make-up and a new hairstyle and Clare could have a lot of sex as a $500 hooker…or maybe she could pay even less if the guy is wearing beer-goggles.

  • It was proximity to Claire and Sarah Bronfman and their fortune that was the actual draw for the women, not how the sisters used their money. The Bronfman sisters gave the “Golden Seal of Approval” for other women that engendered absolute trust. Absolute trust.

    That was the moduus-operandi. Using proximity to wealth and powerful people to attract students.

  • “ Does Clare even realize that if she didn’t have any money, Keith would have nothing to do with her!?!! That he’s not “nice” to her because of who she is, it’s just for her money.”

    So true. But it was not only Keith that was sucking on Clare’s money. Even the “good guys” in this saga were looking for a big payday. Explain to me why else Frank Parlato and even O’Hara, who where hired by Nancy Salzman as advisers, wound up in (real estate) business with Clare Bronfman…? Answer: They thought their big chance was here at last……by luck they stumbled upon a dumb multimillionaire waiting to be fleeced……and they acted upon it, just as Keith did……however, Keith was much better at it….at least for a while…..

  • Welcome to frankreport, Liv. Hopefully Claviger weighs in on this for you. I liked your comments. Clare is rotten as hell, and so is her sister. Because nobody else has any money, effectively this civil suit is really just about Clare and her sister anyway. But any chance to pile on another lawsuit and pull more money away from Clare is a good idea IMO.

    • Also attack Executive Success Program / NXIVM D/O and liability insurance. Hit workers comp insurance too. Hit everyone. Even the Executive board of ESP should be liable too. The Bronfmans funded this criminal cult, but the other operatives did the actual dirty work. Nancy, Lauren, Michelle, Ben, Mark, Allison, Ben, Danielle, Clare, Sarah, Brandon, and the rest of the high level people should be accountable. Not just one person solely because they are rich, and I’m saying that admitting the Bronfmans are equally as guilty.

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