NXIVM Mexico vows to keep open despite arrest of leader Raniere

NXIVM sex cult members from Mexico dancing for leader Keith Raniere.

NXIVM follower Alejandro ‘Alex’ Betancourt is a student of Keith Raniere and a member of the NXIVM executive board in the USA.

He, along with his lover, Emiliano Salinas, run the NXIVM Mexico centers under the direction of now-jailed leader Keith Raniere, who was arrested for sex trafficking and other  alleged crimes  earlier this week.

In a press statement in Mexico, NXIVM [also known as Executive Success Programs or ESP] declared it would remain open.

This is the English translation:  

Alejandro Betancourt, General Director of Executive Success Programs  (ESP) in Mexico, announced that the company will continue to carry out its activities and courses, after the arrest of Keith Raniere, founder of the NNIVM corporation, of which they are a part.

The company specializing in personal and professional development programs with 15 years of experience told its clients and associates that despite the incident, ESP must comply with its functions and activities, which are parallel to what Raniere currently faces.

“ESP Mexico customers are informed that the company’s operations are being maintained in a normal manner; since the operation of the licensing firm is independent of that of the corporate owner of patents and methodologies for personal improvement”, Betancourt said in a statement.

Keith Raniere was arrested in Mexico earlier this week for the crime of sex trafficking and forced labor. However, the manager and the staff of ESP, were calm, and noted that this situation is in the hands of the authorities, and they trust that everything will be resolved favorably.

“We also ratify our confidence in the authorities regarding the events that occurred with the founder of the NXIVM Corporation in the United States and we reiterate our certainty that a process that is in accordance with the law will be followed at all times,” Betancourt promised.


NXIVM sex cult members from Mexico dancing for leader Keith Raniere.


Original Spanish version 

Alejandro Betancourt, Director General de Executive Success Programs (ESP) en México, informó que la empresa continuará realizando sus actividades y cursos, luego del arresto de Keith Raniere, fundador del corporativo Nxivm, del cual forman parte.

La empresa especializada en programas de desarrollo personal y profesional con 15 años de experiencia comentó a sus clientes y asociados, que a pesar del incidente, ESP debe cumplir con sus funciones y actividades, las cuales quedan paralelas a lo que actualmente enfrenta Raniere.

“A los clientes de ESP México se les informa que las operaciones de la empresa se mantienen de manera normal; toda vez que el funcionamiento de la firma licenciataria es independiente al del corporativo propietario de las patentes y metodologías de superación personal”, afirmó Betancourt a través de un comunicado.

Keith Raniere fue detenido en México –la semana pasada- por el delito de tráfico sexual y trabajos forzados; sin embargo, el directivo como el personal de ESP, se manifestaron tranquilos, y acotaron que esta situación se encuentra en manos de las autoridades, y que confían en que todo se resolverá de manera favorable.

“Asimismo, ratificamos nuestra confianza en las autoridades respecto a los sucesos ocurridos con el fundador del corporativo Nxivm en los Estados Unidos y reiteramos nuestra certeza de que se seguirá en todo momento un proceso apegado a ley”, comprometió Betancourt.

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  • I can hear his defense strategy coming…brainwashed or hypnotized (sounds familiar or plausible) Or he is having early signs of dementia? Or just conveniently forgetting his own recent criminal conduct against/lack of ethics towards/malicious intimidation of fellow human beings( falsely accusing them of trying to extort money from him-can one be hypnotized into believing that?)

    Either way, we can be assured that this is another attempt to continue doing business with NXIVM and probably adopt whomever is not arrested soon. Maybe even Lauren and Nancy can become their new founders? Although Lauren’s position as a prominent slave owner may preclude her from promotion..ha ha.

    Just waiting for the timely rebranding to follow…ha ha ha

  • Raniere was hosted in Mexico by Carola, Loreta, and Jimena of the Garza Davila family.

    Loreta and Carola operate the Rainbow Cultural Garden NXIVM-front daycare in Monterrey. Jimena and her husband Omar Boone operate the Monterrey ESP center.

    At first Raniere, Mariana Fernandez, and their newborn were hidden in San Pedro de Garza Garcia (one of the wealthiest gated communities in Monterrey, Mexico).

    In February Raniere was moved to another Garza property, a condominium in Puerto Vallerta, where he was arrested.


  • Well, ESP Mexico is still showing Keith and Nancy on their “WHO” page. So they’re only divesting a wee bit, means they still love him, and Emiliano Salinas remains absent on that page.

  • Looks like an attempted coup- albeit of a disintegrating cult, the usual waffle with no succour for Raniere, no evidence of regret or righteous indignation. the final para is a kiss-off on both cheeks with its vote of ‘certain’ confidence in ‘a process that will be followed in accordance with the law’

    As the Albany Attorney with Big Ears pointed out, Raniere was arrested by Mexican feds and deported. All this as NXIVM’s publicist compares Raniere with Jesus. Do Betancourt and Salinas think they are the pardoned thieves?

  • Anyone have any guesses as to whose talking to the cops?

    I’m guessing in this order…..Ally Mack , then India…..

    Finally, the Feds love putting the squeeze on marrieds and families so I’m saying anyone named Salzman.

  • These scumbag cultists need to be sent to prison for a very long time…..a prison tattoo will go good with their “branded” snatches!

  • Alex and Emi are so full of themselves and full of shit. No Center is independent of the “Mother Ship.” There is no way Keith’s ego would let any “Center” be separate from Albany.

    Mexico does not license the “technology” from NXIVM/ESP. If it did, Keith is putting himself in another pickle. He owns the so-called technology, not Nancy Salzman. So he’s got royalties coming in, which is income for him, which he says he has no money and has not paid taxes in how many years?

    If you read the Feds complaint, it talks about a drawer of cash where Keith took out $10,000 and handed it to an Ex-DOS member. Hum, makes you wonder where he got that cash? Maybe from Alex or Emi royalties if they are independent of the Albany cooperate structure.

    Something smells here, and it smells like a crock of shit to me.

  • There is massive activity on Twitter in Spanish about NXIVM. It may not be as simple as they think to keep going.

    • Can you provide any link, to a person or hashtag, that is part of the Mexican conversation on twitter? If possible, many thanks.

    • The photo’s caption says that they were dancing for the leader, so it was taken before the arrest.

  • It seems the sons and daughters of wealthy Mexican parents are the most brainwashed. That statement is so delusional it will go in the history books of shame.

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